I recently challenged a publishing company claiming to be a(n) LLC to show us their articles of incorporation, daring them to prove that they exist as a legal LLC. Researching the topic today, I come across these definitions and answers.

This is the definition of a LLC:

  1. A limited liability company (LLC) is a flexible form of enterprise that blends elements of partnership and corporate structures. An LLC is not a corporation; it is a legal form of company that provides limited liability to its owners in the vast majority of United States jurisdictions.

Regarding those articles of incorporation, I also found this:

File the Articles of Organization. The “articles of organization” is a simple document that legitimizes your LLC and includes information like your business name, address, and the names of its members.  Specifically, a West Virginia limited partnership is formed by filing a certificate of registration with the Secretary of State. So, while a(n) LLC isn’t technically the same as a corporation, there are still public records you can find. That you, as a consumer or potential client, MUST be able to find if a business is legally formed.

There’s a searchable database for businesses in West Virginia on the Secretary of State’s website. You can search for not only the business, but the name of any owner or partner associated with a business in West Virginia. Feel free to check it out for yourself, HERE.

Also of note: One million dollars of insurance, which covers the partners and the partnership, must be carried at all times by a(n) LLC in West Virginia. If it’s not, the business in question is in direct violation of state code.

Conversely, there’s a taxable entity search database for Texas. You can search for the business, as well as the name of a business owner.

So when it comes to LLC partnerships, there’s nowhere to hide. They exist or they don’t.

It’s simple, folks. If you can’t find any public trace of any company that claims to be a(n) LLC, it DOESN’T EXIST. And, even better, if a company is claiming to be a(n) LLC when it actually isn’t, that’s not just a bogus company, it’s also false advertising.
Run, don’t walk, the other way.


56 thoughts on “LLC

  1. For the record, false advertising is defined as:
    “Any advertising or promotion that misrepresents the nature, characteristics, qualities or geographic origin of goods, services or commercial activities”
    (15 U.S.C.A. § 1125(a))

    Yes. It is a crime.

    The punishment:
    “Any person, partnership, or corporation who violates any provision of section 52 (a) of this title shall, if the use of the commodity advertised may be injurious to health because of results from such use under the conditions prescribed in the advertisement thereof, or under such conditions as are customary or usual, or if such violation is with intent to defraud or mislead, be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of not more than $5,000 or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment;”
    For the first offense. After that:
    “except that if the conviction is for a violation committed after a first conviction of such person, partnership, or corporation, for any violation of such section, punishment shall be by a fine of not more than $10,000 or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment.”

    Just saying.

    • Your wasting your breathe Lepplady there too busy swapping pills and talking shit to run a company or sleep or do anything right but oh yeah she’s the next plus size supermodel thanks to all her “contacts”. You should see Tabby’s latest “project” its to funny your going to bust a gut when you see it and don’t forget about her “Bare all” book and her “tribute” to Angelo she still plans to publish even tho she has NO PERMISSION to due so.

  2. Wrong again LepCUNT. (b) Exception of advertising medium or agency
    No publisher, radio-broadcast licensee, or agency or medium for the dissemination of advertising, except the manufacturer, packer, distributor, or seller of the commodity to which the false advertisement relates, shall be liable under this section by reason of the dissemination by him of any false advertisement, unless he has refused, on the request of the Commission, to furnish the Commission the name and post-office address of the manufacturer, packer, distributor, seller, or advertising agency, residing in the United States, who caused him to disseminate such advertisement. No advertising agency shall be liable under this section by reason of the causing by it of the dissemination of any false advertisement, unless it has refused, on the request of the Commission, to furnish the Commission the name and post-office address of the manufacturer, packer, distributor, or seller, residing in the United States, who caused it to cause the dissemination of such advertisement. So eat shit and die CUNT you can’t touch Tabby girl or her company FUCK YOU.

    • All I can do is shake my head at the folly.
      That protects publishers from false advertising for the books they advertise and distribute, you poor, foolish twit. A publisher is not responsible for false advertising as it regards claims made by the work it publishes. If a book claims to hold the cure for cancer and doesn’t, the publisher isn’t responsible for that. It IS, however, responsible for how it represents itself as a legal entity.
      Or, in your case, ILLEGAL. bogus. Fake. Fraud. false. Scam. Con. Ripoff. I could go on, but I think you catch my drift.

