Conversation with Tabetha

A little while ago, my daughter got conned by a shady publisher named Tabetha Jones. My daughter went on to pick up the pieces of her life and properly published a book with a reputable company. She also finally got paid back by Tabetha for the contract that Mystic Press, now Phoenix Fire, breached. It took a lot of negotiating, and I doubt that it would have happened at all if the company’s owner wasn’t in a tight spot. But she did agree. When time for payment came, she tried to wiggle out of it, but did eventually make it happen.
I would have been happy to leave it at that, and keep the conversation private as promised. But she just doesn’t know when to stop.
I’ll talk about what’s going on with that publisher in more depth later. Right now, I’m publishing my conversation with Tabetha Jones, from start to finish. I’m not going to make any commentary. I’m going to let the words speak for themselves. It’s a long and rambling chat, but it’s very informative about the character and mentality of Tabetha Jones, in her own words. So sit back in your comfy chair with a bowl of popcorn and learn a thing or two.
Here we go.

Tabetha Jones, September 19, 2013 11:06 am

Ms. Larson,
Unfortunately I do not have your address which I now need. JAG will be needing your information to file against you. You posted information about a service man. Charles Finson has nothing to do with this and you were never contracted with Phoenix Fire nor Mystic Press. Libel and slander are serious offenses. You have photoshopped false information. Both of my fathers are dead. Charles Finson is the closest thing to a father I have. But JAG is now involved and if you were involved in the military then you know what JAG is. You don’t mess with military service men. This is between you and I so I do expect this stays between us. I hope you have enough respect to keep this off your blog.
Thank You
Tabetha Jones Henley

Me: 12:00 pm
Hon, it’s only libel or slander if it’s not true. Every word I’ve spoken, or typed, about you is accurate and factual, and I can prove it. You know that. So go ahead and bluster away. We both know that you aren’t going to sue. You can’t. And the last thing you want after your antics is to see the inside of a court room.

I haven’t photoshopped a thing, and you know it. I’ve screen-capped, not altered. There’s a difference.

YOU posted about Charles Finson on Cuss’s blog when you said that he was somebody Cindy Carlo used to date when you were trying (in vain) to distance yourself from the theft perpetrated upon my daughter with that ridiculous ruse. You brought both of them into this while trying to use them as an excuse to rip off my daughter. They have only you to thank for being involved.

Of course I know what the Judge Advocate General is. And I’m pretty familiar with what they do and do not involve themselves with. They don’t care about you, and they don’t care about what I’ve got to say about you on some blog. If anybody needs to be wary of what the service takes offense with, it’s a guy that pretends to have been a Marine in special ops, deployed (twice?) as a sniper, in order to gain or sustain business for his wife’s fraudulent company. There’s a little thing called the Stolen Valor Act that anybody who’s pulled such antics needs to be very aware of. I served my country proudly, and it turns my stomach to see someone impersonate a Marine in such a way. It truly does.

Again, it is you and your own actions that are involving the one service member that’s been dragged into all this, your dad. If he, JAG, or anybody else have a problem with it, they have only you to thank.

Yes, you and I were contracted. I did the cover art for my daughter’s book. Like other employees and authors, I wasn’t paid as was promised. You can’t expect me, or any of us, to just forget that we were swindled and carry on like it never happened.

Tabetha, I don’t care about you one way or the other. Honestly, my life would be a hundred percent improved if you were not in it. But removing you from my radar is something only you can do. Pay my daughter back the money you owe her. Pay me what you owe me. Pay the former Mystic authors the royalties you owe them. Make it right, and we will very happily and gladly go away. We have each of us moved on. Thea has put out a book through a proper publisher. Other former Mystic authors have too. I’ve got a new book in pre-publication, and contracts for graphic novels. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the last thing we want to think of is you.

I’m going to say this without being catty or insulting. I’m being honest here. You have to accept responsibility for the things you do. It’s part of being an adult. Everybody makes mistakes. What you’ve got to do is make those mistakes right, learn from them and go forward with a clear conscience, and not make those mistakes again. It is, and has always been, up to you to set matters right.

I hope you’ll understand that I’m not comfortable giving you my contact information. If you’ll kindly provide me with your lawyer’s contact information, I’ll be happy to give my information to him. That’s what lawyers are for after all, to act legally on your behalf. Or you could give me the contact information of the JAG office that’s handling these matters and I’ll discuss the matter with them.

It’s rather ironic that you, of all people, ask for respect, as you’ve shown my daughter and me none. But sure. I’ll keep this off my blog.

Tabetha Jones: 12:05 pm

My attorney is no longer handling this when you decided to bring forth the pictures, and profiles of a honorable service man. Cindy carlo was also in the military. JAG has taken over and you can either speak with me kindly or I will have Cindy and Charles Finson can contact you. Of course if you havent blocked them like a coward.

Tabetha continues: 12:07

I am trying to be civil but you crossed the line saying my dads were alove when they werent. Larry and Charlie passed away years ago and Charles Finson is the only man I have as a father. You are just mad because YOUR daughter would not follow contract therefore was dropped. You want to take this further then address so JAG can notify you for slander libel and everything else under the sun that you have done to charles Finson, Cindy Carlo and myself. Both of my real dads were prior military.

Me: 12:23 pm
Why in the world would I block them? I don’t have a single thing to hide. But again, I’ll give my information to a legal representative. I can’t imagine any lawyer dropping a case for the reasons you stated, but I understand that you need some excuse to distance yourself from him. So, if JAG is the only legal entity involved, I’ll speak with them. As a prior service member, my information is on file. They can find me.

If either your mom or dad wish to contact me, they can write to me through pm like you have. I’ve got not a single thing to hide from either one of them.

I didn’t say your DADS were involved, I said that YOU involved your dad when you said that he was somebody Cindy Carlo dated when you were in your teens and early twenties, in an effort to distance yourself from ripping Thea off. Again, and I can only repeat this until it sinks in, YOU involved him. I did not.

I reviewed the timeline of Thea’s contract very carefully. Your own contract said that she had 30 days to reply, and never once did 30 days elapse before she replied to either you or your artist. YOU were in breach, not she. And you can expect to keep hearing about that, and every other fraud you perpetrate, until you rectify the matter.

You just don’t get it. You keep waving around words like slander and libel, but you really just don’t seem to understand that those terms only apply if anything I’ve said about you (is a lie). None of it is. YOU ripped off my kid. YOU blamed it on Cindy Carlo, and YOU brought your dad into it by saying that Cindy Carlo is somebody he USED to date. YOU are to blame for all of this. Start accepting responsibility for YOUR actions, and we might get somewhere.

Tabetha Jones: 12:41 pm



Tabetha continues: 12:44

I am asking you kindly, Charles Finson is a service man and as prior military you should have more respect than to post his pictures all over your blog. You say you have respect then show it. This is between you and i. Not him. So as a follow service member please remove his information from your blog. Thank you

Me: 12:57 pm
You should have thought of that before you involved him. I addressed that in my post. I’m not comfortable posting his photos. He’s done nothing to me. If I could have proved YOUR own statements some other way, I would have. The photo and his page were public, so I didn’t post anything for the public to see that he hadn’t already posted himself. As I said here and there, he has only you to thank for it. You brought him up to try to distance yourself from ripping my daughter off. I think I’m more uncomfortable posting that photo than you are using him as an excuse/accomplice. You had no problem throwing him out there on Cuss’s blog, but now you want me to leave him out of it. I have to admit that your dad is the one person in all of this that I do have respect for as a former soldier. He hasn’t done a single thing to deserve this attention, and I wish that you’d left him out of it.

Tabetha Jones: 1:24 pm

This can be settled between you and I. I have paid my dues whether you believe it or not. I am sorry about your daughter. I offered my help. She refused it. Do you want me to beg? We are both grown women. But this has gone to far. You want to slander libel me, do it all you want but leave Charles Finson out of it and leave Cindy carlo out of it, they never had anything to do with it. Their name was not on any contract. You never had a contract. Out of respect for the military please remove their pictures. You want to deal with me then fine but leave them out of it. I am asking nicely and saying please.

Me: 1:29 pm
You might have paid your dues, but you didn’t pay my daughter. You didn’t pay me. And you didn’t pay a number of authors you left hanging when you changed Mystic Press to Phoenix Fire. No. I don’t want you to beg. I want you to pay people what you owe them and stop lying about it.

