Tabetha Jones says:

I do not charge them hundreds of dollars for when they terminate early. There is a fee of $150 for early termination for everything that has been done.

Any Mystic Press or Phoenix Fire authors that have left her got an opinion about this statement?



Here you have it, folks. Answers to some of the questions that have been asked of Tabetha Jones. The are exactly what you’d expect.

For the record, all of the typos and glaring grammatical errors are hers. I just copied and pasted.

You want answers let me give a few that you can twist and fabricate mote to your liking but don’t I didnt speak the truth.

We don’t have to twist or fabricate anything. All we have to do is read her own words. She always gives herself away, sooner or later. And lately, her lies are tripping over each other. Honestly, she does all the work for us.

Sky is not an author and my authors pick their own pen names. Ronnie Lynn Swisher is Sabrina Samples which she has stated time and again. Raven Lynn was brought on by Jaimie Hope so regarding Raven you might want to talk to her about that. As for Anna Lovelace she is real and is signed with several companies under pen names as well as her real name but at her request that isn’t my place to say. Tryxie Lynn is Rachelle Kneece who I went to school with and have known for awhile. And hate to tell you that is not brandys pic on her profile. That is Rachelle.

She can’t even keep her alts straight. *shakes my head*
Tabetha has a very long history of inventing alternyms to puff up both her list of authors as well as her staff. There are years’ worth of fake names that she claims are real people then cycles through her list to keep the scent off the fact that they are, in fact, fake. Just look at Emerald Rai Willis. Or whatever her name is now. That started as a different Rai, (Sky, was it?) and got rotated through the stages of Tabetha Jones fake name alternate reality. I think I wrote a post about that.
Oh, yeah. Here it is.
Adventures with Emerald
Caught red-handed creating one alternym from another and claiming that it was a real person’s pen name.
So, her new list of alternyms? Same old thing, different day.

As far as Brandy Cowan there has been new evidence come up regarding her involvement with Mystic Press and Wendy Hunyor. Which will be addressed very soon.

It’s taken, what, two years to dig Brandy up out of mothballs when nobody has seen hide nor hear of her in the interim? And now there’s “new evidence” about Mystic? I can’t wait to hear this. Tabetha can’t write a book to save her life, but she sure can spin a yarn to scam people. Who’s she going to blame next? Eric?

You want to know why Mystic authors were not paid. First there were several that did have royalties owed to them. Which they received. Some did not have any royalties to pay out. Others were fresh out the gate and did not have enough time to make any money off their books. Yes there were returns of books and that I cannot do anything about. Eric states that he had to cover my ass let’s switch I had to cover my own because he was dipping into company funds because he was an authorized user on the PayPal account and it was linked to his bank card. So I had to do work on the side to ensure the money was replaced and my authors got what they expected. Not to mention the hundreds I spent shipping books overseas it of course there was never a thank for that.

And there it is. The same old rubbish about book returns and titles that didn’t sell enough to earn royalties. That’s the same line of bull Mystic authors have been hearing since they first got stiffed.
Yes, we want answers. But we want REAL answers. Not the same tired, old lies. But this is Tabetha Jones we’re talking about. She couldn’t give a straight answer if she tried.

Eric also says he wants to clear his name. Is that why Beth Wright went on visits blog explaining that Eric had threatened repeatedly after I asked not to handle the authors that way. Just like MR Murphy she left because he sent inappropriate pics of himself and. Constantly hit on her making her uncomfortable to have to walk away.

Eric also states that I called him threatening him. No it was more like me laughing at trying to play the saint when he supported my writing and got close with the authors chatting them up getting to know them. In fact around Halloween he asked Cindy White for more explicit pictures of her Halloween costume and when her husband got involved Eric blocked her.

Feel free to ask any of these authors and I promise you’ll get the same answers. All Eric is trying to do is make himself out to be the false hero always lied about.

