Alias Jones and lies

Tabetha mentioned her sister in a blog, and someone posting as “No One” chimed in with this observation:

No One:
Sorry, but I’ve seen your sister, and she is NOT dating a model at all, let alone the model who’s pic you used for Sky. Can you say anything that’s NOT a lie?

Tabetha answered:

Love is not about looks it is about connecting with someone on a higher level. Maybe you have never experienced that. Sky and Dee are a great fit and happily together and have been for awhile. When you live my sister’s life then please let me know what is real and what isn’t.

Got this in my email, presumably from No One:

Have you noticed that Sky Lynn Wicker has never responded to any of the claims she didn’t exist? Ever wonder why? I have. It took me some time to track her down, but I have finally done it. My proof? Check out the sleeve tattoo. Her name is Alex Brown and she is in England. Her website doesn’t seem to be working and there’s only one tweet on her Twitter account. Tabetha Jones is a follower of hers. More digging exposed that her birthday is on April 16th and not Halloween as Tabetha Jones listed when creating the fake profile.

I’m sorry to see that Dee has taken it upon herself to come to Tabetha’s defense and insist that she is, in fact, dating Sky.

Hello No One as JT knows I hate drama….. but my life is my life and who I am dating is my business, I do not have to defend myself because Sky and I know the truth about us and I can careless if you believe it or not.
I’m sorry to see it because it’s pretty obviously not true.

Sky (Lynn) Wicker is an alias that Tabetha’s been using for years. One among many. For Sky, Tabetha’s been using different pictures of different models as profile photos. They’re all obviously different girls –just check out the tats, or lack thereof– yet Sky thanks comments saying how gorgeous she is.

Dee might be dating a model, but she’s not dating THAT model.

She’s a big girl, and can decide for herself who to love, and who to do business with. But with Dee’s increasing involvement in Tabetha’s businesses (photography and models), and her evident tendency to lie about Tabetha’s aliases, it looks like her sister is rubbing off on her in some pretty unattractive ways. With Tabetha’s penchant for throwing her business associates (including family) under the bus when things go south (and with Tabetha, they ALWAYS go south), I just hope she knows what she’s getting into.


168 thoughts on “Alias Jones and lies

    • Sorry not Sky and just like the model Lee Lee (which I might point out is not her real name) also has different information on her stuff, just like I will. Some ppl have pasts that they like to protect and as a model there are stalkers and crazies… hmm like you people. So in that particular industry most models as authors do NOT put up the real info or names on modeling sites. Just like you say I am this person and that person. Jaimie Hope was Raven Lynn and several other pen names. Karrye Angelo is A.J. Stewart. Anna Lovelace is Jewels Moss who happens to have about 7 pen names. Diamond Black is the same model that will be gracing the cover so if you need confirmation you can look at the series page for that. Anything else?

      • You do realize, don’t you, that you just admitted that out of dozens of authors your “company” boasts, only 4 of them are real.
        Thank you for yet again proving that I’m right.

      • I thought Anna was someone working for another publisher and could not be ousted… Well Jewels Moss was is not her facebook name either or the one enlightened to be honest with all others …. guess those people need to wonder why an writer really needs 9 names can you say fake!

      • Anna Lovelace is another one of Tabetha’s alts, proven long ago. She can say whatever she wants, and maybe some of her newer associates will buy it. But some of us were around when she was using these names HERSELF. She might be recycling them among her two or three real authors now, but we know they originated with HER. The new folks (if there really are any) will find out the same way all her other former authors did that she’s a liar, she’s a fraud, and she’s a thief. Then they’ll realize this isn’t the “hate blog” she wants them to believe. We’ve been telling the truth the whole time, and trying to warn them.

      • “Diamond Black is the same model that will be gracing the cover so if you need confirmation you can look at the series page for that.”

        Diamond Black’s picture is Lee Lee. Does she know that she’s one of your fake writers now?

  1. You all can say what you want I and my GF Sky and my close friends and family knows the truth. Sky is REAL NOT my sister and as I said before my life and who I am with is my business NOT YOURS! And as for proof I do not need to give any as I said I know the truth.

    • Tell your sister to shut the fuck up like you did her kid on that video (the challenge)! She brought it to our attention after it was pointed out she was an alias. I am lost on why fake shit has to be provided from all involved with PF ….. This is sketchy at best. Honest real writers and models would heed the warning signs.
      It is not who you are dating that is our business but when the fake names came out to be Tabetha and now so called people are real, hard to believe and especially if models cannot use real pics.

      • I can speak only for myself. but if somebody spoke to my kid that way, we’d have issues. Sister or not.
        I can see models using a stage name. Like actors and singers do. But that’s not the same thing Tabetha’s talking about.
        You’re exactly right, wondering. REAL writers don’t have anything to hide.
        I can understand wanting to use a pen name. J and T aren’t both my real initials. My middle name is something different entirely. But I decided to honor my auntie’s choice of the Cherokee name she picked out for me, so I used T. Which stands for Cricket, of course. In my case, I used initials because there are already several authors that use my name, one with the exact same spelling. So I had a reason.
        If somebody wants to use a pen name, it’s understandable. Even Stephen King did it with the Bachman books. It’s not unheard of for a writer to have a pen name. One pen name.
        But several? More than half a dozen of them? There’s no reason for that, except for the bogus “company” to make it look like they have more authors than they really do. There’s NO OTHER REASON for it.
        Real writers, run. Fast.

      • Yes, authors use pen names and models use stage names but hmm fake pictures and such is a bit much. But a model cannot use another model’s photo as her own..

        Just like I cannot use your LeppLady as my pen name that is yours.

    • Honey when you get in bed with your sister your business is everybody’s business. The good news is that if you get married you already have the same last name.

      • Go ahead vomit because if you think that in the slightest you’re one twisted sick cunt. How dare you disgrace my fathers name.

      • Tabetha, you disgrace your father’s name every minute that you refuse to pay back your authors the royalties due them. You’re the thief. You’re the disgrace.

  2. Tabetha, I can buy your explanation that your sister’s posts come from the same IP because you’re in the same house. It’s suspect that she posts mere moments after you, but okay. I’ll buy that too. I’ll even overlook the fact that posts under both your name and hers speak with the same voice, the same grammatical errors, the same spelling foibles. Siblings would speak similarly, after all. Right?
    But does she not have her own device? Her own phone? Her own computer? Does she HAVE to post from the same Kindle Fire, too? Do the two of you hand it back and forth?
    That’s a whole lot of coincidences you expect us to swallow.
    If I were a suspicious woman, I might think you’re posting under your sister’s name to back yourself up. It wouldn’t be the first time, would it?

  3. Lee Lee and a few other models that I do have as close friends are authors and are putting their work into our anthologies so she knows exactly what is going on. And for the record I dont fuck my sister I don’t fuck any women sorry sweets I’m strictly dickly. Which at this point in my life is not really a concern. I care more about companionship and loyalty than sex. And if I do have something to say I post myself on my computer or whatever device i see fit.

    And I wasn’t saying the rest of our authors are fakes I was just commenting to show that I am not all these ppl you say I fucking am and I’m sick and tired of it. We have a ton of new anthology authors that you can look up on facebook yourself.

    The biggest bullshit is that Anna Lovelace is not me. She is signed with several publishing companies and writes with a different pen name with each company. Her specialty with Phoenix is erotic witches but she is expanding. She was on Marsha Casper Cook’s radio show a few months back with several of us including myself.

    Why do my models have to hide their real names? Isn’t it obvious by now. People want to protect themselves from people like yourself. They have families and other careers other than modeling and writing. I have several other models that will be joining the Phoenix family but it it none of my business why they don’t use their real names. Why dont you ask them yourself seeing as no one on this fucking blog has anything better to do than start childish bullshit with people that one you don’t even know and two have no business worrying about because I dont believe you are fucking them financing them or feeding them. So if they want to call themselves little boy blue then i would say its their fucking life.

    Again I write and model under Zoey Sweete and write only under Emerald Rai. I dont recycle names Each person picks their own pen name where others use their real name.But seeing as you are so concerned and not sure why when everyone here uses an alias to post so take a big fuck you and shut the fuck up.

    • It doesn’t matter what names we use hippo ass. We aren’t the ones running a bunch of illegal bullshit companies and use a bunch of fake names, pictures and ID ‘s to rip people off, that’s all you baby. That’s you signing people up with your illegal company that supposedly has all these names that are just you. Your the one that steals money from people with these anthologies of yourself where they do all the work and you keep all the money. Like the one that was supposed to go to charity which was what you told your anthology authors but you kept every penny. You don’t tell them how many really sell so you just keep that too. Your the fucking thief asshole so stop trying to turn it like we do something wrong. How are you ripping your models off? By saying you’ll pay them royalties from the books they do covers for? The jokes on them isn’t it because you don’t pay royalties! You don’t show real sales reports, you tell people their books are selling and you keep the money, from the authors and now from the models. I’m telling you Scab, your gonna cheat one person too many and they’re gonna take it right out of your ass. You’ve gotten away with scamming authors around the country, but what happens when you have to answer to models right there? That’s where your sister comes in, right? It’s her studio so It’s her problem. And the royalties? Well Jackie fucked those up. That’s who you need to talk to. Yeah your a real piece of shit and I hope I’m there to watch these models you’re screwing over put the beat down on your ass.

      • Jacqueline and I ensure that all authors receive their royalties. As for the anthologies Phoenix does not take a cut it is split evenly between all the authors.

        We have a working relationship with all our models and frankly it’s none of your business but some donate several pics just for promotion, others are paid for like stock images.

        The only way they receive royalties is if they have signed a contract for publishing their work. And exactly how has Jacqueline fucked anything up?

        Jacqueline,Katrina, and myself are working together as a wonderful team and maybe that’s what’s missing you all off. Phoenix is growing by the minute no one is worried about this cyber bullying hate blog.

        There are consequences for what each one of you are doing. As for myself Jacqueline and Katrina we have nothing to hide nothing to worry about and definitely don’t need to show any proof to anyone of you. Seeing as that is for our authors only.

      • I never said you “take a cut.” I said you don’t pay royalties. There’s a difference.
        I know you tell people foolish enough to send you their work that the royalties are divided equally among the authors, but how do you prove that to them? Do they get sales reports from Amazon? No. You lie to them about how much the book earned and simply keep it.

        Another thing your authors need to consider when it comes to anthologies. How many of those names are really your aliases? How many pieces of the pie are you keeping because half the authors are really you?
        They need to wonder. And they need to ask.
        Any author that “takes your word for it” is unaware of how publishing really works. But that’s just how you like ’em, isn’t it?

    • Quote: “The biggest bullshit is that Anna Lovelace is not me.”
      You accidentally told the truth there, Tab.
      Seeing as you have no problem running around half naked on a public video, and Big sis has no problem yelling at your kid, I find it interesting that it’s suddenly “private business” to post a simple picture of Dee and Sky together. Not screwing, or even kissing, but just standing side by side. Most “happily together” couples delight in showing off their committed relationship. For example, you can’t swing a dead cat on my social media accounts without seeing a dozen pics of my spouse and I – just doing normal, every day stuff. But I do admit that it’s hard to take a pic with someone who DOESN’T EXIST. Fucking liars.

