The Ex Factor

Back in the early days when Phoenix Fire was Mystic press, Tabetha Jones claimed that her ex was her co-owner and partner in crime. Together, the two of them held court and scammed people out of hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, riding roughshod over people in pursuit of the almighty dollar. Joined at the hip, they put up a united front that seemed all but impenetrable.
Then something very interesting happened. They split up.
Tabetha sang the same old tune, blaming him for everything that ever went wrong so that she could come out of it squeaky clean. She even accused him of putting his hands on her in front of her little girl. She put an end to that, she says, and now stands tall, a brave survivor of his abuse.
I guess he’s had enough of her crap, because he’s come forward to set the record straight. He’s offered to answer any questions I have about Tabetha, their life together and her shady business practices.
Here are the ones I thought to ask:

Q: First and foremost, Tabetha says you put your hands on her. Is that true?
A: No. I never touched her. Why would I put my hands on any female knowing that’s automatic jail time.

Q: A lot of people have had some pretty harsh communications with you in the past regarding MP business.
A: Most of the time things were said from my name I was at work and she would use my info and say shit. Most of the shit floating around was done by her ass because I was always at work trying to make enough money to pay for her constant fuck ups.

Q: When Mystic Press closed down, Tabetha blamed everything on Wendy and Brandy. Do they even exist?
A:  Wendy and Brandi do exist I’ve actually met the sorry bitches before sadly.

Q: When Tabetha cheated my daughter, she said a submissions editor named Cindy Carlo accepted Thea’s book and offered her a contract without ever reading it. is that true?
A: Tabetha was the one reading every submission that came through and blamed Cindy for her error and poor judgement.

Q: Tabetha blamed Brandy and Wendy for everything when Mstic Press shut down. Why is Brandy back with Phoenix Fire?
A:  Tabetha loves to create fake people or use their names to get things accomplished so anything you might see with Brandy might be fabricated.

Q: When Mystic closed down, people were told that they couldn’t get paid because the account was frozen. Was that a lie?
A:  Yes and no. There was no money in that account.

Q: You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to. Were you two ever really married? Why did you split?
A: No we were never married. I did ask her to marry me but never went through with it. Her trail of bullshit caused that not to happen. Why do you think I left? lol once you find out everything you knew about that person is a lie what can you believe in?

Q: Where does she hide her money to keep from reporting it to the IRS?
A:  She doesn’t have it long enough for them to see it because it’s spent before it gets to her.

Q: How? There’s still a record that she received the money, though, even if she spends it. There are paypal records, right? Money that goes into her bank from paypal?
A: No she spends it from pay pal she had a card. You can get one of their visa cats and use it like any other debit card.

Q: That sneaky shit.
A: She will bounce money from one of her many accounts and that keeps people off her trail.

Q: And if the account and card aren’t under her real name, but some bogus company name that doesn’t exist, then the IRS wouldn’t be looking at her for it.
A: Exactly.

Q: Why are you coming forward now with this offer for information? What’s in it for you?
A: Got tired of cleaning up her mess and when you start trying to bring my family into the matter the it’s time for you to pay. I’m just being honest with my answers and its been a pleasure helping out today.
There is nothing in it for me at all I’m just glad that I’m no longer in the bullshit and can lend a helping hand.

I’m sure I missed a bunch of questions, so if you kind readers can think of any questions I didn’t think of, feel free to pose them in the comments. He’s offered to answer any and all.


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  1. I have some questions:

    1. a) Is Must Love Fangs Tabetha, or is she another person? If so, is this person still working with Tabetha? b) Is Luna Bloodmoon Tabetha, or is this another person or Must Love Fangs?

    2. Why did Misty and Carlie Rose leave Phoenix Fire?

    3. Will you name all of the fake profiles you know Tabetha has used and/ or is still using now?

    4. How much of what was said on the Emily Suess blog is true?

    5. What was said to Nikki Palomino to get her to talk out on the Cussedness blog?

    6. What’s the real reason Mystic Press was closed down?

    • OK I won’t speak add to why people left that’s not my place to do so. Add for everything else I’ll gladly answer. Must love fangs is a real person but goes by at least 2 other names as well. The Emily suess blog took a shot in the dark but 75 percent of what was said is true. I never even knew nikki came out against tabetha on the cussedness blog. Mystic was really a tainted company when she took it over. I told her to close it down before she did a thing business related but she didn’t listen like always and that’s where her downfall began.

