There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Mystic Press/Phoenix fire. Here, Cussedness brings several issues to light about these companies and their owner, Tabetha Jones. Authors drop by to voice their concerns and so does Tabetha and her many alternyms. If you’re in the mood for drama and hilarity, enjoy.

Cussedness Corner



I discovered this blog (and subscribed to it) following a tweet by Victoria Strauss. Some of the names were familiar enough to make me wonder how widespread scams and general misbehavior is on the part of small press publishers. Phoenix Fire is charging their authors to publish their works in a back end vanity manner.

Money should flow to the writer, not from them. It’s an old industry proverb.

The authors could self-publish for far less than they are being charged here. If you do an ebook, it is very easy to master the forms in which you upload them to the distributor. The Smashwords format works fine for kindle also. Making it double easy to just do a single format and publish to both.  The only change you need to make between them…

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  1. Again, we have issues. It is pathetic and sad. I am sorry but after all this time why has the nonsense stopped. Let’s all agree that there are those who think Tabatha is a joke, a liar, and just plain off her rocker Then on the other hand there are those that Tabs has helped,those that she has given a chance to, giving them hope that they may be good enough. I myself have heard most of my life that my works were publishable, yet was terrified. Tabs encouraged me, told me that I was worthy, and gave me hope. Yes, I have recieved royalties from my book sales. I am not getting rich by any stretch of the imagination, but just knowing that someone thought I was good enough gives me hope. Maybe one day my works will be Castle Publishing or whatever worthy, until then, thanks to you Tabs…

    • Before I am hit by grammar nazi’s, my third sentence should have read, ” I am sorry but after all this time why has the nonsense NOT stopped.” thank you

      • It’s all good.

        The short answer is that it hasn’t stopped because she still hasn’t paid people what she owes them, and there’s evidence to show that some recent authors are being treated badly, too.

      • would love to know who the authors are that are being treated badly. We seem to have a close relationship with the phoenix family.. and if anyone is having probs they need to address the family not going outside of us .. we work together.. and it is all for one and one for all…it may be against code to be a “family” in this world.. but it works for us.. many of us have become friends… and that works.. because it helps those of us who are still floundering in this world….of the unknown.. i personally say if any author has issues.. please talk to me.. i am not a chatty cathy..but would love to know what is going on..

      • You have heard from a lot of them already. They’re the ones Tabetha calls backstabbers and liars. Anytime someone steps forward about her, she spins it around to make them look like they’re lying and bullies them out of the picture.
        If you really wanted to know the truth about her, you’d be able to see it right in front of your eyes.
        Just wait. Any real author that deals with her sees her true colors soon enough when she turns on them. That’s why there aren’t many (if any) real authors that have been with her from the beginning. Gotta wonder why that is.

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