Sexy and tasteful

Sabrina Samples recently had a photo shoot, and has graciously given me permission to post a few of them. Cindy White also has a few photos posted that I’m allowed to share.

Image Image

Image Image

In my humble opinion, these are what sexy and tasteful are supposed to look like. A little personality and confidence go a long way.

Well done, girls.


77 thoughts on “Sexy and tasteful

    • I have to say both of these ladies know how to take sexy yet tasteful pictures. Now that trash that was said to be a photo shoot looks like a c rated low rent porn on late pen on hbo. Maybe that’s why I had to imagine other women or watch actual porn while I had sex with tabetha.

  1. Very nice. I was looking at the eyes first, then the outfit. Cute smiles. There’s nothing sleazy or skanky about any of them. With Tabby’s pics, the first thought that ran through my head was “WTF is she wearing?” That right there, ladies, is the difference.

  2. I suppose you haven’t seen Cindy’s full pic in leather otherwise you would know her twat was hanging out. On Tabetha’s pictures she may have cleavage, yes they are VERY real, but her ass was not hanging like Sabrina and she cropped her twat off, unless she’s hiding her dick. I suppose you haven’t seen the new pictures posted. Yeah some look like she’s been thru hell and back but that was the point she was making to all of you because at the end of the shoot she looks like a beautiful dark angel.

    And correct if I am wrong how the hell would Eric know what was sexy when he’s interested in more dick than pussy no wonder Tabetha has to imagine more than what she was getting or call me when she needed a real man.

    • Lmfao that’s funny there guy I don’t really care and I find it rather funny that you would try and out me on here haha. Yes I love men Yes I love women but the one thing I dint love is an obese piece of shit named tabetha Renee jones. You can have that shit for all I care lol. These two women dint have to hide from the public eye and yet this is just tabetha trying to use yet another name on here. Oh well busted yet again this is getting really fun.

      • Dude, it doesn’t matter if a guy is gay, straight, bi, or bent over sideways. It only shows how deplorable she is to try to make you look bad by saying it. She just shows that she’s prejudiced against the LGBTQ community as well.

        She’s just jealous because you’re finally living a decent life away from her, lashing out at you and two beautiful women that have something she never will: Taste. Class. Beauty. Confidence. Sexiness. Talent.
        I guess that’s a whole bunch of things they have that she doesn’t, isn’t it? And that’s not the least of them.
        She’s just a sad, jealous attention whore that can’t stand that people are doing so well without her.

      • Yet I have screen shots that say completely different things. How laying beside me is the best thing in your world. And all the lovey dovy shit. One of your lovely friends did me the favor of sending me the screen shot. Might want to see who you can really trust. Dont believe me he said something about a cowboy hat as well…. oh and the sea otters holding hands that you tagged me in. Shall I go on or post it for the world to see?

    • Honestly, Tabetha. Who do you think you’re fooling?

      Cindy could have every bit of her anatomy hanging out and it would still be more tasteful than anything you’ve ever done, Tabetha. Your new photos were pointed out to me. You posted them just a day after I put these lovely ladies’ images on my blog. You’re such an attention whore, you couldn’t stand for two beautiful, classy, sexy ladies to have any attention. You’re so desperate for the attention, you had to revert to type and come running her to post under an alias to slam women who look awesome and try to get people to come look at yours. Your trashy disposition is matched only by your staggering level of jealousy and insecurity.
      Because you’re so pathetic, I decided to give your new photos all the attention they deserve: none.
      But since you’re so DESPERATE for the attention, I think I will comment.

      Do you remember proclaiming yourself to be an advocate for survivors of domestic violence? You should. You used several identities to try and make people believe it.
      Smearing yourself with blood and painting bruises on your face isn’t symbolic of your journey. It’s not cutting edge or daring. It’s not art. It’s a direct slap in the face to every single victim of domestic abuse you once claimed to stand for. You’re glorifying the violence real victims have suffered and survived just to get a little attention. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      At the very least, you should realize that no advocate for domestic abuse survivors would ever glorify the violence by posing for such insensitive photos as you’ve done. More than ever, you’ve exposed more about yourself than your skin. You’ve shown insecurities that go to the bone.
      I’d call you pitiful, but you don’t deserve that much credit.

      You can see a couple of Tabetha’s bloody, slutty photos HERE and HERE.
      You might not want to eat first.

