Tabetha Jones and sales reports

Over the last couple/few years, several former authors of both Mystic Press and Phoenix Fire Publishing have come forward to say that Tabetha Jones falsified their sales reports to them in order to keep more royalties than she should have. One says that Tabetha insisted that the author was owed no royalties because everybody that bought the book in question returned it. So the author asked around, and several of her readers were confused. They they assured her that they still had their books and had no plans to send them back. That author still hasn’t been paid.

Another waited weeks, maybe months for a sales report in writing from Tabetha so he could see for himself how many titles he was selling. When he finally did get a report, it was visibly altered.

And every author that was signed with Mystic Press was (and still is) owed royalties from their titles when that company closed down. According to their contracts, those royalties would be paid immediately. None of them have seen payment yet, to this day.

I’ve left their names out on purpose. They can speak up if they like. I’m leaving it up to them. Tabetha knows who they are. They’re some of the “liars and backstabbers” as she calls them, former authors that she ripped off. And they can prove every word of their claims. She can call them anything she likes to try to throw the scent off for new authors, but what she can’t do is change the facts.

All things considered, if you’re a current author signed with Phoenix Fire publishing, you might want to give some serious thought to demanding some numbers. Even if you’re getting paid royalties, you should probably double check to see if you’re getting everything you’ve actually earned. A real, reputable publisher won’t mind showing you. After all, if everything’s being handled professionally and properly, there’s nothing to hide, right?

112 thoughts on “Tabetha Jones and sales reports

  1. leplady,
    Do you really get a kick out of bashing Tabetha? This is ridiculous it makes you look like you have a jealously problem. Maybe you see a therapist for your problem. I have checked into the business of Phoenix and let me tell you one thing it is the most legal business out there. I bet Def Leppard is not show me your records. But I bet you won’t! Have a good day!

    • Commas are useful. Not every sentence needs them, but it helps avoid the word vomit aesthetic you seem to prefer.

    • What records do you want to see? Def Leppard’s? I’m afraid you’ll have to talk to them about that.

      Mine? I’m not the one trying to pass myself off as a publishing company. But I guarantee if I did, I’d rock it with all my Ts crossed and Is dotted.
      And commas. I’d use commas.

    • I am not sure what Tabetha is doing I don’t get tabs on her the way you do. I could not find your book. Do you report your income from your so called book?

      • Yes I do.
        Before we go any further, I’ll tell you now that I won’t answer any more questions about my personal affairs. I don’t have customers, clients or employees that are being swindled, so there’s no comparison to Tabetha’s questionable business practices.

      • Where’s your so called book Tabetha I mean Olivia? Don’t worry Leppy… anybody can see that you write a thousand times better then she does. She’s jealous of you and she’s pissed off because your showing the world what a crook she is. Stand tall… she’s the no talent hack not you.

      • Why would Lepp need to answer your questions about her personal life? Is she claiming to be a publishing company like tabby? I don’t think so…
        Why are all of you so slow?

  2. I’m sorry! But this makes me laugh! You won’t answer questions about your own personal affairs yet, you tend to blog about another person’s personal affairs? Seems a little hypocritical don’t you think? I find it so odd that you claim to be an “advocate” for indie authors yet you’re ready and willing to smear our good reputations by insinuating that we’re not real authors, that it’s all Tabs having different pen names. I don’t understand why if you’re willing to “help” us are you so set on going about it in an unprofessional manner? I have yet to see/hear anyone claim they were screwed over by Tabetha, but you! Ma’am I really recommend tending to your hate issues, this must be horrible on your blood pressure!!

    • They are not tabby’s personal affairs since she ripped people off with her fake publishing company! Why is that so hard to understand?
      Why won’t she just return the money she stole? She got caught – it happens, deal with the consequences and retire already!

    • I know you have a hard time differentiating between work and business, Tabetha, since you don’t know how to keep yours separate. More proof that you haven’t got the first clue about how business works. But I’m not the publisher that rips people off. You are. If you don’t like getting called out on it, why don’t you just pay people what you owe them and try running a legitimate business? If you were on the up and up, nobody could criticize you. But as long as you remain a thief and a liar, you can expect to hear about it.

