Tabetha insists that Draven “Doesn’t give out his real name never has and never will. That’s how he rolls.”
Draven’s Google plus.

Draven’s Youtube channel.

Shared publicly. By him.

Tell us again how he doesn’t give out his real name. Never does. Never will.

She’s right about one thing, though. His real-life fiance is lovely.


102 thoughts on “SMH

  1. Wrong last name sweet cheeks. And there are a lot of Antonio’s and tonys unfortunately draven ain’t the one. But you think you’re sooo smart. My Tony is Italian. So anyhow as me and my Tony laugh at your false attempt to make me look bad keep trying. I was being a friend and you dragged draven into this not me. He’s not even on my radar. And my Tony is actually on my friends list but of course he models and dances under a different name. He has a part to play. Some women can handle it some can’t. I understand its his job. But again keep trying. I was trying to protect a friend from a bat shit crazy blog bitch. But I can tell you dravens last name isn’t that. See dancers have to protect themselves from ppl like you and unless you are in their inner circle then you just don’t get the keys to the castle. You’ll find that out when the memoir releases.

    • Poor sad Tabetha everytime Leppy proves your a liar you back up and try to spin it in another direction. First he doesn’t post his name then when Leppy proves that he does it’s a different story. You think your fucking with our heads but all your authors and Leppy have been one step ahead of you the whole time and your the only one that doesn’t know it. Give up loser and get a real job or since you can’t do anything but spread your legs go back to the street corner if anybody will pay for your fat ass anymore. Or sell some more pills if you don’t drop them all down your fat gob.

      • Is that supposed to hurt me? No sweets it doesn’t because I dont haveuy dont b to spread my legs or sell myself. And I certainly dont buy or sell pills. I have a daughter and would never put her in that situation. So before you throw out accusations be sure you have your shit straight.

    • There is proof sweet cheeks on my Facebook in my photos but unless your a friend can’t see them. And didn’t you teach me to keep a relationship private. For the most part we do but we are proud to found love in each other. Will it be happily ever after? No because I don’t believe in that shit anymore. All you have is the right now and the right here. I don’t involve my daughter which was a huge mistake with you.

      I could be dating fucking batman but it’s simple it’s my life. You think you’re better than me, fine I don’t really give a fuck. I always warned you I wasn’t the sweetheart you said I was. It was just me playing hard. Tony remembers the girl I was when I was 25 and knows better.

      Does he get a sweetheart? Yes because he’s a gentleman and treats me good. We have our own lives and value the time we spend together. Do I need him in my life? No. And he gets that. There is a difference between want and need. I’m content with it being just me and rylee. I don’t need him I want him in my life. Will he ever be part of rylees life not sure. She has a damn good daddy and her step mom is wonderful. My love life is separate from being a mother to her. And Tony knows if I am forced to choose it’s her.

      So you want proof you would have it but you’re the pussy that blocked me. But seeing Tony has a modeling job your way soon maybe you and him can get a beer. I’ll be sure to pass on your number.

      • Batman is just as realistic. Not the right Antonio (Tony)? Lord, but you are delusional.

        I don’t have you blocked and I don’t see anything.

        You’re so quick to post bloody, slutty pictures of yourself for the public to see, so why not show this man you’re so proud of dating? If he’s a model, he’s already a public figure. I’m sure he won’t mind.

        Put up or shut up, liar.

      • No I have you blocked because you just can’t seem to leave me the fuck alone. I had to change my number because you kept trying to call here and the. You’re a fucking stalker. I kicked you out of my life for a reason note just stay out of it. You’re just mad that I beat yoy in every possible way. You have Jack shit on me and that pisses you off. As for your farfetched relationship there is no proof. You’re a liar a thief and above all a con. You started a war and you lost just deal with it. The more you talk and boast about shit that isn’t true the more evidence is on here to take rights away from yoy and give them to James. The more you talk the more people see how fucking delusional you are. Everybody including me has Proof of your instability. Keep playing this game if you want but it will end with you being all alone. Wait you already are!

  2. Really you think you won. That is the funniest shit I’ve ever heard. Now that your out of my life James and I have a lovely working relationship with raising rylee. James knows everything as well as her step mom.

    And Lepp you can see what I post publicly not what I share with my friends. Yes he is a public figure but our relationship is not his modeling and dancing career. Our relationship is private.