    • Looks like somebody struck a nerve.

      Thank you for admitting that you’ve got your models in a position to accept royalties as payment. Yet again you prove the truth with your own words.

      • I said if they sign a publishing contract. I was speaking for those who write. As for the models and cover art that is taken up with whoever the photographer is. Are do you not know how the modeling industry works? You seem to think you know everything else

  4. Everyone has something or someone to hide from.
    Nasty little buggers like you come out to play hardball. Problem is with it being your blog you can admin everything that is posted. Yet the site UT’s self states your email will not be listed. Well you list it. Along with IP addresses. What for I don’t know nor care.

    I just have one question for you all. Can you all stand in front of a mirror for more then a few seconds, then say you like or love the person you are or have become? Would your family be proud of you and the lives you rune? This started with a quiet from a mother protecting her daughter. But if I’m not wrong that wrong was set right. So a motion was set to bring down someone. Well ladies and gents let’s clap our hands”””””””””
    You have succeeded in your life to become the bully. Yeah you don’t get bullied no more cause the childish adalesents have moved on. They problem have regreted the way they treated people. But you, ohh your big stuff.
    If I say bad things about you does it not hurt? If I stab you, do you not bleed?
    Yes,yes you do!
    And this blog here can be used against all of you if one person that you are bullying was to hurt themselves cause of the harm you have caused mentally. Because you thought about it there for posted it noting the pain it caused. Not my rules for cyber bulling.
    As for fake names. I see a whole lot on here.. what are you hiding from? That’s right their info or those who are on their side get posted for you all to see why you sit back hiding also.
    Why I’m here let me get to the LLC issue. Every LLC can and does need different insurance. It based off many factors. So a LLC ran from two different homes will not need 100,000 in insurance. But if you were do actually call say like state farm they can tell you some LLC can stay under your house insurance or a special package can be made. See over head, employees on premises and such cause the higher insurance needed. But online with slim to none overhead. Will require very little. Such to cover a lawsuit for in this case book rights/ publication. As Cindy White found out from the Waco BBB false claims can be nasty. But the process are looked at then they try to find wrong doing. So basicly maybe 5,000 in damages could be if found or way less. Then enough to cover damage to computer printers anything used for LLC business.

    So come on blast me with your best! Just remember no matter what you all are no better then the other. company or none

    • Bullshit, “Alice.” You know I don’t edit comments. I’ve only refused to post comments from Nick P and one with a disgusting photo that I didn’t want on the ALS challenge. If you’ve got proof that I’ve edited any of your comments, let’s see it.
      You don’t have any because I don’t edit your posts. I’d much rather let your own words trip you up, like they always do.

      I’d much rather let the public see you for what you are. Nothing I could edit shows that better than you do with your own words.

      This blog was constructed to stop a bully, a liar, fraud and thief from being able to rip off, manipulate and hurt eager new authors that don’t know they’re being scammed until it’s too late. You’re still at it. That’s why the blog is still here. Want it gone? Stop doing illegal shit.

      You think that if you can convince people that I’m a “bully” doing this because of “hate” you can convince them that it’s not true. And some people might believe it. Right up until they realize that they’re not seeing any sales reports. Or that they’re only getting paid a couple times a year even though you get paid every month. And that when they do get paid, it’s only a few dollars, despite you telling everyone how well the company’s doing. Out of all your former authors, the highest paid on said they earned a meager $47 bucks a year. They’ll believe that we’re just hatin’ on your right up until they realize that there isn’t a single author that’s been with you the whole four (five?) years you’ve been in business. They’ve all left you as they realize that they’re being lied to and ripped off. And then they become the “liars and backstabbers” that you call anybody that wises up and leaves you.
      But that doesn’t matter, does it? Because you’ve still got their work, and you still make money off it even though they’re gone. All your former authors still see their titles on Amazon, and they’re sure not getting the money for it. Your new authors (if you really have any) will eventually see past your bullshit and start to wonder where their money is, and that if you’ll treat other former authors this way, you’ll do it to THEM too. And when they smarten up and leave you, you’ll keep ripping them off, too.

      This blog is here so that the’ll see this first and dodge a bullet by not signing with you in the first place. And they do. I’ve gotten letters of thanks from DOZENS of people that saw this blog, saw how you really are, and didn’t sign with you. And quite a few from authors that WERE with you but got away, and now they’re enjoying their lives without your bullshit, your drama, your bullying, and your hand in their pocket. They’re why I’m here, grateful for those former authors that have come forward to speak out about you. They’re the brave ones.

      There’s only one person here that hurts anybody: Tabetha Jones. She’s the one that sweet-talks eager new authors into signing a contract, then treats them like garbage. Sure, anybody that kisses your ass is “family” but let anybody ask you about their royalties or come to their senses and leave you, and out come the fangs. Not only is their money gone, but you crush their dreams and ambitions. You leave them questioning whether or not they’re ever going to write again, because of what you’ve done to them. As much as the money, THAT’S your most damaging crime. You hurt people.

      They’ll find out.

      Cindy White didn’t find out anything about false claims from the BBB. They didn’t list because you refused to answer. That’s very different from being in good standing. But regardless of what it does or doesn’t say on the BBB, your victims, just like all those that came and went before, will find out what a crook you are. They always do. ALWAYS.

      No. Every LLC isn’t different. The structure for EVERY LLC is exactly the same. They don’t need “different” insurance. According to the WVA state code, they ALL need a million in insurance to qualify. I posted the link. You read it. You’re just trying to spin it so that your new victims thing you’re exempt from the rules, somehow. You’re not. They’ll catch up with you, just like they always do.

      Yes, we are better than you. We don’t steal from people. We don’t hurt people. And we don’t lie about people. We don’t have to. The truth is too telling.

      They’ll find out.

    • Well Alice apparently you have not been informed of all the bullshit because yes, a daughter was done wrong and made right but there are several other people that got hurt and their kids were affected. See those infected with the diarrhea of Tabetha’s mouth forgets those other people and when, where, how, and why the blogs started about MP, PF, and Ms Jones. Google it for yourself since you know so much.

      Cindy, in the past we have had our spouts and I understand the situation for all people involved. If I remember correctly you stood beside Tabetha just like a few are now. Can you please verify, the stories you were told by those affected when MP closed were similar to those you struggled with? I am not here to throw you under the bus, just an added support to what I have told.

      Bullying: I am not bullying anyone, restating the words out of Tabetha’s own mouth is not bullying. Evidence is there on many public blogs of her saying the shit. Once she makes it public, she caused this not anyone else. If I would say pick on her about things she never said then you could call me a bully. What she did to everyone in the past was/is wrong but she and you all supporters have not walked in their shoes. She bullied people with threats, and don’t say it was all Eric. He did his wrongs yes but she did the bullying and threats too. Once she became the pusher, it is hard to believe she is being bullied. In my opinion, you have not dug deep into those other blogs in which all we are relaying again to the public was Tabetha ousting herself to the world.

      You ask why many people here do not make it known, well many of those in her inner circle talk about her like a dog a few months ago as well. Keeping enemies close right? Being tainted by association is not what most people want. To help others yes…. But most of you all do not want to hear what has been said anyway. You love the fact she tells tales that you believe instead of doing research. I can voice my opinion, that is my 1st Amendment right. I have not called names nor pointed low blows. Yes, spoke things that any person reading this or the countless other blogs would have said, so because I do not hold my tongue, I am outspoken I am a bully? I love who I am and what I can do. My family is very proud of my accomplishments. Your opinion is your opinion. Does not mean I have to like it nor does it make you a bully in my book.

      One question why do you feel the turn over in the company is so high? Many authors left before those when MP closed its doors and after the other owners that she became online friends with again. That was public knowledge on her (Tabethas’s) facebook.
      If Lepp and I were business partners and she threw me under the bus and cause my name to be in shambles, no way after a few years, decades would I ever grace her with my friendship again. I cannot speak for Lepp but I am sure she would acknowledge the same feelings.

      The story written on several blogs in 2012 stated it was @@@@@ and &&&&&& (will not mention because they are not here to defend themselves) fault …… read up on Mystic Press to find out the flat out details. I just hope all involved understands what happened back then and now, blame goes to all those others involved.
      Again restating her words and facts is not bullying!

      • Cindy did stand by Tabetha for a long time. Then she realized that her royalties didn’t add up, did some hard looking and decided to part company with Tabetha. Just like so many others have.
        I agree. New authors need to wonder why there’s such a high turnover. And why those other “owners” she threw under the bus were inactive on FB from the time they “gave” Mystic Press to Tabetha to the time the shit hit the fan for Phoenix Fire. Not a peep out of them in between. but we’re supposed to believe they’re legit.
        You’re absolutely right. Nobody gets a second chance to dump on me. If they screwed my business once, there wouldn’t be a twice. Period. My guess is that she’s padding the list of people to blame when PF goes under. And it is. Despite her claims of how well they’re doing, it’s already got one foot on oblivion and the other on a banana peel.
        The only “hate” going on here is that she hates how much of the truth we tell about her.

    • First off my claim was founded. They just could NOT get tabetha to respond in a timely manner. Then when she did she was able to spin it back to Amazon and create space. Since by her omission of my earnings. Also if you are a big fan of PF and the great tabetha jones, maybe you can find out why the charity book that was published, and was doing so freaking well, got shit canned and the authors only received $1.97 each, for their share of the royalties. That is the ones that got anything at all. Tabetha will lie, cheat, and bullshit you to get her way. She even has a so called release form for my leaving PF yet, in this release she states if I use MY coverart that I PAID for our of my own pocket, she can sue. What kind of back door bullshit is that???

      • Less than two bucks? That’s pretty much ALL of her anthology royalties, isn’t it?
        For that matter, that’s ALL of her royalties, period, isn’t it? But let an author ask for a sales report to explain why they get paid so little and watch the excuses come out.
        Something tells me, though, that she’ll have more questions to answer, very soon, that she won’t be able to spin. Wait for it 😉

      • Cindy is you want to lie on here that i thats fine but I the letter from the BBB which I would be glad to post publicly on any social saying you would not respond and the case was closed due to YOUR false claims

      • That’s what you’re asking about? What about your actions regarding her cover art? Care to tell us why you’re threatening to sue her if she uses cover art SHE PAID FOR? I’d like to hear you explain that.

        And by all means, let’s see your “proof” about the BBB, since it says right on their site that the company didn’t respond in a timely manner.

  5. Tabetha said:
    “So a LLC ran from two different homes will not need 100,000 in insurance.”

    Since your such an uber author, editor and publisher, I’m sure you meant to say that …”a(n) LLC run from two different homes will not need a hundred thousand in insurance.” Right?
    Thought so.