Yet again, there are those words slander and libel. Neither applies here as no lies have been told.

If you don’t want your family involved, then stop dragging them into it to try to cover your arse. YOU blamed Thea’s contract on Cindy Carlo and said she was just somebody your dad used to date. Their names may not be on any contract, but they are in posts that YOU wrote to try and cover yourself.

Honestly, don’t you understand that? YOU brought them into it. You can’t blame me for it.

I’m not ignoring your request, I promise. I appreciate your pleas. I’m not heartless. But I am not removing that post. You must accept responsibility for their names being brought out into the public view and stop blaming me for it.

Me: 1:33 pm
I’m only just now seeing your reply on my blog. I’m going to reply there the same thing that I’m saying here, and I won’t mention on my blog or in the comments there that we’ve spoken privately.

Tabetha Jones: 1:50 pm

First and foremost, I had a submissions manager that accepted Theas book. I tried to work with her and she flat out said no. I had two cover artists work with her and it took her 30 days to get back with them. Charles Finson was never brought into it. Services were rendered. I busted my ass of her book. Offered to work with her one on one with my betas and reviewers and she refused. I was willing to help her and she didn’t want it. And the cover never went into distribution and was never finished. I am supposed to pay for an unfinished cover? And never did it state refunds would be issued. And yes Createspace and Lightning Source does charge if you want your book on book shelves. 10 bucks for the imprinted ISBN and 25 for the expanded distribution. 87.50 for the same thing for Lightning Source. I know because I paid the same fees for my books. I am sorry you believe me to be a fraud I am sorry you believe me to be a thief but my mother taught me better than that. I am small press and hopefully one day I wont have to charge. The authors now have a choice. If they want the imprinted ISBN or the expanded distribution. I no longer even go through Lightning Source. Things have changed since your daughter was involved. There are things that happened that you know nothing about. For you to insult me never walking a day in my shoes is uncalled for. You want to bash me, thats fine. But leave my family out of it. Go after me, bash me trash me, but my family has nothing to do with. I am being kind and civil. I have enough on my plate and whether you believe it or not everyone has been taken care of. Ask Eric. He is the one that paid them. I paid them. I understand they are pissed I understand they are upset but mystic was tainted. I let it go because of that. I created new accounts. I am not stupid. I know how it works. Now before this gets further out of hand lets be ladies about this. You want to bash me fine. But remove my family from your blog.

Me: 2:22
Honestly? You’re still trying to justify it? Okay. The submissions editor you blamed was Cindy Carlo. Your words, capped for the world to see. Thea has YOUR communication telling her that you weren’t publishing her book, as well as threatening and insulting messages from Eric, well within 30 days of the last communication between you two. Your argument is invalid. You’re still claiming that services were rendered? Please. The services Thea paid for according to YOUR CONTRACT include activities on Createspace and Lightningsource, neither of which came into play because the book was never published. Also included in those fees were cover art, which I did and for which I was never compensated. You’re trying to say that the money went to pay editors. No. That is not what the contract stipulated. Your argument is invalid. I’m sure things have changed since you ripped off my kid. You used what you learned from her to figure out how to do it more efficiently with authors in the future. But that does not change what happened with her, with me, and with the other authors you still owe money to from Mystic. The past doesn’t change just because you want it to. Your argument is invalid.

I will ask them, thanks. And when they tell me they haven’t been paid, I’ll probably post about it. I won’t repeat what’s been said here, as promised, but I will say “I’m told that Eric has paid off everybody Mystic owed money to…” and invite those authors to comment. How will that be?

I am not bashing you. I am recounting truthfully your own actions. So whatever you see on my blog, you can thank yourself for it. That includes your family. Honestly, until you start accepting responsibility for your own actions, you can expect more of the same. If not from me, then from somebody else that you screw over in some way.

Tabetha Jones: 2:51 pm

When I closed Mystic Amanda Wimer said not to pay her. Must Love Fangs was padi, Lindsay was paid. I offered to edit Amanda Schefers book she said no. I closed all acounts. I offered one on one services to Thea and she refused. I wanted to help her. She told me she wanted a YA fantasy later on she said graphic anime novel. Mystic did not do that. The cover was never finished so how is it I am supposed to pay you for an unfinished cover? I told Thea I would have my editors and betas work with her she said no. As the publisher I had the right. I was willing to help her. Yet you insult my cover art my writing anything you can. You doubt my abusive relationships, you doubt everything. You have no idea what I have been through and you mock me. I am trying to be the bigger person here. I am sorry your daughter got hurt. I am sorry that the other authors got hurt. But you have no idea what Wendy and Brandy did. You have no idea how bad they screwed the compnay over. I had no other choice to close it down. If people had been owed royalties I would have paid them just as i do now.whether its 4 bucks or 100. I dont keep anyones money. I may not be perfect but I am not a thief. I put that on my fathers graves.

Me:  3:11 pm
Thea said she wanted a YA COVER. And no amount of rationalization justifies keeping her money when the services for which she contracted were not rendered, when she did not breach. Try as you might, you can not change the facts of your contract or the timeline of your communications. Pay her. Cover wasn’t finished? Really? This was shown to your own artist at the time, who commented that it was nice work. We’ve got that chat saved, too. Whatever your past relationships, YOU have an abusive personality, insulting the people that you owe money to, letting your boyfriend threaten them (us), creating all these alts to do the same. We didn’t deal with Wendy and Brandy, so you can stop trying to blame them. We dealt with YOU. YOU took my daughter’s money, didn’t publish her book, and haven’t repaid her. Whatever you do or don’t owe to other people, I know exactly what you owe my daughter. You may honestly believe that you’re square with the world, but you need to take another look, a good, honest, objective one. It can’t be a matter of everybody else is wrong and you’re right. There are professionals within the industry that agree that you did it wrong, and that you need to make it right. People aren’t out to “get” you. Nobody honestly cares about you within the industry oen way or the other. But the facts prove that you do, indeed, owe people money. If you truly can’t see that, then simply being a thief is the least of your problems.

Tabetha Jones: 3:16 pm

The cover is not finished. The blurb is not on the back it is NOT a full wrap and does not have the title, author name or anything on it. It is just art. That is not a YA cover that is an anime cover. There were no refunds guaranteed and she knew this. But worry about yourself and your daughter. If I disgust you so much then why bother talking about me all the time. All I asked was if you want to bash me then so be it, but leave my family out of it. They have never said a word against you. I have. Charles Finson served his country just as Cindy carlo did. I never once said they were my birth parents. I posted my fathers on my blog. Those are the men that raised me. If you want to trash me for the rest of your life so be it. But have enough respect for the men and women that served this country and remove their pictures and their names. Wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you?

Me: 3:28
Unfortunately for you, I have your comment saying that you would pay me for it.

I served my country too. And it’s really starting to grate on my nerves that you keep bringing up their service to our country as a way to try and get yourself off the hook. Their service was honorable. Your continuing to try and use them as a smokescreen is not. YOU should have enough respect for them and their service to leave them out of it.

Why do you keep bringing the circumstances of your parentage into question? I don’t care about that and it has no bearing on the fact that you ripped off my kid. The only thing that does is that you named those two and tried to use them to cover it up. Stop trying to cloud the issue with non sequiturs.

I see those true colors starting to peek through, there, hon. I’m sorry that you’re not getting what you want here today, but whether you’re threatening somebody, making up alts to do it for you, or asking nicely, you can not change the fact that you’re responsible for your company owing people money. Until you own up to that and pay them back, I’m sorry, but you ARE a thief, a liar and a fraud.

Tabetha Jones: 5:35

I tried to settle this nicely but if you want to hate on me thats fine, but Charles Finson has nothing to do with this. Cindy Carlo has nothing to do with this. Do whatever you like or say whatever you like about me or to me. But all I ask is to remove them from your blog.

Me: 5:41
I don’t hate you. I hate what you did to my daughter, and what you do to every author you still owe.

No, those two did nothing. That makes it all the more of a shame that you dragged them into it to try to cover your own actions. You need to pay Thea back. I don’t even care if you pay me back. That money’s hers. You need to apologize to Thea as publicly as you insulted her. And you need to apologize to your parents for involving them in something they had no part of. Then you and I will be square.

