Why Tabetha Jones is full of it

As if we didn’t already know that.

At Tabetha’s invitation, I went to have a look at her blog. She had to invite me because, two days later, I still didn’t know she’s posted about me. Despite her protestations, I don’t troll her blog. I don’t even know she’s posted something new unless she tells me. Some stalker, eh?

Her latest blog is all about li’l ole me, trying desperately to poke holes in my assertions that her company is probably illegal. And it really is one of her funniest yet.
Let’s have a look at it:

Why Jt Larson Is A Liar

Recently one of my many authors stumbled across Jt Larson’s latest blog post not only just trashing me but my company as well.Now take it I have let shit slid for two years but enough is enough. Not only is she slandering my company but she is slandering my authors.Let me address her latest post why Phoenix is not a legal company.First, the way Phoenix Fire is registered is not under Tabetha Jones. So no you will not find my name in the chamber of commerce due to the fact of exhusbands and to protect my daughter. It is legally registered and I am the SOLE owner and operator as it states in PLAIN English on the phoenix website.As for employees, it states in PLAIN English that the editors, cover artists all are freelance and do not have a contract to soley work with Phoenix Fire only.Secondly, the authors have the final say on their manuscript and their cover art as it is their work. They are the ones that have put their blood sweat and tears into these books and I have no right to tear them apart. It states it plainly in the contracts.Being an author myself I would not sign with a company that did not allow me to have the final say on my work.Thirdly I file my taxes every year but am I going to give that crazy bitch my social to find out. No sweet cheeks I think not.If Phoenix Fire was such a bad company and fraudulent why would two best selling authors sign with me?  Why would Phoenix authors agree to donate their royalties to different charities for the greater good.All proceeds for Beautiful Disasters go towards a women’s advocacy center that have been victims of abuse and most are single moms.I am upfront and honest with ALL of my authors about the past of Mystic Press and the conning ways of the ex owner who not only tainted the name but tainted myself as well. I was guilty by association.  That is the reason Mystic Press was closed.Fourth, Phoenix Fire ensures authors get their royalties on time and are treated fairly. All authors have creative rights to their books. I do not take away their voice and at the end of the day it is about their needs and not my own.

Fifth, this woman has not only pushed past the boundaries of slandering and libel but involved both of my deceased fathers, my ill mother, my daughter, and people that are like a mother and father to me.

You do not post personal family pictures on a blog that does not belong to you whether they are on the internet or not. I could easily stoop to her level and do the same but my mother taught me better than that.

Speaking of my mother, as she may be ill getting over a heartache she will still go down swing for her daughter and her daughter’s dreams. She does not make idol threats she makes promises.

Sixth, I do hope that JT Larson can put her money where her mouth is because she will soon be making a trip to Texas to face the music. And it won’t just be me in the courtroom, I hope she expects to see the entire Phoenix Family standing there in front of her.

Lastly, I am not the only one filing against this bat shit crazy woman, but several of my authors are in the process of getting their own attorneys and filing a gag order against her.

Jaimie Hope said it best when you mess with one of us you mess with us all.

If anyone has any questions regarding the lies spilling from this woman’s tongue feel free to contact me at tabetharjones@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer any and all questions.

In the end we will see who comes out on top, and she may think she has won the battle but I always win the war.


My goodness. I scarcely know where to start.

Stumbled across my blog? Is she really trying to make it look like she’s not on here every day to see what’s been said? Now that’s funny.

I think my favorite part is where she claims that her company is so creatively registered (“due to the fact of her ex husbands”)  that it won’t appear in the chamber of commerce. That is so inanely ridiculous that it’s hard to believe that any of her authors fall for it. It really is. Businesses simply don’t work that way.
Even IF she registered her company under some other name, which wouldn’t be a stretch — she uses so many of them, the company’s name would still appear in the chamber of commerce. It’s absolutely ridiculous that she doesn’t understand that.
And even IF she were able to somehow fly under the radar with both her own name and her company’s, here she is all over the web, blabbing to the world, and to her ex husbands, that she owns this company. If they want to come after her vast empire of holdings, all they’d have to do is show up in court with some printouts of her sites.

