BBB revisit

I posted once before abut how victims of a scam can initiate a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You can read that in the BBB thread, HERE.
But I think it bears a revisit, considering some comments of late.

For a company to have a fair rating, say a C+ or so, That doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. It just needs to slide by without being reported. The Better business bureau doesn’t investigate companies on its own. It needs reports from members of the public to alert it to the fact that something’s amiss. Just one complaint that’s closed under dubious circumstances because the business refuses to reply doesn’t make a company legit. It just means that not enough people have stepped forward to report it. So if there’s a company out there that you know is crooked, report it. You could be stopping innocent people to falling victim to a scam business.

If you know of a company that’s falsely advertising itself, you don’t have to be a direct victim in order to report it. Any member of the public can report it. So if there’s a company out there that’s purposely misrepresenting itself to the public, report it.

You can report a false or fraudulent business in Texas HERE.


28 thoughts on “BBB revisit

  1. I shall state this a little more clearly. If I buy Mrs Jones out I can leave her as the face where I am responsible for all money in and out of said business. You will then be sanctioned with Defimation. And I’m under no legal rights have to show you proof of my name or ownership. However if you were to post my name with out my permission on your hate blog here, well I’m not Mrs Jones.

    • If that’s how you think business works, you have no more business trying to run a company than she does.

      More likely, you’re spewing this line of shit to try and con your newbies into thinking that you’re somehow legit. You’re not, and I pity anybody that doesn’t realize that and makes the mistake of signing with you. They’ll learn the hard way that Phoenix Fire is nothing but a scam and a con.

      It doesn’t matter where your so-called company is. It still needs to exist as a legal, taxable entity, and yours does not. Spin it any way you want, there’s no getting out of that.

      Jacqueline Loudan Weister.
      Katrina Vore.
      MISS Tabetha Jones.

      I repeat, AGAIN: It’s only defamation if it’s false. Every word spoken here is true. Are you really so dense that you don’t understand that? Or do you just expect your new victims to buy it?
      Good luck with that.

    • You write with this many errors but you expect people to believe your some business tycoon? What a load, nobody that educated would talk exactly like Scabetha Jones and her merry band of illiterate idiots. You keep proving your a lying fake, that’s not Leppy’s fault your so stupid.

    • Defimation is not a thing. Defamation is only the case when there are no facts, and it does not cover opinions. If you own a company, then your name is on the Secretary of State website, and mentioning your name in connection with your business is not against any law.
      But my question is… why do you leave this response on a post about the BBB? Your business, whatever it is you claim it to be, was not given in the entry. In fact, no business was mentioned. So, are you simply being paranoid, or are you projecting and defending against something you feel guilty for?

    • “And I’m under no legal rights have to show you proof of my name or ownership.”

      Actually, you are. All companies, all taxable entities, must be registered with the Secretary of State, public records that any person, including me, can view. If you don’t do that, you’re no more legal than Phoenix Fire is right now.
      While we’re on the subject, how do you buy a company that doesn’t legally exist?
      Smells kinda fishy to me.

  2. Alice, go fall in a hole somewhere. Anyone with eyes can see that I am No One – the gravatar is the same. It takes no deductive skill at all, which is good since you lack that. Just as you lack even the slightest writing ability, common sense, any business knowledge and can be out-conned by a kindergartener. Take your sad little attempt at intimidation, and distractionary bullshit, and stick it up Tabby’s ass. . . where your head clearly resides.

