Hello, Texas

I had a pretty interesting trip to Texas. I’ll fill you in on it later.

Well, some of you. Others will find out in due course.


24 thoughts on “Hello, Texas

  1. Really what a shame you didn’t stop by? I figured as obsessed as you are you would have at least done a drive by flipping me off or something. Oh well your loss not mine, I would have offered drinks and dinner like a proper lady, oh wait I’m not proper in your eyes. Maybe you were scared there would be like 50 bikers waiting on you. Seeing you like to throw up I’m some bad ass biker’s daughter, which I am, but do have regard for manners or respect. If you knew bikers you would know that is what they teach their daughters. Oh well maybe next time lunch. Don’t you think we would have a jolly good time?

    • so I see she cant stay away from you Tab she has to come to Texas just to see you. what a shame she didn’t have the “time” to come and visit!
      And to you Lepp… You are a BITCH with no life, if you love Tabs so much why don’t you get one like hers? It sure the hell would beat the hell out of the life you have stalking people. And you do know stocking isn’t a good thing to do right?
      Come on back and you,Tab, and me can go get some lunch or something. Have a real good talk, don’t that sound fun like Tab said a good ol time.

      • Awww, does Tabby need her big sister to defend her? I must really have gotten her attention if she needed to call in reinforcements.
        I like my life just fine, thanks.
        Something tells me that Tabetha’s is about to get pretty interesting, too.

      • True, stocking isn’t a good thing to do. It doesn’t pay very much; in fact, the wages are higher if you are a cashier instead.
        Unless you meant “stocking” as in socks… in which case, I still agree that they aren’t good. Go barefoot.

      • And you do know stocking isn’t a good thing to do right?

        It sure as hell is if that’s what your boss pays you to do. Make sure those boxes of Cap’n Crunch are lined up perfectly. “Clean up in aisle six!”

  2. Ahh that’s special you called me sweet. So sweet you couldn’t even face me while you were in town. I thought all of you were bringing the big bad when in all reality you couldn’t bare to face me. I find it funny and hilarious that for a real woman as Lepp states, she couldn’t even come to look me in the eyes. If you only knew…

    • I find it hilarious that you commented on this, yet still haven’t answered any of the questions raised on the previous entry. For a “biker’s daughter,” you sure are a coward.

      • Dear Tab,
        I doubt your authors, past present and future, would consider any of the question for the previous post as “bullshit.”
        Oh, and embezzlement and tax evasion are criminal offenses. As a tough, biker’s daughter, I’m sure you’ll do quite well in jail.

    • I didn’t call you sweet, And Katrina wasn’t with me in Tx. I know you have a hard time keeping your personalities straight hon, but at least try to realize that we’re separate people out here.

      • Oh dear Lepp maybe you need to get yours in check because I was referring to Katrina not you. Mad Hatter I have no need to reply to the other posts, because frankly they are bullshit.

      • What we’re talking ABOUT is bullshit. That’s you, hon. you as a bullshit publisher and your so-called company as a bullshit scam.
        It’s hilarious that you posture so much, talking tough, because most of those “other” posts nail you to the wall. And you know it. You CAN’T answer them because there is no answer except for you to admit that you’re a fraud. And we already know that.

      • I’ll look you in the eye one day soon, Tabetha. And not soon enough. With a judge watching. I hope you bring that lawyer you keep talking about, because I can name a few that are getting pretty eager to talk to you. In the proper forum, of course. The courtroom.
        I can’t help but smile at the thought of all of the affidavits that will be entered into evidence.

        Wouldn’t it be a riot if the one you keep naming and one of the ones I’ve been talking to were the same guy.

      • Funny, because hasn’t Tabetha come to speak out against “bullshit” before? Now she’s picking and choosing the bullshit to speak out against? Puh-lease! I hope those of you still with here are getting a wake up call,.She’s just not answering because she knows Lepp has proof of what the real answers are. What a crusty little chicken shit.

