The next wave of victims

I notice that there are some names missing from the roster at Phoenix Fire publishing lately. While it’s hard to tell who’s a real, live person who’s been foolish enough to sign on with them or just another of the many, many fake ID’s created to make the place seem more prolific and impressive than it really is, there’s a good chance that the next wave of authors is finding out the truth about PF and parting ways with them to save themselves any more grief, humiliation, or even financial loss.

If you’re a Phoenix Fire author that’s been conned, scammed, ripped off or abused by the company’s owners, I invite you to contact me via private message through Facebook. There are a few of us that have been burned by that place, and we’d like to offer you support from people who have been there.¬†We want you to know that we’re here for you, as people who have walked down that road too. We don’t care about pointing fingers or I told you so’s, we just want to show support if you need it. Early on, when we got burned, many of us suffered in silence alone because we didn’t have anyone to turn to. You don’t have to. We found each other, and now you can find us too. Don’t be embarrassed, and please don’t think you deserve whatever happened. Good people get conned. It’s not your fault.

Feel free to write any time.


Tribute and Trolls

The world recently lost a bright light and dear soul when Janrae Frank was called home.

My daughter wrote a wonderful piece about Janrae’s passing. It’s called Death Comes Calling. And it’s definitely worth a read.

At the same time, there’s a troll out there saying “Good Riddance” about Janrae’s passing, and calling her any number of names.
I am perfectly capable of taking on this despicable troll, and so are many others on the scene. It’s not hard to wage a war of wits against an unarmed man. But that would be giving him the attention he’s so desperately vying for. I hope that anybody within the reach of my words does the same thing I plan to do. Ignore him. Starve the troll. He does not deserve the attention, and I hope nobody out there gives it to him.