    Those pictures of my shoot are public to promote the photographer. Slutty and bloody wow that’s what I was going for let me send you the prize in the mail. It’s called playing a part a persona for my upcoming book. Guess you wouldn’t know nothing about all that.

    An advocate for authors yet all you do is destroy their lives. Well if you hate me know your really going to love the next cover I’ll be on. You seem to hate him too.

    We like it here on the dark side we have all sorts of fun. But I am not a whore, I am not a slut, I am not a con, I am not a thief, I am however the sweetest bitch you will ever meet.

    I do hope you are a God fearing woman, I hope you all are, because when I see you all in Hell I’ll be the one sitting on the throne. Hope you like being on your knees. Lmfao

      • Really on my knees, ha. Funny. Keep talking all the trash you want. Including how you never wnted me or loved me. Because a very good friend of mine that you are friends with has screen shots of all your lovey dovey shit you posted for me. How beautiful I am and how sweet and how laying next to me was the best part of your life. Shall I send them to lepp so she can post them?

    • Your the one that ruins authors lives you lying theif, you lie to their faces and steal money from them. You call yourself a sweet bitch but your really a mentally sick drug addict that hurts people and acts like its all fun and games, well keep right on thinking that I hope they arrest you soon.

      • I am a sweet bitch thats about the only thing you got right. And if I was such a mentally sick drug addict then how on earth would I take care of my daughter. Again bitch you got me twisted. You are the ones ruining lives.

  3. Wow, remembers the “GIRL” of 25, and he respects that. I feel sorry for him, you are just a sad empty shell, begging for anyone to fill the daddy void you have in your life. What do you know about a gentleman, when you ARE A FAR CRY from a lady. You are very good at spinning fiction. Sadly your writing doesn’t reflect the craziness in your mind. They do have padded cells for the likes of you, just please don’t eat the rubber walls, would hate to see you have to take more authors money to pay for your fuck ups.

  4. I’m still waiting for her to explain to me again how he “doesn’t give out his real name never has never will.” But there it is on the internet. Posted by him.
    That’s not Draven’s last name? Those aren’t his accounts? Really?

    • Never said those weren’t his accounts but I said it wasn’t his last name. And things may have changed but his one rule was always about his name. It is with all dancers.

      I know a lot about gentleman and maybe if I was treated a bit nicer you and everyone else would get to see the lady I am. But I was taught treat others the way they treat you.

      I have no daddy issues thank you very much. I have no void to fill. My beautiful daughter gives me the strength and love everyday. Allows me to see the world through a different set of eyes.

      Padded cell you say. Sounds like tons of fun I’ll be sure to bring my crayons lmao. Do you ppl not get it yet? I love fucking with your head. And you all fall for it every time.

      I don’t trade sex or drugs for favors sorry my life is a bit more boring than that. And everyone that has ever read my work or known me knows I have always been honest about my past and been clean since April 3rd of 2006. My family my friends everyone. It’s all written in my book tattooed on my skin. And once I finish my degree I plan on helping others with their addictions.

      Those that are in my inner circle know I am up front and honest about my entire life. I have no secrets. And as far as when my daughter gets older she will know the truth. Not to brag but to show her it’s not the way.

      No I’m not the girl I was when I was at 25 but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am ME. And at this point in my life if you don’t fucking like it then take your ass on I wasn’t put on the earth to please any of you.

      • But yet here yoy are trying to make us like you with your crazy ass tales of a nonexistent man and lots of bullshit about how you’re doing so well. Bend over and shove your ass. You were great at that anyway. Then you can quit thinking everything we say is about you and take your delusional ass to get some help. After that make sure you sign your rights over to James because you have no business even trying to raise a child. Any other questions comments or concerns? If so write it down fold it up nice and neat and shove it up your ass.

      • You don’t trade sex for favors because your not good enough to get any favors for it and you don’t trade drugs you sell them, if you have any left that you don’t swallow. You know your still taking pills but you tell people your clean just like you tell them you use to get beat so that they’ll think your this amazing survivor, but all you are is a liar. Those in your inner circle are the ones your lying to the most if they believe your not still using or lying to them. No you weren’t put on this earth to please anybody and that’s a good thing because you don’t please anybody, you lie to them and steal from them. Go pop another pill and say more mean shite on the internet that’s all your good at.

      • You don’t have daddy issues you have mommy issues. You want Leppy to be your mommy the way you come on here blog begging for her attention.