      • Thanks for answering. There are a lot of rumors flying around and I just wanted to hear for myself.

        Nikki P seemed to think Cuss was after her for some reason. She didn’t talk out against Tabetha. The post is still there.

        Will you tell us the 25% on the Suess blog that wasn’t true, please? There are authors like me who have done a lot of searching on this issue, but the Suess blog always comes up first in the search. What part of it, the 25% was untrue?

        You didn’t say before, will you now please? What’s the real reason Mystic Press closed down?

      • Wendy and Brandy gave tabetha a ruined company from the start. I told her to shut it down and stay over but she kept going. Once people started asking for their money she couldn’t pay it and finally closed it down. As for emilys blog it’s been years since I’ve seen it give me a few to look it up and ill get right back with you.

      • Unfortunately I can’t find the blog post in question if there is a link someone can provide I’ll answer your question

      • Emily said:

        A little while ago, I was contacted by an author who had worked with a publishing company called Mystic Press. She wrote to me about some problems she’d had with the company and the company’s CEO. And as I learned more about her story, I decided it was worthy of sharing. It’s reminiscent of the stuff I routinely hear about Author Solutions, only the problems start with a much, much smaller company. And, seeing how my goal is to inform and support writers no matter the publisher, I decided it would be worthwhile to share my interview with Georgina Merry, author of The Ferryman’s Wife.

        When we first got in touch, she described her issues with Mystic Press:

        “In March I approached a small publishing company called Mystic Press regarding my story The Ferryman’s Wife. Tabetha Jones, who described herself as the CEO, accepted my manuscript. It was published through Createspace in August. There have been a catalog of issues …[ranging] from having the wrong manuscript published to price changes after orders/payments were made to books being bought for promo events but not arriving for 3 months.

        Last month the company Mystic Press “folded”…. Tabetha Jones is claiming our royalties are “frozen” and that either way, after thier cut, I will only receive $10. (I was quoted in September as having $30.) The sums don’t add up, but I have also been informed that all royalties should have reverted to me after the company folded. Now Tabetha has started up another company, Phoenix Fire Publishing just one month after claiming all the money had “gone” for Mystic. I fear she is about to scam a whole load of new authors. I was told that this isn’t the first time this company has done this. Several other ex-Mystic authors have filed reports and claims against her, as she is witholding their money. She refuses to back up her claims with any physical evidence, i.e. emails/sales sheets.”

        If you’re a publisher, you’re not going to get a whole lot of love from me by refusing to put the details in writing. I emailed Georgina a few Q&A style interview questions to learn more.

        ES: What kind of package or services did you purchase, and what promises were you made?

        GM: I paid for my cover art ($20). I paid for my ISBN and createspace fees ($35) and Lightening source ($87.50). I was told that Tabetha would handle my promotions, make over my website, plan a blog tour, hold an online launch party, and she’d supply the swag. In the contract it stated that I’d be supplied copies of my book for promotional events. I was told in the contract that I would receive 60% of royalties for paperback and 50% on all ebooks sold. I was assured that I would receive three free proofs in time for my launch party, and I was also told that I could order copies of my book any time at a discounted rate of $2.75 per copy.

        ES: Did you receive all off the things promised?

        GM: No. I had my cover art, but that was by a freelance graphic artist. I was refunded my lightening Source fee ($87) as apparently the option for hardback was no more.

        I was asked to supply some swag prizes for my launch, which I did. Tabetha Jones claimed she was scammed for the prizes she was meant to be organising [so] anyone that won something from her didn’t receive anything. She also didn’t post out the copies of my book, she waited to send them to me and charged me postage.