      • Lmao let me show that I’m a symbol of abuse but let me lower my shirt and try to show you some tits. Fucking pathetic! Lmao big bomb haha let’s all laugh at the one that’s proud of who he is. You’re no better than your pathetic mother or you’re sorry excuse of a sister Dee. Just give up I moved on you created fake men and got busted lol.

      • Dear God, what a manky slag. The only thing worse than wearing three bras to make it look like she has bewbs is her massive buffarilla thighs bursting out of her tights. I’ve never seen a bigger cock-up in my life. If I had to shag that, I’d go poof, too.

      • I would suggest you remove the photos from your blog they are copyrighted and you did not have my permission nor the photographer’s to post them.

      • You implied permission when you posted them without any tags. And, no, there aren’t any.
        If you don’t want them to appear elsewhere, I suggest you remove them from a public website and replace them with images that are appropriately tagged. That’s how it’s done if you want to scream about violations.
        I know you’re not familiar with professionalism on any level, but try to fake it.

        Now, I’ll take those images down. Not because you said to or because of any rights you claim, because the way you posted them, you have none. I’m taking them down because they’re repulsive. If bloody and slutty are the look you were going for, congratulations, you succeeded. Put ’em on whatever book you want, if you can come up with any books you didn’t rip off from a real author, the way you did with the Underworld series. I couldn’t care less. What matters to me is that you’re a con artist, scamming authors out of money and continuing to profit from their work long after they leave you. That’s a federal offense, and it’ll catch up with you. I’m here to point out a scam publisher’s habits of lying, scamming people, fraud and theft. On that level, I’m succeeding, with the help of former victims. Before long, that work will be done and we’ll move on to MUCH happier things.

        Make no mistake. If I hear so much as a WHISPER that I took them down because you made me, I’ll put ’em right back up to prove you didn’t. Ball’s in your court. Keep your yap trap shut about it and I’ll leave ’em down. Blab about a victory over me and I’ll put ’em right back up.

      • Again links to the pic without mine or the photographer’s permission cannot be posted. And I don’t recall you asking me or Anthony for the right. And it is posted clear as day on the album they are copyrighted and not to be used anywhere without my permission.

  3. Those pics had nothing to do with abuse it was about a journey through hatred, hell, and bullshit. You only rag those but know nothing about why they were taken. Ohhh but no comment on the others I see or the beautiful ones I took with my daughter. And Tony can do whatever he likes from our home. I told you he would be meeting you sooner or later.

    • Unlike you, I’m leaving your daughter’s pictures out of it. Mother of the year, I tell ya, dragging that sweet little girl into your personal drama.

      And your other pictures? I’m giving them the attention they deserve: none. They’re just more feeble attempts to publicize yourself as something you will never be: a human being.
      It doesn’t matter how much or how little you wear, or how much ink you have hanging out. Class, taste and beauty shine from within. They are qualities you will never possess.

      More threats? I’m terrified. No. Really.

      • Lmao Tony isn’t even real haha! Show us how real you are lmao. I can’t stop laughing long enough to post this lmao haha

      • Not real? *GASP* Say it ain’t so!
        I’m so shocked. Hang on. I need a moment to recover from this revelation….

    • BTW I am not ashamed of any of the pics I have taken. And Eric you just get funnier and funnier. Who pursued who for ten years? Hmmm was that you? I find it funny that you talk a big game but I remember the truth of how you were a were. You know when you were a “Marine” that served his beloved country…blah blah blah. All you are is a sorry excuse for a man that HAS to WHORE around to get any love and affection because thats how you were taught by mommy or was your dad? DEUCES bitches and enjoy whats coming up cause there will be more to come too bad none of you assholes are invited.

      • The more Tabetha blats, the more jealous she shows herself as. The world has moved on without her and she can’t STAND it. She has to come on my blog jumping up and down, screaming “Look at me! Look at me!”

        Good for you, Eric for getting away from such a pathetic loser and finding a bright new future filled with bigger and BETTER things. 😉

      • Lmao still coming with the jokes lol. Wow you’ve been pretty fucking pathetic in this whole thing. Keep trying to kick me in the balls you will keep failing because you’re so fucking low you can’t reach. And if by some real chance that Tony is real I’d love for him to go a few rounds with me. That way I can show you be ain’t shit just like you.

  4. And here i thought this blog was dedicated all to me so i have every right to post isnt that what you all say. And Antonio is very real. In fact you talked to him a few times on the phone…I guess you forgot about that….