Tabetha Jones: 5:44

Fine you want me to aplogize to Thea that is fine, and right now we have family issues going on, but I will make a blog post now aplogizing to everyone. Will that be good enough and will you remove the post?
I am a mother and I understand what you are doing I would do the same.
I am sorry your daughter got hurt…would you mind calling me so you and i can talk?
or I can give u my number and u can call me
I want us to talk woman to woman no fighting

Me: 5:53 pm
No fighting. Pay Thea back, she says it’s $165. Apologize to her. And yes, we’ll be square. I’ll take that post down.
I’ll even take the first step and go hide the post right now.

Tabetha Jones: 5:54 pm

I wont have the money until Oct. 26th
we just moved and i do have a daughter that needs things because her piece of shit father wont do anything to help me
I can send you 10 bucks now to cover part of the art?
but I would like to talk to you
Where do you want me to aplogize to her?
or the 10 can go towards her, but this is between me and you everyone stays out of it
no copy and pasting on the blog, this is woman to woman

me: 6:04 pm
Your daughter is the only reason I’m being remotely reasonable and hiding that post before my daughter gets paid. Don’t pay me anything right now. Pay Thea when you have the money on October 26th. If money’s tight, use that to take care of your daughter. You mentioned writing a blog post about Thea, that would be fine.

Tabetha Jones: 6:07 pm

which blog do you want it on, legally I cannot put it on phoenix wll my personal be fine or would you like me to do it on urs?.
I would still like to talk to you Jt i want the air clear
and thank you for considering my daughter
Would you like to see a picture of her?
As far as Eric i cannot aplogize for his actions, i wish I could
But I am trying to fix this because frankly I am tired of it, once I pay her we will sign a form saying everything is taken care of, if you want to drwa it up then that is fine
My number is 254 xxx xxxx
Do you want me to post on ur blog or mine, and I have no problem friending you so you can see everything that goes one so u know im not bullshiting

Me: 6:10 pm
How about the wicked one? Is that a personal blog or a business one?
Once she’s paid back I’ll be happy to post about it and testify that you and I are square. You can cap it and keep it. That should be legally binding.

Tabetha Jones: 6:11 pm

WickedlySweete is Zoey
so it would have to be my personal one or I can do it on yours
WickedKrazy is my persona;

Me: 6:12 pm
That’s the wicked one I meant, since it had your personal stuff on there. If you want to post on your wickedlycrazy one, I’ll copy it to mine and testify that we’re square, that way everybody in both our worlds will see it.

Tabetha Jones: 6:13 pm

On it now, anything specific you want me to say?
I also need a paypal account to send the 10 bucks to for good faith

Me: 6:18 pm
You blamed Thea for everything, I’m hoping you’ll at least share that responsibility. I think it’s fair to call it an unfortunate series of mis-communications. Thea was called talentless, and I think that deserves an apology. I think it would be fair to say that in the interest of putting it all to rest, you’ve decided to pay her back. That lets you look like the bigger person. Thea gets paid back. Everybody wins. Basically just wish her well, congratulate her on her publication, and I think that’s fair. Do you agree?

Keep that ten bucks for your kid. We can wait for October 26th for Thea to get paid back.

Tabetha Jones: 6:19 pm

thats fine I am also apologizing to janrae

Me: 6:19 pm
That’s between you two.

Tabetha Jones: 6:23

well could u pass on the message
i would appreciate its on the blog

Me: 6:28 pm
I’ll let that be between you two.
When you post and I copy, I’ll be happy to let Jan know about it.

Tabetha Jones: 6:29 pm

here is what i put is this okay?

Tabetha Jones: 6:29 pm

Two years ago I took over Mystic Press unknowing what I was getting myself into. When I shut down many authors got hurt and since then it has been one battle after another. I never meant to hurt anyone, nor was it my intention.

Mystic was tainted from the beginning. I did everything I could but nothing could save it. In the process things have spiraled out of control. I have come in contact with several people and yes I have lost my temper.

For the authors that got caught in the crossfire i do apologize. It was never my intention for anyone to get hurt, but things were out of my control.

To Janrae Frank if i had the wrong information about you I apologize. I understand you have been in this business for a long time but you have been where I am. I do hope we can put our differences aside and talk things through.

To JT Lasrosn, you and I have had our share of words but i am trying to be the bigger person and move on. I am sorry your daughter got hurt. I will make sure she is taken care of and will do my best to ensure that she gets what is hers.

Thea Larson, I wish you the best of luck and even though we did not see eye to eye on your writing I wish you the best. I sincerely apologize for all the previous actions.

I am putting this to rest and I sincerely apologize for what has happened this past couple of years. You have your own style of writing and just because I don’;t agree doesn’t mean that you won’t have a ton of fans. I do wish you the best.

You will receive what is owed to you. And if I can do anything for you or your mother please let me know.

I am being the better person here and doing what i believe is right. I wish you all the best. I do hope we can move on and forgot this horrible experience. I do believe we all want it to end.

I wish all of you the best and I do hope we can grow and learn from this. I have. Being a young publisher it is hard. But please understand this, the things you have said about me are not true. Yes i have made mistakes, i am not perfect, but my authors are taken care of.

I wish you all the best, and please accept this apology. I do hope this will end the hate and we can all move forward.

~Tabetha Jones~

Me: 6:43 pm
There’s a whole lot in that about how nothing’s your fault but you’re trying to be the bigger person. Thea gets a few words. I appreciate the apology, but it was my hope that you would be willing to share responsibility for what happened with Thea, not just say nothing’s your fault but you’ll pay her anyway. I think it’s fair to say that what happened between you and Thea was an unfortunate series of miscommunications. That puts the blame squarely on neither of you. By all means you can look like the bigger person, but you can also do that by accepting partial responsibility. That would, in fact, really make you look like the bigger person.

Tabetha Jones: 6:54 pm

Thea Larson, I wish you the best of luck and even though we did not see eye to eye on your writing I wish you the best. I sincerely apologize for all the previous actions. I think its fair to say that what happened between Thea and myself was an unfortunate series of miscommunications. I take responsibility for my part and my actions. I assure you that you will receive what you deserve and I guarantee it. I do apologize but this is the time for it to all end. I wish you the best with your book and hope you do well. I am trying to make this right and I do hope you see that. I am trying to solve the problem and I see this is the way to do it.

Me: 6:15 pm

Tabetha Jones: 6:57

i am posting it now, so are we good?

Tabetha continued: 6:57 pm
Wicked Krazy: Laying the Past to Rest
Welcome to my wicked world…where I share my madness, my passions, reviews, what’s it like being Zoey Sweete and the world of Phoenix Fire Publishing.

Tabetha Jones:: 6:59 pm

Thank you
I hope we can put things to rest now
is there anything else you need from me?

Me: 7:00 pm
eek! you misspelled my name. LOL

Tabetha Jones: 7:00 pm

hang on

Me: 7:01 pm
you said don’;t, typo.
I am doing this and making a formerly formal?

Tabetha Jones 7:03 pm

i understand

Tabetha Jones 7:03 pm

Me: 7:03 pm
posting on my blog now.

Tabetha Jones:

i didnt update

Me: 7:12 pm
That’s okay. Mine’s posted.

Tabetha Jones: 7:27

thank you
I am glad we could find peace

Me: 7:34 pm
So am I. Now hopefully everybody can move on with happier endeavors.

Tabetha Jones 8:04 pm

Again thank you for this
did you let thea know?

Me: 8:37
Yes I told her as soon as she got up. I think she replied

Tabetha: 8:46 pm

i will check. Again if I can do anything i will just want this to end

———October 12, 2013———-

Me: 6:42 pm
Thea has asked me to tell you that she’d prefer for you to send a money order for $165, since paypal is notoriously unreliable. Thea Larson **Thea’s address removed**.


———-October 25, 2913———-

Tabetha Jones: 9:36 pm

I wanted to let you know I had not forgot about you or Thea and will get a payment sent out beginning of next week. My direct deposit did not hit just yet but I assure i will send it. I can send a partial payment through paypal now to show good faith if that would help? I would just need the info.