First, it bears noting that Tabetha’s bullshit rants are hard enough to follow because of her horrible writing and whole words left missing. Add to that the fact that she already posted about her phone call to Eric that “It wasn’t a thread, it was a promise.” Just like her thinly veilled tripe at the end of this very post.

Whatever Eric’s past behavior might have been, that’s his responsibility. We’re here talking about Tabetha’s responsibility to pay her authors what she owes them and to stop scamming new ones. This is a typical Tabetha tactic: to try to make herself look better by making somebody else look bad. Don’t fall for it, folks. No matter how Eric behaved, that does not remove her legal and financial responsibility to her authors.

The reason Phoenix was removed from the BBB well technically not removed being updated for changes within Phoenix. And when such changes are made then certain things must be done.

Seriously? The BBB doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t. They don’t allow businesses to remove a rating because the shifty owner is rearranging the scam structure of their scam company. It’s staggering that she’s got the gall to insist that the world works according to her skewed version of reality. It’s even more astounding that there are weak-minded people out there gullible enough to believe it.
The BBB says they’ve requested information and either didn’t receive any response or couldn’t verify what they were give. like maybe the company address, for starters. THAT’S what folks should believe. The BBB doesn’t have any reason to lie. Tabetha does.

I do not steal work from deviant art I have every message saved giving me permission which I would be happy to screen shot and send to lepp herself.

Sure. She can send me whatever she wants. But that does not change the fact that half of the images on Phoenix books come from free wallpaper sites, and Tabetha charges her authors for them up front, after claiming that she doesn’t charge her authors anything up front anymore.

I find it insulting that you would stoop so low as to think I would give sexual favors to get the models I do. As far as blow jobs for lower rates that goes beyond a low blow. I have more respect for myself than that.

Oh, really?

As for Draven yes he claimed it as his series but that doesn’t mean he would be on the cover. Yes I’m sure he would be honored and we talked about it but spending time with his daughter and dealing with personal issues were more important at the time of the photo shoot.

What bullshit. Tabetha has gushed time and time again about how the object of her unrequited obsession is so honored over HIS books. Her words, not his.

And as far as my cherry is concerned it’s really none of your business but I lost that at 17 to the man I eventually married.

The photographer I worked with knew I wanted sexy but classy which is what I got. He took some amazing pictures. And the model was game for anything. Then after the shoot was over we brought my daughter into the studio and took some beautiful mother’s day photos.

I’ve seen the “classy” photos she’s talking about, and there’s nothing classy about them. They’re nothing more than Tabetha pawing at a male model that’s in amazing shape but looks like he’d rather be anywhere else. Poor guy.

As for Eric yes I wrote a piece in Beautiful Disasters based on certain events of my life but his name or description was not used. Each one of the men that abused me mentally or physically were not described nor were their names mentioned.

Just like the memoir I will be writing under Emerald Rai will not list names but I’m sure everyone will get the point.

As fast as Tabetha backpedals, you’d think she could run a marathon. She’s already said that it’s about him. And if she misrepresents a single fact, which is all she does – let’s face it – he’s got grounds to sue her ass off.

As for my company and the contracts they are all legal and binding. I do not run a scam business, I do not ask my family or authors to come on this blog to defend me they have minds of their own.

She can keep telling herself and her authors that to keep them on the hook, but it’s just not true. Her company DOES NOT EXIST legally, so neither do her contracts. Just because she says otherwise, that doesn’t make it true. I, on the other hand, have contract law that clearly proves the point.

Royalties are paid as they come in whether it’s every 60 days every 3 months or whatever my authors get their money. Anthologies are split evenly between the authors and Phoenix does NOT take a cut.

Bullshit. She pays some royalties to some authors to keep them thinking they’re really getting paid. It’s been proven time and time again that her authors get stiffed. Each and every one of her authors that has left her will tell you the same thing. Hell, they HAVE told you the same thing. It’s a word to the wise that her current authors victims (the very few that aren’t alts at this point, anyway) really should heed.