    • Lmao I know you’re not trying to say you’re in a relationship with draven lmao. This has gotta be a new low even for you lol. Stop using innocent individuals to cover up or to try and make yourself sleep better at night. This is the true sign of a disgruntled ex trying to lash out. I was merely having fun with you but the play time is over. I’ve taken you down and you’re doing the rest by yourself. Keep falling deeper into the rabbit hole.

      • Tony (Antonio) is Draven’s real name?
        Oh, that’s hilarious!
        Falling back on her go-to crush, is she? That just goes to show how sad and desperate she really is, to pull that old obsession out of her hat.
        Then again, it’s never far from the surface with her, is it?

      • Nope wrong once more guess you don’t know me as well as you think you do. And unfortunately that’s not his real name. How do you keep your head on straight?

  5. Awe, does Tabby feel threatened, I honestly think so. Funny you want to point out how my full pic looks yet darlin you WILL NEVER hold a candle to me. You are so jealous you make me laugh. I have to have something because I don’t have to go trying to make myself look better by comparison to anyone, I an who I am. And you want to point out the one pic, sweetheart I have so many that would put your ghetto ass to shame. I don’t need to pay anyone off to take my pics. I have a wonderful husband who thrills at taking them to show me off. Also really you can see my private parts, really??? You must be looking super hard. Even if they are showing at least mine don’t look like ground hamburger meat. You are a fool, remember toots I WAS THE ONE PICKING OUT OUTFITS FOR YOU. So eric would give you any attention. You really want to bash me, BRING IT. You are so laughable. Is that why you damn near begged to borrow my leather outfit for some of your shoots? Trust me your fat ass couldn’t even fit in my outfits when I was over weight. Darlin, I have style for days, I don’t have to try and out do you, you make it so easy just by being you. So thank you ever so much for your comments, just tells me YEAH I GOT IT LIKE THAT. I have been asked to show off my works of art, my tattoos, for clarification in inked magazine. What can you do tabetha, but try and put me down. That just proves to me how insecure you are with yourself. You really make me giggle, to think your sorry ass can affect me with your puny words and JEALOUSY. GET A LIFE TABETHA. I world say don’t quit your day job, but you don’t work. Unless you count lying, cheating and trolling FB pages a job. With parting adieu, awe you are upset bless your heart, just know one thing you can’t touch me, you will never compare.

  6. Threatened? Hang on while I laugh… I don’t ask for the attention sweetheart, it comes naturally, its a Willis thing. Wow.. upset, not by a long shot. Recognized ink tattoo magazines really funny you mention that. Hmmm I guess a have another spy to look for. See Marcus the artist that did my chest piece is going to competition with that piece. Does anyone here not copy anything I do? If anyone is jealous its the people on this blog. Now to go find my rat and make sure she/he gets sliced and diced.

  7. My god, how much more bullshit can you shovel tab. Just like you said I inspired you to write a time line book amazingly just like my book, Passages in Time. If you bit any harder on my ass you may draw blood. Your name should not be tabbycat but copy cat. Please little girl grow the fuck up, no one wants to be you. And I am putting it out there since YOU threw her into to mix in your previous rambling, NOT EVEN YOUR DAUGHTER WANTS TO BE YOU. What do I have to be jealous of? I am married to one hell of a man, been together almost 27 yrs. You go through men like underwear. I look damn good with a ponytail and no makeup, you have to cake it on to come off hunan. I can go out during the day and have men stop to talk and flirt, you have to hide in a dark hole in the wall bar or strip joint for nen to take notice and that is after you put money in their g-strings. So for the record cindy 3 tab 0. You lose boitch. Shall we keep the game going. I won’t be the loser in this. You lost before you started to type one pathetic word. GAME. POINT. MATCH.

    • I’m going to bypass all your bullshit and go straight to the end game. My DAUGHTER. Really doesn’t want to be with me. Well why don’t you ask her dad and stepmom who have already been warned about this blog. You of all people Cindy know how much she adores her mother now you want to turn the tables. You ain’t won shit. Rylee is and will always be her mother’s daughter and her father accepts that. And as for my book coming out it won’t be anything like yours repeating poetry in another collection. This has dirty secrets hater bullshit and lastly a message to anyone who wants to fuck with me my company my authors my family daughter or anyone affiliated with me I’ll fight til the death and when it’s all said and done I’ll be the one winning. No one fucks with my daughter. But I guess I was raised properly. You wouldn’t know a damn thing about that.