        My “launch party” was a Facebook event, and my “blog tour” was basically 3three interviews on other authors’ blogs, Tabetha Jones’ being one of them. My blog page was made-over, but not by anyone connected to Mystic Press. I basically had to handle my own promotion. I made arrangements to visit my old school — teens: my target audience — and give a presentation and hopefully sell some books, but you’ll soon see that I ran into problems.

        I did not have the proofs for my launch party, so I didn’t see that the wrong manuscript was sent to print. On page 123 the writing appeared as an edited page, with the one correction in the whole manuscript being highlighted. I was mortified, as this had not been my final manuscript. I was sent three of the faulty proofs. Then, I was assured that the correct manuscript was to go ahead, and new proofs were ordered. I discovered yet again that it was the wrong manuscript when the proof arrived, but by this time they were on sale. There was a mad rush to get the correct document uploaded, but I was then sent no proofs at all. I ordered 13 copies of my books at the discounted rate to replace the faulty ones my friends had bought. I had to pay for the postage & packaging from the US, and these books didn’t arrive for two months.

        I then ordered another 20 books for the promotional event at my old high school, only to be told after I had paid for them plus postage, that I would only be receiving half the amount I’d ordered as the price had gone up. I did not have them in time for the event in September. In fact, they arrived late October after an unpleasant series of communications. I was told I was being unreasonable for wanting my books. I was disapointed not to have any copies of my book to sell at what turned out to be a successful promotional event. I’d have sold more, had I copies there and then.

        I was informed in October — my book launched in August and I signed in March 2012 — that I would only make $1.56 on my UK sales…and that I had sold 22 paperbacks 8 ebooks. I was then quoted as having made $30.50 in royalties. I’ve since been told, since the company folded, that I will only be receiving $10. However, as all accounts have been “frozen” I haven’t received a penny. I wouldn’t know as I have never seen any sales sheets and Tabetha Jones refuses to provide me with any evidence, i.e. sales figures, notification emails etc.

        ES: How did you attempt to resolve the issue with Mystic?

        GM: I kept regular contact via Facebook, email and Skype and always looked to resolve issues quickly and fairly. I would be replied to quickly, but with a string of [what turned out to be] lies. I was told things would be fixed, I was told issues would be resolved, but their efforts were less than satisfactory. After nearly 3 months with my double-the-price books not arriving, I became quite irate. By this point there had been too many issues for me to set aside as new business hiccoughs. Private messages went back and forth until I requested a Skype call. Tabetha Jones called me unreasonable and although she made me offers as a means of helping the situation, they were all offers to do with the publicaion of my 2nd book. As you can imagine, after everything that happened I wasn’t willing to sign another contract. Things soon rose to an argument and Tabetha’s fiance and business partner stepped in to resolve the issue and promised my books would be with me soon. Communication after this was stilted; one sentence responses. My books did arrive 10 days after, but whether by accident or not, Tabetha Jones revealed that the issue had been an avoidable, repeated mistake that had occured when she’d sent out my first package.

        ES: Any other thoughts or comments to share with other writers?

        GM: This company have now folded and started up a new company, ready to do the same thing all over again, no doubt. I’ve heard rumours that this isn’t even the first time they’ve folded and restarted.

        Unsigned authors — take care to do your research first. Don’t sign with anyone until you know everything about them. Ensure that if you live in a different country, you wont be discriminated against financiallly. I should have realised Tabetha Jones’ eagerness to sign me was a warning. I’m left feeling stressed and depressed, all because of what this woman and her “company” have done to me and my reputation as an author. Thankfully what has come out of this is feedback. Enough people have read my book and enjoyed it so I know it’s worth carrying on with. Otherwise my faith in my ability as an author would have been shaken to the core by what’s happened.

      • The link is down. Emily Suess took her old blog down and started a new, personal blog in its place.
        Nobody forced her to take it down, no legal action or threats caused it. She did it for personal reasons.
        Her posts are still there, cached. The truth is still out there.

    • Angry, the problem I have with this Nikki chickie is ….

