The tact and Charm that is Tabetha Jones

There’s so much I could say about Tabetha’s professionalism and social graces, but her own words do it so much better. So here’s a smattering of Tabetha’s recent hits, from comment’s on Uncle Fossil’s blog and from her own.

If this doesn’t charm aspiring authors right into her publishing parlor, I don’t know what will. All I can say is that whoever alligns him or herself with the likes of …this, either personally or professionally pretty much deserves what they get.
But enough from me. Wrap your eyeballs around Tabetha’s words, flown forth from her own flying fingertips with all the tact, charm, spelling and grammar she can muster.


August 10, 2013 at 1:35 pm
Tabetha Jones said:
Hey you got a follower here and fuck them!!!! You fucking rock on!!

August 11, 2013 at 2:43 am
Tabby said:
I am not a scam artist, my author’s get paid, I am not a fraud nor have I ever been. I have it all in black and white. can you say the same about your publisher? Can you say the same about yourself? What you will learn that is walking into the lion’s den isn’t always the best thing to do, but hey I’ll let you learn the hard way. I find it funny when anyone other than your little cussy clique comes to someone’s aid or defends their publisher or fellow author you get all out of shape. Maybe if you took a good hard look in the mirror and the people you surround yourself with you would see things our way. I put money out on my authors, I make sure they are ALL well taken care of? Just because your publisher has to rip off titles, steal authors, steal copyrighted work from other legit publishing companies shows what kind of person ‘they’ are. So back off and keep your mouth shut. I am sick of your mouth running and sick of your shit.

August 11, 2013 at 3:39 am
Tabby said:
Oh babe if I was a whore you couldn’t afford me. I may be many things, a whore is not one. A scam artist is not second. And just because you find it amusing to piss all over someone else and their hard work, shall I bow to your feet? Fuck you and and the horse you fucked on your way in. I find it hilarious that you must bully and poor piss poor bullshit with ‘real’ publishers and ‘real’ authors. I picked up a few of everyone’s work and Nick here that is talent, your bullshit, well, bullshit. Just because I am a woman I am supposed to be proper and keep my mouth shut. Not anymore. And we both have followers, supporters, and fans. Not paid off flunkies that follow us around and lick our ass. I am assuming that is what you do since all you do on a daily basis is rattle off at the mouth about people that don’t concern you. But hey that’s fine, cause my name must taste good on your mutha fuckin tongue bitches cause thats all you talk about. If it aint me its Nick. Maybe you should sit down write a fuckin book like you say you do other than sit on your fucking ass and talk about shit you know nothing about. Now if you excuse some of us have ‘real’ work to do other than stand by and wait for the next instruction from follow the cussy leader.

August 11, 2013 at 5:06 am
Tabby said:
Oh it pisses them all off. They are probably running to mommy dearest screaming oh what do I do? As for that shot, my aim is well, and yes for another shot, I would say pour another. But if you want insults, that skank whore thang ran its course. I might be tattooed and cuss like a sailor but i speak my mind just like my daddy taught me. So please if you are going to insult a biker’s daughter learn to do it right sorry excuse for a man. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth or lick her pussy. Oh wait its both. Cause its the only pussy you can get. And of course you will run back to squad leader and tell ‘them’ everything just like a good little boy. Run your mouth, keep running it. Because if all you can do is think about me or Nick here then we have done our job. You stay so busy bad mouthing everyone else and ranting about how good you are when you tossed the first fucking stone. So don’t come to my playground mutha fucker and try to make the rules. I play by my rules, and if you don’t like the way I talk fuck off. You don’t like the tattoos fuck you they arent for you, you dont like the fact that I am an outspoken woman that can run you under a bus with insults and watch you piss your pants like a pussy, then don’t open pandoras box because the days of me playing nice are over. You want to bash me, bash Nick, bash every other good fellow publisher and author around because they don’t follow what you think is tasteful. Fuck tasteful fuck proper. You you raving mad people started all this shit. i have seen Nick’s name plastered on everyones shit then you switched you attacked me. Guess what? I bite back.

August 11, 2013 at 5:21 am
Tabby said:
No that was just me being nice. I have bite but honestly you a measly little parasitic why would I? Besides I’d be afraid I’d get those nasty cussy germs all over me, then oh hear what would I do? LOL do you people really think you scare me worry me or even intimidate me? Please, you are talking to the wrong one here buddy. You are nothing to me. It just makes your skin crawl that someone has come to anothers aid that you and ‘clique’ have smeared all over social media. I will reach out to every single one and fight for them. Time someone takes a fucking stand.

August 11, 2013 at 3:45 am
Tabby said:
BTW Nick is right if you believe Preditors and Editors is bullshit. I know several good name publishers on that list and its people like you that go around making up lies to get us flagged. And bat shit crazy oh you better believe it. All Texas tattooed temperamental bitch and my brain to mouth filter is officially on strike.