      • No thank you. I’m very happy with the daughter I have. She’s sweet, kind and considerate, a beautiful girl. I’ll stick with being proud of my own flesh and blood, thanks.

      • I don’t trade sex or drugs for favors …”

        Translation: “I buy sex and drugs with the royalties I kept from my authors, and whatever money I can con them out of with my sob stories about not being able to pay my bills.”

        The first word that pops into my mind to describe Tabby is crackahoa.

      • Those that are in your inner circle only know what you tell them. That doesn’t make you honest.
        The ironic thing is that if you were a fraction as creative with your writing as you are about the fiction you fabricate in what passes for your real life, you might actually get somewhere. But that would take talent and originality, and we all know you don’t have either.

  5. What does Lepp like to say keep on talking its called evidence? Keep on accusing me of drugs and bullshit because that is slander on a huge level. James and I have a great relationship on raising our daughter. He did his part on changing and hs proven himself. He would never take my daughter away unless there was a damn good reason. And there is NO reason. You want to talk about me walking away in cuffs, not happening. But after two years of this shit you have pushed me too far and now I am done. Hope everyone here is ready for a rude awakening. You dont accuse me of bullshit like that.

    And Eric if I remember correctly you preferred things shoved up your ass. If you want to put shit out there. Again keep talking I have eyes and ears everywhere.

    • Tabetha little girl you don’t have shit never have never will and if you’re talking about Bo that’s fucking hilarious that little boy couldn’t hold a candle. You’re just mad that this is the only way you have to communicate with me haha. And as for the gay jokes I took that away from you so it doesn’t work, like it ever would lmao. So as someone already said pop another anxiety need and come up with some better shit to say other than false that’s of fake knowledge. And if I remember right, sorry people but she wanted to go this way, you were the one licking my ass so let’s keep playing if you dare because your feelings are about to get hurt kiddo.

      • I have something called a backbone and your words don’t mean shit. Funny you should mention Bo he’s doing great going to celebrate with us seeing as I have something to celebrate. You can’t hurt me anymore. I would have to allow you to do that. And we both know Bo could fuck your world up quicker than shit all you can do is run and hide. Like you were so hell bent on kicking James ass. The only thing I find insulting is you know how much rylee means to me and what I would do for her. You called her your daughter for almost two years yet you follow the crowd here. Shows what kind of daddy you would really be. But I suppose you weren’t taught any better with the parents you have. You were always jealous of my upbringing and childhood. If anyone has mommy and daddy issues it would be you. Seek help Eric. Oh wait it must be all that post traumatic stress you’re experiencing seeing how you fought so bravely for this country. Impersonating a military officer is a crime you know. But who was there to wipe your tears and make the fake nightmares go away. You had to pretend to be this hot shot marine sniper because in reality you were nothing. Still are. You will always have to pretend to be someone else because the real you isn’t worth shit.

      • Pretending to be somebody you’re not because the real you isn’t worth shit? If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black.

        Difference between him and you is that he’s trying to turn over a new leaf and live a better life. Because of that, I, for one, am willing to let his past transgressions stay in the past. When somebody tries to be a better person, they deserve a chance.

        That’s a consideration you don’t get, because for all your talk of “moving on,” you don’t. You keep right on scamming people, lying, cheating and stealing, then trying to make yourself into the victim so you can keep right on doing it.

        Before you throw stones, make sure it’s not a glass house you’re living in.

  6. Wow – this is shocking!
    To air your dirty laundry after a relationship in this way, so publicly and shameless… You are incredibly disgusting!
    Why don’t you behave like a real woman?
    I feel sorry for your family and your poor child – what will you say to her when she reads this here one day???

    • What will I tell her? Never take any shit off anyone. And of course behind every bitch is a man that has made her that way. I won’t lie to her or hide anything. She will know the truth. Eric started this war now it’s time to finish it.

      • Lmao you still keep trying to hold onto shit that you think you know lol. Me seek help I think not. You’re the one that needs to give up parental rights and check into a nice padded room because all sense of reality has left you. It’s also funny that you mention people that want to have nothing to do with your ass. How many people are you going to throw under the bus tabetha? You’ve lousy but can’t admit it yet. Maybe when cps chimes to take Rylee away for good maybe then you will learn to shut the fuck up. Foster care is better for her than in the hands of two dumbass parents who can’t do shit for a child. As for Bo he’s nothing but a giant fucking pussy. As for James he’s still a bitch. And you, too easy, a lowlife whore who has nothing. As I’ve said before I can end your world. The only reason you have your dauber is because I allow it. Keep taking bitch and ill take everything in your world away.

