Editing, Phoenix style

The question of editing at Phoenix Fire publishing has been brought up once or twice. Who does it? Is it any good?
I think we have our answer.

I give you Wolf Mate, book one in the I am Wolf series by Karrye Angello. Published by Phoenix Fire on May 17, 2013.
For the purpose of exposing questionable editorial and publishing practices, here are a few screen caps from her book on Kindle. In each, there are instances of editorial strike-throughs that were left in the book when it went to publication.
Be warned: There are graphic sexual references.


Don’t take my word for it. You can visit the link above and glance at the “Look inside” feature to see some of them for yourself.

There are more I could add, but I think these speak pretty plainly.

This brings up some pretty important questions.
First, did the publisher (Tabetha) not even read this book before she pushed it through to publication? If she had, there’s at least some chance that she would have caught not only the corrections that were made, but also some of the many more that needed to be done. Nope. What it looks like is that she got the file back from the editor and put it straight on Createspace without any review at all. If the publisher isn’t even going to read the book, what’s the point of having one? An author can have a book edited and put it on Createspace themselves, if that’s all a publisher’s going to do.

Second, is that how editing is done at Phoenix Fire? Striking through errors and putting the new version next to it? I don’t know about the rest of the authors out there, but I’ve never seen it done that way professionally. Anybody else?

Third, is that what passes for editing at Phoenix Fire? Half a dozen corrections in the entire book? It was uncomfortable enough to read the content (generic smut is not my thing. Sorry), but even more painful was the screamingly obvious lack of proper editing. There are examples on every page where an editor worth his or her salt would have made corrections, including double-spacing between words, subject-verb agreement and run-on sentences, to name just a few.

I’m not doing this to rag on the author. She’s not responsible for the mistakes that make it to print. It’s her job to write the book and give it to the publisher. She did that.
And I’m not even ragging on the editor, as such. Unless they’re properly trained and educated for it, the other authors at Phoenix Fire are not qualified to edit books. They might have the best intentions, but they just aren’t professional editors. Using them to do the job might show poor judgement on their part for being a party to it, but more than that, it shows that Tabetha’s just looking for another way to get over. Using other authors to edit books and offering them higher royalties looks like Tabetha’s way of trying to get around withholding or paying taxes. It’s also a way for her to get cheap, if not free labor out of them, because those royalties probably aren’t being properly paid out anyway. If those authors being used for editing PF books are willing to believe that they’re getting a fair deal out of their Boss Lady, more power to ’em. But as it relates to a publishing company being properly run, it shows serious doubts about questionable business practices.

That book’s been on the market for almost a year, and nobody at the company has caught the errors that got published. Not the author, the editor, and not the one person that’s responsible for how the book is presented to the public: the publisher. Tabetha Jones.

The real question is why any author that’s serious about his or her craft would want to be involved with a publisher that isn’t upstanding on every level, straight across the board. Who wants even a hint of impropriety associated with their work, especially as it relates to finances and editing?  I know I wouldn’t, and neither would any serious author I know of.


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  1. The strike-through is from the Track Changes function in Word. It’s used for in-manuscript editing, but the change would normally be accepted or rejected by an editor, not kept unchecked in the manuscript that’s sent to print. Corrections are highlighted in the doc as red or another color. This means it could only have been missed if the person who submitted it to print didn’t check it page by page before uploading it to Createspace. The bad formatting is also inexcusable, given how many years experience Tabetha claims to have worked in the publishing industry.

    These are mistakes you’d forgive a new author or a first time self-publisher, but not a publishing company. From a publisher, this is unforgivable. They’re supposed to go through everything with a fine-toothed comb. What more evidence do people need? Any professional worth their salt takes pride in what they do. A publisher who churns out mistake-ridden manuscripts is one to avoid, end of discussion.

    • My experience with track changes as an author you have to as Sound Advice said except or deny changes. As an author the editor gives them to you to change and you can pick if you feel its right or wrong for your work. However it might have never gone to the author in this aspect. I had complete trust if I missed something it would be taken care of as it should have in this case. Put the publisher (TAB or her Manger JACKIE) should have double check said manuscript before publication.

      Author’s your work has your name ( in this a publisher also) but your name is on that book. Make sure its checked by yourself as you can see the person who has your back just might not! Your image is your everything!!!

