The Tabby Troll

My goodness, Tabetha. It looks like you visit my blog more than I do.
And that doesn’t count the proxies.

Who’s the troll again?
That would be you.


68 thoughts on “The Tabby Troll

    • There’s certainly no shortage.

      The problem is that there are people so trusting and gullible that they believe her when she says that I’m just trolling her, or whatever. They see what I’m writing. Hell, she sends them to look at it, putting her own spin on it so they won’t believe it. And they don’t. They still buy into her joking around about it. They don’t realize that not only are they being scammed by her company in the first place, they’re also being conned by explaining away all those former victims that are trying to warn them away from being (further) victimized themselves.
      When they find out that we’re telling the truth here – and they will – they’ll feel foolish for falling for her line of rubbish. They always do. Some might show up here to warn others, and some will just quietly disappear. And there Tabetha will stand, laughing at them, with their money snug in her pocket.

      I wish I knew what to say to convince them. In a way, I feel sorry for them, being suckered by such a duplicitous scam artist. In a way, I almost don’t. Here’s the truth, right in front of them. They come and look at it every day. So does she. But they choose to believe a comfortable lie instead of an embarrassing truth. Almost like they’d rather keep getting conned than admit they fell for it. Maybe they’re buying the hype that all that stuff is “in the past” and “everybody deserves a second chance.” That seems to be a popular defense for her actions. What they don’t realize is that she’s been saying the same thing to new victims for years to play on their sympathy. Folks want to believe the best about people, and usually that’s fine. But it’s the mark of a good con to know whose sympathies they can play on to victimize them.
      She’s been playing the hurt little victim (of Wendy and Brandy, of the “liars and backstabbers” of me and the others that have blogged the truth about her) for YEARS.
      It’s not a second chance she wants. It’s for victim after victim to fall for that ruse so she can sign ’em up and rip ’em off. Just like she’s still doing to those foolish few that are still loyal to her.

      In at least one case, I can understand it. An author whose badly treated at another publishing company is ripe for the picking with a few comforting words about how warmly accepted they are at Tabetha’s table, how they’re valuable, how they’re FAMILY. How Tabetha will take care of her and look after her, promote her within the company to make her feel loved and important. The same way a cult leaver lures in vulnerable followers. It’s brainwashing by playing upon a person’s vulnerabilities. Make ’em feel valuable, make ’em feel loved, and they’ll fight to the death for you. They’ll chug the kool-aid every time you tell them to. Folks like that buy into the con so wholeheartedly that some of them never see reason. They’ll go down with the ship, then stand blinking in the sun if they’re lucky enough to make it to shore, confused about what happened.
      But I hope that MOST of the people that have bought the whole cloth she weaves will realize that it’s spun of spider silk, a web created to trap them. They’re vulnerable, but they’re not stupid. Many have found their way clear of her after taking a beating, both financially and emotionally. I’m just hoping that more will see the light, whether it’s new authors looking for a publisher to sign with or current victims that don’t realize yet that they’re being played.

      All I can do is put the truth out there. It’s up to the people at risk to let it sink in and save themselves from Tabetha’s clutches. In the end, it’s up to them.

      • It’s awful to watch – tabby completely wrapped that poor woman in bullshit, dunked her in lies and battered her in crumbs of nonsense!
        Jamie is obviously vulnerable, insecure and desperate for friends. She must have been quite badly used and abused by predators previously, that makes her the perfect victim for tabby. It is painful to watch on the one hand but on the other I know that no amount of truth or reason can extract jamie from tabby yet… I am waiting for the day that poor girl wakes up!

      • It’s a shame that anybody gets wrapped up in Tabetha’s deception. She doesn’t just rob them of their money, she steals their dignity and crushes their dreams. I hope for the day when all of them realize her for the thief she is.

  1. Your just mad becuz Boss Lady is smarter then you cunt she has author’s that love her. Who love’s you BITCH nobody because your just an ugly old stalker you have nothing better to do with you suck ass life but STROLL a REAL HIGH CLASS SEXY TATTOOD BITCH. I hope you die nobody will miss you CUNT.

    • You are a very special little one, aren’t you?
      Please stop scaring people with all those strong and dangerous expressions you throw around, someone could get hurt! You wouldn’t want that, would you?

    • My, my, my. I certainly hope you are not an author (which is a futile hope, since it’s obvious who you are.)
      I’ve never had anyone STROLL me… is that some sort of dance move?
      Also, throwing in BITCH and CUNT completely and utterly negates the idea of “high class.”
      And finally… I have over thirty tattoos. Guess what? Aside from being a living canvas, my tattoos have NOTHING to do with what kind of person I am — so why do you constantly bring up having tattoos? It’s not the 1940s anymore; many, many people are tatted now. It is completely irrelevant to whatever case you are trying to make… unless the point is to show you are rather stupid, vulgar and have some mental issues in need of addressing. If that’s the case, then CONGRATULATIONS!