      • She won’t end up in foster care. She has another parent. That’s probably where she’ll end up. With daddy and a stepmommy who isn’t batshit crazy like the bio one. Then that sweet kid might have a chance at a normal, sane life.

      • Translated: She’ll teach her to be a bitch and blame somebody else for everything she does. Mother of the year, I tell ya.

        YOU started this war when you started ripping authors off. It started long before Eric did the right thing and stood up to you, and it’ll end when you can’t steal another penny from a single author.
        Blame yourself, for once.

      • That’s right — blame somebody else for your bitchiness. You know, it’s your choice how you react to things. “The devil made be do it!” excuse is decades out of date. Step up and take some responsibility for your own actions and reactions.

      • No when I’m wrong I say I’m wrong no problem with that but when I know I’m a damn good mom and my daughter deserves to be with me. I care deeply for her. She is my entire world.

  7. Jesus Christ, Tabetha. Do you spend all day every day on my blog?
    Well, looking at my stat tracker, I’d have to say yes. You do. When do you find time to take care of your dear sick mom (since you brought her up again), be mother of the year to your sweet kid, write your masterpieces and run this Fortune 500 business of yours?
    Such a busy girl.
    And the best part is that it’s the things that you’ve forgotten that will trip you up the hardest. So keep on posing for slutty photos and making up a dozen aliases a day to pad your roster with. Right up until that pebble in your shoe becomes a boulder and rolls right over you.

    • I don’t party at all actually. Those days are past me. And Rylee is spending time with her father it is the summer. And it’s his time to have her.

      If you call having a beer maybe once a month partying you are seriously messed up. I don’t club around I don’t go to bars. My hot Saturday nights include a movie popcorn and my snuggle bunnie, my daughter. The weekends she isn’t here I may go out to dinner with friends or Tony or spend time with family.

      My world doesn’t revolve around going out and partying. It revolves around my daughter.

      • Thanks for the laugh.

        Now. While it looks like you have nothing better to do than hang out here lying through your teeth, some of us have work to get done. I’ll come back later to look for some more chuckles.

  8. Go for it if you think your man enough. The reason I have my daughter is because I am a damn good mother not because you hold some nonexistent shit over my head. You have to have proof dumb ass. You can’t fucking touch me. And James is a damn good daddy made a complete 360 unlike you when the only time you pretended to be a dad was to stir shit with him. Me and Laurel get along great. We have all come together to ensure Rylee has the best.

    You think you can end my world…. I really don’t think so. Must be kinda like how you held your best friend in your arms and watched him die while you were being that bad ass sniper and was responsible for getting your whole squad killed. And I am the one that needs help? No sweet cheeks you are the one that lives in a fantasy.

    And I may be a lot of things but a whore is not one of them. An unfit mother is not one of them. As for Bo I’d like to see you call him a pussy to his face. Just like you were going to whip James ass but when you had the opportunity you pussed out. Why cause you don’t have the balls.

    You’d rather call women names and treat them like shit then be a real man. Before you go casting stones you might want to look in the mirror because that’s where the who’re is, your own reflection.

    I tried to give you the love you swore you never had but you didn’t want that. I busted my ass doing everything and anything under the sun for you, emotionally, physically, sexually, to make you happy. And if you weren’t you played a damn good part.

    But anytime I tried to get close you pushed away saying you didn’t know how to accept love. Which is really sad. Because love is the easiest thing in the world to accept.

    You chased me for ten years, you asked me to marry you, you stepped up wanting to be close to rylee, but now I’m a whore and piece or shit. That’s fine whatever makes you feel good about you because I was there I know how things went down.

    You want to talk about rip offs what line are you telling these days? Or are you still playing the Marine? You know they make meds for delusions like that. Again seek help. Or are you so lost in playing that part you don’t even know who the real Eric is?

    • Translate: Tabetha wanted Eric to Kick James’ ass but he did the right thing and refused.
      I love the way she urges others to do her dirty work then rips on them when they don’t.

