Waking up yet?

I’ve heard Tabetha say time and time again that she busts her ass for her authors, that she puts her own writing on hold to make sure that her authors are taken care of. That they’re family that she’ll go to the ends of the earth to take care of.

But I see her paying $500 bucks for a model for one of HER covers while her authors get free stock or stolen images for theirs.

I see her gloating about setting up at least 2 photo shoots for HERSELF, to bring a fake author to life. How much did the models and photogs cost for those?
And how many photo sessions has she arranged for even a single one of her real authors? Anybody? Bueller?

I see Tabetha promoting her own work to agencies like Jabberwocky while her authors get their work sent to print without even being read by their publisher first. PF authors get their books “edited” by other authors that are not qualified, and get videos made with music that Phoenix Fire doesn’t pay for the rights to use.

And I see authors don’t that don’t get paid the royalties their work earns. That money goes to pay for models and photo shoots to promote Tabetha herself while her authors languish in anonymity.

Looks to me like all Tabetha’s interested in is making her own dreams come true.

Wake up, people. If you want your literary dreams to come true, keep them as far away from Tabetha Jones as you can. She’ll only use you, your work and your money to foster her own.


29 thoughts on “Waking up yet?

  1. Actually model I am using for my book cover didn’t charge anything did it as a favor for me.As for the photo shoot it was done because the photographer wanted an author/character shoot. Which all I paid for as my gas to get to Dallas. The reason the second photo was done is simple the back up hard drive that the photographer had crashed and burned he lost over 20,000 pictures. So we rescheduled. And Sabrina recently had one of her own done about to do another. If i decide to do another I will but thats my business but I certainly do not pay no 500 dollars for a model on my cover. My models that I use happen to give me very good rates.

    • This photo shoot took place in Dallas? So your model was Draven then, right? I mean, if he’s so honored to have this book series written for him, I’m sure he and his buddies at the club jumped at the chance to model for their characters, didn’t they?

      • Actually we are already planning that shoot just getting all the guys together for that but it wont be for The Draven Witch Series. It will be for something far better and more interesting, the whole truth nothing but the truth and the naked truth.

      • You think you’re so clever and sexy with these inane naked references. The really sad thing about it all is that you don’t realize what a joke you make of yourself every single time you touch your fingers to the keys.
        If it were just you making a mockery of yourself, that would be one thing. It would be easy to just laugh at you, shake my head and walk away. But you use people. You steal from them, you abuse them and you trample on their dreams. That can’t be ignored.
        I’ll never understand how such a thief sleeps at night.
        Oh. Right. You’re a sociopath. That’s how.

  2. It is Sunday, so Lord please for give me on the words I am about to speak to everyone.

    I do see the reasons of her ways, she has been grazing the pastures, chewing on the long strips of grass, wheat, and whey, and filling up her head and body with manure.
    Mighty funny how on protests on the love life between her and Eric, now her new man, which would have me over the last one if he was such a great Greek God as she proclaims. I have exes as well, we all do but I can tell you, I do not remember half of them nor them begging for a pc of a$$. A real woman gives and does not have to be begged. But I am not going into lengthy comments about sexual desires today or any other day. I just can imagine having a publisher talk to the world in an unprofessional manner as she does but to each’s own I guess. Oh don’t blame it on the biker chick either because a true biker chick would have came out and answered the questions you can’t because you are too busy eating and spewing the cow/horse/chicken manure. I don’t even think Superman can fly over the piles you spread.
    Two years ago when you spent money and no one got paid, your line of the artist owed me a favor came out then. I have a question on that and it will seem unprofessional but hell you can survive doing it, Do you Fuck all these men for favors in return. From where I am sitting it appears that way.
    You protest the little things and ignore the hard things that is so not like a true biker chick.
    And Sabrina, already had a photo shoot, congrats! But a huge flaw in that statement comes about when you or her have used a free wallpaper for her wicked souls book. It was published before without the free one, am I right? So who paid for the photographers flight, you or her? Oh she came down to be with you like those fake, authors and editors you claimed to be “friends” when you ousted on blogs. Either way, does not matter but this does, even a if you paid gas money which I think the right price sounds more like it, you had authors paying to get out so or for your so called business practices but have not paid royalties…….WAKE UP PEOPLE. She just gave you another example of what happens with the money just like buying new tattoos and posting them for all the scammed authors before this latest round. So I hope that my sources can relay the information I deemed to be true back to those that paid for free wallpaper art work and they can mount more evidence against her.

    Also when one author left, her computer had been fried, now the photographer’s has went as well…. I think she protests too much because anyone can’t see what she is doing needs glasses. Yes computers crash all the time but as a professional, I have several back-ups available and I would not lose 20,000 photos. SMELL THE ROSES!
    Models she uses, how many of authors had a real model for a cover? Her, Zoey Sweete’s, yes but you authors get free wallpapers……..
    I guess some strippers would give good rates along with a BJ!

    Tabetha, you went to Dallas. Did you meet up with Todd? I hear he has a booming business in Dallas!

    • Tabetha had nothing to do with Sabrina’s photo shoot, if such a thing really happened. That’s the point. Tabetha’s spending all this money on her own promotion but her authors are left to their own devices. If Sabrina had a photo shoot, she had to set it up and pay for it herself. She takes their money, spends it on herself, then represents them the way she has spoken here. If that’s not enough to wake her real authors up, I don’t know what will.

