Lunacy cycle

Time for another installment of “Why Tabetha Jones Henley is a liar.”

Are you settled in your beds, boys and girls? Ready for a story?
Good. We’ll start with the story of Thea Larson, a young woman who sent a book to Tabetha Jones at Mystic Press. Tabetha wrote Thea back, saying that she loved the book and offered Thea a contract. Thinking herself lucky that any publisher would have her, Thea jumped at it, signed the contract and paid the fees that the contract called for.
Shortly after that, Tabetha told Thea that the book was crap and refused to publish it. She also refused to return the money.
In their own contract, the up front fees were earmarked for Createspace, Lightningsource, and cover art. The book was never published, so Createspace and Lightningsource were never used. Arguments that it costs money to set up those accounts are invalid. Accounts on both Createspace and Lightningsource are free.
Yours truly did the cover art, so Tabetha agreed to send that money back to pay me. That never happened either, of course.
So, that alone makes Tabetha a scam artist and Thief, promising to publish a book, signing a contract saying she would, and refusing to do it, as well as keeping the money.

Several blogs were alerted to these actions, as well as questionable actions taken with and against other former Mystic Press authors as well. God bless Georgina Merry for having the courage to step forward and speak up on Emily Suess’s blog. That really started the snowball rolling.
Author Janrae Frank posted about it on her blog, too. And that’s where this story picks up.
It was on Emily Seuss’s blog that Tabetha first had an army of alts show up to defend her. Emily called her on it, posting that all of the comments had come from the same IP.
Tabetha laughably insisted that her friends had dropped by to support her, and hopped on her computer to defend her, outraged that dear, sweet Tabby-Scat was being so brutally and unfairly attacked.
She continued that trend on Cussedness Corner, Janrae Frank’s blog, trying to ping those IP numbers back to other locations, like Nasa. But she slipped and let enough show that she outed herself yet again as using an army of alts to defend herself. Then she jumped on to defend them. Such a clown. It’s ridiculous, of course, but that’s where it gets interesting within the context of this blog.
When unable to defend the fact that she kept money that was earmarked for services that were never supplied (or, in my case, never paid for), she tried to divert attention, and blame, to a mysterious submissions editor that had, Tabetha said, offered Thea a contract using Tabetha’s email, without even reading the book. Well, she had an alt do it.
The name of the submissions editor in question is Cindy Carlo. Tabetha’s mom. I pointed that out.
Tabetha showed up with guns blazing to defend her alt friend, and insisted that Cindy Carlo is NOT her mom, she’s somebody that used to date her dad, betrayed her trust and got fired for the fiasco over my daughter’s contract.
Couldn’t really argue with that. Until now.

As of September 3rd, 2013, Cindy Carlo is back with Phoenix fire as “editor, beta/reviewer, PR manager, and boss lady’s assistant.”
And, in case there’s any doubt about Tabetha’s claims that Cindy Carlo is NOT her mom in any fashion, just some chick her dad used to date, here’s a photo from Tabetha’s own blog. It shows her, Cindy Carlo and her dad, with Tabetha saying how glad she is to be spending time with her family. It’s dated. August 30th of this year.
I’ll grant you, that could be an old photo.
So I’ll include this photo of Tabby’s dad’s FB, capped today.
It clearly shows that her dad is still very much in a relationship with Cindy Carlo. So, while it’s technically accurate to say that Cindy Carlo is not her mother, Tabetha clearly lied when she tried to distance herself from Cindy Carlo by insisting that she’s somebody that used to date her father.
I’m not entirely comfortable posting her father’s photos on my blog. Ordinarily, it’s none of my business. But Tabetha made it my business when she used her parents and their relationship status to steal from my daughter. And from me. So her parents have their daughter to thank for appearing here. If they have any issues, they can take it up with her for using them to steal from people.

Any questions?

28 thoughts on “Lunacy cycle

  1. Let’s take a moment to review Tabetha’s tantrum at Georgina Merry in her reply about her “friends” stopping by to support her.
    1) She calls Anna Lovelace a real person. Anna was one of Tabetha’s alts for a long time, and is a pen name now being used by another author. Liar.
    2) It’s only slander if it’s untrue, dimwit. Every words spoken about Tabetha Jones and her bogus company are true.
    3) These threats to take people to court go back a long way, don’t they? How many people has she sued for slander, defamation, or breaking her bogus contract. Anybody?
    4) She has contacts and can make sure Georgina never publishes again? Really? Delusional much? Georgina has published successfully since then. So has Thea. So have other authors. They’re better off without Tabetha Jones and Phoenix fire publishing. Any author is.
    5) I’m not sure I’d want anybody to blick at my work, but I’m willing to give it a try.
    6) Your shit is about to get blown up for calling her authors fake? Um… many of them are fake, including Anna Lovelace who she refers to in her rant. The rest just haven’t wised up and gotten away from her yet.
    7) The botch comes out to play? Never have I seen a more accurate description of Tabetha, her work, or her company. Botched is all she is. And she provided it herself. How thoughtful.