  3. Really not sure who Olivia is but she does make point. States plainly that lepp here worked at Def leppard but I do find it odd I can do a search on Amazon and there is no such but but u put in sort sweete and wow…amazing… if you are an advocate for helping ppl then I’m fucking batman. All u do is spread hate and lies. Do your editors register themselves as a business? Does your cover artist register as a business?

    I am expected to answer all these questions but you run from the. Oh and Dallas Girl if you really are in Dallas Waco is only a hop away why don’t come talk that shit to my face.

    See I would try to see the point of all your opinions but unfortunately my head doesn’t go up my own ads like yours.

    Now have a lovely evening.

      • Really we talk but yet you can’t be woman enough to come clean on who you are. Ducking cowardly shit right there. Stand up and be a woman instead of hiding behind your bullshit

  4. So sorry for the auto correct on my kindle… should say Zoey Sweete. And no titles on Amazon appear under lepp. And aren’t falsifying yourself of where uve worked…..strange very strange…

    But that’s okay I’m used to it and I must say you give us Phoenix authors something to laugh st everyday.

  5. “Dear Ramsey why don’t you look up law 101 and figure it own your own unless you are like the rest of this bunch and has no common sense.”

    Perhaps I haven’t. May I ask you to elucidate this law for me? Thank you in advance. Actually, just a link to an online elucidation would be welcome – thank you! It sounds like the kind of thing writers should be aware of.

  6. Tabetha, please forgive my ignorance. I’m now assuming that “Law 101” is a book by Jay M. Feinman. Could you provide the page reference or references supporting your contention that descendants can be held legally responsible for what someone deceased said? Thank you very much.

  7. Poor sad, sick Tabetha, trying so desperately to attack my life, my book, my work history, anything to frantically misdirect attention away from the fact that she stole royalties from authors. She hasn’t talked about that yet, has she? Nope. Because she can’t. She knows it’s true. All she can do is whip out an arsenal of sock puppets to wave around as a distraction.
    I wonder what’s next? Threats to sue me for slander and defamation? More “I’m a tattooed trash talking bitch” bravura? We haven’t seen the “Thanks for the free publicity, ha ha” shtick in a while. Maybe she’ll drag that one out. Or another sick relative. Or maybe she’ll prance around saying that her company’s just fine and I’m just jealous. Probably just more sock puppets.
    Well, whatever she pulls out of her hat, it’ll be free entertainment.

    • It’s embarrassing how she tries to gain respect with her three and a half cheap tattoos – I am pretty full, just got a little space on my right hand left empty but I’d never dream of telling ppl about my tattoos in every comment I make.
      Tabby pay your debts you thieving cow – disgusting to steal from new authors that fall into your trap!
      PAY their money back!

      • I don’t care how many tattoos she has. She can have ink needled up her arse for all I care. That doesn’t make her crooked. Ripping people off does.

      • Three and a half huh…wow you really don’t know me try half sleeved full back piece and tramp stamp with several others. But I’m afraid this blog and another was the one to start talking about my tattoos. And hunnie they weren’t cheap. I just prefer to mark the chapters of my life on my skin.

  8. I’ve got stuff do do out here in the real world. So for the moment, I’m changing the settings of comments so that I have to approve of each one manually. Don’t get your knickers in a knot, Tabetha. I’m not hiding them. I just don’t want to miss one.
    Back later.

    • Tabetha isn’t dodging anything but Lep you are. You won’t answer one question about your editor or your cover artist. Why is that is it because they are illegal? Why don’t you do us all a favor and leave Tabetha alone for lent. I bet you that you can’t do it.

      • When an author is published by a real publisher, the author would not have contracts with an editor or a cover artist. That is the job of the publisher. But knowing anything about how a real business works isn’t your strong suit, is it?

      • There’s also the fact that even if Lepp’s book was self-published a client’s legal obligations are different from an employers. As far as I’m aware Lepp isn’t running a publishing business and so if they weren’t provided by a publisher would have approached the editor and cover artist as a client. It’s an important difference that places the onus to ensure registration on the artist/editor and also means that Tabby’s authors probably aren’t liable for any fallout from Tabby’s business practices.

