Tabetha Jones has some questions for nor

Tabetha Jones tells me:

“you wouldn’t want to answer the questions I have for nor would you believe anything I told you.”

Wouldn’t I? Well, the floor is yours. This space is dedicated to answering any questions you have for me. Go ahead. Ask away..


115 thoughts on “Tabetha Jones has some questions for nor

  1. Nothing?

    So much for those scathing questions nor wouldn’t want to answer.

    Well, that’s okay. I have a couple. Dude on the other thread has asked you repeatedly to show him where in Law 101 it says that you can sue the surviving family of somebody that posted about you on their blog. We’re all still waiting for an answer.

    While you’re at it, I’m waiting to hear how you can sue me because your mom’s in the hospital.

    One last one: I alleged that you falsified sales reports to at least two authors. You never once said “No I didn’t.” Why is that?

    • The fact remains I asked for a woman to woman chat and you could not provide it. And I offered to allow my mom to use my Skype seeing how she does not own or use a computer, but you refused. The excuse, you wouldn’t know if you were talking to the real Darlene Jones.

      As for law 101 I was being a smart ass, so maybe he would have enough wit about him to look it up on his own.

      Seeing how I have stated I never scammed or conned anyone that in itself should answer your question about sales reports. There is no way to falsify those reports when downloaded straight from the site.

      As for the false light claim it is not me admitting guilt, it’s showing that you are portraying me to be someone I am not. Why don’t you look up trade libel as well.

      You seem to think you know it all when you really don’t know a damn thing. None of you lepp minions, followers, whatever you want to call yourselves do.

      • You’re confusing the facts to cast yourself in the best light, as usual. You wanted me to call your mother, who you said had a few words for me. I offered to Skype with her so I’d know who I was really talking to. I left my Skype open for days. You and she never showed up, even though you subsequently said that this woman who is so ill that she’s now in the hospital was sitting right next to you dictating some snappy comment or another about me.

        A few of us have looked at the law books. What we keep seeing is that for a statement to be libel of any sort, it must first be false. Sorry. Looks like even you know you don’t have the False Light claim to stand on, now that you’re suggesting Trade Libel. Keep trying. If you throw enough straws at the wall, maybe one of them will stick.

      • Trade Libel: Trade libel is defamation against a product or business service.

        While trade libel involves products or services, standard defamation laws apply. In all libel lawsuits, the plaintiff must prove that:
        the material in question is a provably false statement of fact
        the defendant’s statement caused the plaintiff either financial or reputational harm;
        little to no research was done on the veracity of the claim in question before publication.

        Several defenses against trade libel can be argued.
        If you can prove that it wasn’t you who published the comment, there’s a good chance you’ll get off.
        If you can prove that the statement in question is not false, again, there’s a good chance you’ll get off.
        If you can prove that the statement in question did not cause harm to the business, say it with me this time, there’s a good chance you’ll get off.


      • Jesus, Tabby, why is it so hard for you to show a little respect to people? Mr Campbell was civil towards you and you immediately responded with a flippant remark, presumably because you know you had no legal ground to stand on and were merely trying to intimidate people so you’d look like a “badass”. Or perhaps it was sheer laziness and you were hoping he’d confirm for you whether or not it was possible to sue a dead person’s family.

        Still I’ll let you in on a little secret since it seems you’re too obtuse to pick it up yourself, his reply showed more wit than I’ve seen from you in a dozen posts and comments.

    • I offered to Skype with her mom when she said her mom had a few things to say to me. I left my Skype open for days just for her, but Tabetha wormed out of it.
      There’s nothing she can say to me on Skype that she can’t say right here, so I wonder what the difference is? So that she can tell people I was abusive, or put words in my mouth that I didn’t say? Wouldn’t work anyway. I wouldn’t talk to her on Skype without witnesses. So she might as well buck up and ask those questions where the whole world can see them. We all know she isn’t going to answer any.

      • I’ve recorded Skype calls before, it’s not too difficult and it’s probably better evidence witnesses that can then be accused of bias.