    • I am recovering from surgery so i might have checked once but not the middle of night. Sorry I have a family to take care of and a company to run with the best partner a person could happen Jacqueline Weister. And I dont have plans for a company that would be my sister.

  3. And I am the heartless butcher wow you ppl never cease to amaze me. But not worried Phoenix is flourishing receiving new submissions each day and traditional and anthology contracts are going out each day. We are growing by the minute. So continue you on with your nonsense because if we were such a scam then why would be growing and why would one of our new lead authors be in publishing law business? And he googled everything about us. Contract and business both legal. Might I add it does take a bit if time for the legal.paperwork to go through once signed for the LLC. Especially when each party is in a different state. But be sure to know soon enough you won’t need to worry about anything Phoenix Fire Publishing. Which means…. Oh my you’ll have to find someone else to slander and harass other than me and Jacqueline. Unless you decide to start attacking the models and photographers I’ll be working with. Which would be completely irrelevant considering that is my personal life and nothing to do with Phoenix but I’m sure you lunatics will find some way of combining them both.

    • You are nothing if not pathologically bull-headed. Not too bright, either.

      If your paperwork hasn’t gone through yet, you company is not a(n) LLC. Thank you for admitting that. If you’re not legally formed, it is illegal for you to advertise yourself as such. If you really had a hotshot new legal adviser, he would have told you that. That’s how we know you’re lying about this lawyer, like you’ve lied about having a lawyer every other time you said you had one.
      But, okay. Let’s have THIS guy’s contact details so that we can verify his existence. You’ve never provided proof before, so nobody really expects you to prove it this time, either, but it bears asking. Just to show how full of it you continue to be.

      Most importantly, your admission that your company’s paperwork hasn’t gone through PROVES, in your own words, that you are not a(n) LLC, and are therefore falsely advertising your company as being one. Thank you.

      Yes, we’ve all seen the new names popping up on your pages.Most of them sporting pictures of models lifted from the internet. Ivy Sinclair sporting plus sized model Ellie Roe’s picture, to name just one. (Your fetish for plus sized models is showing.) Most of them have joined FB within the last year. But people are supposed to believe they’re real just because you say so.
      That’s your modus operandi. We know it well because you do it over and over. You pad your company to make it look impressive and successful. In reality, it’s you and the two or three authors you really do have, sitting around making up new ID’s, hurriedly scribbling out poor to mediocre stories to make your company seem prolific. Then you prance around gloating about how well your company’s doing. I don’t know if you really believe that, or if it’s just an act you’re putting on to try to attract new victims. Either way, it’s sick, and it’s sad.

      For the millionth time –maybe more than that– it’s only slander if it’s false. Here, every word is true. Otherwise, you would have sued my ass a long time ago, like you keep blustering about. You can’t, and you know it. That’s why you hate this blog so much. Because it shows the world that you’re full of it and your company is still just as bogus as ever.

      Harassment? I don’t come looking for you. You come HERE. At all hours of the day and night, using one proxy after another, or getting your few remaining authors to do it for you, making them watch this place and tell you any time I write something. You’ll pop up on my stat tracker within ten minutes of this posting.
      Who stalks who?

      Keep it up, Tabetha, or more likely Jacqueline, since this statement actually contains complete sentences. Both of you.The more you do, the more evidence you provide. And I’m not the only one watching.

  4. Hey you guys, if you think Luna Bloodmoon isn’t working with shitforbrains Jones anymore, get a load of the new photos she’s posting that were made by bloodmoon designs.
    On her site, Scat-for-brains says “All photos are copyrighted and cannot be shared or posted on any social site without the model’s or photographer’s permission that includes the direct link. These pictures have also been manipulated so permission from the artist must be gained as well. They are the only ones that can post without permission.”
    Well guess what. Links aren’t illegal. Suck my ass and eat shit.