      • Bloody hell, are you stupid? What is wrong with you?
        Why would Lepp need to answer your questions about her personal life?
        Tabby stole money from people, Lepp did not!
        Tabby scammed people by selling services that she had no intention of rendering!
        Lepp is just exposing her practices and warning new authors off to prevent anyone else from falling for tabby’s scam!
        Do you understand the difference? Can you see why tabby has to explain herself and Lepp does not?
        It is not overly complicated!

      • LOL! You rock, Sonja.
        She’s just scrambling to divert attention away from herself.
        I’m not bothered by it. I know that the more shit she kicks up about me, the more it shows how much she has to hide herself.

  9. Are you watching Phoenix Fire’s site’s? Tabetha’s announcing alot of new author’s like nothings wrong… and I can tell you… she makes them up… she thinks that if she make’s it look like she has all these author’s talking shit for her she’s some great publisher and your all jealous haters. She’s so crazy it’s so funny.

    • DG, I can’t tell you how helpful you’ve been.

      Actually, no. I don’t follow their websites. All I’m going to see is a lot of hogwash and bluster, fake IDs and authors sticking up for somebody that doesn’t deserve it.

      They’re not all fakes. That’s the problem. There are some real, living, breathing people signed with PF.

      Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size knows that she makes up aliases to hide behind. She either recycles the alts to different alts or “assigns” one of them to a real person that has no idea what kind of dirty laundry goes with it, and then recycles them again. She’s had so many aliases that she switches around so much that it’s impossible to keep them straight. That’s the whole point, of course.
      She seems to think that if she can prove one ID is legit, she can argue that they all are. Some people will fall for it, some aren’t that gullible.

      What really matters is that there are real people that think they’ve found a “family” with Tabetha and her company. They’re the ones I feel for.
      If those real people think they’re getting proper representation for their work through PF, then I’m happy for them. I truly and honestly hope they don’t find out through experience what so many others already have. I wouldn’t wish the heartbreak of knowing that you never really mattered to somebody that called you family on anybody. Or of having the dreams somebody promised to make come true crushed beneath the weight of betrayal. They deserve better and I hope they get it. I really do.

      • The problem I find concerning is that tabby is using desperate, at times mentally slow people that obviously could not “cope” in the real publishing world – she snatched one severely learning disabled woman that is very weak and gullible and “signed her”. Now she is using her for canon fodder. The lady is so caught in tabby’s web that she jumps to her defence at every opportunity – she is ruining her chances of ever being taken seriously in the future.
        The few books that tabby is publishing that are not written by herself or one of her alts are very obviously written by people that need a lot of help and support with their writing. By “helping” these authors, tabby is hindering their development and career substantially. In future, if those guys show a prospective publisher their previous projects – what do you think will happen if they present a book published under tabby… nothing good, I can guarantee that, say goodbye to respect in the literary world!

      • The mark of a good con artist is being able to spot people they can manipulate, play upon a target’s weakness, and string them along until they have no more use for them.

        The good news is that there’s life after Tabetha Jones. My daughter was published by a reputable publisher and so were several of Tabetha’s other former victims. It’s hard to come back from being betrayed and crushed, but it’s possible.

        Even if newer authors or employees find out that they’ve been duped by a con artist, there is still a future ahead of them. They just need to find real professionals to help them develop their work and their careers.

      • I bought your daughter’s book a while ago – I had lots of fun reading it, her crazy characters are the best, she has some deviously hilarious descriptions in there. A few times when I’d already read a few lines on I had to laugh out loud when the image put itself together in my head!
        It’s a lovely spacey story!

      • Aw thanks! That makes me a proud mom 🙂
        I’ll tell her you said so.

        I’m never glad when my child is hurt, but I’m pretty glad Tabetha dumped her. My kid was always been a better writer than Tabetha could ever hope to be. She’s better than me. She deserves better than some scam publisher, and she found it.