Me: 10:32 pm
Thank you for the offer, but full payment by money order will do.
You asked for a delay of a month and got it. I think Thea’s been pretty patient already. As soon as possible, please.

———-October 26, 2013———-

Tabetha Jones: 12:04 am

I am just being honest and upfront with you. And wanted to let you know I had not forgotten about you. I would like to go ahead and send something to show good faith. If you will not accept paypal then I will send by money order but I am trying to make a point I am not playing around. I am going against my attorney and better judgement. Honestly I feel this will not solve anything. You will continue to bad mouth me, leave nasty reviews on poetry collections you havent even read, which is childish and nonsense.

I understand as a mother you want to protect your child but Thea would not take my advice at all. Legally I didnt even have to refund anything but I am trying to be the better person here and put all this crap to rest.

You think everything about me is all lies, but they arent. I have had a hard life. I have a daughter that is my world. If you had read my poetry collection you would know the truth about me. You would know who I am.

I may not be prim and proper, I may be tattooed, and cuss like a sailor but thats me. Take it or leave it.

I’m sorry you hate me. I’m sorry you think I scammed people or conned them, but no one stops for a minute to think that maybe just maybe that I got conned too. So I take the blame. I get thrown under the bus. Which is fine, been like that my whole life. No I am not a saint, I am far from perfect but I am real and everything I have written about myself is the truth.

If you dislike my writing thats fine but dont trash it. Its disrespectful. You wouldnt want someone trashing your daughters work the way you have done mine. Think about that. Now I am going to go ahead and send some moeny to her as a sign of good faith. Because that is how i was raised.

Me: 9:20 am
You’re going to come off as defensive, bring your nonexistent lawyer into it and revert to placing the blame on Thea? Really? Is that what the better person does?
THEA was being the better person when she decided not to sue your ass. She deserves a little more respect than you’ve given her.
We’ve all had a hard life, on. That doesn’t give you the right to treat people the way you do. I’M not prim and proper. I’M tattooed, and I swear like a sailor. Or a soldier, fitting since I was one. What I do not do is disrespect people or rip ’em off.
Don’t insult me by playing the victim. YOU are the one that’s victimizing people. If you really and honestly believe that it’s the other way around, you seriously need to seek some help. YOU lie and cheat, you throw people under the bus, you use them for what they’re worth. Even people in your own life. You didn’t take the blame. You made a deal because your butt was in the frying pan getting ready to jump into the fire. You did it to save your own hide, not be the bigger person.
What have I said about you since we struck up our little deal? When did I visit your poetry page? I, for one, have honored our agreement. Honor. Look it up. And if your crack about somebody trashing Thea’s work was a threat, I’d reconsider that line of thought if I were you.
You’ll send full payment. That’s what she agreed to wait for and that was our arrangement. No more games.

Me, continued: 11:41
You’ve got until midnight tonight to wire Thea her money. You can send it by way of a money gram through Walmart to the walmart store in New Roads, Louisiana, on Hospital road. You had plenty of notice about Thea’s desire to get a money order instead of paypal. No more games. No more excuses. No more.

Tabetha Jones: 12/:21

I was giving an example because of the nasty review u left on amazon. I was also stating how i felt. Thea will get what is hers. I dont have time for games.

Me: 12:23 pm
Today via wire. Neither do we.

Tabetha Jones: 12:36 pm

I explained my check would be here the beginning of the week. I am waiting on the rest of a payment Pease respect that.

Me: 12:40 pm
Respect flew out the window when you decided to play your usual games. Today, as you originally requested. o more delays.
No more delays. No more games.

Tabetha Jones: 5:25 pm

If you want your money you will have to wait til the beginning of the week which is just a few days away. I cannot force the bank to deposit it early.

Me: 5:58 pm
At midnight tonight, that post goes back up. And I post our entire conversation from that minute to this.
I’d do it right now, but I, for one, am a person of my word.

Tabetha Jones:  6:00 pm
the only way I can do it is through paypal right now I can stop the transfer and send it now so what is the paypal info
that is what i am waiting on is for the money to transfer over
And for lightning source was 87.50 createspace was 35.00 and the cover was 20.00

Me: 6:02 pm
If you’ve got the money in your paypal, you’ve got the money in the bank. You knew this date was coming. No excuses.

Tabetha Jones: 6:03 pm

Yes and I transferred it over and it has not hit the card yet so i can stop the transfer and send it right now through paypal
and the total if I am not mistaken is 142.50 but I am doing it for 145.00 because they will take out a fee
you want it done now this is how i can do it now this way there is a receipt on both ends

Me: 6:05
You had plenty of notice that Thea wanted a money order, not a paypal transaction. No. The total is 165. That’s what you agreed to when we spoke. Make it happen.
She’ll take a wire transfer through walmart at your expense, not hers.

Tabetha Jones: 6:05 pm

Fine you want 165 but it will have to be paypal I can send it right now

me: 6:07 pm
paypal is too notoriously unreliable. Too much room for error. Wire transfer through walmart, at your expense, not hers. There’s no excuse for it not to have happened if you already have the money, whether it’s paypal or the bank. Same thing. No more excuses.

Tabetha Jones: 6:09 pm

How am i supposed to do a wire transfer when the money has not hit my debit card from paypal? Please answer that and i have no issues with paypal when I send royalties or family money.
We can get this over and done with right now all I need is her paypal addy to send the money to

Me: 6:10 pm
Don’t give me that. I’ve transferred money from my paypal to my bank and it’s always been instantaneous. But if you’re sticking with that, there’s still no excuse. You knew this date was coming. You knew the money was in your paypal, or the bank, whichever. YOu knew that she preferred not to deal through paypal. There’s no excuse for this last minute scramble. stop making excuses and make it happen.

Tabetha Jones:  6:13 pm

No its not instant it take 1-3 business days. I received the deposit yesterday this is a weekend. So no it will not be on my bank card until Monday. I can use the money that I have in my paypal account and send it to her. Unless there is a way to do a wire transfer online through walmsrt from my paypal account

Tabetha Jones: 6:16 pm

I am on the money gram website seeing if I can send that way
It is saying it will take up to 3 days for her to get it through
dont believe me look it up yourself
I need all her information so I can do this online I may have to do it western union

Me: 6:23 pm
Carry yourself to walmart and fill out a money transfer slip. The transfer will be practically instant. The only information you need is Thea Larson and the Walmart in New Roads, Louisiana. I don’t care how you make it happen. You knew this deadline was coming, a deadline you asked for. We waited. Now we’re done waiting. I will not have you painting me out to be inflexible or unrelenting. This is not something I’m throwing at you at the last minute. I repeat: you knew this was coming. You’re responsible for making it happen. It’s up to you to figure out how to do that.

Me: 6:23 pm
I’m not debating this any further. We gave you the time you asked for. You had/have the money. Make it happen.

Tabetha Jones: 6:24 pm

I am sending through money gram online from my paypal account
Well I would appreciate you remove your nasty reviews of my poetry once this is done.

Tabetha Jones: 6:33 pm

the payment is processing through Money Gram here is the authorization number Auth# ********

Tabetha Jones: 7:24 pm

here is the screenshot that it has been done I am supposed to get an email once its processed *screenshot omitted*

Tabetha Jones: 7:27 pm

she has been paid pls let me knw when she picks it up

Me: 7:42 pm
Will do.

Tabetha Jones: 7:46 pm

So we are square now and all settled no more crap?

Me: 7:46 pm
We’ll be settled when she picks it up and she’s paid. Then we’ll be square.
And I’ll be happy to announce to the world that you fulfilled your promise.

Me: 9:59 pm
Thea tells me she got it. We’re square. Already published a blog saying so.
Thank you for fulfilling your promise.

Tabetha Jones: 10:23 pm

You are very welcome

———-January 20th, 2014———-

Tabetha Jones: 9:51 pm

I wanted to let you know I heard about the passig of Janrae from Lewis Unknown and i am truly sorry for the loss. Even though she and I did not see eye to eye I know what it is like to lose somene who you care deeply for. My mothers cancer has returned and we are battling it everyday.

I also saw your recent post, there have been quite a few changes at Phoenix Fire and they were for the good. No one is being scammed just sometimes business goes that way.

We do ave several authors writing under pen names to expand their genre writing as they are not comfortable writing under their current names which I do believe they have the right to do so.