      • I feel ya. I don’t know why, but I was awake at 2 am. Didn’t get back to sleep until 8am, and set my alarm so I only got a few hours. I don’t want my schedule to get backward. I’ve got too many things going on to sleep all day.

      • Skype and other recordings with our the other persons permission is not permissible in court??

      • I live in a state where one of the people involved in a conversation is allowed to legally record it. No worries there.

      • Sorry I meant out not our. But while I am at it again You so graciously put my location on your site for others to find me via your ping of my IP address why don’t you give me the location of Dallas Gurl and Sonja… Cause putting my children in danger was worth so much to you, show me some respect by doing the same with the others I asked for. I mean it is your civic duty?

        And trade libel will work because your stating what ever you call fact or fiction is in retaliation and intent to harm one said person and her business. Talk to a lawyer you need to realize that the blatant disrespect shown to me and my family (my husband and my children) Is intent to harm my business as a self published author with said company you want to ‘run in the mud’, your actions have reactions for all.

        You came to my door…. And I am waiting for an apology or the location before I come to yours… Look up a civil suit because before you keep it up with ruining my life and my children’s you need to be prepared, I am not a person whom runs their mouth. I will be a mother first and protect my children… Your game ran out with me the minute you put my them in your line of fire…
        ‘Hath no fury like a mothers scorned’

      • The reason I ask when I revealed your location is this:

        I said WVA, Seattle and Arizona, but Katrina/Twitching mad/watching/Hath pings back to Illinois.

        You understand my confusion.

      • You don’t understand how I.P. addresses work do you? With the specific I.P. address you may be able to do something by reporting it to the police or contacting the ISP with a formal complaint, but all Lepp has provided here are very, very rough locations. Which unless you’ve posted under your real name are pretty worthless for finding someone, and even with your real name and white pages there’s no guarantee of finding the right person unless you have a unique name.

        Hell I’ll volunteer the location of my IP address on an IP look-up site for a laugh and Lepp can confirm it with my blessing. Glasgow, Scotland, which is a good half hour by train from where I really am and about an hour by bus. Do you think someone would be able to show up on my doorstep with just that info?

        And from jut to hammer it home.

        “Often, people think if they perform and IP address lookup, that they are going to find the physical mailing address of the user assigned the IP in question. This is simply not true. At this time, we are not aware of any IP address database that will give you the exact physical postal address of the IP address you lookup.”

        Especially true since many ISP’s use dynamic IP’s which are drawn from a pool of free addresses every time you connect to the internet. Anyway now we’ve taken care of that particular piece of histrionics perhaps we can return to the fact that Tabby is operating her business in a most likely illegal manner and continues to issue various threats of legal action that will never come to pass.

      • Hey hath no fury – I’m in Nottingham!
        So what now? You got my location – I’m so scared…

    • Dallas Gurl I think you’ve just outed yourself cause I only told that to one person. Thank you for revealing yourself, now it will make my job so much easier.

      • You’ve only called Leppy “chickenshit” to one other person? Or, you’ve only complained to one other person that Leppy won’t Skype you? Whatever the case, I call bullshit. You’ve complained about both things in comments on this very blog. C’mon, you can dance better than that. So far, I’m amused, but not impressed. Impress me.

      • Sorry, hon. I’ve heard it from no less than three by direct communication. And that’s aside from you bitching about it on blogs. Nice try, though.

      • Make that five now. And they’re telling me a few other interesting things, too.

        Looks like a few people are opening their eyes. Good.

      • Lepplady you gave out the location of IP addresses. So you put my family in the same situation. So what is Dallas Gurl’s IP address and LMFAO where are they from? You outed us so shouldn’t you give us the same information? Again, you won’t because you are so unfair on this blog! How do you sleep at night knowing you risked the well being of children?

      • How did I risk the well being of children? That is so absurdly ridiculous. Like they’re the only family in that state, right? Give me a break. Jacqueline, was it?