  6. It is a shame that tabby scat is still peddling the same bullshit and people are still biting. How pathetic is it. She must really be promising the moon and stars. The only thing she can really say she “won” about is that the BBB couldn’t figure out all the bullshit she fed them. They know she is scamming but she has been too slick to be caught, YET. But they are NOT giving up on the investigation.

    • One thing she counts on is that her past victims won’t step forward, won’t sue her, won’t report her. She hopes that she’ll keep getting away with it it by beating them down with insults and sheer persistence. They get tired of her shit and go away.
      She’ll screw over the wrong person one of these days, and it’ll all catch up with her, fast.

      She can think she’s won whatever she wants. She’s got the FBI, the IRS and now TWO state Attorneys General investigating her. Let’s see how far her bullshit goes when those knocks come to her door.
      I only hope somebody’s got a video cam.

  7. I had asked many, many times of tabetha to show me sales reports, and royalty information. She would talk all business like for a few, then change it to something about her biker dad, her child, rumors, or about her and her sister getting drunk. And chasing the green fairy that was to appear if you drank or should I say mixed abstineth properly. That is no way to treat a business relationship. Since parting from her, she is STILL using me in her anthology book trailers, which I have asked to be removed from. I knew she was too good to be true, yet like the old saying, “a fool and his money are soon parted”. I learned a valuable lesson. I can at least thank her for that.

    • I hope people will research PF before signing and make sure 100 percent they want to do business with the company. Google, Bing… the internet is your best friend. People can see those that stood by her from day one of PF until now has been abused and used……even lied and cheated.

      • And if anybody has already signed a contract with PF, there’s still hope. The company isn’t legal, so those contracts aren’t, either. They can take their work and walk away. And there’s not a single thing Tabetha can do about it. She’ll stomp her feet and threaten them with legal action, but that’s nothing but hot air. So if they heed these words to the wise and decide to walk, the can.
        Run, people.

  8. Perhaps Tabetha is busy writing up a second entry for the Alice blog. Such a shame that she went to all the trouble to make it, even using a (no doubt) copyrighted picture from Disney, and then only put that one lone post up in which she White Knighted herself. And the only reply came from… well, if not herself, then one of her friends.
    On a semi-related topic, I surely need to find time to update my own blog.

    • She wanted attention she didn’t get when she posted that blog. She sees the traffic I get from mine and you get from yours and wanted to cash in on that. She wanted us to stampede to it so that she can call us stalkers and haters, and that didn’t happen. She’s doubtless sitting in a corner somewhere pouting. And scheming.
      I love your blog. I hope you do post again 🙂

  9. Sorry dear Mad Hatter. But I paid my fee like every other cover artist does to have commercial rights for the pic as well as the background. I use dollar photo club I pay 10.00 every month to renew and 1.00 for every pic I use or background. For others I pay the extra 50.00 for extended liciencing rights. Sorry but don’tplace lies or accusations on my doorstep. I am as legal as they come.

    As for Tabetha I can say without a doubt I am not her nor her sister Dee. I am also not Jacqueline. As I have been accused of being.

    As for my blog I was just getting started. I do have children whom require my attention. I am doing my researchand well as I run my own LLC with another family member in a different state online I might add. I do know that my insurance is not that high why because my business alone is not worth that much. So the state says it should be that high. But the insurance companies like I said make thatbased on new sanctions. They were set way before online businesses were up and running. I understand that you are so busy trying to prove people wrong and such. But from someone who has sat back and followed you. Well I must say. You Lepp are no better then PF owner. You have on your very own blog stated if your daughter was righted you would stop your actions. She was yet yoou never stopped. I can say blackmail can you?
    Also so you say this company is not legal? So I say what if I decided to take over said business. Buy it from Mrs Jones. Let her work for me or not. At that time I ask you to remove all your taint about it giving you 24 hrs to do so. As well as anyone else on here who has slandered the business. You would have no choice. I mean I could get a court order very costly but I mean I could just dip into that LLC insurance of what did you say a million dollars. Yeah I mean It can be used to help keep you all on a leash. You would be accused of defacing a name that would be no longer owened and operated by said owner. Yeah you can use the insurance to help save your business. Do your homework better. But again I don’t live in WV either. However it is across the boards.
    You all should stop the bulling and harassment. It makes you all look weak. Go after Nick P and his businesses and business partner. I mean he would much better fodder for you. You will even get new followers. And he will never change his ways. As for Mrs Jones she has not be given time to fix nothing. You keep back peddling. ” if you stop stealing from authors I will stop this” yet from what I have seen you refuse report s saying the were false. How many books have you wrote? Where are your sales reports? I know from seeing Amazon sales ranks you are way down book over priced so what did you bring home in a year in sales. Never mind I will ask KDP how many were sold so I can fingure it out myself. But when a book is listed for say .99 you only get about .34 a book. Those of you on here who are authors know what I am saying well that is if you publish your own or have a publishing company whom break it down for you to see.

    So I’m going g now! I have children who need me and a new business deal to attended to. Mad Hatter it has been nice. Tabetha look for a message from me on FB. I will sign off as Alice.

    • Wow. You aren’t Tab or Jackie or Katrina, yet you have the exact same business type and arrangement (partner in another state) and you even use the same flouncibg excuses and the same writing style, yet no one should believe that you are involved? BULLSHIT.
      But thanks for letting us all know what Tab has up her sleeve.

    • By the way, not even a court order can stop people posting facts and opinions so go ahead and spend your pretend money with your pretend lawyer after you pretend to buy a pretend business.

      • C H wow testy are we. However yes I can if like I said I was too. But as all you are hot to place accusations I will tell you it was never my attention. But now I’m intrigued And will make an offer.As my businesses are to invest or buy business in this predictment ” going under” as you say. I buy them bring them up while watching the workings of the original owner/ owners do business over see payments and all practices of their company. If after time i have seen they can handle it on their own i hand it over at the rate i bought from them. I’m a fixer and a fact finder. I have watched Mrs. Jones on here her actions as those of yours. She was brought to my attention by a Author whom thought she was trying. Yet with this group could get no where. I see you didn’t touch the whole “Blackmail” issue.
        I pretend nothing!
        You don’t know me and my actions have brought out just how much you people are ready to tie up Mrs Jones and drag her through town behind your horses! I must say don’t ruffle feathers if you have no idea the size of the birds whom might sit on your shoulders or head.
        As for writing styles it is yet again accusations. A cry for wolf if I might add. “Its Tab no its Dee no its Katrina no its Jaqualine no its ???? Whose next! No facts just accusations again and again. I am simply me a business person whom needs not her name but watches you all!
        Maybe I am one of you courting the jesters to see you dance! Maybe I work part time for the IRS, FBI, BBB. You never know do you? Just keep guessing this is fun. Much more fun then watching my dog chase the white rabbit in my backyard.

      • And now they’re trying the bemused, haughty, superior approach? Amusing.

        Pretending to be a third party buyer fishing Phoenix Fire out of the drink? Now that’s hilarious. Phoenix Fire doesn’t exist as any legal company anywhere. No REAL investor would come within a mile of such a crooked enterprise.
        Nice try, honey. But this isn’t Pretty Woman and you aren’t Richard Gere. But by all means, keep acting like this is some sort of game. That won’t stop the investigations going on against you, your business structure (or lack thereof), your taxes and your fraud. See how funny it is when that catches up with you. Should happen pretty soon, now, thanks to your willingness to reveal your hand.

      • By the way, blackmail is a crime. If you think you’ve got somebody over a barrel with blackmail charges, by all means, let’s see that arrest warrant.

      • I guess it should be to C H or do you prefer No one? You can change your tile name but you sign beside you post doesn’t change! Well unless you use another source right Lepp?

      • Funny, coming from the queen of alts.

        Listen, I know you’re trying to be clever, but for Pete’s sake, at least try to do it in English. If there’s an actual sentence in there, it’s doing a good job of hiding.

      • It’s not blackmail when Scametha already owed that money to Leppy’s daughter now is it? Your just trying to make Leppy look bad you frigger. Your the one that scams people. Your just miffed that the truth is still here. Well live with it minger. You earned every word of it.

      • Oh, Alice… I forgot to ask you about why you know, and wrote about on your blog in the beginning go August, about Tabetha’s sick mother and her child so well that you posed hypothetical questions to me concerning them? A bit odd for a “business investor” who claims to only know of Tabetha Jones through a concerned author.

      • They do make it easy, don’t they?
        I just let ’em talk so they can hang themselves with their own words. They always do. Always. Then say we’re “haters” and “bullies” to try and get out of it.

    • Did you really say you’re as legal as they come? When you run a company that isn’t legal and scam authors out of royalties?
      Hang on while I roll around on the floor laughing and pointing at you.

      Nobody has to be “busy” trying to prove anything’s wrong with you. There’s nothing right about the way you run things. Nobody has to prove it. All they have to do is open their eyes and look.

      Get your facts straight, hon. I told Tabetha that if she paid Thea back, I’d remove one post that proved that she uses family members in her business, with and WITHOUT their knowledge. And I did. That post was down for months. I also told her that I’d keep it down as long as she left us out of it. She had to go and run her mouth about my daughter again, and disrespect me to my face, (as it were, in private message),so as I told her, “Bitch, it’s on.”
      Like everything else, she has only herself to blame.

      I don’t care how many followers I have. I care about telling the truth about a scam and a liar that rips people off. That’s Tabetha. And if you’re in business with her, it’s you.

      I said if she stops stealing from people, I’d stop. And I will. She still owes people money from years ago that she has no intention of ever paying. And she’s still making money off of newer authors that left her, still selling their books on ebay, either directly or through third party booksellers. The authors aren’t seeing any money from that, are they? No. She’s keeping it. So, yeah. She’s still a thief.

      For the millionth time, it’s not bullying to tell the truth about a fraud. It’s not harassment. It’s plain and simply the truth.

      I’ve written several books, published one. Now tell me what that or my sales have to do with Phoenix Fire publishing ripping people off?
      Right. Nothing.

      A better example might be my daughter, Thea, whose book sales are exponentially better than Tabetha’s best. Now that she’s rid herself financially and pschologically from that pathological albatross, Thea is sailing into a bright future. Tabetha can just suck shit and eat Thea’s dust.

      Go back to your scamming, Jacqueline. Tabetha. Katrina. Jaimie. And whoever else is involved with this cheat of a scam company. Keep lying while you can. It’s catching up with you faster than you think.

    • Dear, poor, idiotic Alice. Here to try to sway the conversation away from its original purpose?
      Okay, I’ll play along.
      How interesting that you would attempt to throw Nick Pacione under the bus. I’m sure, then, that you have no idea that PF attempted to do a deal with him and then backed out. And you claim to only recently begun to “research” Tabetha Jones and her company? Your inane blog post was at the beginning of August.
      How humorous that you show up *exactly* when I mention you. I do believe there is a saying something along the lines of “speak of the Devil and he will appear.”
      Do take care of your children, Alice, and work on not letting other people scream at them.
      Have a nice day.