      • The book SHOULD have the author’s name on it. But PF books are published with the author’s name, Tabetha’s name, the editor, artist and publisher’s name on it.
        Authors, I repeat: Only YOUR name belongs in the listing for your book. “The team” doesn’t deserve that recognition. It’s YOUR book. They’re the people that do the work behind the scenes to make you and your book look as good as possible. It’s not their job to hog your glory by putting their names on your title. If your book appears with any name on it but yours, change it. The publishing world doesn’t work that way. Everybody knows that but Tabetha Jones.

        You’re absolutely right, Katrina. It’s the author’s reputation on the line. I feel so bad for each and every book I see so poorly represented by this ridiculous, pitiful excuse for a publisher.

  2. Okay I have kept my mouth shut long enough! For one I was NOT with PF in 2013! I DO NOT CO OWN ANY RADIO SHOW THAT BELONGS TO JAIME HOPE! Yes I do look at this site sometimes but this has gotten out of hand! Why some must you keep going? You say your there to help people but I dont see that all I see is hate towards PF! So back off! Go after the Anchor Group for once!

    • Wrong post, dear. This one’s about editing and doesn’t mention you at all.

      It’s not hate. It’s truth. Hate is not a factor. In this post, it’s the truth about Tabetha’s sloppy editing and publishing practices. Nobody in their right mind could defend that botched job.

      Maybe not co-OWNERS in the most technical sense, but it’s there in Jaimie’s own words that you and Tabetha both co-host her show and she’d have to let you on, which implies that she doesn’t have control over who’s on and who gets left off. So unless you’re calling her a liar, you might want to reconsider your indignant stance.

      You and I have spoken privately, so you know I don’t have anything against you personally. Fact is, I feel sorry you same as I do all the other MP/PF scam victims. You seem to have been snowed the worst as you really seem to believe your Boss Lady’s bullshit. But you go ahead and believe what you want. We’ll be here when you find out that we we’ve been telling the truth all along.

    • You calling somebody else a scam is really kind of funny.

      Some examples, please. If I’m going to look into some other scam, besides you, I’ll need a reason. Who did they rip off? What do they do that’s illegal?

  3. Why dont you talk to Jaimie Hope? Or just read over what Jaimie has said here before. You really dont pay attention. Im not a scam artist never was never will be.

    • Tell that to all of the authors that never got paid. Better yet, explain it to the IRS when they knock on your door.

      I’d have to look back, but I don’t think Jaimie ever named them. You’re the one that brought up Anchor. So I’m asking you.

      Better yet, why don’t you tell me why you’re conveniently ignoring the facts that have been presented in the last few posts that prove that you’re exactly that: a scam. Instead, you’re trying to deflect attention away onto somebody else.
      I say TRYING because it’s not working. People see that not only are you an epic FAIL as a publisher, but that you’re delusional, a thief and a straight up con artist.

      • Phoenix Fire is a great publishing company.I want you to stop with all of this about Phoenix Fire because YOU ARE just talking about Tabetha Jones but you are also talking MY COMPANY as well! I co-own Phoenix Fire Publishing! So back off MY COMPANY!

      • Good lord Jackie how monumentally thick can you get? Don’t you know she’s just setting you up totake the blame for it when the scam company your so proud to co own goes out of business so that she can walk out of it squeaky clean, or are you really too stupid to see it?

      • Hey Jackie, or whatever your real name is, shouldn’t you and Tabs be trading drugs back and forth like a couple of regular junkies? Go ahead and pop another pill, then maybe two, then tell us again what a great company you own.

    • You’re right. You scam people, but there’s no ‘art’ to what you do. The art of the author’s you scam doesn’t rub off on your sticky fingers just because you pretend to edit it, you know. Small time thief is what you are. You’re cheap and illiterate to boot.

      So who is responsible for the bad editing pictured above?

  4. Delusional? Highly doubtful. I believe if anyone has mental issues that would be you my dear Lepp.

    You seem to focus all your time and energy on me and Phoenix, contradicting yourself by saying my authors are welcome to share here, yet you disagree with everything said.

    You say you are an advocate for authors yet again you do not bother reaching out to find real companies that take their authors for everything.

    Your rage, your hatred, your blind fury, shows in every post. After doing a little research of my own you carry several traits of not only borderline personality disorder but DID known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, as well as signs of just the Dissociative Disorder itself.

    The tendencies shown here on this blog are evidence enough that unless people respond by agreeing with you then they are unable to recognize the truth you preach.