        “Why didn’t you come see me?” What, for a fight? Much as you have a face I wouldn’t tire from slapping, Tabetha, we do things the right way here. Your little rooster dance displayed above doesn’t make you look mean or hard, it just shows you up as the silly little cock you are. Tick-tock.

      • She’s not going to fight me. I’ve seen the type too many times. All bark and no bite. I mean, look. She can’t even post on a blog without dragging somebody along or making up names to make it look like she’s dragging people along. She doesn’t even have the guts to cheat people face to face.
        Nah, if she was face to face with me, she’d bluster and talk tough, but she’d never have the guts to put her hands on me. She’s just a silly little girl who thinks she’s clever. And she’s going to find out soon enough that she’s not as quick with the books as she thought. I only hope I’ve got a front row seat to see it.

    • OK first off WTH,and second you have got to be kidding me!

      For your stalking ability Tabetha you sure are shit for brains. I told Lepp to have a safe strip or fun trip, you know what doesn’t matter. Point is, if I came to your house I would bring my lawyer to have your laptop (sister and your suppose broken one) confiscated as well as that kindle of yours. That way I can make sure every Manuscript of mine you ever saw was wiped clean of that hard drive of yours! But you see when you pay a lawyer to do something like that you really have no need to be present other then to gloat… Me I wouldn’t be gloating at what they would find buried in that machine that can me hacked by any good criminal detective from the seat of his office as you surf for your next victim. No, I would weep at the lives you have ruined in their path to as you call it “making their dreams come true”.

      You talk of being a mother who would do anything for your daughter. Yet your habits keep repeating! Who at the end of the day will be there for her when you have questions to answer too someone in bigger authority then me or Lepp?

      Me as a parent do put my kids first. I am their biggest advocate not mater what they do right or wrong that is a mothers love!

      But you have never really thought of the outcome from scamming anyone. No! why because we are all struggling authors wanting to make it big! We are parents who have to put food on the table, pay house payments and make sure there is water to drink. You think we have no money to take you down. You might be right but together we are protecting our children, our name and our dreams. WE DONT GIVE A DAMN ANYMORE!!! I am just sorry as a parent that your little girl has been used by you for sympathy, your father for strength and fear, and your mouth for lies. AS the saying goes. “We have to stand for something or we fall for everything”. WE ARE STANDING UP AGAINST YOU!!!!

      But if it will make you feel better I will go to google again and to the street view search your addy then say hello! Is it the black door? As for your sister DEE! You don’t know me so don’t run your mouth about shit you know everything about. Lepp isn’t that an accomplice to a crime? I mean you did let your sister use your laptop to publish my book, and a few others…… Ok had to go those who know me know I hate not having the final word when someone has an issue with me… Latters!!!

  3. Leave for a couple of days and come back to Tabetha stating the past posts are bullshit. Oh horseshit, Batman. Does this mean she is finally admitting her “company” (the term is used very loosely) is nothing more than her bullshit?

    Ms. Lepplady,
    You were in the big D. You seen who you needed……hmm haircut then a tour of pole dancing with a few strippers? Lmao!

      • Any more ideas you need? The more she and her sister run their mouth the more I come up with!! At this point the following are all accomplices to her scam, lies and thievery.

        and any others who don’t their there job that she pays???? them for… IF you cant edit then don’t take the damn job people!!!! If you cant keep a step a head of her bull shit get he hell out now before its to late. You see and read between the lines?? DO your job and leave!!

      • I love your ideas. Feel free to keep throwing them out there.

        I don’t blame her editors as much as I do their boss. They’re being told how great they’re doing, what wonderful editors and authors they are. They’re being lavished with praise and they believe it. They have no idea that they’re being used.
        Or, if they do know, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to get away from her. It takes a lot of courage to admit they’re being scammed or used and work up the courage to walk away. For most authors, it’s a matter of business. But for some, there may be a real emotional or psychological investment involved. They’re being told that they’re family, let’s remember. For some of them, it might really feel like it, and family is hard to walk away from.
        I hope they figure it out and gather up the courage not to get scammed any more. They deserve better. They just need to realize that.

  4. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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