      She is a supposed author of several stories in these shitty spew of words called anthologies and then on some of the Amazon book sites, she is the only one giving a review. To me if I am an author in the book, I can’t give a review on it! For many reasons.

      But then again Tabetha uses all kinds of emails and puts up false reviews as well…All anyone has to do is look at the reviews and link them back to some of these blog posts…. Keep it up Tabetha because when the Victory Day comes I will tell you who the biggest snitch on you was. (NOT A THREAT BUT A PROMISE!)

      • One of the best things about all of this is her trying to guess who her biggest snitch is. She guesses person after person, getting it wrong every single time, when the truth is right under her nose. It’s just so funny!

  2. I have another question or series of questions based on one idea.

    Question: Do you know who this so called Lawyer of hers is?

    I know her horseshitty spew of upchuck will come out about slandering her but I want to be ready to tell my lawyer the information if she is going to come after me.

    Question: While you were with her during the time of MP closing, the lawyer mentioned was Herring, now it is Todd. (I believe I heard through the grapevine that it was Steven Todd). My concern is that I may be looking at it wrong. I have not found much info on either of those names, been told one is a lawyer but also a hairstylist so I am beginning to wonder if Tabetha spewed more horseshit. So is the lawyer even real?

    Being a “Family Friend” and she stated that she really loved you, you should know. Can you forward that to the victims so they can proceed in getting their money?

    Maybe the lawyers name is Todd Herring… wait I googled that name too, aw shucks Scooby!

    Yet another question, back when all the MP stuff was going around you had a sister that was writing, what so ever happened to her?

    What all did you do in the company? Reports were that you undermined the whole business and caused her issues. Instead if it being the former authors fault it was yours, you made her close MP down. But then again I have also been informed that MP was always her baby and she makes false ids up to boost her shitty self esteem and divert attention from these questions. So we are all awaiting for answers.

    Dazed and Confused hears things and is just wondering if the record will be ever be right.

    When Mystic closed, authors asked about Royalties and you stated above that the account had nothing but she has multiple paypals, so why have most of those authors still went unpaid that it has to be brought back up on past blogs again?

    What does she spend the money on?

    Her computer is fried so how does she check her account and/or upload the authors work?

    On a different note: I finally got to see where she fixed the editing issue on Karrye Angelo’s female cat with male eyes but only because I brought it out on this blog. I tell you what, if I was a “publisher” I would take down that whole book and look over it, the edits that were accepted not only were wrong but now there is more issues in the book because no real editor has been editing that book.

    Tabetha: I have a question for you… is Karrye Angelo an English/British author? If she is an American then that book has more issues than meets the eye but that is simple because you messed the book up more by just accepting the track changes. Haha….. the goal was to prove you are not an real publisher because you have no clue about editing. In many cases the author was right and the editor wrong but you are too stupid to realize that. Hell, I am wondering if Karrye Angelo is real or if she is one of Tabetha’s personalities. (Multiple personality disorder along with being a pathological liar…. Holy shit Batman … that might be the problem!)

    • OK lol all great questions do let’s get started. Todd Herring is supposed to be this big time lawyer in Waco but I’ve never seen a law office let alone anything claiming he’s real. I do have a sister but she never wrote anything I don’t know where you might have heard that from but that’s waaaaaaaay wrong. She has a nasty habit of spending the money on shit that she needs or wants instead of actually doing the job herself. She would rather use free labor from her authors and they do everything for her but then never see their royalties. I wish I could tell you everything in terms of her deplorable work ethic or get non existent editing skills.

      • Thanks for the answers. I just remember her stating that Elle Beth was your sister and she had a series coming out but I have yet to see it published.
        So you did not force her to steal and cause Mystic to close?

      • Fuck no I never forced her to do anything I forced get to shut Mystic down because it was fucked from the start

      • No elle Beth is in no way related to me at all how you would come up with that is kinda interesting lol

      • Tabetha switches identities up so much it’s hard to tell who’s who. Just look at Emerald. That’s been three different people already, when all the while it’s been Tabetha.