    Jaimie did leave Mystic due to lies fabricated by several authors of the Anchor Group who eventually let the cat out of the bag that it had not been me th a stole anything or scammed authors that those were just lies made up to get her to leave.

    I would be happy to forward you the email Jaimie sent me asking to come home because she had found out the truth behind the lies.

    But a person suffering from these disorders will fabricate reality to fit their own needs and when disagreed upon will continue to wrap themselves into their own world unable to recognize reality from fantasy.

    These people will manipulate others into believing their false ideas and when unable to persuade the other party they lash out repeating themselves running in circles.

    So, I suggest that you take a serious look at yourself and get the proper help needed.
    You will laugh this off and I assume take some crack shot to make yourself out to be the righteous person or persons you believe yourself to be.

    • On the contrary. I think it’s quite interesting that you choose these descriptions.
      It’s your well-documented history of accusing others what you’re guilty of in order to make yourself look better by comparison. So each and every one of these accusations is a fault that you know to be true about yourself. None more so than “These people will manipulate others into believing their false ideas and when unable to persuade the other party, they lash out, repeating themselves, running in circles.
      Nice bit of copying from a textbook, there. But do try to carry over the punctuation as well next time. I know illiteracy is your native language, but if you’re going to call yourself a writer, publisher or editor, you really should try.

      There are also a couple of other disorders you suffer from which you apparently don’t recognize, including (but decidedly not limited to) a narcissistic personality disorder, a condition in which a person has an excessive sense of self-importance, an extreme preoccupation with themselves, and lack of empathy for others.

      I’m not the one trying to convince anybody of a single false idea. I’m proving that you’re a thief, a liar and a scam artist. That’s not false. You just don’t like that it’s working.

      I know you keep trying to convince your few remaining minions that my motivation is hate, so that you can use that as an excuse to tell them I’m wrong. “Oh, don’t listen to her She just hates me.” That’s another one of those false notions you’re trying to persuade others into believing. I don’t hate you. You’re actually pretty amusing. If anything, I pity you. Any reasonable person would be embarrassed to behave the way you do, but you just keep right on making the same obvious spectacle of yourself, believing that people buy it. It’s really rather pathetic.

      I realize that your pathos will never allow you to see the truth about yourself, so arguing with you isn’t an attempt to persuade you. It’s just so that people out there can see you for who you really are rather than who you keep desperately trying to convince them of.

      And don’t think for a second that I don’t know what this is all about.
      Whenever I prove something about you, you kick up a dust storm to try to hide it. Not happening, hon. You might TRY to deflect attention away from the facts, but I’m here to tell ya, nobody’s fooled.

      • And I am here to tell you that no one really cares about your thoughts or view points. Other than yourself.

        Oh dear Lepp if you could step in my shoes for five minutes you would feel so sorry for everything you have ever said about me.

        You would see that I care deeply for my authors, I put their needs before my own, and that unfortunately when you sign up for psychology in Texas near the end of your course you are required to go for all psychological testing. Funny I don’t seem to have any of those disorders.

        Unlike you I am confident with no insecurities and no do not have to pretend to be someone I’m not with my authors. But continue on with your little world here.

        Because it’s safe for you here unlike the real world that has betrayed you causing all the delusions you seem to suffer from.

      • No one cares except myself? That’s why I get hundreds of hits from around the world.
        And that’s why just about every one of your authors drops by every day.
        It also explains why you keep dropping by.
        Nope. You don’t care a bit. That’s why you keep trying so desperately (and ineffectively) to explain away your actions.

        You care so deeply for your authors that you make sure each and every one of them is paid every dime they deserve for what their books have earned, right? Including all of your Mystic authors, right?
        Thought so.

        When you sign up for psychology in Texas? While I’m sure you’re signed up for all KINDS of psychology in Texas, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you’re talking about that degree you’re studying for. But don’t you take classes online? Right. Thought so.

        You don’t pretend to be someone you’re not? Hang on while I laugh ’til I puke.
        You’ve invented more names to defend yourself on blogs than Stephen King has to put in his books.
        You not pretending to be someone you’re not. Man, that’s the biggest crock I’ve heard all day. And coming from you, that says a lot.

      • Actually, Tabetha, there are a lot of people who value Lepplady’s thoughts and viewpoints. Many of us find this blog highly entertaining, not because of the subject matter, you, but purely because Lepp is a skilled writer with a rapier wit. We don’t expect you to understand. We watch with amusement as what she says flies right over that big head of yours. You’re not stupid enough to assume the only people reading this blog are the ones commenting, are you?