  2. Tabetha’s been hollering about suing because even though the facts are accurate, they cast her in a “false Light” so she’s going to sue me and I’m going to rue the day.
    The thing I find hilarious is that by saying so, she ADMITS THAT EVERY ACCUSATION AGAINST HER IS TRUE. She just doesn’t like how it makes her look.

    I googled the requirements for a suit under “False Light” and discovered a few tidbits.

    It is true that there’s such a thing as creating a “False Light” scenario even with true facts. But usually, there needs to be a public disclosure of private facts, or the omission of some mitigating information that would alter the perception of the facts. Like saying that somebody was convicted of shooting his wife, but not that he was later cleared.

    Basically, she’s hoping that I may be liable for publishing wholly truthful facts that somehow create a false implication that would be highly offensive or embarrassing to a reasonable person.

    So much for THAT claim.

    • And actually in false light the accusations can be true or false which in this case are false. You just continue to dig yourself deeper.

      • More failed attempt at bullying I see, Tabby. Maybe that’s why you said you wanted a one-on-one with LeppLady — so you could try to cow her into silence. Then your cowardice kicked in and you decided to not show up.

        Seriously, Tabby, knock it off with the sock puppets. You can’t vary your voice to appear as different people.

      • It’s possible that she didn’t show up before because she couldn’t come up with a “mom” on skype like she could on the phone. It’s different when you’re looking at a person.

        She knows she’s not going to cow me. It’s probably something more along the lines of wanting to be able to play victim some more, say that I said things I didn’t or twist around anything I did say to suit her agenda. “Lepp was such a BULLY!”
        Not going to happen.

  3. Why don’t you all just back off. Enough is enough already. Mystic press is in the past let it go and jump on someone else’s band wagon for awhile. Don’t any of you have a life? Apparently, not other than thinking, breathing Tabetha Jones is all you know how to do. And as for you Dallas Gurl you are nothing other than a two faced backstabbing witch. Remember Karma will catch up too you. Lepplady you said it was your goal to tell authors about publishers being misleading and so forth well I am sure there is companies out there not just one. Either you are majorly in love with Tabetha or just so blindly jealous of her. Tabetha rose from the ashes of something that was not her fault and has built
    a wonderful company that you can’t stand to be away from.

    • How would you feel if it was your money you still haven’t gotten paid? How would you feel if it was your dreams that got crushed under the (really) massive weight of your “publisher’s” betrayal? Would you think it was all in the past and just let it go?
      Or would you want a voice speaking up for you? Would you want to warn new authors not to fall victim to the same scheming, selfish predator?
      Mystic Press was all Tabetha’s fault. She’s the only one most of the ripped off authors in question dealt with, not the former owners. She can TRY to blame anybody she wants, but that responsibility is squarely on her. The sooner her new victims authors realize that, the better.

      If I were personally involved with any of those other scheming companies you like to keep trying to deflect attention to, I’d be all over them, too. But it’s Tabetha that ripped off my kid. She earned my attention. Sure, she finally paid my kid back, but there are still people out there that I know personally and care about as dear friends that still haven’t been paid, and probably never will. They’re real people and they matter. So do the victims authors that are potentially getting ripped off now and in the future. They deserve better, too. Even if they don’t realize it.

      Karma is not the same thing as revenge, dear. It is a reflection of what you send out into the world. I’m not the one that steals from my authors, stabs them in the back then attacks them. I, for one, am not worried about my Karma in the least.

      I don’t love Tabetha. I don’t hate Tabetha. I just don’t want people to get ripped off by her. If they’re not, great. More power to ’em. But my money says we’ll be hearing the same thing from her current wave of victims authors that we’ve heard from her past ones.

      Time will tell, and we’ll be right here listening.

      • That was not all Tabetha’s fault in the past. Can YOU not give people second chances? Also it’s not up to us to judge there is only ONE person who can judge US. Why not stop all the of this? Do you really like all this drama? Yes I have been scammed before but to keep on this road is not good. It’s not healthy and yes I know every little tidbit about Tabetha a lot more then you will ever know and you know who cares it’s not my place or your place to judge. Give it a rest. The only thing you are doing is making yourself look bad and do you really want that? Just a thought.

