Days of her Lies

A week ago, Tabetha posted a tirade, emphasizing that she was having surgery this past Wednesday, according to her.


Today, Friday, she posted this on her FB:


So what happened to having surgery on Wednesday?
And where’s all that maternal concern for her daughter, who must be soooo scared for mommy? All I see is Tabetha’s usual smut mentality.


74 thoughts on “Days of her Lies

  1. I do believe that said my mother but unfortunately she had to get permission from from her heart next week. So Wednesday the 17th I do believe they are doing it. Going in to fix compound fractures where the nursing home was negligence and allowed her to fall out of bed. She also fractured her collarbone on the right side.

    I dear Lepp had my surgery the 12th at 7:30 due to D.U. B and another problem regarding my Uterus. So Dr. JOHN BAGNASCO of PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL went and did a partial hysterectomy leaving my ovaries so I would not have to be on hormones and just removed my uterus. I have an incension inside my belly button and one down low on each side. I can take pictures if you like. I can also take pics when my mom has hers.

    Would u like the scanned paperwork of my discharge info.

    You.might want to reread before you post.

    • Your foul looks and evil disposition are exceeded only by your sheer stupidity you idiot cow, your words are right there for the world to see, your own words yet you still try to wiggle out. You can’t, even keep your own lies straight and yet you insist on trying to prove them, could you be a bigger liar, well I guess we can all see the answer to that. And now your mum is a victim of nursing home abuse? But I thought you and your devoted sister were tirelessly taking care of her, what’s next, she’ll get hit by a bus or get kidnapped by Jihads terrorists? Jesus Christ what won’t you say for sympathy to keep attention off what a fraud you are? What a pathetic piece of scamming shit you are.

    • I feel for your mom. I really do. Countless heart “aches,” cancer and now elder abuse in a nursing home with multiple compound fractures? Really?

      You do realize that “compound” means that the bone is sticking out of the skin, don’t you? And we’re supposed to believe that she would have had to wait all this time for surgery to fix it? Not buying it. Sorry.

      • Just going off what her home health care called it and Dr.Lazzot her pain management doctor, who scheduled the surgery. She is not able to stand straight since falling and her bones are looking bad.

    • Maybe I should send you a diary, or lie planner, so you can keep your lies in order. You have been busted, 3 ways from Sunday, on so many occasions, yet you STILL try and back pedal to cover your ass. If I thought it would make any difference I would call your mother and let her know what a real shit of a child she assisted in raising.

      • The only time there was ever a real difference in Tabetha’s behavior was when there was a chance one of her mother’s stood to find out that her name had been used to scam my daughter. Though Tabetha had thrown her her name around, “mom” knew nothing of it. When I posted a blog revealing it, Tabetha paid my daughter back every penny she’d scammed her out of, begging me to take down that post.
        To my knowledge, Thea is the only person Tabetha has ever repaid, though there are many others she’s scammed.
        I doubt that telling her other mother what’s been going on would make any difference in Tabetha’s behavior. She’ll always find some way to scam people the way she’s scamming authors and models right now. But I do know that if somebody under my roof was hurting people, I’d want to know about it. I guarantee they wouldn’t remain under my roof.

      • Why Cindy you have my number call my mother I’m sure she would love to chat with you

  2. Tabby just had surgery yesterday but yet she posted on her facebook that they let her go home at 2 in the morning. I call bullshit. They don’t send people home from the hospital less than 24 hours after surgery let alone at 2 am. BULLSHIT.

  3. I never posted they released me at 2am. I went into surgery for check in at 5:30am at Providence Hospital. They got me ready and prepped for surgery by 7am and then the last thing I remember was them putting an oxygen mask on explaining how the tube would work going down my throat once I was out. Misty Rae Bridger my best friend of 22 years was there with me and spoke with the doctor after I came out of surgery. He said the surery went well but after going in that I would have had no other choice than having the the LASH done. I stayed in recovery until I was able to get the pain under control and then they released me around 2-3ish. I am not for certain because I was still in some pain and wasnt really watching the clock. Rylee was with her father but he was kind enough to stick around the area so I could say goodbye to her before she left for the weekend. Misty stayed with me until my mom and sister came home. And again when I say mom I mean Darlene Jones. She had to go in for her pre op the same day for her surgery on Wednesday where they will go in and fix her back. But they had to ensure that the injuries were from where she fell at the nursing home after we almost lost her in the hospital. Which she cannot have a MRI because of a pacemaker so they had to do several cat scans. Once they knew the injuries they advised her to get an atorney for neglience.

    The reason I had surgery was because of D.U.B. and a few other female issues with my uterus. It was an outpatient procedure but for the first two weeks you have to follow the same rules you would if you had a c section. Which is hard when you have a 6 yr old and I have duties to take care of her. And yes I made a joke because surgery for me is a bit scary. I dont like to be put under and that is the same reason why I have put my own back surgery off for so long. I am not real fond of someone taking a knife to my back even though I have a ruptured disc that badly needs repairing.