        No one wants to walk in your shoes because that would make us criminals. No odor eater gets that stink out.

    • Well, okay, that’s a misdiagnosis. Dissociative Identity Disorder is what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder. This is when someone’s personality fragments into different identities, usually in order cope with some sort of trauma. To have suggested such a thing about Lepp, based on the contents of this blog, implies you have no clue at all what you’re talking about. There’s a surprise. I’d tell you to stick to your day job, but… wow, you’re screwed.

      • Have you ever heard Tabs talk about her other pseudonyms? She talks about them like they’re real people, so maybe her diagnosis is accurate after all, but about herself, not Lep. She’s such an idiot Lep doesn’t have to work hard to make Tabs look stupid, she does that herself. Give the loony enough rope and she hangs herself.

  5. And just for your info other companies to list editor and artist next to their authors case in point. Proven wrong againhttp://www.amazon.ca/Baby-Jaimie-Goes-Hospital-Hope/dp/0988270781

    • Really?

      Providing “proof” that you’re right because another scam publisher (as you call them) does it? Do you really expect that argument to fly?

      All that proves is that you’re the same as a scam company.

      But, okay. Let me correct myself. No reputable, professional, properly-run publishing company does it.

  6. This response is not to blame or point fingers at anyone or anything. We are all human and make mistakes. Whether an editor is named along with the book or not, is not really the issue now is it? These are a few things that popped in my head when reading this blog and several others. I used Google to look up Phoenix Fire, on your Facebook page I quote this:”We provide traditional publishing services for ebook and paperback distribution as well as self publishing and freelance services.” I have a few questions to ask if Ms. Lepplady does not mind.
    1) Traditional services: Do you pay for editing and/or cover art? If I am not mistaking that was an issue several years back. Just curious and no I want nothing to do with your company after reading several blog responses over the years. As a reader, I choose not to be so hard on Indie Authors as opposed to someone that goes with a traditional press because the editors get paid top dollar to read over the manuscripts. Is there a way to distinguish which of your books falls under traditional and/or self publishing? Who gets the money from paying $400 under your self publishing Phoenix Rising thingy? If I am paying you to do all that, then how does a manuscript such as the one above get published and no one notices for almost a year it is wrong? Do you guys really not care for your company that much……….oh wait you are too busy changing subjects as such as no one is any longer talking about the book above. But since you all want to point fingers, I might as well join in as a concerned book lover.
    2) Jackie’s question: Do you realize that you are in a position to get pointed out as well as Tabetha? Phoenix Fire is a “company” (your words) that is now in the spot light for many different reasons. Example, you may not have been with the company when the book on this blog was published; however, as editor in chief and co-owner, you should have seen the mistakes. I know someone fixed the amazon book but there is a mistake in the second paragraph that cannot be overlooked. I am sorry to tell you but it falls on you now as the one in charge of editing, might want to take a look at it.
    3) Jackie again: Do you realize that one of your so called family member authors was once blamed, on a public blog, as to be one that caused Mystic Press to fold? (For those that have not been privileged… take a look at Emily Suess blog. Still need help? Brandy Cowan…aka…Tryxie Lynn took the fall under Tabetha’s own words.
    4) That does not strike any of those working for or with Tabetha as being suspicious?
    5) How many authors have left the company?
    6) To make sure all is honest, is anyone getting royalties now? Or is the game going with every quarter you get a statement?
    7) On one of the blogs earlier Tabetha stated that she did not want personal information out in regards to her (Tabetha and Jackie’s) company out, I am not asking for that but do you have the right to check things out Jackie, it is partly your company as well. If an author comes and says she is not getting paid, you can take the fall as well as her. Just saying.
    8) Oh, I noticed that you are here talking about Jaimie, I do not know you but your friends ousted you, so yeah I am going to point out a few things on them not you personally. Jackie responded on here about the radio show owned by a Jamie … okay, names can be spelled differently I get that, but for someone to be a friend and co-host of your radio show, how in the living hell did you misspell her name? All I can say to that is God help us if that is how you edit your company’s manuscripts.
    9) Jackie, I have a really heart felt question for you….Why did you mention Anchor Group? I see where Jaimie might be one to talk but I have no way of knowing why you. Or is that you have taken the mentality to talk for Jaimie? I just find it odd how a link came up with Jaimie’s out of stock book by Tabetha about the editor thing which is so minor it is not funny have been linked to a name that you called a crook but I have seen nothing against them, nor do I think this is the place but just curious to why you mentioned it …. maybe it is a mute question— do not answer that, I will not understand it anyways.
    10) So Tabetha, you still like pointing fingers and blaming others for your demise? Why has some of your latest authors left? Or should I go ask Anna and Katrina? I would love to know who caused this latest round to leave so when it comes up in the future I will be prepared not to lose my drink and ruin my computer screen again. I was in awe to see that the one and only Tabetha has came full circle in the blaming game again. Can you not come up with better lies than this?

