Tabetha recently announced that she’s all set to work with Nicklaus Pacione, an author/publisher whose infamous homophobic rants have gotten him black-listed from at least one publishing service and gotten him written up on even more blogs than her.
Tabetha has tried to publicly humiliate her ex by exposing him (with her typical vulgarity) for being bi. That blew up in her face because most folks don’t bat an eyelid about such things in this enlightened day and age, but it showed that she remains biased. That’s enforced by her renewed association with an adamant and professed homophobe.

If that’s the sort of association Tabetha wants to have in her life and in her “company” that’s her business. But how does it reflect upon her authors? Are they okay with being directly linked with a raging homophobe? Is that what they want linked to their work?

I know I wouldn’t.

52 thoughts on “Homophobic

  1. Is she so desperate for real people to work with that she’ll take anybody?

    Or is she looking for a scapegoat? She doesn’t have any REAL people left to blame for her demise, so maybe she needs somebody with a worse reputation in the publishing world (if that’s even possible) to pin it on when she goes belly up. Somebody she can point a finger at while she plays victim.

    Could be either.

  2. Nick has tried posting a couple of replies here spewing his usual homophobic tripe and threats. His posts won’t be approved here. I don’t have time or tolerance for his particular brand of crazy. This blog isn’t here for him. At the moment. It’s to point out Tabetha’s shortcomings as a publisher, and working with him is one of them. He can go over-compensate for his teeny weenie someplace else.

    • You won’t post his comments because you don’t want the world to see him put you in your place. I happen to respect his writing and its an honor to work with such a remarkable author.

      His own personal opinions have nothing to do with what we are working on together. We may have different opinions but to each their own.

      But wait what his company does and my company does together is our business. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Or since they was on my personal Facebook page maybe quit stalking it.

      • No, his posts aren’t here because he’s a homophobic asshat. “His own personal opinions” affect his work. Anyone who’s seen his blog knows that. Heaven help any LGBTQ author you “sign.”

        Choosing to align yourself with this idiot says it all. Cuss would be laughing her ass off at you right now. You don’t have the faintest clue what you’re letting yourself in for, and you deserve everything you get.

      • Don’t worry. She’s got Nick to blame it on. He thinks she’s this awesome publisher that’s going to put out his work and PROVE his point at long last – since he can’t get any other publisher to do it. But she’s using him, just like she uses everybody. To fight her fights for her and to hide behind when her company tanks. And his “work” still won’t be out there to “prove” anything. He’ll see.

      • I can’t decide which reveals more about you – you “working” with Pacione, or the fact that used “fucking” three times in your post about it.
        Neither is indicative of a any kind of a professional.

      • spouting homophobic tirades and threatening a dead woman’s family isn’t “putting me in my place.” It’s lunatic and I won’t post it. Unlike you, I have respect for the LGBTQ community and I refuse to tolerate his bullshit. To each his own? You really think that flies? Just when I don’t think you can get any more deplorable, you prove that you can.

        Yet again you demonstrate that you have no idea what professionalism is. You don’t think that your personal life has anything to do with your (so-called) professional one, especially when you’re totally clueless about keeping the two separate? You posted about your “business” on your personal page. That makes it fair game.

        You don’t think that what your business or his business working together is anybody’s business? It’s a public company, that sells (so-called, ridiculous and illiterate) “books” to the public. Of course it’s our business. It’s everybody’s business. If you don’t get that, you’re even more clueless that I thought.

        It’s especially the business of any author that’s still foolish enough to work with you. If you have any left with an actual pulse, that is.

        But you go right ahead and publish with his homophobic shit and see where that gets your company.

      • Isn’t your sister gay? Do you piss in her food when she isn’t looking too?

      • Goes to prove she don’t care about anyone but herself! Enough said. The “let me rape you in all ways” attitude of an abuser.

  3. If I post exciting news on my personal page that is my business. Just shows you stalk my shit. He has a right to his beliefs as well does every author I work with. Their personal life or beliefs has nothing to do with their writing.

    Who I choose to work with as an author is my business and honestly if you don’t like it look the other way. And Janrae was a hateful woman who is probably burning for everything she said. You condemn Nickolas for his opinions but yet people are to worship your hate bashiagainst authors. You are not an advocate. Not by a long shot.

    You spread hate and those that don’t agree with your methods or opinions aren’t worth shit to you. You are just a bully looking for a victim. Real advocates go after real bad companies not those that bust their ass for their authors.

    Our joint efforts don’t have to be explained to anyone. You can read it when it comes out. You say I’m a stalker. Funny. You seem to know what’s going on in my life all the time. Why? Because you stalk my page.

    Jealously is a disease. Get well bitches.

    • You’re just pissed at Janrae because she saw through your bullshit. Just like we all do now.

      Run along, little girl. Enjoy your so-called company and the money you steal from authors while you still can.

      • I don’t have to steal anything. I am not a thief. The sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be. I have no reason to steal. My authors get their royalties and their are times Phoenix doesn’t even take its cut.