    The direct link to a single picture is being replaced to the link to the page they appear on. And, no, it’s not because I’m being forced to do it. If I hear a single whisper that she MADE me change it, or if she blows me any attitude about it at all, I’ll put the photo link right back up. I’m changing it for the sole reason that I’m here to expose a fraud that scams people, not just to be confrontational. If she wants to show her ass about it, the responsibility becomes hers.
    You can view them HERE.
    Notice the comments. Ivy’s an alt, and so is Zoey, so Tabetha’s talking to herself again. It’s pretty laughable.

    • I’m riding the fence about letting that link stay. It’s not illegal, you’re absolutely correct. But if the only reason for posting it is to stir up controversy, that’s not what I’m here for.

      It is a good point though, to say that (Luna) Bloodmoon may still be working with Tabetha on one hand, while asserting to others that she’s cut all ties. She, Luna, has told me herself that she’s no longer associated with Tabetha and wants her information removed from Tabetha’s sites. But if Luna made those photos for Tab, she may be burning that candle at both ends after all.
      I’ve spoken to Luna about doing some work for projects I’ve got coming up. She does good work. But if she’s still associated with Tabetha on any level, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

      • I never said he was the company’s attorney I said he was signed as an anthology author and was an attorney no where in that sentence did I say he represented Phoenix. As much as you check out our page you should see Grant Smith is a corporate trade attorney. Its not that hard to read. And no not false advertising paperwork has been filed signed and all that good stuff but does take a minute to show up. Again i do kindly ask for the link to be removed because permission was not asked and I will gladly inform the artists and photographers.

        • You just can’t stop lying, can you?
          I edited that post with the link in it sometime last night before 9pm. Since then, you’ve visited my blog more times than I have.

          Probably more by now.
          So you saw that link changed at least half a dozen times before you posted this reply at 4:20 in the morning. (Honestly, when do you sleep?) So you posting this “kind” request is just more bullshit. You’re not being “nice” or “kind” at all. You’re just doing what you do, playing more head games. I’m not biting this time. I’ll just let you look like an idiot.

  5. And yes Luna still does cover work and promo banners, anything that that is needed for Phoenix by request. She gets paid directly upfront for it. She recently did Ryder Cole’s new cover as well as L.D. Gliddon’s cover.We do have other artists that work with us as well so the authors will have a choice. And unfortunately Ivy Sinclair signed a 2 year contract and I have two pen names not three or four or five. Diamond Black is a model I am sure you will recognize her once she is on the cover of my series. Some authors prefer to remain in the shadows because of the material they write and family issues which I completely respect. As well as Jacqueline.

    • Two pen names?
      Zoey Sweete
      Emerald Rai fleurs
      Anna Lovelace
      Rai Willis
      Sky(lynn) Wicker
      And now Ivy, and however many more you’re cooking up.

      That’s 6 right there, and that’s just off the top of my head. You might shuffle them around to try to give them some legitimacy, but they’re all names you use, or have used.
      You might be able to convince your newbies to believe your line of crap, but too many of us have been around long enough to see you in action with your pseudonyms, fluffing up your company and creating a whole army of them to support you on blogs. I’m sure we all remember Emily proving it, and that farce where you pretended to be all those strippers. For anybody that wasn’t around, there’s a recap of when you impersonated Draven, his Russian pimp boss and a whole host of other strippers here:
      Anybody that hasn’t read it should, and all the other posts at the time where you try to backpedal and try to cover your ass.

      Sure, you encourage your few real authors to create aliases, just like you keep making them up, too. It’s got nothing to do with wishing to remain “in the shadows.” It’s so that your company can look like it’s got more authors than it really has. Everybody knows it, so you can stop lying and trying to be smooth.

      • There’s another new one, Dagny Rose who just joined facebook a week ago. If you want to know if one of their authors is fake just look and see when they joined facebook and all their friends are Tabby bratty and her friends.

  6. Ashleigh is her she writes under dagny rose. And the same pic on both pages. Sorry but Zoey and Emerald are just me. The author that had Raven is no longer with us. And Ivy prefers to keep her private life private and her private fb page is with her husband. Anna Lovelace has already been outed if you weren’t paying attention when she said her real name then cannot help you. Sky is a model and my sisters gf. Any other questions.

