Simple questions

I have some very simple questions for Tabetha Jones.

Why haven’t your Mystic authors been paid? Their contract, YOUR contract, states plainly that they should have been paid immediately when Mystic Press shut down. Why haven’t they?

Did you ever send an author a sales report that had been altered?

Did you ever tell an author that either their books didn’t sell anything or that every single one had been returned?

Have you ever failed to return an author’s book to them even after they’ve paid your parting ransom?

Do your contracted authors pay for editing or cover art?

Do you read the books before you publish them?

How does a Phoenix Fire book go to print with editorial errors left in, and then stay on the market for a year without getting noticed?

There are a lot more I could ask, but let’s start with these.
No muss, no fuss. Just questions and answers.

Mystic/Phoenix authors, or anybody else, if you’ve got any questions you’d like answered, feel free to include them in comments.


25 thoughts on “Simple questions

  1. They’ve all come and had a look at this post, Tabetha included.
    I guess it’s taking some time to come up with the best way to spin it.
    My money’s on the “We can’t talk to you anymore because Tabetha’s lawyer told us not to” angle.

    More on that lawyer bit to follow, btw.
    Wait for it.

    • The non existent lawyer she doesn’t have. I’ve already told ms larson I’d give her any info she wanted and ill do the same for anyone with questions.

  2. I love your questions but I feel so horrible because she couldn’t answer mine from yesterday nor could see fix the massive editing error!

    • I have seen your response to those I asked you on the previous post and I did thank you for the responses but I still have one, over on the other post that needs to be addressed. Thanks for your cooperation.

    • The problem is, Jacqueline, you are not, nor can you be held responsible for what is listed above. It’s admirable for you to answer these questions. It shows strength of character and honest intentions. This is why you need to distance yourself from Tabetha. Being associated with her tarnishes your reputation, and we can already tell you don’t deserve that.

      Tabetha preys on people who are loyal by nature, who are trusting, understanding, and who like to think positively about life. People like that usually overlook little mistakes here and there, and are likely to forgive and try to remain positive about their situation. New or unpublished (not indie) authors have these traits in abundance, mainly due to lack of experience in the publishing industry. They don’t know what to expect. So they try not to think about the mistakes, the long silences between communications, the jumbled answers to their questions, the excuses (Lord, the excuses!) and try to say focused on what matters: their work. They ignore the alarm bells going off in the back of their mind and put it down to jitters. They try to shrug of the blatant lack of professionalism they’ve witnessed as some sort of integration method. The truth is, it’s all bullshit. Listen to your gut instincts. They’re bound to be telling you what you know is right.

      • As a co-owner, Jacqueline can be held responsible for the last three. What authors pay for, the editing process and publication of books the company puts out now, and the quality and professionalism of books currently published by PF.

        Jacqueline seems like a loyal person whose heart is in the right place, so she’s defending her business partner, who seems to have scant little to say when presented with simple, straightforward questions.

        But I don’t know if Jacqueline realizes that as a partner, responsibility for not just these issues, but ALL issues related to PF, she is equally liable. That means that if PF gets sued, Jacqueline will be sitting at the defendant’s table right along with her buddy.
        Legalities or no, I don’t think Jacqueline realizes that she’s being groomed to take the fall for Tabetha’s problems. The rest of us see it coming, and I hope Jacqueline takes heed. Otherwise, she’s the one that’s going to be left standing Dazed and Confused when the reward for her loyalty is Tabetha blaming her for everything.

    • The last comment I got from you was on the “Editing” blog.

      If you’ve got something to say on the “Questions” blog, feel free to post it.

      • Yes,Lepp, you’re right, of course. She can and will be held responsible legally, even if what’s happened is through no fault of her own. That’s why she has to walk away.

        We know it’s not her fault, that’s all I meant. But yes, you’re correct, as pretty much always!

  3. Since Tabetha is not responding! I have a question for all those authors that deal with her.

    On the previous blog, an author told the story about her book not being published on time.

    Here is my issue with that: If you research and go to PF page, yes I do visit from time to time,then you will see that her alts (pen names) have almost 20 new books coming out soon along with stories in upcoming Anthologies. 20 really, I know real authors that cannot come up with that. How can that be? Authors are complaining about dates not lining up but you have stories coming out. (Thoughts: Tabetha really is all about herself. Yes, family should come first no doubt but 20 stories, conclusions to this is in all of your heads.)

    How can the owner/head this or that/in charge of royalties/edits(to over see things are done right like a publisher does) have 20 upcoming books?

