Sexy and tasteful

Sabrina Samples recently had a photo shoot, and has graciously given me permission to post a few of them. Cindy White also has a few photos posted that I’m allowed to share.

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In my humble opinion, these are what sexy and tasteful are supposed to look like. A little personality and confidence go a long way.

Well done, girls.


The big day

Tomorrow’s the big day.

Tabetha promises that her company is going to have some major project coming out tomorrow that’s going to change everything and launch her into stardom. We’ve figured out that she plans to write a book about the La Bare club, which she insists she has permission from the owner to write. And she planned to release it tomorrow, in order to cash in on the fact that a movie about the club is coming out. And not just to cash in. For some reason, to her, La Bare is the end all, be all in glamour and sensuality. It’s her dream environment, where the objects of her unrequited erotic obsession work. She’s dated some of them, she’ll tell whoever might believe it, and they’re all such great friends with her. So much so that they’ve all shown up on my blog to defend her. Because that’s just how they roll. You mess with her royal bitchiness, you get them, too.

Oh. Right. Those were all Tabetha using their names.

Models and strippers so buff and beautiful that fawn over her, a lie she tells herself so she can feel wanted and attractive. Time and time again, she tries however she can to interject herself into their world. Writing a book about them and releasing it on the same day isn’t just a a bid to cash in; it’s one more way for her to try to photobomb her way into their social circle.

She doesn’t have permission to write a book about La Bare. Nobody does. So, now that the world knows what she’s up to, she’s changed the name of her Opus, insisting that she did it for her own reasons. Because the book is inspired by the club, she says, Not actually about it. Her attempted end run around the legal consequences if they find out. And they will. I guarantee it.

What will she write about, I wonder? How drugs got dealt out of the club? And by who? The models? The management? Her? Who’s been sleeping with whom? Who she wants people to think slept with her? Will she agonize over a fallen model, trying to use his passing to get money and attention for herself? I wouldn’t put it past her. Any of it.

Will she release her book tomorrow anyway, knowing that she’s being watched? Will she let the big day come and go without trying to cash in on it for herself? Can she resist? What do you think?


Tabetha replied in PM on fb. Naturally, she avoided the question about how sending somebody a friend request constitutes harassment, but instead sent me a screen cap of what Amanda had to say about the fact that I sent it.
I guess I’m supposed to be burned by Amanda’s comment about dropkicking my ass. Rather, I’m shaking my head at how yet another one of Tabetha’s authors tries so hard to please “bosslady” by acting just like her. I doubt that this is Amanda’s personality. She’s probably a lovely person. But, like so many before her, she’s acting the way Tabetha does. Or, rather, the way Tabetha expects her authors to: hating me. She can’t very well have them doing anything else, can she? If they’re not busy hating me, as they’re told to, they might look at what I’m saying and realize that every word is true. Many authors before her have done exactly that, and I’m sure Amanda will, too. They’ve turned out to be some pretty awesome people, and I’m sure she will too, once she’s away from the corrupting influence of somebody that’s just using her.

I did send Amanda another message, telling her that if circumstances ever change, she’s welcome to get in touch and talk to me about it. I don’t hold grudges. She’s just listening to somebody she thinks she can trust. A friend wouldn’t lie about all the things Tabetha’s done, would she? Of course not. Tabetha must be telling the truth, and I’m just a liar and a hater.
I don’t hate, and I haven’t said a single thing about what Tabetha does to her authors that isn’t true. Many have seen the truth, and Amanda will too. She’ll probably be embarrassed for acting that way in defense of somebody that’s only using her. After all, look at the rest of the conversation up to that point, Tabetha hurriedly shifting anthologies around “to keep [Amanda] going.” Translated: Tabetha wants to keep Amanda’s work in circulation so that she can keep stealing Amanda’s royalties.

Take a look at the menu on the left, though. Tabetha showed me Amanda’s comments up until 4:05, but the conversation continued up to 4:58, almost an hour later. I wonder what happened in the rest of the conversation that Tabetha didn’t want to include it. Something to hide, no doubt. And look at the last comment. “First, send her a message to t…” To what? What do you suppose Tabetha’s telling Amanda to do?
That’s just like Tabetha, isn’t it? Telling her poor authors what do to and how to do it, especially when it comes to me. If she’s not telling them what to say or think, she’s telling them to troll my blog for her so she can find out what I’m saying without showing up on my stat tracker. When she’s not using a proxy to comment under some other ID, that is.