      • Hi guys, i did have a photo shoot. It was my cousin who is a professional photographer who did it for me. You can go check out the pictures on all of my pages. It was a great day and Tab may not have set it up but she has set up countless other promotional things for me in the few months i have been with her. I set the shoot up because i wanted to do it. As well as my next one that i am doing.

      • What has she set up for you besides blog tour of blogs she owns and radio spots on blogtalk?

        let’s narrow it down. What has she done for you out here in the real world? What has she done for any of her authors to promote their work that wasn’t done online?

      • I just found a few local book stores that are considering carrying my book, i am sending her the info later so she can work things out with them. And yes, the radio shows, i have been on more than one person’s show since i have been with her.
        But the reason she hasn’t done anything else for me is because i WANT to do the leg work for myself. I like going to book stores and talking to people about my books. I like setting my own things up. It makes me feel like i worked for it as opposed to having it handed to me. THAT is why she hasn’t done more for me, but she has told me from the beginning that she will do anything i need her to. I don’t ask for help so that’s why i am not getting it. I can’t tell you what she has done for the other authors because that is between them. I can only tell you my situation and she has offered to help, but i turn it down because that’s how i am. I would rather do something for myself. She has been nothing but amazing to me since i joined the company and to put it simply, I am here to stay 🙂

      • but you are forgetting the reason for why she hasn’t done anything. Because i don’t take the help offered. She can’t do something to help someone who isn’t taking the help offered. You are making it seem like she added me to the group and told me best of luck on your own. That is not the case at all. She has offered along with other people to call around and set things up for me. I told her i would rather do it myself. She can take the time spent on me and use it for something else… weather personal or professional. I don’t care either way. But know that if i asked for the help she would be there. The photo shoot was done for free because my cousin is proud of me. So there is nothing to pay for there. I bought the outfit i was wearing… that was the only cost for the entire thing. The next shoot i am paying for because that is my mothers day present from my husband. You seem to exclude the reasoning why things are a certain way. I understand you are trying to make a point, that’s fine. But this is not a point you can make. I am not a poster child for the things Tab hasn’t done for her authors because she does them, i don’t ask her to do them for me. Simple as that. She offered i turned it down. That doesn’t mean she is a horrible publisher, that just means i am a stubborn author. And i know for a fact that i am not the only one like that in the group.

      • A photographer that’s doing the photo shoot for free as a favor. Where have I heard that before…?

        Any time you want to change your mind and meet me face to face, hon. I’m here.

    • Yes, the photographer did the shoot as a favor… She is my cousin. She wanted to do something for me as a congratulations present for getting published.
      And honestly, i am going to stick with my original decision. I really don’t want to meet with someone who i met this way… sorry just don’t feel comfortable with that.

    • I hate to say it Princess but publishers don’t work that way. Publishers don’t “offer” to do things for writers. Writers don’t turn down services from their publishers. Every single aspect of what a publisher will and will not do for a writer is very carefully detailed in their contract. Both parties know exactly what’s going to happen throughout the entire professional relationship before the ink is even dry. Further proof that Tabetha Jones doesn’t know the first thing about publishing no matter what bullshit name she’s using.

      • Twisted helped our cause so much by telling us all that while trying to defend the wonder Duchess of Manure. But she is tight with her so we are wasting our breath until the smoke screen clears. Funny how Tabetha can defend the cost of photographer and model but can’t answer why when Mystic closed down she did not pay the authors………… yeah go back to the group and laugh with her Twisted, but think about how you would feel if you didn’t get paid or even this you got threatened to be sued over a cover by her… Two years ago the contract stated $20 paid for a cover art she provided. Whether it was her or the coverartist…. in the end the finger was always ended up right back on her. My food thought for the day. Have a great one and Congrats on the photo shoot, Twisted.

      • She’ll find out exactly how it feels when she’s on the receiving end of excuses for why she’s not getting paid.

        Thanks for the insight, Twisted.

    • Any of the authors are welcome to use the photographer his models and my model for their books but seeing as they have all rights to creative control that’s not my call.

      • Bullshit. If an author hires a photographer and model to do a photo shoot, the author is paying for, and gets, the right to use those images as creatively as they choose.

  3. I just want to point out that I am a self published author, who happens to have an excellent (IMHO) photographer for a husband. So, yes, most of my book covers have me as the model, my husband as the photographer and I do the graphic design work. The covers may not be fantastic, but my point is that I actually do everything on my own, with basically a zero budget. The idea of photographers (professional ones) just “giving” away a photo shoot is bullshit. A photographer has to take about two hundred images in order to get perhaps a handful of good images, and then there’s all the manipulating in photo programs… so… yeah, BULLSHIT.

    • my cousin took all of 10 pictures of me and edited one of them and gave me three. there were no actual printed images they are all digital. .

      • Either you’re pretty dense, or you’re missing the point on purpose.
        The point is that your pubisher should be doing promotion ofr your work. Not as some favor that she offers, but as part of a detailed contract.
        There’s nothing professional about Tabetha or her bogus business. If you don’t realize that, more’s the pity for you.

      • So, that saves the cost of old fashioned film and lab processing, and the time needed to scan them before manipulating the images. What’s your point?

  4. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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