The big day

Tomorrow’s the big day.

Tabetha promises that her company is going to have some major project coming out tomorrow that’s going to change everything and launch her into stardom. We’ve figured out that she plans to write a book about the La Bare club, which she insists she has permission from the owner to write. And she planned to release it tomorrow, in order to cash in on the fact that a movie about the club is coming out. And not just to cash in. For some reason, to her, La Bare is the end all, be all in glamour and sensuality. It’s her dream environment, where the objects of her unrequited erotic obsession work. She’s dated some of them, she’ll tell whoever might believe it, and they’re all such great friends with her. So much so that they’ve all shown up on my blog to defend her. Because that’s just how they roll. You mess with her royal bitchiness, you get them, too.

Oh. Right. Those were all Tabetha using their names.

Models and strippers so buff and beautiful that fawn over her, a lie she tells herself so she can feel wanted and attractive. Time and time again, she tries however she can to interject herself into their world. Writing a book about them and releasing it on the same day isn’t just a a bid to cash in; it’s one more way for her to try to photobomb her way into their social circle.

She doesn’t have permission to write a book about La Bare. Nobody does. So, now that the world knows what she’s up to, she’s changed the name of her Opus, insisting that she did it for her own reasons. Because the book is inspired by the club, she says, Not actually about it. Her attempted end run around the legal consequences if they find out. And they will. I guarantee it.

What will she write about, I wonder? How drugs got dealt out of the club? And by who? The models? The management? Her? Who’s been sleeping with whom? Who she wants people to think slept with her? Will she agonize over a fallen model, trying to use his passing to get money and attention for herself? I wouldn’t put it past her. Any of it.

Will she release her book tomorrow anyway, knowing that she’s being watched? Will she let the big day come and go without trying to cash in on it for herself? Can she resist? What do you think?


64 thoughts on “The big day

  1. Really no one has wrote a book about La Bare. Wrong. Taylor Cole and Justin Whitfield wrote two books about La Bare. Take it Off and Take it Off Again. I said changes are coming and they already have but you arent in my company and wouldnt know about any of them. As more changes will be coming as will models to do cover work for any of my authors. I have a great working relationship with my photographer and if I need a model for an author then it happens. But I will be sure to smile and have a great time at the release party tomorrow. Mockingbird Station is tons of fun!!!

    • How soon they forget. Not writing a book about the club? Okay. Here’s your own statement admitting that there’s a club book coming from you, then backpedaling, saying that it’s not about THAT club anyway – even though the owner of THAT club gets the first copy.

    • Tabby-girl you know you wrote that book. Eric was in the room with you when you called Alex to get permission to publish that La Bare book and you had your so called manager on the phone. They said you could do it if they could read it first and approve it stop lying you know you were going to do it anyway without showing them and keep the money you make before they found out and make you stop. Leplady beat you plain and simple and I’m glad she BEATS YOU EVERY TIME. Your on your facebook calling her a hater but your just mad because she stopped you from ripping off the club. GOOD FOR HER. And now your saying your going to the release party crash it is more like. The boys at the club don’t like you honey they let you hang around and act slutty because you stuff money in their jocks and then they laugh at you when your gone. Everybody laughs at you including me and you still don’t know who I am well guess what I could be your best friend or your worst enemy or maybe somebody you see every day of your life well keep guessing just when you think you know who I am guess what you got it wrong again. Lepy watch out Tabbys talking about how she’s going to hurt you or get somebody to hurt you and pay for it with sex and drugs but what she doesn’t know is that people including me and one guy she talked to alread told the police so don’t worry I got your back. Tabby girl you fucked with to many people starting with me and were not going to stop until you are brought down thank GOD for lepplady for being smarter then you faster then you and BETTER than you thanks to her YOU ARE GOING DOWN.