      • It’s always a giant red flag when a “publisher” pimps itself by claiming to be one big happy family. Any aspiring author should be looking for a business relationship with a publisher, not a phony big sister who will “borrow” her brand new sweaters, and claim they got stolen at some dive biker bar, or come up with another equally unlikely explanation.

      • I’ve said it before: If you want family, call your aunt and ask her to bake you a pie. If you want a publisher, find a professional.

      • You should be proud, it shows that you did your part because it is obvious that, aside from being intelligent, Thea is educated, interested and well read. I really hope she keeps writing, there’s so much more fun to be had reading her stories 😉
        I’m glad she made it through her tabby-ing without any permanent damage to her career!
        I always want to support people that work hard and have real talent so I will be buying her next book as well!
        BTW – I wanted to gift her book to a friend in Germany but it seems to be unavailable on smashwords and amazon now? Is that because I tried to download it when I was in Germany or did I miss something? I just know my friend would enjoy the story and it would also be great for her to read in english…

      • She was talking about the next book today. 🙂

        Her first title isn’t available right now because her publisher passed away, I’m sorry to say. But she will put it out again and a second book is in the works. Fear not.

        You’re very kind 🙂
        I take no credit for my kid’s talent. She’s wonderful all on her own. I’m just so freaking proud of her!

      • False light is when others are placed in false light. It can be FACTUAL but creates a FALSE impression about the person.

        Trade libel is defamation against the goods or services of a company or business.

        This goes for your blog post about Authors, you say are false when in fact they are real. Oh, and you say you are an advocate for us also? If so you should check out Emily Suess blog on iuniverse were she tells all!! That the company you love so are ripping off their authors?
        Do you take responsibility for your actions towards us?
        Do you take responsibility for placing a false hood on who we are and damage book sales due to your hate of one person?
        I am my own business (and I claim my taxes as a self owed business also without a 1099 as i can with proper forms)so you are libel. Your defamation of me as an author hurts my business. My personal business!! That is amazing how you can trash our personal business but refuse to share yours….

        I guess if as Sonja states a mentally challenged person has no right to publish?? I am sure the community for mental disorders would love to get a hold of you and your blog buddy for slamming anyone with a mental issue period. They have the right to do as they want. If they want to publish a book they have that right!
        Then again Sonja has never dealt with Tabetha as she has even stated.

        I dare you to call Madeline Sheehan a tattooed white trash author. I dare You!! Lets face it everyone that has a tattoo is not white trash. I can name a few that have tattoos and are best sellers.

        By the way what does Def Leppard have to do with any of this aren’t they a band???

      • At last, somebody that can string together a sentence. How refreshing.

        Where did anybody say that a mentally or physically handicapped person has no right to publish a book? If you heard those words, they did not come from anybody here.

        I’m sure Tabetha wants her authors to think I’m bashing them by exposing her. That’s a great rallying cry to get any of them that might actually be real to come screaming to her defense. In truth, all I’ve said is that they deserve a better publisher. If they’re so dedicated to believing that they don’t, they need to reconsider the value of their work. Most of them could do much better on their own, and be assured of keeping all the royalties they really earn.

        Ask Tabetha what Def Leppard has to do with it. She’s the one that dragged their name in.

        Honestly, if you guys are going to come here and post, take the time to actually read all of the comments. Don’t just take Boss Lady’s word for it. It sounds like she’s telling you the twisted version she wants you to believe in order to cast me in that false light you’re screaming about.

      • KATRINA!
        Where, you daft cow, did I say “mentally challenged” authors have no right to have a book published?
        Please feel free to quote the passage where I state that!

        Are you stupid? Learn to read english, please!

      • Katrina/Tabby/Anna/Zoey/etc., facts don’t cast a “false light,” just because you dislike them, or think they’re unfair to you. Another fact is that you just acknowledged them as facts.

        Sonja never said mentally slow people have no right to publish. Stop making up bullshit. What she said (and I paraphrase) is that they don’t deserve to be taken advantage of by a predator like you. Technically, being published is not a “right,” god given or otherwise, but nowadays, anyone can self-publish, which is preferable to signing on with a scam artist whose own writing skills are horrible.