I do not charge them hundreds of dollars for when they terminate early. There is a fee of $150 for early termination for everything that has been done.

That’s as shady a statement as I’ve ever heard. “For everything that’s been done?” Everything a publisher is supposed to do, right? That’s just another way of charging for services they never receive, whether it’s up front or after the fact. It’s part of her scam, pure and simple. Authors do not owe her a dime. If they realize they don’t want to keep getting scammed, all they have to do is walk. I can’t stress to any of her current authors enough that if they’re finally seeing the truth about her, they don’t need to pay her a single red cent. They can walk and take their work with them. She doesn’t own their rights, and she doesn’t own them.
As for how much she charges when authors leave, I’ll let them come on here and say for themselves.

As for my editors and cover artists some are not even listed on my site. I pay the editors out of my pocket the authors do not pay for it. The only thing they pay for is the book cover which is never over $25.00 and this way if they decide after their contracts end that cover belongs to them because sometimes you want to keep it I know I did.

Anybody that’s not listed on her website or paid cash out of pocket, it’s because:
1) They don’t exist, or
2) she’s avoiding paying them taxes as employees.
But I should thank her for confirming that she does, indeed, charge her authors up front after claiming self-righteously that she doesn’t do that anymore.

I have been thru hell in my life and for you to question my past of addiction and abuse I find it sad. But I’m not going to beg for anyone to believe me. Yes I am an advocate for domestic violence and I fight for a cause. That was the reasons for my shorts in Beautiful Disasters and my two poetry collections to let ppl know they aren’t alone. The reason Eric didn’t go to jail is frankly I just wanted the hell out and I wanted it over. Didn’t want my daughter dragged thru the bullshit.

AAAAAAAND there’s the ploy for sympathy. Let’s all bust out the violins.
No real advocate would claim to advocate for Domestic Viloence. Period. That’s advocating the VIOLENCE, not the victims. They wouldn’t do it, Just like every other bullshit claim hse’s ever made, it’s pure fabrication designed to gain sympathy, make herself look better and divert attention away from what a scam she is.
Bullshit. No tough biker chick would just walk away and let an abuser go free without facing the consequences for his actions. Especially not when he lives with her and she’d have to get him out of the house somehow. And especially not one that “Advocates for domestic violence.” Insert eye roll.
Not even a police report? Yeah, no.
Tabetha’s the one that’s abusive. Just look at her own crass, abrasive words.

As for bringing Zoey Sweete to life I see it this way. Pen names are extensions of ourselves. Zoey is the wickedly sweete one who is a bit twisted been thru hell but still standing. She is a bitch, feisty, and doesn’t give a fuck what ppl think which is an extension of me just on a higher level. Emerald Rai is the deviant, the rebel, the one who pushes boundaries again an extension of myself on a higher level. Do I see them as being separate from myself no, but it’s all about bringing that persona to life when I write.

Kinda like a stripper, he puts on a persona on stage with a name and all but off stage that’s not the man he is they are just exaggerated versions of themselves.

Either that or it’s another desperate attempt to make it look like her company has more authors, as if the legion of fake names she already posts under aren’t enough for that. Whichever.

Lastly I never said that I signed a contract with Jabberwocky but was offered. When mystic closed and before I opened Phoenix I sent out queries thru an email address I rarely check. I happened to check it and there it sat. I emailed back but we are negotiating nothing is final. And they are wanting to make changes that just won’t fly with me and I’m sorry The Draven Witch Series is not paranormal romance. And unfortunately I write more than smut my poetry collections were therapy.

We already covered this. There was no offer. When she posted some drivel about how if the numbers weren’t right, She’d turn it down, we already knew it was bullshit and that she’d come up with some lame excuse to turn it down. She’s doing it again here, claiming that they want to make changes that just aren’t acceptable, blah, blah.
I can only repeat: IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. No literary company ever makes the kind of offer she’s talking about. Ever. It was bullshit from the beginning, and it’s bullshit now.