      • I came up with the name and all because Ms. Tabetha Jones stated that along with telling people you guys were married

      • What a lovely wedding she described, too. Complete with a ride up the isle on her daddy’s motorcycle.
        What? You mean that never happened?

  3. Eric, if you do not mind me asking.

    You stated she was using several accounts for paypal… is there a way we can have the email accounts to put them on record?

    I am not asking for the information to get in them just so we can have them to turn into the FBI for further investigation! Thanks in Advance

    • Probably preparing a come back with a pile of over-emotional crap about her and Eric, fling in a few lines about how she was the best ever girlfriend, yadda yadda yadda, try to make it all about how she will survive and rise from the ashes and how her books are just so darn good. But I bet she wont answer anything we’ve asked.

      • She’ll be too busy throwing him under the bus, saying how he abused her and whatever else she can think of to divert attention away from how screwed she is.

      • Wow she just called me and probably won’t stop but this an interesting turn of events for her lol. The one person that can sink her whole ship has spoke lol

      • She thinks I’m doing this because of some jabbawackee contact lol. I also got threatened by her and her mother quite comical I might add. So yes she does stalk your page like crazy and please use me till I have no more info for you lol.

      • We all know this about Tabetha but I will go on record and say it again.

        When the Kitchen gets to hot for her, she tucks her tail(s) and runs away like a frightened little childish bully she is. (Prepares for the nasty threats but I am not scared!) You know for a person going through schooling and talking about being abused, damn it seems like she is an abuser herself because you know when you buck up to one they don’t know how to act and man when she gets asked questions that hits shatters her cow patties into pieces she just stalks pages and won’t answer. I can say I would not want you to sponsor a damn thing about abuse around me because you are as fake as that so called wedding (yours and Eric’s) you spilled to so many of the followers. You are fool’s gold but your shine has left the building because your true bullshit spots have showed up!

      • So, wait a sec. She got her mommy on the phone with her to chew you out and threaten you, Eric? Comical indeed. Did she want to feed you to the li’l fishies, or was it something more mundane like siccing her e-lawyer on you?

      • Maybe the biker babes are going to get together and whup his butt. That’s what they keep insinuating they’ve got planned for me, after all.
        Oh yeah. They bad.

      • Wait.. did her mom suddenly recover from her “heartache” and is no longer deathly ill? What a surprise!

  4. Why Eric have you forgotten all the others things? Well, since you were the one to tell me to grow a backbone let me me remind you, shall I. Weren’t you the one that said that said to close down Phoenix open a new company, put it in your name, so these (and I quote) cunts wont have a single idea you have a company and we can finally have some peace, please baby do it for me.

    As for access for you accounts you never used my computer, never gave me any of your info, including the lock on your phone from the day I met you, although, not to keep ppl out to keep secrets in. Kinda like when he signed up for goodreads but told me to stay my fucking ass off this blog and cussys blog. And when I didnt you decided to join in didn’t you as you did on Nicholas Paciones blog. Or have you forgotten about all that.

    Maybe you have wrapped yourself up into so many different lies or playing the soldier that defended his country you really dont know who you are. But the girl that you wanted me to be doesnt exist anyone more. You lost her when I found out you had lied from me from day one.

    I was always honest with about my past from the first weekend until the end but you got it twisted in the anger and deceit. Because your om and sister was always forth coming who the real was Eric was not the man you wanted me to believe you to be. Maybe that is why your single bet up with cause no woman in her right mind can put up with your ass but i did for 2 yrs. Maybe you need to work on being with a man again seeing women just cant seem to keep your interest. Do i regret Erics and my time together, no, because i believe we must go through those moments to get us to the great ones and do i have a great man now. And he is on his way to the top in his industry.

    I knew the whole I wish you well when i left was bullshit. But you can read all about that in Beautiful Disasters the anthology about the real Eric Anthony. The short Broken Beautifully tells you every detail. Forever immortalized as the man you really are.

    You were good at secrets. I find it a bit one sided the man that called you a cunt several times can come on here and bare his soul and all is forgiven? When my authors, supporters, and anyone affiliated with Phoenix Fire comes on baring their souls and truths they get brushed off and their opinions mean nothing.

