Report Reminder

If you’ve been the victim of any crime perpetrated by Tabetha Jones and her bogus company, this is a reminder to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General. Additional reports will strengthen reports against her they’re already investigating. You can file an online report or download the forms to fill out and mail in.
Report her to the FBI for piracy at the same time, HERE. Don’t let her slide for crimes she’s still committing to this day.

What can you file a complaint about? Piracy. That means you can report her for theft if she’s still selling your work even though you’re no longer associated with her or her company.

An example of that would be The Devil’s Pet Kitten, by Beth Wright, which is for sale on as of today, with Tabetha Jones displayed prominently in the listing and PF as the publisher, even though Beth parted ways with Tabetha a very long tie ago.

Or Through My Eyes by Cindy Franks White from 2013, also for sale on Amazon right now, with Phoenix Fire listed as the publisher.

Check those anthologies, too. Many (if not all) of the anthologies are listed for sale again, with publication dates from 2013 or earlier. The difference is that she’s removed all names except hers and/or alts. So if you contributed to an anthology through PF and are no longer associated with them, check those anthologies to make sure she’s not still putting your money in her pocket. Mostly, REPORT HER. The link to the Texas Attorney General, and to the FBI for piracy. You can call, report online, or write. Here’s how.

Don’t let other authors fall into her trap. Stop her.

116 thoughts on “Report Reminder

  1. Anyone who has published with createspace or Amazon knows that even once you unpublish it other sellers can sale the book under their own account.I have encountered this and some sellers are kind enough to remove your work others willout any problems. Then some don’t care. But feel free to contract Amazon they will you.tell you the same.

      • It’s not my pocket. I don’t get a dime neither do the others of private sellers off Amazon. Come on use your head. As for eBay anymore that has access to the Ingrained catalogs can order and as createspace confirmed any POD the author still receives their royalties. But please don’t think that I have thousands of accounts set up to sale out of date book that’s the stupidest thing you could possibly think of.

        You know what I find funny all those who had pitted against me are all coming back. One in particular that I will have the respect to leave her name out of it l, she and made amends and sees that you are not out to to be an advocate for authors you just run a hate blog.

        Yes Jacqueline Weister is back with Phoenix Fire Publishing. She will be releasing her work under our imprints where we go from there we will see.

        And you have accused me of some pretty trashy things so let me let your followers in on a little secret. One of your favs seems to be so busy dry pics to Eric as he is to her and then she has lead another male author on to the point he’s ready to leave his daughter to come be with her. I worried what her husband would think of all this.I guess the sexual “samples” she gave them they just couldn’t get enough. One may be willing to give up his life to be with her trashy ads but Eric is just using her for nasty pics probably phone sex. My thing for being such a stand up mother and wife she seems to be so busy being wrapped up leading different lives that to me that isn’t being a good mother or wife. Sending naked sexual pictures of yourself while your supposed to be taking care of your daughter hmmm not to good and then enticing another man to come another state while she’s married.

        Am I lying?

        I hear she actually took some furthermore just for these men.

        What did you say if it acts like a whore….. So before anyone ever accuses me of paying for anything with sexual or drugs you might want to mind your own backyard. I don’t have to do anything of that sort to get anything.

        I work for everything I have I don’t trade favors I don’t have to be a who’re. Someone that does those things has a very low self esteem and looking for an alternative fantasy to live in and soon reality is a blur.

        So once more I am not a thief,a liar, a who’re, or a slut. I don’t do drugs and I don’t trade out sexual favors.

        I am a good mother who puts her family first. I take care of my authors and lastly I am not perfect I never will be but I am imperfectly perfect and proud of myself. I can look in the mirror with a clear conscious.

        Can all of you? Can our sexual ” sample” girl say the same thing?

      • Where to start.

        Not just ANYBODY can sell other people’s books from a POD catalog. Only the (so-called) publisher can do that. Do you really think people are so stupid they believe you’re innocent?
        Every dime you’ve got comes from scamming authors in exactly this way. If any of them are naive enough to think you’re anything but a scam, they pretty much get what they deserve for falling for your line not once, but twice. I wish them luck. They’re going to need it with you.

        You’re big on saying that people should leave your daughter’s name out of their mouths, but you don’t have any problem picking on somebody else’s, do you? That makes you the biggest (and I mean that) hypocrite around.

        You must really be desperate to get attention off yourself to shred somebody’s character the way you’re doing here today.

        FYI, it’s none of your business what other people do in their private lives. If somebody sends pictures to every man alive with a phone, it’s none of your business. If somebody’s flirting with other guys while they’re married, separated, or getting a divorce, it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. You’re just trying to make somebody else look bad so you can try to make yourself look better. I hate to tell ya, but it’s not working. You’re only revealing yourself to be a petty, jealous little girl.

        I think I can guess your motivation, though. What it looks like is that you can’t STAND that people are happy without you. Sabrina and Jackie had a friendship that you couldn’t STAND not being a part of, so you had to tear that apart, didn’t you? I don’t know what you said to Jackie to win her back (if she ever really left) but I hope she realizes that she means nothing more to you than a check mark in the “win” column. The second she stops being of use to you, you’ll toss her aside like garbage, just like anybody else you can’t use anymore. I hope she realizes that you’ll trash her the same way you’re trashing miss “Samples” today. I hope all of your authors are taking a good look at how you’re behaving toward “Samples” today, because that’s exactly what you’ll do to them, too. It’s what you always do to authors when you’re done using them up. You tried to trash Thea, and everybody else that’s left you as “backstabbers and liars” and now you’re trashing someone that was just as much a member of your publishing “family” as any authors with you right now are. I really hope they’re looking, because this is your true character.

        As far as Eric’s relationships go, you’re just pissed that he’s happy without you, too. Whenever he posts, you come on here ranting and raving, because it’s the only way you can communicate with him.
        You just can’t stand to see anybody else happy, so you’ve got to do your level best to wreck it.

        You put your family first? Where are they when you’re spending all this time day and night pulling scams and character assassinations online?
        Let me guess. You’re posting from your dear, sick mother’s bedside in the hospital.

        Before you start trashing anybody else’s character, you need to make damned sure your own is spotless. And yours is far from it. So try as you might, you’re just not in any position to judge. Crawl back into your delusions with your strippers and your pills, little girl. That’s the only place you’re really in control. Out here in the real world, you’re just an insignificant, lying, cheating piece of trash.

      • “I can look in the mirror with a clear conscious.”

        As opposed to what, a coma? I think you meant conscience, dumbass, and we all know you haven’t got one.

      • “You know what I find funny all those who had pitted against me are all coming back. One in particular that I will have the respect to leave her name out of it l, she and made amends and sees that you are not out to to be an advocate for authors you just run a hate blog.

        Yes Jacqueline Weister is back with Phoenix Fire Publishing. She will be releasing her work under our imprints where we go from there we will see.”

        So you respect this other person enough not to name her? We all see how much respect you have for Jacqueline Weister, then.

    • They had to buy the books from you before they can sell it so either you got money from them then or you’re getting money from them now either way you’re getting the money and nobody else.

      • Cindy’s book Through My Eyes is being offered with 5 new and 5 used copies. That means ten copies (supposedly) sold to other buyers, who are (supposedly) selling them now.
        I’d have to wonder if Cindy got paid for ten books in all the years she was with Tabetha.

  2. Oh and excuse the typos… She actually took nastier I do believe topless pics just for Eric and the big Peach. I wonder if her husband knows… Now I have taken sexy pics but those were for Eric when we were engaged. But being a married woman leading one man on to move to be with her and Eric doesn’t give a fuck if your married or not as long as its pussy.

