Jamie H is one of Tabetha’s current authors victims.

Jaimie was signed with another publishing company and had a very bad, painful experience. From the sound of it, that left her hurt and vulnerable. Along came Tabetha with sweet promises that Jaimie would be treated like “family” and never, ever be treated badly again. It’s not hard to imagine why someone in such a vulnerable state would fall for it hook, line and sinker.

Add to that how included and admired Jaimie would feel not only being so warmly and affectionately accepted into a company, but also promoted to an executive position within the business itself. Insert Sally Field’s acceptance speech. “You like me! You really, really like me!”

What a boost to the ego it must have seemed like to be named the company’s senior editor, or editor in chief, or whatever they’re calling it now. Such an important title with dear friends counting on her to do such an important job. As I understand it, Jaimie is the one that does the lion’s share of the editing work at PF. She might do most, if not all of the editing for PF now.

Question is, what time does that leave her to do her own writing?

More and more, it looks like Jaimie is being controlled. Jamie’s radio show, “This is how I roll” is no longer her own. As I hear it, Tabetha and Jacqueline are both named as co-hosts, possibly as co-owners, of an endeavor that existed long before they came along. Now it’s called “This is how WE roll.” Now, it looks like Jaimie can’t have anybody on the show that Tabetha doesn’t approve of. I’m told that Jaimie was going to invite me on the show, but Tabetha had such a fit that the plan was scrapped. Same thing with another author Tabetha’s on the outs with. Jaimie invited her on the show, but as I hear it, Tabetha threw such a fit that it never happened.

And, at any time, during any show, Jaimie runs the risk of having either Tabetha or Jacqueline pick up the phone and butt in. And what choice would Jamie have but to let them run riot?

I hear that Jaimie is being ordered not to look at this blog anymore, with claims that those orders came from a lawyer. A whole team of ’em, maybe even all the way up to the DA’s office. How intimidating! And if Jaimie does visit here, she might get caught up in the legal tangle that Tabetha keeps threatening me with. It’s possible that Jamie’s being told that not coming here, to look or reply is “For her own good.” Wouldn’t want that team of attorneys that Tabetha says are putting together a case against me to think Jaimie’s on the wrong side and sue her too, would we?

And I can confirm that it’s working. Jaimie’s IP hasn’t shown up in a while. If she’s peeking, she’s using a proxy to do it.

Is that what family does? Tells you who you can talk to? Cut you off from anybody that might talk some sense into you? Bully and brainwash you? Not where I come from.

If a disillusioned, lonely kid gets invited and then warmly introduced to join some friends for coffee every day, they hug him when they meet up and even save him a spot every day, that guy’s going to feel like the luckiest guy in the world. They make him feel so good that he doesn’t mind if they ask him to give them a ride now and then. Hell, they’re such good friends and make him feel so loved that he puts their name on the title to his car right along with his. They’re all in it together anyway, and they’d never hurt him.

And then, one fine day, they get pulled over, and the cop says “You okay kid? You know these guys steal cars, don’t you kid?” No, the kid didn’t. They seemed so NICE.

But by then, it’s too late. Their names are on his title, and there’s no way to get them out of his car. All he can do is smile and say “These are my friends, officer. Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.” And keep right on driving. He might want to be rid of them, but not know what he can do about it.

Getting sucked into a group with a cult mentality can be very similar. Even within a work environment. They make you feel welcome and loved, make you feel important, and all the while, they’re isolating you, obligating you, and before you know it, you’re indoctrinated. By the time you realize that the people you’re hanging around with don’t have your better interests at heart at all, you might feel trapped. They might even threaten you. What do you do now?

You get out. You might have to wait for the right time and look for the right chance, and when it comes, go. Flag that officer down or just hit the road yourself. But you go.

Jaimie, if you’re reading this, I hope you realize that if you’re in a situation you’re not comfortable with, you can get out. If you want to get away from Tabetha Jones, you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY the hundreds of dollars that she demands when an author tries to leave her. You are not bound to her legally in any way. You can walk away. YOU own the rights to your books. Tabetha’s contracts are illegal hogwash. She doesn’t own your rights, so nobody should let her hold your work hostage. You can demand that she stop selling your work, and you can republish them yourself with absolutely no obligation to her whatsoever. You can take her name off your radio show and make it your own again. You can reclaim your identity, your work and your own personal power. If she gives you any grief, you can tell her to shove off or you’ll have her charged with harassment and extortion.