    • Hi Sonja! This is Thea. I’m glad that you enjoyed my book! I’m sorry to say that Mom is right. Due to issues relating to Janrae Frank’s death, all of the works published under Daverana had to be pulled from sale. I am in the process of getting it back up for sale, so thank you very much for your patience! If you’re interested, I’ve started a little mini-series of shorts of sorts that I work on in between writing on Trust’s sequel. It’s at My little tribute to Janrae is set within this universe. Maybe when I have enough shorts, I’ll publish them as an anthology.

      I’m rambling now so I do apologize. Thank you again.for liking my book ❤

      • Hi Thea, thanks for the info – the sequel is a lovely idea. I’m sure everybody knows the feeling when you are getting a bit grumpy having to say goodbye to characters in a story after the last page of a book. It’s great to know that you will meet them again in their world soon…
        I’m looking forward to this weekend, then I will be on my settee with ice cream, crisps, tea and the mini series to read 😉
        Keep going!

    • There is no one editing the books at Phoenix beside her, is there?
      She just prints the manuscripts as they come, without even a spellcheck, doesn’t she?

      • From what I gather, she gets her authors to edit each other’s books. Or she does it herself. And that’s a crying shame, considering her piss poor grasp of the language.

  10. I have (luckily) never been ripped off by tabby but I have a real hatred of people like her that abuse and steal from people that are weaker or less confident!
    Imagine how hard it will be to put your trust in anybody ever again after you’ve been tabbied!!!

    • That’s the real crime, using people’s dreams to rip them off. Even if money weren’t a factor, what’s even worse is using people’s weaknesses to first make them feel special, then crush them.

      • Tabby irks me terribly!
        I’m such a peaceful person but she really makes me want to slap her round the face all day!

  11. You guys are hilarious! Seriously, you need to make up your mind, either I don’t exist or I’m mentally disabled. By the way, I’m not mentally disabled, I’m physically disabled.

    You people keep talking about how you have so many projects and are doing so well, why do you have time to post comments all day and night? I would think people who supposedly have moved on would have better things to do, but I guess not.

    As for me, I have been very busy as of late, with real projects. I also have my radio show. We’re having a very special show tonight, hope you all will tune it for the special announcement. You all obviously have nothing better to do anyway. Look at it like this, you can post even more comments as you listen, if you can manage to multitask that is. Good luck with that!

    • Spoken like a true Tabetha sock puppet.

      I don’t know what mental or physical conditions you do or don’t have. All I know is that if you want to be taken seriously as a writer and aided in your journey along that path, you should find a publisher that cares more about your writing than the depth of their own pockets.

      • But … but … Jaimie used punctuation! A couple of those commas should have been semicolons; overall, I’ve seen far worse.

      • I have to admit that I don’t know how to utilise semicolons either; so I just ignore their existence completely…

      • A lot of people don’t use semicolons, Sonja. They can be used to connect two related thoughts into a single sentence to avoid overuse of conjunctions. It’s a stylistic thing more than anything else. There are some basic rules for its use; it can be used in place of a period, but seldom works as a replacement for a comma. Most people find it easier to use separate sentences.

    • Right now you seem to be completely entranced by tabby so there is no point in telling you the truth, but I can tell you this much: I do feel for you and I hope your awakening will not be overly rude and I also wish you the best of luck and strength towards rescuing what is left of your career after your tabbying.

      My prediction for the future:
      When you manage to pry tabby’s shit away from your eyes and see clearly again, you will think back to us here and regret that you let tabby shove her greasy fingers into your pockets and manipulate your life…

