Still wrong

How long ago was it that Tabetha insisted that her freelancers aren’t contracted because she thought that it distanced her from the responsibility of calling them employees? Not very.
Now that it’s been pointed out that a lack of contracts is what makes them employees rather than freelancers, she’s scrambled to try and fix it.
It’s almost pitiable that she continues to get it so wrong.
I’m not going to point out how she’s still getting it wrong this time so that she can try to fix it again. She’ll just keep screwing it up anyway. Even with a freaking road map, she still can’t find the right way to get it done.
*shakes my head*


32 thoughts on “Still wrong

  1. Weeks ago I wrote a review on goodreads on a book by Jennifer Gunn – I didn’t read the entire book, just about two pages and it was terrible…

    I dared to express that opinion and have been bombarded for weeks with insults, threats and she will also take me to court with her lawyer! Hahaha…!
    The best is that she is convinced I’m you!

    So I thought I’d send you the latest message from dear Jennifer:
    “By the way, if you’re trying to offend someone by calling them stupid, good luck with that. Only truly stupid people are offended by that. So, talk about my intelligence all you like. I actually have a college education, thank you very much. So, might want to do some research on the people you think you’re harassing. Just a little pointer for you. JT, hope you have loads of fun in your life. Did you know, anger, ill-directed anger, kills people? One day, your organs will seize up and you will die. Do you really want to leave a legacy of hate behind for your daughter? I know I don’t want to leave that for my two kids. So, have fun with all your alternative accounts, have fun making fun and causing authors who did you no harm to start with wrong, you want to bully and be hateful to people who did nothing to you…that is fine with me. Where you get off thinking it is your right is beyond me. Yeah, we have this freedom of speech thing, but hate-speech is still hatred. Again, have fun with your life, and when you die, don’t leave hate for your child, you are a mother act like one. Not some vindictive sudo-human calling themselves a mother.”

    Funny, isn’t it?

  2. I’M the hateful one with multiple identities? That’s hilarious!

    The funniest part is that they think that Tabetha’s foul mouth, threats and ranting tirades make her “strong” while exposing the scam artist that’s ripping them off right under their noses makes me the “hateful” one.

    Judging from this post, she does have better grip on the English language than her Boss Lady does. She had me impressed right up until that “sudo-human” crack. Then again, it’s hard to take seriously the comments of a writer who so doggedly insists upon sticking with a publisher that can’t string a sentence together any better than a two year-old toddler.

    Please, feel free to post all of those comments. I’d LOVE to read them all.

    • And I just got another love note from dear Jennifer:

      Jennifer Gunn said,
      Hahaha! If you don’t have to pretend why not use your real name to begin with? Stupid people really don’t know they are, do they? It’s that bad. Hahaha! And um, last few weeks? Who exactly do YOU think you are talking to? And by the way, uh, want to talk about mistakes other make, you, yourself have made a few. So, yeah, I might be stupid according to you, but at least I know how to edit things and speak to other people. Also, if you actually look it up, some have been to school, and I suggest instead of wasting time, YOU go to some. It is quite time consuming. Maybe you will learn the difference between how one person writes and another. That way you can tell who is real and who is not. :/

      You keep saying you don’t have to look over my books to know I’m not talented…means you’re a liar, you’ve never once read my work. Also, last few weeks? Who do you think this is? Really? And, believe me lady, if I were truly angry with you, you would know it. I am not just a poet. I’ve written more than you can imagine, but I write, you hate, we all have our things.

      Also, my name is Jennifer Oneal Gunn, look it up, I’m not some juvenile, missy. And, before you stuck your lying nose in my business, I was not even in that fight with those people, why, because you guys are so stupid and can’t let something go, who the hell do you think you are? Just got nothing better to do? And weeks? Seriously? Oh wait, I forgot, you guys all obviously have no life. LOL! Now, that was dumb of me to forget such a thing.

