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I’ve said it more than once: If you’re an author associated with Tabetha Jones, Mystic Press or Phoenix Fire publishing, you can contact Createspace to make sure you’re getting paid all of the royalties you’re due from sales of your book. You can find out all sorts of information about your book, how it sells, how it was published, all kinds of interesting little factoids.

Tabetha insists that:

Yes you can call createspace, but here’s the kicker you must know my full name, email, member id, and the person calling must be on the account as an active contact or user for the contact to receive and information.

Need back up on that have createspace give you a call or call them I’m sure they’d be happy to share their information.

That’s how the scam works. If she’s got you convinced that the only source of information you get about the sales of your book is through her, she can tell you anything she wants and pocket the difference.

So who’s right? The scam artist or the consumer advocate?

Let’s settle it right now.
Here’s an email recently received by an author that Tabetha scammed, providing information about a title in question. The author’s name and title information have been blurred out pending further action, but you can clearly see that customer support did provide information about a title that was handled swindled by Tabetha Jones.

I repeat: If you are an author that wants information about your book that’s been (mis)handled by Tabetha Jones, you can contact Createspace. At first, they’ll tell you that you can’t get any information because you’re not on that account. Tabetha’s absolutely right about that. But then, if you tell them that you want to file a complaint about Tabetha Jones, they’ll talk you through the process and you can get whatever information you want. You CAN get information about your title. All you have to do is file a complaint. You don’t need her full name, account number, and you DO NOT have to be an active member on her account to get information about your book.

Most importantly, you do not have to take Tabetha’s word for anything when it comes to sales reports and other publishing information related to your title. You can find out exactly how many of your titles have sold, how much it’s earned in royalties, and how much you’re supposed to be getting paid.

It’s your book. It’s your work. It’s your money. Empower yourself.


Phone: (843) 789-5000
Fax: (843) 760-0532
View Additional Phone Numbers
4900 Lacross Rd,
North Charleston, SC 29406
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43 thoughts on “Contact Createspace

  1. I published my book Subjugation through iUniverse, a vanity press that costs WAY too much. I’ll never use them again.

    That said, I want to point out that at any time of the day or night, I can sign in to my iUniverse account and find out how many books I’ve sold.

    Publishers (even a vanity press like iUniverse) provide information about an author’s sales. They don’t hide it. Not unless there’s some sneaky reason. Like they’re lying to you about how many books you’ve sold so that they can keep your money.

    Worth a thought, isn’t it?

      • We’re not talking about your personal information, Einstein. We’re talking about their professional information, facts and figures that they’re entitled to.


        The only way your personal information would be compromised by people asking about their books is if you’re publishing their books on your personal account.
        Is that what you’re up to, Tabetha? Is there no Phoenix Fire publishing account at Createspace? Are you publishing people’s work on your own account and just using Phoenix Fire as an email to contact?
        Naughty, naughty.

        And slightly illegal.

        I suggest more strongly than ever that every single author that’s published a book with Tabetha Jones, Phoenix Fire or Mystic Press contact Createspace, file a complaint, and find out. We’re not just talking about a few misappropriated royalties (which is also a punishable crime), but outright copyright infringement.

        The crimes just keep stacking up, don’t they?

      • I would never have expected she’d go that far – to publish everything on her personal account is too stupid and if she really did that, it will open even the most glued shut eyes of her most committed victims…

      • If she did that, it’s not just a civil suit over royalties that nobody can afford to file against her. If she published somebody else’s work under her own account, that’s copyright infringement, and it’s a crime she can face charges for. If she was dumb enough to think she could get away with something like that, it’s going to catch up with her. Quick.

    • Really? Just like how people can’t contact Createspace to get information about their own titles?

      We’ll see, won’t we?

      And thanks for commenting in “Missy” mode, btw.
      I just love it when you give yourself away.

  2. I just don’t get it….. I thought your Lawyer told you and everyone else not to comment. I guess he stopped the case you opened with them the minute he found out of your operations. However with you opening the door to answer questions I have a few.
    1) Why the contract in a contract when the retaliation should be a clause in the over all as you call legal contract doc.
    2) Why so many different contracts some with logo some without, you know what I am talking about.
    3) Why not just tell us how you let your authors know their total amount of Royalties per book.