  10. Sadly I had to contact tabetha because in her so called release forms she put in that if I used the cover art of my books, she would be able to sue me. So my question is exactly how can you sue someone for works they bought and paid for? She has yet to get back to me on this issue. Is it because she is going to twist it or is she hoping I release the books and her ghetto ass try to sue. Let me make this perfectly clear, I paid for ALL my cover art, either by Lyndsay or luna, I have proof I OWN my coverart.

    • She’s got some nerve, hasn’t she?

      New authors, take heed. This is how she treats somebody that was with her for years. How do you think she’ll treat you? Lies, bullshit, threats… is that who you want anywhere near you or your work?
      Me neither.

  11. I have received a loving reply from Ms. Jones, concerning my request for her to change the aspects of the release contact. Which I will add, my so-called contracts were up on my books. She is refusing to change the clause where I can not use the coverart, WHICH I PAID FOR, or I will be sued. How underhanded is that???? You want to praise her, for what? Being the queen of con artists, well for that kudos to you. It is appalling to know she is doing this again and again, with no end in sight. Until all the ones she has used, abused, stepped on and lied to take a stand. If Tabetha Jones was a legit, HONEST and as clean as she claims, why doesn’t she do the right thing and change the wording in the release? Why, I will tell you, either she is hoping I will release my covers and she tries to be shady and sue. Or spins it that she GAVE me the covers as a parting gesture of peace. Which ever she chooses will either be a lesson to new authors she snags, as in this is what happens when you cross me. OR, it will be something to the affect of, she screwed me over, I gave her so much time and energy, and I still gave her the covers to keep things running smooth for PF. Hmmm, sound about right to those former authors, editors, cover artists???

      • I have no worries about walking into a courtroom and as I explained to Cindy she must have not looked at the release correctly because the artwork is hers. But anytime you think you have enough proof which would be all lies and McClennan County would see right through all the hate and bullying an award myself so go right ahead and take that leap.I have no reason to hide.

      • Lies, hate and bullying. Please. You keep using those words to make yourself look like a victim when you’re the one that cheats people.
        Of course the artwork is hers. So why did you refuse to alter the wording of your (so-called bogus) release?
        You threaten to sue people, then when they call your bluff, you scheme up a reason to back down. If you have no problem walking into a courtroom, let’s see you put your money where your mouth is, for once, instead of twisting it around. Right. You won’t. Ever. Because you know that if you ever get into a courtroom, a judge will see YOU for exactly what you are: a fraud, a liar and a thief.
        Oh, is that Defamation? SUE ME.

  12. Well as usual tabby has an excuse or a loophole some where. Now she wants to paint me as stupid. Claiming I didn’t read the release properly, hmmm, it was brought to my attention as to how she worded the release she could sue if I used the covers. I also want to bring to your attention this statement from tabetha concerning the anthology trailers she has been promoting on her page, with MY name bold as day in the wording. Yet this is her response, ” As for the trailers I was unaware you were advertised on them. My mother has surgery tomorrow and I have a second coning on the 12th. I will make sure they are undated asap.” Funny there is always something wrong with mom when tabetha, excuse me, FUCKS UP. How can the person who put these videos on YouTube NOT know that one of the names was being used illegally??? Along with mine there is Carlie Rose. I claim fraud, theft, and more bullshit from the tabby camp

    • Show me proof where I threatened to sue you over your cover art… thats right you have none. As for the trailers with all the changes going on with Phoenix my due apologies for not taking the time to go back and ensure no authors were listed. I also have to reason to lie about my mother having a back surgery procedure tomorrow and a partial hysterectomy on the 12th. Or do you dumb asses need proof for that as well?

      • Don’t need proof, just said it was convenient. EVERY time something comes up that you find vexing or too much for your mind to scheme fast enough to twist, YEP YOU ALL GUESSED IT, mom is in need of something. And Tabetha I Just Wast To say, YOU Claim you ARE A Good mom, Then Why Pray Tell Was YOUR Sweet little one being yelled at like a bad animal in the videos you posted of the ice bucket challenge??? Family or not, my sisters know I would knock them on their asses for even thinking of talking to my child that way. But yeah, keep polishing that mother of the year award. And before you try to cover your ass, remember it’s on your page for ALL to see.

      • Her mom’s had cancer, more heart “aches” than I can count, and now multiple surgeries. If she’s such a devoted daughter that she’s caring for dear old mom, and a little girl to dote over, how does she have time to troll the internet the way she does?

      • Scabetha was too busy dancing around trying to be sexy letting her teeny tiny boobies fall out of her shirt giggling about being wicked to care that her daughter was getting yelled at to shut the fuck up or what that video would do to her military father’s career the selfish cow.

      • I don’t care how big her boobs are. I just hate that she has to lie about ’em, like everything else, to make them (and everything else) to make ’em seem bigger and more important than they really are.

      • What kind of sadistic surgeon are you using? Any surgeon who would either (1) split a surgery in half (you just had a “female surgery”) and/or (2) schedule any surgery (that is not a 100% emergency, and the patient would therefore already be in the hospital) within six months of each other, let alone less than six weeks, should be slapped with malpractice. If he wasn’t imaginary, that is.

      • Is she having surgery again? Or is dear old mom? It’s so hard to keep straight who she’s talking about when she throws a pity party.

      • At risk of sounding like a heartless bitch, your mother’s health has NOTHING to do with your business. Neither, technically, does yours. You simply don’t know how to keep your business affairs separate from your so-called, illegal business.
        Time and time again, we prove that you’re a liar, within the last couple of posts alone, you’ve been proven wrong on multiple points (never did answer why your sister’s posts came from your Kindle even though, as you claim, she has a plethora of gadgets). And when you’re busted on some point, you clam up about that and spin attention away from it with some new tangent. You kick up a dust storm to divert attention from how you’ve been exposed, yet again. This time, it’s a pity party. Next, it’ll be your lawyer, your kid, some assertion that your company is doing so well,Your nonexistent lawyer, or you’ll revert to your crass biker badass persona. Pick one. Anything but the issue at hand.
        But, yeah. Since you want to throw it out there. Let’s see that proof. Thanks. We’ll wait.

  13. I have sent you dozens of proof and everytime it is dismissed and never mentioned on this blog but i have no problem scanning it and sending although once again it will be dismissed or stated it was a fake blah blah blah. You say I divert from the issue, you are the issue Jt. You started all this and if you would have let your daughter fight her own battles then you would be better off. All you are doing is looking more like an ass and hater. Oh and if you need proof on my boobs you can check out the Edited Pics of Zoey Sweete which were manipulated by gimp to change the color or add lighting effects. Or I can send you one of my bras in the mail seeing you’re so sweet on them.

    • The only thing you’ve sent me are personal documents that you hoped I’d print so that you could nail me for invasion of privacy.
      Go ahead and lie some more.
      If you’ve got some proof, don’t send it to me (not that you ever have) post it here. And not just your smoke screen bullshit. Let’s see some real proof. You know I’d have to allow it because 1) your posts aren’t moderated. and 2) you’d screen cap it to prove I changed anything.
      So go ahead. Let’s see all the proof you’ve got, liar.
      You WISH I were just a hater. That’s what you want your victims to think,so that you can dismiss all this truth about you as being false somehow.
      You might not care how your daughter gets treated, as anybody can see in your bucket video, but I stick up for mine. If somebody hurts her, they get me. You should have thought of that before you scammed her.
      I saw you in that ridiculous video wearing nothing but a tankini, and if those are D’s, I’ll eat my hat. Not that I care what size your boobs are. I only point it out as yet another lie you tell to feed your ego.
      I could wear a EEE cup, if I stuffed it enough. Like you do with your D’s. Keep it. Christ only knows what I’d catch from it.

      • The way my child is disciplined is none of your buthsie ness and Dee didnt even say word Fuck ive watched the video and no where did she tell her that. I dont hide who I am in front of my daughter. She is brighter than any child of her age. I can carry on an adult conversation and she understands perfectly. She listens to halestorm, pretty reckless, in this moment, slipknott, bon jovi, def leppard, pink. Knows every word does she sing the bad ones nope. Knows better. I let her shine and be herself. She loves that mommy is modeling she loves everything about her mother. And she is my world.
        As for your insult of catching something again slander or would that be false light. If your not interested in my cup size or my breasts then talk about them? And unfortunately not familiar with uploading scanned items to word press but would be happy to email to you. Infact ill forward the email from the BBB and you can have both.

      • She’s what, 7? At that age, she shouldn’t be having adult conversations. She shouldn’t be dragged into any adult business. She should be allowed to have a happy and carefree childhood. I feel for that kid. I really do.

        And when you put a video up for the public to see of her getting yelled at, it’s everybody’s business.

      • Tabetha, a forwarded email won’t cut it, as they can be easily changed before forwarding. Learn how to take a screen shot, upload it somewhere and then link the image to it. You should already know how to do this, given the wonderful and brilliant businesswoman you claim to be.

      • Don’t let her fool you. Between the tree of them, they could figure it out if they wanted to. Saying she doesn’t know how is just another dodge to get out of the fact that she doesn’t have any proof. Just another lie.

    • “If you want proof on my real boobs check out a fake photo” Only in the mind of a lunatic like you. Go take some more pills maybe one will finally kick in or are you too busy trading them with your buddy Jackie.

      • Well, I for one as a parent would NEVER let any one, family or not yell at my child. And I agree with lepplady’s comment, you mess with my child you get me to back them. Hell my kids are 26 and 19 and I would be there at the drop of a hat if someone mistreated them. So keep on with that mom of the year lie you feed yourself tabs, whatever helps you sleep at night.
        As far as your boobs, I was unfortunately the victim of finding your pics off your zoey sweete page, on my newsfeed. My husband seen them and made a comment, I wasn’t going to repeat but what the hell. He asked to see one pic a second time, asked your age, then said “babe, I am totally turned off, her boobs are so wrinkled, she could have at least ironed them beforehand.” I have no idea how those pics ended up on my newsfeed, but sure wish I could erase the image.

      • Beauty (and lack thereof) comes in all sizes. It’s well and good to be confident and feel sexy, no matter how big a person is. We’ve got a couple girls here that are beautiful inside and out, don’t we Sabrina, Thea, Cindy, and so many more?
        When you put a body that obese, with boobs so small, wrinkled and flabby, into a negligee, slap pictures on the internet and expect people to accept it as a model, you’re bound to get some backlash.
        There are BEAUTIFUL plus sized models. Tabetha is not one of them.
        It takes more than bravado and willingness to strip down and act like a slut, which is all Tabetha’s capable of. It takes real confidence, real character, and yes, it does take a body (and face) people want to look at. If Tabetha really wants to be a model, perhaps she should work on her fitness. Note that I didn’t say size. I said fitness. It’s possible to be a big girl and be beautiful. Tabetha isn’t, neither in deed nor appearance.

      • Not a fake photo there are edited and unedited versions of the same photo on The Phoenix Effect Photography page. No fake tits here bitch.

      • And once again, Tabetha shows that she fails in reading comprehension – which, a normal person would assume, an “author” and especially a “publisher” would not do anywhere near as often nor as proudly.