      Have a Happy Easter, cyber bully!


      • She’s obviously reading the comments here. So if she’s got nothing to hide, why doesn’t she speak up here about the issues she’s obviously addressing from here.
        Looks like she still thinks you’re me. So much for that statement about being able to tell who’s real and who’s not. Let’s face it, if she were any good at that, she’s have much better insight about the sort of person she calls her publisher.

      • She thinks Lepp’s talking to herself! Good god. Wrong continent, Detective Jennifer.

      • “So, yeah, I might be stupid according to you, but at least I know how to edit things”

        Except a zippy comeback I guess since hers are so full of typos and errors just like her books. Moron.

  3. I’ve taken a look at Jennifer Oneal Gunn on Goodreads. The forst thing I notice is that just like all books Tabetha’s got a had in, everybody that edited or did art for the book is listed in the author credits. Before a person ever reads a single word, that mismanagement of credit screams that the book is rookie and unprofessional. Just like the cover, these things make an impression before the first page is ever turned.
    The second thing that caught my eye is that Jennifer reviews her own books. That’s another questionable move. Not bad, exactly, but if a book is any good, the author wouldn’t have to review his or her own books. Neither does their publisher. If it’s good, other people will do it.

    Which book did you review, Sonja? Are these comments public?

    Feel free to email me:

    • It was “in the shadow of darkness” by Jennifer Oneal Gunn that I dared to give one star…
      Don’t bother reading any of it, the self-masturbatory description thingy says it all!

      • I didn’t see any discussion. I’m not terribly familiar with goodreads, though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if I missed it.

      • I am a huge fan of Jennifer Oneal Gunn but as I looked over her books, I took a look at her publishers other authors. Seems Sonja aka Jaja has 1 starred all their books. Makes you wonder. Instead of throwing around hate why not go Amazon where they have this nifty little thing where you can read a fee pages inside.

        If you don’t like the book don’t read it, don’t buy it, and certainly don’t buy it. If Jennifer Oneal Gunn was as dumb as you make her to be why would she own her own publishing, be the editor in chief, and publish with the Phoenix company.

        I cannot believe adults have nothing better to do than sit around and do this. And to one star every book in a certain company shows hate. Shows that you never picked up a book one of their books because if you had then you actually might become a fan.

        Oh, but wait you you can’t form your own opinion on this blog. And that opinion belongs to the owner of this blog, isn’t that right Ms Lepplady?

      • Really, Missy? From Texas with over 117 returning visits on this IP alone, checking in with that handy-dandy Kindle fire?
        I can’t believe that you’ve got nothing better to do than make up a bunch of aliases to spew the same rhetoric on my blog. I liked it better when you at least had the balls to use your own name. Oh, but wait. Of course, you’re somebody named Missy Mitchell who’s just stopping by to put on this heartwarming display of support. What am I thinking?

        The rate and review features on both Goodreads and Amazon are there for the purpose of having readers do exactly that. It’s a simple fact that Tabetha Jones is illiterate, with neither the skills nor tools to edit, publish or represent anybody’s work. Chances are those authors would do better with some decent editing, but as long as they stick with Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire, they can expect poor reviews and abysmal sales. That’s not hate. That’s not my opinion. That’s reality. Don’t take my word for it. Check the numbers on Amazon. Show me one that’s lower than a million on the best-sellers rank. I dare ya.
        We’ll wait.

      • Dearest Missy,

        Since I can read, spell and write in an acceptable quality I had no other choice but to give those books one star reviews.
        What else could I have done?
        Please do advise me, oh learned one!
        I remain, breathlessly awaiting your solution to this mystery.


        Sonja Sutter

    • What..?
      Hon, if you’re going to post scathing remarks, please at least TRY to make ’em in English so we know exactly how we’re being insulted.

      Somebody who has more personalities that Sybil, you hardly have any room to accuse anybody else. But if you’re still saying that I’m Sonja, do keep it up. It’s freaking HILARIOUS.