    I mean I could tell JT a way it could be done as a publisher, per book that gives the sales for each country the book is sold. I can also show the authors!! No way to hide or steal their money with it as it comes directly from Amazon and Createspace. Anyone that wants to know ask me!! Bahaha You have yet to answer any of my questions via FB chat, but really mine could help your cases if you have the right answers! What do you think JT will she answer them???

    • She only told that lie about a lawyer to keep her authors from coming here and reading the truth about her. Sorry to tell her, but they’re still looking. And more than one are asking questions.

      There are several ways she could respond:
      She’ll call you a liar.
      She’ll tell us how mistaken we are.
      She’ll tell us we’re jealous because she’s such a successful publisher.
      She’ll whip out a family member for sympathy.
      She’ll start swearing like a biker’s daughter.
      She’ll clam up lie about her lawyer some more.
      Or, most likely, she’ll show up with an army of alts to defend her.

      Whatever she pulls, she can’t change the fact that she’s being exposed as the fraud she is. there’s nothing that can stop that.

    • As I told u he is in the middle of an advertising trial. And he knows me and just how far I will allow this to go before something is said. He respects that I fight for what I believe in. As for the contracts that is the way he thought it would work the best. You wanna talk to me Katrina pick up the phone call me like a woman or Skype me. Everything has to be hidden behind a computer blogs and fb now? I see. And if you wanted to talk to me again it’s a one on one deal. But thank you for all that knowledge to build my case against JT Todd loved it and several attorneys are looking it all over now. Probably watching this as we speak.

      And it’s not missy it’s miss bitch to you jt the one you created with your lies but all dirty laundry comes out and yours will too.

      Because you aren’t the lady you pretend to be. I don’t recall you ever having a contract with me which means all the lies you spill mean nothing.

      Just shows that you are a hateful selfish woman that cares only about hurting others.

      • It’s the lies about the lawyer. I win five bucks.

        Sure. Every lawyer I know says “Go ahead and ignore my orders because I trust you to know how far to go.” Because they just love working for loose cannons that don’t do what they’re told and create more evidence against themselves.
        Lawyers don’t work that way. Ever.
        No lawyer looked at those contracts, and certainly couldn’t be complicit in forging them the way you do.
        Another lie.
        Fact is, you don’t have a lawyer, Tabetha. If you did, you’d be able to cough up his contact information so that our lawyers could talk to him. Because, ya know, that’s how it works. Except in your world where lawyers are figments of your imagination that you threaten people with. You’re so full of it the stink seeps out the seams.

        First you say “Why can’t we talk anymore?” Then say “Hey thanks for that information about JT that my lawyer’s looking over to build a case.”
        Which is it? Not speaking? Or leaking you all this damaging information? It’s staggering how dense you are.
        Katrina isn’t giving you any information about me because she doesn’t have any. We talk about publishing, the way it’s SUPPOSED to be done. and about what a bitch you are for manipulating people and ripping them off, but that’s it. She doesn’t have my address. She doesn’t have my phone number, and she has no intimate knowledge of anything at all that goes on in my life.. So you strike out.
        You want me paranoid, thinking that she’s spying on me for you so that I’ll stop talking to her. It must really scare you stupid(er) to think of what sort of information we’re digging up about how you work. And you should be. You scammed the wrong people, hon. And they ARE going to make sure that you see the consequences of it.

        I didn’t create a bitch. I exposed one.

        You can call me hateful all you want. I’m not a hater, hon. You just don’t like me because I see right through you. You’re the one hurting others. For now. Maybe not for very much longer.
        We’ll see.

      • And I’ll repeat it since you keep losing track of it in your addled pea brain: You and I did have a contract. You were supposed to – and eventually DID – pay me for Thea’s cover art.

        Why would she want to talk to you on the phone, or on Skype? So that you can lie about what you talked about to make her look bad? So you can say later that she said something she didn’t? Personally, I think it’s the smartest thing in the world for her to make sure that if you communicate, it’s on a blog or on FB. Or, at the very least, in text. That way you can’t go back later and try to change anything that was or wasn’t said.

        I am exactly who I am. Not the hater or the cyber bully you keep trying to convince your victims I am. I’m the person that’s exposing you for the liar and the fraud, the bully and the brute that you are. You don’t like it? That’s too bad because I just don’t care.
        Keep calling that Kettle black, dear Kettle, if that gets you through the night.