  14. You know, it is quite funny, to say the least Tabetha is more upset over someone saying anything derogatory about her breasts then worrying about someone mistreating her child. Her company is a bunch of loopholes, smoke and mirrors, yet she wants to kick and scream over some floppy ass breasts.

    As for the little girl wanting to put her big girl panties on guns blazing, cursing like a sailor, and talking trash. No disrespect young lady, maybe I shouldn’t say anything, but this is ADULT business. When YOUR hard earned money is on the line. OR your hopes and dreams stolen come on back, we will listen then. Until then, stay out of grown up stuff.

    • I think this kid is in her 20’s. And it’s likely that this rubbish is all she hears. Small wonder she’d be so wrapped up in it. That’s the real shame of it.

      I just want to know when ANYBODY said that Tabetha slept with her father. If that’s the crap she’s hearing from her mommy and auntie, I really and truly feel sorry for this girl. I really do.
      I feel sorry for any kid that has to grow up hearing that kind of hate and lies. Let alone one that gets to grow up knowing that showing off mom’s flabby, wrinkled boobs are more important than defending her own kid is.

      • In response to you Tabetha, I have NO freaking reason to lie. The BBB sent me an email stating they were closing the case because the COMPANY…that would be YOU, refused to respond. Then about a week later. I received another email from them. With some bullshit statements that ANY ONE could produce with Microsoft Word. The fact that I was without Internet access hindered my ability to answer their emails in a timely fashion. I will NOT be called a liar, especially by the likes of you. You can say what you want, I never played you, you knew that I was upset, you KNEW I had asked on many occasions for my book sales and updates on royalties. Yet you NEVER made me feel safe where those things were concerned. The final straw was the anti abuse, beautiful disasters, the one that was kicking ass. Was the fact I knew royalties of that book had come out twice before you sent one damn dime to your authors. You always divert conversations, and your job as the “publisher” is to promote and set up the access of the book. Yet, gee my last book, we didn’t set anything up for the book release until the night before. I had to think of the games, music, theme. What exactly did you do? It wasn’t the YouTube book trailer, you admitted to farming that out. So if you really want it in a nut shell there it is.

      • Something tells me she’ll have more questions from the BBB to answer. And the IRS. And any author that reads your words of warnings and asks hard questions about their royalties. Tab gets paid every month, but the authors have to wait for quarterly payments? And then, does she provide them with valid proof of sales? Does she explain why she boasts how well a book’s doing, yet they only get paid a couple of bucks quarterly? I’m thinking not. And I’m hoping that authors care enough about their work and their royalties to demand those answers.
        She can run.
        She can deflect.
        She can lie.
        But she can’t hide. Not forever.

  15. I find it disgusting that you Lepp saying how much you love your daughter and all would allow LMAO to make the comment she did.

    Here is the recap

    on September 4, 2014 at 3:57 am said:
    Oh yes child you are in bad shape but don’t worry between mommy and Auntie Scabetha I’m sure xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xx. xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx while your at it.

    First my name is Tabetha and how dare you talk about my niece like that. Caitlin is not in her mid twenties she is almost 17 and thanks to all the stress of what her mother was under and a shitty real dad Caitlin did as I once did and found solace in a bottle of pills almost killing herself just a few months ago and you have the nerve to joke about it.
    Lepp knew of this but still allowed the comment so shame on you. And yes I love my niece and I love my daughter dearly. If our parenting styles are different gives out no right to talk about our children who are minors.

    My sister would never hurt Rylee but when she has been told something before. Yes neighbors had already asked us nicely to keep it down all Dee said was Shut up no f bomb in there. You ppl just really like causing more drama than needed. I am not perfect but in my daughter’s eyes I’m everything and really scared right now due that mother is having outpatient surgery Wednesday fall Hilcrest is you need confirmations and then my partial hysterectomy on the 12th at Providence hospital.

    Can you image how scared Caitlin gets when her mother gets sick after all she’s been thru? Yet she still loves her family enough to fight for them. That girl is damn strong. But you are sadly mistaken if you think we leave medication laying around or pop pills. I take medication as well does Jackie but we do not abuse it. I may have in the past which everyone including my doctors but that girl no longer exists.

    She is a mother an aunt and a provider for her family. Again this blog has gone to far and lepp for you to allow it knowing what Jacqueline went thru shows you are a cunt a heartless one at that.

    • Tabetha:
      I find it disgusting that you Lepp saying how much you love your daughter and all would allow LMAO to make the comment she did.

      Coming from you, who have trashed my daughter over the coals for the last couple of years after YOU scammed her, you’ve got no right to talk with such indignance about how anybody’s daughter is addressed. Never once did Thea present herself in the way your “neice” has. If she did, she could fully expect to get called on it.

      Here is the recap
      on September 4, 2014 at 3:57 am said:
      Oh yes child you are in bad shape but don’t worry between mommy and Auntie Scabetha I’m sure xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xx. xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx while your at it.

      It was a turn of a phrase, but something to consider. I don’t reccomend that any child should take whatever recreational drugs might be lying around, or prescribed drugs being used in a recreational manner, or whatever, but children of all ages are prescribed drugs all the time. Too often, in my opinion. But some of them do need it, and if a child of any age has issues that need to be addressed, there’s nothing wrong with making sure they get ’em.

      First my name is Tabetha

      This isn’t AA. We know your name.

      how dare you talk about my niece like that. Caitlin is not in her mid twenties she is almost 17 and thanks to all the stress of what her mother was under and a shitty real dad Caitlin did as I once did and found solace in a bottle of pills almost killing herself just a few months ago and you have the nerve to joke about it.

      Why would you post that on a public blog, putting her personal troubles on the internet for the whole world to see? Even if I deleted it, it’s out there forever. If you care so much about your “niece” why would you do that to her? I didn’t put it out there, and neither did she. YOU did that. Yet again, you throw “family” under the bus, for what? To try to deflect attention away from the fact that you’re nailed for having an illegal scam company? That’s pretty heartless. It’s not my fault she’s on this blog. If anything, it’s yours, and her mother’s. Whatever stress Jackie’s under, the weight of that shouldn’t settle on the shoulders of a child. It’s the parent’s job to protect their children from adult stress, not heap it upon them.

      Lepp knew of this but still allowed the comment so shame on you. And yes I love my niece and I love my daughter dearly. If our parenting styles are different gives out no right to talk about our children who are minors.

      You love your neice and your daughter so much that time and time again, you drag them into your grown-up business to use for sympathy and to hide behind while you scam people. Shame on YOU, Tabetha, using children to facilitate illegal practices. Shame on you.

      My sister would never hurt Rylee but when she has been told something before. Yes neighbors had already asked us nicely to keep it down all Dee said was Shut up no f bomb in there.

      She’ll point a finger in her face and yell at her though, won’t she? You and your sister were yelling and laughing and making a whole bunch of noise, but when your daughter laughs, she gets yelled at and berated, and a film of it is put on the web for the whole world to see. But it’s still there, isn’t it, because showing off your itty bitty boobies in a wet shirt is more important to you than trying to hide your parenting fail.

      I am not perfect but in my daughter’s eyes I’m everything

      Stockholm syndrome. Look it up.

      due that mother is having outpatient surgery Wednesday fall Hilcrest is you need confirmations and then my partial hysterectomy on the 12th at Providence hospital.

      So what was the recent “surgery” you had just a week or two ago? A biopsy? Because no surgeon I know of would schedule surgeries so soon together unless it were an emergency. But you yourself just said it was outpatient, so no emergency there.
      I understand that there’s a difference between blogging and publishing, but please, PLEASE try to write in sentences. I’m sure your authors would appreciate being represented by a lying, thieving sack of shit like you a whole lot more if it were at least done in semi-literate English.

      Can you image how scared Caitlin gets when her mother gets sick after all she’s been thru? Yet she still loves her family enough to fight for them.

      If Caitlin has so much going on, she shouldn’t even be involved with her mother’s business. She shouldn’t even know about this blog, and wouldn’t if mom didn’t tell her about it. Seems to me that mom’s time would be better spent seeing to her daughter’s well-being than bitching to her about this blog, or anything else related to business. Which is more important, after all? This blog or her kid?

      That girl is damn strong. But you are sadly mistaken if you think we leave medication laying around or pop pills. I take medication as well does Jackie but we do not abuse it. I may have in the past which everyone including my doctors but that girl no longer exists.

      What? English, woman. If I were one of your authors reading your abysmal inability to string an actual sentence together, i’d be horrified.
      That girl no longer exists? That’s debatable. But what’s FACT is that the girl that exists now is one that steals from people and drags children into the middle of business drama that she (YOU) kick up to try to cover your scamming thieving ass. Yeah. That’s MUCH better.

      She is a mother an aunt and a provider for her family. Again this blog has gone to far and lepp for you to allow it knowing what Jacqueline went thru shows you are a cunt a heartless one at that.

      I didn’t bring her business here. She did. And I didn’t talk about what she’s been through. YOU did. And this isn’t the first time. You’ve mentioned before about this blog causing a child to try and harm herself. All to try to make us look like the bad guys when all we’re doing is exposing your own fraudulent, criminal activities. Who’s to blame, Tabetha? You’re the one that scams. You’re the one that brings the drama. So who’s to blame?
      That’s right, hon. Pick up a mirror and stop pointing fingers.

    • In one breath you say you don’t pop pills and in the next you say you do take pills so there you go again proving Leppy’s right and your a liar. Look at yourself you care more about lying about your fake authors than this girl that tried to kill herself just like you care more about flashing your titties than your sister yelling at your kid when you were making more noise then she was, shouting “Mother fucker!” and “Holy shit!” at the top of your lungs.” Your a piss poor mother, will It be Leppy’s fault when your kid ends up screwed up to? You both make real mother’s sick.

      • There is a difference than taking scheduled medication than popping pills or are you too stupid to understand that.And actually Eric began the whole thing about Jacquelines daughter a few posts back and that is when Jacqueline got on and had it out with Eric. My daughter is fine and very bright. No parent is perfect but I know I am a damn good mom to her and she is well loved and provided for by me.

      • Eric mentions Jackie’s daughter 8 weeks ago to the day. 8 WEEKS. And that makes it okay for you to bring it up again all this time later… how?

        And he said OD. That could have been accidental. YOU used the word suicide. 8 weeks later, to try and lampoon me after that child came on the blog with guns blaring, instead of showing any real concern for the child. You’re just trying to blame your ex for your own bullshit actions.
        Nice try, but there’s no hiding behind anybody this time. It’s all you.

        She’s provided for by the authors you rip off, don’t you mean?

      • TABETHA!

        A crying shame you come on here talking about someone else said this, pointing a finger at your ex. While I can’t say he is completely innocent in all manners of life because I do not know him but he came here and told his story and you, well where do we start.
        1) eight weeks ago … really SMH blog post for those that needs the reference, Eric asked about a child “OD,ing” in DC, right I get it was not a good thing to mention however he only stated a child of, no names.
        2) OD can be accidental in nature, I took my ADD or ADHD meds too often. In many cases that can happen with the side effects.
        3) Drinking too much alcohol or smoking too much pot can be an OD
        4) the words Tabetha used was Accidential…… read all above

        You bitched Eric out but you have no comment for Tabetha saying it and telling us the kids name?