Just make sure that you have all your book files first. When people leave her, she has a tendency to conveniently lose their files. You’ve seen it happen. You know what I’m talking about.

Getting out from under the thieving, controlling thumb of a scam artist won’t leave you alone again, if you’re afraid of that. There are a lot of people out here that have traveled the same path. You are by no means alone. You’re free. There’s a huge difference.
If you’re being threatened with legal action, don’t let yourself be intimidated. She’s blustered and threatened just about everybody that’s walked away from her, all the way back to the Mystic Press days. How many people have you seen her sue? None. She can’t. She has no grounds. She’s only saying that to intimidate people that want to leave her so that they’ll pay her hundreds of dollars she’s not entitled to.
She threatened to sue just about everybody that’s blogged about her, but how many has she sought action against? None. I haven’t been served. She doesn’t have a team of lawyers working for her, putting a suit together. She’s bluffing. No lawyer worth his salt would initiate a case for someone like her. Lawyers take cases they can win. Not scam artists that are bluffing in order to bully people into thinking they have to pay her.

It’s simple. If you want out, get out.

I wish you the best of luck.

17 thoughts on “Jaimie

  1. I am glad I got out when I did. It upsets me dearly that more people are being mind my language but fucked over by Tabetha really does because some of them I helped get there I hope they do shut down but I know it will not prevent them from starting again. If only she took her job seriously and learnt how to publish professionally then we wouldn’t have this problem.

    • If she put as much effort into running a real publishing company properly as she does scamming people, she might really get somewhere. But either she’s unwilling to do it right or unable to grasp the concept. Or she’s too hooked on the money she gets out of people. Whatever the reason, she just keeps right on scamming.
      I’m glad you got out, too. And several others. There are a few left that I hope see the light before any irreparable damage is done to their careers. A couple of them really are serious writers that likely don’t now what they’ve gotten themselves into.
      If she does shut down and start back up, I hope for the writers’s sake that she learns how to do it right, for a change.

      • I think, frankly, she finds scamming people more exciting (or at least interesting) than publishing.

      • Probably more lucrative, too, if that’s the best job she can do of it. I’ve happened upon a bit of Phoenix Fire editing that merits its own blog. That one will be up shortly.

      • I’ve edited a few anthology pieces for them but that is about it. I work for another indie publishing company that is new and is real and legal. But after what is happening and was happening I’d never advise many to go through indie publishing companies again without studying a week in advance – this week should give you enough info to save you from A) ruining your writing career or hobby and B) making sure you have chosen the best route for you. I personally hope she learns the proper way of publishing as so everything straightens out…until then, I just continue to warn people away as much as possible. As I do not wish my fellow authors to be in the same situation that we had to come out of.

  2. It’s a shame. I don’t know any of you. I happened to be roaming through FB and stumbled upon some comments made and found my way here. I guess you could say I’m a friend of a friend of an author. I have always wanted to write and become an author and always thought that authors supported each other. I am finding out that you are better off doing everything on your own and NEVER becoming friend to other authors. Reading this blog just makes me want to stay away from writing all together. I cannot believe that authors don’t try to lift up other authors. This is just horrible that one person would treat another one in this manner. Some of the people on here don’t even understand the situation that is going on and belittle other authors and people that are out trying to do the same thing that you are….. giving a part of themselves to the literary world. I don’t understand why if someone is displaying bad business practices then do something from a legal point of view. To bring that persons personal affairs into light and publicly attack them is just making everyone involved look petty. This isn’t directed to any one person in particular, because the whole thing is just sad. I now know that I have to do some serious self educating on the INS and OUTS of becoming a self published author so I can stay away from the likes of this. Thank you for showing me what being an author is all about.

    • Hey there. Good to see you back.

      That’s what this blog is all about: supporting fellow authors so they don’t get scammed.

      First thing you need to know about publishing: stay as far away from Tabetha Jones as you can get. You’ll do much better on your own, and you get to keep all of the royalties your book earns That alone puts you ahead of the game.

      Seriously. If you want to write, do it. There are a lot of resources that an author of any age or writing history can cake advantage of. Createspace lets you open a FREE account and offers tons of free services. You can publish your own book, and you can rest assured that you didn’t get scammed by a publisher that gives indie presses a bad name.

      Best of luck with your writing future.

    • Hi Tabetha! (Talk about obvious!)
      A definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You want to know why this alt is just as unconvincing as the others? To us reading, as opposed to the blog host who can see through your IP’s and your emails? Because you are against the outing of a thief and a liar who preys on new authors. Why can’t you get that? The only person who would knowingly defend a scam artist is a scam artist.