      All the best to you, Jamie

  12. “Daft COW” ok well your implications were clear.
    ‘The problem I find concerning is that tabby is using desperate, at times mentally slow people that obviously could not “cope” in the real publishing world’
    So you didn’t really come out and say It! But however you really didn’t need too did you. I just have a question for you who are you to decide who can and cannot “cope” in the real publishing world!
    Call me a daft cow all you want but just remember one thing about me. I am a mother first, my name is my lively hood and my children will not pay for JT or you in any way. Just so were clear how you would you like it if I brought my shit to your door and busted it down. I don’t mess around when it comes to them as JT did for her daughter I will for my kids. To me my writing comes last so thank before you speak about me as the ramifications aren’t just mine. What would you do if your daughter was caught in the cross fire.
    So take down PF, ram Tabetha into the ground, believe we are all fake, deface us, call us daft cows but at the end of the day karma is lurking!!!! And I for one don’t want ran over by the karma train coming all your way.
    If you were hurt by Tab you have a Right to address it but if not you are on a band wagon of hate for no reason but to follow another hater.
    I am not hiding behind a fake name as others are but I guess standing up for myself is wrong with you people. You take one thing from each of our post and run with it. Fine run all you want!! If JT would like to contact me and give me all the dirty on myself as well as other PF authors then I would consider a change of the guard but as for now I stand for myself and my children.
    ~Daft Cow~

    • Daft Cow

      Go back and read my post again, then sit and think till understanding arrives with you and releases you from the vacuum of your daftness…

      Until you learn to understand the English language there is no point in you addressing me!

  13. Daft Cow ,false lighter, tabeha Jones, katrina,anna dos my hubby know that I am not me???? on said:

    And JT you are right you never said a thing about mentally challenged anything! That was all Sonja that brought that phrase into it. And Charlie false light is just that it can be true about anything!! It is how you use the truth that make it libel…. Or lack of truth. but as I said earlier don’t bring your shit to my door and I will leave yours alone!! JT as I said, if you want to contact me I have no problem hearing you out. A little “light” false or true would be appreciated. I own my work so were I go so does it..
    I am me or some one should tell my kids and husband that shit. That is one problem I am having with you. when you say I am not me others question who I am. you will not ruin my name I am not Tab and I wont play your games like she does. Jt you have my email address more then welcome to contact me to see I am not Tab and then we can talk about this whole mess..
    ~Daft Cow~

      • Daft Cow ,false lighter, tabeha Jones, katrina,anna dos my hubby know that I am not me???? on said:

        I went with Daft Cow for a reason and not to hide. I have posted from the first with my real name. Daft Cow was given to me so I will wear it, use it just to prove that name calling doesn’t hurt me just pisses me off!!!
        ~Cow, Daft Cow, Katrina, Anna, Tabby, Tabetha, Boss Lady, Does my hubby and kids know I am not me?~ I am me~

      • I know exactly who you say you are. I can see the email you posted under in my comments dashboard.
        But these other fine folks can’t. So, since you write exactly like Tabetha, you’ll have to be more specific so they can tell you apart.

    • Nobody here aside from tabby and her merry band of idiots is even bending the truth!

      Amazing how all of you can tell what we all “really” wanted to express, despite us really writing statements to a completely different end – y’all are magical beings!

      • You can thank Boss Lady for the misconception. She’s probably the one going to her merry band of authors telling them what she wants them to think about everything that’s being said here, so that they’ll come to her defense. Manipulate, manipulate, manipulate.

      • A comment even bashing Tabetha or PF should never have “mentally slow people” or “disabled” in a sentence. That is inexcusable behavior no matter how you look at it. And who ever you are Sonja you know that. I might be damned in your face for joining Tabs “marry band of puppets” but I don’t have to answer for behavior or thinking just mine. So I guess Stupid is as Stupid does in your book!!
        ~Stupid Daft Cow, Daft Cow, Cow, Katrina, I am me~

      • It’s not inexcusable to mention those “mentally slow” or “disabled” people when the person is actually trying to defend them against a con artist that’s taking advantage of them in some way. What part of that do you not get?

        And “Stupid is as stupid does?” Well, yeah. You said it.

      • Still waiting for that name, there, Cow. Unless you want to keep looking like Tabetha under yet another alias?

        Eh, who am I kidding? Folks already know what’s going on.

      • Just remember I am not Tabetha and what you have done for your daughter is nothing compared to what I would do for mine. It is the way Sonja has defined them that I find a problem with. So I guess I am stupid is as stupid does.

