So proud!

My daughter Thea Larson was in the newspaper today, interviewed for her book, “Trust.”
I’m so stinking proud, I can’t stand it!


19 thoughts on “So proud!

  1. EDITED by Leppmommy

    I ordinarily don’t edit comments from Tabetha, Ruby Dee, or any of the other trolls that say ugly things here. But I will not leave the nasty comment made by Ruby Dee about my daughter today. I realize that it only shows the ugliness inside them to say something so unkind about such a sweet, lovely girl as my daughter, but I will not have it.

    You disgusting trolls can say whatever you want about me, but ugly comments about my kid will not stand.

    Go show your ass on your own blog.

    • Thea’s reaction to Ruby’s comment is, of course, much more sensible than mine.

      But when it comes to my children, the mama bear comes out. Nobody hurts my kids. It’s that reaction that inspired this blog to begin with; a scam publisher hurt my kid. I wanted to make sure nobody else fell victim to said scam. And I think I’ve helped, a bit. Credit goes to those brave authors who have stepped forward to reveal the truth about a scam publisher that has no business anywhere near publishing, but I like to think I helped a little, giving them a forum in which to do it.
      As such, the issue is with ME, not my kid. If they don’t have to guts to stick with me because they know they can’t win, that’s understandable. They can’t. Waging a war of wits and words against unarmed opponents is always fun.
      But wage it with me, not my kid. Pot shots at my daughter won’t be tolerated. Sensible? Maybe not. But as a parent, that’s the way I roll.

  2. If I remember correctly you said and explained to my sister on facebook that you knew Ruby Dee was not either one of us and you appreciated that we clarified we were not the horrid Ruby Dee.

  3. If I remember correctly you said and explained to my sister on facebook that you knew Ruby Dee was not either one of us and you appreciated that we clarified we were not Ruby Dee.

    • And yet this comment came through just fine, didn’t it?

      Your posts aren’t moderated. If you posted, it would have shown up. Unless you tried to post from yet another new ID using a proxy and yet another bogus email. Is that what happened?


      • No, Tabetha. I don’t want anything about you. Except, perhaps, that you seek professional help. You need it. Desperately. I don’t say that to be cruel. It’s true, and you’re the only one that doesn’t see it.

        Besides, you wouldn’t know how to be a lady if somebody handed you instructions. All you know how to be is a scheming, manipulative predator. That’s all you’re up to here, putting on an act to try to turn the tides back in your favor. Sorry, hon, but that won’t happen. The moon rules the tide, and even the shadow you cast can’t compete. The world knows about you, and no pathetic tap dance you try to pull off will ever stuff that little kitty back in the bag. All anyone need do is google your name and the truth about you spills forth for the wise to heed and steer clear of you.
        Keep trying to pass yourself off as a publisher. Make up as many new ID’s as you want. You’ll never succeed at it. You’ll never succeed at anything until you put right what’s wrong with yourself. You’ve got some very serious problems that could be dealt with if only you’d admit them.
        You do have one thing going for you. You’re charming. You use that to sucker people victims in to your schemes. What you don’t have are any real skills, empathy, or ambition outside of glorifying yourself. If you would only address your mental issues, start to care about other people and learn some real skills, you could use that well-practiced charm to actually get somewhere.
        But you won’t. You think you’re entitled to treat people the way you do, and you only care about yourself. So a failure is what you will forever be. And you’ve got nobody to blame it on but yourself. As ever.

  4. Tabetha didn’t want to say congratulations to your daughter or else she would have without all the drama. She’s not happy for your daughter she just can’t stand seeing somebody do so good so she has to shove her fat ugly face in it. So jealous!

    • I concur. There was no post from her that got rejected, moderated or denied in any fashion. Only new posts are moderated from new people. After the first or second, they come straight to the board. There would have been no problem for her to post her congratulations, if that’s all she meant to do.

      But now that I think about it, isn’t that about the time this absurd new Alice/Hatter started to post? THAT would have needed approval, as it’s (yet another) new ID. Maybe she just got confused when that one didn’t show up.

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