    And it is 5:30 and I have been up since about 3 because Im hurting and for you people to make jokes about a serious surgery one I wasnt prepared to have makes it even worse. I am in pain but I still have a job to do. And if anyone would like pics of my incensions, or discharge papers for proof id be happy to scan them, screen shot them and email them to Lepp. I will also be glad to take pics of the incensions. Or you can just call the hospital to conform that I did have a LASH on the 12th at Providence Hospital in Waco Texas. I was in room 225 on the seond floor 254 751 4000

    And I will also be sure to take pictures of my mother in the hospital too for proof so you ppl will finally get the picture. And see the real woman that IS MY MOTHER.

    Cindy Carlo was like a mom to me, and yes we speak occasionally. But I am perfectly happy here in Waco with my mother and my sister, raising my daughter and being the best mother to her. She is my everything my world. She is the reason I had this surgery. Because there were some serious issues and I wanted to ensure I would be healthy for her.

    And yes my mother was supposed to have surgery last Wednesday but they had to get permission from her heart doctor Dr. Luden that she could be put out for about an hour to fix the issues with her back. Dr.Lazzot and the back specialist she saw explained the were compound fractures and it was due to the fall. I was sitting in the room with her. They plan on going in with some sort of cement and putting between the discs to straighten her backbone up so she is able to stand staight seeing she cannot be out longer than an hour because of her heart and pacemaker.

    As for Jacqueline and her family, they are my family as well and I will defend them all. I was not the one that intially started this it was your friend Eric and that is when Jacqueline made it clear to back off and keep her daughter and my daughter out of Erics mouth. I was taking up for the girl because she means a lot to me.

    And JT you knew damn good and well what was going on because Sabrina told you. You think Jacqueline doesnt show me these things? So dont sit back on your ass and act like you had no iea what was going on because you did and you know the whys and it wasnt because of Phoenix or me. It was due to personal family issues.

    But go ahead blame everyone else. When others sat there throwing her under the bus when I was taking up for a girl that is like a daughter to me. Because Jacqueline would do the same for my daughter and has.

    Now if you would like anymore information I go to the doctor in another week for a 2 week check up and ill get him to fill out something just for you. And then Ill go back for a 6 week post op and ill have him do the same, so you can clearly see for yoursef every detail of what they did and what times, seeing how you are so interested in what is going on in my life. First it was my tits now you want info on my vagina. Well Im sure thats how they pulled the uterus out but im not a doctor but im sure it wasnt through the three incensions on my stomach. But Ill be sure to get specifics to find out I am just glad it is over and done with and I can live a normal life and not have to worry about the issues I was having.

    Not that you care, you just want to psuh and push until I inally blow up.Well I am not blowing up just exlaning what I know and what I have been told. But again Ill be sure to get all the details and make copies, and mail them to you if need be.

    Oh and btw the little letter to the BBB doesnt help you at all. Seeing as we do have out tax ID number and our paperwork in order. But eventually you will figure that out when you get your response. Sorry I hadnt had a chance to get back with them but with surgery and all things have been slow. But you should be getting your response soon. Then you can apologize.

    • I already heard back from the BBB. Yet again, you refused to reply in a timely manner. Nice try, blaming it on surgery, but it’s been weeks since I wrote them and they wrote you. You had plenty of time.

      They did make sure to tell me, though, that your business seems to have a pattern, and they plan to keep an eye on you. Just like the IRS. So, have fun thinking you’ve fooled them.

      • Funny I didn’t get the letter until Saturday and I have ten days to reply. Last time I checked its monday

      • Funny, but my first reply back from them was on September 2. More than 10 days ago.

        And, really, that’s what you’re trying to trip me up on? What about showing us where your LLC appears on any Secretary of State’s website as a legal entity? What’s your “funny” answer to that?

      • Hmmm…
        Her excuses:
        1) With all the medical issues I and my family been dealing with, I couldn’t I did not receive it…
        Just another Blame Game,
        2) The advise from my attorney states all information is to be directed to him first
        Rolls eyes because there is no proof of an attorney in two plus years.
        If you are now an LLC, you and your partner had plenty of time, sorry that is what partners do, equal means equal… No Excuses can be validated if you have a partner, sorry to bust a bubble.
        Think about it new comers, if she and her camp cannot address the BBB in appropriate and timely manner then what does that say about your work (s)… Just a thought. The government is a serious issue and not one to be put on the back burner of the stove. I did read where Jackie was an equal partner, right?
        A crying shame. To see this after all the years, nothing has changed one little bit and yet, people cannot read for themselves in how hurtful Tabetha was and is, because she tells a fictional story about stopping abuse and points fingers at those others as bullies.
        The lies that continue is damn insulting.
        “My child won’t have a Christmas” Tabetha do you remember that? Many others did not have a wonderful Christmas either so maybe that is why people still talk about it as if it never went away, they do not want others to endure the pain. Not everything is about hate nor about you.
        To be an amazing author in this business and a great story teller, you must know what you are talking about, do some research. Anyone can tell a story but the greats tell it with facts, correct, and emotions. Not just curse words on a page, blog, status, etc…

      • They still talk about her because after more than two years, she still hasn’t paid off her Mystic Press authors even though her contract stipulated that they would be paid immediately. Gotta wonder what her attorney would say about that, if she had one.
        And she’s doing the same thing to her Phoenix Fire authors, signing them up for anthologies so that there’s no way for them to keep track of how much they earn and stiffing them on royalties. After a few pay cycles go by, they’ll realize that they’re getting paid a pittance, if they’re getting paid at all.
        The thing about this blog is that it might seem hateful, but every single word is true. They’ll find out, just like all the ones that have come before them.