    What would you like Lepp Lady? To show you that Phoenix is legal and Eric is nothing is more than a liar. See Zoey got a contract offer a big one from Jaberwocky. Im sure he believes he is entitled to some of that money but unfortunately if the deal goes thru that money will go to Phoenix and I will show every piece of evidence showing that it went there.

    Eric says October try Novemeber 11th at least that is what all our facebook messages say. I was still a secret wasnt I? Making plans for Jan. A new year for a new start even though you had done the one thing you swore you’d never do. Why continue on with the man that hit you in front of your daughter? Because I was stupid and I loved him, and I believed he would change.

    But now I know what its like to have a REAL man.

    Although that isnt why we are here. We are here because Eric is trying to dust us dirty deeds under the rug and blame me. And I wont take the fall for him. I wont take the fall for a man that is only doing it because he wants to ruin my life because it sounds like fun.

    Again you will allow his as truths but people actually i Phoenix get blown off. Doesn’t seem right. Lepp I will give you this email me a document of questions you would like me to answer. I will answer them honestly may post them on your blog. No tricks to schemes. Email address is attached when I make a comment. You may ask anything and I will answer it. Nothing is off u. Give me a time and a date you want them back and I will send it to you. I look forward to it maybe we can finally put an end to all this.

    • I’m still waiting for answers to questions from previous posts. Maybe when you can answer those, folks might take your indignant outrage a little more seriously.

      Until that happens, we’ll just sit around and laugh at your screaming illiteracy.

    • Zoey got a contract…….. lmao can you not do it yourself that you are here bragging to those other authors of yours that your main name got a contract…….Holy fuck batman……It is raining pure horseshit now. Talk about a self centered twat waffle

      • Wait Jaberwocky is a poem and the bookstore might sell a few copies but it is nothing much to brag about………but since you believe that you will make money how about paying those that were with you until the end of Mystic that never got paid……. Answer the questions that you deemed bullshit and you might get a chance at stopping this but you can’t do it. I had questions on here you have not answered yet. Shall I tell this bookstore owner that your books need editing and may corrupt the store’s rep?

      • Unless she’s talking about this Jabberwocky literary agency.

        But why would Zoey Sweet need an agent if Phoenix Fire is such a legitimate and successful publishing company?

      • Either it does not matter. My last sentence states it best…… I just wish I could find all those real authors that did not get paid from Mystic and show them her sentence “Zoey got a contract”, realize she will be getting money (her words not mine), and let them pounce on her. Eric can’t be blamed for that slip of the tongue, Tabetha, Duchess of Manure!

        And I would not be bragging if I wrote that response because if you are asking us if you have a good man then nine chances out of ten, he is nothing more than a fragment of your imagination!

    • I haven’t seen Eric being questioned Tab…. I believe all questions have been addresses to you and yours… But thankyou Eric!!! Now all her new authors can see the real truth. She uses anyone she can to take the fall… or lies to them…. new man STEVE Todd.. lol sorry had to say it….. a

      Dazed and Confused not to point out real names vs pen… check out the PF blogspot page…. it welcomes the authors real name then states pen name and book coming up.. america not British or such!

      • I got it now, I just wanted her to answer so she could look stupid but hell she does not need to answer because we all know her editing sucks ass! Thanks Katrina for the info but I really wanted her to look foolish and show to the world her editing sucks…….. there is a word that most people mess up in America that can only be used if the author is British or writing setting is in Britain!

    • Wow! It’s actually raining red herrings!!
      Tab, while you were busy with your failed diversion tactic, you forgot to answer the questions posed in this entry (as well as still not answering the ones from a previous entry.) And please stop referring to yourself as Zoey, acting like Zoey is a different person. It’s beyond annoying.

    • You have a lot of questions to answer already thief. When are you going to pay your Mystic Press authors? Answer that one first then maybe you can start answering all the other ones you keep avoiding. And how do you justify scamming people out of even more money to get out of your company? You’re nothing but a greedy thief and I’m glad the blogs prove it.