August 10, 2013 at 7:56 pm
Tabby Said:
Maybe you just have a stick up your ass cause you couldnt follow talent with a fucking bag over your head. Why you got to hate on evetyone? Because we dont follow the norm? Cause we dont play follow the cussy leader? Fuck you. I play by my rules its my game just as its Nicks rules and his game. Maybe its time you learn to play by our rules.

August 11, 2013 at 5:14 am
Tabby said:
I can speak however and whenever I like. I am a grown ass woman and if don’t like it or like the fact that someone else has found out that all you bashing and trashing is only to make yourselves look better then poor poor pissy you. As for talent I have tricks you haven’t even seen yet. I guess all really believe all the bullshit that overflows from ones mouth. But thats okay we will just put you in the corner with the rest of the dicks that dont know how to have any fun and try to piss on everyones parade.

From Tabetha Jones:
Monday, August 12, 2013
So, I haven’t posted in awhile, but I figured I owed a personal note. As it seems I am a horrible person. Wow the things you find out about yourself on the internet. If people spent half as much time putting energy trying to dig up dirt on me and put it into themselves we might be a better writing world.

As it seems enemy number one, see, I am nice and don’t name names, lesson one. Naming names is naughty. So it seems I am naughty. Oh well I have done worse in my life. Back on track now. I feel into some information that is quite interesting and as they like to tell me, I am watching you, well that works both ways.

I am even playing nice and putting this in paragraph form because obviously even on your blog you are not allowed to fuck up. Yes I said the word fuck. I suppose since I am a lady I am not allowed to be outspoken or toss back insults because it is not proper or professional. Well, this is a personal blog, not a business one, so I can say the word fuck as many times as I like.

I would like to address the matter of me being a whore, skank, white tattooed trailer trash that has a horrible horrible potty mouth. I say fuck the bullshit. And my dads would say the same.

Yes, I said dads. My dad, the man that raised me, was a retired drill sergeant from the Army and then progressed to driving a truck until his health got so bad he retired from that as well. I grew up on the road, traveling from state to state, an eighties brat who loved hair bands. Bon Jovi was my first love.

My father, was an old school hippie biker who had a tricked out garage. His Harley sat on display, while bikers from the Hells Angels, and Bandidos, sat around jamming out with a full system, full stocked bar, pool table, and fighting, drinking and protecting my father’s pride and joy, ME.

Both had crazy ass imaginations, one was just a storyteller, the other told you the real shit, and could bullshit his way out of anything. I had the best of both worlds. In my collection of poetry Tattooed on My Skin, I reveal a ton of secrets. Which now, are no longer hidden. I figure hell, I will tell the story myself so later on no one can go back and say, “Well she did this and she did that.”

It is no secret I have been married and divorced three times. Some were abusive drunks, others were bad boys I thought I could fix, and the last was the worst of all. But I got a beautiful baby girl so I regret nothing. It is no secret I have dealt with addiction. From pain pills to meth. But when my dad died I flushed everything and since 4-3-06 I have been completely clean. Even when I was tied to a bed and beat I stayed clean.

It is no secret that I am tattooed up from half arm pieces, to almost complete back piece. I have dark angels, to demons, to the lyrics of Free Bird by Skynard for my father. I have been adopted twice in my life. My birth mother was kind enough to bring me into this world and allow my father and adopted mom to have me. So their marriage didn’t work. he wanted to party. Divorce. Mom remarried and I ended up with two people who were not even blood, but they were family.

I have never met the woman that had me, but my father has spoken about her tons. He has also been gone two years July 1st. I was taught not to put up with shit, and never back down when the truth should be revealed. So here I am revealing it. Being Indian and Irish, is quite a mix and my temper is short. These days my brain to mouth filter is broken because of stupid fucking people running their mouth about shit they don’t know.

Unless you have walked a mile in my shoes then do not come to my fucking glass house and throw stones. I don’t go to your play ground and break the damn toys. I may have done many things in my life, and I am far from perfect, but I know who I am and that is all that matters. I am very upfront with people about my past. I have no reason to hide anything.

I may be wicked, and I may be temperamental, with a fucking mouth of a sailor, but that is me. And why the hell should I change for anyone? This is my world here. No one else has the right to pass judgement on someone they do not know and never will. So I am ending this. I am so tired of the drama. They say it isn’t over yet. Fine, let them revolve their world around mine. Let them call me names. You say I am a whore, or I look like a tramp, then turn your fucking head and look the other way. You don’t like how I talk don’t listen. You don’t like my writing, then don’t fucking read it. If you don;t like how I conduct my business or my life then turn the other way and take care of your own shit.