  2. Tabetha tripped over herself to hurry and post a blog of her own after this one went live today. She rants about her family and challenges me to “Don’t get it twisted bitch, before you open your fucking mouth get the shit straight!!!”
    I hate to tell her, but I did get my shit straight. She lied about her parents to rip off my daughter and me. Not a word of her blithering post from today proves otherwise. All it proves is that she trolls my blog.

      • If she doesn’t want people talking about her family in relation (pun intended) to her business, SHE needs to leave them out of it. As long as she drags them into it, they can thank HER for any attention they get.

      • She puts them in front of us as participants in her business and then expects us to keep our hands off them. That fails in so many ways that it makes me laugh. She also goes out of her way to make certain that we notice what she is doing and saying about us. And then wants to claim that we are in the wrong for noticing the flag she’s waving under our noses.

      • That’s probably the plan, by putting them upfront as part of the business she achieves two things. Firstly she deflects people who feel uncomfortable about bringing up her family and secondly it lets her try to tarnish her critics by claiming they’re going after her innocent family, conveniently ignoring that as participants in a corrupt business they’re valid targets for criticism of said business.

      • Specifically, in this case, she used her mom (stepmom, whatever) directly to rip off my kid and me. Whether or not Cindy Carlo was complicit, TABETHA brought her into it. Her father, too. They have her to thank for it.

        Actually, I hope her parents do read this blog so they cans see, if they didn’t already know, what their kid has been up to.

      • I’m not sure they are willing participants. I think it’s entirely possible that she could be using their names without their knowledge. Maybe that’s why she’s so ticked about this post.

  3. I don’t think anybody in her family, circle of friends, or even her “boyfriend” knows what she’s been up to, assuming their identities for the purpose of strengthening her claims of having all these people helping her, and supporting her. Tabs is obviously a severe mental case who does not care who she damages, just as long as she can keep up this charade and hopefully continue to rip off unsuspecting new authors.

    • She is a sociopath with extreme narcissistic personality disorder. Someone who cares only for herself with total disregard for anybody else. I showed all of her antics to a shrink, without any of my own commentary or bias thrown in, just Tab’s own words, and was told that the above is a sound diagnosis for someone who behaves that way.

      That’s what we’re here for, to help ensure that no new writers get sucked into that trap. I personally know of half a dozen that were grateful to find out about her before signing. That makes it worth it.

  4. Let’s start at the beginning. Have you every had a falling out with a family? Of course not your Miss little perfect that NEVER fucks up. You have pushed my limits and for me having to post pics of my fathers on my blog to show you that Charles Finson may not be my biological father but her IS and always will be the closest thing to a father I will have. Every family has ups and downs.You had no right to bring my family into this. News flash, every family has issues. What goes on in my world is my mother fucking business. You want lawyers info. Email me a contact address and I will be sure to get you the papers you require. Involving a military service man in your bullshit will not fly. Do you know what JAG is? Do you know the consequences of that happens when you involve a man that served our country in this bullshit. Charles Finson may not be blood but my daddy would turn over in his grave knowing what you are doing. No one is hiding., No one is pointing fingers but YOU. You are so pissed off that I dropped your daughter that you have been bashing me, against other things. You want to go all the way hun,lets go. You and me. No one else. You are the only one that continues to keep it going. So email me with a legit address and you will receive your papers. I am done with your crap.


    As far as the alts, thats on you. You are so desperate to pull shit from thin air that you are willing to create lies and stories to suit yourself.

    Get over it. You lost a long time again.

    • I hope you’re seriously not trying to say that I cooked up any of your alts. That’s just desperate and pathetic.I don’t need to resort to tactics like that to prove your lies. Your own words are good enough for that, as evidenced by this blog post. Every word is all you, hon.

      Little miss perfect? That’s what you call my daughter? Let’s take a look at that. She has never lied to someone in order to steal money from them. She’s not cruel and calculating, crushing somebody’s dreams for personal gain. She’s never, ever done to anyone what you do to people every single day that you keep their money, threaten and insult them, and lie about it.
      So, by comparison to you, yeah. She IS little miss perfect.

      Thea and I have our arguments, mostly about politics. There are some issues we will simply never agree on. But we never, ever stoop to the level of disrespecting each other to do it. She’s a mature, wonderful person, and I’m proud of her. No matter who she votes for.

      What goes on in your world is MY MF-ing business when you use it to rip off my kid.