    • Looks like she can’t.

      Can’t handle the truth, either, since she’s not answering any of your questions.

      The truth is, Tabetha blamed Brandy and Wendy for MP shutting down. She blamed her artist when she got busted using photos she didn’t have permission for (which may still be happening), She blamed a lot of crap on her ex when they broke up, and when she couldn’t weasel her way out of breaching Thea’s contract, Tabetha threw her own mother under the bus. I don’t know what makes Jacqueline think she’s special, but if push comes to shove, she’ll find out that she’s just another person for Tabetha to blame stuff on.

      • Dazed and Confused,

        Contact me if you like! I cant speak for Anna but you are free to ask me any questions you have. I can also say that self publishing with a publishing company should mean as you see I said ‘should mean’ that after the editors and you have fixed the edits the formatter gets it then the publisher /owner/co owner should look it over and make sure it all looks well. Then you the author gets it back and you should look it over again then you publish it. Not someone else unless you need the help but still they just upload it for you Which I might add is a easy as sending your Word Doc in the first place. I do get the fear of not doing it right so don’t point fingers at me, it is pretty scary. Plus I have talked to few who have left besides my girls (Anna, Abby Stone, ?, ?.) She no names I get it she is very intimidating but this mess and lies and thieving was happing way before we came along. But if you need me you can find me at https://www.facebook.com/katrinavore.author

        To get back to the point I bought the book above and read it. The formatting on the last few pages was so bad I had to increase my font just to read it. That was after wanting to fix all the track changes. I feel very sorry for the author as I have contacted her via her personal FB page just in case she didn’t get it from her author page if Tab is a page manager. Also not once in all this have Tab or Jackie now the co owner said a word about this book. That is all I have to say……

    • I would like to apologize to Jaimie for spelling her name wrong! Auto correct on other devices besides a computer can be a pain!
      1) I can look at all information pertaining to Phoenix Fire so yes if an author contacts me and wants to know anything I can help them.
      Why did I bring up another company? According to people that group caused some really bad problems for some people and if that is what this blog is about other than bashing Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire then why not look at them as well!

      • I spelled Jaimie’s name wrong at first, too. I hope I’ve got it straight now.

        The question is, if you’re such a huge Tabetha fan, and you insist that Phoenix Fire is such a great company, how can an author with doubts believe that you’ll advocate on their behalf? What if you did find out that an author wasn’t getting paid properly? Would you be up front and admit it? Even if it meant proving that your partner owed people money? Or would you continue to side with your co-owner and cover it up?

        What some other company does has no bearing whatsoever on what Phoenix Fire does wrong. If and when I decide to look into Anchor, I will. In the meantime, there are a few questions I’d like to get straight about Phoenix Fire.

      • Okay, Like I said I can understand that but if you are a woman in the publishing industry such as Tabetha Jones then why don’t you have computer to use for editing… I am not completely up to date on all the technologies but if you are editing from that same device, how are you correctly doing that job? Just asking.
        2) I can answer why you brought up another company! Let me play this scene out for those that do not know how Tabetha Jones operates.
        Before the TJ scammed the authors with her during the closing of MP, there were a group before that caused all the problems that lead to the demise of MP (Reference to blogs Suess and Cuss) blah blah blah. The story now comes to you and this told to you as “people” say they are bad. Do some research and find out who is a part of that group because they are not bad but have dealt with Tabetha before. See the problem that Tabetha has is she is never the guilty party and on all these blogs it comes out again and again. Look it up for yourself honey. Problem with all this horseshit that comes out of Tabetha’s mouth is nothing more than turning the tables. Hence I made the remark about Katrina leaving… or those not getting paid now, is a direct result from the authors that did get screwed over by MP.
        Jackie, I am saying this with the utmost respect because you think you are any different than these others that have been victimized you better think again. So get your head out of her (Tabetha’s) ass and see what the real truth is.
        3) Blaming others without proof: You came to this blog saying Ms. Lepplady was blaming TJ wrongfully, now you are doing the same thing…. Pot calling the Kettle black? Realize you will fall just like Tabetha.