      • I’m highly amused every time she accuses me (or anybody else) of attacking her for having tattoos. I have tattoos myself. That’s never been an issue for me. And I can lay down a string of F-bombs with the best of ’em. I don’t care about that, either, as it relates to her personally.
        Like you said, tattoos have nothing to do with how well a person writes. Or, in her case, how poorly. They also have nothing to do with whether a person has class or not. Class isn’t what’s on a person’s skin, it’s how they act. It’s how they treat people. The ink on her skin doesn’t make her low-class or detestable, the fact that she scams people does.

  2. You should see the pictures Tabby Renee’s taking to bring her alts as you call them to life especially Zooey Sweet yeah I said zoo on purpose that’s where her and her so called sexy pictures belong, in a zoo. She looks like a fat reheaded squealing pig trying to be sexy she never knew what sexy is just slutty as she’s always been nothing but a trashy slut as far back as I can remember because nobody ever loved her. They only used her for sex and she made it so easy because she khows thats the only way anybody can stand to be near her. She never had any self estem because nobody ever wanted her not even her own parent’s and she knows it she’s just a lonely loser that nobody loves accept for her poor kid that doesn’t know any better. When that kid grows up she’s going to leave that scabby slutty loser like everybody leaves her sooner or later because she’s a loser she deserves it.

    • Wow. Well. I think we all know that Tabetha has issues. The louder somebody shouts, the deeper their insecurities run. It’s no secret that she suffers from a host of mental disorders, not the least of which are antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders. If she weren’t a sociopath, she’d realize that hurting people the way she does isn’t okay. But she hasn’t the first consideration for anybody but herself.
      Same thing for her smutty sexual proclivities. It’s none of my business what she does with her private life or why, but those sleazy tendencies leak over into what she tries to pass off as writing. And her scumbaggery is all OVER how she deals with the few authors she has left and how she represents her illegal company. Whether it’s facebook, her blog or those laughable appearances on Jamie’s radio show, she spews one blatant sexual reference after the next. She thinks she’s funny or clever – might even think she’s actually sexy – but really, it’s just pathetic. Any author should be embarrassed to be associated with a publisher that acts like that. She really does make small presses look bad.

      • Speaking of Jamie have you noticed that Jamie’s radio show use to be called this is the way I roll but now it’s called this is the way we roll so it’s about her new Phoenix family not just herself anymore, unless I’m mistaken Jamie had that radio show before she ever met Tabby but now Tabby has tooken it over.

      • Did she change it? Sounds more and more like a cult brainwashing all the time. And, like any cult leader, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” Getting cult members to hand over all their belongings, their very identity, over to the cult.
        Looks like there’s more than one wacko in Waco.

    • Dallas Gurl you seem to know very little about the real Tabetha Jones. I have known her for many years now and a slut is one thing she is not.

      You say she used sex to keep men around funny when she was in serious relationships or married most of her life. And thick and curvy women can be sexy too it’s all about how you present yourself. And yes she did a professional shoot with a high class photographer to bring Zoey Sweete to life.

      Many authors do this. Maybe you have a problem with it because you don’t have the skills to pull off a shoot as she did. And the Tabetha I know is very confident in herself and has never used sex or her body to keep men around. She was raised a bit differently than that. If you know her as well as you say you do then that would obvious.

      I find it highly assuming that you say her own parents didn’t want her when they did everything possible to get her here. Who am I well we can play your guessing game on that.

      Tabetha’ s parents both sets included loved her dearly. They always supported her dreams and pushed her to go for them. And how dare you bring her daughter into this. That is uncalled for. Tabetha may not be perfect but that little girl is very well taken care of by her mother. Tabetha would do anything for her daughter, that baby girl was her miracle and she loves her mother to pieces.

      You think you know her but I think maybe you have your facts twisted a tiny bit. Again I have known her for a very long time. She shares things with me and when she told me about this blog I was in shock. I would think everyone would have better things to do.

      Maybe the Tabetha is junior high was shy with no self esteem but the woman she is today is confident in herself, her body, and is not some lonely loser. She has a small circle of friends which I am proud to be apart of.

      I suggest before you begin to ramble off about things that you are unaware of Dallas Gurl you might want to get your facts straight. Tabetha may be many things but a slut no, a bad mother no, keeping men around using sex no, low self esteem no, this woman radiates confidence in ways you will never know.

