Here’s a little glimpse back to Tabetha’s indignant reply when Cuss called her out for looking like a slut in one of her pictures.
Tabby topless holding those little boobies
Tons of chest fat… er, cleavage
Just a smudge of makeup

So… can we say it now?

Have you got any Tabetha flashbacks? Let’s see ’em.


42 thoughts on “Flashback

      • I’ve been hearing for YEARS that she’s going to sue my ass. So did Cuss and so did Emily. Nary a one of us has seen so much as a letterhead yet. Not a peep.
        I know the name she’s throwing around as her attorney, a respected member of the Attorney General’s office who’s been in practice for around 17 years now. That’s who she threatens her newbies with. I just wonder if HE knows he’s her lawyer? LOL!

  1. For shits and giggles, I want to give people things to think about tonight while I visited sleepy town….
    Remember, Tabetha owned Mystic and so called paid her authors.. her words then you see this and wonder why people still don’t believe… She has invoices and receipts back then to prove no wrong doings against those authors.

    Tabetha Jones
    February 5, 2013


    Tabetha Jones
    Royalties have hit and was wondering if you knew how to invoice? I am still learning the paypal system and it would make it easier for you to invoice me.


  2. I am not sure how many times you have to be informed that posting my pics whether the pic itself or the direct link but it clearly states in each album without my consent or the photographers consent it cannot be done. Keep pushing.

    I don’t have to push up anything those are real D cups and when you do a photo shoot depending how you go that’s how the makeup is applied. I’m sure you will have something nastier to say when I post the ones from last night and the ones from tonight seeing there was a bit of girl on girl. Of course it was leaving it up to the viewers imagination. But she and I have been friends for 22 years. I’m sure you’re really going to call me a whore and slut then. Or I’ll get accused of fucking her like I do everyone else.

    • I’m not sure how many times YOU have to be informed that posting a link doesn’t infringe diddly squat. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it illegal. Keep wishing.
      I’ll bet there are a whole lot of authors that don’t like that you don’t pay them, and that shit IS illegal. But you keep right on doing it, don’t you?

      Ever the attention whore looking to plug your boobs. How long before you use your STOLEN royalties before you get them augmented to make them an actual size D?
      Nobody cares how tiny, wrinkled and overstated your breasts are, fyi. It’s just fun to watch you get all wound up and expose how selfish and egotistical you are. Anybody can see that all you care about is yourself. You just keep proving it, sticking your mug (and your tits) in front of the camera, pretending you’re sexy and lying through your teeth that it’s got even the slightest thing to do with running your bogus, illegal company. Nope. It’s all about you. And the sooner your victims see it, the faster they can do themselves a favor and get away from you.

      • You brought my modeling into this, in fact anything about me you drag into this. Anything you or your dirty lil minions can drag into this. Whether it’s my clothes, my photographers, the models I associate with, the dancers I know, my daughter, my sister and her gf, whatever it may be you are the ones that insist on putting links up and keep stirring the shit pot. Eventually Lepp you will have to lick that spoon. I don’t have to pretend to be a different cup size or a different waist size or get anything augmented I love my body the way it is.

        Beauty is not a a size it is a state of mind.

        I do not steal royalties, I don;t take my money that doesnt belong to me, it belongs to the authors. JUST BECAUSE i AM SEEKING OUT MY DREAMS OF MODELING DOES NOT MEAN I AM TURNING MY BACK ON PHOENIX. Phoenix Fire Publishing isnt going anywhere because it is completely legal.

        You are the one that is fake and does everything you can to make others look bad to make yourself look good. If you dont like my modeling and dont like my writing then dont fucking look at the pictures and dont read my books. Its very simple you are the one that complicates everything.

      • What I “drag into it” is the truth about you, and it’s not complicated at all. It’s simple.
        You’re not some persevering personal warrior, struggling to achieve your dreams against all odds, which seems to be the image you keep trying to project.
        You are a thief. You keep people’s royalties. A whole host of authors have stepped forward and testified to that. You do it with every author that’s foolish enough to publish with you. they find out about it, and one by one, they leave you. All the real, breathing ones, anyway.

        You’re a liar. The above statement proves it. “I don’t steal royalties, I don’t take my money that doesn’t belong to me.”
        Yes you do. You’ve done it to every author that’s wised up and gotten away from you. And you’re still doing it. How many have books listed right now with you as the publisher? NOT listed by the author? And with money from those sales going to YOU, not the author?
        I know, I know. You spin a quick yarn about how innocent you are because it’s booksellers that’s listing them, no you (innocent blinks).

