As a self-published author, there are many, many ways that you can promote your work. If you’ve dealt with a scam publisher whose idea of promotion is a self-hosted radio show that 2 people listen to and a tour of blogs owned by the publisher that nobody sees, you might not be aware of what real promotion looks like. So let me give you a couple of hints.

Nobody at the self-publishing level has a huge promotion budget, so let’s take a look at a few cheap and easy ways to get the word out there.

When you know your book’s release date, there are some preparations you can make in advance.

First, set up book signings. I’ll go into more depth later about how, but a book signing schedule is the first thing you need to do, so that you can arrange your promotional efforts around supporting that.

There are several options for promoting a book signing tour, even if your tour consists of three dates in your immediate area.
1) Get interviewed by your local paper. Thea Larson took the initiative and did exactly that. As a result, everybody in her parish (county) saw that and is aware that one of their own has a book in print. Newspaper ads are costly. Interviews are free. Talk about your book, yourself (minimally), and plug the book signing. Make sure they know where you’ll be signing and when. Finally, give them links to your online presence.
2) Radio. Real radio, not some online self-spank show nobody’s going to hear. Get on your local station’s morning show and talk to morning rush-hour traffic about your book and where you’ll be signing. Radio stations have lots of space to fill, and they’re happy to give it to you. You just have to make sure you arrange it well in advance. Most radio stations book their spots about 4 months in advance. Like newspaper interviews, radio spots are free. You just have to plan ahead.
3) Book festivals. Most states have book festivals where local authors are encouraged to show off their work to throngs of people that show up to look at it. Taking out a table or a booth at a book festival, but it’s usually a minor investment that offers invaluable rewards.
4) An online presence. Just about everybody on the planet has Facebook and Twitter. Create official accounts to promote yourself and your work.
5) Promotional giveaways. These are a fun interactive way to get peope interested in your work. Everybody likes the idea of winning something, and in the process, they’re becoming aware of your book and helping others become aware of it too.
For example, Sabrina Samples is hosting a fun giveaway to promote her book, Wicked Souls.

Fans like and share in order to win books, swag and other assorted goodies. So not only do fans win fun stuff, other folks out there in the public get to hear about the book. It’s a win/win scenario.
Check it out here.

The point is, you don’t need a lot of money to get the word out there about your book. Like Thea and Sabrina, there are steps you can take to get the word out. And you don’t need to put somebody else in charge of your work that will yank your chain and take money out of your pocket for doing nothing. You have options that you can pursue yourself to promote your work. The possibilities are endless.

…You’re still here? Get out there. Plug your work! Go!


4 thoughts on “Promotion

  1. Congratulations Sabrina. You prove that you can do a lot better without a crappy publisher like Tabetha Jones. Way to show the world, girl!

    • If I did start an imprint, it would be for my own work only. No one person can deal with all of the demands of publishing another person’s work. Not legitimately, anyway, and not with an untrained, unprofessional staff. Anybody who claims otherwise is a liar, a thief or an idiot. Maybe all three.
      It’s not out of the question that I’d produce my own work using my own imprint, but when it comes to other authors, I’ll settle for giving advice and leaving it at that.

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