  5. I sent Blood Magic off 1yr and half go dont email that often. I emailed back to see if they were still interested and yes it is Jabberwocky literally agency. And Phoenix knows all about it and they know all about Phoenix no problems either side. All 9 of the books under that series if the price is right.

    • I emailed back to see if they were still interested and yes it is Jabberwocky literally agency.

      ROFL. I call bullshit.

      • Take cover because the spew of huge cow/horse patties are being flung!

      • I doubt an agency like Jabberwocky is interested in any so-called “author” that can’t differentiate between “literary” and “literally”.

      • That’s the least of her illiteracy. Jabberwocky is a reputable agency. IF they’re dealing with the likes of Tabetha Jones, they have no idea what a disservice they’re doing themselves.

    • Why are you talking about Zoey Sweete and Phoenix as if they’re separate from you? You are Zoey Sweete and you’re Phoenix Fire.

      Have your personalities finally spit for good?

      • I have a question while Tabetha is stating she is going to make money.
        Why can’t you Tabetha pay the author’s royalties because I am sure there are some that did not get any because of the frozen accounts and the bullshit that was told and THEY STILL HAVE NOT BEEN PAID.
        I cannot believe that any of your authors are happy go lucky about you sending your work off when your so called business is booming…. I smell more than just regular horseshit!

      • Wait. Katrina how long have you been with Phoenix and did you know about this supposed contract/email?
        You acted surprised but she couldn’t get your stuff right, doesn’t that bother you that she is out pimping her work and not what you paid her to do?

      • Just a few monthes!!! But No I was in what you would call the inner circle. Very close but apperantly not close enough… I was lucky only using PR her Freelance service. But hell yeah I’m pissed…. She still owes me a true professional edit… as her sites doesn’t say other authors or those she deems qualified to edit.Wouldnt you think as a publisher she would submit her other authors work for them also…

        LOOK PEOPLE SHE just showed us all she only looks out for who??? (Tabetha). But so you know Who ever replied to my via Kerrye A. Is s real piece of work….Bitch iI might say but I still hold out it was Tab messaging me cause the real author has yet to say a word to that message…

      • I’ve often wondered if she tells her authors to let her handle their social media presence for them, as part of their PR, and then uses them to her own advantage. Too many times, an author has been contacted about something “they” said, and they had no idea what they were talking about. In some cases, I wonder if Tabetha creates some of those social media sites for her authors out of thin air (even without their full knowledge?) to use in her army of allts, to give herself more credibility. If One or two names are real people, then it looks more like the rest of them are, too.
        But, as pointed out, she’s not doing it to promote THEM. Anything she does is to promote herself. If only the few real people she has left realized that they’re nothing but a means to her end. Then they could get away from her and start building a real career for themselves.

      • She has no true editors because even though the female cat with male eyes has been fixed all she did was accept changes. The sad part to those changes is the author not the editor was correct. (some not all because I refuse to read a book that has so many problems in the first two paragraphs I gag on it.) Read what she writes/responds to these blogs…… I make mistakes but come on I am not saying I am an editor (go to Amazon and there were at one time where she was listed as an editor) *insert her horseshit here* because she can’t upload the documents right or some line of cow patties that get fling in the air. I am trying to save another post by typing it first!

  6. Her comments make no sense. Literary agencies do not buy books. . Jabberwocky would never purchase a book, and usually wouldn’t consider signing books that were already self published. It’s obvious Tabetha doesn’t knows how the publishing industry works

    • It’s likely that this is a line she’s feeding to her authors to:
      1) get her authors to not only buy why she’s spending more time on her own promotion, and actually get them to cheer her on by saying that she’ll take them with her.
      2) set up some sort of excuse when it comes time to pay royalties and she doesn’t have the money. I can see her blaming Jabberwocky for “freezing the accounts” or something lame like that.
      3) blame for it if she has to shut down Phoenix Fire. “Jabberwocky screwed my company so I had to shut it down and start over.”

      Whatever she’s up to, it’s shady.

  7. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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