    • JT I have not made one post to your blog since you blocked me on FB or for awhile before that acually. i cant contact you but here. Just because I am trying to help out her company as a manager that is. May I ask why my whole name was brought onto your blog. I do have kids and before you all start if someone said a damn word to mine they wouldn’t be standing after.
      I like you want to see things set straight!
      But as I do with teachers googling my name I would appreciate if you could be the decient human begin you claimed to me you were. Remove my last name. If at any time I was to post here causing shit then I would understand. But as I’m not Tab and cannot control her I am asking you.
      My actions are mine,Tabs hers and so on.
      But I am getting real tired of my name begin droppe. As I have been noted as being g a cheat and scammer. You can’t just go around accusing ppl of doing things and expect no ramification. But thanks to our names being placed in certain sections here we are accused of false shit.
      I might be with PF but I am not in charge I am overseeing things making sure upon our agreement Tab changed her ways. Then you would get rid of the posts. You back her in a corner and expect her not to come out fighting. I don’t condone some actions taken on here by either party but when you delibertly place my last name on here I have a problem. They can see if if they care on her sites. I have been watching reading but so what however today I find my name my author name for my career being slandered by lies. That is defamation. I have been affected by one of your followers Sonja (Jaja) on good reads her funny ways of trashing reviews of others you don’t like. Just cause I’m with a company you all don’t like you don’t need to destroy others lives. We are not responsible for The first company MP or anything from PF. Tab is trying to find all your moles and I myself have seen the BBB report sent to Tab saying thank you for providing us with your information it has helped us find the claim filed against you to be false. WP is no longer as business or never was right? then what are the statue of limitation of getting money back from a company that is no longer in business. And as many as you say she owes money to with PF they can get together one attorney and file with the court to get money back or shut her down for good. No one has done that. JT you at one time said you had letters from authors she cgeated. Use them get an attorney go after her. Real company or not. You have proof use it. If not I just don’t get why all this so someone sees your blog about you and the ppl here and her standing up defending herself for one company no longer in business. One company that feeds her child. They see hate and others that can stand together to take it down if its true.
      I’m here to help and no not myself. PF is a name but if that name belongs to someone else not Tab what are you all going to do. I did contact someone to help her. As I told JT I was trying g to help. She encouraged me to help Tab make it right. She even said as she has on here that she believes Tab can be a good person if given the right tools and ppl backing her. Yet this continues. Sometimes when we have had enough we do things we can not undo but ask forgiveness for. If she asked for that she wouldn’t get it. So I am asking for a chance that was agreed upon by you JT to let me help get this turned around. With the help of Alice it can be done. And no I am not Alice! I will post with my first name.

      • Katrina, I like you. You seemed like a really sweet person. So I won’t be snarky. Just honest.

        You can’t defend Tabetha Jones and manage her company and not expect to be considered guilty by association. That’s the choice you made when you decided to go back. Maybe you do honestly believe that you can change things at PF and make things better for the authors.
        You can’t.
        Tabetha Jones will never change. She honestly doesn’t understand that she’s doing anything wrong. She’s too egotistical, narcissistic and greedy to admit, or even understand, that she hurts people. She doesn’t care about her authors. If she did, she wouldn’t rip them off in the first place. And if she were capable of change, she would have paid them all back long ago and started with this clean slate she wants people to believe she started over with when she reopened PF.
        She does’t pay them back. She doesn’t care. She continues to steal from them, and from every author she scams into signing with her company.
        There is no changing Tabetha Jones. She’s had good people trying to provide her with the right tools and help her run a legitimate business. All she does is throw them under the bus when she cheats one person too many and gets caught. She doesn’t want to run a legitimate business. How many years of cheating people does it take to prove that?

        If you don’t want to be associated with her crimes, get away from her company and stop helping her to commit them.

        Maybe you have no intention of scamming or hurting anybody. but make no mistake. As long as you manage her company, she’s using you to help TRY to make her company look legitimate. Whatever bullshit line she’s feeding you, I guarantee that behind your back, she’s using you as an example of how right she is, otherwise why would you come back? If you’re not part and parcel to her schemes, then SHE IS USING YOU. If she’s got you believing that she’s “a good person who could run the company right if only she gets the right help” honey, SHE IS USING YOU. Same thing with Jackie. She also told me that her only motivation for going back was to help the authors. Yet here she is, scheming right along with Tabetha, coming up with all these alts, stirring up all this drama.

        Nobody’s backing Tabetha into a corner. She just doesn’t like that her scams, frauds and schemes are still being exposed and people are still being warned about her. She backs HERSELF into a corner by still continuing to rip people off. Nobody’s accusing her, they’re EXPOSING her. She has no real defense, so she screams “Hate!” and “Bully!” to manipulate people into thinking of her as the victim as her only way of getting out of it. She doesn’t have any truth to defend herself with. All she’s got is manipulation.