      • If everything on this site was in question as to hurting you Tab then answer this… ignore it.. youllawyers can look, peak, probe all they want… as for cases I could give a shit… I worked with you at a time to preserve my name it would have been your gain.. the law talk yeah all mine… you didn’t know what to do with all the slamming of your name… I gave you the light… but guess what I saw the side of you that has come out….. so when your lawyer comes to take JT down for speaking the truth I hope they have every thing you have ever done to each person that has been hurt by you and your companies… let’s remember this is more then a two way street.. I see many intersections, lots of stop signs and one big fucking yield…..but back to the site if is illegal to the point WordPress would have no choice but to take it down…. as for one on one you have talked so much shit and lies about me to your PF family that you don’t see you have them running g to tell me everything.. I will hurt them, I am poaching them from you… the anxiety calls of your worry…they want out of the crap not wanting the drama. Can’t Blame them there can we… I’m not a threat but you feel that I am…. I won’t let you continue your game with Anna and Amanda… that is why the three person chat… I guess I can say the same to you…call me if you want… I’ll take your call I have nothing to hide…. I just want freedom which I gave now and a new outlook on things…. I don’t fear you Tab but you keep pushing at my girls and you will see someone that can and will push back… I have Amanda contracts… I have a copy of Anna’s create space account … bring on the lawyers… cause when JT comes to town to see you send me an invite.. I have three others who would love to come with me and we can have a nice open litigation with your lawyer team… which I might add at your exspense.. I mean unless you want a trial…. then it will all come out…. call me if you have any questions!

      • DO NOT call this woman unless you either have a lawyer present or you ensure the call will be recorded. This requires permission from both sides, so make sure you get it before you start the conversation. The tactic being displayed here is designed to ensure you are left without evidence of your correspondence with her. Don’t fall for it, even if you know you’d destroy her in a verbal/face-to-face confrontation. Make sure you document everything as evidence.

      • In some states, only one person in the conversation needs to consent to record a conversation. I live in one of those States. Tabetha Jones lives in another.

      • As a guess, “bossy missy of the crumbling pile” – your “lawyer” is some junkie that got disbarred about a month into his career and is now working as a batty-boy stripper… Am I right?

      • Hey, I called around today and there aren’t any trial’s going on in Dallas, Waco, San Antonio or Houston right now. Maybe you could enlighten us as to what trial your lying about this time. Or better yet why don’t you just tell us your lawyer’s name, oh right, you don’t have one. Caught lying again as usual.

  3. Yes but those contracts are held in Texas where the owner lives therefore you would need my consent to record the phone call.

    • Is that what you’re telling your authors so they’ll be scared to record you? You really do intimidate them into thinking whatever you want them to think, don’t you? And you call ME the bully?

      That’s a crock. If THEY’RE in an area where it’s legal to record you, they can. Just like I would if I ever talked to you. All states (and the District of Columbia) except California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana (requires notification only), Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington require only that one party consent to be recorded. So if a victim lives, say, in New York or West Virginia, they can record you.

      Best thing anybody can do, though, is to make you write them, whether it’s on a blog, an email or a text. Something you can’t change or deny later.

    • Those contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, so they’re void anyway. That is not a factor. Only geography matters, as it relates to where your victims are.

    • Baloney. Where you get the idea that contracts written in TX are the same as an interstate phone conversation is beyond me. No lawyer would tell you so.

      • Let’s see you have this company in TX and the will call them ” the fooled ones” in another state.
        So here we go Bosslady follow along
        You send said contract via the internet to here me ” a fooled obe” in IL… I get it, sign it, so OK now the contract was entered into agreement in IL were the contract holder lives. So you the issuer have now made it a two party contract… you would have to come to me to make me pay because I don’t live in TX and the contract might be for your busniss but mine as an author is in another state. You should do your homework I have!!!! This time not research as I looked into for my company. These authors own 100% of their rights so stop trying to bully them into believing other wise. Your only right as it say in your do called contract is to promoto said work…. but authors the contract is as good as the toilet paper you wipe you ass on…..
        Here let me help you.. as mist if you have never seen the inside of kdp which is Amazon’s author manager for books uploaded for kindle… in the account are excel docs they hold the sales royalties made returns of books etc. They have that doc locked no change can happen to it…. but anyone can open excel create a doc name it the same and implement changes to ….. their my friends.. and because you the author have every right to your book can call up Amazon go thru the channels to get all this information sent to you. I mean after all you LEGALLY OWN your WORK!!!! Plus MS Word has a nice time stamp of when created and changed for each doc. Use it people… stand up for yourself. You have more then enough to back you….