      • If I remember correctly, it was not just authors…. all involved got shafted. Hate is a strong word. I disapprove of Tabetha. I disrespect her because of her actions. The insulting lies that came about. To see covers that were bluntly taken off the internet and belonged to models or other authors caused issues and people’s livelihoods. Having emails and messages about how the covers came about, scared the living crap out of me. Just because she says things are legal never made them legal, talking from experience. I watched and cringed as she (not Brandy nor Wendy) hurt people. I read Rusty’s blog and saw the post of pictures from Magazines being reused by her, that was illegal then and now. Make sure your shit is not false, just a warning to those thinking about being with her. I want people to succeed but in the right manner not to be held accountable later for going with illegal stuff. I am not saying all her stuff, but some are.

  4. Hey, Tabetha. You said you got released at 2-3-ish. But your statement was posted before 2am on the 13th, central time. Your time.

    That might even be forgivable, what with pain meds on board and the early hour. You don’t have to be literal to the minute.

    But why did you feel the need to edit your comment to say that you were released at 2-3 PM on the 13th? 12 hours later. Do you not realize that the time of your original post shows if you mouse over the date?
    Well. Now you do.

    PF authors and anybody else who wants to verify for yourselves, don’t take my word for it. Go to Tabetha’s FB and hover your mouse over the date that comment was posted. You’ll see the same discrepency in the posting time and her claim of 2pm. Just remember to account for time zone differences. What looks like 1:04 in the US Central time zone will be 2:04 Eastern. The screen cap says 1:04 because I’m also in the Central time zone. Same as Tabetha. So the cap reflects the accurate time that she posted.

    If she’s lying about that, what else is she lying about?

    • So you expected me to make a post on the day of my surgery huh? Wow you are dense. Everyone knew I was having surgery Friday the 12th and I wouldn’t be on. I came home and went to sleep. For someone who doesn’t stalk my page you sure do a lovely job. Keep on with that. Looks real good. I could screen my discharge papers and make you look like a real ass. Which sounds like an intriguing idea.

      • No. I didn’t expect you to post. But when you do, it would be nice to get the truth out of you for a change.

        Still not answering the question about what time you got home and why you felt the need to change it, though, are you?

        Sure. Let’s see ’em. Maybe for once, we’ll get a straight answer out of you.

  5. Maybe she’s trying to say they released her at 2 pm the same day she had surgery less than 7 hours after her surgery and she didn’t get around to posting about it until 1 in the morning, anybody here buy that?? She’s full of shit, I don’t think she even had surgery at all, she’s such a fucking liar.

    • Less than that. If she spent an average of 2 hours in surgery and at least an hour in the recovery room, that leaves about 3 hours before she would have gone home. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s a stretch.

      • And I still don’t see any LLC paperwork either. It looks like she finally got her big arse nailed to the wall. I wonder what she’s saying to explain that one, is it a sick kid ore what other disaster can her mother suffer from? Are her victims leaving one by one or is it a stampede? And what about those models? Do they realize yet that publishing companies aren’t modeling agencies and she’s just using them in her own sick and twisted delusions? I hope they catch on fast because she makes them look like a joke, I doubt that’s the publicity they want.

      • Quite right. She’s willing to scan hospital paperwork like it’s nothing, but we still don’t see a hint of anything proving that Phoenix Fire publishing is actually on file as an LLC.

        I guess she thinks if she screams loud enough about her surgery, we’ll forget about the reason we’re here. To prove that she’s a fraud and a scam. If she wants to prove us wrong so bad, you’d think she’d be more interested in proving THAT than what time she got out of the hospital.

      • Well to ease your mind why don’t you call the Waco Women’s Center for Health and ask them about how they do their LASH procedures. Daphine is in charge. I’m sure she would be happy to answer any and all your questions seeing she is in charge on scheduling surgery. Looks like I’ll be scanning paperwork today. Why? Because I love proving you wrong.

      • I guess there’s always a first time for everything, because you haven’t proven me wrong about a single thing yet.

        Go ahead and scan whatever you like. That still doesn’t answer why you lied about the time and edited your own post, does it?