      • She’s still trying to hold onto the one thing that nobody gives a shit about lol. I have called Bo a pussy and will gladly do it again and again. As for James we got wise to your games and put an end to your bullshit. Then we come to your long ass reply which is nothing but bullshit as usual trying to blow smoke up people’s asses. I’ll tell you this your day is done. And you will lose your daughter I’m just giving you a few more days with her.

      • It’s not my personal mission in life to strip Tabetha of her parental rights. But that’s something she really should be thinking about while she’s stealing royalties, running an illegal business and repeatedly committing federal offenses. If Tabetha goes to jail, her “mini-me” will be raised by somebody else. Evidently that’s not very important to her, as she keeps right on committing those crimes.

    • But you did get married, didn’t you? In a lovely ceremony where your father drove you up the aisle on the back of his badass Harley?


      Who’s the one that lives in a fantasy? That would be you.

      You’re trying to drive Eric into the ground with that sniper business, but at least he’s trying to make amends and turn over a new leaf. He’s trying to live a better life, and without you tied around his neck, he’s succeeding.

      Until you’re ready to turn over a new leaf, stop lying, cheating and stealing from people, you have no business criticizing somebody who’s trying to be a better person.

      • I don’t have to tear Eric down he does that well enough on his own. I am doing great where I am in my life. I don’t lie and don’t cheat. And if you weren’t too busy listening to everyone and actually asked me you might get the truth but you won’t and never will.

      • All evidence to the contrary. You lie and cheat with every breath you take and every word you type.

        You seem to forget that I stopped writing about you for months because I thought we’d reached a place where we were being honest and respectful toward each other. I took your words at face value and trusted that you were turning over a new leaf, really trying to do right by your company and your authors. It wasn’t until I discovered that you were only bullshitting me to get me to stop writing about you that I took it back up. You never intended to do right by your authors. All you care about is what money you can steal from them. And as long as that continues, I’ll call you on it.
        You don’t know how to be truthful. Never will.

    • You are aware, aren’t you, Tabetha, that 360 degrees is full circle. Someone who does that is headed in the same direction as before the turn around. Are you sure you meant 360 instead of 180? Yeah, I know. Math is hard.

  9. Eric you can try all you want but rylee is here to stay with me. You can’t take her away. You can try but my baby girl is here to stay with me. Nice try though.

      • James has already seen your comments and everyone else’s and there are no secrets. He has no reason to remove Rylee from me. He’s not worried about you or anyone else. He and his wife along with myself work together to give Rylee the best. Things are civil and peaceful now that you are gone. So go ahead do your worst because my daughter isn’t going anywhere.

      • Yes. He has seen your comments. And, no. I don’t think worried is the word I’d use to describe his reaction to them.

  10. We had a long talk about all this last night in fact. James knows I’m a good mother and Rylee gets everything she needs and deserves. He’s not worried not at all but he did say that he doesn’t want himself or Rylee brought into it. And you are no judge or jury to decide about my relationship with my daughter. I have stated that I am a mother first and foremost always. And that I am teaching her how to make the right choices. Everyone else here Eric and you Lepp especially were the ones that went to far.

    And if I was him I’d be pissed too because he knows what sort of man Eric is. He also knows I’m a damn good mom. Yes we had our problems but we have a daughter to raise and we will continue to do so. I don’t ask for child support I do it on my own. But I know if rylee needed something her father would be there.

    So no he’s not worried. He knows the truth. And he’s the only one that needs proof.

      • I file my taxes so not sure why they would be concerned. As for the Feds I have nothing to worry about because I have done nothing wrong.

        And all this started because one of my authors made a post on goodreads bullying. And you contacted me thinking it was about you. Which none of it was.

        It was how this industry has become cut throat and where it used to be everyone helped others. Now everyone trashes the other because they believe it’s all about competition.

        You are so wrapped up in believing everything is about you. When all this could have been avoided. But you just had to drag it out.

        Even when I was the better person and did the right thing even though your daughter deserved no refund. Even with that and your word of leaving me alone you lied. You never had any intention of leaving me alone.

        All you did was blackmail me. Plain and simple. Hint the world doesn’t revolve around you. You think you’re invincible but I have news you aren’t.

        You are the liar.

      • Sure. You file your taxes. Great bit of fiction those are, too. If only you wrote your blooks so creatively. But don’t worry. Unlike your books, somebody’s actually reading your taxes. With a microscope. And when they’re done, you’ll have a captive audience to complain to.