      As for her daughter she is a walking mini tabetha and loves her momma to pieces. Maybe it is you that has the issues with self esteem, using sex to keep men around, and being slutty instead of sexy. Tabetha knows the difference. She has never been one to sleep around and if you know her as well as you say you do then YOU would know that.

      Maybe it is you that has the issues. From what I have seen here on this blog it isn’t about reaching out to being an advocate to authors it is all hate. If this was really about being an advocate then you would focus on companies that truly are rip offs.

      All I see is hate and people taking cheap shots at a woman that has been through hell and back. Who survived three abusive marriages and is still standing. Any woman that can still hold her head up high after all that deserves some credit.

      Of course I do see that here on this blog anyone who disagrees with what is said is trashed right along side Tabetha. Which is fine because I know the real Tab and Dallas Gurl I do believe I know you. You give away too much information each time you post. Others may be blind but I believe that Tabetha too knows who you are as well.

      Maybe she tells you things so you will out yourself. In the end Dallas Gurl I honestly believe that the reason you talk your crap and belittle Tabetha is one of two reasons. Either you are jealous of her and what she is accomplishing without you or you want to be like her.

      It could be both. But I do believe that we know who you really are. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Say what you want but maybe if each one of you actually took the time to get to know the real Tab you would see she is not this person you make her out to be.

      So she’s a little rough around the edges, she cusses like a sailor, she likes to laugh and have fun, but that is what her authors love about her. Then when it’s time for serious business she is very professional. Tab is a free spirit and it shows in her character. She doesn’t hold back. She is just herself with everyone including her company.

      That is why she IS loved. That IS why her authors stand up for her. That is why I am here. No she hasn’t been perfect in her past but really who has? But striking a low blow as you did was highly uncalled for.

      Before you decide to judge people be sure you are perfect Dallas Gurl because we both know you are far from perfect. Or have you forgotten all the things you have done?

      Tab may not know for sure who you are but I on the other hand see right through you. As for her photo shoot I do believe she was amazing from what I have heard. But I am sure once the pictures are posted you will have something nasty to say either way.

      Of course that’s how you have always been hasn’t it? Maybe your parents didn’t want you, maybe you’re the one with the issues, but I forgot everyone here on this blog is perfect except Tabetha and those that support her. A bit one sided don’t you think?

      • Okay. I’m ready to take a stab at this.

        First, there were only two people that visited my blog at the time that this was written: Tabetha and one of her sock puppets, who posted this using an Amazon proxy. We all know it wasn’t Tabetha that actually wrote it, because there is at least a semblance of writing ability. I mean, they used punctuation and everything.

        But anybody with eyeballs knows that Tabetha was behind it. It’s the same self-serving diatribe she’s spouted through her alts and sock puppets for years, right down to how she’s “rough around the edges and cusses like a sailor but that’s what her authors LOVE about her” and how she’s “been through hell, survived three marriages and she’s still standing” rhetoric. It’s almost word for word the same tripe she’s been defending herself with ever since her little bat wings first carried her onto the literary world’s radar.

        Order of events: Tabetha visited the blog, this response was posted via proxy through her sock puppet, then Tabetha visited the blog again to make sure it looked okay. Problem is, it’s from a new (proxy) IP, so I had to approve it before it would show. So she’s visited my blog several times after that waiting for it to show up. I could screen cap the works, but I’m not going to bother. She knows I’m right. And so does her sock puppet.

        As for the content, it’s far too defensive to have come from somebody who’s so “confident” with herself. All evidence to the contrary. The fact that she felt the need to come here and defend herself so loudly, and to drag somebody else in to help her do it, belies a staggering depth of insecurity. Looks like Dallas Gurl hit that nail right square on the head.

        Get to know Tabetha? We’re here in the first place because we HAVE gotten to know Tabetha. Some of us better than we’d like to admit. We’ve been cajoled, lied to, scammed, betrayed and stolen from by her. We do know her. And when the sock puppet that wrote this gets burned too, she’ll know that we were right all along. It’s Tabetha’s current authors that need to really get to know her. The sooner they do, the better off they’ll be.

        Sock puppet, in one breath you say that you’ve known Tabetha for YEARS. Then in the next sentence, you proclaim how shocked you were when she told you about this blog, since she shares things with you and all. So shocked that you ran here to her defense. Well, hon, this blog has been here a long time. Seems to me that if you knew her for such a long time, as you say, she would have shared this place with you a long time ago so that you could be outraged and come running to her defense, just like all her other sock puppets and alts. Nope. Just like her other current victims, you haven’t known her very long. But you will. You’ll learn about her from experience the way all her other victims do. Don’t be embarrassed when it happens. We all fell for it, too.