        I don’t know any other publisher who would do that. I just can’t wait for the day you get to eat every bit of the shit you spill from your lips.

      • There’s only one person you’ve done right by: Thea. Other authors still haven’t been paid according to YOUR contracts from, what, two years ago. So, yes. You have stolen from authors. And when your more recent authors say they’re paid $12, $15, maybe $30 bucks a year for work that you told them was selling so well the whole time, there’s reason to believe that the same is still going on.

        Go ahead and prove me wrong. Prove THEM wrong.
        We’ll wait.

      • “At times Phoenix doesn’t even take its cut.” It doesn’t have to because you steal everything. Your a liar and a theif and your stupid if you think anybody believes that you pay your authors everything they earn and don’t keep any money. Your the one with shit dripping from your lips well suck it up liar.Your going down and I can’t wait for that. Maybe we can have a party.

    • The truth isn’t hate, moron and your not a victim. Your a theif and you cant stand it when people tell the truth about you because you are a ‘real bad’ company. You don’t bust your ass for your author’s you steal from them. Your the stalker, look how much you post on Leppy’s blog. Stop stealing from people or is that the only way you can pay for your pills. Oh right you trade sex for them from all your stripper friends that you hang out with while your on the computer all day.

    • Janrae was in the publishing business before you were born, Tabby Scat. She hated scammers, liars, and con artists, which is why you were on her radar.

      • And why Tabetha’s still on ours. When she stops scamming, I’ll stop blogging about her.
        Which shouldn’t be long now.

    • “Their personal life or beliefs has nothing to do with their writing.”
      That statement shows just how much you don’t know about writing. Writers always include their beliefs in their writing, and each character has a slice of the writer’s own personality in it. ALL writers include their personal life and beliefs in their work, even bad writers. That is what is called “bleeding on paper” which is the number one advice successful authors give to new authors.

      • Her new partner’s beliefs have everything to do with his business. It’s gotten him banned from at least one publishing source. Maybe more.
        And now it has everything to do with her company, too, since she’s going to try to publish his disjointed ramblings.
        There’s the mistake, thinking they’d take any advice. Successful is something they’ll never be. Their only claim to fame is that people blog about them because they’re so horrible at it.

    • Tabetha, you are proving yourself even more stupid that I thought you were — have you not done any checking on Pacione? When you fuck him over (not if, but when) he will be filling your inbox with more vulgarity than even you spew, as well as calling you and threatening you in his little gerbil voice.
      But then again… you’d be getting a taste of your own medicine, so perhaps this is a match made in Hell.

  4. I never should have been on your radar because I don’t scam my authors. They get their royalties and I do bust my ass for them. I do everything and more. But you wouldn’t know about that because you aren’t a part of my company.

    As for my sister, yes she is gay and has no problem working with Nickolas. She knows it’s business. She supports my company .

    But again authors get paid. I don’t need to steal anything. I make my own money on side projects. I don’t take anything from my authors. If you knew me so well you would know all that.

    • No. I’m not a part of your company. I’m the mother of an author that you scammed and hurt. You took her money and told her that her work is crap. Then you lied about eerything for more than a year. You only made it right with her because your mom, who you’d just moved in with, didn’t know that you’d used her name to do it and you were terrified of getting thrown out. You BEGGED me to take down the post that exposed you using her name. And only then did you pay. But not after putting it off for months and then trying to weasel out of it at the last moment by saying you didn’t have the money in the right account. Funny thing, though. When we refused any further delay, you discovered that you did have the money after all.

      And what about all these other authors coming forward saying that you lied, cheated, scammed and stole from them, too? They knew you quite well when they were with you. They WERE part of your company, and every single one of them says the same thing. There’s not a single author that’s left you that doesn’t say the same thing.

      You still haven’t paid authors from 2 years ago when Mystic closed. That doesn’t go away just because you say so.

      We do know you, Tabetha. That’s why we’re here speaking the truth about you. Because no author deserves to get conned by you. And from the look of it, they’re all wising up, fast.

    • We know what those side projects are too don’t we? Your a fucking liar Tabby Scat. The only thing you bust your ass at is busting out of sexy clothes your too fat to fit into. You should have enough respect for your sister and her lifestyle and her gf not to put her in a position to have to be okay with it you selfish hag but you don’t care about anybody but yourself you piece of shit. Your sister and her gf should kick your ass for slapping her in the face and every other gay person in the world.

  5. I’ll make Nick an offer. If he can come up with a lucid reply pertinent to the issues that doesn’t spout homopnobic rants or threaten anybody, I’ll be happy to post it.
    Let’s see if he’s got it in him.