    But I was just a horrible mother for the sexy pics I took but she gets applauded. No goodies were showing. The bloody ones represented the bitch monster you had created. And I have another one coming in Aug possibly. It’s my way of being the Boss Lady with a touch of madnest lmao

    • No you don’t have sexy pictures. You have trashy, nasty, horrible pictures that you THINK are sexy. And the only reason it’s anybody’s business is because you put them out there associated with your business.

      Yes, she does get applauded for her pictures. They were sexy and tasteful, a million times more attractive than anything you’ve ever tried to do. You have no idea what sexy and tasteful are. Yours were just trash. That’s why you got criticized for them.
      Don’t blame me for the bloody, slutty pictures you took. Your lack of taste is all you, baby.

      What somebody else does with their private life is none of your business. You’re just too petty and jealous to keep your big fat nose out of it.

  3. Wait. Tabetha could, in theory, take over my CS account, publish my book, and pocket the $. Nice trick. Especially if I had a book to publish. Fist-bump for the Keystone Cop of Texas.

    • Oh its okay to put all my personal business out there for everyone else but when i do it i get bashed and trashed for it. But its okay to talk about my personal life. And I never another publisher I said a store that had acess to the ingrams catalog they can purchase the books and it goes thru POD.

      • YOU put your personal life out there, you twit. And then you get your knickers in a knot when anybody else mentions it. You don’t get it both ways.

        So who gets paid when a store buys a book from Ingram’s catalog? Hmm?

        I could sell my first edition Stephen King on Ebay if I wanted to. But he got paid for it when I bought it in the first place. Just like the person that published those books through createspace/Ingram in the first place is getting paid for the books that are getting sold right now. Are the authors?

  4. If it goes through seller option on amazon which you can see who is selling the book and no where does it say Phoenix Fire as a seller. If these books are being sold under that option there is nothing that can be done. My first edition of Blood Magic has 4 options to buy dont believe me look it up

    If someone that has access to the Ingrams catalog then we get paid thru POD through createspace. Its called expanded distribution.

    And to answer the rest of your response I could careless about what Eric does I am happy in my own life I just get tired of every single day you come up with something new and fictious to write about. My authors get paid. I make sure of that. I take care of my authors and their needs. And regardless of your blog I am still signing authors. I i give them first hand knownledge of it. I have nothing to hide.

    Why am I having to explain how Ingrams and Amazon work when you seem to know everything. If you are such an advocate then you would know all this. You would know how ebay works with POD and how the amazon seller option works. You wouldnt need me to tell you.

    Maybe it was wrong of me to air dirty laundry but i figured as much as mine whether tru or not has been told on this blog maybe it was time for someone else to get a tast of their own medicine.

    I’m not a mean person and I hate having to be that way but I am sick and tired of the bullshit,

    • We do know how publishing works, hon. books get sold, the publisher gets paid. It’s that simple, no matter who’s buying or reselling them.

      YOU make your dirty laundry public, Tabetha. YOU. Everything you ragged on today hasn’t been made public by the person you shredded. That’s not getting a taste of their own medicine. That’s just plain cruel. You are, indeed, mean. And you proved it today.

      If you’re tired of all the bullshit, quit committing it.

      • I wouldnt have to go to such extreme levels if you ppl would just piss poff and leave me and my company well enough alone. I could have been a real bitch and name names and the other gentleman involved but i didnt. As for my sources you know exactly what i was saying was true. Because it was to be posted on your blog but she asked you to pull it. As for Jacqueline she’s a big girl she can make her own decisions. And she is very happy to be home where she has a creatives say in her work and not stressed out over who’s doing what and who, and i never had to worrry about the friendship between her and Sabrina because what Jacqueline and I share is above friendship. Deeper than sisters, and in fact way down the line we are related if you must know.

      • Wouldn’t have to go to such extremes if people would piss off and leave you alone? Don’t you get it? If you paid people what you owe them, stopped pirating people’s work and learned to run your company legitimately, nobody would have a single thing to call you out on. If you want people to leave you alone, STOP RIPPING THEM OFF.

        Wait. Do you really believe that you were KIND in shredding somebody’s reputation just because you didn’t name anybody but her? How sick are you?

        I know exactly who your source was. And just because she said it, that doesn’t make it true. Could be a simple case of her giving you what you want to gain your approval after rejoining the fold. And if you heard half of what she said abut YOU when she was (pretending to be) on the other side of the fence, you might not hold her in such high regard. But if you two get off on swapping half-baked gossip to tear down people you used to call friends, you deserve each other. And you can both ride that ship as it sinks. More power to you.

  5. Seeing as you want to talk business lets talk business.Miss Samples had a business.Notice i said HAD. She also had a great friendship with Jacqueline but it didnt take me ruining that she did that all on her own. Tell me is it okay to send lude sexual pictures to your employers and convince them to move from Georgia leave his child behind to come be with her because she flaunted her tits ass and pussy all over the screen. When confronted by her co owner and best friend to stop doing these illegal business practices she was told she wasnt going to stop and she was also doing them with Eric. im sure though with eric there was much more involved as i have heard the details which mind you was not something i wanted to hear. to clarify i wouldnt take that man back if it was the only dick left in the world id rather eat pussy for the rest of my life than go back to that shit. But wait Im the whore.Im the one that trades the sexual favors for the company. If I have typed this correctly which i know i have i do believe we have a bit of a mix up. Now you say my pics are trashy and cindys and sabrinas are tasteful folks it is what is.all of the above are thick curvy women being sexy each one to their own. they only reason i get drug through the mudd is because you are all hanging on lepps lil leash. Does she give you treats when told what to do properly?

    Now back to the subject at hand. I do believe that Jacqueline had every right to back out and leave before serious legal matters came to hand. You say I owe ppl money the whole mysitc thing do you know how fucking old that shit is and do you know that i dont see one person on here and have not been contacted by anyone saying i owe them a dime. I paid those who were owed money and the rest is history.

    I also have seen your messages to my sister and i regret to inform you I never received that public apology you PROMISED her. As she is an investor in the company i think she has every legal right to comment and deal with you accordingly on that. But Lepp saying im sorry I do believe hell would fucking freeze over.

    Phoenix Fire is a legal business and the authors do get paid and anytime they want a print out they get one but thats not ok with say they are doctored but unfortunately you cannot alter a kdp report so sorry on that. your days of games and terrorizing me are over. we are done here.proclaim yourself the winner i dont give a fuck company will continue to grow and you can rot wherever you sit.

    P.S. Soon you will be seeing a brand new logo for Phoenix Fire Publishing as it will be
    Phoenix Fire Publishing LLC Owners and CEOS both EQUAL Tabetha Jones and Jacqueline Weister.

    Did I forget anything …….oh yes i did, did i mention its nice and sunny outside and beautiful when your head is not up lepps ass. Much love bitches

    • A new logo won’t help if you still run the company the same way. Also, how can a company, ostensibly registered as a sole proprietorship, as you claim, legally have any employees besides yourself? You might want to get your e-lawyer cracking on that one.

    • You’re right. It’s absolutely unprofessional to be lewd and trashy to associates. Only I hear it isn’t Sabrina that ran (at least) one male author away by being crude. More than one of the gentlemen involved has pointed the finger at a (much) bigger target. You might want to rethink flinging that handful of mud, there, hon. Too much of it’s dripping down the front of your own shabby dress.
      Thick, thin, curvy or flat. That isn’t what makes somebody attractive. It’s your crass, trashy, abrasive personality that makes you ugly. It’s the way you treat people and carry yourself that turns people off. Sabrina’s pictures are of a beautiful, sweet girl. That’s why hers are tasteful and yours are trash.
      You really are jealous of her, aren’t you? You’re spending so much of your time trying to ruin her, you must be so jealous of her you can’t even see straight. She’ll go farther in this world than you ever will because she’s got something you don’t: a good heart. She knows how to be kind and genuine, qualities you will never possess.