There are no upfront fees, as i said things have changed. We have a full stuff now of marketing managers editors and such, and I must say we are doing better than we were a year ago.

And by paying your daughter back there was no admitting guilt it was me trying to be the better person in the situation.

I would appreciate that you would carry on with your life and leave my authors alone. They do contact me when you or Georgina contact them. Whether they are new or they have left there are reasons behind things, personal reasons that my authors have shared with me for the reason for needing to take a break. This does mean they are gone for good but I have enough respect to let them sort out their personal lives.

From now on before you assume why there are roster changes to the Phoenix Fire family why dont you simply just ask me? It would make things much easier and the truth would then come out instead of whatever story is fabricated at the time.

Again, I am truly sorry for your loss, and even though she and i did not get along you can still have respect for someone in this industry.

Tabetha Jones

Me: 10:08 pm
Yes, i have noticed a few changes in your company, including the addition of imprints and hundreds of dollars that you charge for different services under the title of Phoenix Rising. I also saw your list of staff, consisting largely of authors that you promoted to those positions. If your company has all its T’s crossed and i’s dotted, straightened up and flying right, that’s great. Authors deserve to have a publisher that has their best interests at heart, and the professionalism to handle their business properly.

What I said was that your paying Thea back doesn’t absolve you of debts that you still owe to others, and that’s true. We both know exactly why you paid Thea back, and I’m willing to let it be. You notice I haven’t said a word about that on my blog, and I never re-posted the blog I agreed to take down. I’ve kept my word about that. It’s still there, but I’ve kept it hidden from public view just like I said I would.

If I want to reach out to lend support to other authors that may or may not be going down the same road I’ve traveled along with people I care about, I’m going to do that. They can contact you, write me back, or choose to ignore me. Any of them that are real people, anyway. As you say, you’ve got so many aliases flying around your company, it’s hard to keep them straight. I haven’t broken my word to you, but that’s not going to change the person I am. If I think somebody might need some support, I’m going to offer it. If they don’t want it, that’s fine. It’s their choice.

Thank you for your words of consolation about Janrae. I appreciate that.

Tabetha Jones: 10:30 pm

I extended the branch of self publishing because there were so many author coming to me for it that had been paying thousands of dollars, one company of which I know personally. Do I make anything off the self publishing services, maybe 50 bucks if that. It all goes towards their coves, media, swag, and everything is done thru paypal to show valid receipts of where their money goes. And yes Phoenix has changed, it took a hard wake up call from the man that was supposed to love me and care for me that was stabbing me continuously behind my back. Yes I promote from within the company, I do tbis because at the end of the day they ae authors as well. Most own their own freelance services outside Phoenix. Melina turner for instance has her own, Elle Beth owned her own company at one point, Anna edits for several companies. Yes there are several author that write under different pen names some are due to the fact that their family is against them writing certain genres so they create a pen name. karryew Angelo, diamond rose alden raven everling are all pen names for other authors, as well as Anna lovelace. Jacqueline Weister writes under Williadine Angel Darcy, We have new authors joining us tht dont have support from their families that want pen names used for that reason. I just try to respect their wishes and do it the way it makes them comfortable. I have never said I was perfect I have made my share of mistakes but I have learned and moved on. You can talk to any of my authors and they will all tell you they receive their royalties i work with them all one on one and I bust my ass to make sure that they are taken care of and their manuscripts shine. I wish no ill will towards you or anyone but I do hope that someday we can lay this all down to rest and maybe all get along or somewhat coexist in the same world. Again I wish no one ill will and I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. I am afraid my mother wont make it but we pray and do what we can. My main concerns are her and my daughter. BTW you were right. Eric was a liar. He never served a day in his life. He didnt make it out of bootcamp, one of the many lies i found out before he decided to put his hands on me in front of my daughter. But its ok because she learned fast tht woman are not to be treated that way and we take up for ourselves. So i apologize for not listening to you on that one. His true colors surfaced the last couple months we were together. But I guess we all learn hard lessons. But again Im sorry and should have listened to you and what you said. But I do wish you and your daughter the best and I am sorry for your loss. That comes from the bottom of my heart.

Me: 10:41 pm
In all seriousness, there is a cure for cancer. Cannabis oil, known as Rick Simpson oil, has brought people back from stage 4 with weeks to live.

Tabetha Jones: 10:42 pm

thank you i will look into that anything to help her

Me: 10:43 pm
Anybody battling cancer should watch the video Run From the Cure by Rick Simpson. It talks all about it. And if you need any questions answered, I’m a huge advocate. I’ll help in any way I can with information.

RUN FROM THE CURE – Full Version

The following presentation of RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story was made possible by Rick Simpson and video producer Christian Laurette…
Tabetha Jones: 10:44 pm
Well thank you I appreciate it and if i have any questions or if my mom does ill ask you
Me: 10:47 pm
She can feel free to contact me herself if she wishes. I don’t play around when it comes to cancer. I found out about this cure less than 2 years after I lost my mother to cancer. Nobody should have to go through that.
———-March 3, 2014———-
Me: 12:25 pm
Hi there. I read your blog post about cyber bullies leaving false reviews on your books. I’m planning to write a blog post of my own in response, about that very subject and how it’s been done to certain authors I could name. You’re awfully quick to point fingers at others for the very same kinds of actions you and your company have done, claiming that those actions are in the past. Are they really in the past? I understand that you’re a feeling, emotional person, but you really should remove your personal vendettas from your professional ventures. Airing your wrath on your company’s blog is hardly the height of professionalism. A company isn’t “a family.” It’s business, and should be run like one. It’ll take me a little while to finish my post, as I’m not entirely sure how far back I want to reach or exactly how much I want to discuss. But feel free to keep checking back.
Me: 12:52 pm
For that matter, I might wait until after your broadcast tonight. Tomorrow, then.
Tabetha Jones: 12:56 pm
Again you are assuming the post was written by myself and still trolling as ever. My author Jaimie Hope wrote that blog for cyber bullying on goodreads. Don’t believe ask her yourself. You always assume everything is about when frankly I don’t have time to worry about your opinions. My mother has had a heartache and thanks to the support of my manager Jacqueline Weister and senior editor Jaimie Hope who was bullied Jane on an erotic anthology by the Anchor group, until she can back home to Phoenix, which her former company I allowed her to make a post regarding this. See you trap yourself into these things. What you need to realize that there are people maybe or maybe not yourself included that leave fake or false reviews. Take for instance your review you left on my poetry collection. The review was written as if you had actually thought it was a manuscript. No dear one it was poetry my therapy to get past demons of what the abuse addiction and loss of my father had done to me. Now I understand and fully aware you hate despise me or whatever but it gives you or no one the right to leave nasty reviews without full knowledge of what the book is about. As for the show I’m well mannered enough that if the subject does come up I don’t name names but this about just Phoenix it’s about all authors some of who are great friends of mine that endure this and are just indie authors. I don’t think it’s right for this little cliques to get away with it.
Me: 4:11 pm
A few things: First, that post was published at least 2 weeks ago. I just heard about it today. How is that trolling? Second: I did read it. I’m talking about what YOU wrote before you handed the floor over to her. Third: You said “My mother has had a heartache and thanks to the support of my manager Jacqueline Weister and senior editor Jaimie Hope who was bullied Jane on an erotic anthology by the Anchor group, until she can back home to Phoenix, which her former company I allowed her to make a post regarding this.” …what? That’s not even a freaking sentence. If you meant that your mother had a heart attack, I’m truly sorry to hear it. I really am. But what’s it got to do with your business or your blog post? If your thoughts are with her, perhaps that should be published separately, so that your mother can get the recognition she deserves all by herself.

I appreciate Jamie’s history lesson (sort of, as that’s hard to decipher). But again, I’m talking about what YOU said.

Be honest, Tabetha. You’re not just allowing one of your authors/editors/whatever to make a commentary. You’re also using it to express your own peeves as well. People out here aren’t stupid. We can read English (when it’s clearly spoken or typed, that is). If you let a guest or author/employee/whatever, you introduce them and let THEM have their say. You don’t ramble on for half a page about your own views and then hand the mic over.