      • I didn’t beat her, and I’m not responsible for her demise. She is. Mostly, the people who stood up and refused to be scammed any more are. They’re the brave ones, standing up for themselves and speaking the truth about her. They’re the ones that deserve all the credit. All I do is write a blog. Emily did the same, Victoria Strauss did, and so did dear Cuss.

        Of course she was going to try to write a book and cash in on La Bare’s movie release today. She knows it. We know it. And it’s not going to happen, so it looks like she’s going to try to crash the movie’s release party, just like the obsessed, sad little groupie she is. Let her.

        She’s going to pay sex and drugs to somebody to hurt me? What a sad little movie of the week she is. Nobody’s stupid enough to do that for her. If she wants to try to hurt me, she’s going to have to carry her ass over here and do it herself. And we all know she’s too much of a coward to do anything but hide behind aliases on a computer and spew swear words. Thanks for the heads up, but I’m not worried about it. At all.

    • Really no one has wrote a book about Labare?

      “I was a rebel soul, born a free spirit and finally free of all restraints, I was always looking for trouble. I was the ultimate party girl and a hellraiser by nature. I had confidence, no man stood a chance against me in those days. Then I was given the keys to the gates of sin itself where the men were there for the women’s entertainment and I was welcomed as a VIP.
      Intrigued by their secrets I quickly learned who they were on stage were not the men they were outside the club. This is my tale of the ten years I spent lusting after them, dating them, and learning that what happens in the corner stays in the corner. While others have tried writing their own memoirs it has never been told from a woman’s perspective. Allow me to take you on a ride of sex, drugs, and strippers, telling you, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, the naked truth. Allow me to Bare it All.”

      Liar liar pants on fire.

  2. You must have not checked out Taylor’s book it’s quite a read. And maybe I just like ducking with your head. I will write what I want when I want as they are my collective memories. As we’re Taylor’s and Justin’s. Would u like me to send you my autographed copies of their work?

    • “Ducking with your head.”
      Considering you have no issues using the words BITCH CUNT and FUCK, I assume that you actually meant to say “ducking.”
      Watch out, Lepplady… Tabby Cat is gonna throw a duck at you!

    • What has a book written two years ago got to do with what you tried to get away with today? Nothing.

      You go ahead and write “your” collective memories and see how many you sell. You won’t be able to call it “La Bare” and you won’t be cashing in on their movie coming out. Man, does it suck to be you.

  3. Again, tabbtscat back pedals to cover her massive ass. She will never grow the heck up. Always hiding behind lies, coverups and schemes. It is so sad that she WILL NEVER realize just how lame she is. Was she always picked last for dodgeball in school? I mean honestly I am not drop dead gorgeous but do consider myself passably in the looks department, yet world never ASSUME that I was the desire of anyone expecially a bunch of men who get paid to entertain fantasy. How vain do you have to be to think someone like that woman could even be in the running with some of the sexy BEAUTIFUL AND WEALTHY ladies who go to see these men preform. And that is all it is a performance. Tabbyscat really must be throwing her authors money around to keep these guys interested. And by the way did I hear her sister has gotten a photo shoot done as well. Amazing more free work. And people keep wondering where their royalties are

    • This is Dee Tab’s sister and for your info I pay my own way and if I want to do a photo shoot its really no ones business but my own. I pay my own way and what I pay is none of your concern. And I will continue to pay for what I want whether it be photos or a new truck or a house but I have both of those. What I do is my business and leave me out of this bullshit. I do not steal from my sisters company and neither does she. Infact I have invested into the company to help it grow. So sorry she aint going anywhere as long as I am around. Now as far as Tab “saying” she is going to use sex and drugs to have someone hurt you that is the biggest line of bullshit I have ever heard. Se has daughter which is my niece and would never allow that to happen. She has more class I I taught better than that which means if she wanted you hurt she’d already would have drove her ass to your house and stomped a hole in your face. I am tried to stay out of this but YOU decided to bring me in now there will be a Jones war and hell to pay. We dont back down easy. As for Tab dating models or dancers its her life and none of your business. Just because shes not a size 2 and a fucking slut doesnt mean she cant get a man like that. It had nothing to with with who they were on stage, in fact my girlfriend and I hang out with her and her new dancer/model boyfriend. And my gf is a model herself so beauty is only skin deep. If you are no longer part of her company then fuck off and get a life quit playing childish games because for being grown adults you act mentally like children. Yes she comes on here to defend herself because that is what she was taught. If you cant handle the heat get the fuck out of the kitchen because the ride to hell and back is going to be much hotter.