      You’re forming an LLC? Good for you. Who did you get to pay for that? Your new Co Owner? If she’s willing to pay for your train wreck, she’s even more foolish than I thought.
      It’s good that you’re finally trying to sort out the legalities of running a company, but it won’t make any difference. Forming a Limited Liability company only means that when the authors you rip off sue you, they’ll be suing your company, not you personally. And it won’t matter when the Feds come knocking, either. Even if you form an LLC tomorrow, it doesn’t wipe away more than 2 years worth of crimes. Those don’t just go *poof* and vanish. And make no mistake, hon. Those crimes are being investigated. I only hope somebody snaps off a few pics of your face when you open the door. I’d love to see your face when it all catches up to you.
      No matter what title you put on it, you will never be capable of running a company properly. Just look at your behavior here. You simply don’t have the mentality to be a proper businesswoman or CEO. Hell, you don’t have the mentality to be a proper anything. You’re crass, crude, and don’t have the first fucking clue about how to do anything right.
      You can put silk and perfume on a pig, but it’s still a pig at heart. And always will be.
      And you know it. You just don’t care.

      • Do you ever shut up or do you just like to hear the sound of your own voice? You dont know shit and never will about me or the company. Does us a favor quit spilling your bullshit. Frankly its getting rather old.

      • Hey Scabetha do you ever stop stealing from people or do you just like to spend their money? “Does us” all a favor and stop nicking people’s money. Frankly that’s been old for a long time. Get it through your thick skull you stupid cow.

  6. All I hear is blah blah blah…. as amusing as this is with you ppl I think you might want to watch your tongue… those that tell lies are certain to have it removed… something an old voodoo lady told me once.

    • Again with the old Voodoo lady? From deep in the Louisiana bayou, no doubt. What’s next, those alligators going to creep in the night and get me?
      Dear god, you’re a mental case. Get some help. You need it.

      • Be scared, tabby has the connections in the vodoo scene – she’s the boss-bitch!

      • Oh yeah. I’m terrified. Really.

        She’s such a pathetic mental casse. I don’t know whether to laugh and point or just shake my head.

    • You are amusing/entertaining. Not your books, mind you, but your comments. And your un-sexy photos. I know where my tongue is; it’s planted firmly in cheek. Not your cheek, just in case you need a little help with your reading comprehension.

    • Interesting, considering one of my many spiritual paths happens to be Voudon. And, if you actually knew anyone involved in it, you’d have the respect to spell it correctly, and to refer to a woman practitioner as Mambo, and a male practitioner as Houngan. And practitioners rarely make any statements like the one you claim to anyone outside of those their circle.
      Once again, your ignorance is astounding. If you are going to lie, at least put some effort in it and do just a few minutes of research.

  7. Ok, so now Tabbyscat and Jackie are back in “bed” with one another yet again, makes you wonder what happens with sweet Jaimie? I do find it very convenient that all the sudden the two are distantJackie ed, kind of funny how that just slips in there. Kind of like when Cindy made mention about her tattoo would be in a mag, miracle of miracle tabbyscat was doing something of the same. Is there nothing that anyone can do that that she doesn’t have to try and one up?

    I do have to point out that her writing style had dramatically changed. Did anyone pick up on that? Sad really she can’t even write her own retorts. She has to get someone to write her come backs, SERIOUSLY, how pathetic is that. So I guess she can blame that person for the misinformation, or the lies. Oh, I did not write that I had so and so assist. Makes you wonder what ELSE can’t she do on her own.

    My next point is gee she claims the books, and anthologies were pulled yet weren’t they on her page along with the book trailer, STILL with authors being shown that are no longer with her? I would also like to question the validity of the book Through My Eyes, which when Cindy left there was only ONE copy left for sale, and now 5 new and 3 used. Exactly who is getting the royalties on those book sales? And please don’t hand me cock and bull of ingram or outsources of sellers. If that was the case Cindy should HAVE received royalties from the initial sale. And let’s not forget the Glass Hearts anthology, which Tabbyscat said was doing so well in sales. If it was doing so bloody well, pray tell Tabetha why your authors only received $1.97 at most for their royalties?

    As Alice said things are getting curiouser and curiouser. Nothing is adding up from what tabbyscat is doing or saying. Then again when does it ever? Sadly now she has somehow managed to weasel Jackie back into the fold, I sincerely hope you know what you are doing Jackie. Tabbyscat has been known to use this tactic before, usually before the shit hits the fan. Is she going to use Jackie as the fall guy?

    And why does Tabby feel the need to try and air dirty laundry of others? Is it jealousy, or is it her was to take the bad focus off herself? Whichever it is it is a childish move, something seen in JR High, way to go tabbtscat good way to show how much business savvy you truly have. But then again can anyone expect anything more of you? Time and time again you keep showing just how shallow and lame you are. A true lady would rise above, then with you I am sure using the word lady is pushing the limits.

    One day I hope you open your eyes and see just how many you have hurt, with your schemes and selfishness. Maybe it won’t happen to you but someone you claim to love. I hope then you will feel all the hurt, pain and disillusionment that you have dumped on so many. Until then I wish Jackie luck, really YOU ARE going to need it.

    • It would take someone with a conscience and a heart to feel love, pain, remorse or regret, and Tabetha has neither. She’ll never feel anything but entitlement, because the only person she truly cares about is herself.

      No. Nobody can have anything that Tabetha can’t. She’s a jealous, grasping wannabe that can’t even write her own retorts or run her own company. She can’t do anything, short of manipulating others to do it for her. That is her only talent, and she’s going to ride it for every penny she can get.

      Jaimie was promoted to co-owner, manager, head lackey and chosen one when Jacqueline left. And now that Jacqueline’s back, Jaimie gets relegated back to the cheap seats again. But does this open her eyes to the fact that she’s only being used? Probably not. After all, she doesn’t even run her own radio show any more. Tabetha took it and made it her own, because that’s how she rolls. That’s all Tabetha does is take. But, if being used and abused makes Jaimie feel loved, we can only hope that one day, she’ll find out what love really means, because that’s not it.

  8. For giggles, I went and found my book on 8 used and 12 new copies of my paperback are currently offered from various sellers. And do you know who gets paid for that? I DO. No matter who’s buying or reselling it, I get paid for each and every copy that gets sold.
    So if your (former) publisher tries to tell you that your books are being bought and sold by somebody else, so, gee, they have nothing to do with it, they’re lying. You can believe whatever you want, of course, but ask yourself one very simple question: What have I got to gain by telling you the truth? Conversely, who has something to gain (your money) by lying to you?
    Think about that.

    • It doesn’t prove me wrong, you twat. It proves you don’t know kick about proper publishing. never have, never will, no matter who you’ve got giving you advice. And you don’t give a shit if it really runs right. You only care that you can make i LOOK like it runs right so it’s easier for people to put their money in your pocket. If those two think you’re interested in anything else, then congratulations. You scammed ’em all over again. I don’t feel sorry for either one of them, either, when your shit hits the fan and they’re the ones you throw under the bus for it.

      Never did answer that question, though, Who’d you scam into paying for your LLC? Because it sure didn’t come out of your pocket. Well, whoever it was, they prove the adage that a fool and his money are soon parted. You sure do know how to pick ’em. And if they fall for your shit not once but twice, they deserve every bit of ridicule and poverty they get for being associated with your scamming ass.