Even if they’re not contracted to work solely with Phoenix Fire, they’re still employees. They work with her on an ongoing business and return work to the company and/or a person designated by the company, such as the author. If she doesn’t like that it says so on my blog, she can always go look it up on the IRS website. That means that they have to fill out taxation paperwork, and she has to issue them W2 forms so they can fill out income taxes. If a company has employees that they don’t file taxes on, they’re guilty of tax fraud. Maybe the IRS should hear about that.

The authors have final say in their manuscripts and artwork? Then what the hell is she doing to earn a single penny of their royalties? Making them swag? They can get that shit at a craft fair.
Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Again, they’re still employees if they return work to either her or any other person on behalf of her company. It’s right there in black and white on the IRS website. I only repeated it. I didn’t make it up.
Nice try, but by her own admission, she’s got employees, so that places the company in an entirely different legal bracket. Try as she might, she just can’t backpedal enough to explain the incongruities of whether or not her company is legal. She doesn’t need to prove a single thing to me. But she might want to take it up with the IRS. On the same token, her authors might want to consider that if she’s not legal, neither are they.

I’ve donated work to anthologies to benefit charities, and in each case, those charities are clearly listed on both the book cover and in the description of the book on sites that sell it. if Beautiful Disasters was supposed to benefit charity, there’s no mention of it on either the cover or the websites that sell it that I could find. If I were one of the authors that donated work to that book, I’d want to have a closer look at exactly where that money went.

And, when it comes to any of the anthologies put out by Phoenix Fire, it is my understanding that the royalties are equally divided among the authors that contribute. Since Tabetha Jones is known to write under a plethora of aliases, any real authors that contributed material to those might want to demand an audit to see just now many pieces of those pies she’s keeping as well. Just saying.

I love how she keeps trying to pin everything on Mystic Press’s original owners. She ran that company into the ground all by herself for more than a year after they left it. It was she with whom many former Mystic Press authors dealt exclusively, and she alone who failed to pay them royalties that were due to them both when the company was running and also after it closed. Two years later, they still haven’t been paid. How does that make THEM liars or cheats in any way? It doesn’t. She claims to be guilty by association only, but business doesn’t work that way either. The law delineates no difference between a company and its sole proprietor. That means that the instant she took sole ownership of Mystic Press, she became the company. Everything the company was liable for, she was liable for. So even if (and that’s a big if) she inherited a mess, she still became legally responsible for every bit of it when she signed her name on that dotted line. If she can’t wrap her brain around that concept, she’s got no business trying to run a company. Not a legitimate one, anyway.

If her current authors are treated fairly and paid on time, bully for them. That doesn’t absolve her debts to her past authors.

Only Tabetha is responsible for anything that’s been said about her deceased fathers, ill mother or anybody else. SHE is the one that keeps posting about them. She drags them into her dirty laundry, then calls foul if anybody else dares mention them. If she doesn’t want them talked about online, she should probably stop parading them around for sympathy and support. It really is that simple. Honestly, using her ill, aging mother to issue a threat promise? How pathetic is that?

She could post pictures of me? And I’m supposed to be scared of that? What a laugh. Any pictures that exist of me online are there because I put them there. Anybody that posts a picture on the internet runs the risk of having other people see it. I’m not the prettiest person alive, but I’ve got nothing to hide. All she’s going to find are a whole lot of photos of my cats, my kids and family that I (for one) have never brought into this ridiculous business with her. And maybe a shot of me dressed up as Frank N Furter when I was 19. Fun times and no regrets. Not one.

Tabetha’s been blowing hot air for years about suing me for speaking out against her questionable business practices, and not just me. She’s also threatening to sue the family of a deceased author and publisher who posted about her, too. In all that time, nobody’s seen any papers yet. If she does finally work up the bravado to try to file suit, I’ll be happy to reply. And I don’t need to fill a room with people to support me. The truth does that quite effectively. But I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not the only one that will have something to say about it to the judge. There are a lot of past victims that would love to see her inside a courtroom. So bring it on, honey. Bring it on.