        Before this post I did not realize said minor was the one! If I put my true feelings out there and say what I am sure many are saying I will be a cold hearted bitch. Well as a mother, I am going to touch on it.


        I am frankly sick and tired of the “oh I am the victim and I get sick because of all these words.” You and only you have a the will to walk away and do what is right. Ousting a kid on this blog is not right, Tabetha. Jackie, if you are sick because of the stress, and your say this is hurting your child then you need to step away and get help to find the happy medium. I cannot say what you are doing is wrong but do not broadcast what you do not want people to know. No one knew who the OD comment was about, surely LMFAO didn’t as I did not.

        Diversions, it will not work. You ousted said minor not any of us and not your ex, who seems to have happily left you! With that said I stand neutral in that fight because it is not my business. Take a long look in the mirror. are you satisfied you called out what you did and now trying to spin fault on Eric? Lame! Stand up and be the adult you claim to be, a real professional would. Even actors, sports players, come out with a press conference and say I admit I did something stupid!

        Takes you 24 hours to come up with a slim weak response! PITIFUL!


        My question to all you authors, business associates, bloggers and others
        A child was ousted and instead of asking to remove the comments, pointing fingers to another blogger on an adult website was more mature, think about this: She can throw someone she considered family out for shark bait and it is morally fine with all of you? Your owners are letting a pure girls innocence be demised. It could be your child next … nothing will stop her now right? After 8 weeks of no commenting on or about that incident, now it is an issue for all to know when no name was mentioned. IF they run personal life like this can you imagine what of yours can be leaked out. Minor or major it is your business. What I tell my betas about books is expected to stay with me and my beta, she can’t keep a zipped lip about this. Think long and hard of how you want to be tainted by this company and these owners. Tarred by Association does come with the price of being with Tabetha.

        Please tell them you know first hand as you were with Tab through out Suess’s, Erotic’s, Rusty Nail’s, Cuss’s, and this blog. I will be glad to post links to show the lack of professionalism in the responses on blogs! Nothing has changed in 2 years still a very immature person trying to thieve and manipulate people. Very Sad you still do not see if you did anything wrong Tabetha. Jackie you are worst because you do not say a word or fight for your daughter.

        Actions speak really loud, I lost respect for you as a mother. I wish and pray for the safety and health of all kids involved!

      • Exactly. Jackie came out with guns blaring at Eric for mentioning an OD, but not a word at Tabetha for outing it as a suicide attempt? Still doing business with her, hip to hip, thick as thieves? Where her your priorities?
        Well, I guess we can all see where they’re NOT.

        Authors, I know you’re looking. Take heed. These are the women you’re entrusting with your work, your blood, sweat and tears. Your future. Your dreams.
        If you’ve read this blog, and the others out there about how she/they do business, you see who and what they are. Save yourself. Save your work.
        And when she tries to charge you money for a release from her company, tell her to sit and spin. You don’t owe her a thing.
        When she tells you that you have to sign a release form that includes a no-retaliation clause, refuse. She’s just trying to scare you into thinking you can’t talk about your negative experiences with her so that you can’t warn any new authors, or talk about what’s happened to you. She’s trying to bully, intimidate and manipulate you. Don’t let her.
        And when she threatens you with legal action, tell her to get stuffed. She won’t follow through.
        If she threatens not to give you your work back (because her computer’s broken… again), report her for theft. She has no legal right to keep your work. And for her to hold your work hostage unless you pay is BLACKMAIL. She’ll point at the contract and say “You signed it. It’s legal,” tell her to shove that contract where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s not a legal contract. You are not bound by it. And she knows it. She’ll use threats and lots of bluster to frighten you and wear you down, but don’t give in. It’s your work. It’s your money. Call her bluff and stand up for your work, your money and your rights.

        If she won’t release you, tries to charge you money, or won’t give you back your work, here’s the number for her local Attorney General. Give him a call.
        (254) 757-5084
        His name’s Abelino “Abel” Reyna. I’m sure he’ll be happy to help you sort it out.

  16. And if MP authors were so worried about money that I legally do not owe them why haven’t I been to court? Again if I had done all these Phoenix authors wrong why am I not in court? Because it is all lies. Just as I proved to the BBB I can prove it again. When are you going to learn you are defeated? And just to set the record straight there are six authors including myself jacking and eris kelli that write under pen names the crest of my authors use their real names.

    Btw not sure when you missed the memo Jaimie is no.longer with us nor are her three alts that all had specialty for a certain writing. Again anything you say I can prove you wrong and where opinions can be used and only so far not the damaging or reference to drug use with a minor.

    Good old lepp allowing one of her minions to tell a minor to pop.pills due to personal information that very ppl knew about making a joke about after said minor has already had one incident with suicide but this blog isn’t about hate. Anyone who is really looking can see you have a huge mess to clean up. You are so busy trying to dig up false and fake dirt on me can’t keep your demons in order Jt? You know they do make medication for that don’t you?

    • Oh My God! You’re bringing a kid into this mess to defend your business? AH HA HA HA HA HA! Wait. Wait. I’ll go get my little cousin to come on here and defend me as an author who was scammed. He said: “Shtap it, you meanie weenies!”

      Only joking. But I don’t need to explain that, do I? Everyone knows that getting KID family members to defend your business is beyond unprofessional. It’s advanced stupid. Bravo, Tabetha. Who you gonna drag into this next? Granma? You got a great aunt somewhere who wants a pop? A second cousin thrice removed? The next door neighbor? The next door neighbor’s dog?

      “And if MP authors were so worried about money that I legally do not owe them why haven’t I been to court? Again if I had done all these Phoenix authors wrong why am I not in court?”

      You know DAMN WELL WHY, little miss Texas. Playing dumb just won’t cut it, you lying sack of shit. It’s already been outed on this blog by an author. Smoke screen much?

      “Btw not sure when you missed the memo Jaimie is no.longer with us”

      Yay! She’s free! Thank goodness. So that’s how many staff/ authors you’ve turned over in the last year?

      “Again anything you say I can prove you wrong”


      “and where opinions can be used and only so far not the damaging or reference to drug use with a minor…Good old lepp allowing one of her minions to tell a minor to pop.pills”

      Good one. That made me laugh my ass off. Take your meds! Take your meds! Take your meds! Even kids in elementary use the “chill pill” and “take your meds” line. Everyone knows it’s just a line. You gonna drag ’em all to court? “Reference to drug use with a minor,” sheesh! You don’t even know how to talk tough.

      “said minor has already had one incident with suicide ”

      That’s none of our fucking business! I thought you cared about this kid? Why are you dragging something like that up, for god’s sake? That’s just not right. That kid has nearly killed herself and you think it’s okay to just out it on a fucking blog? Stop talking other people’s PRIVATE BUSINESS in defense of your shitty little scam publishing company!

      “You know they do make medication for that don’t you?”


    • Already answered, Einstein. They can’t afford to take your ass to court. Most of them are removed from you geographically, some as far away as the UK. They’d spend more to nail you to the wall than they’d get back in damages.
      And, as your cohort pointed out, you’ve batterd, abused and waited them out so much and so long that the Statute of limitations has probably expired on most of them.

      You didn’t PROVE anything to the BBB. You refused to answer in a timely manner. That’s a very different thing. And when you did answer, it was likely with some rubbish one of your gaggle printed up in Word. So go ahead and ride that proclaimed victory as long as it’s got legs. But you’re right. You’ll probably be answering to them again.

      You just proved yourself wrong. Again. Yeah, I did miss the memo. Because I don’t troll your page the way you tell your authors I do. I’M not the stalker or the bully. You are. Thank you for proving it yet again.

      I don’t have a thing to clean up. You just want your authors to think I’m a bully, when all anyone with eyes has to do is look and realize that YOU cause all the drama. Those minors shouldn’t even know about any of it. It’s YOU that makes them aware of it and drags them into it over and over again to cover your ass, just like you’re doing now. Using them to try and cast me in a negative light to TRY to make yourself look better. Nice try, hon. But another fail, just like always.

      I don’t have to dig up anything. All I have to do is give you enough room and you always prove yourself filthy. I am but the messenger. You are the proof, in word and deed. Every time.

    • Well this should go on the other post but it is so much more fitting here than the other one. Reference: Cussedness Corner, Months and nothing blog post, dated January 15,2013.

      Red Herring name was mentioned, you know Scooby Doo’s cartoons then later Todd Herring… Called said closed Herring practices and none knew Tabetha, she has a response on a blog somewhere about her attorney not giving anyone info but my lawyer was looking into getting her. Now there are more people leaving and having the same said issues, time to try again. Thanks to Cindy, Melina, Sabrina, and many others.

      tabetha jones
      January 20, 2013

      It shouldn’t take an attorney to do anything. Its about being an adult and moving on. Yes people got hurt and I was one of them. Did things go as planned no. And I am sorry for that but again it was business. Martha people are grown adults and they knew what they were doing when they signed that contract. You can blame me all day but I did everything I promised and have receipts to prove it it. And why you want to back.lepp so much I’m not sure when she is the one attacking Lindsay. And I was trying to defend her because Lindsay means alot to me. She is a dear friend. I would do anything for my authors or staff. Now things with mystic ate taken care of and its time to let it die. So lets all be adults about this and move the hell on. Cause it shouldn’t take attorneys all it should take is adults being adults or have you all forgotten how to do that.

      Since the Tabetha, you have never told us how to contact that lawyer to set up meetings or even find you. During those times authors gathered up several addresses all fake, so how do you know we did not try and serve you? Let me address, the authors in the group had three to four different addresses at the time, every contract had a different address and from the BBB site that is another one. Workplace, that she claimed to be out none panned out. I have no clue where she lives today nor works. When we asked two years ago, many of us were on her friend’s list. Of course, we were called names such as liars and haters. Not responsible for errors in text above.

      • We all make mistakes for there are several in my post, hence I pay an editor… my keys are sticking and I did not do a read through!
        Closest* office
        the workplace she claimed to be at*

        Fixed my errors sorry about that, I feel really bad about submitting a bad post!

      • No worries. It’s not like you’re a publisher that claims to be an author and an editor that actually can’t spell for shit or string a sentence together with both hands and a Thesaurus.
        Hmmm. Who does that sound like?

      • Hey Voice,
        We all make mistakes. Authors write and send it off to editors and betas to read through before publishing. On here we do not have that option, lol. When you are passionate about your work or what you are writing on it happens. Even the most famous authors have an mistake in their book.

      • When I moved I was instructed by my attorney to change my address on the contract. To ensure it was kept updated.

      • And what attorney would that be Scab? Let’s have his name since you like to say you have one but never in four years have you given out his name, why is that, because every barrister I know is quick with a business card to hand out if anybody asks. I’ve never ever met one or talked to anybody that knows one that said ‘Leave my name out of it.’ Right you won’t give out a name because you don’t have one, like always it’s a stinking lie.