And just for the record I wouldn’t jump on any contract just because of money. I don’t care about money. I care locality, respect, trust, and building a solid business for my authors. You can believe what you want but if I was such a horrible person why would all my authors stand beside me. Well, all except one, who I must say did a piss poor job of a copy and paste.

Locality’s a big selling point for me, too. But every other word she uttered is sheer nonsense.
All of her authors have stuck with her but one? How conveniently she forgets all of those that have left her, including three that split from her recently and the two (maybe three) others that are on the cusp. And the many others that have split from her in the last couple of years, since she screwed them the same way she screwed the Mystic authors. But, no, she can’t have people remembering them, can she?
A truer version would be that there’s ONE that’s stuck with her through it all, one that’s too blindly loyal and/or gullible to realize the truth about this scam artist. Yet.

Which you didn’t even get all the post guess you wanted to pick and choose which is fine cause your number is coming up buttercup.

My number is coming up, buttercup? Well. Aren’t I scared. Yeah. Hang on while I tremble in my boots.

Hopefully this satisfies your warped twisted minds but if not feel free to email me directly I would love to hear from each of you and answer any questions you may have.

There’s that pot and kettle mentality again. Tabetha’s the one that’s warped and twisted, so of course anybody that doesn’t agree with her demented version of reality is wrong. They have pills for that. I hope she gets some. Fast.

Oh and I’m sure tomorrow there will be a whole new blog post about my photo shoot seeing I set it as public just for you all to see. I sure hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them. And as for the male model there were no complaints and he and I will be working together again in the future. And for those of you blocked from my Facebook don’t worry they will be uploaded to

Amazing what a few hundred bucks will make a guy do, isn’t it? Those photos are awful, and I think I died a little looking at them.
Make no mistake. I’m not talking about her size. I’ve been a big girl and wouldn’t rag on anybody for that. It’s her smug, sneering expression that kills it, and her crude posturing. Those photos wouldn’t look good if she weighed 98 pounds.

Hope you all have a great and safe fucking memorial day weekend you do know accidents happen……

Yup. There’s that class and self-respect shining through again.

 We’ve all asked questions of Tabetha regarding her treatment of authors and her actions, hoping for some reasonable explanation for why a publisher would rip off her authors. Why someone who claimed her authors and employees as family would betray their trust, turn on them and verbally attack them the way she does. We’ve hoped for any redeeming quality that could let us forgive her reprehensible actions and deplorable personality. But all we get is the same self-serving bullshit answers, the same diversionary tactics and the same completely incongruous backpedaling. Not to mention the threats, crude behavior outright lies.

Yet again, Tabetha proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that she knows nothing about publishing and less about how to treat people.


Here’s the link to Phoenix Fire publishing at the Better Business Bureau.

The best thing that can be said about PF on the BBB is that it has no rating.

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of No Rating. The reason is as follows:

  • BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating. BBB made two or more requests for background information from the business. BBB has not received a response from business and/or has not been able to verify information received from business.

For your consideration, here’s how to initiate a complaint against Phoenix Fire Publishing, if you have one.


Tabetha insists that big things are happening for Phoenix Fire after June 27th.
Who wants to take a guess about what that drastic change will be?
Here are my guesses:
1) She’ll be shutting down Phoenix Fire and opening a new company, just like Dallas Gurl said she was.

2) She’ll blame Jabberwocky for screwing Phoenix Fire over somehow, giving her an excuse to shut down.

3) She’ll blame JW for “locking” her accounts so that Phoenix authors won’t get paid. And since JW will be taking the blame, Tabetha gets to try and convince the next wave of victims that she’s squeaky clean for both the company’s closure and the fact that the authors don’t get paid. That’s what she did to Mystic and all the Mystic authors that still haven’t been paid. She said Createspace locked down both her Amazon and Paypal accounts, and that’s why nobody got paid.