  6. You know what I really love people staying out of my business and then when they do screwing it up. I will repeat myself for the hundreth time. I had surgery Friday the 12th. For a LASH procedure. I arrived at 5:30 AM and was in surgery right between 7 and 7:30 AM Not sure exactly how long I was in recovery but when I woke up my friend was there they gave my discharge papers and made sure my pain was under control and understood the rules of my recovery. I was home between 2-3pm the same day. Providence Hospital no longer keeps you overnight for LASH operations like that it is outpatient. Since then I have had complications and will be scheduling another appointment for a full LASH instead of a partial because it has not fulfilled its purpose of helping me. But I’ll scan those. Seeing how important my surgery is to you. And I am not throwing names around.

    Doctors here have no problem explaining how they do things here in Waco. This is how they make their patients feel comfortable and safe. I am assuming when my mother has her surgery you will those papers scanned as well? Seeing that MY LIFE is so interesting and you have nothing better to do than stalk me.

    • Okay. I’ll buy that they let you go just a few hours after surgery. If that’s how they do things, fine. Like I said before, it’s a stretch, but it’s not impossible.

      I won’t buy that they let your mother languish for weeks with bones sticking out of her skin. Remember, YOU called them compound fractures, and that’s what it means. She might have health issues, but it sounds like you’re exaggerating them for sympathy and got caught using a phrase you didn’t know the meaning of.

      But ya know what? Keep those scans. Keep those papers. The purpose of this post, and what we’ve all been waiting for is proof that your company is an LLC. I don’t see you providing that, not to me, and not to your authors. Where’s that proof, if you want to shut me up so bad?

      Keep trying to divert the focus off of that point with health issues and sob stories about how I stalk you, even though you’re the one that keeps coming here. And all the other little cons you’re spoon feeding your authors – the two that actually have pulses, anyway. But until you can show proof that you are an LLC like you advertise, you’re guilty of fraud, false advertising, tax fraud and a whole bunch of other crimes. And I’m not going anywhere until you’re not in a position to victimize eager new authors anymore.

      Better yet, explain it to the feds and the IRS when they come knocking. I doubt somehow that your web of lies or sob stories will work on them.

    • Lash isn’t the surgery, you idiot, it’s how the surgery is done. The surgery is hysterectomy, where they remove the uterus using instruments like a laporoscopy. You said they took your uterus out because you had DUB, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and now they’re doing a second one because the first one didn’t solve the problem? How many uteri do you have?

      • I know, right? She said she had surgery because of uterine bleeding. Seems to me removing the uterus would have taken care of it. Not sure what they’d have to go back in for so soon after one surgery to do another, unless it’s an emergency. But, whatever.

        A better question would be: why does that prevent her from proving that her company is an LLC?
        And even if SHE can’t answer because of all these health issues, doesn’t she have an equal business partner? Can’t her partner answer?

      • Seeing you are so concerned about my issues after surgery and after an ultrasound my cervix is extremely swollen and was not caterized nor stiched back correctly causing the bleeding, which will require a second surgery. Which also means I will not be seeing the same surgeon again I am going to another obgyn seeing the first one did a horrible job. Anything else you would like to know?

      • I have one. What’s caterized?

        And I have another one. Where are those links to where your LLC appears on a searchable taxable legal entity database?

        I know you’re busy keeping the focus on your health instead of the fact that your business doesn’t exist as a legal entity and everything, but I really must insist. Your business is why we’re here, no matter how hard you try to dodge it with your health and family issues.

      • Interesting. Talking in detail about your surgery is fine, but answering questions about a public business is “no one’e fucking business.” And if your innards are in the state you say, you should be in the hospital NOW, being monitored to prevent sepsis, while waiting for an emergency surgery. And the surgeon would lose his medical license.

      • So would the guy that sent granny home with compound fractures. Have those even been dealt with yet?
        Luckily, she’s posted the names of BOTH of those doctors, as well as assorted nurses. I’m sure they’d all be delighted to find out that their reputations are being sullied on some blog.

    • How does removing a uterus not stop uterine bleeding? Or do you have a hangnail your turning into major surgery for sympathy? Remember that’s what you did with your biopsy, called it surgery to milk it for sympathy just like your doing now. I hope your authors and models are watching you avoid direct questions about your business you lying scam artist. So how about it. Where’s your LLC paperwork Scamatha? Your eager to scan hospital paperwork because you really have it but your not willing to scan LLC paperwork, I wonder why oh right because you don’t have any. Liar theif fraud go throw another pity party and cover it up Maybe this time dear old mum can get hit by a bus or is she overdue for another heart ache?

      • I am not scanning our LLC paperwork and neither is Jacqueline do to it has all of our personal information such as our social security numbers, driver’s license number, and if you think we want you crazy ass stalkers knowing that info you have lost your damn mind. And how dare you say my mother is due to be hit by a bus or have another heart attack. She has been through enough health issues and still dealing with some which frankly at this point is none of your fucking business.

        As for my surgery, due to complications yes I may have to have another surgery but will not know for sure until I receive a second opinion next week.

        For people continuing to say they are advocates for authors you surely are more concerned with my personal life than anything else. You stalk my page, you call me vulgar names, such as a whore and slut. You accuse me of being a drug addict and even going as far as saying I use sex and drugs to pay for my photographs. And I believe in one comment someone said I was paying someone to hurt Lepp.