      • Lmao so hilariously funny that there is no evidence to support anything you’ve said on here. Show proof of any of your claims and you might just get out of this without being torn to shreds with your hellacious Grammer. I’m also shocked that your vocabulary had actually grown just a miniscule bit. So what it boils down to show proof or sit the fuck up.

      • Your punctuation is awesome! Have you considered writing fiction for a living?

      • I notice you don’t bother to deny the La Bare strip book your sissy was planning to write today. Good job proving it was true.

      • I honestly couldn’t care less what you do or who you date. But if you make your business known on the internet, you leave yourself open to whatever comment people want to make,
        And if you involve yourself in an illegal company like Tabetha’s, you’d better hope you don’t get the same knock at your door that she’s about to get. Federal fraud and piracy don’t just count toward the owner of the company. They apply to anybody directly active in it. Go ahead and proclaim your involvement in her company, especially as it involves finances. Prison orange might be your color after all.

        No, she wouldn’t have “drove” over here and stomped a hole in my face. She’s a chicken shit coward that wouldn’t have the nerve to face me. If I did accept her invitation to come over and meet, she’d hurl a few insults and me then run off with her tail between her legs if I didn’t back down. Or she’d count on someone else to do the dirty work for her. You, maybe. You talk a mean game for her. Are you willing to go to jail for her too?

        I have been talking to somebody at the club about a certain project, so I just might travel over that way. It’s just a hop, skip and jump away, after all. Maybe I’ll see her there.

  4. I have my proof and what I write is my fucking business and my sister supports all my writing. Eric you need to sit down and shut the fuck up. You have nothing but shit spilling from your mouth. Funny I was good enough for two years but not you put me down. Let’s talk about your faults and you show proof to prove me wrong. Remember I have something on you no one else has and it will never go away. As for my release today is a bit more it important. Remembering a great man Angelo. Now I’m off to Dallas I have a hot date that is way more fun than you idiots.

    • Remember I have something on you no one else has and it will never go away.

      Ooh. We have a threat of blackmail. How charming.

      • Whatever it is she thinks she has on him, it can’t match up to his first hand observation of her fraudulent business practices. It’s just her blowing more hot air to try to shut him up because she’s threatened by his eye witness testimony. The louder she shouts, the more she’s got to hide. Probably no small measure of jealousy, either. Her insistence of having this gorgeous guy and her “hot” date are probably backlash if he’s got somebody better in his life.

    • Lmao funniest thing I’ve heard all day. We all know there is no man in your life but keep telling yourself that. And if I’ve spilled nothing but shit then it must have been real shit because I’ve single handedly got most of your old authors to leave your sorry ass. But I spill nothing but shit lmao. That’s why you only have 2 authors left and no staff. So again I’m on top of the world looking down at your bottom feeding ass. And since your sister so nicely put a threat on here for the world to ser, if I were the two of you I would simply crawl back under whatever rock yall came from and never speak again.

      • No man in my life really? You think you were the end all of my love life sorry sweet cheeks you can’t hold a candle to the real gentleman in my life. He’s been around awhile but I took a listen from you mine and his relationship is private unless you are in my inner circle.

        And my company is actually doing very well. Signed several new authors this week actually. Are you just sad my world didn’t fall apart? You freed me from bullshit and drama so allow me to thank you for that.