      • Tabetha had her second chance after she paid Thea the money she was owed, if she’d then made reparations to other authors, ceased her dubious business practices and ran her business in a professional and honest manner we wouldn’t be here right now. Instead she continued on as she always has with shifting blame while scamming and attempting to intimidate others.

        And please, leave the religious nattering out of this, America is and always has been run by secular law. You know that whole bit regarding separation of church and state, maybe you remember this bible verse “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”, they weren’t talking about salads, dear. Tabby has defrauded the government (her Caesar if you will) her authors, her employees and from these posts others as well. It is only right and just she be exposed in this life for her sins against them and face the judgement of her peers.

        Still I’m glad to see you showing concern for Lepp’s health and while it is a noble thing to sacrifice your own well being in the defence of others I rather doubt Tabby will be able to frustrate Lepp to the point it will severely impact on her well-being.

    • Jamie, girl it looks like you’re letting Tabby teach you how to use aliases and do her talking for her. Some of us knew you before you got screwed by that other company and before you took back up with Tabby. You weren’t always like this. You don’t owe her anything. Don’t let her turn you into something ugly.

      • Seeing how you believe Olivia is either myself or Jaimie why doesn’t Lepp do her famous IP address tracking to show these messages aren’t coming from Waco Texas. Check mine it will probably say Time Warner on mine.

      • I did peek at the IP. It bounces everywhere from Arizona to Seattle. But mostly to WVA. In this age of proxy servers, IPs don’t carry the same weight they used to. Might be one of those, might not. Unless people sign their real name, it’s hard to tell.

    • Olivia I believe she has too much of a crush on me to move to real companies that actually scam and cheat their authors.

      • I’m fine concentrating on one scam company, thanks. If that one cleans up its act, maybe I’ll take on another. But since that’s not likely to happen, who’s to blame, the shadow or the light?

        You’re the one that can’t stay away from me. So who’s got a crush on who?

    • Tab paid Thea back so Lep would take down the blog about Cindy Carlo because Cindy Carlo didn’t know Tab used her name against Thea and Tab was afraid Cindy would see it and kick her out.

      • You really don’t know shit about me do you Dallas Gurl? Just remember when you play games with someone make sure they can’t play them better than you. I don’t put up with wrapped twisted lies about myself or ppl I call family. So keep rattling off at the mouth cause eventually it’s going to write a check ur ass can’t cash.

      • Am I understanding you correctly? Tabby dragged some woman’s name into her arguments with Leppy, and is now afraid that this woman might see it, and get pissed off with her? And, therefore, Leppy should erase all mention of this woman that Tabby dragged into it, so that she doesn’t get mad at Tabby?

        If I get the gist of it, shouldn’t that be Tabby’s problem to resolve?

      • Cindy Carlo is one of Tabetha’s moms. That is who Tabetha named as the “submissions editor” that offered Thea a contract. Using Tabetha’s email to do it with, no less. And got fired for it.
        So, true to form, Tabetha’s furious for her mom’s name being dragged into it, when she’s the one that said the name in the first place.

    • Tabby rose from no ashes – she’s just digging herself in further!
      She needs to return the money she stole, nothing else will be an option!

  4. Good morning, Tabby. Have a comma, on me. Have a whole box of them, since you seem to be fresh out. They’re free. In case you were wondering, nobody’s jealous of your functional illiteracy, your tattoos, or anything else about you. Mkay?

  5. Is Tabby by any chance a long lost relative of Vera Nazarian? All that’s missing is a public “Oh, interwebz, please gimme monies so’s I can pay mah wunnerful authorz their years overdue royalties!” crowdfunding plea.

    • At least this Vera woman pretends she wants to pay her wunnerful authorz back where Tabetha just steals from them and ignores them.