      And again I didn’t have to pay anything for my man. He actually prefers me without makeup and I’m completely fine with that.

      And yes Draven and I are still friends but Tony understands that. But again you ppl are like talking to a fucking brick wall. Its ok it will all come out. And btw for your fyi draven doesn’t give out his real name never has and never will. That’s how he rolls. His fiance is quite lovely though.

      But again wrong guy.

      • Tabetha, I know reality is tough for you to get a grasp on, but try to understand. You don’t have haters. You have people that tell the truth about you so that other people won’t be conned by you. There’s a difference.And watching you scramble to promote Jaimie’s books, and your Underworld ripoff series because they’re all you’ve got, seeing you create alias after alias to puff up your company, it looks like it’s working. How long before Jaimie comes to her senses, too? That clock is ticking, Tabetha. Tick-tock, tick-tock.

        No. Cindy’s book won’t be anything like yours. HERS will be well-written by a talented author. One you will no longer be able to steal from. You keep cranking out your drivel under all these different names while Cindy and all the rest of your former victims each soar to the heights of success you only dream of. Using their own names because THEY don’t have anything to hide.

        Nobody has to fuck with your company, hon. You’re the one tearing it down by being completely and utterly unable to put together a proper one. You think you’re so clever with the names you use and the dodgy ways you try to avoid the IRS, but the only one you’re fooling is yourself. They’re looking at you. And they will take issue with you when they’ve caught up with all the reports about you. More all the time as you lose authors that are sick of seeing you earn unreported illegal income from their work. But don’t worry. They might not be swift, but they will be thorough. When they’re done, the feds will want to have a word with you about piracy. You’ve already been contacted about being under investigation for publishing other people’s work. It’ll get even better when they’re finished putting together a comprehensive case against you for piracy. And you will have nobody to thank but yourself for your demise. I only hope it’s an open court. I’d love to sit in the gallery and watch. Hell, I’d PAY to sit in the gallery and watch.

        And who will be raising your sweet little girl then? Who are you thinking of when you rip these people off? Because it sure isn’t her and who she’ll end up with when mommy puts on an orange jump suit and goes away for awhile. Poor kid will probably miss you, but it’ll be for the best. Unless she ends up with someone just like you, she might have a chance to live a normal, non-psychotic, happy life.

        As for Draven, do you think you’re the only person on the planet that knows him? Since the hint drop about his real name last night, it’s been confirmed by others. That’s his name. Yet again, you’re busted making a fool of yourself over him.

        I would tell you to stop embarrassing yourself, but it’s just too fun to watch.

      • Ok since your ex is aware of this blog you won’t mind me filling him in on some details. Like how you and your daughter’s pediatrician are trying to strip him of his parental rights. And the fact that you was going to send your daughter to Jackie’s for the summer. A woman you have NEVER MET OR EVEN Breen TO HER HOME. Great parenting there tabby. Talk about poor upbringing. You say you were brought up better than I, really at least I learned from the mistakes my mother and stepfather made. You just keep piling it on. You should be ashamed of how your parenting skills pale by comparison. Hell a mongrel dog has more compassion.
        Now about my third book, gee it is a timeline book, meaning that of course it will have works from the other two you ignoramus. But you don’t comprehend that. That takes brains and quick wit. Something you know nothing about. Keep spewing shit ms thang it only makes you look more the fool. Hell you are the joke of the writing community. So in closing Ms Jones thank you for your insecurities makes me laugh and know how threatened you feel. RUN ALONG LITTLE GIRL. ITS ADULT TIME

  8. For the record…I AM NOT JEALOUS OF TABETHA JONES!!!!!!

    My relationship is no one business but we are happy together. End of story!

      • Fun and games aside you need help. Continue with the drug slander and see what happens. Keep racking up the evidence. You can say a lot of things about me but that’s going too far.

      • Hon, go pop another pill and chill out.

        You’re the one racking up evidence. But keep right on missing it, right up until it bites you in the ass. Maybe then, you’ll remember what you’ve spent all this time forgetting. That’s what’s going to bite you on the ass.

  9. Just for giggles, do you remember the other day when Tabetha’s sister Dee dropped by to go all “Big Sister” on our asses? Have a look at this.

