Not long ago, I sent Amanda Stewart a friend request on FB, just as I’ve done to many other PF/TJ authors in the past. I didn’t think anything of it, until I got this message From Tabetha Jones herself:

Tabetha Jones
I would appreciate if you would stop harassing my authors. Leave Amanda Stewart alone

My reply:

She hasn’t seen fit to write me back.

Since when is sending someone a friend request “harassing” them?
Is she that insecure that another author might come to their senses and realize the truth about her? Well, at the rate that she’s losing authors, I guess I can understand her paranoia. She needs to quit blaming me for her shortcomings, though. It’s the truth about her that’s driving them away. I’m only the messenger.

Actually, I should consider myself lucky that she took the time to write me at all. It seems she’s been such a busy girl, putting Zoey Sweete’s name on all the books she’s still selling and taking her name off. There’s nothing like having the stigma of being THE single worst fraud and scam in the publishing world attached to her name, I guess. And it looks like she’s quietly switching them all over from having Phoenix Fire as the publisher to being publish by Createspace services. The anthologies, anyway. It looks like SOMEbody’s trying to fly under the radar because they’ve been notified that they’re under investigation for fraud. Too bad changing things around in the present doesn’t erase them in the past. That’s a lesson she hasn’t learned yet, but probably will soon.

Publishing authors that aren’t with the company anymore, and through a publisher those authors didn’t contract with in the first place.
Is that legal? Hmmm.

Speaking of PF anthologies. Here’s a little chuckle for you.
Good luck getting those prices.
But, this is Tabetha Jones we’re talking about. She might honestly believe somebody will pay it.
If they do, I hope all of the names still listed as authors get their cut of it.

Okay. You can stop laughing now.

14 thoughts on “Hilarity

    • She’ll learn soon believe me – the proof has been sent and everything reported – even the new distributor cannot help her now – unless she becomes a legal and registered properly as an organisation pub comp and stops doing what she has done within a few weeks. Highly doubt. But if she can and can prove otherwise that her pub comp is now LEGAL not this sole proprietor BS because ive talked to a few Texans and it – its not legal. Then no doubt she’ll be safe if not – everything will be investigated. From what I here a few authors have reported everything to the FBI or are going to. It’d be good to stop the attacks, scams and god knows what else once and for all. If enough of those who were screwed over by Tabetha/Emerald/Zoey and god knows what else reported to FBI with their proof at hand she’d be seeing some real jail time.

      • If she’s busted for pirating people’s work, that’s a federal offence. She certainly might see jail time. And not just kiddie prison, either. Plus she needs to be legally forbidden to use any electronic device that connects to the internet, since all of her fraud was perpetrated on the internet.

      • Oh, if FBI does investigate which they will now – seeing as so many have reported then no doubt they’ll be watching her like a hawk once she is free of all charges and time – which would include all her electronics as well – so its not a problem we need to worry about

  1. Well I will be sure to send you a copy of the email from createspace to prove those are from a third party seller actually just talked to a lovely woman all about it. Oh and ebay sales those are print on demand and go through our expanded distribution channel through createspace and if a book gets printed the company gets paid. How about that Ms. I think I know it All

    • None of your babble explains how authors’s books are being sold and they’re not getting any of the money from it. You try to sleaze your way around third party, POD options. but you never explain how your authors are getting paid. Whenever a book sells, it doesn’t matter where by whom, money changes hands. And that money’s not going into the author’s hands, now is it? There’s one common denominator between all those booksellers, Createspace, ebay, distribution channels, and the authors, and that’s YOU, Tabetha. You said it yourself: If a book gets printed the company gets paid. You get paid.
      How about telling your authors gain why none of that crosses their palms, miss “I can talk my way out of it all.”

      • Touche couldn’t agree more. In fact, after ripping me off – I realize I still haven’t seen any of that in which you said you would. Why is that? Maybe it is because you lied and used it for modelling photos that were not even professional? Believe me I have worked with famous photographers they’ve over-priced you for photos not worth the money. But wait….didn’t you say your supposed “model guy” had helped you get it for free??? So let me get this straight – you tell us you get a free cheaply done modelling photoshoot right? and then you tell us you have paid $400 for a modelling photo shoot – so which ones the truth? Which one, Tabetha? And if you say it is none of our business – well of coarse it is not – but I’d hate to know your wasting our royalties on shit-ass photos you could get more professionally done. Not to mention that everyone you’ve FUCKED OVER!!! is quite curious too. So please be so kind as to tell us. Moreso it does not surprise me that you do not know the quality of a photo – look at the new updated Glass Hearts paperbacks over $200 and not one author will see a cent will they?

  2. I guess you didnt receive that lovely email I sent you from createspace. Too bad. I always have proof not just bullshit from peoples mouths

    • You talk such bullshit! Give it up already. Are you really still here, lying your fat ass off, when EVERYBODY who’s commenting has been scammed by YOU? Come ON! Are you really that dense?

      • That’s the nature of her Narcissistic personality disorder. She honestly believes that she can talk her way out of anything, even when incontrovertible proof, usually her own words and actions, belie what a fraud, scam and thief she really is. She really thinks that if she says “Nope. They’re lying” that it actually becomes true. Maybe in her own addled little mind, she really believes that her bullshit is true, but that doesn’t make it so for the rest of us who live in reality.
        The short answer:
        Yes. She really is that dense.

    • I got your email, supposedly sent from Createspace at 10:30 at night. I’m just waiting for confirmation back from them before I say anything. Your “proof” is usually forged. The truth coming from people’s lips come not only from experience, but every word they say can be backed up with actual proof, usually from YOUR lips (or fingertips). Not altered or forged documents, like you produce when you don’t have the truth to fall back on.

      I’m still waiting for you to answer a couple of issues:
      How is sending someone a friend request on fb harassment?
      And the one I’d REALLY like to know:
      If you have permission from La Bare to write about the club, why did you have to change the name in your forthcoming Magnum Opus?

      And, while we’re at it, how do you justify still selling work from authors that aren’t with your bullshit company any more? A few of us (including the feds. Wait for it) would really like to know the answer to that.

      • I’m just looking forward to when it all gets shut down which it will. Its run too long with bad credibility and that’s when we watch like a hawk till she tries to reopen another and report that too.

      • Do they let convicted felons use the computers in jail?
        Well, if so, we’ll report that one for fraud, too. Maybe they’ll add some time onto her sentence.

  3. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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