        As for her daughter, I notice this: Tabetha (oh shut up. We know it was you) took 4 paragraphs defending herself and establishing how sexy she really is before she got around to defending her daughter. Kid got 5 sentences out of 19 paragraphs. I can speak only for myself, but when my daughter was in Tabetha’s line of fire, that’s where my attention was. Not with myself. But that’s just how I roll as a mother.

        You’ve read this blog, dear sock puppet. You know that I don’t attack Tabetha’s authors. I pity them. They’re victims of her scams just like all the people that have been scammed before them. Just like I pity you, running here to defend a woman that’s using you to hide behind. Tabetha’s a big girl. Let her come post her own arguments.

      • Oh but it’s okay for you to talk shit about other people Tabby Scabby, what a hypocrite. And oh yeah your still a theif.

      • Exactly the point. As enlightening as it is, all of this waffling on about Tabetha’s personal life only distracts attention away from why we’re really here. She’s probably using these comments to play victim. “Boo Hoo! They’re so MEAN!” *eye roll*
        Let’s not lose sight of the real point.Tabetha Jones is a con artist that rips people off using an illegal company.

  3. You assume that Tabetha has some sort of mighty power to pull strings creating “sock puppets”. Unfortunately I am afraid she does not world that sort of magic.

    You say that I forget the reason why you are here. That is an interesting argument, but again if you and these good citizens are here to fight for justice then why attack only one company? Why single one person out when there are dozens of real cons and scams actually taking place.

    Yes I know Tabetha and yes she shares things , but it is certainly not high boo whoo they are all being mean to me. It is more like she’s not even worried about it. She mentioned along with the conversation of her photo shoot saying how this one blog would probably be all over it.

    As I checked through the posts I found Dallas Gurl already rambling on about that and other aspects of Tabetha’ s personal life. Yes I referenced her abusive marriages because she draws strength from being survivor and I believe credit is do there.

    I also certainly do not agree that you know the real Tab. You know the angry bitch that you so often attack and what would you do? She is not the type of woman to sit back on her behind and allow people to lash out, not after all she has been through.

    Whether it is HER writing, her personal life, her business, her daughter, or the fact that she stands up for herself, let’s just put the truth out there. You have such hate in your heart that you, Lepplady must find someone or something to toss under the bus.

    I read a post that said you were square with Tabetha yet each post is directed at her. Such negative energy is not healthy for the soul. After all it takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

    You accuse her of having sock puppets, but take a look around on your very own blog. They are playing follow the leader as you pull their strings.

    The people Tabetha surrounds herself come with no strings attached. We are there because we want to be. No one struck a nerve, but I wanted to make a point. You simply cannot just be an advocate, no you and these people prefer to call her names and bring an innocent child into this, who happens to be very well loved as Tabetha is a great mother. She would do anything for that precious little girl. Yet you tarnish not only her company, but her parenting, her deceased parents, her mother, and her daughter.

    If you want to be an advocate then please do so correctly. Unfortunately your way is only making You look like you hate her and stirring up a passing contest or holding a grudge match.

    There are proper ways of doing things and I don’t find anything proper at all here. Yes Tabetha has retaliated on her blog, but I really don’t blame her. Enough was enough for her. You are both grown woman, Tabetha has stepped away, maybe it is time you do the same. Positive energy is more efficient than negative.

    • Every time this joker posts, Tabetha visits my blog repeatedly to see if it showed up yet.
      Not even worried about it. Riiight.

      For the record, “No Sting’s” post was submitted at around 9:30 pm. That’s 2130 on a 24-hour clock.
      Just saying.

      • I’m amused by the fact that she misspelled strings in her moniker. How would one go about attaching a sting, anyway? How would one go about getting a sting, or even a stinger for that matter? Mess with a wasp’s nest, and hope to get stung? Extract the barb with tweezers and glue it to the monitor when she’s done typing her message? That typo is all kinds of funny.

    • Gee, I wonder what kind of power she does world.

      In one breath, Tabetha screams “Don’t talk about my private life!” and in the next, she uses her private life to try and garner sympathy and admiration. She doesn’t get it both ways. The fact that she thinks she can reveals the fraud mentality that she uses to manipulate people.

      I’ve repeated many times that I don’t hate Tabetha. You/she wants her supporters to believe I’m hateful in order to discredit me and my blog. Like every other scam she runs on them, it’s a manipulation to try to deflect (there’s that word again) attention away from the facts. If she can explain away WHY I blog about her, she thinks she can erase what I’m revealing about her. It’s all a head game, a manipulation. And it works, for a while. Her authors nod and say “Oh if it’s hate, it must be lies.”
      Sorry, kids. I don’t hate, and the truth is that she’s a fraud. She’s a thief that’s manipulating you so that she can keep ripping you off. If you can’t accept that, you need to take a step back and take a really good look at your publisher. The definition of fraud has been presented to you, along with history (and present) of fitting that description. Including using alts to reply on blogs in defense of herself.