        I have been accused of sleeping with this one and that one, when in all reality those that know me, know I do not sleep around. I am not a drug addict, I am not a whore, I am not a slut, and the idea of hiring someone to hurt Lepp is absolutely hilarious. I have better things to spend my money.

        I may be many things, but I am not the person everyone here claims I am. Unfortunately, none of you will ever get to see who I truly am. The kind hearted, giving, compassionate, extremely loyal and loving woman I am, that I am proud to be. None of you deserve it. All you deserve is the monster you have all created and the bitch I can be when someone has gone and pushed me too far.

        At the end of the day I know I am a damn good person, a damn good mother, and a honest publisher. I have nothing to hide and never have.

        Jacqueline has nothing to hide either, so you all just need to backl the fuck off.

        My modeling career and the models that I work outside of Phoenix and even with Phoenix is none of your fucking business either.

        For people who seem to hate me an awful lot you all sure to stalk every move I make. Raises a ton of questions in a lot of people’s minds what exactly you all are up too.

        So continue your harassment of myself, mine and Jacqueline’s company, and anything else you fancy this way when everything I have told you comes out to be the truth I can sit back and have the last laugh.

        I just find it sad none of you have anything better to do than talk about me all the time. And you say this isn’t a hate blog, or a bully site. I beg to differ.

      • Ever the victim, eh?
        Won’t scan her LLC paperwork because it contains personal information?
        1) Block the personal stuff out.
        2) 30 bucks and any background check site can get that information anyway. If we wanted it, we’d already have it.
        3) We don’t need a scan. It would likely be something she typed up anyway. We just need to know what state the “LLC” is formed in so we can find it on the SoS taxable entity searchable database. That’s not asking for too much, is it?

        We’re not the ones that drag her private life into her business affairs. She is. If she didn’t, how would we even KNOW about her mother’s ailments, her surgery or anything else? The FACT is that she doesn’t have any real answers about her business (which any REAL business would readily have) so SHE kicks up a smokescreen of personal sob stories and bullshit for sympathy and misdirection so the authors she’s scamming (or hopes to) lose sight of the fact that she can’t answer the most basic question about her company. Just like she’s doing right now with this “You stalk me! You hate me! You’re harassing me!” sob story.
        Sympathy, sob story, victim, deflect, deflect. Anything but one simple thing: The name of the state her “company” is formed in. I don’t think that information is too personal. Do you?
        Nope. In fact, that’s supposed to be a matter of public record, which any real company would happily provide to prove its legitimacy. She doesn’t. Why not? There’s only one answer: It’s not legitimate.

        Authors, models, don’t fall for the boo-hoo sob story. Demand that she provide you with the name of the state her company’s formed in so you can look it up for yourself. Don’t settle for any printed papers she wants to send you. That’s likely the only real fiction she’s ever typed.
        FACT: If you can’t find her company on any state’s Secretary of State’s searchable taxable entity database, Phoenix Fire Publishing does not exist as the LLC she claims it is. Simple as that. Don’t fall for a scam. Run, don’t walk the other way.

  7. If you didn’t stalk my page you wouldn’t have screen shots of posts about my surgery and there have been many more than that. So yes to stalking me, yes to this is a hate blog, and yes you are nothing but a bully. Even if we did scan the paperwork you would say it’s fake and all that shit. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what state it’s filed in seeing how there’s only two to pick from.

    • Stop the bullshite Tabby-scat. All anybody needs to do is read this blog to see that you whinge and piss about your personal crap to change the subject, there’s subjects you talk about on here that aren’t even on your Facebook page, like your poor dear mum’s heart aches. Stop lying so you can be the victim and keep trying to change the subject, your just a fucking scam artist, you do nothing but lie. You really are thick aren’t you, Leppy just played you like a violin and you fell for it, and yet again you prove that your crap company is illegal you stupid twat and yes I called you a name. If you don’t want to be called a whore gee Maybe you should stop taking pictures of yourself naked caked with makeup and put them all over the internet. Nobody wants to see that, your not a model just because your sister takes pictures of your flabby naked arse knocking yourself off in your living room and it doesn’t make her a photographer. If I put wheels on my grandmother it doesn’t make her a wagon. Your just a pathetic wannabe with delusions of grandeur that ruins the life of everybody you touch. Well guess what nobody here made you a monster you already were a monster scamming people, stealing from authors and shattering dreams, all people did was start ignoring your bullshit No retaliation clause and standing up and telling the truth a bout what a liar and scam you are and you hate that don’t you well too bad babycakes you made that bed when you stole from people now lay in it.

      • Firstly I don’t do nude shoots. I have never and never will. I don’t cake on makeup, depending what we are going for depends how it is applied. Seems that you and the photographers that have me lined up think differently. They think I have a lot of talent and believe I am very talented. actually my sister is a photographer. She is shooting in Dallas on the 12th with a very well known male model and his gf. They are body builders as well.