      Go ahead. Cackle like crows and trade around those pretty little pills. Wash ’em down with that wicked little green fairy. Do whatever makes your black, ashen heart happy. While you can, as a free person.

      • Again with the pills and green fairy is that all you got? I say prove it. Yes I take medication but mirapex isnt popping pills you cunttwat. Would like a medical report from my doctor you you good for nothing nosey ass bitch. And whatever this one week deal is with you can take it and shove so far up your ass that it spills outnyour mouth cause all its going to be is another round of your lies and fake bullshit. Everyone knows my PAST i dont hide that.But this is now not then. Dont make accusations unless you csan fucking back it up.

        And in the mean time you can take your fake ass blog and shove it as well because all of it is nothing but fucking lies. I have my proof in black and white. Where is yours?

      • And she still didn’t answer the question.
        Then again, she never does. She just blusters and bullshits around ’em.

  9. All I have to say is that there is definitely something fishy about Tabetha Jones by her responses. She never answers anything that’s asked of her without trying to bring up someone else or damage a reputation. She attempts distraction tactics that even a 13 year old can see through (I know this because I’ve asked one). She needs to grow up, be a woman, and take responsibility for her actions. It’s really sad and pathetic to use someone else as a shield to try and take the attention off of yourself.

  10. I contacted Tabetha Jones about a year ago regarding publication of my second book. One of the first things she did was tell me abut this blog, calling it a hate blog with some pretty harsh statements about Lepplady. Before I clicked to come and look at this blog, I already knew that I wasn’t going to publish through Ms. Jones and her company. As a writer, I want a publisher to talk to me about my work, not some childish flame war on a blog. It was evident from the first conversation that Tabetha Jones is not only unprofessional, she’s immature, uncouth, and not the sort of person I want involved with my work. Reading her comments and observing her ongoing juvenile behavior, I can see that I made the right choice, without a doubt.
    I’ve enjoyed moderate success with my publications since, through a publisher that puts the focus where it should be: on the author.

    • Well, Scabetha why didn’t you answer MY question on Cindy’s book? Like I said when she left your sorry ass and the pathetic excuse for a company there was only 1 book for sale. Funny now there are so many more. Yet I am sure she hasn’t seen a dime.
      You claim you don’t cheat or scam, but there it is in black and white. How can you explain that? You try so hard to cover shit up, just like a cat in a litterbox. Do the nasty and cover it up to try and HIDE the smell. When are you going to come clean? Face the music and make ammends.
      Oh, that’s rght cats don’t like water, funny in the Wizard of Oz, neither did the witch. I for one can’t wait until it all falls around you. Your melting, you poor excuse for a human, you are such a bitch. As for the green fairy you have noone to blame but yoyourself.

      • She’s already told us the answer. In one of her comments, she slipped up and admitted that the publisher gets paid for all those sales. And she’s the publisher, isn’t she? We know it. She knows it. Anybody with half a brain cell knows it.
        She’s pirating Cindy, just like she pirates Beth, just like she scams royalties off of any author foolish enough to publish with her.
        Just look at all the money she spends on models and photo shoots to try and glorify her sleazy ass. Nobody’s stupid enough to believe the models and photogs are doing all that work for free. We all know where that money’s coming from, despite her wide-eyed protestations of innocence.
        I’ll be happy when she’s busted for piracy. Then she can explain to Big Bertha on sock-washing day what a bad-ass biker chick she is. Let’s see how far her false bravado gets her when she’s faced with the real thing. I only wish they released prison surveillance video. Seeing her piss her panties and beg for mercy when they bust out the mop handles would be priceless.

        Ah, well. Knowing it’ll happen will just have to suffice.

    • Pretty much figured that’s who you got to shoulder if for you. Not only is she stupid enough to go back to you, she’s foolish enough to pay out of pocket to TRY to legalize your company. Not a bad idea, setting up an LLC, the L and L standing for limited liability. It gives you a legal cloak to hide behind personally while your company takes the legal hits. And those hits WILL follow, because no matter how nice and legal you try to make everything look, you’re still just a scam, a liar and a thief. You simply aren’t capable of running anything properly. Not a modeling agency, not a salon, and certainly publishing company. Hell, you couldn’t even sell pizza to hungry soldiers. You’re too busy looking for a way to make a quick buck to actually buckle down and work. Gotta keep those pretty pills rolling in and those green fairies flying, after all.
      The only way Jackie’s ever going to run even a SEMBLANCE of a proper publishing company is if you’re not involved with it. Simple as that. She had the chance to make that happen with Sabrina, probably the only REAL friend she had, because we all know you’re not a friend. You’re a predator. You don’t care about people, you just use them. Then, when you’re done, you toss them aside and abuse them until they’re sick of defending themselves against you and go away. Jackie’s seen you do that to quite a few people, even in the short time she’s been with you. But for some reason, she seems to think she’s immune, and chose to deal with you instead of striking out in an effort with a true friend in what could have been a successful business.
      But she never was a real friend to Sabrina, was she, and that business was never intended to be one, was it?
      Of course not.
      You’ve been so jealous of Sabrina that you can’t even SEE straight. Jackie set Sabrina up for a fall from the start, didn’t she? And you loving every minute of the show, giggling like an idiot every time Jackie showed you Sabrina’s texts, her most secret confessions and innermost thoughts, which she THOUGHT she was sharing with a friend, Jackie.
      No real friend or colleague, Jackie set Sabrina up to take a fall, both personally and professionally. Jackie got Sabrina’s hopes up about a company that was never going to happen, and gathered all the personal intel she could so that you could strike out and destroy her.
      Good thing you don’t know Sabrina as well as you think.She doesn’t strike me as the type that’s going to boo-hoo and run off with her tail between her legs just because you show how ugly you are by lying about her.
      And whether she chooses to publish her own work or start her own company, she’ll succeed a million times greater than you will, because she’s got talent, personality, and genuine likability. Qualities you can neither claim yourself or destroy in others.
      Same thing with Cindy White and anybody else that really has come to their senses and gotten away from you. Not those hapless lackeys that never really did, only went out on recon missions for you to try to undermine others. Those authors that have truly realized that the worst thing any writer could do is have your name associated with their work, have already won the game. They got away from you.

      So you go right ahead and celebrate what you think is a victory by trying to convince people your henchmen came to their senses briefly. Have your minion Jackie pay for and set up what you’ll claim is a legitimate company. And when that company fails, just like everything you do fails, she can take the fall for it because her name’s all over it. That’s the real plan, isn’t it? Sure it is. Line ’em up, use ’em up, then toss ’em aside. That’s your game, and she’ll find that out. All this time she could have been writing that she’s wasted on you and your drama instead, only to be rewarded with betrayal. I can’t say that I feel sorry for her. She’s begging for it. Hell, she’s PAYING for it. So when it comes — and we both know it will — she deserves every bit of it.

      As for Sabrina and everybody else that’s smart enough to keep their work away from you, they’ve got a real shot at writing. Something you, your chemical habits and your junior high school playground drama mentality will never have.

      Man, it must suck to be you.

      • Your the failure cunttwat. You have no life all you do is stalk the fabulous Ms. Tabetha Jones. Your just pissed because her business is legit you just wantto tear her down with your hate and lies. Fuck you CUNT while Tabetha tips you a kiss from her middle finger as she struts her stuff all the way to the bank.