      While you’re at it, take a good look at her abysmal inability to write. For an editor and publisher, she can’t even manage to put together a blog post without a disturbing number of errors. A writer needs to not only expect better from a publisher, he or she should demand it.

      Same thing with her behavior. As a writer, you should demand better from a publisher than the juvenile mindset she displays, the lack of professionalism her company is rife with and the crass way she represents herself, her company and her authors.

      Writers, YOU need to step away. From an illegal, unprofessional publisher that’s stealing from you. It’s your work. It’s your dignity. It’s your money. Don’t let her rob you of any of it.

  4. Do you think that urine be gone spray would work to get out the fishy shit taco smell she carries around? But oh right your the one that strolls her thats why her butch ass follows you around like a puppy in heat. Watch out Leppie you might get A 400 pound Texas heffer trying to hump your leg.

  5. “You accuse her of having sock puppets, but take a look around on your very own blog. They are playing follow the leader as you pull their strings.”

    Hardly in my case, NSA. I’m simply concerned (as I have been with other questionable publishers) that inexperienced authors shouldn’t fall foul of bad practices. I’m in the business of helping other writers.

    • I’ve already said that I don’t know half of the people that post here. But, like all the other facts, she ignores it and keeps right on playing pot and kettle. If she accuses me of what she does, she thinks we’ll cancel out.
      Tap dance as she might, the fact remains that she’s a publisher to avoid. I only hope that by posting about her, I can help new authors, as well as her current victims, see the truth and find a reputable publisher.

      • I’m very glad to see this blog. I had enquired about Phoenix Fire’s services to publish my first book. I like to think I’m a reasonably intelligent person but I have to admit that I was ready to sign after speaking to Ms. Jones. My spouse suggested that I do a little research first, so I googled Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire Publishing. Three results included a blog by Emily Suess, Cussedness Corner and this Lepplady blog. After reading pages and pages on all three, I have to admit that I was shocked. The person I talked to was sweet and kind,seemed professional, not at all like the foul mouthed hooker-bully I see in her own comments in her own words. The difference is night and day. It’s like booking a room in an upscale hotel where the lobby looks great and the receptionist is pleasant, but when you pay and get your key, they pull back the curtain and you find out that you’re stuck sleeping in a crack house, complete with whores and hit men and everything but you can’t leave because they have your money and you signed the lease. It’s a total bait and switch. You think you’re getting professional service but the whole thing is nothing but a sham. Thank you Emily, Cussedness and Lepplady for saving my book’s life. I’m too embarassed to give my real name but when my book comes out, I hope Lepplady will do a review for me.

      • You’re lucky. You got out before she got any money out of you. A LOT of people have lost hundreds of dollars. Maybe thousands. A lot are still losing money. It is my hope that they’ll cut their losses and get away from that con artist so that they don’t have to lose any more.

        Besides money, there’s the humiliation of being scammed, and the damage done to a writer’s reputation from being associated with a scam publisher. There’s psychological and professional damage, and there’s no price you can put on that.

  6. The aggressive behavior you are seeing is clear as day. When did it become a crime to defend yourself against the hatred that has spread through this blog and many others?

    When did it become a crime to post edited versions of a blog post? Frankly, when my temper gets the best of me the last thing I’m worried about is spelling errors or grammar.

    You say it is not about hatred, then if you are being such an advocate for authors why do you put all your time and energy into only Phoenix Fire? Why attack only her?

    So, she has a foul mouth, but that is just Tabetha. If you actually saw how saw how she interacted with her authors your stance might change. You say she brainwashed people, but again sweet dear she does not wield a mighty wand or put them under some spell.

    She is just plainly herself. For a woman that is supposed to be such low quality trash I find it funny that she has some of the highest connections in the metroplex area. Designers, artists, photographers, models, high profile business owners which known would do business with a fraud or con. Their reputations are to important to risk.

    She has a long list of supporters that stand beside her company, her writing, and the woman herself. I believe she is making major accomplishments and it burns you the rest of these people to their core that she is doing well, climbing her way to the top, and not leaving anyone behind.

    She may visit your blog, possibly to have a good laugh, I don’t know, but there is always a reason behind everything she does.

    I think that if you are all about a good cause then I think you might want to branch yourself out. Quit focusing all this negative energy on a woman you don’t even know and possibly use your resources for something positive.

    • Have to approve this one too because it’s from yet another proxy IP.

      Doesn’t matter how much you waffle, hon, you can’t get around the fact that many of the people here do know Tabetha. They’re former authors so they know up close and personal how she treats them. You can SAY how great she you is are but they’ve got first hand experience that tells a very different story.