        You may be on top of your own world but you are beneath me in mine. So go go ahead and continue to leave in your fantasy like you always did. I came out of my coma the moment I walked away from you.

        All you are is an angry ex lashing out. But it’s ok because at the end of the day you were just a stepping stone to the real life I was meant to have.

      • The only man in your life is the one in your fantasy. If you’re so proud of him let’s see a picture of you two together, or do you have to steal a little more money from your two authors before you can hire him again? While we’re at it let’s see some pictures of you with your dream lovers at “your” release party last night. Or did they throw you out before you could take any? You’ve been making up more authors this week, more aliases on top of aliases. All fantasies and lies like your whole pathetic life. The real life you’re meant to have is the one that starts when they slap those pretty silver bracelets on you. You’re the world’s biggest joke and you can’t go away fast enough.

    • Just couldn’t go without stopping by to remind us how crass you are. So much for that “lady” you were trying to be.
      YOUR release? There’s that pathology again, thinking that La Bare’s business is all about you. They have meds for that. Get some. Fast.

      • People who have class don’t feel the need to go around telling people about it, and they don’t use it as a line of defense. Those that know them don’t feel the need to state it either, because class is evident in everything that a person does, and needs no clarification.

        Dee, you have been replying on previous posts, your tone cackling, aggressive, your comments poorly written and filled with vulgarity. Why so nice now? Or are we to believe Ruby Dee is another sister of Tabetha’s?

  5. Awe so sweet big sis to the rescue. Funny but hasn’t tab said to several authors that she lived with mom daughter and sister. Does she think people don’t pay attention? And language ladies please, oh wait you are FAR FROM LADIES. Blackmail and deceit seems like tabbyscat has the making of a new book. So big sis you say you raised tabby? That you taught her better? I say you failed. And although tab may not be a size 2 but darling she most definitely is a true trashy person.

  6. Also dear sister of tabetha, beauty may be skin deep but UGLY is to the bone. Might want to teach sis that as well as you reap what you sow, what comes around goes around and not to be such a lying, cheating, conniving, piece of skidda. And since you brought it up exactly how does a child control and adult, you said your niece would not allow it.

  7. Oh I have tons of pics from last night. Too bad we’re not friends on Facebook or you could see them all including my sweetheart. Tony is amazing and who knows maybe you will get the pleasure of all meeting him soon…

      • Funny thing is I can see your facebook and you do not know who I am but I see no pictures or do I see where your so called book was released. Can I say you have spit up your can of horseshit this morning! The only thing you like to do is make yourself look important but honey, trash is trash there is no making look good. You can deny or cover up all things but still beneath it all you are still nothing more than a bottom feeder. Tabetha if you were out for all others you would not be so worried about telling us about your so called wonderful life. Many of us have great personal lives that does not have to be aired. I could careless if you are fucking a stripper or not or matter of fact paying for one, it is obvious it gets under your skin so we can say it because you make it public. And Dee, I am sure you did just what your sister did for those photos. Amazingly enough we know not everything in this world comes free. Readers can come up with their own conclusions. You tell so much shit we know how to read between the lines and get the answers we need. You have interested my comical side because I find you so ignorant (you and your sister). You have no clue what you do and how you do it. Keep talking to us and helping the world see just what kind of person you are.
        Let me strike a nerve, you are not classy in anyway so stop ruining the word! I did show off your photos to local men and even the mountain men, Not even one thought of those photos as anything close to classy. One even asked where do you buy a whore like that because I want to avoid that porn site. That is sad when you can’t even turn on a man that hibernates in the mountains and high on pot. And I read your statement about not being a whore and took up for you but you might not think I did, he goes wow free fucks from nasty. So I tried sorry I wasn’t much help. Guess to each’s own is all I can say!

      • No pictures? You don’t say.
        Figured as much.

        Give her some time to run out and hire a model so she can fabricate some.