        If the best defense she’s got is “But the statute of limitations has expired!” That’s pretty lame. For one thing, it admits that there’s a crime she’s hoping to weasel out of by waiting long enough for the statute to expire. And no matter how much time goes by, legal or not, she owes those people money she never paid them. And more every day, as she’s still making money from people who got smart and got away from her. What’s her excuse for that? “Lies!” “Hate!” “Bully!” No real defense. No facts.

        She’s been using the same tired old “Everybody deserves forgiveness! Everybody deserves a second chance!” line for years. It’s just another manipulation. If she truly wanted forgiveness, she would stop ripping people off and pay people what she owes them. She doesn’t do that. So if she has no intention of doing right by her authors, how can she expect forgiveness?

        It’s not forgiveness she’s after. All she cares about is manipulating the people around her so that she can keep right on ripping them off. if you don’t see that, hon, she’s got you snowed.

        Tabetha counts on the fact that she’ll fly under the radar criminally, so that authors are left with no recourse but to hire a lawyer and sue her in civil court. Nobody’s got the money for that, and she knows it. That’s how she keeps getting away with it.

        I am helping. Right here, right now.

        You say you’re back with Tabetha to help the authors from the inside. Well, hon, what are you doing to help them? Not just authors of the present, but authors of the past. If you manage the company, you can see with your own two eyes what she’s up to. What are YOU doing to put a stop to it? You know she’ll never change, and you’ve got the proof right in front of you. So what are YOU, in good conscience, going to do about it? If the answer is to stay with her company and keep helping her cover it up, then you have no business complaining about being called out in association with her.

        You can’t have it both ways, Katrina. You can’t be part of a scamming thieving company and yet expect to look innocent. If you really do have good intentions, get as far away from Phoenix Fire as you can. Or get dragged under with it.

  3. If Phoenix Fire is such an upstanding wonderful business, why all the shifty mysterious third party scrambling? Scametha says it’s doing so great, growing every day! So why does it need to be fixed so bad?

      • And one which will be replied with by any of the following: 1) You are haters. 2) It’s personal business 3 )I can’t answer now as I/My mom/My child/A neighbor is *fill in the blank*

      • Or will be ignored all together and have some other subject brought up, likely by one of the others. Probably an alt. Tabetha tends to ignore the hard questions that expose the truth about her.

  4. Something else I notice: Tabetha hasn’t shown up on this thread to defend herself. Alice dropped by to kick up a dust storm, and Katrina showed up to defend Phoenix Fire, but Tabetha has steered clear. She’s looked at it, but hasn’t answered. Instead, she’s throwing a pity party and kicking up dust on another thread to keep attention away from this one.
    Anybody wonder why?
    I’ll tell you. Because she’s scared shitless that somebody out there will realize that they can report her and help bring to light what a scam artist she and her company are. She’ll tap dance, drag mom out, stomp her feet, anything she can think of to keep attention off this topic.

    If you’re out there, people, report her. Stop her from doing to others what we all know she did to you. What she does to everyone.

    • Yes, she and the gang have been crawling all over my blog as well, but not a peep. That is fine by me… I don’t particularly want her attempting to use my blog as another PR stunt.

      • I like it just fine that she runs her yap on mine, It shows anybody that cares to look what kind of person she is, both in business and in character. And the best part is that no matter how hard she tries, she can never change it. Not like on her blogs where she can edit or delete whatever exposes her. Here, it stays forever.

  5. Why defend myself when there is nothing to defend. Yes “Alice” has sent investors my way and are interested and really don’t believe a word off this blog. There are many more that believe nothing off this blog because to them it shows hate, nothing more. Because the first question asked is if you are such an advocate then where are all the other authors and companies that you should be protecting.

    Phoenix is growing and not with alts as you seem to think in the little bubble you live in. In fact our newest anthology is well on its way, in the process as we speak. Has some great authors in it.Not that you care, because, frankly you are just a bitch like that.

    • A new anthology? All set to rip off a new wave of authors? Cool. The sooner they realize that you get paid every month but they only get paid quarterly, and only a few dollars, then, the sooner they’ll realize that all this “hate” you want them to think it is, is really a warning they should have heeded in the first place. They always do. You know it.
      You also know that no real investor would come within ten miles of a scam company that doesn’t legally exist. But, hey, if you can get your victims to buy it, that’s just more of a smoke screen, isn’t it?
      They’ll find out. They always do.