As a very sarcastic rude, man I love likes to say, you do not feed me, you do not fuck me, and you do not finance me, so back the fuck off and stay out of shit. You want to create a world of where I only exist, and my name tastes so good on your lips you talk about me all the time, fine. Do it. But I will do it no more. This is where I finish it. This is where I say I am the better person and walk away from the drama.

I make my own rules and do things the way I was taught. I have done nothing wrong, but hey if you believed everything people write about you on the internet, well then you get this. Take your lack of a life and move on sweets. I may be a bitch with a bad mouth, but I really don’t FUCKING care. My world here, no one else’s.

As I walk away you may talk behind my back, slander me, and write any dirty little lies you want. Because at this point we all know the truth. We all know this will never end. So what I lost my temper, so what I mouthed off. Put up with the shit I have and you would do the same. Be the person you are not what the world wants you to be. Let your freak flag high and throw that middle finger in the air. Cause that’s all you will ever get from me.


So. Ready to run right out and sign up with her scam publishing company yet? I mean, isn’t this JUST the sort of person you want representing your hard work to the publishing world and to the public?
Yeah. Me neither.

31 thoughts on “The tact and Charm that is Tabetha Jones

  1. She’s my daughter’s age and she’s already been married and divorced three times? That’s roughly three years each since turning twenty. Or maybe she started younger than that?

    • As interesting as that is her assertion that a couple of the exes were abusive. Tab’s the one with the abusive personality, as well as a few other personality disorders. She’s the one that bullies, lies, cheats and steals from people, then turns around and attacks THEM if they dare question her on it.
      No. Just like all this other rubbish she spouts, I don’t believe a word of it.
      Well, okay. I believe the date. The rest of it, not so much.

    • Nickolaus Pacione, Apologies. That is how I’ve heard you referenced and didn’t know any different.
      Of course, you hopping on here and calling me a bitch isn’t any better is it? So. Let’s call the name game square, shall we?
      Look. Tabetha has dragged you in the middle of something that, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t involve you. I commented on your blog only in response to her. Aside from the use of a name I didn’t know you didn’t like, and for which I’ve apologized, I haven’t disrespected you in any way, shape or form. I expect the same courtesy in return.

      As far as I’m concerned, you and I are done here

      • Nicky writes “I don’t have poorly formatted anthologies.”
        Seriously? Have you even tried to read anything you put together? No one can. Can you do anything and not use 10+ ill-sized fonts?
        Why don’t you spend your time reading Strunk and White instead of whining all day. Many people have suggested it to you.
        Pehaps you should also learn to respect women and grow up. People don’t respect you as a writer or an editor because all the stories you write lack any amount of imagination, are poorly constructed and lack editing. You fake endorsements you never earned .
        You influence personal opinion of you with your whacked-out vulgar responses and lack of desire to improve, as you have so clearly demonstrated here.
        If you really think your vulgar hate-filled comments are funny you need to be hospitalized. You are due to be blocked from just about every site until you get help. A break in “publishing” certainly is in order.

      • Stinky Cat I am not going to take a break from publishing you little incest born rape baby. You hide behind no photograph and fake name to diss me — go find a corpse and have sex with it.

      • Screw you Janice. I don’t have poorly formatted anthologies. I use Open Office Just because you hate my guts that doesn’t give you the civil duty to fuck over my submission calls. That is extremely unprofessional. I would never publish a faggot nor will I read a faggot’s submission. Fuck Gay Rights.

      • And now you can see why I choose to call him Nicky, it just strikes me as a reasonable reciprocation of his congenial demeanour and tolerant attitude.

      • I believe Scott mentioned you sending Tabby nekkid pics, not the other way around. Reading comprehension, dude. Reading comprehension. We’ll wait until you get a chance to reread his comment, and let it sink in.

    • Ne, Nicky-chan, we’ll respect your wishes in regards to your name when you stop being… um, you. So it looks like it’ll never happen, eh?

      In regards to automatically rejecting authors who call you Nicky: That’s not very professional, is it? “Oh poo poo they called me a name I hate. I’m not even going to listen to what they have to say!” On the other hand, by rejecting them, you’re freeing them from your sticky clutches. So I say, future authors, keep calling him Nicky! Nicky-chan can’t stand to be called by a girl’s name can he? Such a pity, I find it to be a very fetching name.

      • Perhaps I need a blog post about the tact and charm that is Nicky P.
        You just said some pretty vulgar things to my daughter, you homophobic asshat. I’ll call you anything I want. She didn’t say one vulgar thing to you and didn’t deserve your crude bestiality backlash.
        You don’t get it, cock-knock. If you want respect, you’ve got to give respect. Talk to people the way you do, and you’re going to get treated the same way right back.
        Get a clue, fudge-nudge. Take some meds. You need ’em. Badly.
        My fight is with Tabetha. She ripped my kid off, and she ripped me off, as well as a dozen other authors. All I want is to bring to light what a liar, thief and scab she is. I don’t care about you. But talk shit to my kid and you get me too.
        I really, strongly suggest you bow out while you’re behind and go back to your own little part of the web. Now.