      To all those still working with Tabetha Jones:

      Do you now see the bizarre and mentally disturbed actions of this woman? She’s been proven to be liar repeatedly, right here on this blog. Not just with comments, but with evidence that shows her IP address, the same emails used for different characters. Then there’s her distinctive (poor) writing style that she can’t disguise, no matter how hard she tries. Yet here she goes again, defending criminal activity and expecting us all to buy it. This is not the behavior of someone in the right. This is not the behavior of someone who is mentally stable, and certainly not someone who’s in a position to make your “dreams come true.”

      Don’t wait to see if things will get better. Listen to the alarm bells going off, and the little nagging feeling you get every time you sense something is off. Walk away. Desperate to get your book out? Get it edited and self publish. You’re going to reach the same market as you do with Phoenix Fire (your friends and family) plus you’ll get all the royalties. Want to wait for a traditional publisher? Get it edited and send out letters and three chapters to literary agents. Then wait. If they get back too quickly, question why that is. Do your research. It shouldn’t be easy. It should be damn hard. that’s what makes it so special. Don’t buy the bullshit. You deserve better.

      • Any time somebody says they “happened” to “stumble” across the comments here, that’s a pretty solid giveaway that it’s somebody that’s been involved all along. These people don’t seem to realize that we’re not as stupid as Tabetha would have them believe.

  3. Once more you have your info twisted. Jacqueline and I are not co owners we occasionally cohost with Jaimie. Also Jaimie gave you the info to contact her to be on her show but never received the email because she sent me the PM from FacebookHere is the whole conversation. My closing was probably the biggest lie I ever told, but was trying to be professional.

    Conversation started today
    JT Larson
    JT Larson
    Hi Jamie. Is any author welcome to come on your radio show?
    Jaimie Hope
    Jaimie Hope
    Any author is welcome to submit a request, yes. However, I have final say over who appears. All shows are currently booked through May 5th.
    JT Larson
    JT Larson
    Of course. It’s your show. How far in advance should an author submit a request?
    Jaimie Hope
    Jaimie Hope
    Any author is welcome to submit with their bio and book info at any time. Please refer all requests to ThisIsHowWeRoll1@gmail.com. If interested, I will return your message with available dates for you to choose from.
    JT Larson
    JT Larson
    Thanks for the info.
    JT Larson
    JT Larson
    Curious. is there a reason you wouldn’t be interested in having an author on your show?
    Jaimie Hope
    Jaimie Hope
    When did I say I wouldn’t?
    JT Larson
    JT Larson
    You didn’t. You said that if you were interested, you’d return the message with available dates to chose from. I wondered if there would be a reason that you wouldn’t be interested.
    Jaimie Hope
    Jaimie Hope
    Yes, if the book or the author isn’t someone I could endorse I wouldn’t accept. I don’t highlight erotica on my show or authors who have scammed me in any way. The book also has to be recently published (within a year) for me to be interested.
    JT Larson
    JT Larson
    You don’t endorse erotica?
    Jaimie Hope
    Jaimie Hope
    I’m no prude, but I don’t endorse it on my show or my blog.
    I suggest you listen to my show and find out the type of books I feature on it before you make any request to appear. Most of what I feature are non-fiction books that have a positive message of some sort.
    JT Larson
    JT Larson
    I’ll be sure and do that. Thanks.
    Jaimie Hope
    Jaimie Hope
    My pleasure.
    Seen 18:32

    So she never denied having you on her show, yes it is HER show. Also Jaimie Hope was with me when I owned Mystic Press we parted ways and a few months ago she sent me an email asking if she could come home to Phoenix. That she had found out the truth. Then after her blog post and the shit you pulled she felt so responsible that she said if I wanted her to leave she would understand. What you like all that info forwarded too.

    I would be glad to forward you the email as well. See I keep everything for purposes like this. I have no say so who goes on her show never have. And if you actually did your homework and knew half as much as you thought you did then you might actually get something right for once.

    I do believe jaimie explained all this on a previous post but obviously that was over looked. Phoenix is run properly whether you believe it or not. I take my company very seriously. Just because we are like family, and like to laugh together and share our ideas with one another doesn’t make it wrong.

    But before you make a post insulting or throwing one of my authors under the bus with your fabricated stories be sure I don’t have the proof to make you look like an ass.