    • Hey scab you didn’t answer my question. If your company is growing and doing so bloody good how come you need investors to come in and save it? I hope your new anthology authors catch on faster than your old ones do and pull out before you steal too much from them. I mean if your anthologies were above board and paid right how come so many former authors have left? Because you don’t pay. They better start looking at this blog as a warning and save themselves while they still can. Your going to crush the dreams of someone one day who won’t be strong enough to take it and hurt themselves. What will you tell their family? Oh well It’s just business and keep selling their story’s? I hope somebody stops you minger for good.

      • I’m going to crush someone’s dreams? How about all the slander, name calling, trash talking you people have done to me for 2 years. Not to mention my authors, my company. What happens when goes to far and someone hurts themselves because of all the hate and bullshit you ppl live around. My company doesnt need saving but their are ppl that believe it has potential and want to put their money into someone hardworking and good hearted. They found that in Phoenix. Is it a yes? Frankly I think Jacqueline, Katrina, and I are doing a damn good job on our own. But before you pass judgement take a hard look in the mirror and tell me if you like what you see and im talking looks im talking soul. I have no problem. My soul my not be the best no one is perfect but i can say i am proud to be who i am. Period.

      • Someone good-hearted? I hope you don’t mean yourself. I can’t think how many times you said Leppy’s daughter had no talent and how many horrible things you’ve said about authors that find out what a thief you really are, you sell them a lie from the start “I’ll make your dreams come true, you’ll be family” sound familiar? But all you do is lie to them and steal there royalties until they finally find out that the fast talking con woman was lying to them the whole time they weren’t family to you. You don’t have a family, you don’t know what family means. You only have people that you use until they figure it out and get away from you. Then your fangs come out and you trash talk them til they can’t stand listening to you anymore when they ask where their money is and the only answer they get is bullshit. Your the one that hurts people you ugly psychopathic twat. You deserve to rot in hell if they can make room for your fat arse.

  6. The operative wording I do believe is the company that feeds her child. Hmmm, she didn’t give a rat’s ass when I was in financial straits. She just bragged on how good the one anthology was doing. Conveniently the one for the abuse shelter. But a little bird from deep in the tabby camp called me, informing me of a few LARGE deposits she received from book sales. But when questioned it was from HER personal book sales. The way I figure it to make 1 check of what she made she would have had to sell 80 paperbacks, or 700 or so ebooks. And so interesting that when the money from the abuse anthology came around. That book was PULLED by the shelter wasn’t it tabs??? Wasn’t that what you told me, that the shelter said no to the book due to you having to pull an author from it??? So yeah the money from the so-called company feeds her child, yet she IS STILL stealing.

    • I’m thinking the IRS will be interested to see the tax paperwork for the donations to the shelter as well as the taxation information for her nonexistent LLC. There’s tax paperwork for charity money as well as consequences when it’s not filed or reported.

      It just keeps stacking up, doesn’t it?

      What, I wonder, are her feelings about the children of the authors she isn’t paying? I’m pretty sure they need to eat, too.

      • That was what i was saying. I WAS an author for PF and she knew we were having hard times and offered no assistance. The only one that even said boo to a goose was Jackie. She thought i didn’t have a pc and offered to buy me a laptop. Mind you this was BEFORE she went back to tabbycamp. But it was appreciated. The only thing tabbyscat was worried about was me hurrying up and getting my erotica book ready. So she could cash in on those royalties as well. Tabbyscat is a troll, a bottom feeder.

      • Authors (and I know you’re looking) take heed. CFW was with Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire publishing for years, believing the latter’s lies that everything was great until the numbers didn’t add up. And Jaimie was full-on involved with Tabetha’s company until she found out the same thing. These two were as close to Tabetha as it gets, members of the “family” and they both – as well as many others – realized what Tabetha is and got away from her.

        Phoenix Fire publishing LLC does not exist on paper. It is a fraud. Do not get involved with it.

        On another note, I’ve long suspected that she encourages her authors to write erotica even if that isn’t their primary interest. I wonder why she does that.

  7. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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