Real life

I just found out that a member of my family has died. Any plans for this blog for today will have to wait. Thank you for understanding.


Conned lately?

Penned Con 2014

A convention for writers with panels about everything from character development to bad boys, sex, fangs and fur? Interesting.

September, eh? This might be worth looking into.

One week.

If there’s anything you fine folks want to save from my blog, you’ve got a week to save it. Take any grabs you want, copy whole pages, do whatever you like.

In one week, all of these posts about Tabetha are going to be removed.

I’ll tell you why at the time. And no, it’s not because of any legal action she’s taking. If she tells you that, it’s a bold-faced lie. Like I said, I’ll tell you in a week.

Until then…

Report Reminder

If you’ve been the victim of any crime perpetrated by Tabetha Jones and her bogus company, this is a reminder to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General. Additional reports will strengthen reports against her they’re already investigating. You can file an online report or download the forms to fill out and mail in.
Report her to the FBI for piracy at the same time, HERE. Don’t let her slide for crimes she’s still committing to this day.

What can you file a complaint about? Piracy. That means you can report her for theft if she’s still selling your work even though you’re no longer associated with her or her company.

An example of that would be The Devil’s Pet Kitten, by Beth Wright, which is for sale on as of today, with Tabetha Jones displayed prominently in the listing and PF as the publisher, even though Beth parted ways with Tabetha a very long tie ago.

Or Through My Eyes by Cindy Franks White from 2013, also for sale on Amazon right now, with Phoenix Fire listed as the publisher.

Check those anthologies, too. Many (if not all) of the anthologies are listed for sale again, with publication dates from 2013 or earlier. The difference is that she’s removed all names except hers and/or alts. So if you contributed to an anthology through PF and are no longer associated with them, check those anthologies to make sure she’s not still putting your money in her pocket. Mostly, REPORT HER. The link to the Texas Attorney General, and to the FBI for piracy. You can call, report online, or write. Here’s how.

Don’t let other authors fall into her trap. Stop her.

The Plans…

Wink and nod to Ramsey:

From the Lake Fossil Press page on Facebook:

“Mary, like S.G. Cardin and Vicky were all introduced in Tabloid Purposes One. Of the three within this original roster — Mary will be billed as Mary Rose to keep the original integrity with this one. The Decade Treatment is going to have commentary on stories where the writers got published in bigger places as I reunited with members of the first book. Nickolaus Pacione here and I got the original RTF document to work with so that means thsi thing is going to get all the treatments that Tabloid Purposes IV got when I rebooted that. Mary was part of One, then re-joined on 3 and came with Cardin and Gary Starta on Tabloid: Book Five. Tabloid Purposes sequel for CreateSpace will have IV darkness with One’s original power. I guess Tabetha Jones couldn’t keep up with such a veteran roster — as all of us on Tabloid Purposes One are now veterans.”

Does this mean Ms Jones and Mr Pacione have parted company?

How will this affect the “plans” for her ‘company’ she’s been cooking up?
When you see what she’s been up to, you guys won’t know whether to laugh your ass off, roll your eyes, or throw up in the grass. Maybe all three.

Wait for it.

Midnight madness

Funny how Tabetha waits until the middle of the night to pull her shenanigans, when I’m not around to be the calm voice of reason.

Seems there was quite a tiff on my blog here late last night. Or early this morning, depending on how you want to look at it. First, she took a quick snipe at me about the links to those horrible pictures of hers, maybe to see if I was around. When I wasn’t, she lit in on Eric, who, I’m sorry to say, rose to the occasion. He held his own, though. So props to him for that.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of what was said because, really, it was just the two of them bickering over semantics, with Tabetha trying to be clever, and delighting in the fact that she got him to argue with her. Of interesting note is that Jacqueline chimed in to support Tabetha. After weeks, maybe months of telling everybody what a crook Tabetha is, and telling some tales out of school that Tabetha would probably rather she didn’t, buddying up to other former authors and trying her level best to wiggle her way into my confidence, she piped up in support of Tabetha.
Am I surprised? Not entirely. Tabetha’s been trying to get a mole inside my defenses for quite some time. I’m not quite stupid enough to trust somebody just because they turn on a dime and say “Oh, you’re right. Tabetha’s a thief. I hate her.” Sorry, but this old gal wasn’t born yesterday.
But here’s the real secret: I don’t have anything to hide. Except my phone number. Still didn’t get that, did ya Tabs? Why do you want it so badly, anyway? We can say whatever we want to right here. Judging by the number of times you drop by in a day, you certainly don’t have any problem finding the place.

No. The fact is that I say the same thing in private conversations as I do in public ones, because I’M NOT THE LIAR. So, sorry. She didn’t get any hot little tidbits that she can use against me. Just the truth. That doesn’t change no matter what sneaky little tricks she tries to play. And the truth is that she’s a scam, a fraud, and I can hardly wait for the day when it all catches up to her. And it will.

So Tabetha danced around the fire like a victorious little injun, thinking she put one over on us, and in a couple of cases, she did. Yet again, Tabetha used somebody else to do her dirty work, not caring who got caught in the crossfire, or who got hurt. That’s fine. She can celebrate, thinking she put one over on us. All it does is show how petty and small she really is. And by small, I mean insignificant.

I do have to say I’m severely disappointed in Jacqueline. She seemed like such a reasonable, likable person when we talked. But by doing Tabetha’s dirty work, she’s burning a few bridges that will never be mended. I hope she’s happy, betraying good people for the likes of Tabetha Jones. Because there’s no going back, and all she’s left with is a liar and a thief that used her to hurt people. I hope it was worth it.

I’m also disappointed to find out that she’s another mother that’s willing to expose herself and her child to a ranting psychopath with delusions of grandeur and a history of illiteracy, not to mention one of the worst reputations in publishing history. And the new guy they just signed on.

Eric, I was sorry to see you bantering back and forth with Tabetha, because in doing so, you gave her exactly what she wanted: your attention. And, by taking up so much space on my blog, mine. Poor insecure thing just can’t get through her day without it. How will she survive when they lock her up? My advice: If you really do have information that CPS should be aware of, don’t bicker with Tabetha about it. Just pick up the phone.

Tabetha can keep jumping around screeching “I’ll get you my pretty!” As if it’ll take the spotlight off of her own illegal crap. I’m sure Big Bertha will be amused by her lunatic ramblings in the deep dark nights in prison. Space isn’t the only place nobody hears you scream. And the nights in prison are long.
She’ll find out.