Yet again, rambling on about how you’re attacked, how your company is “a family” and taking a street tough stance is hardly professional. And before you start saying that I’m attacking you, think again. I’m saying this to your face, in private. I’m not blasting it out there on some blog. At least not yet. Whether I do or not is entirely up to you.

I rather figured you were talking about my review. Like it or not, that was spot on. I know the difference between poetry and prose. And I know good writing when I see it, speaking as a reader. Chasing demons or whatever other motivation you had for writing it is your business. What prompted you to write the book does not change the words on the page. What’s on the page speaks for itself, whatever prompted you to write it.

You’re a fine one to complain about cliques and intentional bad reviews. I’m not sure that’s a can of worms you want to open up for your newer clients to learn about. I’m pretty sure you’ve got your newer folks conned into thinking you’re all business and the people you’ve victimized are all just a clique of trolls who tell all these enormous lies about you because of… what? Jealousy? If you really believe that, you’ve got more issues that we thought. We’ve each of us moved on to new projects. Ones that don’t involve getting ripped off by a publisher that falsifies sales statements and withholds earnings from their authors and employees. We’re not jealous of a thing. And something else we’re not. We’re not stupid. And we’re not going away. I’ve kept my peace because you paid my kid back. But the longer I see you ignoring everybody else you owe, the more uncomfortable I am with sitting idly by.

You don’t rip off your authors? Cool. I just wonder. All those anthologies PF has published, books with contributions from various authors, the profits from those are divided equally between the contributing authors, right? Cool. And how many pseudonyms do you write under? Right.

Hon, if I hated you, I’d spend day and night REALLY trolling you, running audits on your (company to see just how legal it really is) and exhaustively warning new authors about your antics. I might write to one now and then if they’re somebody I know, directly or indirectly. Mostly, though, I figure they’ll find out for themselves when they find out they’ve been conned, too.

Please, don’t ruffle up your feathers, get all indignant and pretend to be a victim. not with me. You and I both know you better than that. And please, don’t insult me by claiming to be well mannered. We both know better than that, too.

Tabetha Jones: 4:57 pm

I am well mannered until provoked by people that continue to involve themselves in MY business whether it be personal or the company.

Yes the authors of the anthologies get royalties except for Beautiful Disasters the profits go to a women’s victim advocacy center for donations. As I plan to do with a couple other anthologies and . I feel it is something that is a great thing to do.

I write under 2 pen names and have other authors that write under several.

Now that I am provoked let me say this if you all had moved on you wouldn’t be trolling my damn page harassing my fucking authors or continually making blog posts about me my company or my authors.

I will state this very plainly so maybe you will understand stay out of my business what I do does not concern u or your minions. If you have truly moved on put your money where mutha fuckin mouth is. PERIOD.

Me: 5:11 pm
No ma’am. You’re well-mannered as long as people agree with you. That’s not the same thing.

Do you really not understand that your company’s business isn’t just YOUR business? Especially when it involves clients or employees that haven’t been dealt with properly by your company. And when YOU involve your personal affairs with your business, you can’t then turn around and claim that it’s nobody’s business, either. You can’t throw family matters into your business and then claim that nobody has a right to look at it. YOU are the one that mashes them together. If you don’t want personal affairs being looked at by the public, stop making them public.

Just 2 pen names? Which would those two be? Anna Lovelace? Emerald Fleurs? Zoey Sweete? (Skylynn Wicker?) You circulate pen names so much that it’s hard to keep them straight. But that’s the point, isn’t it?

You want to swear at me? Okay. I’m game.

Bitch, it’s on.

Tabetha Jones: 5:51 pm

As if I’m scared of you? Pft… I guess you forget who you’re talking to. Go bully someone else I’m not your play toy. Neither is my company or my authors. They are like a family to me I’ll stand behind them all. That’s what a REAL publisher does. So bitch u want it on go for it I aint scared never been scared. U just ain’t got nothing better to do than stalk bully and bitch

Me: 5:54 pm
Hang on hon. I’m busy copying our conversation on my blog.. I’ll get back to you.

Tabetha Jones: 5:56 pm

Copy away I don’t have anything to hide. I love my authors I love writing its my passion. And nor you or anyone else is going to get in my way. U wanna bash talk shit about me go for it have fun with because as my daddy used to say sometimes u just got to say fuck em move on. May that crazy ass biker rest in peace. You are nothing but a bored old woman busy bullying ppl that don’t agree with YOU. So as I turn away be sure to kiss my tattooed potty mouthed feisty redheaded ads cause I don’t shit from no one.

Me: 6:06 pm
There’s those true colors.


That was the extent of our conversation, from start to finish. It is what it is.

The only question I have for anybody reading this is as follows:
Is that who you want representing you in the professional world of publishing books?
When it comes to my books, I want somebody representing me that has a professional, knowledgeable demeanor. Somebody that can navigate the waters of the literary world and offer me and my work the best representation possible. Not some trash-talking, vulgar-minded ruffian that  talks like that not only on her own sites, but also the supposedly professional site where industry professionals (you know, REAL ones) and the public see authors that I’m guessing want to be taken seriously and their work.
What must industry professionals think when they see that? Nothing good, I’d imagine.
Well, I don’t have to imagine it. Writers Beware and Editors and Predators both warn authors to stay away from both Mystic Press and Phoenix Fire publishing.
Sure, a touch, fast-talking foul-mouthed broad might be fun to hang out with. I’m all for it. That’s just the sort of person I’d imagine hanging out with at the club.
Not publishing my books.
How about you?

Now. Let me just kiss those feisty ads on my way out…


As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.



41 thoughts on “Conversation with Tabetha

  1. I find it so thrilling that my fan club is back. And I also see the Nazi grammar police is still on board so allow me to correct that kiss my tattooed potty mouthed feisty redheaded ass…is that better for you? And as for my wonderful authors they happen to love the feisty potty mouthed bitch I am. This boss lady gets it done goes down swinging for her authors and they are FAMILY. And I fight for family blood or not. So go ahead blast me talk shot because just like I said if u had truly moved on u wouldn’t be bumping your damn gums now.

    • I don’t need to talk “shot” about you. You do a fine job of making yourself look like that.

      Go ahead. Do it some more.

      • I did the shot thing instead of shit just to see how far that Nazi stick is up your ass. I see its still tightly wedged in there. And if being an aggressive woman that stands up for her beliefs is such a bad thing then take your flying monkeys and move on before someone drops a house on you.

        • Can’t think up anything original to hit me with?
          Well, if you’re going to rip off somebody else for an insult, it might as well be a classic.

          Looks like you’re a day late and a dollar short, as usual. I already addressed the Grammar Nazi issue in another post.

  2. Oh how sweet you are such a dear. It really is amusing that you could be posting interviews or writing your own work but instead you spend your day thinking of me. How thoughtful. Now you have wonderfully blessed day.

    • Hon, if you think I spend my whole day thinking about you, you’re more delusional than I give you credit for.
      Not surprising.

      • Well after all most of this blog is dedicated to me which I find charming so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. But remember if u stir the shit pot please lick ur own spoon.

          • I find it charming that you have such a crush on me that you constantly keep me on your mind. Lepplady do you have a crush on me? 😉

          • Tabetha, your level of immaturity is just more evidence that you don’t have what it takes to be a real professional in the publishing industry. Dealing with people this way should be embarrassing for you, and the fact that you don’t realize that is enough to show any author that wants to be taken seriously that you as both a publisher and human being are a joke.

          • It’s not my level of immaturity it’s the point you say you have moved forward with your life yet it never fails that you come crawling back trolling stalking and bitching about things that do not concern you. If you are not feeding me financing me or fucking then YOUR opinion doesn’t really mean shit. Why soooo serious lepp? Can’t you turn dat frown upside down? Hmmmm? I suppose in your bitter old age you have forgotten what it’s like to smile and have a lil fun. But that is perfectly fine I’ll find some way or another to keep you amused seeing that your wittle bitty world revolves around me. Shall I take a bow now.

          • Obviously you do care about my opinion since you keep running back here so many times a day to see what I’ve said. Who’s got a crush on who?

            It’s weeks before I even find out you’ve written a post. IF I find out. And then, it’s because somebody mentions it. I don’t visit your page like you do mine.