      • Everyone knows the LLC is her attempt to set things up for Jackie to take the blame for everything that is about to happen – unfortunately, it won’t matter in regards to the crimes committed when it was a sole proprietorship (translation for Tabby: YOU ARE STILL GOING TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID.) Anything that comes after the LLC will most likely land flat on Jackie, as everyone also knows that Ta-BERTHA will skip out and let her take the fall… and I have zero sympathy for the willing victim. Let ’em go down in flames together, but just know, Tabby, that you’ll be going down first.

  11. Oh, look it’s Tabeth– uh.. Ruby Dee again. And you just basically admitted that Tab is a thief, as how else could she strut to the bank? And pretty soon, the only walking she’ll be doing is the perp-walk. (BTW, I think you meant “slutting her way” instead of “strutting her way” — though she’s no whore. Whores get paid, and not HAVE to pay.)

  12. Did anybody see Scabby Batty’s new profile picture? Only slutty scabby would get a vagina tattooed on her undersized flabby man-boobs.

    • Vagina, what? She got a cheesy-ass heart tattoo on her chest.
      I see what you mean. When she mashes her chest fat together like that to try and force the look of cleavage, it does look like a vajay-jay. Oh, so classy in an evening gown.

    • Bloody hell – that woman is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside!
      The twat-tattoo on her sloppy tits seems appropriate…

  13. That tattoo is for my dad and I don’t have to fake cleavage with D cups. As for Ruby Dee I don’t know who she is but I like her and the reason you don’t is simply because she tells you like it is. And I’m actually setting up modeling gigs as we speak. I do have a team of models and photographers backing me.

    Again with the book’s I have proof that nor I or Phoenix gets paid for those other sellers. Just as I don’t for the first edition of Blood Magic. And just for peace of mind I checked with Amazon and was told the same thing.

    Funny I thought this blog was about being advocates for authors not taking cheap shots at someone’s life, weight, looks, or anything else.

    I’d rather be a freak than simple girl. And Jacqueline is a wonderful woman and she and I will take Phoenix to the top also helps when you have an author that is an attorney on top of the one I have.

    I have nothing to prove to anyone of you. I have a life full of love and life and Phoenix is flourishing. My mother is making a recovery, I have a beautiful daughter, I have wonderful friends, and someone special that cares deeply for me.

    Life is too short for your bullshit. But I give props to ruby Dee not sure who she is but loving that word. Cunttwat. Catchy isn’t it. I think we found we a word that perfectly describes lepplady to a T.

    • How the fuck do you not know who she is when you defended her right here as your lesbian sister that bought into your Yeah but then blatantly claim you have no fucking clue who she is. I can’t be the only one payung attention to the less you keep spilling here. That one being plain as day. You got busted I would no longer speak. Just go back under your rock and stock trying to use Larry. He would tell you how big of a fuck up you are. Both Charles and Larry. And all it would take is for them to read this. As far as your so called connections you have none. The only connection you have is spoon to mouth but your resources for that are running dry too.

      • how do we know they don’t read it? You never know.

        Everybody she’s ever been involved with probably has a horror story to tell. So will the next guy, and the next, ad infenitum, until she’s no longer young enough or conniving enough to get a guy to tolerate her touch. Her inner beauty certainly won’t lure them in, she hasn’t got any. Looks only go so far, and she hasn’t got those, either. What will she do when she can’t con any guys into paying her bulls or doing her dirty work for her? Well, that’s a stupid question. She’ll just keep telling her friends sob stories to get them to pay her bills. She’ll keep ripping off any authors eager and gullible enough to think she’s a publisher. She’ll scam. Just like she always does.

      • Wrong again never defended ruby Dee as my sister. Dee has posted under her own name several times. At I do believe my dad’s would be proud of me defending myself because that is how I was taught unlike you that had a shifty dad that didn’t give a fuck about you. Oh that’s right you were always jealous of my childhood weren’t you. Why? Because I actually had parents that loved me and gave a shit when you had nothing.

        And you have no idea of the connections I have. Quit thinking you know me when you actually know nothing about the person I truly am. And I can be that woman now that I’m away from you.

      • Bullshit Tabby girl. Nobody ever wanted you they handed you off like yesterday’s garbage that nobody wanted and they still don’t. That’s why your such a slutty scumbag because that’s the only way anybody wants you. You don’t have any connections you only have people you stalk around trying to be in there lives but your not. Your not a model so stop telling people there begging you to be a model your just an ugly jealous low life scab slut cumcatcher. Your fake ass dad’s would be ashamed if they knew what you did that’s why ypu paid Lep’s kid to keep them from finding out. Go stuff your fat face with little debbie cake’s and finger yourself why you dream about strippers that hate your fat guts.

    • D cups? Maybe with three padded, push-up bras. Those flabby little things you call boobs couldn’t fill a D cup without lots of help.

      You post here under alternative names just like you did on Emily’s blog and Cuss’s. You know it. We know it. But, keep lying and say that you don’t, if you think you’re fooling anybody,

      So I was right about the models. Even though you lie through your teeth and call me a liar, sooner or later you prove me right with your own words. Every single time. You stomp your widdle foot and pout your widdle lip demanding PROOF! …and then you supply it yourself. Despite your massive bulk, you’re so transparent, a blind man could see right through you.

      Flourishing? If you call an handfull of gullible minions you lie to on a daily basis, a few models that haven’t figured out yet what a conniving thief you are yet, and so many multiple personalities, Sybil would get confused flourishing, then, yeah. You top the Forbes 500.

      You and that fake attorney of yours, always a source of amusement. It’s been at least 2 years and I’m still waiting fr his contact information. Since you’re suing me for defamation and all. Still waiting on paperwork for that, too.

      Hon, the only thing that could help you is medication. Or a swift boot up the ass. Maybe both.

      For someone that says she has nothing to prove to us, you sure do spend a lot of time here trying to prove it.Poor insecure, deluded Tabetha, so deseperate for attention that you’ll seek it even here, among people that already know the truth about you. You’re a liar and a thief, yet you still think somehow that running your fat pie-hole will change anybody’s mind. Maybe you’ve got a few people conned into thinking your hot shit, or maybe they think they can change you for the better. Or maybe they just don’t care because they’re of the same loathsome mentality that it’s okay to rip people off. But most of us, the ones that live out here in the real, sane world, we know exactly what you are. No amount of blabber from alts changes that.

      You’ll face up to your bullshit one day. Soon. And you’ll deserve every bit of justice you get.

      • I’d send you a pic of my d cups but that’s not my style. And yes I do have a support team of models and photographers pushing me mentoring and supporting my dreams. What’s wrong with that? Didn’t say they were being paid now did I??

        And I’ve never had any complaints about my touch. Tony surely doesn’t complain.

        And I’m sure Lepp here can check the IP address for ruby Dee and show its not my sister or me.

    • “Funny I thought this blog was about being advocates for authors not taking cheap shots at someone’s life, weight, looks, or anything else.”

      You make it personal. You don’t know how to keep your personal life and private life separate. So it’s impossible to deal with one and not the other. And it’s you, yourself, that you have to thank for any cheap shots, putting yourself out there the way you do, with the scumbag demeanor with which you represent yourself. YOU attach all that negative bullshit to your company and your authors, so it’s impossible not to deal with personal observations when talking about one or the other. Expecting people not to insult you after the way you insult anybody that ever crosses your path would be like setting yourself on fire then bitching about it if they pissed on you to put you out.
      If I were you, though, I wouldn’t count on it.

  14. And I have no reason to be jealous of Sabrina. She’s a woman that cheats on her husband. Gets sexually involved with her employees and another man while her husband is out busting his ass to take care of her.

