Thought for the day

But I guess that’s all the smallest mind is capable of.


7 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Slappy-Tappy is manically posting “pearls of wisdom” memes all over her Facebook…

    E.g. “I’m not a bitch, it just pisses you off that I can see through your lies” and “my bitch switch was installed without a filter…” Etc, etc, ad infinitum!

    My, my our tabby is such a deep thinker, oh the intelligence, must have over 125 IQ points – should apply to the Mensa!

    • Somebody sent me the link to Jamie’s radio show yesterday, telling me they were on there talking about me, so out of sheer morbid curiosity, I tuned in. They were cackling like hens over the quip that “If there’s no body, it’s not murder.” and “That’s what the gators were for.” They talked about using a body as “Gator bait.” and I turned it off.
      Never mind how juvenile they sounded. But talk about the HEIGHT of unprofessionalism. A so-called “publisher” goes on the air to presumably talk about their “work” and all they can do is poke fun at me with very thinly veiled threats? Any author that still hasn’t come to their senses and left that sham “company” should be totally and completely embarrassed to be represented in public that way. The two minutes I did hear were a joke, and not the kind they intended. They didn’t come off as a publishing company at all. They sounded like juvenile delinquents ditching class in the bathroom at Junior High.
      But I guess that’s no surprise. Tabetha wouldn’t know how to be professional if it bit her on the ass.
      Not the publishing profession, anyway.

      • I listened to some of that too – it was too long, unprepared and silly to stay tuned for longer than 10 minutes.
        That “radio-show” is the epitome of unprofessional! Who does that but keeps insisting that she is grown up and a publisher?

      • I couldn’t agree more. Any self-respecting author that wants to be taken seriously in publishing should be not just embarrassed but ashamed to be caught anywhere near such unprofessional folk as that. We’re talking about publishing, not a grade-school sleepover.

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