Mind your files

When one of Tabetha’s more recent victims wanted to leave, the author was told that Tabetha’s computer took a dump. So she, the author, couldn’t have her converted/edited manuscript files back. The computer ate ’em, sorry. They’re gone. The author was then told to get the files back from Createspace herself.
But wait. What?
Tabetha keeps saying that authors don’t have access to the Phoenix Fire account. Time and time again, she’s insisted it. So how are the authors supposed to do that, exactly?

If the authors can’t have their files back, then what the hell are they paying for?

Come to find out, this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened.
When Mystic Press fell apart, Tabetha’s motherboard fried, taking all of those files with it as well. They didn’t get theirs back either. They didn’t get their files, and they didn’t get paid. Not immediately, like their contract stipulated, and not at all, to this day.

So, just to make sure it’s plain, Tabetha:
Acts sweet as granny’s homemade apple pie
Recruits authors
Takes their money
Doesn’t edit their work for shit
Screws them on royalties
Lies about why for as long as the author will buy it. Then, when they start asking the hard questions, she
Turns from sweet apple pie to a gutter-mouthed, trash-talking thug–her true colors
Holds their rights ransom for hundreds when they get tired of it and decide to leave, and…
Keeps their files, usually because of some unfortunate computer disaster
trash talks the authors, blaming them for everything
Tells them “It’s in the past. Move on.”
Starts the cycle all over again with a new batch of victims.

Any of this sounding familiar?

So, if her computers keep frying, how come she keeps getting all this work done for her authors that are still loyal (gullible) enough to buy her bullshit? Convenient, isn’t it, that she can get their work done, but the ones that have come to their senses and left get shafted out of work and material that they not only deserve, but which belongs to them. They paid for it.
And, for the record, how is it that she can keep popping up on here with all these alts from all these different IPs? Is that Kindle fire really so talented that it can handle all her other business? Just not the stuff that relates to authors trying to get away from her scam.
How very convenient.

The moral of the story, boys and girls, is to keep a very close eye on your work. Don’t trust Tabetha Jones with it as far as you can throw her. If you’re paying for work, make sure you get the work first, and then pay up. Never mind that you don’t have to pay a proper publisher anything (which defines Tabetha as a scam). But if you’re so gullible or eager to see your name in print that you feel like you have to pay, at least make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

Tabetha Jones doesn’t just keep your money and your dignity. She keeps your work. YOUR work.
Don’t let it happen. Any of it.


33 thoughts on “Mind your files

  1. I have a question. How can so many computers crash and others have to do the work before people realize the obvious?

    1. Computers are built to survive. Overheating will cause issues for laptops but hence the companies around the business world introduced fans or cooling pads for laptops. If your “business” required the use of the computer all the time you would figure out ways of keeping the expensive tool running!

    2. If computers so call crash this often and its not an overheating issue then the owner has caused problems did you think about her computer being hacked by someone and now your files are there for anyone to steal?

    Open your eyes ladies and gentlemen especially those who believe TJ is a genuine sweetheart because she the seed of the evil.

    Another thing to watch out for is the odd thing about her having 20 new books coming out and I am not talking about the smut anthologies, wonder who really gave her the ideas for all those short stories? Do you still feel she has your best interest at heart?

    • Does SHE have 20 books coming out? Or is Phoenix Fire cranking that many out?

      Either way, it won’t be quality work. Good writing just doesn’t happen that fast. Especially from her. She just doesn’t have the talent.

      Authors, old and new, I would look at any work coming from Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire very carefully to make sure your work isn’t being recycled. Or even ripped off, flat out.

      • Not just her authors either. Some of her company’s books are a lot like books from real published authors that are on the market too. We should look around and see if any of Tabby’s books are like real books and if they are report her to the real author she’s plagiarizing from both her books and her covers too.

      • It worries me because my TDRV books had the exact thing happen a few times when I was with her. I did not think that she was lying or anything but now I am a little worried.

      • Of you’ve noticed watch underworld and then read her draven series. Anyone notice striking similarities? Or Queen of the dammed. Just look at the names of her half baked characters. There is no originally everything is stolen

  2. Damn LMFAO I never really thought of that!!
    It is amazing how it happens right before publishing them and yet instead of sending them back to you she just deletes them from her device when you leave. If any of mine get used I will be in TX, but not on her door! No, I’m smarter then that!! Sorry Tab!