    I do not believe in cheating. I wasn’t raised that way. And I have no reason to be jealous of her or anyone. I am a confident woman in my own skin. I don’t need anyone’s approval. I’m me and content with my life and myself.

    • Really? Models? Bullshit. What the hell do models and photographers have to do with promoting your authors writing? Oh I forgot… You don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself. And you are so confident that you can’t help running your mouth at every chance and yes, “twatcunt” you write here under many names. Try not to use the same insults when you are posting as an alt.

      • Hanging out with models now is the same as her hanging out with those strippers she’s so fond of. it’s her way of injecting herself into what she sees as a glamorous world full of beautiful people. And, like everything else, fails. Where are all those strippers now? Same place the models will be when they realize what a grasping, loathsome creature she really is. Making a (very) wide berth around her.
        But she’ll try. Hell, she might even try to say that they want her to be one of them, begging her to model and be a part of their world. Will she tout herself as the next plus-sized Cindy Crawford?
        Poor sick little Tabetha, trying so hard to fit in somewhere fabulous, probably because she’s never fit in anywhere, always too selfish, too conniving, too greedy to care about anybody, so nobody cares about her. Not for long. Not when they see the horrible, hideous truth she tries so hard to conceal beneath a cracking, crumbling facade.

    • Funny how you are complaining about people taking “cheap shots” at you, given all the crap you spew. If you didn’t routinely come off as an ignorant, low class, insecure attention whore, then no one would have anything to say about it. If you had the ability to come off as a professional -on your blog, your website, your facebook, your pictures, your books, etc- then most of these comments would not exist. Hell, more than half of all the comments on all the entries of this blog wouldn’t exist but for the fact that you have the need to come on here and prove that you are nothing but a hustler-wannabe liar with delusions of grandeur.

      • If she were professional on any level, this blog wouldn’t exist. If she knew how to be a real publisher and pay her authors, she would never have landed on my radar in the first place. Nobody would have anything to complain about. But as always, she blames everybody else for her shortcomings and refuses to take responsibility for anything she does. She’s never going to understand even the most basic concept of being a mature, responsible adult. So all we sane and rational people can do is either point and laugh or just leave her festering in the mire of her own pitiful little insecure life.

    • You have every reason to be jealous of Sabrina. The more you insult her, the more you prove it. As ever, you accuse her of doing the things you’re most guilty of. Sabrina never had employees, you did. So by accusing her of it, you just confessed your own sins. Not that I believe any of the men that were stupid enough to sign with you ever accepted your advances. But that’s probably why (at least one of) your male authors left you. They got tired of your sleazy tactics.

      You need EVERYONE’S approval. That’s why you put yourself out there so loudly. That’s why you come here to rant and rave. That’s why you’re so brash and brazen. Somebody who’s confident doesn’t need to do all that. Someone that’s got such a great life they’re so content with doesn’t need to constantly put themselves in front of people the way you do, screaming for attention.
      No. You’re not content. You might easily be one of the most insecure people I’ve ever seen. And that’s just pathetic.

  15. I think it’s obvious that Ruby and Tabetha are one and the same. I agree with Eric’s comments about using the same phrases. Plus Ruby is doing the same thing as Tabetha. Trying to make her seem “fabulous”. As for her keep bringing Sabrina right back up and pointing out all of her faults (that I feel is just Tabetha trying to use her as a scapegoat). Who is to say that Tabetha isn’t mad because Sabrina turned down her advances. All we have to go on are your words Tabetha. You keep saying you have proof of this and that. All you do is talk. Remind me of a yapper dog just yapping away. My dog has more interesting things to say. This woman right here has no respect for someone who tries so hard to convince the world she’s golden and such a wonderful classy Jem. You can polish a turd and it’s still shit.

    • Exactly. You can put perfume on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Always will be. Right up until you fry that bad boy and eat it with eggs, that is. Then it’s tasty.

  16. Well… I am confused now. “I don’t know who Ruby Dee is”…. really Tabetha? You think everyone is so stupid. Guess what we can read and process the words you write. To my point… if you didn’t know her then why did you tell the world she was your lesbain sister? Then it would not have been asked why you would sign Nicky, the homophobe, when your sister was gay! So which is it Tabetha? You reek of manure again because you can not keep up with your own lies. Jackie, my words to you is …. LOOK AT HOW SHE JUST THREW HER SISTER UNDER THE BUS, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK YOU ARE INVINCABLE TO HER TOSSING PEOPLE OUT. THIS IS NOT US ATTACKING BUT HER SHOWING HER TRUE PERSONALITY. A leopard always shows its spots! Yet again, Tabetha helped the cause and proved she is a liar!

    • My sister Dee posted under her own name and her full name happens to be Deborah Kay. Have good ole leppy check the IP address and it will prove its not me nor my sister.

      And actually Dee was actually ok with me working with Nckalous but unfortunately the way things he wanted wouldn’t work so Phoenix pulled out.

      And again not jealous of anyone I post on here because your bullshit. Everyone has a right to defend themselves.

      • Lep posted that they lost a family member so stop trying to bait her with your bullshit. Try to have some respect or at least fake it.


      • Okay, we got it. “D” – as in DEPLORABLE, as in DENY, and as in DUMB.

      • Instead of getting your panties in a jumbled mess … I was only going on things said here. What you and your sister fail to realize is
        1) When author writes he/she has a way of typing like a fingerprint or pressure points in handwritten letters.
        2) I am not smearing anyone’s personal business, I would not know if you ate pussy or sucked dick if someone hadn’t already posted the answer.

        3) The key word that Ruby Dee uses is so close to your sister trashy responses.

        4) I don’t have make up stories about you and your sister to br entertained.

        5) The Freebiker chick thing is just that… one can ride a bike and be protrayed as bad but the true ones do not brag or run mouth for they just show actions

        6) The first admendment gives me the right to speak. If you do not sant your shit aired… zip your sister’s lips.

        7) A well-educated woman would know when to fight and when to walk away.

        8) When you are a public figure … personal life gets put in the public as well. Just think about it like this you are under a microscope… everything spoken and written will be talked about if the heat is too much get the hell out of the kitchen!

        I apologize to you Dee, if you are not Ruby Dee… somehow I got confused. No! I will not apologize to Tabetha! For she has started this because of her lack of knowledge to run a proper business. No way over twenty authors have similar stories of being scammed.

      • Why should anybody apologize to Tabitha when she’s the one that steals from people. Look at how she treats Lep. Tabitha owes Lep one hell of an apology for being such an asswipe during a time of loss. Would Lep do what she’s doing? Hell no. What was it Tab said? If you want to get respect you have to give it. Well that goes both ways. But that will never happen because she doesn’t respect anybody least of all herself. The same thing goes for her sister. Anybody with an ounce of self respect would be furious that their sister hooked up with a bigot like Nicky P.

  17. Well she sure as shit doesn’t care the stress she put my mother under treating me the way she has as we almost lost her several days ago. So why should I care about her family. She doesn’t give a shit about mine.

    And Dallas Gurl my dad’s are both deceased and would be proud for me fighting for myself. That’s how they taught me. You don’t know shit about me. Obviously I sense some jealously. I do have connections. Not my fault u don’t have what I do.