      The Metroplex area? Is that a local Texas term, dear? I’m not familiar with it. I doubt many people not from there are.

      Models, photographers, designers, etc, do business with whoever pays them. That’s not “support” or loyalty, it’s commerce. And we all know where the money comes from, don’t we?

      Maybe if she you quit running an illegal company, people would quit calling it out. Just saying.

  7. Tabetha Jones doesn’t have to give US anything, we value her loyalty. She has always radiated positive energy, which I see you do not madam.

    Yes it is a Texas term for the social media, and high quality professionals in Dallas and surrounding areas. She has never spent a penny, we simply have all known her for some time, I myself longer than others.

    Tabetha surrounds herself with a positive life force, energy drawn from from those around that value her as a person. We believe in different causes I see. A true advocate does not point the finger at one individual, they seek the truths of all. Where here all I see is hatred, anger, and negative energy.

    I suggest a cleansing of sorts my dear woman and maybe then you will find peace in your heart.

  8. Why is it when questions are asked in a polite mannequin always find a way to slip through and try so hard to assume that it is Tabetha or someone involved with her company?

    Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of this delightful soul since birth. She speaks of her family often, including how worried she is about her mother who is quite I’ll. I pray often for her, I know how deeply she loves her.

    As for her family she does not keep that from. Funny, because Dallas Girl says she not loved when her parents when an alternate way to have her. Then, I recall a man that was of no blood to her adopted her. In my world for a man to do such an honorable thing is courageous.

    This Jacqueline as I understand is an author for Phoenix. I do not know any Olivia dear madam. I was simply and kindly asking a few questions which you did everything in your power not to answer.

    Ms. Lepplady I have no hidden agendas and I do have a very well, or intelligent minds resting on my shoulders, which causes me to find it insulting that you automatically indicate that I would be representing myself falsely as someone else.

    Do my questions insult you so that being the reason you find every particular way to find something else to say rather than answer? Allow me to ask kindly again with you knowing this. Tabetha Jones has never given myself or any associates, as well as friends of mine in the metroplex area. We have either known her before started in this business venture or were introduced at social gatherings or private parties. Understand when I say parties I do mean professional cocktail parties at a private home in Richland Hills or Decatur.

    Are you an advocate or representative of the writing industry? If so why not use your knowledge and if so why not use those resources for other than pointing your finger at one only? Why put all your time into one person and make this look like hatred? You say you don’t hate her then prove yourself by locating companies that do charge as a vanity press and that do take their authors for hundreds of dollars.

    I have seen the contracts for Phoenix as Tabetha was willing to look over it. I do hundreds of contracts daily so this is no different. The only item on that contract that there is a charge for is the cover and states in simple terms why. Most authors want rights or even the business associates I deal with, to something. So concluding at the end of the term they have full rights to that.

    Her contract also states the author has all creative rights pertaining to their manuscript. Anthology contracts the company does not even take. A cut but instead is divided evenly between authors. A fellow colleague of mine helps her with accounts and royalties, so I do know by fact that her authors get their rightful monies.

    If I am correct you stated Tabetha and yourself were square because she did right by your daughter even though she went against her attorney’s wishes, yes she does have an attorney madam, he is real. One of his many practices is just several blocks from my own business.

    I do apologize for getting off subject. Why not seek out true thieves and true con artists in the literary world? Why not do a post a weekly on different companies or are you so blinded by your hatred and anger that you cannot focus on anything else?

    I have not come here throwing insults, but in a respectable manner. I have asked questions that have gone unanswered because you dared to insult me as a sock puppet, an alt, and several others. Why? Because I support Tabetha Jones and not only who she is as person, the one who have possibly never seen, her writing, her authors, and her company.

    Those that support her in this area do so without payment because just like myself we want to see her fulfill her goals and aspirations. Frankly, madam the more you post about her the more drive and strength you allow her to fill her soul with positive energy which allows her to accomplish her dreams and build up a beautiful company.

    Tabitha has a warm soul and would do anything for anyone, and that miss includes her authors.

    I do hope that I receive true quality answers but why I feel that I will be insulted upon again will not surprise me. It will only show others that you are not the advocate, you are instead are just looking for more ways to spread hate and negative energy, almost like an infectious disease. That is the way I see hate.

    I, madam wish you a good day and look forward to your response as a civil adult as I have represented myself here since the beginning. Although, you would never know it by looks of me and the business I own. That is why I find positive so incredibly important. As I hope you will some day as well.

    • Well, I do like it when mannequins are polite.

      IPs don’t lie, hon. Neither does writing style. No matter how hard you put your very well, or intelligent minds to it, you still can’t string a sentence together with both hands and a flashlight.