    Yep. Looks like she’s back to using her family’s names again. This time with Dee, just like she did when she used mom Cindy Carlo’s name to first screw authors, then as a scapegoat to throw under the bus. Cindy didn’t know about that at the time. I wonder if Dee does this time?
    Same old Tabetha, different day.

    • Dee is actually staying with us to help take care of my mom. So of course it’s the same IP ADDRESS dumb ass. Would you like pictures of her room and our house. Why don’t you contact her on Facebook? Dee Jones Osborne.

      Really confirmed its his name. Hmm doesn’t sound like you did your job well. Anyhow doesn’t matter. I have a great guy and a wonderful life. And Rylees dad know all about what was planned. Because I told him. Her doctor told him.

      So again while connecting the dots you missed a few.

      And if anyone needs medication it’s you Lepp.

      • Sure. Just like all those “friends” dropped by to show their support on Emily’s blog, and how all those “strippers” showed up to back you up on mine. Including your beloved Shadowman, Draven.

        You’re not honestly trying to say that Antonio (Tony) isn’t his real name, are you?

      • So I guess your mom (you brought her up) is still suffering from “heart ache?” I’m sure she is, having a daughter that behaves the way you do.

  10. Sure you did Tabetha, I am so sure James knows it all. Excuse me while I hold my sides in as I laugh at your pathetic ramblings. What self respecting father would sit idly by and allow the likes of you to take away HIS child? You really believe your own hype. My god you truly are delusional. Do you really think that all of us here on this blog are as dumb as you? Did you not think that statement through? You are a fool of the first order! Seriously, no REAL MAN is going to allow you to do that and NOT fight back. You throw everyone under the bus. Now you claim the doctor told him what was planned and he just nodded and said okay, whatever queen Tabetha wants she can have. I highly DOUBT that. Your deception knows no bound. Your lips are poison, your words are venom. You are so full of self worth, but again give yourself WAY WAY too much credit. If every person you wronged stepped forward at the same time with a shovel to bury you with your lies, it would take minutes to dig the hole and put your sorry ass in and fill it. God knows you have had enough bullshit spill from your lips and fingers to provide the entire state of Texas enough manure to fertilizer crops for the next century. Yet, you still think you are superior. It really must be great being you. I say that sarcastically in case you didn’t get the general idea. Your ego is as inflated as your body mass. I can’t help but to laugh at you, you’re quite entertaining. How many have you claimed have abused you, I would wager less than you have abused. Just reading how shallow you are is enough to tell anyone with any amount of common sense that you are a trifling piece of trash.

    You say you look after your authors, let me remind you of my last book release party. Where to begin on that? Let’s try this the day BEFORE the release was when we got together to solidify details. You left most of the legwork to me. Which my dear is in your own so-called contact YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. STRIKE 1. Then you claim it is luna’s fault the paperback wasn’t done properly. Strike 2. Do I need to go on? Oh heck with it why the hell not. You say YOU PAY for the youtube uploads, hmmm funny another author, no names mentioned out of respect, has been on youtube doing just what you CLAIM to have to pay for, what. DO I HEAR FREE. STRIKE 3 BIOTCH. AND FOR THE GRAND SLAM OF THE GAME. Let’s talk createspace. You CHARGE for a service that anyone with any type of computer savvy can do for FREE. what exactly do you do for the authors, but put their earnings in your ever so deep pockets.

    Tabetha I have EVERY CONVERSATION you and I have shared. I would love for your ex to contact me. So I could show him how you are manipulating him and everyone around you. You were so petty, and jealous of Eric and I talking you actually blocked me from his FB, you didn’t think we were smart enough to put 2 plus 2 together. Alas a child playing in the adult arena again. One day you may grow up, I highly doubt it though. But miracles have been known to happen. I hope when the IRS AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT catch up to you, your fictitious friends, colleagues, models and dancers keep you in commersary money, and give you solace as you are being RAPED AS YOU RAPED YOUR AUTHORS.

    in closing, BITE ME!!!

    • She charges for loading videos on tyoutube too?
      That’s on top of not paying for the rights to use the songs she rips off, either. And, yes. She’s been reported for that, too.
      She’s just really racking up the charges, isn’t she?

    • Actually my ex husband and I, including his wife had a long conversation and yes they both know what’s going on and think it’s quite funny. And please show me where I have charged any of my traditional authors for uploading their trailers.

      And yes rylees father knows the consequences of what will happen if he screws up again because everything I said to you I said to him. But we have an understanding. If he wants to be a father then he puts her first.