    • Ah, the “heart ache” thing again. Have you not figured out yet that you either meant “heart attack” or possibly even “stroke?” That is, if you are even telling the truth, considering that you only bring up “almost lost her several days ago” in some sick and perverse way of defending yourself, as well as satisfying your perverse need to try to “one up” everyone. At this point, you could tell me what my name is and I’d still be inclined to disbelieve you.
      (BTW.. I guess no one has bothered to tell you that it stopped being “kool” to replace a “c” with a “k” when spelling words.. um.. back in the fifth grade. I’m not surprised that your brain seems stuck there, but honestly… that alone reduces your “blog” to a laughing stock. And you have that blog attached to your “professional” site? I’m amazed you’ve been able to sucker as many people as you have.)
      Also, simply for your disrespect to Lepplady during this time of grief, she may be deleting this blog.. and I may very well be creating one of my own. And I am nowhere close to being as nice and polite as Lepp.

      • Several times, in comments here, messages to Lepp and even on her own blog, she claimed her mother was in the hospital due to have a “heart ache.”
        She repeatedly used the phrase “heart ache” instead of heart attack or stroke or anything that would indicate a need for hospital admission, or the alleged moving in of her sister to help take care of dear old Mom.
        The fact that she screws up something so simple, over and over again, tells me that she can’t write her way out of a wet paper bag, and that’s without losing a single brain cell by attempting to read either her “poetry” or her “novels.”

  18. I have no problem scanning the paperwork or giving you the number where she is receiving treatment to prove you all wrong.

    • Nobody gives a shit. Lep announced the death of a loved one. That’s it. You don’t say your mom is sick to convey the information, you do it for some tactical advantage, the way you’re doing right now. You don’t care about your sick mom, you care about how you can use her to manipulate people. You’re only proving what a sick fuck you are, and we already know that.

  19. And if Lepp wants respect then she needs to show some. As for blogs I have 3 my personal one has nothing to do with my company website.

    • The way you respect all those writers by paying them, right? You don’t deserve respect, so don’t be surprised when you don’t get any. Try paying them all. Be respectable. Then you can talk about deserving some respect.

      • Watching you ppl is very entertaining and unfortunately what you think and what goes on in my life are two different things. But saying I use my mother is a bit far. So keep bumping them gums because once her recovery is a hundred percent it won’t be me you deal with I’m sure it will be her.

        And yes my mom is always worried it’s her cancer coming back but the reasons for her hospitalization this time had nothing to do with it. But I’m just some heartless bitch right. That’s why I fought all week to ensure I wouldn’t be at a funeral next week.

        Karma is a bitch. You get punished one way or another. Maybe just maybe my mom making a full recovery and lepp losing one was higher powers saying back the fuck off. You get what you give. So get a taste of religion bitch come lick a witch.

      • God killed Lepp’s loved one as karma for you? You are a heartless bitch and talk about delusions of grandeur. Crawl back in your gutter and swallow some more pills you sick sack of shit.

  20. You just proved your heartlessness, Tabs. And your ignorance, again, as Karma doesn’t work that way. Also, you just earned yourself a new blog about you- most likely the first thing in your life that you’ve earned.

    • Oh allow me to bow and smile gratefully. Never said God I said higher powers. Some of us are blessed in these areas. While some are not. The spirit world decides who it takes not I. It punishes and gives. It takes and receives. As my mentor and elder taught me. Maybe she believed it was time to take matters in her own hands. Yes there is a God and there is the Devil but there are other powers just as strong. Whether you believe or not is own you.

      I am not heartless but I believe in all things. You get what you give as I was taught. I love many ppl my mother being one and when science doesn’t do the trick there are other meanings of healing.

      Call it evil call it voodoo whatever you wish but there are beyond what you each believe. All it takes is the will and belief. It also helps to have it run in the family. Willis genes are known for a few tricks.

      My beliefs may be different than others but I have a right to them and you have a right to your own. Karma has a way of dealing with things when you least expect.

      • Also, you responded to the wrong person. I never said God, either. I would not use your name or any implication of you in the same sentence as words like God, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Fairies… good, nice, compassionate, etc.
        And I’m wondering if dear Jackie wrote that for you. You see, Tab, every writer has a distinct “voice,” and this one doesn’t have yours. So either someone else wrote it for you, or you lifted it from somewhere.

      • You don’t get what you give Blabetha, you get what you steal. If you believe in karma you better watch out because yours is catching up to you fast, you better believe in that. You better watch over your shoulder, not for the gators your old Voodoo lady is sending after Lepp (*eye roll*) but the boys in blue. Watcha gonna do when they come for you.

  21. “It punishes and gives. It takes and receives.” …and it puts the lotion on its skin, yeah, fine.
    If you actually believe any of what you just spouted, then you better be looking out for the cosmic bitchslap that is on its way to you. And again, you wrote “voodoo” which means you know what you’ve seen in movies, and it doesn’t work that way.
    No one made fun of your mother being ill; no one said she deserved it because her kid is a scammer, a liar, a thief. What WAS made fun of was you consistently calling her ailment a “heart ache” – something that a normal person, let alone a Professional Writer, would not get wrong.
    Your behavior during this time -knowing that Lepp is not here, so you show your ass more than usual- has backfired on you. You not only further prove your lack of character, but it won’t be going away when Lepp takes down her site. Nope.. all your words and the evidence of them will still be on the internet, ready for everyone to see the real you. I’ll make sure of that.

    • Scametha’s acting all big and bad because mommy’s away, so the rat will play. She thinks she’s all bad and cutesy but she’s got another think coming because all she’s doing is showing her ass and proving Leppy right as usual. And your right Hatter that doesn’t read like Scabetha at all it must be Jackie since Cindy isn’t around to do it for her anymore, unless she went running back too. Flabetha’s taking college courses isn’t she well I wonder who’s writing all those papers for her because she obviously can’t write her own way out of a wet paper bag. I wonder what her school would do if they found out she isn’t writing her own work, do you think they’d frown on that? Hmmmmm I wonder.

      • I can do all my own writing. I do not need anyone to do it for me but why waste good writing on idiots like yourself.

        And no it’s not what I have seen in movies, it actually doesn’t work that way when you are a real practitioner. When you firmly believe in higher powers.

        There is light just as there is dark, it is up to the person to go their own direction. There is a fine line between the two.

        Do a little research and you will find proof. Although unless you have seen the power of it happen right in front of you I would believe yes you might disagree.

        But higher powers have a way of setting things right. You get what you give. I know that I have nothing to fear. I’ve played by the rules.

      • I know it’s not Tabby – that is obvious. But I’m willing to play along here. It will be a different story on my own blog. Lepp is interested in justice, and always has been. Scatty made this personal when she decided to show her true colors over the loss of a family member. Lepp will take the high road on that as well, but I won’t. Congrats, Tab – you’ve made an enemy of a person that is four times smarter and twice as crazy as you are.

  22. That pentacle on your chest won’t protect you. I have been practicing since I was 16. My father was an elder with many gifts. And my mentor was a crazy old voodoo lady that now runs a shop in New Orleans.

    Twice as crazy I think not. Smarter I think not. Now riddle me this how would Jacqueline post under my IP and know these things when she is not a practitioner. If you truly are then you should know how the rules work.

    You would the terms I speak of if you were taught by an elder. Or if you were a natural gifted practitioner, which means it is passed down through family.

    You want to do a blog let me give you a round of applause. Be sure to send me the link. But do not dare challenge one that has more power oh wait you should know the true punishment for that if you truly are a practitioner. You should know threatening another whose power is greater and yes done did a few things to confirm, what punishment you receive from higher powers.

    Remember it gives and it takes. Don’t miss them off or they take from you.

    • I don’t wear a pentacle – why would I? And I never threatened you with anything having to do with *any* spiritual or ritualistic means. I don’t show my hand. Ever. As for your intelligence… We’ll see how smart you are behind bars. Also, you won’t really need a link to my blog. Every word on it will have come from your own vulgar, conniving, lying mouth. You have no idea who or what I am, yet you show yourself every time you post anywhere.

