From Tabetha Jones Henley

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Laying the Past to Rest

Two years ago I took over Mystic Press unknowing what I was getting myself into. When I shut down many authors got hurt and since then it has been one battle after another. I never meant to hurt anyone, nor was it my intention.Mystic was tainted from the beginning. I did everything I could but nothing could save it. In the process things have spiraled out of control. I have come in contact with several people and yes I have lost my temper.For the authors that got caught in the crossfire i do apologize. It was never my intention for anyone to get hurt, but things were out of my control.

To Janrae Frank if i had the wrong information about you I apologize. I understand you have been in this business for a long time but you have been where I am. I do hope we can put our differences aside and talk things through.

To JT Larson, you and I have had our share of words but I am trying to be the bigger person and move on. I am sorry your daughter got hurt. I will make sure she is taken care of and will do my best to ensure that she gets what is hers.

Thea Larson, I wish you the best of luck and even though we did not see eye to eye on your writing I wish you the best. I sincerely apologize for all the previous actions. I think its fair to say that what happened between Thea and myself was an unfortunate series of miscommunications. I take responsibility for my part and my actions. I assure you that you will receive what you deserve and I guarantee it. I do apologize but this is the time for it to all end. I wish you the best with your book and hope you do well. I am trying to make this right and I do hope you see that. I am trying to solve the problem and I see this is the way to do it.

I am putting this to rest and I sincerely apologize for what has happened this past couple of years. You have your own style of writing and just because I don’t agree doesn’t mean that you won’t have a ton of fans. I do wish you the best.

You will receive what is owed to you. And if I can do anything for you or your mother please let me know.

I am being the better person here and doing what i believe is right. I wish you all the best. I do hope we can move on and forgot this horrible experience. I do believe we all want it to end.

I wish all of you the best and I do hope we can grow and learn from this. I have. Being a young publisher it is hard. But please understand this, the things you have said about me are not true. Yes i have made mistakes, i am not perfect, but my authors are taken care of.

I am not saying nothing is my fault, I am not saying that I am innocent. I am saying we all make mistakes. I took over a tainted company and did the best I could with what I had. For those that got hurt my deepest apologies. I wish you all the best, and please accept this apology. I do hope this will end the hate and we can all move forward.

I am doing this and making a formerly apology for all those that were hurt through Mystic Press. I wish things could have ended differently but unfortunately I can not fix the past but i can show a better future, which i am doing now with Phoenix Fire. I have a wonderful group of authors.

For those that got hurt with the closing of Mystic, i do apologize, but at the time i had no other choice. I wish you all the best. I can only apologize for my actions no one else’s. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me.

~Tabetha Jones~

When I got involved with all of this, my only desire was to protect my daughter’s interests.
If Tabetha’s willing to make good on her debt to my daughter, accept responsibility and issue an apology, I consider my affairs with her square and finished.  I hope that everybody involved reaches the same level of resolution.

15 thoughts on “From Tabetha Jones Henley

  1. This is something JT and decided on. I am doing what she and I discussed. If you cannot accept my apologies then I dont know what to say. I am trying to be the bigger person. I wish you all luck.

  2. I can’t accept your apology, Tabetha. You’re sidestepping the real issues. You knew very well that I was not Wendy Hunyor when you and Eric and your allied eejits went after me on that. I have the screenshots. You made your bed, now lie in it.

    • Again this is an agreement JT and i have discussed. I was clearing the air with you as well. If you dont want to accept it then so be it. But i will not fight this fight anymore. JT and I have come to an agreement and it will be carried out to the fullest.

      • You weren’t “clearing the air.” You were merely making vague excuses for what you did to me and others. What I want is a true apology and a line item admission of guilt with an apology for each and every one of the nasty things you did.

  3. I just want to be clear that this situation will be resolved to my satisfaction only after my daughter is repaid. Not before. Right now, this tentative peace is in a holding pattern waiting for that.

    I don’t care for the way Tabetha’s speaking to the people here. There’s a snarky smugness to her tone that leaves a bad taste. The resolution she and I have struck is, as she says, between her and me. It does not absolve her of her obligation to others. It only puts things to rest between Tabetha, Thea and me. Others still want to be paid back, and I don’t blame them.

    But if she fulfills her obligation to Thea, I’ll be satisfied.

  4. I am not being snarky just taking the steps to resolve what has been going on far too long. JT I am glad you and I could talk, civil without fighting, name calling or any of the such. I will stay in touch.

  5. Well well well looks like you been caught Tabetha your still the same tiger don’t change his stripes. you been like this even at the strip club and we should know. now you got these folks after you jus like everone else and now you back home and gonna get kicked out on your ass for what you did…….. I know cause I seen you and everyone seen you back and now your shit gon catch up to you!!!!!! and you gonna pay these peeople? So funny. That mean you guilty of what they sayin, even I see that. You paying everyone back what you owe ha ha ha don’t believe it. Maybe you shoulda been nice to me and I never would have come here but you pushed and you lie and now you get whats coming and that’s alot. We all watching you

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  7. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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