        Still waiting for pictures of her with the guys at HER release party. No way to make those up.

      • Probably another figment of her ever growing imagination. But to set yet another thing straight she got kicked out of the house she never went willingly. So any time she days she left, no the bitch got kicked out and had to go back to that thing she calls a mother. And all of these so called authors you’ve signed up are probably just as fake as this Tony person. We all enjoy a good laugh when you do decide to speak on here lol. I know I sure do. Anyone else?

  8. Anyone can see my Facebook but pics are private. And no I didn’t release yesterday I decided to do it on a different day. A day that is more meaningful.More like Sept. To remember a really great man that got taken too early. It would be Antonio but he likes to be called Tony. And Eric I do believe you know him…. I really don’t care what you think of my photos new ones are coming. At the end of the day it’s a lovely place where I’m at in my life but you bottom feeders are the ones that should be worried.

    • Worried about what you and your fictitious relationship lol because the guy you told me about wasn’t Tony lmao. Some fit that wanted to fuck you at the the bar the night yoy went to be a whore lol. But on a more important note you just contradicted yourself and admitted you wrote the book about la bare. My job here is done have fun people lmao

    • On September 30th 2012, a La Bare dancer named Ruben “Angelo” Riguero was shot to death outside the club.

      So, since you’ve been prevented from writing about the club, you’re going to try to cash in on a dead guy by releasing a book about him on the day he was murdered?

      That’s low. Even for you.

      But I understand it. A dead guy can’t sue you, can he?

      I’m sure the loved ones he left behind, as well as those who still remember him fondly at the club, will receive that well. I’m sure his 8 year old son will appreciate you making money off his departed father.

      Go ahead. Let’s see how that turns out.

  9. Tab has as much compassion as a TICK. she is nothing more than a blood sucking leach. Again she is have delusions of grandeur. Exactly where can I get the drugs she is taking. If they make her feel that much above everyone else I really would love some. Then maybe I too could forget how shallow and pathetic she is. And also forget how she lied and manipulated me to follow her. I am sick to death of how she worms her way through life. She reminds me of a rat, if it can get it’s head through an opening she can get the rest of her massive bulk in as well. SHAME SHAME on you tabbyscat, if I was your family or anyone close to you I would feel revulsion in how you act and conduct yourself. You really need to see a shrink, maybe they can assist you with your severe problem,.

    • She was blowing smoke like she always does. There were no changes and she only has 2 authors left plus she has no staff. It’s really sad when that self inflated who gets busted and the proof is on the “company” website lol. Ignore all of the new names those are just new fakes done by tab yet again to make it like she’s doing well when in fact she’s failed. At anytime she could easily just shut down pay everyone and have no problems, but she chooses to keep going and fucking over people. But the one thing that possess her off so bad is that I came on here and emptied out her closet for her. I single handedly got 75% of the people to leave. Eric fucking Henley did that. Oh well she can say what she wants but I’ve done my part in her destruction now the rest will be done by feds, judges, and lawsuits. My job here is done enjoy people

      • She still Has Jaimie Hope, who is, I guess, co-owner, editor, manager and author. I put author last on purpose, because with Tabetha sucking her dry, there’s no time left for her own work. And that’s a shame. Her work showed real promise. Tabetha must know it too, since she’s putting so much of Jaimie’s money into her own pocket.
        Now, Jaimie’s just Tabetha’s personal slave, doing all the work and getting nothing for it but Tabetha’s version of “Family.”
        Has Jaimie started writing smut yet? Her work had true voice and value, but I’m betting that it’s only a matter of time before she gets conned into writing smut to contribute to Tabetha’s anthologies, more money she can put into her own pocket.
        On one hand, I genuinely feel sorry for Jaimie. She’s really fallen for Tabetha’s cock and bull story, hook, line, and sinker. It makes me pity her, being so badly used and being the only one that doesn’t see it.
        On the other hand, I’ve never seen a more willing victim. I wish she’d open her eyes and take a good look at what’s being done to her.