        Indie publishing isn’t cut-throat. It’s not a competition. It is exactly what you make of it for your own work. Your problem is that your work sucks. So you tried to take on other authors who are better than you. That’s the only way you could make money, by taking theirs. But you got caught, didn’t you?

        You took my daughter’s money and delivered none of the services that your contract stipulated. Your contract said that she was paying for Createspace accounts (which you create for free), Lightning Source (same thing) and cover art. But I did her cover art and her book never went to print, so those accounts were never created (for free). So, yeah. She deserved back every penny. But you tried to say “Sorry. That money paid for editors.”
        Nope. Sorry. The contract didn’t say that.
        And yet you still refused to pay until you were over a barrel. You can call that blackmail if you like. But blackmail doesn’t work unless you’re GUILTY of something you don’t want exposed. You were guilty then, and you’re guilty now, of the same offense against other authors. Some of whom who have been waiting since before you “signed” Thea. What’s your excuse to them?

        No. The world doesn’t revolve around me. You think it revolves around you and what you want. And you don’t care who you have to piss on to get it.

  11. Hmm, tabbtscat says she files her taxes. Well bully for her, I just want to know when she 1099’s her authors for monies they have made? Since some are supposed to be making soooo much. Or have they not realized that, that could be considered tax evasion and fraud of the government? She will take every rat down with the ship if they are not careful. But, she says they are a family, and its all kumbiya, there is nothing to worry about. Authors be afraid be very afraid. What a terrible web we weave, when first we practice to deceive, my dear tabbtscat.

    • Exactly. Taxes need to be filed for those folks that do all her work for her, whether they’re employees (which they are) or independent contractors, which she claims they are. She does neither, filing only her personal taxes, and then only on the income she feels like reporting, which is likely only welfare and/or child support.
      She’ll find out.

      • She never filed taxes for the company in the two years we were together and now all of a sudden she wants to. Lmao she must have gotten word from the irs that she’s fucking up but it’s too late. I’m going to enjoy watching this just like how I sit back and watch the tales of the imaginary bf.

      • She can start paying taxes properly this very minute if she wants. That doesn’t erase the past two years.
        That’s okay. I know she doesn’t get it. But the IRS can explain it to her.

  12. Didn’t file taxes that’s why you were so pissed off at my return. Because yes the company was listed. As for welfare or child support I receive neither. I take care of rylee on my own. States it in my divorce decree. James and I have it set up that way.

    • You realize that you just admitted that you didn’t file your taxes, right?

      Doesn’t matter who that pisses off. What matters that it’s ILLEGAL. You’ll find out what that means soon enough.

  13. Suck a dick get laid smoke one out but whatever the fuck your problem is in fact all of you there’s my advice for the night. Take it up do whatever I’m sure Eric can give a good weed man. And getting laid is supposed to make you happy obviously no one here is happy, you know what they say an orgasm a day keeps the bitchiness away. And by any chance if you need me I’ll be at my favorite corner. While my daughter is in West Virginia.

  14. sorry but your daughter will be nowhere in west virginia. i know who you refer to and she no longer has contact with you so who would you be talking about haha, yet another lie you just got caught in. and what corner would that be valley mills and bosque haha. and if you wanna openly admit that youre trying to send rylee to someone youve never met ill gladly show CPS this posting that you made and im sure you will lose all rights, dont play bitch you lost and youre just mad. so do you want to rephrase anything youve said before i make that phone call and both you and james lose your rights?

      • Who’s the joke? You, Tabetha. You are always the joke.

        And your illiteracy isn’t your kindle’s fault. The world knows better.

  15. Knw who refer t then you took the bait. For want to check your sources on that one. And Rylee wold be accompanying me nothing alone. Now run along check out if I’m lying. As for the rest take a fuckng joke. I don’t sell myself I don’t do drugs and that person already contacted James to ensure my baby girl was well taken care of.

    • Took what bait you said it in black and white. CPS doesn’t look at whether your lying playing a prank or whatever. You’re a fucking dumbass. I’ll be getting in touch with the local Waco office Monday morning lol. This is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

      • Be funny when they find her here and happy. What’s going to be funny is when all the slander threats especially against daughter the false light you and rest portray me with drugs and knowing their are all lies., Oh it’s catching up don’t think I haven’t made calls too. So call that office Monday and when I show them this and it drug my daughter into it I think will put the icing on the case against you all.