        Your blog is nothing but a pissing match with us all stooping back to high school shit. At least back then we said it your face and didn’t hide behind our computer screens sipping our tea and playing truth or smear…

        Damn I really miss that face to face confrontation because then I could see Sonja smack Tabby in the face and watch it all play out! I know that it is making my palm twitch, is it not yours? I will plagiarize by using a quote from Fifty Shades
        ~Palm Twitching Mad Daft Cow~
        Why would I give you my real name so you can attack me as you have everyone. Have you read Emily’s blog yet? I must not be too stupid!!

      • Well, you’re half right. One of us is stooping to high school shit.

        Maybe you were smacking people around on the playground, but some of us were actually studying things like English. So we could, you know, write. With punctuation, grammar structure, and a clear, concise working knowledge of the language.

        Who’s the one hiding behind a computer screen? More to the point, who’s hiding behind fake names? Right. That would be you.

        If Emily’s blog is relevant to what’s going on here, then by all means, hit us up with a link.

        I guess this is the same as PF some feel scammed and other’s such as you love it!! Each too their own I guess!
        Keep pissing me off you have no idea were I really am but I will be in your woods shortly. I’ll be in Louisiana in Oct at the ARC 2014 I hope to see you there!! I wont be hiding then behind my laptop or we could meet in Vega this summer for the RNC 2014 but as for know continue my lawyer in on the line as I post this and awaits your moderation and then your or Sonja’s post on my ass!
        ~I’ll be watching you watch me~

      • Threats and lawyers? And indescribably abysmal writing skills? And you expect anybody to believe you’re not Tabetha? Please.

        You want to meet me in New Orleans in September? Sure. We can hang at Jax and have a little chat. You can bring your lawyer while you’re at it. He might enjoy the view.

      • I had a quick look at Emily’s blog about iUniverse. It’s a ripoff. So, I guess what you’re saying is that people are smarter for signing with you Tabetha instead because she’s not as big of a ripoff?
        That’s debatable.
        For one thing, iUniverse tells you up front how much they charge. You go in knowing how much you’re going to be out of pocket. With Tabetha’s history of falsifying sales reports, an author has no way of knowing how much they’re being swindled out of. It could be more than iUniverse charges.
        Secondly, and more importantly, iUniverse doesn’t screw with an author’s head the way Tabetha does, telling them that they’re family and fawning over their egoes to make them feel important. iUniverse doesn’t play upon people’s weaknesses and appeal to their dreams of being published in order to set them up to take advantage of.
        Further, iUniverse employs professional editors and artists that do professional work. Can Tabetha’s company claim the same?
        And finally, iUniverse doesn’t betray an author, dumping and bullying them, trampling on their dreams and emotions.
        iUniverse is a ripoff, sure. But at least they deliver what an author pays for, no more and no less. So in the end, yeah. Better an up front ripoff than a lying, manipulative thief that hurts people.

  14. I wonder if Tabby will ever learn that to employ sock-puppets effectively she needs to be able to write in distinctly different voices.

    Naaaaah. That would require cognitive skills!

  15. For the record, “Daft Cow” “Twitching Mad” and “I’ll be watching you” all posted with Katrina’s email. So she can stop writing me private notes telling me to leave her name out of it.

    • It might not of been Katrina that wrote them… Tabetha could of did it using Katrina’s email to hide behind.

      • I wouldn’t put it past her. After all, Katrina could string a sentence together pretty well in one post, but came across as an illiterate baboon in the next.

        But unless she did it from the same IP by proxy in Illinois, the gravatar wouldn’t be the same.

  16. If any of you authors at Phoenix Fire that actually do have a pulse wonder why folks are so quick to think you’re a Tabetha alt, you have to consider that you’re dealing with someone that’s got so many of ’em. Sky (Lynn) Wicker, Emerald Rai Fleur, Rai Willis, Zoey Sweete, Anna Lovelace, and those are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head.

    And she’s got a history of showing up on blogs under fake names to defend herself.

  17. As I was once told by this crazy old lady from New Orleans.. tongues that spill lies eventually will bite themselves off. Remember that as you continue to slander me, portray me in false light, and damage my character.