        We actually have a private room with couches and a set up for shoots she does in Waco unless they want it done on location. In fact she did a shoot on location with my best friend of 22years and her and they were quite lovely as well as the ones me and my daughter, then the girls together. Very natural and beautiful.

        Why you think it’s necessary to call one names I’ll never know. It is a bit childish. Yes I am still learning from my mentors on poses but …..
        those that have seen my pictures that have been in the industry believe I’m a quick study and won’t take me long to get where I want.

        It just goes to show that none of you have anything better to do than stalk my pages. It’s sad really. But to be completely honest I wouldn’t expect any less from you people. You lead such miserable lives that the only way you get any kind of joy is by belittling and trying to hurt those that are completely happy and content in their lives.

        I am going to continue to live my life, pursue my dreams, run a great company with an equally talented partner, and raise my daughter showing her a world of beauty that isn’t full of hate and that bullying is wrong by all means.

        Do you realize that if myself or anyone you have roasted, bullied, called names, ever hurt themselves because of it or had a nervous breakdown you can be legally responsible. Lepp would have to the police your full information so you could be charged. There was a case on the news not too long about the same exact issue.

        So I would watch my words before you say the wrong thing to the wrong person and they take it too far causing actual harm to themselves. But you don’t think about consequences of your actions when you are spilling your venom filled words and hatred.

        But others do and others are watching. Waiting for one of you to cross the line to the point where someone ends hurt or having a complete emotional and physical breakdown.

      • You might be right. Technically, keeping on a pair of skimpy panties or see-through teddy isn’t “officially” nude. Just really nauseating.

        And, yeah. You do cake on your makeup. Hookers on the street corner wear less than you do when you’re trying to vamp it up. But go ahead and think you’re “wickedly sweet and sexy.” It’s entertainment that money can’t buy.

        Anybody can point a camera. That doesn’t make them a photographer. But if you’ve got her convinced she’s a pro, you two can go right ahead and think so. I just wonder if she realizes that her company isn’t any more legal than yours is, for many of the same reasons. I only hope it’ll be worth it to see her pursued by the IRS or even jailed because she was dumb enough to get sucked into your schemes.

        Private room? LOL! Your couch doesn’t qualify as a “private room.” Good lord, but you are amusing.

        Your mentors? That’s hilarious. Stalking models and pretending to be one of them doesn’t make you a “quick study” and it’ll never make you a model. Somewhere in the back of your mind, I think you realize how pitiful you are, but you bullheadedly forge ahead, thinking you’re a model in training, just like you once thought you were an insider in the stripping world. Both glamorous worlds you only WISH you were a REAL part of, but never will be. Sooner or later, the models you’re stringing along will catch wise to your schemes and they’ll leave you in the dust like everybody does, sooner or later. The difference is, though, that unlike the authors you’ve scammed, you’re dealing with people face to face now. When they catch on to the fact that your company doesn’t even exist legally, that you’re just a liar, a scam and pathetic wannabe, there won’t be anywhere to hide. Authors don’t sue because they’d spend more money coming after you in court than they’d get back from you. But the models (and photogs) are right there. Only something tells me they won’t sue either. I think their retribution will be more up close and personal. Where will you hide then, when you’re exposed in your own home town? Who will you scam then? Poor Tabetha, setting yourself up for a bigger and bigger fall all the time.

        Watch your own words, THIEF. SCAM. FRAUD. CROOK. did I forget any? YOU’RE the one that rips people off. YOU’RE the one that bullies people. And I hope you’re not foolish enough to think that every single person you’ve scammed or abused doesn’t still have every single word you said.

        While you’re pursuing your dreams, don’t forget to think about the dreams of all those authors whose dreams YOU crushed by stealing their money, verbally abusing, and making them think they’re not good enough to write, or who can’t even think about doing so because of what YOU did to them. What about the breakdowns they’ve had, and the work they can’t do because of YOUR abuse? Not talking about them, are you? Those people had dreams, too. But you don’t care about that, do you? No. As long as you rack up the points in your bank account, that’s what matters to you.

        Yes ma’am, people are watching. They’re watching your actions now and having a good look at your actions over the past several years, as it relates to fraud, theft, tax fraud and a whole bunch of other things you’re going to answer for sooner or later. Those are the consequences YOU need to be thinking of, because they’re coming. I only hope somebody has a camera and takes a picture of your face when that knock comes at the door. That’s one photo I’d mortgage the house to see.

      • Exactly. I didn’t come on board until after she already scammed people, abused them and crushed their dreams.

        I didn’t create a monster. I exposed one.

    • Nobody has to stalk your page, Tabetha. You bring all your excuses here. If, however, somebody takes a cap of your own words posted on a public web page to prove IN YOUR OWN WORDS that you’re lying, that’s not stalking. That’s a public service to authors that would otherwise be in a position to get scammed and defrauded by you. Don’t like it? Stop being a scam and a fraud.

      The only hate going on here is you hating that your excuses aren’t working. We’re exposing the truth about you to authors, models, and the whole world, and you hate that, don’t you? Too bad. If you don’t want to be exposed as a thief and a fraud, stop being one.