  6. You’re such a hypocrite Lepp! You say you aren’t bullying anyone! You say you didn’t reveal anyone’s IP address! Go back and look at ALL the comments you’ve posted. You did!! You call everyone that has an opinion different than yours a group of idiots, sock puppets, cows. You say we aren’t real authors… Don’t you think that’s bullying? You allow your followers to belittle us as well because WE stand up for what WE believe in. Whatever issues you have, fine have at them. But don’t punish those of us who just like you have our own opinions and thoughts on the situation. It doesn’t matter whose side you’re on, if you’re going to have an entire blog dedicated to one person, then allow others to post freely without being talked shit to. If you don’t enjoy the drama… Stop blogging about it.

    • Where did I say I didn’t reveal anybody’s IP address? For that matter, when did I reveal anybody’s IP?

      Where did I call anybody an idiot or a cow?

      I’ve said more than once that some of you are real. What I call you is victims. What we all see and you guys don’t seem to realize is that she’s hiding behind you.

      The bigger picture is this: It is so insanely unprofessional for a publisher to expect, or even allow, her authors to become involved in arguments like this on her behalf. Publishing is a business. This “Family” nonsense isn’t for her to take care of you, it’s for you guys to take care of her. The sooner you guys open your eyes and realize that, the better off you’ll be.

    • It doesn’t matter whose side you’re on, if you’re going to have an entire blog dedicated to one person, then allow others to post freely without being talked shit to.

      It’s Lepp’s blog. There are no rules that say she has to allow anyone else to post comments at all (let alone dictate their content). That’s why WordPress has an option to disable comments. Her blog, her content, her decision. It really is that simple.

      • Anybody’s welcome to post whatever they want. Despite protestations to the contrary, I haven’t hidden or altered a single comment they’ve posted. As for being “talked shit to,” folks might be inclined to take these people a little more seriously if they posted under their own, real names. and stopped spouting Tabetha’s half-baked propaganda. Stick up for somebody, sure. But use your own words to do it. I only hope that they’ll show a little class and professionalism by not being so crass and profane as their “Boss Lady.”

  7. They’re dropping by to look, but they’re not saying much this afternoon. Looks like we’ve got a couple of questions on the table they’re finding it a little difficult to answer.

    1) Did Tabetha ever tell an author that all of her books had been returned?

    2) How did I reveal Katrina’s location in IL by naming Seattle, WVA and AZ?

    There are a few other questions out there, but these are the ones I really want to see answers to.

    • Will these questions ever get answered? I’d love to hear tabby’s position there too, especially since she always whines that nobody ever asks her any questions… She wants to be interviewed so the “truth” can come out…

      Well, we are waiting for your answers dear tabby!

      • She insists that we wouldn’t believe the truth if we heard it. Well, maybe we would if we heard it.
        I, for one, would welcome it. If she even came on and said she has no idea how much to pay anybody back because she didn’t keep track, at least that would be something I could believe.
        People talk about giving her a second chance, let’s see her earn it by clearing the books of past debts. If she can’t remember how much she owes any of them, she could at least talk to them and come up with some round number that seems fair to all involved. I’m only guessing, but the hard feelings aren’t just about the money, but also about the disrespect. The insult.
        If she would at least admit culpability, come clean, accept responsibility and take any measure to make it right, then people could put that ugly chapter of their lives to rest. Including her.

    • I can’t answer question #1 seeing as its for Tabetha. I can say that from experience, she has always paid royalties and has always been on time with all deadlines.

      As far as question #2, how do you not see how wrong it is to say where the IP is coming from? You may not give our actual, physical address, but its very irresponsible to even mention which states we’re all in. Our location has NOTHING to do with our comments on your blog. If you were trying to prove that we’re not Tabs, you went about it all wrong. If we wanted to disclose where we’re from, we would have done it. I don’t believe it was your place to say. It does put us in danger seeing as its not hard to find people on the Internet nowadays. You just gave people a location and they can run with it. This is ALL my opinion btw so it would be greatly appreciated of you stop saying that Tabs is putting me up to it. She’s not hiding behind us. We’re speaking up because we want to.

      • I appreciate your opinion. Thank you for responding so respectfully.