    If I have learned anything through this it would arguing with Lepp is kind of like fighting with a brick wall or a drunk. No matter what is said it doesn’t seem to sink in.

    I just find it saddening that you spend all this time on me. And it won’t just be defamation of character, slander, libel, but I can actually get you for emotional distress, and considering that my mother is now back in the hospital that as well can be used.

    Don’t believe me call Providence Hospital in Waco Texas Darlene Jones is in room 320.

    You say you did all this to protect your daughter well there is nothing she wouldn’t do to protect hers. She would go above and beyond. She doesn’t have to hide behind a computer screen, in fact she doesn’t even own one. She believes in doing things the old fashioned way.

    No I don’t need anyone to fight my battles, everyone has a right to say what they want. I hear karma may be a slow moving train but she takes down everyone in her path when she hits.

    I can only hope I am a fly on the wall when karma finds you lepp. That would be a show I wouldn’t want to miss. You better get used to it lepp. I am here to stay. No one will stomp on my dreams and treat me like a doormat ever again.

    Maybe one of these days you will get a life and move forward but that would be too easy. You would rather teach your daughter to hate and bully. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Hatred is a horrible disease and it will be one my daughter will not have. She has been raised better than that.

    You don’t like me books, fine don’t read them. Don’t like like me, fine keep my name out of your mouth. It’s actually that simple.

    • Poor Tabby, trying so hard to be witty.

      A tongue bites itself off? Take a minute to picture that. I’ll wait.

      You’re really clinging to that false light, aren’t you? Truth is, Tabetha, that nobody damages your character worse than you. We already know you can’t write, but try to read back through your own comments, both here and over the years. There isn’t a judge in the world that would buy it.

      What about the emotional distress of the authors that have been scammed, betrayed, swindled and crushed? Where’s the concern for their dreams?

      My daughter is a bright, wonderful person. I’m very proud of her, but I take no credit for it. She’s a delightful girl all on her own.

      We could go back and forth all day about who’s teaching what to their daughter, but unlike you, I’m not going to take that pot shot. You may be willing to drag your innocent little girl into your fights (as well as your ailing mother), but I’m not.

      If you don’t want to be called out as a thief, don’t rip people off. It’s actually THAT simple.

      • Never said I wasn’t a bitch but as for karma she is the biggest bitch there is. You think the karma train won’t be coming for you? Now tell me who is delusional and has the mental issues.

        I have never pretended to be perfect or paint myself as a saint. I’d rather be a sinner than a false shit. I have made my mistakes but do I regret them? No. Those mistakes are what shape us and mold us into who we are.

        Hatred is a horrible thing and I was taught that you are never to hate a person. Unless you have walked in their shoes you have no right to judge them.

        Have you walked my path? Have you lived my life? No. So before you judge make sure you are perfect.

        Now if you want to settle this I suggest we can set up a Skype meeting face to face no more bullying on the blog.

        But I seriously doubt you would do that you wouldn’t want to answer the questions I have for nor would you believe anything I told you.

        The only one pulling a smoke and mirrors act is you. I don’t have to hide. My conscience is clear. Can you say the same?

      • Why wouldn’t my conscience be clear? I’m not the one that steals from people. That, my dear, is not a mistake. It’s a crime.

    • Tabetha, please forgive my ignorance. I’m now assuming that “Law 101″ is a book by Jay M. Feinman. Could you provide the page reference or references supporting your contention that descendants can be held legally responsible for what someone deceased said? Thank you very much.

      I did ask this further up the thread, but I suppose you didn’t see it.

  18. I’m one of the people Tabetha never paid when she closed Mystic Press and my contract clearly says that royalties would be paid immediately, meanwhile how much time has gone by? Not only that but my books were still for sale after that so where did that money go? I hope you do sue somebody Tab because I’ll be right there with bells on to prove that Lepps telling the truth all the way and I’m not the only one. But that won’t happen because lawyers cost money and you don’t lie to pay people.

  19. I’m closing down the comments on this post. We’re waiting for answers in a newer one. We are not, however, holding our breath. Getting a straight answer out of Tabetha is about as likely as all of her past authors getting paid.

  20. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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