53 thoughts on “Why Tabetha Jones is full of it

  1. To clarify, there is indeed a legal difference between an independent contractor and someone who works freelance. But according to the description set forth on the IRS website of what constitutes an employee, those editors and artists still qualify as such, no matter what title they fly under. And even then there are taxation ramifications depending on what it says in their contract.
    Point is, you should know who you’re dealing with and how their business is structured. If they can’t reasonably and factually answer any question a client has, that client should probably keep looking for someone else to handle their work.

  2. Lepplady, you are correct in some aspects but not all of them. Artists can be considered freelance and only have to file a 1099 with the company and the IRS if their income exceeds $600 annually. They are still self-employed though and must file their own tax paperwork. However, since the work done in editing is generally supplied by the publisher, and if they have an ongoing working relationship with the same publisher, that is likely an employer/employee relationship regardless of how much they earn.

    • That would depend upon the contract between the editor and the publisher. One can be freelance with a publisher and have a steady workflow. It remains that they should still be receiving a 1099 so they can report their earnings when filing their taxes.

      Just a heads up.

      Either way, Tabby is doing it wrong because I would bet her contracts if they exist are not legal, and there is no doubt in my mind her “staff” do not receive a 1099. Of course she shouldn’t be using the term staff either as they are really being subcontracted for their work.

      • She said herself that they aren’t contracted, so exactly. She’s doing it wrong from the jump.
        The IRS will likely sort it out.

  3. Again on your conversations with Tabetha you got yourself twisted and ass backwards. Cindy was involved with Larry Ray Willis my real father. Or did you not get the paperwork on my name change to Jones when Charles Jones adopted me. Or did you not see that on my birth certificate that Larry was my real father? You say you can follow a family tree obviously you are so dim witted that you cannot understand plain English.

    Kudos to whoever lepp lady is stupid. I appreciate your own opinion of course she will imply I simply put everyone up to it.

    Charles Jones never met Cindy he didn’t involve himself in the love affairs of my real father. Next time take a closer look and get your facts straight or continue to put me in false light only going to make it worse on you in the end.

    • My mistake. I had her involved with the wrong father. Unlike some, I can admit when I’m wrong.
      That still doesn’t change several fundamental truths. You still ripped off several people that you still owe money to. And you still can’t string a sentence together with both hands and a flashlight.

      • Continue your malice and hatred all you like. The more you assume and post the more it makes you look like an idiot. And oh dear me I didn’t realize I needed to write a professional blog reply as if I was writing a book. Btw lepp how many books do you have out? And your daughters book is still claiming to available yet Katrina found it no where. Hmmm odd.

        If you could really admit you were wrong then you wouldn’t still be doing this as you stated we were square. That’s moving on if we were truly square and you had moved on then I wouldn’t be replying to your poisonous lies that you maliciously continue to make.

      • You can write however you want. Except well, that is. All evidence shows that writing well or properly is something far beyond your capabilities. I couldn’t care in the least, except that it goes to show why no real author in his or her right mind should let you anywhere near their book.

        I have one book out with another due out this summer. You’ve got your nose so far up my fanny, I’m sure you’ll be the first one to know when it’s out.

        Thea’s book is no longer available because her publisher passed away, which you are well aware of. She will be re-released by a reputable publisher. Don’t worry. She’s doing just fine, much better than she ever would have done with a spotty so-called publisher like you.

        We are square as far as my daughter’s debts are concerned. But that doesn’t square you with anybody else you owe. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat that before it sinks in. If anything, paying her back proves you did something wrong in the first place.
        It seems like you thought that paying Thea off would shut me up all together. I gave you full credit for recompensing her like I said I would. And when you pay everybody else back that you owe, I’ll be happy to give you credit for that, too.
        What I will not do is get bullied into silence by you or anybody else.

    • Commas, honey — learn how to use them. There’s a huge difference between “Let’s eat grandpa!” and “Let’s eat, grandpa!”

  4. Stud, Stupid, you’re both absolutely correct. There are freelance editors and artists. People do use them all the time. That’s not what I’m talking about.
    My point is that for a person to legally qualify as a freelance or independent contractor, he or she must exist as a legal self-employed business. And even then, there are very strict guidelines. Unless each and every person Tabetha uses to do her company’s artwork and editing is properly registered as a business and pays taxes accordingly, they can’t legally exist as a freelance or independently contracted business entity. And if that’s the case, they’re employees, no matter how much they earn a year.
    If all their ducks are in a row, more power to ’em.
    If not, then she’s a fraud.
    Either way, she’s completely unprofessional and can’t write her way out of a wet paper sack.