        Now enough for today, Katrina, I really do not need to know why you left because I am sure it was because you smelled the horseshit that Tabetha lets fly out of her mouth. All i was wondering was, now we have came back to the beginning of her lies on the first blog and you all worked with the original “accused traitor” of why MP had to close, I was wondering if those others caused you to not get paid.

        Oh Tabetha, do you really have a lawyer this time because I would love for him to talk to me as a person never involved with you but saw you falsely accuse Brandy and now have her working for or with you, whatever. That tells me you are missing the whole fry pack from the happy meal, my dear! (FYI, the first lawyer was Red Herring from Scooby Doo!)

    • I see that Jackie responded to a couple of my questions and thanks for that.

      I still have the issue with Karrye Angello’s book.
      All you two did was accept the track changes, in which some were wrong but I am not going to do your job for you. You are getting paid to be an editor/owner/co-owner, not me. I do want to point out the one place I mentioned over twenty-four hours ago and it is still on the example! I would buy the book if there were proper edits done after they have been shown to you all, not just the ones of you that claim to run the company but other authors that are going to have your title published by the same person that cannot fix these. A FEMALE CAT CANNOT HAVE MALE EYES! Clue number 2.

      As far as the questions, I knew Tabetha could not answer them… she couldn’t weasel out of a wet paper bag because all she knows how to do is re-invent her old horseshit.

      Oh the cap lock response is because I am sure her sister, ex, etc… is around somewhere awaiting to use them on Ms. Lepplady but I was making a bold statement instead of calling out bad names.

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  8. I would like to apologize to Jaimie for spelling her name wrong! Auto correct on other devices besides a computer can be a pain!
    1) I can look at all information pertaining to Phoenix Fire so yes if an author contacts me and wants to know anything I can help them.
    Why did I bring up another company? According to people that group caused some really bad problems for some people and if that is what this blog is about other than bashing Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire then why not look at them as well!

    • Dazed and Confuzed,
      My first book I did solo has to date more sales in its first month then my new one done with Phoniex Rising. When I asked Tab And Jackie why they said it was the end of the month… I asked on March 10 th….. my book went out Feb 22 and after her computer got broke in a drunkin stupor I’m sure…. after all it was fine that day but after drinking with sissy, broken… Jackie is the one who called to tell me it was not happening that day…delayed me again my original launch was for Feb 14 th. I have sold 6 books since it was published…. when I asked fellow authors was it normal they said ” for a New Adult romance no”.. then editing errors my mother in law found. Don’t get me started on my cover for it… the two I had picked out to uses republishing my first and then book 2 came from a wallpaper/background for computers site… they really belong to Suzanne Coffey…. any other questions… Lepp helped me find every cover we had picked out for each book I had in queue to publish.. each from some site never able to find out right of photo… and I will say this also.. it is not the cover artist fault she was given pics supposabley from deviant art or pin… trust was given freely to Tab and Jackie yet we are the bullies the monsters… no I don’t think so… I know that was info and some answer but I never let her have one cent of my royalties… ohhh she wanted them but I bust my ass miss time with my kids and hubby to get the story out of my head.. so no, they are all mine I’m greedy like that!!! Yet I have been accused of hurting people!!!! I think not!!

      • OK the real question does the lack of sales come from haveing PR/ PF name or editor attached I would day yes!!!! I’m pretty happy with my sales on my first book … it needs editing and a facelift but it has made me in the last few months enough to cover what I paid the liar to get my new book out the door… so is it price lack of PR for it …No!! Its the fact that Tab had her hands on it as well as Jaimie’s name as editor…. bad juju….. I call it taint and it will be washed away soon!!!!