    • Your so full of shit. You used all those names and more and you know it. If anybody is stupid enough to believe your massive lies maybe they deserve to get cheated because that’s what will happen even though here’s all this warning about you you still manage to find a person here and there that’s gullible enough and eager enough and green enough to convince that your a real publisher when all you do is use your free Create space account to publish their books and then keep their money especially from those anthologies you like to sign them up for because they’re even harder to keep track of aren’t they. Those poor stupid people have to trust you that they’re getting paid don’t they and that’s where you get them, bouncing their money around PayPal and spending it from a PayPal credit card on everything from ink to photo sessions while your authors go unpaid. Don’t believe me just ask all those people that never got paid from when it was Mystic Press. Just ask authors that didn’t her paid from Phoenix fire either person after person, are they all liars? NO anybody dumb enough to trust you should skip writing a book and just hand you money out of their wallet because that’s all there doing because that’s all you are is a liar and theif that should be in jail.

    • Yes. You could answer the questions that really were asked, instead of running off an a topic that was not asked about (I.e, your pen names.)

      • I imagine seeing my sister lives here I am not the only one that checks this site. How many times to I have to say it. If I visit the site Ill be sure to post as always. But again I am recovering from surgery so I havent been online, only to check email and talk with my new authors and then get right back off. My sister doesnt sleep because she has been taking care of me because of the surgery I had and looking at a second. But i suppose you forget I am not the only one that visits this site from the IP address. My sister checks on things because she doesnt want her pics from her company shared or herself slandered. But again you ppl forget that.

        • Your recovery must not have you sidelined too much, since you posted here three times yourself within the past day. Once just now and twice yesterday.
          Who’s forgetful?

      • But that’s what she does. Whenever I make a valid point, she kicks up a dust storm of misinformation to try to deflect attention away from that. Like how a company isn’t really a(n) LLC if the paperwork hasn’t cleared. Or unless it complies with all the terms and conditions of being a(n) LLC, depending on where it was filed (if it was filed at all) like having a million dollars worth of insurance.
        But Tabetha can’t have people focusing on that, can she? Of course not, so cue up the drama.
        She should know by now that it’s not going to work. It’s fun, letting her run to the end of her leash and bark a little bit, but she’s not getting off the hook that easy. The facts are still there, whether it’s the fact that there are still Mystic Press authors that haven’t been paid, Tabetha’s got more aliases that Sybil, or that it’s false advertising to claim that a company is a(n) LLC when the paperwork isn’t on file and all of the requirements haven’t been met.

        I wonder what she’ll try to come up with next to try to divert attention away from the truth?

      • I call bullshit. You didn’t say you had surgery until Leppy nailed your ass to the wall for false advertising twice and with the help of your own words. I think you’re saying you had surgery bullshit to get sympathy, since it obviously hasn’t stopped you from trolling and posting on Lep’s blog. Somebody asked you what surgery you had bullshitter but you didn’t answer. So what was it? Did you get a gastric bypass to try and be skinny like your idol Leppy? Or did you have to surgically remove about a hundred pounds of bullshit from your system because you’re so full of it? I don’t believe you had surgery at all. Bull. Shit.

    • Sorry, but I’ve seen your sister, and she is NOT dating a model at all, let alone the model who’s pic you used for Sky. Can you say anything that’s NOT a lie?

      • Love is not about looks it is about connecting with someone on a higher level. Maybe you have never experienced that. Sky and Dee are a great fit and happily together and have been for awhile. When you live my sister’s life then please let me know what is real and what isn’t.

      • Hello No One as JT knows I hate drama….. but my life is my life and who I am dating is my business, I do not have to defend myself because Sky and I know the truth about us and I can careless if you believe it or not.

  7. My surgery is personal and I am perfectly comfortable with my body. I dont need a bypass. I embrace my curves. But again my surgery was a personal nature and due to female issues.

    • It’s not too personal to fling around on Lep-Mommy’s blog for sympathy tho is it? And you respect your authors privacy so much about their pen names that you tell their fake real names on a blog. Your such a fucking liar.