      I do believe I made an announcement that createspace no longer charges for expanded distribution. And you have the option of the ten buck isbn.

      And you really think I blocked you from Eric. Now that’s a good one. You people really put out some great fiction on here.

      Why not use all that creative energy and write a book. Isn’t that what Lepp, Jacqueline,Sabrina, and few others are planning to do and kill me off?

      I don’t need to stalk pages to any of you I have real supporters and fans that come back and tell me everything including all your childish posts for TRJ.

      Now as I was taught what’s good for the goose is good for the gander but I don’t have to stoop that low.

      And to the rest of you. Do I stay up and cry? No because your meaningless words mean nothing. Even your false attempts to bring in an innocent man that wasn’t involved in this. Just as you brought in my photos which are copyrighted and unless you have the photographer’s permission to post is not really a smart thing. Just as you brought up Christian.

      None of them ever said a word to you or about you. And I’m sure when the new Renee Draven makes her appearances on my new book covers you will have something to say about that. These ppl are all my friends and I do happen to have proof that Christian is the one that set up the photo shoot. Anyone that would like a copy be happy to provide.

      I have all my proof in black and white. All you have are angry words and bullshit. But at least you give me a good laugh.

      • Tabetha, leave my name out of your little rants. And for the record, NO you are not getting the privilege of being in one of my books. I dont need to kill you off in a book. I dont need to do anything. I have moved on from the drama and the bullshit that has gone along with you and your company. Please, do not think you are that special to me. I am focusing my time and energy on my new publishing company and my relationship. My writing and my authors are more important than spending a second writing about you.

      • Se’s just trying to drag you back down into her drama, obviously so jealous of you that she can’t see straight. You shine, girl, while she slithers in the shadows.

      • As much time as you spend on my blog, and you’re calling anybody else a stalker? You expect anybody to believe that you’re not on here yourself, trolling every word we type? Now that’s funny. Sure, you stay up. All hours of the night, hitting refresh to see what we’ve written. You thrive on the attention. You couldn’t STAND it when I posted about somebody else. You had to come crying to get the focus back on you.

        YOU posted those photos on a public website, you idiot. Without any copyright claim or photographer’s tag. You’re obviously as clueless about posting photos on the web as you are about publishing.

        You’re the one that’s dragging these innocent men into your schemes, you lunatic. Just like your family and your daughter, you use them in your delusional head-games and then complain if anybody else mentions them. YOU are responsible for their involvement. But you can’t take the responsibility for that, just like you can’t take responsibility for anything in your life.

        Everybody here has proof of every word they say about you. Just like I have one screencap after the next where you contradict yourself and prove that you’re lying and delusional. But you can’t grasp that concept in reality. You just deny, deny, deny and expect people to believe you just because you say so.

        You’re a sad, pitiful person, and I thank god on a daily basis that I am not you.

  11. Oh, dear tabetha, the hits keep coming. You claimed that you paid out of pocket for the youtube uploads. I CALL BULLSHIT. There is NO expense for that. Good thing I am a good person or I would tell you which one of your authors has been playing around on youtube and proving YET AGAIN, how much full of bullshit you are. Funny you say you don’t have to stalk my page, you are half right there since there is no shame in my game. I MAKE THAT SHIT PUBLIC. I want everyone I know to know EXACTLY how I feel about you. Your so-called loyal followers, as I scoff, is just me letting you see what is there. Don’t flatter yourself sweetheart. I warned you many times you mess with the bull you get the horns, in this case, you mess with the RAM you get the horns. You can spin it anyway your feeble mind wants to. In the end you will always be a lesser entity. You are warped and twisted and not in a good I like your style kind of way. As far as good for the goose, BRING IT TOOTS, do your worst if you dare. You probably don’t stay up and cry, to cry means you have a heart. You probably stay up and chase your green fairy, hoping she will release you from the hell of a life you have made for yourself. I can’t believe that for the longest time I actually thought you might be someone I could have faith in, trust and maybe actually be friends with. You opened my eyes when you told me that you are writing a timeline book similar to what I was doing, but you were adding pics. Something I had asked about in my FIRST book and you said couldn’t be done. Yet here you go, BITTING off your authors. And you say people copy you, PLEASE. You are scraping the bottom of the barrel, praying that you don’t get found out that you are a wannabe, a wish you were. No I haven’t sold as many books as you, that doesn’t bother me. In time I will put you to shame. Why, you ask? Because unlike you I believe in ME, not fictitious friends and fairytales. I don’t have to lie to build my fan base, and I SURE AS HELL DON’T HAVE TO STUFF MONEY DOWN A G-STRING TO GET RESPECT!!! That is if you know the meaning of that word. No, wait I don’t think you do. The more you ramble on the dumber you sound, ever other thing you say is a contradiction of before. When will you wake up out of your alcohol and pill induced stupor and realize that you are FINISHED. You only make yourself look more pathetic every time you type. Keep dreaming my dear, if that is what it takes to get you through the night. I myself KNOW BETTER, you are a waste of space, a void in humanity. Nothing you say has any merit. You are A FOOL, A LAUGHING STOCK. I really must commend you for the entertainment, since I was bored. But alas I sm tired of you, you should be used to hearing that by now, being a biker bitch and all.