    • She can have 20 upcoming books because:
      1) she sits and scribbles them out at breakneck speed without a single thought to plot, character development, spelling, grammar or content.
      2) She doesn’t take the time to develop her authors’s books any more than she does her own. We’ve seen proof that she pushes books to print without so much as reading through them for errors.
      3) The more books she cranks out, the more she can skim off them.
      4) Just because her page lists upcoming books, that doesn’t mean they’re really going to happen. They could just be titles and cheap covers getting posted on the website to make the company look more impressive to anybody that stumbles upon their website.
      We’ve all seen the embellishments she spins out of whole cloth to make her scam company look more impressive, from the list of staff to the many, many aliases she cooks up to add to her author roster to make it look like there are more people working than there really are. The plethora of titles is probably more of the same: window dressing to scam people into thinking they’re actually a real publishing company. “Wow, look how many books they have! Look how many authors they have! They MUST be good!”
      Like everything else about her, it can’t be trusted any more than it can be thrown, and I feel sorry for anybody that falls for it.

  4. I guess we have our answer.
    Tabetha’s good at throwing around accusations to create a smokescreen to try and cover the truth that she’s a fraud and scam artist. But when it comes to answering questions presented to her directly about her actions, she’s got nothing to say.
    Why? Because she’s guilty of every single thing she’s been accused of, and she can’t think of a way to lie her way out of it.
    I don’t know what she’s telling her authors about these questions. Maybe she’s saying that we’re all just haters, we’re jealous, or that “mistakes happen” and we’re awful human beings because we can’t move on.
    It’s not a mistake when a book goes to print with errors in it. It’s piss poor publishing.
    It’s not a mistake when people don’t get paid. It’s theft.
    It’s not a mistake when contracts get switched out. It’s contract fraud.
    It’s not a mistake when a company’s not properly registered. It’s fraud.
    It’s not a mistake when taxes aren’t properly withheld or paid to the IRS. It’s tax fraud.
    It’s not a mistake when peoples’ work is held hostage for money when an author tries to leave her. It’s extortion.
    It’s not a mistake when she “loses” an author’s files if they want to leave her company. It’s bullshit.
    That’s Tabetha Jones. Not some poor, misunderstood little publisher being attacked by cyber bullies, as she tries to make people believe. That’s a scam publisher being exposed by her former victims that don’t want it to happen to anybody else.
    If all of this isn’t enough to convince anybody she’s scamming now, then their eyes will have to be opened by experience. It’ll happen. Every single one of Tabetha’s authors realizes at some point that she’s been manipulating and abusing them the whole time. More every day. These will, too. And when they do, I hope they’ll step forward and tell their stories so that nobody else steps into their shoes to walk that shattered mile. Nobody should be treated that way.
    She likes to kick up a fuss to divert attention away from her crooked deeds, and run her foul, fetid mouth to threaten and bully people into submission.
    But I think her silence speaks volumes.

  5. While I realize PF has never been properly registered, the Tabster’s gone on record as claiming it’s a “sole proprietorship.” Can anyone tell me how a sole proprietorship can even have a co-owner? ‘Cause if it does, it’s ipso facto not a sole proprietorship.

    • You can’t have a co owner per say the legal way.. when I applied it was in my county then I had to pay to place an add for three weeks… then I have mine. I would imagine TX is no different but on that paperwork was no place for a co owner . Now a duel yes say my husband and I yes but still not a sole ownership its a co ownership app so if this is the case still no legal business without new paperwork…

      Plus Jackie would have to be there to sign the paper not electronic as Tab likes but a real life signature.. sorry typed fast I hope it makes since…. now I have a daughter to get ready for prom!!!!

      Tab how are those contracts working out for you… Steve Todd making any calls from his office at Werring and Company…. I mean on your behalf that is??? Very interested for that info… but all in all another one bits the dust right…. lol later Lepp and have a safe trip…

  6. Oh hey, look what I found. I’m setting up my Lightning Source account and I’m taking the time to look through all of my legalese. It’s something to consider, if Tabby-chan has been going through Lightning Source for all of her “publishing” services.

    “B. Termination. Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving the other party forty-five (45) days written notice, or may be terminated immediately by LIGHTNING SOURCE upon reasonable belief of an intentional act of fraud, embezzlement, theft, breach of any material provision, or any other violation of law occurs by Client. This Agreement shall also be immediately terminated, if at the discretion of LIGHTNING SOURCE, your account is not activated.”

      • I hear you have to claim copyright infridment. I guess since it on a private author account that has to be the claim to get your work off her Anthologies. Not sure about being her author thou… I’m sure same way… make sure you have the IBSN # you’ll need it.. see she has a list of tricks up her sleeve so beware. The contracts come with a Todd threat. Well we already knew that…. so my question is this? If those contracts are binding by a lawyer why are there no contact info for said lawyer. I mean say I was wanting to understand something in said contract.. do I need my own lawyer cause she sure won’t give you hers. I mean and other thing. Why would there be typos and a need to fix spelling errors if it was a legal binding contract.. well let me do just a little light shining for you all.. When asking for invoices don’t work and you refuse to pay period the fee she refuses to give up changes… say 400.00 turns to 200.00. Then to 100.00 she will pay the rest… then after she realised she can’t make you pay and you refuse to give in to threats to pay period… well she just says she Paid it all… your free!!!!!

  7. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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