  4. Getting back to the original post and how Tabetha continues to get it wrong, and by that, I mean that she continues to run an illegal company. Tabetha seems to have the mentality that if she changes it, then everything she did wrong before no longer applies because it’s “in the past.”
    The law doesn’t look at it that way. If crime is committed, it continues to be a crime even if circumstances change after that.
    The IRS doesn’t look at it that way, either. Recently, they’ve begun cracking down on small businesses committing tax fraud. And they take reports very seriously. So if you suspect that a certain publishing company is illegal and therefore committing tax fraud by having employees within the last year that weren’t reported to the IRS by their Boss Lady, keep right on filing reports letting the IRS know about it. For them, tax fraud isn’t “in the past.” It’s a federal crime that’s taken very seriously.
    Here’s the form to fill out to report tax fraud. Fill it out, print it, and send it in. And don’t worry if you don’t know all of her information. They’re the feds. They can find her.
    I didn’t know this before, but it turns out that tax whistleblower rules say that a tipster can collect a reward of 15%-30% of proceeds brought in as a direct result of a tip. So if you’re an author that’s been ripped off, there might be a way to get some of your money back after all. From the IRS.

    • You seem to get a lot of information wrong, so allow me to enlighten you.

      Yes you can call createspace, but here’s the kicker you must know my full name, email, member id, and the person calling must be on the account as an active contact or user for the contact to receive and information.

      Need back up on that have createspace give you a call or call them I’m sure they’d be happy to share their information.

      • Keep right on thinking that, hon. Get your current wave of authors victims to buy it too, if you can.

        If an author files a complaint about you, they can get whatever information they need. Your days of blocking authors from their real, ACCURATE sales information so you can rip them off are coming to an end. I hope your books are in order, because they’re about to get looked at. And not just by Createspace.

  5. And for the record I’m no thief never have been. I even gave money back to your daughter when she owed me.

    Sonja, jaja, whatever, going through making one star reviews on books you’ve never read is a bit childish. But my apologies I forgot who you hang with here.

    You know sounds familiar guilty by association. What a horrible thing but I got out and started over, where, these nitwits just some to flock.

    But same bird and all makes sense. Now if you ladies will excuse I have in the real world not time to make up fabricated fairytales. You know Lepp might want to put that all that energy of yours to work.

    You could use it to power clean that black soul of yours. Oh he’ll who am I kidding, the power washer would break before it made a dent into that shit.

    Maybe you should call your doctor about you severe mood disorder that includes hatred, and rage towards others. Dissociative Disorder I do believe. They may even give you one of this pretty jackets that make hug yourself. Maybe that’s what’s wrong Lepp needs a huge.

    • You breached your contract with my daughter, told her that she couldn’t get her money back because it had gone to pay editors when your own contract stipulated that the money was to go for other services never rendered, then tried to charge her hundreds to buy back the rights to her book even though her title never appeared in print with you.
      You lied about it then, and you’re lying about it now.
      You gave my daughter back her money because you were trapped in your own lies, not because you ever believed for a minute that it was the right thing to do. And you think that absolves you of anything. Hardly.

      Not a thief because you paid Thea back? What about all the other authors that have never seen a penny from their titles when Mystic Press closed down? You know, the ones you call liars and backstabbers. The ones you’re calling nitwits. Where are their royalties?

      You’re not only a thief, you’re also a liar. All you do is fabricate fairy tales, the ones you use to keep stealing from the people who defend you. They’re going to feel incredibly stupid when they find out that we’ve been telling the truth about you all along, trying to warn them away from the scam that you know you’re running on them right now, as we speak. Your victims start out so loyal. Family, as you call them, because we’re willing to take crap from family that we won’t take from strangers. We let a lot slide for the sake of family. But they always learn that they’re not your family at all. They’re your victims. And they always feel stupid for not seeing it sooner. This wave will see it too. They always do, sooner or later. You know it. That’s why you’ve got that parting fee. So that you can bilk them out of hundreds more, just so they can get away from you.