    • Actually the photographer and the studio are both tagged in those photos. Oh and lyrics at the bottom were just for you Lepp or did you not see the message on the album. Guess not. And I paid someone to format the trailers not upload there is a difference because I have an entire company to run.

      Yes my father was a biker. Larry Willis was an amazing man not just a biker. And yes I was introduced to that lifestyle but I was also raised by Charles Jones who showed me another side of the world. I was lucky having two amazing men as dad’s and a mother that did everything possible to get the little girl she always wanted.

      And my daughter will get the same in return. I don’t believe in regrets because the mistakes we make mold us into who we are.

      I don’t stalk this blog but more like look at it for a good laugh. And seeing everything is about me I do think I have a right to say my piece everyone else does.

      So suck it up I’m not going anywhere and I guess you all best get used to it.

      • Are you blind or just stupid? There’s no photographers tag on those pictures. Fucking idiot.

  12. I am very picky when it comes to photos – probably because I used to help photographers and do photography myself – I find and this is my opinion that an adventure of abuse and survival would be a deep black background with something that signifies hope. The picture of the person in the photo would have shading yes but would be brighter than the picture itself as to give a meaning that they fought and they are fighting and they are surviving – one of your pictures Tabetha tried to do that and failed. You are trying to bring hope to a picture that is too dark for hope – if you want to pull off that surviving look here’s some ideas. The way you had your body was good – I must say but it was too dark – what the picture says by looks is that you are trying but you are not getting far. These are just ideas you can use to better a picture that does not have the meaning you want.

    Also, I find your language very vulgar – I think professionalism is in hand for a company – even towards its enemies – is it not? I find the first three pictures in this status are good – they show many different points – of beauty, of hope, a little daring but the perfect mix to pull that look of – congrats to Sabrina – whoever did the editing and photo got everything from shading to meanings great. I would advise one of the photos does have a bit of a glare like from the camera itself but its a small thing you barely notice. I love the shadowing in the first and the proportions of light and darkness you use really brings out a quite daring model shot that did quite work.. Anyway, I am off again and good work girls 🙂

    • Again those pictures had nothing to do with abuse or hope. It was playing a part for a book. Vulgar language well fuck I don’t care. I say what is on my mind and if it comes out vulgar too bad. I am ME and if no one likes it turn your head, hate someone else, and do me a favor find someone else to play with cause I am no one’s fucking toy.

      • So tell us what movie or who you’re ripping off this time since you have no original thought.

      • She’s ripping off a band called whore using their lyrics because she’s too thick to come up with her own. Funny for somebody that says she isn’t a whore she sure acts like one.

  13. It clearly states on the album with the photographers name, studio, and that they are copyrighted and no one has permission to post them without my say or the photoatgraphers. Its not on the pic itself but the album. The lyrics I posted where the inspiration for the pics and if you listen to the song its not about being a WHORE.

    And please tell me how I act like a whore when I have been married most of my life, don’t slep around, never have. I’d like to see the proof on all this including how I am an unfit mother and such a drug addict.

    Tick tock… guess what you have nothing because all it is, are a bunch of hateful lies. But continue with your nasty lies and bull.

    And as for ripping off books, sorry I have more sense than that. I have all my originals notes from my series and it is nothing like Underworld if you have read it.

    • Self contradiction go to the previous comment made by TL I mean you where you said you had to call another man to get off lol. Care to keep tripping yourself up

      • Tony likes to ruffle feathers. I see yours are ruffled. See he’s the kind of man that opens doors, holds bags, and is a true gentleman.