Is that the relationship a publisher has with an author?
An author writes. A publisher publishes. It’s supposed to be a professional relationship. It needs to be a good working relationship, sure. Nothing wrong with that. But that’s what it is: professional. That’s what it’s supposed to be, anyway. What Tabetha cultivates is circumstances where her authors get drawn into her personal drama, soldiering for her so she can hide behind them. Not only is that the HEIGHT of unprofessionalism, it’s also unhealthy. No healthy relationship is based on one person presuming all the power, telling the other what to say, think or do. Especially if those things are immoral and potentially highly illegal. She’s not only dicking people over financially and emotionally, but she’s also putting them at legal risk of being charged with her crimes. It’s all “family” until the cops come knocking.
Sure, Tabetha suckers people into her life by making them feel special, wanted and loved, fawns over them, and she’s good at it. Predators usually are. But she doesn’t care about them; she’s using them. If she cared in the least about any of these people, she wouldn’t put them at risk of being charged along side her for the crimes that she masterminds. Maybe instead of her instead of beside her. Tabetha Jones always makes sure she’s got somebody to throw under the bus. It’s not Jacqueline anymore, so who’s it going to be this time? Who’s the new “co-owner” or “manager” she’ll blame it on this time? Jen? Jaimie? Maybe Amanda? Whoever the new “special” one is, you can bet your bottom dollar (if Tabetha hasn’t stolen it) that they’ll go under the bus before Tabetha takes a fall.

Getting back to the screen cap Tabetha sent, take a good look. That’s Tabetha’s world in a nutshell, where she sits in the middle of all of these people’s lives, spinning her little web around them, trying to manipulate them, scheme them and rule them like she’s got all the power in their lives. Just look at all the people she’s still trying so hard to manipulate. What a sad, lonely way to live.
The good news is that the authors once scammed by her are freeing themselves and getting away from her drama. Each day brings bright new steps for them, flourishing in free air, spreading their wings to fly. I’m privileged to see them moving on with their lives, free of her emotional and financial shackles.

Thanks, folks. It’s an honor to know you. I look forward to seeing the heights to which you soar.



Not long ago, I sent Amanda Stewart a friend request on FB, just as I’ve done to many other PF/TJ authors in the past. I didn’t think anything of it, until I got this message From Tabetha Jones herself:

Tabetha Jones
I would appreciate if you would stop harassing my authors. Leave Amanda Stewart alone

My reply:

She hasn’t seen fit to write me back.

Since when is sending someone a friend request “harassing” them?
Is she that insecure that another author might come to their senses and realize the truth about her? Well, at the rate that she’s losing authors, I guess I can understand her paranoia. She needs to quit blaming me for her shortcomings, though. It’s the truth about her that’s driving them away. I’m only the messenger.

Actually, I should consider myself lucky that she took the time to write me at all. It seems she’s been such a busy girl, putting Zoey Sweete’s name on all the books she’s still selling and taking her name off. There’s nothing like having the stigma of being THE single worst fraud and scam in the publishing world attached to her name, I guess. And it looks like she’s quietly switching them all over from having Phoenix Fire as the publisher to being publish by Createspace services. The anthologies, anyway. It looks like SOMEbody’s trying to fly under the radar because they’ve been notified that they’re under investigation for fraud. Too bad changing things around in the present doesn’t erase them in the past. That’s a lesson she hasn’t learned yet, but probably will soon.

Publishing authors that aren’t with the company anymore, and through a publisher those authors didn’t contract with in the first place.
Is that legal? Hmmm.

Speaking of PF anthologies. Here’s a little chuckle for you.
Good luck getting those prices.
But, this is Tabetha Jones we’re talking about. She might honestly believe somebody will pay it.
If they do, I hope all of the names still listed as authors get their cut of it.

Okay. You can stop laughing now.

So many alts…

The only thing I find more amusing than  the upcoming folly of releasing a book about a club without the club’s permission is the number of alts popping up on a certain scam publisher’s website. I don’t know which is funnier: that she thinks she’s clever enough to pull off all those alts, or that she thinks anybody will be foolish enough to believe that they really exist. Not only is she too thick to speak in any voice other than her own, but the only option she has for photos is to find them from the web. The latter is so easily debunked, and has been many times over. She picks models or fishes through random people’s photos to find the faces for her frauds, slaps them on her sites and touts them as her stable of authors.
I had a peek at her latest roster, and most of them don’t exist, except in her imagination.
Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s laughable or just sad.

Catch and release

I hear that Tabetha is still trying to tangle authors up in her ridiculous “release” procedure, negotiating with them about the terms of releasing their work since they’ve chosen to leave her. She’s hanging them up and refusing to give their work back until or unless they meet her demands and sign her paperwork.

