So quiet

Looks like Tabetha’s taking a new approach. She changed her name and moved to a new town. Or, according to “Emerald” she did. It’s not the first time she’s pulled the old switcheroo in the name game. When the heat got a little too intense for Mystic Press, what with the Attorney General getting sicced on her and all, she changed the name on all the accounts and, TA-DAHHH! There’s Phoenix Fire Publishing rising from the ashes. Not that Mystic Press ever really closed. She just changed the names on all the accounts. Which further suggests that the company never really existed in the first place as a legal entity. In the business world (the REAL world), when a business closes, all the accounts are settled. The business ceases to exist. All the contracts are null and void. And you can’t just keep the listings for books published under Mystic Press listed on sites like, which she did. It wasn’t until blogs like mine shed light on the fact that Mystic books were still listed with that she finally yanked them, switched the name to Phoenix Fire, and put ’em right back up, with the same ISBN number and everything. How many royalties has she raked in from those books? How much of that money have the authors seen?

Assaulting my pages with alts didn’t work, so now she’s trying another tactic. Changing her name, moving out of Waco. Posting her version of “I’m over it, I’m sweet and innocent, and look what MEANIES they are, still talking about poor li’l ole me” messages on her blogs, and hoping that people will buy it. Hoping that we’ll give up and go away. Hoping that she’ll be able to carry on under the radar for awhile until things quiet down and she can take right back up where she left off.

Sorry, hon. I don’t buy it for a second. For one thing, Tabetha Jones Henley was never little miss innocent. She steals from people. Every day that goes by is one more day that she’s still keeping money from authors, compounding interest. And using multiple addresses is nothing new to her. She’s been doing that for years, using different addresses on different contracts with authors, probably so that nobody knows where she really is to have her served.

Hell, for all we know, she could be quietly setting about even more changes than she admits. It’s been more than a year as Phoenix. Maybe it’s time for that name to change too. She changed her own name to Henley without the benefit of a registered marriage. But Texas is a common law state. If she and Eric want to be married, all they have to do is say they’re married and it’s legal. What Saying you’re married in Texas CAN’T do, though, is make that “legal” union retroactive to some past date. Those two announced their “marriage” (with Tabetha riding up the aisle on the back of her daddy’s Harley, no less) just recently, then promptly changed their statuses to read that they’ve been married since December of ’12. Those two just don’t seem to understand that reality doesn’t work that way. You can’t just SAY that the past is change and *POOF* it’s changed. Not when it comes to marriage, and not when it comes to business. They can say “I’m moving on” and wish that past victims would go away and quit bugging them, but that doesn’t happen in the real world.

I cite these as examples of their skewed view of reality. In truth, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if Tabetha’s really married, or where she lives. All I care about is that she is a liar, a thief, and a scam artist. And no matter what she changes her name to, or where she claims to live this week or next, I’m not going to forget that. Neither are the people that she’s stolen royalties or withheld wages from.

And, by the way, I’m still waiting for your lawyer’s contact information.

2 thoughts on “So quiet

  1. Lake Fossil Press doesn’t exist as a legally registered business either — not even as a sole proprietorship, which is the way he runs it. Those aren’t expensive to register. Tabetha and Nicky are peas in a pod, regarding their “business” practices. Where they don’t mesh is in what they will publish. Their antics are fun to watch, though. ;).

  2. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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