    I am just wondering at this point Createspace has had so many copyright and other complaints and reports against Tab. Are they happy about this themselves being in business to deal with someone of this like? Do they have there own reporting service also? I am just saying, they say its a private account so if its her name she uses to publish under then just adds the authors name then at times her own (illegal) they have to be watching her. think about it she has every author she has every published with their Manuscripts on her account.

    At this point the way to save your own asses Authors, is to make sure your computers Word doc program has your authors name stamped and the created and last modified date correct at all times. That can and will shortly be used in court if needed to prove ownership of the and all docs. plus authors your computer imbeds every little detail even ones you think you whipped clean by that delete button or empty of your recycling bin. How do you think computer/technical forensics do their job and catch the bad guys…..


    I added a link for authors who use 2013 Word for writing your MS. this will walk you through how to change your author name such as to that pen name you use to write, from the name that appears on your regular documents your Office account is registered under.

    Hope it helps!!!!!

    • Exactly. And they have to make sure they have their converted files as well. All of the ebook formats, PDF, mobi, and all the others. They paid for ’em. They better make sure they get ’em.

      The worst of it is, she might not delete the files at all. She might sock ’em away for future reference.

      • She has done it to me when I was there many times. It irritated me but I thought she was talking the truth so I thought nothing of it

  3. I will say that if anyone wants an inside opinion about the non existent dealings of s horrible business owner feel free to contact me I’ll tell you anything you want to know from the contract all the way to what she does with the money. And before I get attacked lol just know my information is real because I am her ex of 2 years.

    • Well hello Eric was wondering when you were going to show up. Non-existent company really. Or you just mad how wonderful I’m doing without you. Or is this kinda like when you said you were a marine never finished book camp. I have everything in black n white isn’t that what you taught me?

      But don’t have the balls to confront me yourself for all the things you did that could have cost me but that’s okay because Phoenix has real supporters., photographers, models, business dealings going on. Oh but you won’t see any of that.

      It was good enough to fuck Zoey Sweete and have Rylee call you daddy, then lie to me every chance you got. Remember once upon a time you were part of all this. You were the one that told me keep all my receipts complained about putting money into the company. It’s okay cause our story was told in Beautiful Disasters, Anthony, in a short Broken Beautifully where you have been shown for the man you truly are.

      Liar, manipulative, back stabbing coward of a man. Good to know you still keep up cause my life is about to get get interesting especially when the supporters release the Sweet Sinz collection of professionally done by Anthony Reinhart and Christian Petrovich.

      Then by then it will be time to move forward leaving you in the dust along with the rest of the haters. The Draven Witch Series is in high demand right now lol. Your just made your not and I know all your dirty secrets and don’t worry those will come out too.

      I’m the sweetheart you fucked over. I’m the bitch you left behind. So you wanna play lets play. You know the consequences yet you want to test them. This should be fun.

      • Oh, shut up, Tabetha, you nitwit. Nobody cares about this crap. You’re still a thief and a liar. This little song and dance isn’t fooling anyone. What about those files, huh?

      • I like the song and dance.

        Either Eric is back in the picture trying to kick up a dust storm to deflect attention away from Tabetha’s ongoing questionable business practices…


        He’s sick of bearing the brunt of Tabetha’s accusations and is willing to come clean about everything so that she can finally be prevented from scamming anybody else and be made accountable for those that she’s ripped off before.

        Either way, we won’t lose sight of what a fraud she is. I’m willing to believe that he’s got some insight that should prove very useful, one way or the other.
        I can’t wait to hear it.

      • Tough words from someone who says that he put his hands on you in front of your kid.
        I, for one, will be really interested in hearing what he’s got to say as somebody who knows you so well. He had an up close and personal look at how you operate. So will a few other people I could name. But I think I’ll wait and let you see those names for yourself.
        Eric doesn’t have anything to gain by getting involved with all of this, except to clear his name since you’re throwing around accusations about him. You, on the other hand, have everything to hide.
        I can’t wait to hear this.

      • Wait…….. a ………..Minute………..

        Tabby, good freakin’ morning! Did you have a great Mother’s Day?

        I see a trend happening this morning. Let me lay this out for those that have not followed Tabetha and Mystic/Phoenix.

        When the horseshit of former authors causing her to close Mystic, the authors that got screwed came forward (Suess, Cussedness, Writer’s Beware) and I remember when one of the former owners posted the same song and dance came from Tabetha’s mouth. As the righteous person I am, I see this as another pile of horseshit flying out of Tabetha. Woman do you not have anything better than accusing the people from the past with the exact same story?