I cannot stress it enough. Authors, you do not need to sign her release papers in order to get your work released. She doesn’t own your rights. She never did. You own your work, and if she refuses to give it back to you, it’s theft. DO NOT let her hang you up in any negotiations. Do not allow her to continue to exert any more power over you and your work. Demand it back under threat of legal action. And if she still refuses, follow through. Call her local police and the Texas Attorney General to report the theft. Turn her in to the feds. She does not have a legal leg to stand on when it comes to keeping your work, and she knows it.

What she does have is years of practice jerking people around. She’ll haggle about the release forms and refuse to give your work back until they’re signed. And she’ll kick up a dust storm of gossip, lies and bullshit between authors. She’ll tell lies about one to another, then tell another lie to cover that one up. She’ll tell one that another author is still under contract and doesn’t want to leave PF after all. She’ll tell another that one of the others is talking shit about her. She’ll tell yet another an entirely different story.
She’s trying to do several things:
1) Control you.
2) Hang onto your work.
3) Pit you against other authors so that you don’t come together to support each other. That way, she’s got a better chance of luring you back into the fold.
4) Isolate you so that you can’t compare notes with each other to add up to the truth about what a scam she really is.
5) Keep you from succeeding on your own. She doesn’t want you to do well. If you flop, she might be able to get you back.
6) Most importantly, she’s deflecting. The more attention she keeps on drama, the longer she keeps your work, and the longer she profits from it.

DEMAND YOUR WORK BACK. Allow no deflections, and permit no negotiations, It’s your work. Demand it back under threat of legal action. And if she still refuses, follow through.

Take away that wretched fraud’s power. Do not allow her to control you for another minute. Not with her paperwork, and not with her drama. Demand your work back. And then give her exactly as much attention as she deserves: NONE.


Lately, authors have been finding their books for sale through retailers like Wordery and different Ebay stores like Buy, unbeatablesales and Grandeagle, to name a few.

When asked about how these books are getting into the hands of these retailers, Tabetha blames Ingram for it, saying that the retailers are getting the books from Ingram, not from her. She’s innocent, she claims, and isn’t receiving any money for them.


That money’s going SOMEWHERE, isn’t it? Whether those books are being obtained from Ingram or Amazon/Createspace, money’s changing hands. And one thing’s for sure: it’s not going to the authors. We could spend eternity chasing down each and every little shop, demanding that each stops selling former Phoenix Fire work, and we’d never catch up. Maybe she’s counting on that.

Let’s make it easy. Authors, contact both Ingram and Createspace and demand that your work (including anthologies) stop being made available. That way, no shops can obtain or sell your titles anymore, and Tabetha can’t put any more of your money in her pocket.  Cut the piracy off at the source. And don’t fool yourself. That’s exactly what it is: Piracy. If you’re not getting paid for the sales of your work, you’re a victim of piracy. That’s a Federal crime under section  17 U.S.C. § 506(a) and  18 U.S.C. § 2319 of the US code. Take a moment to read through those sections. You might find that it exactly describes what’s been going on. Having your work sold without your legal consent isn’t some little civil matter between you, Tabetha and Createspace. It’s a Federal offense.

And don’t worry about being bound by any contract, whether it’s for your own title or work contributed to an anthology. Tabetha will tell you that you’re contractually bound to allow your work to continue to be sold in anthologies, but it’s not true.
First, PF contracts aren’t legal. This has been confirmed by more than one business and contract lawyer. Not like Tabetha’s assertions that her nonexistent lawyer’s assertion that they are legal. It’s very simple. Her company isn’t legal and neither are her contracts. You are not bound by them.
Second, Let me ask you this: did you sign a contract for each anthology? Did you sign any contract that stipulates specifically that each contribution to each anthology can continue to be sold even after you leave the company? Did you sign a contract that says she can keep getting paid for your work without giving you a dime?
Then guess what. You aren’t bound to allow her to keep ripping you off.

Stop letting a thief put your money in her pocket. Here are the contact details for both Ingram and Createspace. Get in touch and demand that your titles stop being made available for payment to Phoenix Fire publishing, Tabetha Jones or anybody else but you. Likewise, demand that your contributions to anthologies be removed under penalty of copyright infringement. Don’t let them or her just take your name off the title, either. Demand that your content be removed as well.

General Legal, Trademark & Patent Inquiries
office 615.213.5075

1 (888) 280-3321 (Consumer)

And, while you’re at it, report instances of piracy to the FBI. Don’t allow the Federal crime of piracy to be perpetrated.

It’s easy. It tells you how, step by step, on this page at

Stop being a victim. Stop the crime.