  5. JT Larson,

    I am writing you to let you know that I am Tabetha’s Big Sister. And I think you are FULL OF SHIT! And I DO NOT APPRECIATE you speaking my daddy’s name. My Daddy was married to my mom they got as divorce and he married Tabetha’s mom. He has NOT had a relationship with one Cindy Carlo nor did he know her! And from what I read you seem like a TROUBLE MAKING STUPID ASS DRAMA BOTTOM FEEDER LOW LIFE BITCH! And I do think is is time for you to BACK THE HELL UP AND LEAVE MY LITTLE SISTER ALONE BEFORE YOU CHEW OFF A LITTLE MORE THEN YOU CAN CHEW! If you continue to slander and lie about my little sister Tabetha you wont be facing just her in the court room you will be facing me too, BECAUSE NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE WILL TALK ABOUT MY DADDY! And that id DOUBLE for TRASH LIKE YOU!
    Now let see if you are not COWARD enough to post this, Im betting you wont because you do not want people to see you put in your place! I have sent Tabetha a copy of this so she would know what i wrote and you cant arrange it to fit how you wanted it or thought it should say because from what I have read you are good at it!!!

    Dee Jones-Osborne

      • Family isn’t always blood but I know one thing my sister may be my stepsister but when u mess with one Jones you mess with them all. That is how Charles Jones our father raised us. And as far as my real dad Larry Willis he would say the same thing.

        Maybe you just can’t handle the fact you are being outed and ppl are sick and tired of your pointless ramblings. You don’t like being put in your place do you lepp?

      • That’s the second time somebody has said that I’m being “put in my place.”
        Is that really what you think you’re doing? Because to the rest of us, it just likes like you proving every word I’ve said, as usual.
        But please, do keep making yourself look like a joke. I’ll be back to check later, and I’m sure you’ll be just as amusing then. I’ve got stuff to do.

        And, hey. Didn’t you have an ailing parent to look after? Or is hanging out on my blog more important?
        Thought so.

    • A better question would be: What has a single thing you said got to do with whether or not your sister’s company is legal and legitimate? Because that’s what I’m talking about. She can gather together as many bullies and brutes as she wants to threaten me, but all the bluster in the world can’t change the legal standing of her business.

      You, your parents and anybody else can only thank Tabetha herself for dragging her family into her questionable business practices. I know that personal responsibility might be a difficult concept, but if she hadn’t drug them into it in the first place, nobody else could have.


      • Did you really say talent?

        Oh I’m sure I’m helping her. She’s probably scrambling like a madwoman trying to fix all the illegal little details she didn’t have a clue about getting right in the first place. And that’s precisely why I haven’t posted everything. Not that I have to. There’s already enough out there for serious authors to think about.

      • TYPING IN ALL CAPS is fun, isn’t it, Dee? ‘Cause it makes you sound more authoritative than someone who just, you know … types. Crikey.