      • Slander. False light. Are you STILL trying to drag those lame old law suit threats out to wave around at people? We’ve been waiting for years for you to sue and it’s just not going to happen. Any information about you and pills is coming straight from people (very) close to you. So go ahead and try if you want, but it’s not slander to repeat information that was given by somebody who knows you. Very well. Good luck finding out who that is so you can sue THEM.
        God, I love a good double agent.

  16. And like you haven’t poked fun yet when I do it in return you get butt hurt. You don’t just poke fun this blog goes to far. And the bait was west Virginia just like she told me to write. But I forget anyone here can say what they like but me. That shit stops.

    • Lmao you have nobody and if you did they are really pulling your strings. And just to clue you in. One, you’ve openly admitted here that you were sending her to West Virginia. Two, you said you were going to your corner. The list can keep going on and on. Plus we all know who you think you’re talking about but just remember you’re alone in the world. Also we know where you are but you dint know where we are lol. Keep dreaming kiddo you’re swimming with sharks and you’re the punk ass guppy. This is your last chance, make right with everyone or watch your home of an empire crumble brick by pathetic brick. With everything you’ve said on here that’s enough for them to strip your rights and I will skip over the Waco office and go a little higher than that. When I tell you I know people I know people. You know one, Bo lmao that’s a joke. If you want to keep your sanity pay what you owe and all of this goes away if not you will know what true suffering is.

      • What you’re TRYING to call his “implied” threats don’t hold a candle to the real crimes you’ve committed. So keep trying, but no matter how much shit you shovel at somebody else, you can’t drown out your own stink.

      • She’s not alone in the world. She’s got a couple of gullible lackeys that still think she cares about them. Theydon’t realize that she cares about nobody besides herself. Never has and never will.

        And those voices. She’s got lots and lots of those.

      • You just hung yourself and your new company too. Or are you still publishing with the thief? Now you’re no better than the two faced whore we know as tabetha.

      • Is the new company what the thief is switching over to? Because PF is shot right out of the water. Anybody that doesn’t know that yet can sink right along with it.

      • wow okay. Thanks for the lies. I thought you were done with her. I guess not. But hey its whatever. You now have a publishing company all to yourself. Hope you enjoy it along with all the lovely time you will be spending with your friend Tabetha.

      • I just hope that you’ve deleted any accounts you created in connection with a company you plan to distance yourself from. Don’t sign anything over or transfer anything. That’s your name and reputation. Best to shut ’em down and let those two create their own. Lord knows Tabetha has no problem making stuff up. More power to ’em. Let ’em fail at that one, too.

    • I’ve never denied or altered a single word you’ve said here on my blog. So take that rubbish about how anybody can say what they want but you and stuff it up sideways. Though I doubt it would touch the sides, you could try.

      • Hi Lepp. Been a long time since I stopped over but moon and stars told me to take a peek…

        While I gave Sabrina what she needed to get her stuff back from Tab I though I found an fellow author who actually needed help. I have seen Sabrina and Eric’s comments. I am still trying to figure out why Jackie’s daughter was brought into this? She is a minor for one. And has been dealt some shitty things.. But to take her issues and lay them out for all to see was actually submitting her to more bull shit and retaliation. Adults are now going to jail for causing harm to teenager’s/ minors who have their issue brought out on the internet for uncaused reasons and are treated in the way Eric did. Cyber bullying is a crime that is becoming more frequent with adults towards minors then ever before.

        I read something on Facebook today and kept it to remind myself to stay grounded and watch my words/actions…

        “Do Not, I repeat, Do Not allow Anyone to sit high and look low to judge you. Everyone has a chapter in their life they don’t read out loud.”

        Sabrina stop passing blame cause what you have been doing with Ronald and Eric was the real issue. So as to why you left your and Jackie’s company tell the real truth!! Sexual Harassment I believe is not tolerated at any work place/ business. “i.e. naked pics of each, yeah I did go there” (Don’t throw stones in your glass house)Yeah I would get pissed too if I was told not to do things that were not just illegal for myself or business partner but plan unethical for a married woman/mother.
        Lets take a vote should Sabrina’s child be taken away from her? (words Eric used towards Tab can now be used against Sabrina but I will be nice in my glass house) She sent nude pics of herself to Eric here and an fellow male author? And said male author and Eric sent nude pics back to her? just asking? I think we all need to look in our dark secret closet we keep others out of before we run our mouth here or any where… We all have past’s that are a little dark…

        Now I will go back to my life where I don’t give a shit no more about PF/PR or Tab I have my own shit to deal with. Like tell my hubby he was right and I was wrong yet again.