        I must disagree that naming a state puts anybody in danger. Even if I posted the IP itself, that would only lead to a person’s internet provider, which may not even be in the same city as the customer that uses it. Especially if they post from their phone.
        And many of Tabetha’s authors aren’t posting with your/their real names, making it even harder to pinpoint who we’re even talking to, let alone how to find anybody.
        I appreciate your concerns, but without a name, a city or an address, I think everybody’s quite safe.

  8. Tabby says she want’s the truth to come out but she won’t answer any questions and neither will her sock puppet authors. Tabby still hasn’t answered about telling an author all of their books got sent back and nobody’s answered the question about how Leppy put anybody’s kids in danger or any of the rest of them. They show up hiding like cowards with all these fake names. You nutters are the real chicken shits.

    • In all fairness, people don’t have to be blood related to be considered family. The charming big sister that drops by to leave us with such lovely and inspiring sentiments could be a member of an adopted family. The shared impeccable social graces would indicate that it’s someone very close.

  9. Hold up. I have somebody on here spitting fire because I said the state that a PF author pings back to, claiming I’m placing people, their children and household pets in danger.


    Tabetha has locations for her authors on her “Authors” web page, including Jacqueline in WVA.

    So you guys can all go crawl up Tabetha’s butt now for putting your lives in mortal danger by saying from whence you hail.

  10. Come on now, tabby, be a good furunkel and spill the truth, just this once!
    Answer Lepp’s question whether you told one author that every one of her books that you sold got returned by the buyers?
    I’ll even say: pleeeeaaaaseeee!
    Sitting on the edge of my chair, breathlessly awaiting your answer!

  11. Lepplady, I just want to send a huge thank you out to you for this blog…. reading this I did some research of my own and sadly had to confront my sister ( to clarify is my true blood sister same mom AND dad. sorry no crazy entertaining story there) and inform her that the person that she trusted (Tabetha Jones) was a fraud, and that she needed to withdrawl from her “contracts” (yes i said contracts because there are more than one). I told her to ask Tabetha for a copy of her contract stating the “girls”( my twin nieces) tore it up. which was totally a lie but it got the job done, with her sending a “copy” came a whole new contract that is different from the first even the signatures are different… My My Tabetha, you must not assume just cause someone is from the country they are slow… anyway… My sister is a simple person, doesnt require fame nor fortune, she had a dream of being married, having children and being a writer. well the first two happened without fail and was even blessed with a special needs son and twin daughters. So to say the least my sister is as close to a saint as anyone I know…. So with that being said… Who in the f do you think you are Tabetha Jones? you make it a habit of coming into peoples lives and destroying the little bit of pride they have in themselves? how do you sleep at night? you are nothing but a con artist. with your fake company, and your fake contracts, no business listed with better business bureu, chamber of commerse, no tax Id nothing so just what kind of business are you runninig a tax evasion business? noone got their 1099’s? you are busted and if you think for one minute that I’m fake enough to hide behind other peoples names and have them fight for me you are crazy bitch… this is me in the raw and I am telling you your gig is up, I will not sit back and let you and your cronies harass my sister and make her think for even a second that she is not worthy of being a reputable author… Take her info off your shit and refund her money to her.. you are trash and like all trash it gets taken out… sorry for the vent on your wall Lepplady. hang in there people its only just begun… Oh and Ruby Dee, shes not half the lady I am and she will not kick my ass, trust me… and if you lay with dogs your gonna get fleas… ok pumpkin!!!

      • I hate drama but more than that I hate people that try to take advantage of good honest people.. this makes me sick to think that my baby sister got taken advantage of by a coward like her.. i feel for all of you that have lost actual money money with this thing. she doesnt have my sisters book and she can still find a reputable place or even self publish I know that she is one of the lucky ones…but I am furious that even the slightest hint of failure was past thru my sisters lips.. I will stop at nothing to save anyone else from this POS

      • My next blog post was going to be about alternatives writers have to dealing with a scam publisher. But I just HAD to post the new one I did today. It was to good not to.

  12. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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