      But do keep up your charades. You’re highly amusing.



        Yep. Cos “YOUR A FUCKING LIAR YOU PHOTO SHOP THAT LIE. YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK BITCH Iā€™M GOING TO KICK YOUR CUNT ASS INTO NEXT FUCKING YEAR!! STOP LYING BITCH!!!!” is exactly what you say when you’re in the right and telling the truth. #sarcasm

        Whatcha gonna do to her, Get Over It, bitch? Bust a caps lock in her ass- oh, no you’ve already done that.

    • When do your best to attempt to appear as a professional, no matter what industry you claim to be a part of, it is an excellent idea to read what you have written before posting it. Typos happen; my favorite one I’ve ever seen is a typo I made myself. As I read my work out loud, I came upon this sentence: She continued to stare long after he shit the door behind him.
      Well, yeah, I would have stared at someone shitting a door as well! Obviously, I meant to type “shut.”
      However, you don’t just have a few typos in your lengthy reply. Aside from the pretentious and phony tone, you simply have too many sentences that read as if your first language is not English. If it isn’t, then the mistakes are understandable – yet you claim to have something to do with contracts.

      Hmmm… I call bullshit.

      • See? I even did it myself: I should have said “When doing your best…”
        Learn to not take yourself so seriously… none of us are getting off this planet alive, especially door shitters and polite mannequins.

      • Shitting a door, LOL!

        And whole words that are missing from Tabetha’s writing. Don’t forget about those. The harder she tries to be proper and intelligent, the more glaring her shortcomings are.

  9. Yes, I laughed my ass off at “Why is it when questions are asked in a polite mannequin..” after trying to imagine how that could even be accomplished. Then again, she’s of “intelligent minds,” so maybe she knows how to ask questions in a polite mannequin. OR, someone just hit “change all” in their word processor without editing it. And when that didn’t work, it was time to try ALL CAPS RAGE again. Here’s a tip, Tabby: SAME FAIL IS FAIL.

    • Mad Hatter please allow me to apologize for my incorrect terms. Unfortunately I do not look back over my replies so please accept my apology.

      I met Tabetha in 2004 when I first arrived in Dallas looking to succeed in my own ventures of business. I have several emails some for business, some for my familia. Of course we are not as close because of businesses I take on, but I have m@e quite a name for myself.

      I have been kind here, never throwing an insult or talking badly about anyone, yet my questions go unanswered even though I have not disrespected a soul or persons here.

      I am advocate for domestic violence but I do not focus my energies on one false charity or help only certain victims of certain crimes.

      My group of girls that work along side represent different types of crimes against women and every now and then we find false charities. Tabetha Jones is one of our ladies that represent certain victims.

      Although, my business does not only deal with that I venture into different dealings and own several companies, that have made an impact on the metroplex area with help of photographers, designers, and clean clear souls as Tabetha.

      Looking at me on the street you would not think of me as a business person. As the way you look at Tabetha. Why is it you take a slow waltz around my questions. I begin to believe you are full of this disease of hate.

      Simple questions why can there not be simple answers Ms. Lepplady?

      • Playing the victim didn’t work.
        Waving around sick relatives didn’t work.
        Hiding behind that innocent little girl didn’t work.
        The “I’m a tattooed biker’s daughter bitch” bluster didn’t work.
        The “I’ve been abused but I’m still standing” bravado didn’t work.
        Posing as an alt isn’t working, is it dear?
        So now you’re trying to gain admiration for being an advocate for battered women? That’s such an insult to all of those real victims out there. Hiding behind real abused women to throw the focus off of what a sham, liar and thief you are? How repulsive.

        You talk about wanting simple answers. What about people that have been asking you for simple for answers since the days of Mystic Press? Where are their answers? Address them and then you might have the right to ask for some answers for yourself.

      • You’re “advocate for domestic violence”? That’s… that’s appalling!

        Do you even realize what you’ve just said? I suggest you look up the meaning of “advocate” and then replace it in the sentence you used above so as to understand fully what you’ve just said. Dumbass.

        This Tabetha Joke represents victims of crime? That’s a laugh! Background checks are standard procedure when working with vulnerable people, and hers would not show up clean, by any stretch of the imagination. Bullshit.

      • I’ve been a battered woman. I find it offensive to the highest magnitude that she would have the unmitigated gall to posture herself as a victim’s advocate to try to get some positive attention for herself. It’s absolutely disgusting.

  10. How dare you question the facts! We do standard checks and there is not one sign of anything unclean on Tabetha Jones. Have you met her daughter? Spoken with her their counselor on the violence both mother and child endured?