        You must really think people are stupid. Money from those sales goes to one place: YOU. Whether it was a prior purchase that’s being resold as used, or new listings from booksellers that (as you claim) are accessing those titles from Ingram’s catalogs, the money GOES TO THE PUBLISHER. That’s you. Says so right on the book. And the authors never saw a dime of it.

        Just ask the author that you never paid a single penny to, telling her that none of her books sold a single copy. Funny, though, when asked, her fans were happy to provide proof that they bought the book, still have it and don’t plan to return it.

        Just ask the authors that you told their books were doing so well! Yet, when they got paid (quarterly, though you get paid monthly), They got a few dollars. I haven’t talked to a single author that made more than fifty bucks from you IN A YEAR.

        Of course you’re not turning your back on Phoenix. They’re your bread and butter. You’ve got to keep them convinced that you “bust your ass” for them, even though you’re spending all this time on yourself. That way, you can keep your hand in their pocket.

        I could not possibly care less about your so-called modeling, or how poorly you write. What I care about is that you lie to your authors, spending their money on your photo shoots, and how poorly you represent them with your horrible (lack of) writing skills and slutty behavior. They deserve to know what you are before you sign with them. They deserve to know that you’re selfish, you steal, and that this company you’re trying to pass off as a publisher DOES NOT EXIST LEGALLY. They should know, so they can avoid getting conned. That’s why this blog exists.

        As ever, you want to spin this into a personal attack, but it really is very simple. If you don’t want to get called out for being a crook, STOP DOING ILLEGAL SHIT!

    • Girls with real Ds know that they can’t be taken for anything else. Believe me, I’ve tried. Layers of t-shirts can’t hide the goods, as it were. How’s your back doing? Those ladies have to be giving you some killer back problems, right? I’d give anything to have just Cs. Then again, my fiancee might complain…

      By the way, Trust is doing great. I don’t think you really care, except it’s ranked higher in the sales rankings than yours. I do hope you can catch up! I wish success to everyone who deserves it 🙂

      • I might have itty bitties, but having a daughter that’s struggled since puberty with quite full D’s, I know ’em when I see ’em. She’s had back problems, difficulty finding bras that do the job and fit well, finding clothes that fit, a whole host of issues that deal with quality of life. Not just the petty slutty ideologies that some shallow, insecure attention whore might extol.

      • Why would I wish you any ill will with your book Thea? I dont have a problem with anyone doing well for themselves. As for my back it hurts like hell but I dont plan on having anything reduced. But I do wish you the best on your book sales, but my sales arent important to me its more about my authors. And now with a great new team and investors Phoenix is doing just fine.

        I wish you the best with your book and I could careless if I catch up or not. I dont have the ego or the need to compete with anyone. I do it because I love to write thats all.

      • Oh look. Tabetha CAN write fiction.

        She’s been spewing nothing but hate and venom at my daughter, telling her she’s a crap author and can’t write.
        If I feel like it at some point, I’ll go fetch screen caps proving it, but by now I trust that anybody reading this knows that I don’t say something unless I can back it up with a screen cap in Tabetha’s own words.
        Tabetha’s not had a single kind word for Thea until now, when she thinks it’ll make her look good to say something nice.

        I notice Tabetha’s sarcasm meter’s broken, too. Thea’s comments point out that Tabetha’s exaggerating her bust size when she claims D’s. Thea’s got the real thing. One need only glance at the two of them to see the difference.

        She loves to write? Seems like she’d try to get better at it, then. Just saying.

  3. Holy Jesus God. Is that a man? Her arms are fatter than her tits. Does she do her eyebrows with a crayon? That’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen since my dog puked in the kitchen.

  4. Tabetha’s getting a lot of mileage out of this post, saying “See? SEE? It’s all hate! I told you it’s all hate and lies!” By pointing out the obvious, we’re actually feeding into her agenda of trying to discredit this blog.

    I want to make something very clear. I wrote this post not just to poke fun at Tabetha but to make a very important point: That she contradicts herself. Sometimes in statements made years apart, sometimes from one breath to the next.

    What she rails against indignantly in one statement, she’ll embrace in the next. On one hand, she’s insulted to be called out for looking like a slut, yet on the other, she’s posing topless acting like a total whore.

    That’s the point. Tabetha contradicts herself, picking whatever point of view will serve her best at the moment. She’ll scheme, spin and weave whatever web will misdirect attention away from the truth that she’s a scam and a liar. Let’s not lose sight of why we’re here.