  6. Did I just read that correctly? I quote bust asses for their authors, PLEASE. What have you done tabetha, exactly what, except use people for your own personal gain? This Nick guy is just another pawn in your game of mind fucks. YOUR SISTER IS GAY, how does aligning yourself with such a hate monger show your LOVE for your own BLOOD? Everything you post is more laughable then the next. I have gay and lesbian friends AND FAMILY. I would never expose them to that kind of tripe. Again you are showing just how pathetic you are. You are lower than pond scum. You dear woman are a disease, one I severely hope they find a cure for fast. SHAME ON YOU. JUST SHAME.

    • That’s a good question.
      By her own admission,
      somebody else does the editing.
      somebody else does the covers.
      somebody else does the formatting.
      somebody else does the trailers.
      Authors arrange for their own photo shoots and promotion.
      All Tabetha does is send books to print without even reading them. So why, exactly, does she deserve to keep anybody’s money?

      She threw her own mother under the bus over Thea’s contract. She drags her daughter into her drama. She publicly attacks her exes. Blood or not, she obviously doesn’t care about anybody but herself.

      Won’t it be interesting when Nick finds out that his new “publisher” isn’t the answer he thinks she is. Just like everybody else that’s ever been swindled by her, he’ll find out that his precious work is being mishandled by a crook. When he doesn’t get all his money, maybe he’ll open his eyes. Or maybe when he finds out that her only promotion is a tour of blogs and radio shows she runs. Or when she expects him to first pay for and then be dazzled by her swag in lieu of any actual promotion. Right now, he’s too blinded by hate to see it coming. But he will. And as hateful as he is, he deserves every bit of it.

    • It’s called having a life, you twat. Try it sometime.

      Nobody’s put me in my place, and if I decide to post again, I will. About PF’s fraudulent business practices or the fact that such a maternal paragon of virtue is working with a psychotic asshat that stalks people and thinks it’s okay to threaten to kidnap people’s kids, threaten to rape women and threaten to burn their houses down.

      I will post about whatever I see fit on the pages of my own blog. If you don’t like it, hon, there’s the door.

      • Woah… Tabetha has been quiet so was she put in her place? We all know she shuts up when the truth shines! Damn it she sent Dee to stir her bullshit, because she is not a real woman let alone a biker chick, Tabetha is a whimpy person that leads others to fight for her.

      • I’m not convinced that’s her sister. The IP bounces around more than a slut at a strip club so I can’t be sure. But it’s got a different smell to it.

  7. Just busy working. Getting ready for new releases and some new direction my series plus we just signed several new authors.

    • Translated:
      Pimping out Jamie’s books and that awful Draven series because that’s all you’ve got left, inventing more aliases and planning to “publish” with perhaps the only person even more reviled in the literary world than you.
      What a joke you are.
      But the punch line is going to be epic.

      • Well it appears as if she can work but not take down the names of the authors that left her. Luna Moonblood still being recognized as the cover artist yet her facebook has been deleted and Tabetha is still using her name… I heard she left and now that is against the law to keep using names that are no longer with the company as advertising……False Advertisement!


        Tabetha you are a poor excuse for a business woman!

  8. Dee, honestly I feel sorry for you. Exactly how much of tabbyscat’s shit are you going to eat,before you realize it tastes BAD? As a gay person have you no PRIDE or self respect? To claim to have invested money in your sister’s so-called company, only for her to squat over you and take a heaping dump.on your face and chest, with this fucked up author. That shows me she has no consideration of who YOU are as a human being. If that is family love, I am ever so grateful that I am the bastard red-headed stepchild. I could never dream to be connected to such a hostile person, someone so blinded by hatred of something he knows nothing about, like this nicky person. Does it bother you at all that tabbtscat is saying FUCK YOU to you as she gladly takes money from you? Uses your being gay as a trophy, then slams your dick in the door, so to speak, as she brings in this parasite. Or does she have you so blinded by her ever glowing bullshit, like she has done with so many? Grow up sister dear, she will feed you to the wolves when it is convenient for her next grand escape of being caught up in her deception. I wish you the best of luck Dee, my dear you are going to need it.

    • I agree that having such a lunatic homophobe around is a direct slap in the face. But at least her sister is an adult that can look out for herself. What concerns me more is that Nick has sent people threats of kidnapping people’s children, cyberstalked stalked them, stalked them at home via their phones, and made endless references to child porn. As a mother, there’s no way in HELL I’d let such a person anywhere near my life or my precious children. Especially not my sweet little girl.
      But that’s just me.

      • I think the more this Ruby keeps showing up we may want to give he, she, it, some spotlight lmao. Obviously it clings to tabethas sack like a rotten jock strap. But going back to how both of them speak I’m sure tabetha is doing what she’s always done and is using another innocent bystanders name just to win over yet again. As for all of these authors ha that’s a joke. She couldn’t pull shit from a hat even if it fell on her. Keep dreaming tabetha your days are numbered. Just be sure to put me on your visitors list lol. I’d love to snap a picture for the world to see in your lovely new orange suit haha.

  9. Yes, we have paid enough. But orange can be hard for some to pull off. I too would love to see!! LMAO!

  10. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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