      And, finally, thank you. You’ve confirmed that your company could only be filed in two states: the two states the “co owners” live in. That’s you in Texas and your “partner” Jackie in West Virginia.
      Phoenix Fire Publishing does not appear on the Secretary of state’s searchable database for taxable entities in either of those states. So, by your own admission, your company is a fraud.
      Thanks for clearing that up.

      • Keep living in your own little world. Continue your unhealthy obsession with me. Lastly continue denying all the hate, bullying, and stalking. I would have to bring up personal issues if you would one follow the copyright orders on my photographs, two stop the screen shots of my page. I mean for the outside lookin in you have a serious illness that can lead to dangerous obsessive disorders. I just suggest you remove your head out of your ads find something better to do with your time. Because any doctor would tell you that what you are doing is quite unhealthy.

      • Making threats to reveal MY personal information unless I stop exposing you? And you call ME the bully?

        I’ll repeat this in single syllables so you can better understand it: LINKS DON’T BREAK THE LAW.

        Authors, pay attention. Tabetha makes up her own rules and expects people to accept them as law. Then she tells you that her lawyer backs her up. Those are intimidation tactics designed to bully you, so that she can keep right on victimizing you.
        Demand her lawyer’s name. She won’t give it to you because she doesn’t have one.

        Phoenix Fire Publishing does not exist as a legal business, and it’s under investigation. If you care about your career and your reputation, get and stay as far away from it as you can.

        There isn’t anything about my life that I’m ashamed of. I don’t steal from people. I don’t lie to their faces and rip off their royalties. I’m not the one that bullies people and crushes their dreams all the while continuing to put their money in my pocket. That’s all you.

        But I promise you that if you reveal a single iota of my personal information that I haven’t made public knowledge myself, you will be slapped with charges faster than you can say “invasion of privacy.”

      • Who do think you are making demands Tabatha? You called Sabrina a whore and she doesn’t act like one but you do. You called Jackie a drug head but you take pills you really like to call that kettle don’t you pot? You talk about your dreams and spend all this time on your dream of modeling but aren’t you suppose to be a publisher? Whose taking care of your authors while your off pretending your a model Oh right they’re all you. And where are you getting all the money your spending on models private rooms and graphic artist’s are you spending author royalties or your kids welfare money? Cashing in those food stamps well no from the look of you the food stamps go for little Debbies. Yeah you like to talk shit but let’s see how you like it.

      • Now, now. Let’s not lose sight of why we’re here. Every word you say might be true, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that she’s just trying to divert attention away from her illegal company. That’s why she’s keeping things jumping in this thread instead of the most recent one. Let’s keep our eye on that ball, please.

  8. Welcome to reality, Tabetha. It is a very different place than the dim space inside your head. Here, no one gives a damn about your surgeries, the health of anyone you know, your modeling, your writing, your tantrums, or you at all. Here, people care if they are being ripped off, no matter your excuses, denials, deflections or distractions. For this to be a bully site, we would not only have to care about you, but others would have to care about you as well. No one does. The main topic of this blog is your illegal activity and that is the only thing anyone here cares about. I have stated this as simply as I can. Do you understand now?

    • First the sentence should say I wouldn’t have to bring up personal information if it wasn’t for you and let’s talk about invasion of privacy. Seeing that I never gave you permission to post anything personal about me.

      For people that don’t give a damn about me I am certainly your whole world which in enough time will come crashing down. What was my warning about words? We have a situation where they went to far and its being investigated.

      • You gave the whole world permission when you posted everything on a public website you twit. Yeah you are being investigated and your world can’t come crashing down soon enough then you won’t steal from anybody else.

      • But it’s so amusing when she tries to scream “Invasion of privacy!” When every single word comes from a public website where she posted it herself.

      • As always, you can blame only yourself for anything that appears here. You’re a thief. You’re a liar. Anything said here was either earned by your own actions or by your own words. Nobody’s to blame for exposing you as a thief, a liar and a fraud but you, for being one. You can TRY to intimidate me by threatening retaliation, but that only proves how desperate you are to keep attention off the fact that you’ve been busted. BUSTED. By your own admission, your company is a FRAUD.

        The point of this blog is to expose what a liar you are, what a scam artist you are. But as always, you make our job easy by proving yourself, with your own words, every time.

        You can’t write original stories, and you can’t even come up with an original threat, can you? I mention that you’re under investigation, and that’s what you throw back at me.

        Go right ahead and TRY to have me investigated for the mental instability of that poor child, which is what you’ve been insinuating. TRY to blame me for her fragility. Where do you think the fault is going to be found? With me for exposing a fraud? Or with her mother for participating in a bogus business with a known scam artist that puts that child’s information online? Right. Throw your partner under the bus in an effort to lash out at me. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather save that trump card to play when your business goes under? That’s what you’re keeping her around for, isn’t it? That’s what you do with all your business partners: you blame them for screwing up your business that was YOUR scam all along. “It’s all their fault!” So you can try to walk away squeaky clean.
        She’ll find out. So will anybody that goes into business with you, including your family. It’s only a matter of time. And when it comes to you screwing up a business, it never takes long.