        “You are upset I am doing well for myself? Is that it?”

        Whether you are or not is not even the question here, you are a pathological liar aren’t you? One who believes their own lies so much the story has to be repeated. You live in the bubble world of the lies are the truth that sets you free. Sad really that most intelligent pathological liars can come up with different lies to cover up the last but the old saying you can’t fix stupid holds true to you. (Duck tape can’t fix it either and it would not work on you because of the horseshit smell reeks horrible from your lips and throat.)

  4. Oh i know what it is your single again. What Stephanie find out the truth too? As for similarities in my book you know that’s not try because you were there when I was writing them and had your nose so buried in the first one you couldn’t put it down.

    But it’s okay I’m just afraid you are unprepared for the woman you will be dealing with cause the girl loved doesn’t exist just the monster you created.

    • Good lord, woman. You’re so bitheringly illiterate. You series is in high demand? With the way you write?

      He didn’t create the monster. He left it. You are who you are, hon. Blame yourself. For your past, and everything that’s about to happen to you in the future when your illegal bullshit catches up with you and you get that knock on the door.

      Loved him? Or used him, just like you use everybody in your life?

      • No once upon a time I loved him. He was my everything and I would have done anything for. But then the truth came out but no means am saying I was perfect in our relationship we both had our faults.

        Then one morning all that changed he put his hands on me. But every time he wanted another chance. He comes on here and is applauded when not so long ago he was ranting and raving calling you cunt. He knows the girl he expected me to be but when I got tired of it and just wanted to be me he couldn’t accept it. Eric likes to be in control. But let him bring his nonsense here… can’t wait for the reunion.

      • He put his hands on you? So why isn’t he in jail?

        Or is this more of your manipulative schemes to get sympathy?
        Thought so.

        You’re the one with the abusive personality hon. You’re the one that bullies people. Anybody with a set of eyeballs and one working synapse can see that you’re just trying to make him look bad to make yourself look better.
        Battered woman? oh, how BRAVE you are.

      • As for him calling me this name or that, I can handle it. I’m a big girl

        What I wonder is how much of that HE said. It was his account, sure. But is he the one that typed the words? Someone around here has a nasty habit of using other people’s names (friends, family, strippers) to post nasty shit. Who was that again?
        Oh, right. That would be you.
        I wonder, was he the one that said he was a sniper in the marines to frighten people? Or was it somebody with an agenda to scare people into sticking with their contract?
        It fits the pattern. Now you’re intimidating people with the threat of a high-powered attorney to keep them in line.
        Makes a person wonder. Hmmm.

    • I’m inclined to believe that if Eric buried his nose in your book at all, it was because you’d run out of Kleenex.

      • Wow same suck and sad dance from tabetha. It’s pretty funny that you would want to attack the one person that can end your entire career. You evidently like throwing mud around so I hope you’re ready to explain everything after I tell all.

    • Oh and I got rid of Stephanie but just like her you never know when to sit the fuck up especially about things you don’t know about. Let’s see how badly you hang yourself with this haha

      • OMG…. Tabetha did not know when to shut the fuck up, tell me it is not true?

      • Because we don’t sit and stay, we dont roll over, and in a healthy relationship a man doesnt tell the women he loves to shut the fuck up. Again you like to be in control cause you are the MAN. Right? Hmm…and told the entire company he was a sniper not just through text messages but phone calls when he did his ‘little background’ checks for those who needed help.

        You think you are so special to end me, give it your best shot. Tell your best bullshit lies. And what was it if Zoey ever gets a contract worth money I’ll destroy you. Hmm.. guess you won’t know that you won’t be getting a penny off the Zoey Sweete name.

        You wanted a war Eric you got one. And don’t be surprised when everything you say is proved wrong one by one.
        Go find you a lil submissive bitch that likes to be told to shut the fuck up, or grow a fucking backbone bitch, or even better your a stupid cunt for feeling that way quit wearing your heart on your sleeve. Did I miss anything?

      • Bullshit.
        Tabetha, you’re the one with the abusive personality. Stop trying to play the victim. Nobody buys it.

      • To be honest if I was in a relationship with you and how you act or respond to most of the blogs. I would tell you to “shut the fuck up”! You enjoy being the one with the power it is in your syntax
        You say you are an advocate but I have to think you are the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

      • Wolf in sheep’s clothing? I was thinking Shih Tzu with a serious case of mange, but okay.

  5. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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