    • When you do modeling you have to be open to anything. There are some things I will not do or pose in. And I was not topless there was no nipple showing everthing was covered. Topless would be considered completely nude with no fabric or my hands, or anothers covering up areas of that nature. You might to do research in that industry. Obviously you dont know as much as you think you do.

      • Merriam Webster
        Definition of TOPLESS

        1: archaic : so high as to reach up beyond sight
        2: being without a top
        a : wearing no clothing on the upper body
        b : featuring topless waitresses or entertainers
        c : being a place where topless women are permitted

        Just saying.

      • My sister models. There are not only thousands of photographs of her, but paintings as well, AND she is considered a plus size gal. Not one image of her shows her boobs or her asscrack. The one erotic session she did, her entire body was covered with a black sheet and a horse skull. Being a model doesn’t mean you have to be slutty, and being slutty and having pics taken of you doesn’t make you a model – just like writing dreck doesn’t make you an author, and protestations of being innocent does not mean you aren’t a thief and a liar.

  5. Contradiction:
    “When you do modeling you have to be open to anything.”
    “There are some things I will not do or pose in.”

    Lepp’s point is proven in the very first reply to her comment.

  6. Well I am not here to talk about boobs, tits, cleavage…. but Tabetha needs to address several things… on the other post in which she asked a question and many answered so why don’t we all get back to her “business”

    Here is a direct quote from Tabetha on the dealings of a lawyer… She says it is Herring, not the one she is telling new folks…..think about it, can’t find her and her lawyers change names more than some people change underwear…

    “And as far as my attorneys information why is it so important. Really. Mr. Herring and his son are wonderful people and have worked with my family for years. If I am in need of business questions or help they are there. They drew up my contracts. My release forms.”

    Remember saying that TABETHA?

    There is the link and the blog is public only you can say it.

    • I will post more links of her being a story changer…. I could careless about her tits, pictures, sexuality, and/or whatever else.. The hard questions are the ones you all over look… You and Tabetha like the drama … and I thought you were not coming back… Hmm you proved yourself didn’t you!

    • So your still defending Scabatha after all, then. You choose to stay with that heartless cow after she exploited your daughter’s hardships right here on Leppy’s blog just to cover her own ass. Your choosing the fat lying minger over your own child. I guess we can see where your priorities lie can’t we and guess what, so can your kid. Right here right now your saying loud and clear that you care more a bout Scab-assetha Jones than your daughter, your flesh and blood your baby girl. Scammy Jones earns the word whore with her slurry behavior. Here are the words you earn: parenting and fail.

      • I stand by my daughter! Both my daughters are my first priority. Unless you know what is going on then you have no right to judge. Your comments don’t mean a thing to me. But every last one of you are mean and vindictive to degrade someone on their looks is pretty horrible. I thought kids were nasty but you adults take the cake. When does all the hatred stop? Or will it ever?

      • You can’t say you stand by your daughter when you stick with a selfish pig that put’s your daughter’s personal information on the internet to cover her own ass. So your a selfish liar just like your partner in crime. I bet your daughter’s glad to hear that you care more about your gutter mouthed friend you’ve never even met face to face than your own flesh and blood. You two deserve each other, way to go.

    • Thank you Jacqueline. I appreciate your support in my dreams. I know I have you beside me no matter what. And remind me today to get the new info listed for LLC on all the sites. Seeing as Lepp needs proof.

      They like to use a lot of terms they aren’t familiar with. But you,I, and everyone else knows the truth.

      • You don’t have dreams Hagetha you have schemes. Dreams are what authors have when they come to you wanting to become real published authors, then when you publish their books full of errors without even reading them then keep their money you turn their dreams into nightmares. For you ‘dreams’ is just a word you throw around to make people sympathize with you because having dreams is something they can relate to until they find out what you really are and can’t wait to get away from you.

      • The only paperwork on a site that matters is the one the public can see on the Secretary of State’s website. Anything you put up could easily be made in Microsoft word, with a little photoshopped seal taken from the Secretary of State site.

      • I assume you mean your Tax number. That would mean that your application has gone through and you exist as a taxable entity. Cool.
        Except for sole proprietors, all taxable business entities exist on a searchable database of the Secretary of State website. That includes LLC partnerships. No exceptions.
        So let’s see that link, Jackie. Where’s your company listed on any state’s SOC website? Here’s your big chance to shut me up and make me eat crow.

      • How can you have tax papers when according to your own words your LLC paperwork hasn’t gone through yet? *Snifs the air* Oh yes It smells like tax fraud. I hope you and Scabby are happy being prison wives together after they catch you.

  7. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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