  17. And Eric if you had any brains at all this is summer time this her dads time. And I did to decide to take a trip with my precious angel I have every right too as does he. So please tell how we are going to lose anything. Especially when I have all the proof black and white.

    • A twisted Web yall weave. Oh well two houses that can be brought down now. Any who taking a trip on stolen funds is even worse than just taking the money. So jackie did your daughter really OD on drugs in dc? I can play mind fuck games too and I’m so much better at them. And tabetha you can say whatever you want because clearly you’ve said in here that she was with you. Once again busted. I’m ready for both of yall, well tabetha is already burned lol. It’s all fun and games until someone goes right for the kill shot and I will every time when someone tries to challenge me. Haha who’s next?

      • No Eric you have it wrong and don’t bring up another innocent child! Rylee and my daughter does NOT need to be on this blog!

      • Rylee is with me safe in her bed. Saying you know ppl that would imply your threatening my harm and safety. It is summer time and her dad does get her. But the way we schedule it is our business. And considering you just threatened the safety of my child, James child and laurels child you royally screwed up. Mr. Marine. Remember you are just Eric nobody Henley and I know where you live. Don’t be surprised when you get that knock the door for your threats.

      • He didn’t threaten anything, you twit. Quit trying to act like you’ve got anything on him, or any of the rest of us. You’re the one with something to hide. Jumping around like an idiot pointing fingers at your ex doesn’t take the spotlight off of you. You’re the one with crimes to answer for, and nobody else. Keep trying though. It’s fun watching you make such a spectacle of yourself.

      • I will say Wtf I want where and when I want. I didn’t throw names out there because, yes they are children, but tabetha already threw her child out there as a worthless shield to protect her. I know more shit about both of you and it grows every single day. I’m not the one you want to do this with.

      • Hey dumb bitch. You don’t know where I am let alone have an address for me so nice try and in no way did u threaten so again nice try. Lmao yall are hilarious

  18. Well we shall see what the sheriff’s department says considering I have some interesting info on you. Maybe I’vee been the shake all along. I don’t to have to to use Rylee as a shield she is my greatest accomplishment. And I would give my life to save hers because that’s what mother does.

    • Lmao you have Jack shit on me. It’s funny how you think you can scare me off with the “threat” of false information. That’s the best shit I’ve heard all week haha. So once again you dint know where I am you have false information and again as always talking out of your ass. Bullshit meter through the fucking roof haha!

    • Tabetha calling the police on somebody else? That’s rich. She’s the crook.

      Yet again, she uses her daughter to hide behind, all the while pretending to be Mother of the year. Whad a sad, pitiful joke she is, and she’s the only one that doesn’t get the punch line.

  19. Last chance oh wait your just pussy that flunked out of boot camp. Again you are not a Marine quit acting like one. You will be judged Eric and right now the karma line is moving too slow. How dare you throw up jackies daughter to her. We’re you there do you know what happened? No. So you aren’t the almighty seeing Eye. You know ppl bet you do. But you don’t have what I do. Happiness. Love. Family. If you did you wouldn’t lash out. But there’s also something else I have. Trick up my sleeve. Not a joke. No bullshit. Wait and watch.

    • I’ve been waiting and watching and yoy still keep trying to throw shit out there that frankly doesn’t even matter. All I keep seeing from you is the same tired shit that you think you know and of course as usual you don’t. You have no tricks no Ace up the sleeve. Empty threats seem to be the only thing you have. Like I said, you dint know where I am you don’t have shit on me. Also since everything you’ve said people have caught and busted busted you so I’ll stand my ground because I don’t believe your shit. When it’s all said and done I’ll be the one waving middle fingers at you while get carted off in the courtroom for everything you’ve done and continue to do.

      • Wouldn’t matter if she was sitting next door. She still doesn’t have a thing on you. She keeps throwing out that Marines line on you, apparently unaware that it’s completely ineffective. She’s the one that’s on borrowed free time because all of her past and CURRENT activities are catching up with her, fast.

  20. Wow just wow!! I will keep my stones in my pocket while in my glass house… Damn I have been away for to long… I see no one has changed just told more lies…. On tot he next one I need to get caught up!!

  21. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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