            I’m glad, though. It’s a perfect example of you doing what you accuse others of. You call me a stalker, yet it’s you stalking my page. You demonstrate what a liar you are so much better than I could ever describe. I knew you would. That’s the only reason I approved your comments in the first place, so that people could see it for themselves through your own words.
            Thanks for making my point for me.

  3. Tabetha Jones consistently displays characteristics attributed to well-known psychiatric conditions. You only need to read the following to understand her behavior, and I challenge anyone who reads this to come away thinking otherwise.

    Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is described by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), fourth edition, as an Axis II personality disorder characterized by “… a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood.” They have an “impoverished moral sense or conscience” and may have a “history of crime, legal problems, impulsive and aggressive behaviour.” ASPD falls under the dramatic/erratic cluster of personality disorders.

    A) There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15 years, as indicated by three or more of the following: failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest; deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure; impulsivity or failure to plan ahead; irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults; reckless disregard for safety of self or others; consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations; lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another;

    B) The individual is at least age 18 years.

    C) There is evidence of conduct disorder with onset before age 15 years.


    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population.

    Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others Envies others and believes others envy him/her Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic

    Per the Mayo Clinic, narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, which is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders.[7] Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

    Believing that you’re better than others Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness Exaggerating your achievements or talents Expecting constant praise and admiration Believing that you’re special and acting accordingly Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans Taking advantage of others Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior Being jealous of others Believing that others are jealous of you Trouble keeping healthy relationships Setting unrealistic goals Being easily hurt and rejected Having a fragile self-esteem Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional.

  4. Well you finally figured it out I’m one fucking crazy bitch yet you still think it’s a good idea to talk shit about me. Valley gal do you have a degree in psychology? Because I am 6 credits away from my bachelor’s degree in psychology. So again if you don’t know me don’t assume makes you look like an ass. Yes I’m aggressive I stand up for my beliefs I raise hell but baby girl that’s just my sweet disposition. Maybe if you treated me a bit kinder u would see the sweetheart with the huge heart but none of u have earned that from me.

    • That sounds like a threat. How very typical of you.

      Nobody has to assume a thing about you, Tabetha. You keep showing it yourself. But,as usual, you choose to ignore whatever absolute truth you don’t like and try to gloss it over with bluster.
      You don’t have to have a degree to know that the tougher a person acts, the more insecure they are. The more they have to hide. By the amount of trash talking and bravado you throw out, you’re quite possibly the most insecure person I’ve ever seen. Why? Because you know, deep down underneath your psychoses and trash talk, that you’re not good enough. Probably not at anything you’ve ever tried to be, not as a writer, and certainly not as a publisher. You know it and the world knows it. You keep proving it, over and over with every failure you blame on somebody else and every sad, sick display you put on.

      With all the illustrious accomplishments you claim to try to make yourself seem more impressive (there’s that insecurity showing again) one just has to wonder. How do you find the time to care for your poor sick mother 24/7?

      You’ve already proven that you’re not only a liar and a thief, but you’re also seriously mentally unstable. But by all means, go ahead and keep proving it. I’ve got real things to do in the real world today, so this is the last of my company you’ll enjoy for a while. So go ahead. Rant and rave and make yourself look like an even bigger ass. If that’s possible. Have fun.

  5. No threats here dear just cold hard facts. Did you ever think in that little pin head of a brain of yours that I’m just playing a twisted game with you. I see its working. As for the true person I am you will never see you never earned that privilege. As for my mother as sick as she is she would like to say a thing or two to you because she knows the kind of woman she raised me to be and its the same way my daughter will be raised. Never allow anyone to belittle you assume things about you and never walk away or back down from someone talking shit. No she may not have birthed me but that is my mother and the bond we have is great. No I’m not perfect never claimed to be but I certainly don’t go around looking and acting like a false saint.

    Mentally unstable no sweets I just know how to play the game. So next time you want to go around make sure I’m always one step ahead. And frankly I just like fucking with your head. Of course that is just my sweet disposition coming out.

    Lastly my mother and daughter come before anything so bite that tongue of yours on those subjects. That is the only warning you will get on that.

    • Oh. My. God. I wasn’t going to comment, but I am shocked at how bad this woman’s writing is! She’s a writer, right? I can’t believe it! This isn’t a case for a grammar Nazi. A grammar Nazi’s head would implode reading this abomination! I’m sure “Boss Lady” (seriously, who calls themselves that?) will think that’s some kind of compliment, or try to twist into one using cliches and worn out phrases.That’s what she’s tried to do with every other valid criticism you’ve thrown her way. No wonder this loon has to publish her own work. A self-Publisher, self-publishing other authors and taking the credit for their hard work, have I got that right? No self-respecting publisher, or agent for that matter, would say “I go down swinging for my authors” because that’s what they’re supposed to do! It’s people like this who give the Indy scene a bad rep.

      The bullshit stinks strong with this one, Lepp. She’s nearly as bad as that other one you outed last time. Well, almost. Thanks for mentioning this to me. We should do coffee more often!

      Boss Lady, a word of advice: Lepp takes out the trash before breakfast. Imagine how screwed you be if she did this full-time! Also, you should maybe join a night class that covers basic grammar. You’re inability to apply basic punctuation, even in a blog post like this, gives you away as someone with an incredibly low level of skill. Good luck!

      • My authors gave me the name boss lady and I didn’t realize we had to all Nazi grammar stick shoved up our ads on social media. I see Lepp has failed to call mother who happens to be quite pissed btw… So sorry I forgot the Nazis were out BY THE WAY.

        So I’m a different kind of publisher you want proof. Talk my authors. Ask them how I do business and how tight the Phoenix family. The reason no one asks is because of the answer they will get.

        Lepp wants to talk all about this that and the other but she doesn’t bother interviewing the authors. Which just proves that she just a bully sitting behind a computer screen.

    • I’m pretty glad you continue to behave so immaturely and unprofessionally, Tabetha. You think you’re being clever or cute or whatever, but the truth is that with every ridiculous word you write, you prove to serious authors and any reputable member of the literary community that you are someone to be avoided like the plague. You’d be surprised at how many people have written to me thanking me for exposing you. Most of them thanked me for stopping them from making the biggest mistake of their lives. The rest said that I confirmed their suspicions. Or, rather YOU did, by showing what an unprofessional lunatic you really are. And there are more every day.
      So, by all means, keep proving to the public how unstable and unprofessional you are.

      • I know, right? Why would you involve more innocent authors? Especially when you’ve spoken to so many who’ve already been scammed. You told me the other day there were new people who’d come to you about this woman. Why is she so willing to drag more people into this mess?

        • Because she can’t fight her own battles, plain and simple. She can’t stand her own ground without needing other people to cover for her.

          I heard from another one of her authors last night asking me why I keep saying her company is illegal. I’ll post a blog about that later today. The good news is that a LOT of her authors are starting to question her. And they should. This is their work we’re talking about, their reputation and their money.
          She’ll probably scramble to make it look right after she reads my blog. But what authors need to understand is that even if she scrambles to fix it, that doesn’t change the fact that her company is illegal now, and has been ever since she took it over. That doesn’t change the fact that they need to have her audited to find out where their money is really going.
          And nothing will change the fact that she is not fit to be a publisher. She just doesn’t have what it takes. Never did, never will.

  6. Btw my mother has a message for you and if you disbelieve me her number is 254 227 4503. Message: I have had 7 heart attacks 6 stokes cancer and I am still a better woman than you will ever be at 69. You better start sweeping in front of your own door before you go sweeping in front of mine. If you don’t stop messing with my daughter and granddaughter I have the doctors and the lawyers to back me up on this. If you mess with me I’ll put you a round room tell you to shit in the corner cause that’s about as much sense as you got.

    • THERE’s those lawyer threats you’re famous for. I knew they’d show up sooner or later. We’ve already established that you don’t have one, Tabetha. But if you hire one, by all means have him get in touch. I’ll be glad to have a chat about all the illegal shit you’ve pulled, and continue to pull.

      You keep trying to get my phone number out of me. You really do have a crush, don’t you? Sorry, hon. I only date humans.

      I’ll be happy to talk to your mother any time she wants. Via Skype, so I know who I’m really talking to. I’m Lepplady on Skype, any time she wants to give me a buzz. I’m a pretty busy girl, but I’ll leave it on for her. We can start off talking about how you used her to rip off my kid and take it from there.