        As for Tabetha, she’ll get exactly what’s coming to her. The only question is how many years she’ll have to serve for it.

  10. I would never disgrace Angelo or his memory. Wow you really do take things to a level of insanity. Ruben was my friend he was an honorable father and man. And Antonio is his “real” name. Models and dancers both like us fake ones for privacy. But at this point he’s like fuck you all. We have a ton of pics together from the past when we were just friends and since we have been together now. Best birthday present a girl can get. And really Eric you took me down. Wait while I laugh. As my sister stated I’m not going anywhere. Ever. So you all can either get the fuck over it or put up real proof other than an angry ex lashing out like a child.

    • Your authors have all the proof against you.

      Well, them and the feds.

      And the IRS.

      And the TX Attorney General.

      I can hardly wait. And I won’t have to. Should be soon now.

    • I’ve never understood women whose entire self-worth is tied up in “having a man.” If one’s around, it’s all anybody hears about. If one isn’t, well, fake it to uphold appearances while hunting for the next one. I know the type. It’s rather nauseating to watch.

      • With Tabetha, it isn’t just any man she’s got to have, it’s one of THOSE men. The lovely men of the La Bare world. It’s got to be a stripper or a model that’s hot for her. Even when she was with Eric, she kept her beloved Draven alive in her obsession of him.

    • Funny how you say angry ex when it’s the exact opposite lmao. We had a fucking party when I kicked your ass out. Don’t get it twisted little girl. I dare you actually I welcome it, ask the question of who got over half of your authors to leave. Do it on here so we know your not faking everything like you always do. Still no proof of your imaginary man, no pics from the release party that you never attended, the list goes on and on. So keep telling your little lies and keep getting caught. You have nothing, you are nothing, you will never be nothing. Case point set and match. You’re done

    • Tabby really, sweetheart you give yourself way too much credit. Your photo shoot looks like you are snearing into the camera. You think you are queen b but all you are is a petulant child, crying and stomping your feet because you can’t have your way. As for friends and not disgracing any one, you already have with your lies and half truths. You are a disgrace to the writing world, and I am sure a major disgrace to your entire family. Let’s just see how many of those sexy model/dancers come see your sorry ass in jail. Let’s see how much your family puts in your commersary to keep you from being used and abused like you have done to so many people in your lousy excuse for a life. I really pray and that is something I rarely do that when you get to jail some 400 lb plus REAL biker bitch shows you exactly what it means to be whored. I hope she passes you around like the trash you REALLY are. Then again knowing you, you would like that.

  11. Notice how tab keeps running her mouth on this particular blog, yet when CFW posted a conversation between herself and our famous bullshitter she keeps quiet. Now exactly why is that? I am sure she will put some lame ass excuse on this but we ALL know that tab can’t handle the truth. Hell she wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked her upside the head.Hey tab WAKE UP you are loser deal with it.

    • Tabetha is a coward! No other way of saying it. She cannot handle the truth about her or her beloved company. When all evidence is out there from several authors from different time frames, still she likes to deny being what she truly is. Like someone said earlier, she would not know the truth if it slapped her and all and all we have been slapping her with the truth.
      She is one of those type of people that make shit up to keep up with the best of the best in the world. If half the people would see what kind of person she really was, she would be alone in the desert with no mirages of water appearing. I can fathom the fact she thinks she is more special than any of those people she abused along the way. I know KARMA is about to catch up with her and I am going to sit back with my ice cream and watch her get burned like she did all the authors that have dealt with her.
      Now as a far as the Queen of Bullshitters, she is great at spinning a web to avoid the truth. She is a coward and pussy when it comes right down to it. The lines go, “It is not my fault, I am the victim. The authors took me for a run and caused all this.” No truth has ever been proven from that statement because authors are not getting paid the right amount of royalties. Amazing how she can talk out of both sides of her big ass mouth but it is still layers of more shit talk.
      Tabetha, who all is left in your world? Many have left yet you still have them listed as authors! Oh are we having computer issues again the reason you cannot keep up with being a *cough* business woman or are you spending their hard earned money on that club and dancers so you can say you are broke? Amazingly enough I have heard the stories of someone paying for your way but yet you can go to the clubs, what an great example you are setting for the next generation. YOU NEED TO GROW UP! Not the rest of us. I am not fishing into your personal life but you made it public so I can say my opinion, First Amendment: Freedom of Speech!
      If you do not want people so-called attacking you as you say it, then do what is right and be a grown woman. Until then my opinion along with several others will remain the same. I am going out on a limb and say you couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag even with lying and cheating! Oh I am not slandering you because you made this a public thing! Have a great day!