  17. I think LMAO should be ashamed of yourself for telling a child to take pills after her apparent suicide attempt a few months ago because of her real father. JT you knew all about that and allowed the post any way. When is enough enough? I think this has gone on far to long and now you allow children to be attacked and you proclaim to be a good mom then prove it.

    • Jesus Christ. Nice job at looking like an idiot. Leave that poor girls’ private affairs out of this. You should be ashamed of even talking about it on this blog. Dragging it out as an excuse to rag on someone who would have no idea of Tabetha’s niece’s life – the 17 year old that she’s dragged into this mess to hide behind. Maybe if Tabetha didn’t drag her niece into this then nothing would have been said. Thought about that? 10/10 for acting like a douche.

      Enough was enough a long time ago, and that’s why this blog exists.

      • For the record, Caitlin is not Tabetha’s niece. I’m not sure they’ve even met face to face. It’s just more of that “Phoenix Fire is FAMILY” rubbish. Jacqueline and Tabetha are not sisters. They’re just partners in crime claiming they’re family as a show of solidarity.

    • It amazes me how a mother would or could applaud her child’s personal affairs to be put on any blog not just this one, records of the internet stay. No matter what anyone says, judgement is passed down by likes of words and things said on the blogs. Not everyone agrees or disagrees. I did not know anything about the minor’s life until she came onto the adult blog and posted, if she wanted to act like an adult she must reap the consequences. Nothing would have been said about her nor has it. Truly nothing was mentioned about Tabetha sleeping with the minor’s dad…..My question oh dear wonderful mom where in the hell did she get that from? I have read over this blog neither you, her, or her father was mentioned… It was about the ousting of Sky (lynn) Wicker from previous blogs and then Tabetha said she was dating her sister…No I am not bringing up the relationship again just trying to figure out where the minor got the shit she posted and then see how the “adults” parenting her are pissed off at others.
      Somewhere along the line you as a mom, Jackie, let your daughter get on this site and comment, she is still a minor so it is your responsibility. Knowing teenagers that is hard to deal with but as a mom, I would be more pissed off at my sister for broadcasting my daughter’s personal life over the airways (technically words published on a site). Newsflash what kind of so called proclaimed great mom allows her child to be the topic of discussion? I know most teens have a mind of their own and do what they want but instead of LMFAO’s comment I would be begging to get my child’s response off…
      In the business world all will have haters but to use all this as a crutch of why you are sick and can’t run a business is beyond belief…

      “If you cannot stand the heat in the Kitchen, get the hell out!”

      • exactly. You don’t see EITHER mom or “aunt” Tabetha asking for the comments to be removed. Instead, they’re using it to try to bail themselves out.
        So much for all that matronly concern for the child in question. They’re more interested in lashing out at me than trying to look after the the minor in the middle.
        Way to go, there, moms.

    • Why are those children even involved? Why do they even know about any of this?
      That child shouldn’t be involved in mom’s business or any of the drama surrounding it. If she weren’t told about it, or put in the middle of it, she wouldn’t have dragged HERSELF, here.

      And you can thank Tabetha for telling the world what your daughter’s been through. Don’t look at me for it. The blame, as ever, lies at home. So stop trying to pin your dirty laundry on me.

    • Okay, so she’s not a real niece. My bad. Even so, hauling out a 17 year old to fight a battle over a scam publishing company, then bringing up something like that, is just wrong. As much as Caitlin may be okay with it, it is her business to tell, no one else, and shame on any adults for not respecting that. They should know better.

      • Oh you’re absolutely correct. I just wanted to Keep the details straight, lest she convince her authors that she’s protecting actual family.

      • Actually Jacqueline and I are related by my birth mother Denise Burnette. So before you assume we aren’t related do your research.

      • You two are related by blood now? That’s interesting, considering you just met last year.

        Dear God, you really are delusional, aren’t you?

    • How did Leppy know your daughter tried to kill herself? She didn’t even know Jamie left your bullshit company, you talk about being a good mom but here you are talking about your daughter’s father and her suicide attempt on a public blog, what mother does that? Get your head out of Scabatha’s ass and start being a real mother.

    • You should be ashamed of yourself for bringing your child into this – obviously she knows this blog from you. And then to share her private business? You are disgusting.

    • Again Eric was the one that brought it up and Jacqueline got on to defend her daughter. He made it out to be a joke and no one got their panties in a bunch when he did it. And he specifically called out Caitlin and Jackie and I both raised hell.

      But I forget lepp and Eric are the best of friends now. Although I hear that he’s not doing so well.

      My source says he’s the one with the drug problem not me not jaqig

      • So what’s your excuse for flogging that expired equine now?

        Sure, Jackie lit into Eric at the time, in ONE comment. But she didn’t turn right around and declare her undying devotion to him, now did she? You, on the other hand, she defends you to her last breath. She’s betraying her own blood for somebody that has already thrown both her and her kids under the bus.

        I hope her kids like knowing that some mouthy broad online is more important to mom than they are.

        One day, her kids will be long gone, knowing that mom doesn’t give a shit about them, and you’ll be gone because she no longer serves a purpose to you. She’ll find herself alone with no one to turn to, and she’ll have nobody to thank for it but herself.

      • Whether or not someone else made a fool of themselves is irrelevant. If someone jumped off the bridge would you do it as well?
        After reading the comments from two months ago, one thing is for sure it was not suppose to have been outed. As a mother I get that but on the other hand no names were mentioned and a suicide wasn’t. Yes, Jackie said her daughter did not need to be mentioned, the only said. To me that is not jumping down someone’s ass, but to others it is so be it. I am not here to argue and hate on the logistics of the shit you are trying to stir up. 2) overdose on drugs.., to be honest I thought it was a more serious drug like crack, cocaine, pot or alcohol. I dismissed it back than, a minor was involved and I am dismissing it now because I am not there. Please Jackie understand this is not about bashing your family, I am trying to make a statement in which people will see another side. As far as your daughter goes, Tabetha you have outed her for reasons and using her as a tool since day one. “My child’s life was ruined too” That statement you made many moons ago, I do not argue or say a word about yours or Jackie’s child like that, I been defending and you come back days after mentioning her by name again. Slashing out at Eric is one thing but leave the child out of it be the bigger person…. I mentioned child all throughout this post but never a name as a mother I protect kids. Re-read your comments and see what I am saying…. you edit you can see it, I have faith in that.
        “Two wrongs does not make a right, to be honest the one that does the second wrong and continues to point fingers starts to look like an ignorant fool.” ~ an old English Teacher of mine.~
        Now can we all agree on dropping the line about the minors and move on? This side blasted you because of your actions not of the child and to have the name drug up over and over. Be a mom and respect the child of another mom. To be honest, I lost respect for you more in the last few days over stirring up the shit about all this, to be professional is one thing but you dropped to another level.
        Granted I seen low blows from both sides but never in my life I have seen a business with partners and managers and associates praising a wrong doing by a lead person as okay because Tom, Dick, or Harry said it.
        Most importantly no minor should be talked about like that. I am here to agree to disagree on parenting of children but let’s all be adults and get off the naming names of children.

      • Commendable notion. But we already know that Tabetha’s got no problem using her daughter as a tool for Sympathy and manipulation. That’s not going to change. All that remains is for rational adults to realize the character of the people they’re doing business with being used by.

      • Again you drag a child onto a blog and talk about drug use, you talk about Lepp but your the insensitive prat continuing to talk about Jackie’s daughter and drugs, stop using that child for your own selfish purpose. Your screaming about Eric but he mentioned her once and didn’t say her name or say she used drugs, your doing It over and over. Leave that poor child alone.

      • You should know by now that Tabetha’s favorite game is “the pot and the kettle.” She likes to throw stones at someone else for what she’s exponentially more guilty of. So if she’s yelling about somebody else doing something (whether they have or not) you can bet your bottom dollar it’s something she’s guilty of herself.

  18. I have, for the first time, done what I’ve been accused many times of doing. I’ve edited comments on this post to remove what could be considered insensitive remarks involving a minor. Not because the original comment was out of line. Considering the people we’re dealing with, and the nature of the comments it replied to, it could be expected. But because the people involved, adults involved with the minor, women who should be more concerned with the child’s well-being than waging war with strangers, tastelessly sensationalized the comments, which could cause further distress to a child who already could use some positive attention. Not more negativity. Especially from the adults in her life.

    • Well the adults in her life need to make sure said minor knows the consequences of going to a public blog and saying grown up words, hell at that age my ass would have been lit on fire. Most people do curse, I do from time to time … I had a money jar I filled to break the nasty words from tarring everything about me, personal and professional lives. When you walk into an elementary or primary school and hear the words being flung around and out of a minors mouth as above it is quite distasteful. I have been around long enough to know that the minor could end up like the adults around them. For good or bad. When a teenager commits a crime, most often they will be seen as an adult especially when the minor acts/speaks like above. Many teenagers in this country are tried as adults as early as the age of 13 (thirteen is the proper way to write) *insert smartassed remark here*.
      No one jumped on the said minor, yea the comment was a bit much now the facts are out there but life is not fair. What you did to her is worse than the comment you wanted to be edited. Now her life is out there for everyone to see, because her friends know her mom, their moms can search and see this post and it is there for the world to see, employers, colleges, future husbands…. Take a moment to think about that. YOU NOT ANYONE ELSE TOLD THE BUSINESS OF THAT MINOR.

      And before you spin this web around again, don’t her feelings are more important for you should have matured enough to get what this post means!

  19. Tabetha’s parenting skills have recently been called into question regarding actions she made public in her bucket challenge video.
    Question: What’s a good way to look like a better parent? Answer: make somebody else look like a worse one.
    Is Tabetha encouraging these actions and comments regarding Jackie’s troubled daughter in an effort to divert attention away from her own poor parenting choices? Would she throw her own bestie/partner/”sister” under the bus just to make herself look better?
    Certainly not!
    …would she?

    • Again, the great and powerful Tabetha does all to deflect the much deserved attention from herself. NOTICE not once did she try and clear up ANY THING that I myself personally brought to light. She had NO ONE to hide behind, NO ONE to blame or pin anything I said on. So what does she do? Back to doing what she does best, puffs herself up like a Banty rooster, crows a lot and tries so very unsuccessfully to turn the tables.

      Tabetha you should be ashamed of calling out a CHILD’S problems to cover your massive short comings. Yet, this child is willing to make herself look like a fool, even let you post HER life problems to help you. You are a DISGRACE of the human gene pool. Have you no HEART, no SOUL??? What the fuck is wrong with you?

      And Jackie, sweetie I would be booking a flight to Texas, if that bitch EVER put my child out there like that. Just to whup her GHETTO ass, and make sure her fingers could not type a single word to defame my child. But that’s me. Exactly WHAT are you as this young ladies mom thinking??? Girl, you need to take a good long look in the mirror. Who is more important? Some lying snail trail, or the child that has known you from the inside out?