  6. If you’re not a coward, you will allow this post to go through. Considering I’ve tried to post a comment on the post where you felt the need to mention my name, but because I called you out it wouldn’t go through. No matter, I wrote you a nice open letter on Tab’s blog a short while ago. You can read it if you like, but I’m going to be adding in some of the finer points in this post.
    It took me over 20 minutes to read your latest post because it’s all over the map. I already knew you talked out of both sides of your mouth (not really the anatomy part I was thinking of, but I’ll be a lady, for now), so I wasn’t surprised. You expect a company to have tight control over what is put out when it suits your argument, but when it doesn’t you whine about that as well. Case in point, you write, “The authors have final say in their manuscripts and artwork? Then what the hell is she doing to earn a single penny of their royalties? Making them swag? They can get that shit at a craft fair.” However, your last argument was the author’s work was being stolen. It is you who can’t have it both ways.
    You also claimed you weren’t bringing your family into it. Really? As I recall, this all started because you were supposedly standing up for your daughter. Did you think we forgot about her? No, we didn’t. We also didn’t forget the terms of the agreement for which she was paid off. In fact, we have that proof as you so kindly put it in a recent blog post, the one that included me. How kind of you to also include how you stay quiet “for now,” showing how you intended to blackmail at a later date.
    As mentioned, I wrote you an open letter on Tab’s blog. Minus the first paragraph and closing this is it:
    You say you’ve moved on to other projects, but I doubt that highly. If it were true, you’d be too busy to retake up a dead issue. You claim you’re doing this to protect others, again, not true. There are plenty of companies scamming innocent authors, Phoenix Fire isn’t one of them. I once belonged to one that scammed me big time, took me for thousands of dollars, and then launch a cyber-bullying campaign against me when I moved on. Actually, you and your daughter might want to check them out. They sign authors based solely on their social media presence, even if there writing sucks, Both the CEO and VP admitted that to me after I was pushed out of the company due to an in-house bully, who I went out of my way to help get established, nice way to say thank you, don’t you think? Then again, you might not like that company, they consider themselves a family too, but they’re a family of backstabbers, so you’ll probably fit it. They’ll love the mother/daughter drama too. (that last part wasn’t in the original.)
    As for you questioning my existence, seriously? I have a radio show that I do once a week, so you have heard my voice and know I exist as my own person. If you have anything to say to me feel free to say it. You can contact me privately on Facebook or through my email JaimieHope@Jaimiehope.com, or publicly here if you prefer. I don’t run or hide from anyone, not that I can say the same thing from all my haters. Yes, you are now included to that list, you put yourself on it. Let the chips fall where they may.
    Oh yeah, I have one more thing to add that I should have said in my open letter to you. The above mentioned company also has a VP who blatantly evades paying business taxes. I reported her as a con artist and discovered her business was registered in a different state, with someone else named the owner. Why? So each can claim neither is responsible for the business that does nothing but steals money from clients. If your claim had any truth to it you’d be going after them to protect authors you may know. So what are you, an author advocate, or just a typical run of the mill bully? I already know the answer; it’s the latter.

    • Jamie, I don’t have any problem with you. In fact, if you’re an author that’s been snowed into doing business with Tabetha Jones, I feel sorry for you. She talks a great game, but sooner or later, just about everybody that does business with her finds out that it was a mistake. If and when you find out that you’ve been had, the rest of her former victims will be here to offer support. They all fell for it, too.

    • A VP wouldn’t have the business registered in her name – a VP is not the owner, nor do they have to live in the same state as the business. And if I’m reading your post in the passive-aggressive manner you’ve written it, and you have indeed tried to report this person as a con artist, then you may be finding yourself in court for defamation, Dear Jaimie.

  7. Lepp you dear need to learn to meditate or medicate because everything you think you know is bullshit. Why give you the courtesy of tact and charm when all you do is attack me repeatedly. You don’t deserve tact and charm. In fact you are the lowest cruelest excuse for a human being I have ever known.

    Yes ppl were upset when Mystic closed but that is over and done with. If you go digging up the past all you get is dirty and u my dear or filflthly. I have no skeletons in my closest lepp my life is an open book. Oh but since u think I’m so evil I might warn you about the little box of souls I keep under my bed Lol.

    Maybe one of these days you will earn the privilege of seeing the side of me my authors know and love but I don’t your soulless spineless heartless self will verbalize that to happen

    • Oh goody, tabby… you can’t get the door of your closet shut anymore, the skeletons are bursting it’s seams!
      Are you deluded enough to believe the nonsense you spout yourself?
      You keep presenting yourself as the “oh so tough and dangerous” tattooed, trash talking biker broad… Really? You are about as plain, simple and boring as it gets, you daft bint!
      Your empty threats and your constant showing off might one day get put to the test…
      Learn to stay quiet, silly little woman!

      • Sonja you wanna put me to the test. Yes I’m a bikers daughter I’m also a drill sergeants daughter. Never said I was dangerous I said I don’t put up with ppl talking shit and getting away with it. So you wanna take a go? Don’t like my tattoos? Then come at me with your best. And I didn’t the tattoos for you stupid broad. And boring oh bitch please obviously you don’t know who the fuck I am. I’m from show me Texas so you got something you wanna squash then feel free to say it to my face be a real woman.