      You think you’re so clever taking pot shots at me and my mentality, but really, it’s just amusing. You can’t even fling an insult with the slightest hint of literacy. It’s the same lack of wit, cleverness and literary talent with which you write your pitifully horrid books, your websites and everything else you touch.

      I’m not a hater, hon. You know that, too. You just don’t like me because I tell the truth about you.

      • Let’s look at this clearly.

        You dance around questions when spoken to like a lady, repeat yourself hundreds trying to keep from backing yourself into a wall, and you take wise cracks at beautifully talented authors, and then point the finger at me for mental issues.

        My dear sweet bitch I wouldn’t have 6 credits left to finish, graduate, and earn my bachelor’s degree in psychology if I had issues.

        The only issues I have are the ones you take time to fabricate daily. I can always count on good ole leppy. What a bunch of Texas sized horse shit.

        Do you, I mean honestly, other than your few trolls here, do you realize how many people know about this and find it sad and highly pathetic for a woman of your age or anyone of age to cyber bully.

        Really I’m not registered, that’s why I got letter from the better business bureau today saying a false report was made and they wanted to assure the matter was being taken care.

        You say I don’t like you cause you speak the truth, you wouldn’t know the truth if a gator bit you on your ass.

        Frankly, I was taught not to hate others, unlike you, but the fact of the matter is I really don’t give a good goddamn what you think of me, but taking my father’s good last name and smearing it in the mud is where you deary messed up.

        You think I have no cause on you then you don’t know Texas very well. Once I know my mother has made a full recovery, which is no lie, be glad to Facebook the info u can check directly she’s there , you will come to Texas and face the music. They may even give you some of those gorgeous silver bracelets to wear.

      • I hope you realize that by saying that the only thing you can sue me for is some perceived sleight against your father on a blog, you’re admitting that every word I’ve said about YOU is true.

      • But okay. Let’s take a look at this clearly.

        What questions have I danced around?

        What exactly is it that you want to know that’s relevant to you as a publisher that rips people off? You keep saying that as a means to discredit me in the eyes of your victims. So. Let’s have it. Ask me something pertinent and I’ll be delighted to answer it.

        I’m sorry, but judging by your glaring inability to write two coherent sentences, I have a very hard time believing that you’re capable of producing college-level work. Nothing you’ve ever written online or in print indicates that you’re able to write papers at the collegiate level. If there’s a college out there passing the level of writing that you produce, I would very seriously have to doubt its competence.

        You do have issues. You wouldn’t be able to write it – hell, I doubt you’d be able to read it – but an entire thesis could be dedicated to the mental issues that you display every time your fingers touch the keyboard. Maybe two of ’em.

        Einstein, your business doesn’t have to be properly registered for you to get a letter. Really, are you that dim? Or do you think we are?
        I don’t doubt for a minute, though, that matters regarding you are being taken care of by the BBB. You can probably expect a whole lot more attention than that in the near future. Wait for it. But I don’t think you’ll have to wait for long.

  6. And btw the wikipedia link I sent wasn’t referring you lepp me dear slow one, but jaja. Would that be Gabore? Seeing Sonja sutters is an 83 senile actress. Now who has the issues?

    • You do. As always.

      There are half a dozen Sonja Sutters on facebook alone that look considerably younger than that. Probably more, if I cared to investigate further. But, really, you do a good enough job on your own of proving how ridiculous you are.

      Until you stop using a phonebook’s worth of aliases yourself, you’ve got ZERO room to talk about anybody else. But that’s just how your mentality works, isn’t it? Point the finger at somebody else, call that pot black, and try to draw attention away from the fact that you do exactly the same thing you’re accusing somebody else of. Doesn’t work, but, hey. Keep trying.

  7. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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