      • Wait… there’s ice cream?

        You bring up a good point. She doesn’t just spend her authors’s royalties as she keeps them. She also comes up with sob stories to get friends, family and her authors to pay for anything from computer repairs to her kid’s school pictures and everything else in between. I’ve heard from more than one author that they paid for her computer to be repaired, only to turn around again and see her complaining about a broken computer again so somebody else will pay for it.

        So, she’s not just a scam publisher, she’s a real con, scamming people out of money across the board in her personal life as well as her “business.”

        Any of her friends, family and authors that are reading this (and I know you are), ask yourself a few hard questions. If you’ve ever paid a bill for her,or given her money for anything at all, something for her kid or anything else, who else is paying for the same thing? Where is that money really going? Does her kid really need school pictures or gym shoes, or is your hard-earned money going to pay for her photographs or getting stuffed into some strippers jock? Her next tattoo, maybe? Maybe a few of those pretty little pills.

        Except for maybe collecting a welfare check, she doesn’t do a single thing to earn the money she spends. Making up aliases hand over fists and ripping off royalties from authors that don’t realize it doesn’t count.

        If you folks are comfortable with paying for her lifestyle, her kid and her habits, more power to ya. If you finally realize that you’re being used so that she can sit on her ass all day, party all night and chase after strippers, welcome to reality. Put a stop to it. YOU earn your money. Stop letting her spend it for you.

      • Meh. Let her computer stay “broken.” Let her hit a thrift shop, or WalMart for a pair of $8 kiddie sneakers. Let her beg the neighbors for hand-me-downs. Or, ask the kid’s size, and send a pair, but don’t send her money. She’d probably just sell the damn sneakers on eBay, anyway. A school may make every kid sit for a school picture, but there’s no law saying you have to buy them.

      • Even if you pay for the sneaks or pay the bill directly to whoever she owes it to, that’s still letting her keep that much money in her pocket.
        You’re right. Let her pay her own bills.Let her pay for her own kid’s stuff. Heaven forbid she might actually have to WORK for it.

  12. Chirp, chirp, chirp. I hear the tabbtscat camp is very quiet. Wonder what bullshit and lies they are trying to conjure up now. I am sick to death of hearing how poor she is, how broke or whatever. Bitch please, I haven’t been able to pay my cell bill in 3 months, car insurance in 1 month, electric barely was paid, mortgage in a month, my cable, Internet and home phone gone. Yet her sorry ass can spend the hard earned money than others have busted their asses on. Now I did not put that out there for sympathy, please know this. Just wanted people to know that snail trail is not who she claims. She SCAMS YOU, ABUSES YOU AND WILL LEAVE YOU BLEEDING AND DYING IN THE STREET. She has no empathy or feelings, she is a pariah, being in the tabetha Jones canp is a death sentences for your soul,

    • She does’n’t care how broke you are. If she can get that last dollar out of you, she will. She doesn’t care about your power bill or anything else. All she cares about is what she can get out of you.
      Ask her to pay YOUR bills and watch what happens.

  13. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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