    • If you and Jackie knew how stupid you look you’d understand why everybody laughs at you. But your too stupid to understand that so you just keep making laughing stocks of your self. Go ahead and make us laugh some more you stupid cows. Or better yet bring your voodoo witch bitch on the blog to so we can laugh at her silly ass to. You guys are boring.

  23. I would like to apologize to Lepp for allowing my emotions to get the better of me on HER blog. This blog post was meant to help others get justice for their work. If Tab or Jackie or anyone want to engage me with smoking mirrors, they can do so when my blog is up. Again, my apologies to Lepp.

    • Oh and please be sure to send me that link I cant wait to see would fictious lies you spread about me. Obviously no one is oncerned about tis blog or any other as Jackie and I have received 18 submissions within 48 hours for our anthologies.

      And LMFAO Jackie knows exactly what has been posted as we communicate several times a day as that is how a real partnership works in a business. Im also sure once her internet is back up she will post herself.

      As for my modeling and support team this blog is the one that brought up when they began talking shit about my pics. No my modeling has nothing to do with Phoenix Fire but the money made off my photo shoots will be invested into the company.

      Writing and publishing will always be my number one passion but I do have other dreams and aspirations that I plan on going for whether anyone here fucking likes it or not. I think that it is chilish to take low blows calling ppl names when beauty is not about size or looks. To each their own. You dont see me calling anyone fat, or ugly, or knocking them for going after their dreams so what gives any of you the right to do it to me.

      I was taught if you were going to dream then dream big or dont dream at all. Today is my Fathers birthday may he rest in peace and I made a promise to him on his death bed that I would be the woman he raised and not some broad that would take shit off anyone.

      And Iknow in my heart of hearts he would be proud of his daughter for standing for herself, her family, her friends, and what she believes in.

      It seems that no one cares to here the real truth of what has happened all you are going off of is hear say and pissed off ppl out for revenge. I am sure in the past I said things that were unprofesinal and out of line but you can only push someone so for before they break. No one cares to walk a mile in my shoes and understand what it is like on the other side.

      I have nothing to hide. I have always been open about my past with abuse and addiction but when when my adopted father passed on 4-3-06 i puled my head out of my ass and got clean. And have been clean since. I would never go back to that lifestyle because of my daughter and a promise i made to a man on his death bed.

      I am not a drug addict, I am not a con artist, I am not a thief, I am not the person this blog has made me out to to be but you all have created the monster and for that I will not apologize. I have a reson to lash out.

      And forgive me if when I post on my Kindle that the auto correct sometimes has a mind of its on. So the whole heart ache thing was due to that. My mother Darlene Jones has had several heart attacks, is i remissiom from cancer and has had a triple bypass a wound vac put on her chest, a pacemaker put in and plai and simple between seeing her daughter stressed out because u ppl talk of the shit you ppl talk seeing me upset and her other health conditions she was was hospitalized. For two days she didnt talk and we were told to make arrangements.

      If I was was such a heartless bitch I would not have fought to save mother by ensuring every specialist was brought to the hospital. You ppl have no idea what my life is like you only assume. You do not know the hell I have been through, the ppl I have lost, and the battles I have fought.

      But why bother telling any of you any of this. Not like any of you give a shit about me or what you say about me. But at the end of the day I know I am a good person with a heart of gold and for those that I love and cherish I would would do anthing for them.

      Maybe if you all stopped for a moment and actually learned to see the real me you would get the lady instead of the bitch monster you all have created. I will not apologize for deeding myself nor will I aplogize for anything I am being accused for it is all lies.

      I have to the black and white proof whether anyone believes it or not. If I wasnt so sure of myself why would I fight so hard to show you ppl I am not what you make me out to be.

      So continue on with your games, your jokes, belittling me, because at this point in my life I could really careless. I know who I am and what I have done. I am not perfect and never have pretended to be but I am a good person. I have no regrets because I believe evedrything we do molds us into the person we become.

      You an take this message or leave but I am done here. So continue on with your games but I will no longer be apart of them. I am done copletely and thoroughly. I am getting off the roller coaster ride and the games you all are playing. I have a daughter to raise a company to run and a mother to take care of.

      You can either take this or leave it or simply just fuck off.

      • People do know the real you Hagetha you showed your true colors right here acting like such an ass while Leppy is gone at a funeral. You stole from everybody and everybody knows it. You try to take the high road like Lepp but your nowhere near as classy, smart or charismatic as that great lady even with three of you writing this crap so go ahead and run your company into the ground even worse while you wait for the cops to drag your ass to jail.

      • Bullshit. This blog didn’t make you a monster. It showed the world What a monster you are and you did it yourself by running your yap. So don’t blame Lepp. It’s not her fault you’re a monster. You did that yourself so sit back and enjoy everybody knowing it because you’re not just the town slut, you’re the village idiot too.

      • Tabetha Jones is still an addict. No person who has overcome a history of drug abuse would say “I am not a drug addict.” Anybody dealing with abuse issues past or present would refer to themselves as a “recovering” addict. They realize that drugs aren’t something an addict used to do and gave up in the manner she describes. It just doesn’t happen successfully in that manner. Anybody familiar with overcoming addiction will tell you the same thing. It’s an ongoing process they have to deal with every day for the rest of their lives. There are steps to overcoming addiction which include, among other things, making amends, which she has in no way done with the people she has wronged. Once again, she describes something she is obviously clueless about, trying to paint herself in a heroic light but giving herself away as an active addict who has not addressed recovery issues at all. Rather, she hides them with as much manure polish as her descriptions of old Voodoo ladies that kill people for her.

      • Sorry. I just can’t buy your sudden “I’m the VICTIM here!” rouse, after all the shit you’ve spewed in almost every single blog entry. And you don’t insult people on their weight or their looks? I do not have the time to go through and screenshot the entire episode of you calling out someone else’s private pictures and all the shit you said about that person — at least, I don’t have time to do it here. I’ll save that for the blog that is in the works. Not that it should matter to you, since you’ve given your flounce here. Since you’re off the roller coaster, I trust you’ll keep your word *snort* and not visit my blog at all.

      • For somebody that’s off the roller coaster, she sure visits this blog often enough. She isn’t posting, but she still comes around to see what we’re saying about her. Ever the attention whore. Same thing for her buddy, Jackie, who isn’t supposed to have the internet. She’s missed only one day, the 27th. A stat tracker is a wonderful thing. Yes, indeed.
        And I’m sure she’ll visit yours.

      • What? Visit my blog? But.. but.. she said she’s done “playing games” and she’s “getting off the roller coaster ride!” Besides, she’s got an brand new LLC for her to shut down, throw Jackie under the bus for it, and a new company to create in order to get trying to sell her fornication books – how would she ever find the time to go visit a silly little blog??
        Surely not! Nay, not for such a classy, professional, Mother AND Daughter of the Year. Such a paragon of virtue shall never go visit

      • Oh, no. Such a paragon of virtue would never stoop to it. It’s not like she came to see mine at 7pm, 8pm, 11pm last night, then 3, 5 and 7pm this morning, and again at noon. She’s too busy living her fabulous life. Right? …Right?

    • No apologies needed. I’m grateful that there are so many people willing to stick up for me when I’m gone.
      Thank you, each and every one of you for being good folks. You make it worth while.

  24. Wow I didn’t know that autocorrect could butcher so many words. Much less correct it to a word that doesn’t make any sense. Proof reading anyone?

  25. Pingback: 1099 | Lepplady

  26. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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