        And if I remember currently I said I had NO skeletons in my closest but I do keep a box of souls under my bed. Lmao. Keep digging those graves cause eventually the dirt is gonna pile up on you all and you will wish you would have kept your mouth shut.

        But obviously my name tastes so good on your lips you just can’t get enough.

      • Here we go again. “I’m a tough biker’s daughter. I have tattoos. I don’t take shit from anybody.” Yadda yadda. Same old broken record. If only you realized what a joke you make of yourself. But that wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

    • Earn the privilege? There’s that narcissistic personality disorder showing itself again. Get help for that, hon.

      And learn to write, or at least try to fake it. It’s hard to take your insults and threats too seriously when it looks like a toddler wrote them in crayon.

  8. May I repost this on this thread in the hope of an answer?

    “Hello, Tabetha. If you’re reading this, please explain how someone’s descendants can be held legally responsible for anything the late person said.”

    • Dear Ramsey why don’t you look up law 101 and figure it own your own unless you are like the rest of this bunch and has no common sense.

      • If there was an Olympic medal for the pot calling the kettle black, you’d take gold for it every time. That’s probably the only thing you really do well. If everything else about you weren’t such a joke, I’d be impressed.

      • What is it with you and you threats of scheister e-lawyers, Tabby? Real lawyers like to get paid, which is something you won’t do.

      • You cheap and trashy little girl, tabby… How about some substance to all your claims?
        No? Oh well, tabby-swat as usual then 😉

      • Forgive me – I should have made clear what I was answering:

        “Dear Ramsey why don’t you look up law 101 and figure it own your own unless you are like the rest of this bunch and has no common sense.”

        My answer:

        “Perhaps I haven’t. May I ask you to elucidate this law for me? Thank you in advance.”

        Could you do that for me, please?

    • Tabetha can’t sue anybody… she doesn’t have the money. She just moved into her own place and she can barely afford that… she’s putting together a ton of books to try to earn money… but she’s barely keeping her head above water and not doing a very good job of that.

      • It sounds like she’s been living hand to mouth for some time now. Most lawyers want $100 or more just to write a form letter, and they don’t as a rule file frivolous lawsuits on a contingency basis. Even the bottom feeders want a case they can win.

      • Funny you think you know so much about me but yet again you got it all twisted. So instead of hiding behind an alt just come clean. Because the information you are spilling out is bullshit. You don’t know anything about ny money. You don’t know a damn thing.

        So quit being a cowardly bitch and come clean. Or are you too scared?

      • There’s that pot and kettle again. I don’t need to hide behind alts. I’m not the one with the history of theft and dubious business practices.

        I know one thing about your money, honey. You don’t give it to all the authors you owe. Employees, either, but that’s a post for another day.

  9. Though I have no doubt she’ll stop by at least once, Tabetha might not spend a lot of time with us today. I hear she’s been on the phone with her artists and editors scrambling to make sure they get on the ball and register themselves as legal entities so that she can legally hire them as freelancers.
    Too bad that quick fix isn’t retroactive. The IRS can still look into her business up to now.

    • Tabby’s house of cards is coming down – she is just pissed off to boot because here nobody laps up the BS she tries to feed us, seemingly it’s only her family and 67-IQ-points-mates that let the queen of trash talk rings around then.
      Poor tabby, she got herself into a messy mess…

    • Really is that what you heard. Twisted again. I don’t have to scramble to do anything. They are freelancers none of them have a contract with Phoenix. I just prefer to use them.

      • They are freelancers none of them have a contract with Phoenix. I just prefer to use abuse them.

        Fixed it for you.

        Why would you not use contracts? They’re commonplace for freelance project work, and need not be longer than half a page or so. You should be able to find contract templates online that you can modify as necessary.

      • She just keeps stepping in it, doesn’t she? If they don’t have contracts as IC or freelancers, they’re employees. She’ll scramble to fix that now, but that doesn’t change it up to now.

        One thing I love about comments on a blog is that she can’t go back and fix all the stupid things she exposes about herself. Thank you, Tabetha, for making my case for me.

  10. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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