      Until then…

      • I’ll be glad to let her know but I think she gave YOU HER number. But that’s fine and the attorney threat wasn’t mine it was hers. If you were half the woman my mother was you would have picked up the phone and called like a really woman. They do have a thing where you can block your or are you that dense. I don’t want your fucking number but I’ll be glad to add you on Skype no worries there

        • Not too dense to realize that there are lots of ways to backtrack a blocked number. Not falling for it.

          Your mom didn’t tell me a thing. You typed it. If she’s got anything to say to me, my Skype’s still up and running. She can buzz me any time.

          • First my mother isn’t into the whole computer thing so it will be added to my Skype. And secondly my mother Darlene Jones is not the type of woman to be pushed to far. You think ur protective you haven’t seen anything. But I’ll be sure to get that added and figure out when she’s not going for labs and having home health care come out. Not playing card you’ll see for yourself on Skype how sick she really is. And I warn u now u upset her then u think I’m bad now then it’s definitely on.

          • It’s pathetic that you would even consider dragging your ailing mother into your internet foolishness in the first place. Her health is more important than trying to prove something to me. Should be, anyway. But you’ve never had a problem with dragging others into your arguments. What’s the matter, can’t stand on your own? Don’t bother huffing and puffing. We already know the answer.
            I suggested that your mom hit me up on Skype because I knew you’d come up with some way to wiggle out of it. You didn’t disappoint.
            It’s beyond pathetic how you’d selfishly put your own need to cover your ass ahead of the health of an elderly cancer patient that’s recovering from heart problems. You should be ashamed of yourself. But that would take someone that can understand the concept of decency and respect for somebody else ahead of themselves. You don’t qualify.

          • A recent deception huh? Wow you just are full of shit aren’t you. My mother is sitting right here as I type this and she is laughing her ass off at you. You think you know me you don’t know shit. You think you have me figured out sorry to its wrong again. I’m a special kind of twisted. Have fun trolling my shit and stalking. But hey u still want that proof be glad to provide it including my two dad’s death certificates my birth records and picture I’d of my mom so when u have it chat on Skype u know it’s her. You think I’m a bitch where do you I learned it from…the best…Darlene Jones babycakes.

          • I know this is just a blog and all that, but try to string a sentence together, dear. Might give you some shred of credibility.

            Nah. Who am I kidding? There’s nothing credible about you.

  7. Don’t do it Lepp. She can say anybody is her mother and lie to you. First she says Cindy Carlo is her mother on her blog and now she’s saying this other mother is the one thats sick because nobody knows what she looks like so you don’t really know who your talking to. She’s lying she says she’s got medical records for proof but remember she said she had her boyfriends military records for proof to then admitted they lied and he was never a marine then she said they were married then they weren’t. Shes nothing but a liar don’t do it.

    • Correction Cindy Carlo was like a mother to me and to prove it I’ll take a pic of my fucking birth certificate to show that my mother is Darlene Jones. History lesson. Darlene couldn’t have kids so my real dad Larry got a woman named Denise burnette to have me. Larry gave up his rights Darlene remarried Charles Jones who was a retired drill sergeant in the army who adopted me. I ended up with two loving parents that weren’t blood but loved me. Cindy Carlo dated my real dad for a long time and I consider like a mom. Be glad to take a pic of the adoption papers too. I got the black n white proof. It’s a fucked up way to get here but I got here and I had the best dad’s in the world and Darlene may not have birthed me but she’s my mom. Period. Email addy and I’ll send all the proof.

      • Thanks for proving yet again what a liar you are, Tabetha.

        Dated? Your dad’s still involved with Cindy Carlo. At least according to both of their social networks, they are. Public sites that anybody can look at, so don’t even bother calling me a stalker.

        And, by the way, who cares? Not to be rude, but none of these people have a single thing to do with your business, or with me. Never did. You’re doing what you’ve always done since I’ve known you. Dragging others in, as usual, to cover your ass. Using them to hide behind. Fight your own battles. Leave the family at home and stand up for yourself for once. All on your own. Or do you even know how?

        • What do u not understand that Charles FINSON is not my fucking father. Larry Ray Willis was my biological father who passed in 2011 and Charles Milton Jones was my adopted dad. He passed in 2006. I’ll make sure u get copies just to prove your dumb cunt ads wrong cause now you are talking shit about two of the greatest men that lived. Charles Jones and Larry Willis were the greatest dad’s I ever had. You will be getting fucking proof tomorrow then you owe me an apology.

          • What you don’t seem to understand is that I don’t care. Who your dads were and who your moms are, it has nothing whatsoever to do with what a fraud and con artist you are. Plain and simple. But you keep dragging them into it.
            I feel bad for your family. You don’t care who you use to try to cover your illegal ass.

    • Don’t worry OFFS. I know she’s full of it. So does everybody else that reads a single word she says.

      She’s already proven that she had no problem lying about Cindy Carlo’s involvement with her company (and her dad) in order to rip off an author. And now, it seems she has no problem using an elderly cancer patient with heart problems to fight her battles for her, too.

      Whether she was married to her ex or not is none of my business. I frankly don’t care. I don’t need any of that to show me that she’s a liar. She proves it herself every time she opens her mouth. The more she blusters, the more people know it’s true.
      She doesn’t realize what a joke she makes of herself every time she comes here and trolls my blog. I don’t mind. I just sit back and laugh. And I’m not the only one. More than one person that she thinks are loyal friends in her happy little circle have been telling me some very interesting things. I know a lot more than she thinks I do, including a recent deception she *thinks* she pulled on me. So she can keep right on looking like an idiot. In fact, I’m counting on it.

  8. Denise gave up rights at the hospital giving my real dad Larry Ray Willis full rights once the adoption was done everything was changed over on my birth records. I was born in Odessa Texas in Odessa medical center. Larry was a biker gave up his rights leaving me to Darlene. She remarried Charles Milton Jones retired us army who adopted me. I didn’t reconnect with my dad until my teens who dated Cindy Carlo. Charles FINSON is not my father but LIKE a father to me. Can u not follow all this. Cindy and Charles were like a mom and dad to me but not nothing else. Never adopted me never had any bloodcrelation. Charles Milton Jones died in Waco Texas April 3 2006 Larry Ray Willis died in Waco Texas on July 1 2011 due to cancer. I’m sure u can Google the obits. Both say survived by their daughter tabetha.

    • What has a single word of that got to do with me? Not a thing. You’re the one that keeps dragging your family into the picture to either scare up a smokescreen or fish for sympathy.

      I’ve had my fill of you. You can’t give a straight answer if you tried and honestly, I’m tired of you.

      I have no doubt that you’ll keep right on posting and making yourself look like an idiot, so feel free.

  9. OMG Tabetha U R too stupid to realize Lepp is yanking yur chain. We’re all laughing at U. Stop being so stupid.

    • Yep. I follow her family tree perfectly. Playing obtuse was just a tactic to see if she’d bite, and she did.

      I just wonder how long she’ll keep trying to insist that I stalk her when she’s the one that keeps jumping on my blog to flap her gums.

      I’m closing the comments on this post. She’s proven everything I expected her to.

  10. *correction*
    It seems I was mistaken. This week, Tabetha sent me a whole stack of paperwork to prove that the man with whom Cindy Carlo is still involved is not the same man that she (Tabetha) said that Cindy was involved with when Tabetha was a teenager. That was another man named Charles. Until I saw those papers, I was under the impression that they were the same man. I was in error about that. However, the above does still prove that Tabetha misrepresented her relationship with Cindy Carlo in order to try to distance herself from the theft perpetrated upon my daughter in the form of breech of contract. My daughter has since been reimbursed, but the fact remains that it happened. And that Tabetha herself brought him/them into it in the first place with her own comments on the internet.

    Looks like I got it wrong again. Tabetha, who apparently lives, eats and breathes my blog, was quick to point out that I named the wrong dad. Cindy, she insists, was involved with Larry. And, I might add, I could not possibly care less who slept with who, or when.
    And in all seriousness, who can blame me for not being able to follow Tabetha’s ramblings? She can’t write a sentence in what she likes to call “plain English.” It’s a true farce that someone with such a frail grip of the language purports to be a publisher or editor.

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