      • I am sure you can imagine my response to all this. Can I say you were told a line of horseshit that through my investigative research on Phoenix Fire and Tabetha Jones, is no different than the authors in the past. For one you do not know me, nor have I ever talked to you, but the same exact lies are coming out. It is amazing that Tabetha Jones believes in her horseshit so much the same pitiful excuses come out. “My computer is broke.” “I am living with my mom at the moment and do not have internet” blah blah, excuses is all she comes up with but it is like the excuse kids say when the do not want to do homework….”My dog ate my homework”! Oh crap, I just gave her another lie to use…but back to the subject at hand.
        Cover Art:
        Do you all know who is behind Bloodmoon Designs?
        Well I have yet to meet the real person but let me drag up an old names that have the same “stock art” and your exact excuse to why there is an issue. When MP was around it was Must Love Fangs. Fact, well the same story you just told me was Tabetha got the images and passed them to the cover artist …… blah blah blah. If you are not wanting to ruin your image as a cover artist and are not someone that knows the lies that has been told in the past then get the hell out of dodge. I am saying it was mentioned on Rusty’s Blog …


        … There is the exact website for those that have not been around when MP/PF had issues. If I am not mistaken, the artist involved with Tabetha Jones then has left her because of her “friendly scamming ways”! So even for the cover artists involved here, I want to say this … I am sorry but I have to believe you as well knew better, Kristina might take up for you but I can’t because I have seen and heard that line of HORSESHIT before.

        After being around and doing research on Tabetha Jones, I knew she was not as big and bad as she makes everyone believe. Have you noticed she cannot open mouth and insert words to those asking her questions? She tucks her tail and hides because someone struck a nerve. Her bark is way more harmful then her bite. (And if you are going to come at me with the HORSESHIT line of “I will sue you with slander” back your ass up with a lawyer that is not Herring because you have ousted yourself on this blog saying Todd. Which is this old friend because that part of the lawyer story remains the say …’old family friend’! And I have not slandered you in anyway, I just brought up old stories you told on other blogs.) I am not running scared I am here on this blog asking questions.

        After thinking about this, I am going to venture out on a limb. Abusers like to separate their victims from the world. Take away all the friends by isolation with a group that respects the abuser and worships him/her. A family of sorts. When the victim bucks up to the abuser……. the abuser cannot handle it. Remind you all of someone else we know?

        Tabetha, I have to ask this because I know the horseshit line about the lawyers is coming. You are not intelligent enough to come up with a new story on this subject matter yet. Do we have to go back to Elementary School and ask one question at a time to you? Did you not graduate to being able to handle all these questions at once? Even your co-owner, has tried to answer some. I felt sorry at first for Jackie, I get what all is stating and trying to help her understand but I feel as if she is not going to heed warnings because she lacks the ability to step away from an abuser. I cannot keep feeling sorry for those than cannot see for themselves. (GO TO BING OR GOOGLE…ENTER IN PHOENIX FIRE PUBLISHING. SEARCH THE RESULTS. I KNOW OF SEVERAL DIFFERENT BLOGS THAT TABETHA SAYS SOME OF THE SAME LINE OF HORSESHIT TO THOSE AUTHORS. TO BOOT, IN ONE OF THE FIRST IS WHERE SHE TELLS THE WORLD ABOUT WENDY HUNYOR AND BRANDY COWAN. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE YOU ARE NOW CO-OWNER OF A COMPANY THAT LETS BRANDY COWAN WRITE! HOLY SHIT BATMAN, I SEE THE LIGHT. DO YOU?)

        If you go to Erotic Romance, you can see the examples of the lashing out as well. Jackie, you come on Ms. Lepplady’s blog but I have to ask this question, have you went to read any of the other blogs or were you told this quote..”there are people out there that don’t like me and tell lies about me. None of it is true, I am/PF is your family.” BLAH! She does not care if you get hurt in this or not…. there are plenty of witnesses to that, this blog tells the story of how she blamed Cindy Carlos of hacking her email. Blurb: Cindy a close relative to her or her ex’s controlled the managing of the company (MP back then) in which a story was accepted but turned out to be YA trash. When confronted Tabetha told lies and vanished on the hard questions. This is nothing new to people that research her or Mystic/Phoenix Fire.

        My dear Tabetha, your name does not taste good on anyone’s lips! I love reading back and seeing some of her responses. We all put your head on the chopping block to keep victims away.
        Now get your head up and be an advocate of again violence and tell the truth.

      • Dazed and Confuzed can I say I love the no holding it back.. Were have you been this whole time?? Love it!! Most importantly thank you!! From me, and others who read this and stay away from PF… and my girls tab took to slaughter!!

        Tab honey threats with the contracts and your Todd are coming to a screaching end… have you thought of that new company name and that alias your going to use to run it??

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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