    • For somebody that’s recovering from surgery, you sure didn’t have any problem dumping buckets of water over your head half naked, trying so hard to be sexy in a clingy teddy. Thanks for the nightmares. I didn’t see any bandages and you didn’t have any problem picking up a bucket of water to dump on your sister’s head either. I have to agree that it looks like you’re lying about having surgery.

  8. There is one thing I have learned from indie publishers; just quite writing. It is a waste of time in a world where there are too few readers and too many horrible writers, myself included.

    • Don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s nothing wrong with your writing. Quite the opposite. You’ve got a grip on the language that most indie writers should envy. And you’ve got your own voice. There are too few voices in the world backed up by good writing.
      If you can’t find a (real) publisher that appreciates that, publish your own. Just look at some of the crap that gets self published every day. There are a few good ones out there, but the world needs a voice like you.

      • I have had no luck at self publishing. I think some people are good at it and have that something that allows them to connect with others. I am the opposite. I simply don’t have what it takes. My experiences with ‘that one indie publisher’ just showed that. I am not a business person, I am not a marketing guru, nor am I a good writer. I am a dreamer, a questioner, a wonderer, and there is NO PLACE in this world for the likes of me. Unfortunately I have to live in it a little longer and the boredom pushes me into this silliness of writing. But I have NOTHING in common with a vast majority of people and therefore they cannot connect with my perspective. And to be honest, I don’t have a talent to explain things anyway. Just wish I could take heavy drugs so I could be unconscious until the day I die.

        • You’re being far too hard on yourself.
          You’re talented, which puts you far ahead of the game. You don’t have to be a guru. Just write out what you have to say and publish it yourself on Createspace. You might be surprised to find that there are other people out there that feel the same way you do who will be touched by your work. There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer. Nothing wrong with it at all.

    • Hi Algernon
      I am so sorry to hear how jaded you’ve become after this debacle. Please rest assured that you are not alone and that many of us have went through the same thought process. The problem with self-pub is that you need to be a marketer/ promoter of your own work; selling your soul in the hope that someone will buy a bit of your imagination. Not only that, it eats away at your writing time. It’s not for everyone, myself included. It is, however, good for experience, and a a starting point for building up your readership, so try not to disregard it too soon.

      There is a place for you, as a writer, a dreamer and a storyteller, and don’t let your experience with that slack-jawed troglodyte convince you otherwise! The rest of us real writers, unlike Tabetha Jones, work hard at perfecting our skill. Most often it means developing a tough skin due to the amount of times our work is rejected – it’s just part of the game. (I mean, why do you think Tabetha publishes her own stuff?) And don’t worry, there are more people that will identify with your perspective than you realize. In fact, I guarantee it. My advice is to start approaching literary agents instead of publishers. Straight away you’ll be distancing yourself from the indie scene. Ensure your manuscript(s) are polished to perfection i.e. They are proofread and/or edited by a someone with relevant experience, and go for it. See Lepp’s blog post on how to traditionally publish (Pingback pls, Lepp?) Don’t give up. Just don’t.

      • Here it is.

        Like Sound Advice says, don’t give up. Don’t let one crap scam artist turn you off of publishers. Don’t take rejections personally. They don’t even know you. And don’t give up. There’s an audience for every voice. Look at the success of Twilight, and that was a poorly written piece of crap. Just ask Stephen King. That’s what he thinks of it, and he knows a thing or two about writing a good book.
        And he got rejected once or twice himself. There’s something to keep in mind. If he had quit because of rejections, look at all the books we wouldn’t have.
        Well, he did quit. He threw Carrie in the trash. His wife fished it out and told him not to quit. And that’s what we’re doing here. Telling you not to quit.

  9. I’m right there with you Al. None of my experiences with publishers have been good ones, and none of the good publishers want your work. Kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It’s a lot of hard work to self publish, self promote. These were things that weren’t done for me with any of my books. There should be radio interviews, magazine interviews, book signings, etc. I haven’t had those with a publisher yet. It makes me wonder how difficult it is to set up those things when a publisher can’t even do it. It kind of makes you want to step away from the writing world. I might just keep writing for myself. But it’s a very hard road for so many of us “unknowns”.

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