      In closing for the young lady I wish you well. As for the lying deceitful Tabetha, you keep on spewing all the lies and cons, sooner or later you number will come up. You can’t keep playing the martyr, good people WILL come to know you for who you really are. Your mask will come off and all that will be left is UGLY.

      • CFW,
        Tabetha is good at dodging the questions of most importance! Hell look at the blog histories, not just Lepp’s.

      • WE all know what a loathsome excuse for a human being Tabetha is, willing to throw anybody under the bus to save her own ass.
        The question that is left now is for Jackie.
        What’s more important? Some mouthy bitch she hasn’t even met face to face? Or her own flesh and blood?
        If Jackie stays associated with Tabetha after seeing her put Jackie’s daughter’s most personal affairs online just to cover herself, we’ll have our answer.

        And so will the flesh and blood in question.

      • Oh but dearest Lepp, it is not just Jackie that should be concerned. There are many others with their hands in the pie!

      • And they’ll all be dealt with as her demise draws ever nearer.

        Right now, I’m interested in seeing that one question answered: Who’s more important to Jackie? Tabetha or her daughter?

      • Lepp, you already know the answer to your question. The minor child was brought here by her mother, and then that mother shared information about her minor child that should not have been shared here. In order to defend her Tabetha, that mother broke trust with her own child. That is your answer.

      • I know. I’m just waiting to see what they try to hide it with.

        …I do have my suspicions, though.
        I’m guessing that they plan to hide behind Tabetha’s upcoming surgery. Tabetha et al are “preparing for it” with nervous anticipation, and then afterward, they’ll all be too engrossed in her recovery to answer for their own reprehensible actions. And if I dare say anything about that or this, I’ll be “kicking her when she’s down.”
        *Eye roll*

        We won’t get an answer from them. And we don’t need one. As you say, we already have it. If Jackie didn’t drop Tabetha like a hot potato the instant the latter put her daughter’s most private matters online, she’s already shown that she made her choice. And, I’m sorry to say, that it wasn’t her own flesh and blood.
        What must that feel like, to have your own mother discard you for some loudmouth bully she’s never even met? I can’t even imagine that.

        My prayers go out to that poor kid. They really do.

  20. Something’s bugging me.
    Both Caitlin and Jackie posted from the same IP. That could be explained by two people posting from the same place (even though each device has its own IP, but never mind THAT pesky little detail). We’ll allow that stretch of the imagination.
    But what if, just a thought, mind you, what if it was only one person that posted under two different names? Wouldn’t be the same time we’ve seen that before, is it?
    You don’t think it’s possible,do you, that Jackie posted as her daughter in order to set it up to look like we were attacking a minor? She wouldn’t use her own daughter that way, would she?
    Certainly not.
    Because then she’d be caught in a very difficult position, wouldn’t she? Confess that it wasn’t her daughter that posted after all and expose herself as a fraud that would use her minor child’s name to post on what she and her buddy call a hate blog in order to cover their asses.
    Or keep her yap shut and expose herself as a cold-hearted “mother” that cares more about her buddy than her own kid.
    Wouldn’t it suck to have to make that choice?
    Either way, with a friend like that, who needs enemies?

    But certainly no mother in her right mind would do that. Ever. For any reason. Right?

    • No JT sorry to say that was my daughter who unfortunately has to think using the curse words makes her look bad its One of the issues we are working on. When she had got mixed up into the wrong crowd. Also you asked me about the other website she posted on I can’t remember off hand but if you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me at because I am truly done with your blog and would appreciate it if you would remove those comments. Again I apologize for my daughters actions.

      • I removed three comments by Caitlin that contained very unfortunate language. For now.
        I find it curious that it isn’t until 3 days later that you finally ask for those comments to come down.
        I find it even curiouser that you didn’t ask for any other comments regarding your daughter be removed. The ones by your business partner, for example, that put your daughter’s personal business out there for the world to see. If your excuse for that is that her troubles have already been made public on other sites, I presume two things:
        First, that the information was make public on those sites by your daughter, not some third party doing it as part of some flame war.
        Second, that those were sites that you approve of. If your opinion is that this is a hate blog that you’re truly done with, why would you want your daughter’s affairs to remain here?

        I think it’s more a matter of asking me to remove them so that you can flame me for being a heartless bitch if I refuse. You just wanted to say that I’m picking on your poor, innocent minor child by refusing to remove those comments. It’s just a head-game you cooked up to try and fry me with because you can’t think of any reasonable answers for any of the questions posed to you. And that, in itself, is an answer.

        Sorry, but you’ll have to think of something else. I’ve archived those comments. They’re still there, make no mistake. The public just can’t see them. For now. Your daughter will not always be a minor, and those comments will be kept safe for future reference until such a time as their content might be relevant.

        If you’re done with this blog, then I wish you the best of luck. You’re going to need it with the company you keep. Literally and figuratively.

        We’ll just have to wait and see if your flounce holds as much substance as your partner’s.

  21. Dear Mrs Larson would you kindly remove Caitlin’s comments from your blog. I have a talked with her regarding the language she used which is not tolerated. And her actions a few months ago has been made aware publicly on different sites so she may be able to help others. She has helped a few teenage girls from taking their life recently as she knows that she was one of the lucky ones. Thanks sorry for her language.

    • Thank you for your politely asked request.
      I will consider it.

      May I ask what other sites her predicament has been made public on? If I know a teen in crisis, I’d like to be able to direct them to these sites so they can benefit from her inspiring words.
      Thanks for letting me know.

      • One was her Facebook and I am not sure of the exact names of the others I will ask her when she comes home tomorrow. She is also doing a coming out of the darkness walk for suicide the end of the month plus writing a book from her point of view.

      • Well, those sound like mature, enlightened actions for a noble cause. Hardly sounds like the same person that hopped on my blog for a swear-fest.

      • I commend you on asking for this and all the stuff she is doing, but I have a few grating questions… why come the two of you out and post LMFAO when you said it was public, none of us are friends with your daughter. I do believe you all owe that person an apology for the way you talked to her on this page for just that situation. She did not know like the rest of us, I read the comments thought nothing about it until Tab said it. That needs to be addressed not just what you are addressing with you child. She came her acting like an adult, many of us defending her with the mentioning of actions of her past but now you still need to know your partner helped spread the word of her things, whether or not she told people … her friends on facebook is different than who Tab calls her haters, so if this is to make Tab look good well, it won’t because Tab make it public to the world and the wrong person could use it against you. (I am not saying me but you really need to think about her safety with diarrhea of the mouth telling strangers.)
        What I tell my friends and family, not a word of it should come to this blog… get what I am saying? You should really think long and hard about what she is doing, in reality she used your daughter as shark bait for us to grab on and divert attention it is a pattern for her, read mentioned blogs from a person that is neutral… she wasn’t in the corner when she slammed people under the bus.
        I heard many things about you but never did I bring the up, I talk about the actions shown on this blog. Now, I hope you have really thought about this because her coming out to the public about it is showing great things and progress but I still have to ask where she got the things for the remarks made? Someone had to fill her head, no where on this blog do we talk about your family life, (her, her father, and you… especially the accusation of Tabetha and her father sleeping together) That needs to be address, I have faith that you will.

        Tabetha will not be off the hook in my eyes on this one so you have not won, the young minor won! I am still not convinced that this business adventure is save for you, Jackie. If you are getting sick as Tab says so much, I took it because of what we do, blaming this blog and Lepp, than get use to the feedback. Until you prove to me not more shady shit is happening I am not disappearing. Cindy, a two year invested author just came out so … you have a lot of work ahead to prove me wrong. Many others have left in the last little bit, you say you did not approve of one because actions you all said was unprofessional, take a look at Tabetha’s comment and think what that reads…. UNPROFESSIONAL!

      • Actually I did mean all comments sharing a device with a 12 year old who needs to talk to her friends or take pictures of puppies I was hurrying when I was trying to type. I am not out to frame anybody believe what you want I am just trying to pick up the broken pieces and fix a lot of things.

      • Well I think you need to apology to LMFAO because this is one of those things that you all screamed at him/her without thinking she did not know!

  22. LMAO I believe I owe you an apologe as well. It has been a trying week and some buttons were pushed and words were said that that should not have been said. Again not only am I apologizing to you but to anyone else I may have offended. Good night and god bless

    • Eating all this humble pie looks great on paper but where was all this motherly concern three or four days ago? In the heat of the moment all you carefully about was covering Tabatha’s ass and to be honest that’s what It still looks like your doing only instead of yelling and cursing your doing It quiet said people won’t attack you. You say sharing a device with a 12 year old for taking pictures of puppies but that’s not the same as what your 17 year old did so what does a 12 year old have to do with it or are you just trying to make her look younger and more innocent. You say your sick and stress makes it worse so what in bloody hell are you doing with Tabitha Jones? She’s nothing but stress and drama as she weaves her network of lies and people to blame them on. If your honest you know that so why stay? Are you that desperate for a friend that you stay with a thief that used your kid like that? Is Scabby more important than your kid and your health? Because for all your humble apologies your still sticking with her aren’t you?? If the answer is yes then all this is just window dressing and your still making excuses to cover your buddy’s ass isn’t It. Don’t apologe to me save it for your daughter she deserves it for keeping that piece of shit Scamatha in her life. If you really want to take care of your girl the first thing you need to do is get that piece of shit far away from her if you don’t than don’t pretend to be mother of the year.

  23. Ok, I am a fair person, I do believe I give benefit of the doubt. I have given Tabetha time to remove my name and all from the book trailers she has up and running on youtube. Today being one of those days where my doubts kept niggling at me. I went and checked, just for kicks and giggles. Low and behold what do I find, yep you guessed it boys and girls, the videos ARE STILL up and viewable on youtube. And YES, my name is there being promoted with her rag press. Since Tab is always crying proof, proof, when she feels no need to give any herself, well her you go.

    I do remember Tab promising on one blog posting that they would be taken down, right away. But if not here you go in her own words.

    8/31, 9:23pm

    Cindy White

    as you can plainly see my name is still associated with this anthology.. i respectfully ask that you remove my name from this at once.


    Tabetha Jones

    Available Now

    8/31, 9:27pm

    Cindy White

    again as you can see MY name is being used to promote your book.. i ask that you take it down asap.. and remove my name from your company


    Tabetha Jones

    Available Now

    September 1

    9/1, 1:00am

    Tabetha Jones

    I don’t have the art for the covers and the release stands as is. Sign it completely or not all. Not using you to promote anything.


    9/1, 1:33am

    Cindy White

    My name is on the trailers therefore you are and I will NOT sign as is, that is fraud and this is bullshit. Change the writing in the release, it is only right, since YOU DON’T own the rights to my coverart


    September 1

    9/1, 5:49pm

    Tabetha Jones

    You said read the release it states if the artwork belongs to Phoenix you cannot use it. Yours you paid for. As for the trailers I was unaware you were advertised on them. My mother has surgery tomorrow and I have a second coning on the 12th. I will make sure they are undated asap. Again read the release. I hold no rights over your artwork.

    Again more lies..

  24. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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