    To be an advocate for what we are doing we want women that have been apart of it. We have a huge session coming soon and Tabetha has donated many of her poetry collections describing what she suffered.

    She will be photographed a long with other women from many shelters, many of those that were like Tabetha and had a child. I find it appalling that you would doubt her testimony of what she survived.

    Those that know her have seen the proof first hand, but as a battered woman you should know you cannot always run. One false mistake could mean your life depending on the particular situation one could find themselves in.

    I began this venture because of my own experiences and wanted to honestly help woman. Some do not even know how to leave. The session is also for these women that find that they are still an abusive relationship. They will be blindfolded for protection.

    I find myself out of breath from anger but I will not allow your negative energy to pull down into the disease filled trenches you sit in.

    I found peace in my soul, and working with Tabetha, she too is finding peace. Her daughter is bright full of radiant light but has made xxx several comments that I worry for. We are still working with this special miracle girl. I do hope she will find peace, learning there is not nothing that can harm her.

    You may not see the hate in your own words but others do.

    • Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. All of it. It’s “Draven the Stripper”/ ObservOR” all over again. You think we haven’t read every post on this blog?

      You’re not a good enough writer to pull this off, Tabetha. Don’t kid yourself into thinking anyone is fooled by this charade. You messed up big time when you said “advocate for domestic abuse” because no real advocate for abused women would ever, EVER get such a thing mixed up, even if they had the most basic level of education. Why? Because they work in a job where sensitivity is paramount, and saying such a thing would be detrimental to the victim, so it would be a critical part of the training process on how to word things correctly. Idiot.

      Stop dragging that poor little kid into it. Another blatant clue that you are not who you claim to be. You should have stuck with pretending to be a stripper.

      • Her kid, sick relatives, her authors victims, victims of domestic violence. She doesn’t care who she hides behind. If she thinks she can use ’em to her advantage, she’ll do it.

      • BULL. SHIT. Women in shelters are there to HIDE from whoever abused them. They don’t line up for promo shots with fake ass publishers so their abusers know right where to find them.


        How many times has Tabetha beat her chest saying “I’m a biker’s daughter, I’m a drill Sergeant’s daughter and they taught me don’t take shit from anybody!” Yet we’re supposed to believe that she was battered? I call bullshit. All evidence points to Tabetha being the abuser, with all her biker-bitch bravado, crass manners, foul mouth and utter disregard for those she scams.

        Yes. I do dare question that story. More than question it, I call it bullshit.

        It’s just one more chapter in the book of Tabetha trying to deflect attention. Sorry hon. We still know that you’re a liar, a thief, and a scam artist. And were not going to stop calling you on it until you stop being a thief.

    • We want women that have been apart of it?
      There is not nothing that can harm her?

      Your illiteracy is showing, Tabetha.

      I find it appalling that you’ve got the nerve to use battered women to try to make yourself look better. I thought you were reprehensible for taking advantage of eager young writers, but this is low, even for you.

      Wrong, hon. What people see is right through you. The more you post, the more you give yourself away.

    • The facts I don’t question are the ones that prove that your busted posting under yet more fake names from the same ip’s but here you still are posting away like people are too stupid to know it’s you, your a real looney tune aren’t you but we already knew that. I see your making up more names on your author pages, what happened did more people leave I guess they saw the truth too so now you have to make up more names to fluff out your company. Thank you Lepplady for this blog showing what a theif and madwoman you are Tabetha, we know it’s you so stop lying, oh right, you can’t. The only stupid people are the real one’s that still let you make them look a fool while you take money out of there pockets, they need to wake up or they deserve what they get.

      • Nobody deserves to get scammed. But if they allow the scammer to keep doing it after being informed about what’s happening to them, they can’t only blame the thief. They must accept equal responsibility, at least until they take back the power over their own lives, work and finances. Then they stop being a victim and start being free. Empowered.

    • Yeah and you have no clue about what she makes her own daughter say. I was with her for 2 years I know the shit she puts in the little girls head.

  11. Hey Tabby Renee don’t you have some new writer’s to make up since your’s are leaving? Oh yeah your a saint that’s why you steal from people… you talk about raising money for victim’s but you turn around and talk about how your going to spend the money just like you spend the money you get from your book you say the proceeds go to victim’s but you never sent a dime you spent it… oh really am I lying well let’s see a reciet for your donation… right you can’t cuz you don’t have one… i karma is catching up with you baby girl… and you deserve everything karma does to your ass. You think you got me figured out well keep guessing… what’s funny is you talk to me about who you think I am… it’s hard not to laugh at you…keep guessing girl friend.

  12. All this reading makes a bad day much more tolerable! From the sidelines (which is where I shall stay, no worries), let me just say that I wish I had some popcorn. This is very entertaining.

  13. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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