        You think your the only who has the ability to fuck with someone’s head. He’s good at it too. Among other things. Never thought any true gentleman existed any longer but he blows me away.

        He knows all we have no secrets and there is no judgement. He doesn’t lie about who he’s been unlike you. And he knows the girl I was and the woman I am today.

        He and I remained friends the entire time you and I were together he actually wished us the best. Now he is thankful you let me go.

      • Tabetha, even funnier than your make believe romance is the fact that you think you’re fucking with anybody’s head. You chase behind us, spewing vulgarities and lies, thinking you’re clever and cute. But we all know what you are: a sad, lonely little girl that knows she’ll never be good enough. So go ahead and keep dancing in the dark with your dream lovers. That’s all you’ll ever have, and all you’ll ever be.

      • And here we go with this imaginary thing again. Show proof or he doesn’t exist. And wet already know what your going to say blah blah blah I’m a slut blah. It must be a sad life in Waco if you have to create a man to be with lol. And no I’m in no way shaken by you or the multiple personalities that you have. Like I said the only reason you have Rylee is because I allow it. You’ve been tripped up so many times on here that cps wouldn’t hesitate taking her from you and putting get in Foster care. Actually I will be the when it happens with a camera and ill post the pics here for everyone to see. Don’t play with fire kid yoy will get fucked up

    • Honey if it dresses like a whore, talks like a whore, walks like a whore and acts like a whore, we’re sure as shit not talking about a Sunday school teacher.

      • First and foremost I’d love to see you try to get rylee taken away from me. I have her because I’m a damn good mom not because you’re an almighty God that allows me to have her. You have no control over my life. I am in control.

        And I am so sorry you find it so hard to believe that I am in a happy stable relationship with a gentle caring man. Everyone deserves happiness, even me.

        Again prove I am unfit, and you will lose. So go ahead and make yourself look like a complete ads.

        And Lepp I guess you don’t get the whole playing a persona for a book. I’m certainly not a whore. I was raised better than that. Just because you can’t handle that I have confidence and you have to call me names. Do whatever makes you feel better about you.

        Because I’m damn happy with who I am.

      • I guess you don’t get the whole point of how mentally ill you are. You LIVE that persona. It’s not something that you separate from your life. When your kid gets a little older and sees those photos, she’s not going to see some “persona.” She’s going to see her mommy dressing and acting like a whore. And if she’s got an OUNCE of decency left in her by that point, she’ll be horrified. If, instead, you’ve taught her by then that that sort of behavior is okay, THAT’S horrifying.
        You don’t keep a divider in your life between Zoey Sweete and your own (what passes for) real life. You live it. You interject that “personal” into your work, into your business, into your whole world. That’s not a “persona,” that’s YOU.
        The fact that you’re happy with who you are only testifies to how mentally ill you truly are.

    • I’m pretty sure Mystic/Phoenix authors are pretty tired of earning 12 bucks a year from their work while you spend their royalties on new ink, 500 dollar photo shoots and strippers. Just saying.

      • Unfortunately you are wrong again. I don’t pay 500 bucks for photo shoots and I have the proof on that. I don’t go to La Bare anymore a b/b/ d haven’t for a very long time. The dancers I still talk to I have friendships with them outside the club. Besides the dancers I am friends with no longer work there. They all moved on but we all still keep in touch.

        One of these days you are going to give long list of apologies for everything you are wrong about. Because the list is getting longer and longer.

  14. Tabbyscat the only one who is going to be apologizing is you. Plain and simple. You can’t form a coherent sentence without stealing lines from others, or asking them what or how you should word it. I Distinctly remember the line “shit pouring from your mouth” as something I SAID TO YOU. Now laughably you are using it as your gospel of wording. All I can do is laugh,. You are pathetic. CHOMP HARDER BIOTCH

    • That is the problem she cannot come up with her own stuff hence she needs her fake business and ideas from others to thrive. She loves riding other’s coat skirts and stealing money so much easier than thinking up your own stories or coming up with fake names to your imaginary word. If I was to come up with a pen name it would not be like some that is already in the company…Example Tryxie Lynn is suppose to be real and now Jaimie is floating around in the Raven Lynn… come on Raven is okay I guess a bird to go with Phoenix but hmm Lynn why all the names have to have Lynn… I know pun on strippers I am sure but I would want to be different like maybe like Brandi Lipps?

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