      You’ve got all the contact info you need from me. You can send your lawyer’s contact info to me through PM on FB. I don’t have you blocked. Same thing with Jag. Feel free to tell me which office you’re dealing with and I’ll be glad to get in touch with them. If they need to look me up, I’m prior service. My information’s on file. They can find me.

      If you don’t want your family involved, then stop dragging them into it to try to cover your arse. YOU blamed Thea’s contract on Cindy Carlo and said she was just somebody your dad used to date. YOU brought them into it.

      You want to be done with it? Make it right with the people you owe money to and stop lying about it.

  5. Uhm… Tabby I hate to rain facts on your tantrum, but the Judge Advocate General’s Corps deal with military law, not civil. They might be good attorneys, but you’re not going to get an active-duty JAG to spend time on whatever your stupidity came up with this week. Just go back to your vaporous e-lawyers.

    • She’s trying to say that JAG is going to get me because I posted her father’s pictures, and as he’s prior service, she thinks that makes it military law. That’s Tabby-Scat logic, and it’s supposed to scare me off.


      I absolutely respect that her parents served their country. That makes it all the more reprehensible that she continues to try to use their service as her get out of jail free card and when her boyfriend/husband/whatever impersonates a Marine. It’s offensive to anybody that really did serve. They deserve better.

      • Oh, I figured that. I’m just amazed that Tabby thinks that a screencap of a publicly available photo of a former serviceman showing him not in a uniform doing something that is not at all military related somehow falls under the purview of military law.

        I mean, if Tabby actually thinks that’s viable, she is Galactically Stupid.

  6. You’re going to hear how I’m taking pot shots at Tabetha’s poor, sick mother, who’s not only battling cancer but recovering from a heart attack. Think what you will, but this post was written and redacted many moons ago, before any health concerns were a known factor. I’m not taking pot shots. I’m just not going to keep my mouth shut for the sake of a liar and a fraud.
    I hold up my end of a deal as long as the other guy does, too. If their gloves come off, so do mine.
    Let’s go.

  7. No it just goes to show that you no respect for family or a woman that could die any moment. You were the one that contacted stirring up your shot again. You are the one that continues to troll my roster of authors and anything to do with me. I’m not the one with the problem you are. You think you are above no sweet cheeks doesn’t work that way. You hide behind your words where my life is an open book. That is why Phoenix is like a family. If one author is having a breakdown we come thru for them. But of course you are too much of a chicken shot to ask them yourself.

    • And there it is. The poor, sick mom card.

      No, I don’t need to talk to your authors. I’m sure you’ve got them snowed into thinking they’re family, or whatever pretty con you used to draw them in. You’re good at that, making people feel important, with one arm around them and the other hand in their pocket. They’ll figure you out one day, and more’s the pity for them when they realize that the only person you truly care about is yourself and what you can get from them.

      • Then put your money where your mouth is. Want my number I’ll let u talk to my mother. She knows all about you. I take care of her 24 hrs a day want signed proof on that. You know nothing about me and assuming only makes u look like an ass. But you think I’m offensive then you really wouldn’t want to talk with my mom. No she may not be my blood mother but her traits rubbed off on me. Number 1 take no shit from no one.

      • I’m not assuming a thing, hon. All I’ve had to do is repeat your own words. So if anybody looks like an ass, it’s you gazing in a mirror.

        In one breath, you throw your sick mother out into your mess to play the sympathy card, and in the next, you make her look like a foul-mouth bully. Nice. Honestly, I don’t care what your relationship with her is like or what you’ve learned from her. All I care about is that you keep dragging her into your business to try and cover your own ass. That’s YOU involving her, not me. So you can stop trying to blame me for it.

        I feel bad for your mom. I really do. First, you drag her into your business practices as a “submissions editor” so that you can blame her for ripping off my kid. With her complete permission, she knew all about it right? Thought so.
        Then whenever you need some sympathy, you air out her health issues. Anything to try and deflect the attention away from your own culpability.

        Seems to me a dutiful daughter would respect her ailing mother enough not to air out her problems on some strangers website just to try and get a few licks in.

        And why do you feel the need to keep bringing up the fact that she’s not your blood mother? Nobody’s making an issue about that but you.

        If she’s got anything to say to me, I’m right here. Not going anywhere. But if she’s battling cancer and recuperating from a heart attack, I rather hope that her strength is better spent taking care of her health. I’m sure rest and attention is better for her than getting involved in your lunatic scramble for cover. After all, her health is more important than some argument with a stranger on the internet, isn’t it?

  8. It bears repeating that Charles Finneson is not Tabetha’s adopted dad as was previously assumed. That’s a different Charles. Tabetha recently clarified that.
    However, There still exists a familial relationship between Tabetha and her “adopted” mom Cindy Carlo, evidenced by her own admission. So she isn’t someone the family “used to” know.

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  10. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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