The pay next Phoenix Fire cycle, as she claims it, comes due in June, doesn’t it? What coincidental timing.

Phoenix authors, take heed. These are exactly the same things that happened to the Mystic authors that were told the same excuses and still haven’t been paid for the work they did back then. I cannot advise you strongly enough to protect your interests now while you still can. After she shuts the doors, you’ll be left hanging as certainly as her past authors were.

Tabetha does not have any contract with Jabberwocky. Trust me when I tell you that. If that’s the huge change her company is hinging on, it’s a lie, pure and simple.

You’re being told not to listen to the things that get said here because we’re bashers and haters, backstabbers and liars. That’s not true. We’re here to warn you not to get scammed by a scam artist. The one telling you not to listen is the one that’s scamming you. She’s got every reason to convince you not to listen. Please think about that and take heed. Don’t let yourself fall further victim.

Protect yourself. Protect your rights. Protect your work.

Createspace advice

Createspace has been getting some complaints about a certain scam publisher, it seems. And it looks like they’re frustrated that they can’t do more to help the authors that have written asking for help.

In reply to a question I asked recently, a helpful soul at Createspace offered me a little free advice on the side.

If you can prove that Tabetha doesn’t hold the rights to your work (any more), you can get all the information you want, and she can’t hide behind the fact that authors aren’t included on the her Createspace account.

Think about that.

If you’ve left Tabetha and she doesn’t hold the rights to your book anymore, you can ask them anything you want. Just be sure to mention that she no longer holds the rights.

And, if you’re an author that’s still signed to her bogus company, consider this. The company isn’t legally registered with the city, county, state or IRS, so it doesn’t exist. Period. That means that your contract doesn’t exist. That means that even if she’s got you convinced otherwise, she does not hold the rights to your books right now. She never did. All you have to do is notify Createspace that Tabetha doesn’t hold the rights to your book, and you can find out any information about your book that you want.

Have fun, kids.

Waking up yet?

I’ve heard Tabetha say time and time again that she busts her ass for her authors, that she puts her own writing on hold to make sure that her authors are taken care of. That they’re family that she’ll go to the ends of the earth to take care of.

But I see her paying $500 bucks for a model for one of HER covers while her authors get free stock or stolen images for theirs.

I see her gloating about setting up at least 2 photo shoots for HERSELF, to bring a fake author to life. How much did the models and photogs cost for those?
And how many photo sessions has she arranged for even a single one of her real authors? Anybody? Bueller?

I see Tabetha promoting her own work to agencies like Jabberwocky while her authors get their work sent to print without even being read by their publisher first. PF authors get their books “edited” by other authors that are not qualified, and get videos made with music that Phoenix Fire doesn’t pay for the rights to use.

And I see authors don’t that don’t get paid the royalties their work earns. That money goes to pay for models and photo shoots to promote Tabetha herself while her authors languish in anonymity.

Looks to me like all Tabetha’s interested in is making her own dreams come true.

Wake up, people. If you want your literary dreams to come true, keep them as far away from Tabetha Jones as you can. She’ll only use you, your work and your money to foster her own.


While we’re on the subject of the many mistakes at  Phoenix Fire Publishing, I give you this little gem.
Check out the glaring errors Tabetha makes with her authors’ bios.

To start, the first sentence isn’t even a sentence. A publisher and editor would know that.
The second sentence is missing whole words and makes no sense whatsoever. Typical Tabetha.
“She is married to my soul mate.” That guy really gets around, doesn’t he? Dashing back and forth from West Virginia to Texas and all. Such stamina!
And “She have always loved to read”..? Really? Me too!

This is obviously a rushed copy and paste job that, like her books, she didn’t bother reading before hitting that “publish” button.

Finally, authors don’t write anthologies. They contribute to them. But, this is Tabetha Jones we’re talking about. I’d hardly expect her to get anything about writing, books, anthologies or anything else about publishing right.