      • Did someone steal your boyfriend from you Nicky? Is that why you’re so pissed at the world? Was he pretty? Or just as unwashed and disgusting as you?

      • Now the ex-Gay movement is dieing off Nicky’s out of a job and he’s a bit bitter. Chin up, dumpling, I’m sure there are still some troubled gay men out there so desperate for aversion therapy that they’ll sleep with you.

  2. And where, oh where is Tabby Scatty? We all know she trolls every word we write, so where is she when her new buddy needs defending against the big baddy waddies? She’s certainly not off writing, editing or publishing. From the quality of her “work” she does those things as an afterthought to picking her nose or digging a new clump of wax out of her ear..
    No. What it looks like to me is that she’s off doing what she always does. She’s covering her own ass and looking out for only herself. If the legion thought that it was gaining a faithful new member, they were mistaken. Scatty Batty has only one agenda. Her own.
    Though a nitwit she most certain is, she can’t even join up with them right. Chalk it up to her ever-growing long list of failures.
    Gee. Maybe if she creates a few more aliases, or recycles the same old ones a few times over, goes off to publish one of her new best sellers on the smut-stain list, she’ll make up for it. Or, better yet, she can go write another pity-party blog post full of ridiculous claims so that folks will feel sorry for her, applaud her vulgar, crass attitude which she tries to pass off as independence and bravery, trying the whole time to take the focus off the fact that she is a liar, a scam artist and a thief. Try as she might with all of her inane confessionals, she can’t whitewash over that fact. Or the fact that she’s a fair-weather friend at best, only associating with people as long as they are of use to her, and not a minute longer. Otherwise, she’d be right here defending her new bestest buddy.
    Nope. Not a whiff of her. And a stink like hers, you smell coming from a distance. She’s leaving this guy hanging just like she does her authors, her friends, and anybody else she’s done using.
    That’s the quintessential Scatty Batty for you.

      • Too polluted for that scab? Somehow I doubt it. If anything, she decided that she couldn’t manipulate the legion to her advantage, so now she’s just covering her own ass.

        Oh, I know. She’s not participating in “the drama” anymore, according to her blog. So she’s getting her little lap dog boyfriend to do it for her. Swearing out girls. Oh yeah. He bad.

      • Yeah, you’re probably right. Every once in awhile I think people have some kind of conscience, but I’m usually proven wrong.

        I read her blog and saw her trying to take the high road with the “no drama” crap, and laughed my ass off.

      • Me too, considering she’s usually the one stirring the drama up by not paying people, creating all these aliases and ripping people off. But, sure, she’s rising above it.
        Any bets on how long that lasts?

  3. Nicky, who has been submitting to your publications? Anybody?…..ANYBODY? No, I thought so. So I guess since I personally would NEVER submit my manuscripts to such a lowly press, I don’t have to concern myself with being rejected by the likes of you. Why would I or anyone else want to? You cannot edit or format, your cover art sucks, you don’t use contracts or even notify submitting authors that their work is accepted, only rejected which can cause the author legal problems if their work is published by Lake Fossil Press without notification and they sell their story to another press for first rights, not knowing the status with LFP (ILLEGAL), you don’t pay your authors, you admit to making spelling mistakes in regard to your author’s names in the TOC of your books, then when they try to correct you, you stalk and harass them, making violent death threats! Anybody who criticizes any of the above errors, you stalk and harass making violent death threats. Or raping the female members of their family, let’s not forget that one. Raping them so they’ll bear your child. Is it because you having had any sex since Melany dumped you? And your “rape victims” should bear your child because why?….Because your own child was taken away from you for abuse, and you’re not allowed any contact? Oh Nicky, Nicky, when do you realize that your own words reveal so much about what is truly troubling you deep down inside, including the homosexual slurs. You call others “rape babies” when factually you were the product of consensual sex between a child (your 15 yr old mother) and an unknown much older man. He went to jail for statuatory rape, didn’t he? YES. So Nicky, I’ll once again point out how much you project your OWN personal issues onto others. Everything you hate about yourself you try to fling onto others. We’ve even been able to program your verbal tics, because everytime something is suggested to you, you turn around and fixate on that and use it against others. One must wonder why you are overly fixated on homosexuals, and homosexual sex. Following every other pattern that you exhibit Nickolaus, it’s not a long stretch to conclude that you are just dying to come out of the closet.


    As sexually frustrated and deviant as he posts online, and the way he consistently projects things onto others, someone *could* draw that conclusion. And it wouldn’t be all that far fetched.

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  6. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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