      • The stumbling block Tabetha’s authors are hitting when trying to access the information is that all of it is filed under the account of the person that publoaded (published) it. Amazon/Createspace won’t give out information about work published under someone else’s name. That’s how Tabetha’s been able to hide sales information from her authors for so long.
        But there’s a way around that, now. All an author has to do is file a complaint against Tabetha and provide information about their own book, and they can gain access to their book’s history. Sales, all of it.
        And they are. More and more people are finding out some really interesting information.
        I can’t wait to see what happens if/WHEN these authors file charges. Royalty collection is a civil matter that nobody’s had the money to sue her over. But copyright infringement is a punishable crime. And if she’s making money from authors’s books and not paying them EVERYTHING she owes them, that, my friends, is copyright infringement.
        Look it up.

    • Hey Tabetha? You told me that your lawyer was busy with a trial and was going to pass your case against Lepplady to a colleague? You told me to stop commenting on her blog because he was working on getting this blog shut down….. You’re commenting on here… So I’m guessing no more case???

      • What case? LOL!
        I haven’t been notified of any action against me. There’s no court date. So what is there to “pass off” to a colleague?

        Who does she think she’s kidding?

  4. There are several attorneys looking over all the details from the very beginning and when they feel to file suit they will until then I guess you will have to wait. And the ladies and gentlemen kindly looking over all this understand why I post and know that I will not be gagged for very long before I step up and defend myself.

    • Don’t you mean that there are several psychologists reviewing your chart?

      If somebody in the Attorney General’s office says they’re “looking over your case,” they probably mean the one they’re building against you.

      • Oh come off it. If you had a lawyer, you wouldn’t hesitate to give me his name and contact information. You’ve been threatening to sue for years. You threatened to Sue Emily. Never happened. You threatened to sue Janrae. Didn’t happen. You threatened to sue Janrae’s survivors. What a joke. And now you’re threatening to sue me. We all know that’s not happening either.
        Piss or get off the pot, hon. Give me his contact information or just knock it off already. It’s tiresome and pathetic.

  5. My family comes first and I suppose you don’t give two shots about that. Then your hateful ads. I have other priorities that come before the likes of you and she is a beautiful little girl that is my everything. No one comes before close to her.

  6. What that my family is more important than you and your hatred? Maybe a shock to you but unfortunately I was raised where family comes before anything. Call me old fashioned but most people value morals and respect towards family. But I almost forgot who I was talking to here. My daughter is first and foremost in my life and you as a mother should understand that unless your a piss poor mother. Secondly after all my mother has done for me it is more turn to give back and take care of her. This isn’t the chocolate factory and im not fucking willy wonka I don’t sugar coat shit. If you don’t like my list of priorities then you all can go fuck yourselves.

    • I said “There’s a shock” in reply to Sound Advice’s comment that you drag your family into it yet again. You really aren’t the brightest bulb in the box, are you?

      Morals and respect toward family? You’re a fine one to talk about morals, respect or family. You seem to forget that you showed up on my radar because you scammed and hurt my daughter. Unless YOU’RE a piss poor mother, you’d understand that if anybody did you your kid what you did to mine, you’d be just as outraged.
      But your sweet, innocent kid and your poor, sick mother don’t have the first thing to do with you cheating people, do they? Except that you wheel them out for sympathy, diversion, and to hide behind. And then you have the nerve to get indignant if anybody else mentions them, when you’re the one that dragged ’em into it in the first place.
      The point isn’t how cute your kid is or how sick your mom is. The point is that you are a thief.
      Don’t like getting called on it? STOP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF.

  7. Interesting little fact. Looking back through my stats, I don’t see any hits from Austin, Dallas or San Antonio, the three cities where Tabetha has said her lawyer has offices, and where her buddy in the DA’s office works. Not a single one.
    Must be some OTHER team of lawyers in some other city reading all of this, putting together her case against me. Yeah. That must be it.

  8. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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