    Yes Jaimie was mistreated at her former company but she is treated with the up most respect at my publishing company. Yes, she edits but does she do them all no. I have other editors some that are not even listed on my website.

    Again you are wrong. In fact there are such a list of all the wrong things that it would take me hours to write them all down. Why don’t you do some real homework? If I’m such a scam or con then question my authors ask them if they get their royalties? Ask them if when they have asked for reports if they haven’t been given. In fact there have been many times Phoenix didn’t even take its cut. Just on anthologies Phoenix doesn’t take a cut and neither do I.

    There are a lot of things you are mistaken about. But I’m wasting my breath here. So I invite you contact my authors, contact Jaimie. Maybe then you’ll realize how wrong you are. And authors that leave don’t hundreds and hundreds of dollars wrong again.

    But once more doesn’t matter. Just like Phoenix Rising each individual gets paid their part. Would you like to see invoices. Do I make anything? Maybe 20 bucks and it stays in the Phoenix account.

    So before you open your mouth about my authors or my company make sure you have your facts correct.

    I’m sorry mystic had to close and yes I imagine authors were upset but unless you were there knowing what was really going on quit assuming. And it was my authors that encouraged me to open Phoenix many that were with mystic. Why would they come back? Why would they still be there? Why would Jaimie ask to come home?

    I’m not the person you make me out to be. And before you judge me make sure your perfect.

    • YOUR closing? Freudian slip much?

      I never said I was denied being on the show. I never asked. She said that a book has to be within a year of release, and I don’t have a book out within that time frame. I was told that Jaimie was going to invite me on, but you had such a fit that she backed off it. Same is with other authors you don’t like. You might not directly ORDER her not to have somebody on, but you can throw such a fit that she backs off it. Same thing.

      Sure. Forward anything you like if you think it’ll support your position. I’m sure Jaimie won’t mind having her personal correspondence posted, which is probably why she’s here doing it herself. Oh, right. She’s not. You’re doing all of her talking for her.

      Phoenix is run properly? Now THERE’S the biggest lie you’ve ever told.

      Any and all of your authors are welcome to come here to post, any time they like. Bring ’em on.

      People were upset when Mystic closed because YOU DIDN’T PAY THEM. You still haven’t. Why wouldn’t they be upset?
      You gave some of your Mystic authors royalties, too. Just enough to keep them thinking they were really getting paid. But were they getting paid all the royalties they earned? That’s the question. You gave them reports, too. That were doctored to reflect altered sales. How do you explain that? How do you explain the authors that are checking now and finding out that their numbers don’t add up either? Going to call THEM backstabbers and liars too, and expect that to cover it?
      So the question has never been whether or not you pay your authors (except those Mystic authors that NEVER got paid. We know the answer to that one). The question I’m presenting is whether or not your authors are getting paid everything they’ve really earned. Or are you giving them just enough to keep them happy and pocketing the rest? That’s why I’m urging them to check the sales at Amazon/createspace for themselves. To find out. You shouldn’t have such a problem with that unless you’ve got something to hide, now should you?

      I’ve never once said I’m perfect. But I don’t cheat people. That’s where you and I are different.

      Why do your authors keep coming back? Certainly not for the editing. Keep reading.

      • OK I am an author who was told I could be on Jaimie’s show she her self asked me on after editing my book. Here let me post you what she told me. I mean you keep everything but what Jaimie has. And Jaimie not to toss you under Tab’s buss but here we go.
        3/15, 10:58amJaimie Hope
        Hey Katrina, are you joining Tab on my show on the 31st? If not, I would love to interview you all by yourself. Just let me know what day your free. I have all my regularly scheduled shows scheduled through May 5th, so it will be a special show. I think your book is great and people really need to read it. Let me know if you’re interested.

        Here is where is goes south just remember I was pissed as you read my responses. Some not so coherent as I didn’t want to be called a liar for correcting it for the blog:

        • 3/20, 12:38pmKatrina Vore
        so the show is canceled I though you wanted to promote my book cause I saved your life and you loved it??? If tab said to do it cause she is suing us all and her lawyer said no contact then let me tell you this .,,, false advertisement is also. I have your words that no matter we were good and then you couldn’t even let me know. WOW!!! I will take that you are a liar also…. But that is fine I see you are no better then them with here hate and fingers pointed at everyone else. I thought al authors are welcome on your show well all but the ones who leave PF or PR right… Would you like to explain why that is!!
        3/20, 12:39pm Jaimie Hope
        You don’t have a book if you left PF. Will honor the interview if you re-publish.
        3/20, 12:40pm Katrina Vore
        My book was done withPR rising the freelance service she provides !!! I had no contract with her for it that is why I was never on the web site like the restI paid for the services so if you didn’t get paid for editing that is on tab not me!!Can you explain who told you I have no book!!!!
        3/20, 12:46pm Jaimie Hope
        And right now I am having an issue with Jackie and since she is a co-host of the show I am in a quandary, I suggest you not attack me today, Katrina. I will not tolerate any more bs. I’m sick of the hs shit., but I won’t put up with it any more. I would have thought people would start realizing that when I told them I reported bullies to the feds, but I guess not. I don’t joke around. Nobody told me there wasn’t a book, in fact, I can’t the obvious real mole to respond and have no clue where Tab is, but she and I have been wondering if you were coming or going. If you go, your book generally goes with you..

        3/20, 12:53pm Katrina Vore
        what does that have to do with you sayin you would promote my book on a show that Jackie nor tab were on until they got mad that anna wasn’t on with me the same night.. your shoe is not PR PF domain. You contacted me for the show so I am not the bully just tryin gto figure out how your show is part of pr pf. So as for Verbal non verbal are you going to stand by your word or not!! I self published so I deserve the right to services that you render the same as everyone else. So no this is not a act of bulling jsu the other reason why I was not aloud to stay with PR PF… THis fucking drama will not cost me no more
        3/20, 12:58pm Katrina Vore
        AS a self pub goes I can take my book anywhere I want hence self pub. But if that is the way it is fine turn me into the feds just remember I have not done wrong just want answers
        3/20, 12:58pm Jaimie Hope
        Tab and Jackie were tapped as my new co-hosts prior to the karaoke show. Technically, I’d have to let them on tomorrow if I had a show and considering they are hiding from me I’m sure this issue won’t be settled by the night’s end. And you need to drop the whole I’m like everyone else bs because you’re linked to the two biggest scammers on Facebook, that finger could easily point to you.
        3/20, 1:03pmKatrina Vore
        Would you like me to remove you from the editor on my book and don’t go turning this on me I walked in with three authors for TAb and I was the last to leave… I am in the shit fine pont your finger, Tab has refused to call me and Jackie wasn’t to talk last night . bu ti ham like you and sick of the shit storm and threats
        3/20, 1:06pmJaimie Hope
        You don’t seem to get it. I did like your book and wanted to promote it on my show because it was about something. However, now that Tab and Jacqueline are hiding after my confronting them with talking behind my back doesn’t mean anything, they could still show up if the show went forward and start shit. Wouldn’t hubby love that?
        3/20, 1:07pmJaimie Hope
        As it is, I’m scrambling to save the rest of the shows through May at least.

        We go on to talking about her being stuck in this contract and not having the money to get out. Don’t really know which contract but poor Jaimie is a victim. My Offer still stands Jaimie. You know how to contact me!!! But as JT has said. You are a victim!!! You have been brain washed in to thinking you are stuck, needed, wanted. All you are is being used. You know this don’t be afraid her contract/retaliation is not legally binding… I know this Jaimie. My so called contract, I never knew I had from freelance and the retaliation notation was actually laughed at by our lawyer friend… Anyone can scribble shit down and say it’s a legal contract but take a look at a real legal paper. I have proof as to two other documents that were changed with a name attached to each new contract. She knew what she did was illegal, just never thought the author was smart enough to pull one over on her asking for copies when she had the original the whole time. The two she received where ones she never saw! I leave this to rest…….

      • Thank you!
        In all fairness, Jaimie did say she’d be happy to do an interview if the book is republished, so she’s trying to do the right thing. So, if your book is republished, get back in touch with her and see if you can get back on the show to promote it.
        But it does sound like Tabetha is directly involved with the running of the show, since Jaimie says that technically, she’d have to let Tab and Jacqueline on the show. That makes it sound like Jaimie doesn’t have final say on who goes on the show and who doesn’t.
        It definitely looks like there’s trouble in Paradise.

    • How can Jaimie say she doesn’t allow erotica on her show?? Is she fucking kidding? All Tabetha does is smutty spank trash. And if Tabetha is so wonderful of a publisher why did Jaimie leave in the first place? Somebody is lieing their ass off but what else is new.

      • Thanks JT, I guess I never looked at as a warning from Jaimie. But republishing it and re-edits are in the works for it. I want all the taint washed away from my baby.

  4. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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