  9. Tabetha, can I have the investigator’s name? The agency involved? So I can contact them and give them all the information needed to serve and tell the stories of the unjust? I want to show them all the hidden violations on how one has been ousted and devastated. Enough is enough. I want to help the victim (you) get justice in the end.

    • Oh how you twist words. You just said you were the reason because of all that. This has nothing to do with Jacqueline. It’s someone else.

      • That is a good question, though, Tabetha. Who’s investigating me? I’ll be happy to call them myself. What office? What agency? Let’s have a name. Let’s have a number. You want to say it? Back it up with even a shred of fact.
        Right. There isn’t one.

    • Untwist your mind and read, I offered to show investigators of how you been infringed. I offered to help you not anyone else. How am I reason when you blamed Lepplady?
      Throw me a GPS because you lost me. I never mentioned Jacqueline so why did you in a comment to me?
      So this has now to do with Jacqueline and not you like I first thought, the offer was to help you not others. In all this you were the main topic not others.

      • i wasnt talking to you average bear, but if you want to help contact me on facebook and we can exchange information.

  10. Smarter than the average bear, are you off your damn rocker???? Unjust, WTF, I don’t know how many times I myself have heard the bullshit from Tabetha’s mouth, the lies, how she cheated. When she was confronted with how and when royalties came out, she gave ME 3 different scenarios. Three totally different times and how things were processed. Yet when I called and spoke to Amazon, Createspace and Kindle, hmmm I was told that royalties were given EVERY MONTH, not every 3 to 5 like Tabetha had repeatedly told me, along with many other authors. Tabetha a victim is like saying you my dear, are smart.

    The only justice needed is seeing Tabetha forbidden to ever use an electronic device, no pc, ipod, tablet, mac, android phone, no way for her to scam another human being. Tabetha doesn’t need support she needs to be exposed for the lying, coniving, trash talking, bullshittng, piece of shit she really is. I am so sick of her being able to weasle out of the drama she creates. Her knack for thowing people under the bus, would make her eligible for politics, if she wasn’t such a damn bitch.

    She is so focused on herself, that she can’t see see the fact that she is hurting people, or maybe she just doesn’t give a fuck as long as she is making the money. who knows what is going on in her twisted fucked up head. We all know she can’t write for shit, and her wording of things leaves much to be desired. She is a good liar I will give her props for that. Sadly though when you lie, you have to keep lying and lying. Sooner or later they catch up to you. As Tabetha is finding out. Keep on believing in your pathetic publisher. She will find a way to hang you along with all the others she has drug through the mud to cover her ass.

    I had to contact Amazon again, because funny, I have severed ties with Tabetha and yet, my books keep coming up on Amazon, either new or used. I even contacted the guy who was selling the used copies, now exactly how do you sell a book to a seller and it be personal contact??? HMMM, you have to live close to the person right. Well guess what?? The seller is in Texas. Now where are MY royalties from the sale of these books?? The new copies that keep popping up? The used ones that magically appear online? Rationally speaking If there are many used copies out there, and saying they are legit used books, where the hell are the royalties from the books that WERE BOUGHT TO MAKE THEM USED???? Because in the few years that I was with Tabetha, I only received $54.00 dollars and that was from 3 books. and 5 anthologies. And the one anthology was the big one. You know the one that was for the support of battered women.

    Keep on lying Tabetha… SOONER OR LATER WE ALL PAY THE PIPER….

    • Cindy,
      OMG! only $54 in a two years? Holy shit. That is Amazon and Smashword royalties? Smells fishy to me! I am at a loss of words.

      • I wonder if that’s Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads… where else? Or do people even get paid from those other sites? That’s a good question.

    • CFW
      This is something that happens to all authors when your book goes into the catologe with Smash words or Creatspace. Any one who has a distribution/a store period can order your book. Catch is they are print on demand. So the person has to but them then they get that book you think has already been sold. So again yes no royalties because no sale. I think I repeated myself but still. And also eBay works the same way. Through Barnes and Noble you can as an author do this same thing paying for the ability to have books printed for on site dale yet if not sold given back to store and money returned. Its used a lot for those book signings we have. These stores can do it also. Ohh and Barnes and noble allow distributers to for the same thing. So call them!! That’s what they will tell you!
      Thank you and sorry but sometimes small print needs read.

      • It’s painful for me to approve this message because it’s so absurd. But the world deserves to see you trying to regurgitate the notion that somebody, anybody can access “the catalog,” order and sell people’s books without paying royalties to the publisher of record. It’s such an obvious dodge to try to explain how you can sell people’s books and not pay them for it.

        These books are being put up for sale, and that money goes to one place: The publisher. And here we have the publisher denying it so they don’t have to pay the authors. I just hope any authors foolish enough to work with you are watching. You’re outlining exactly how you steal from them.

        Word to the wise, folks. RUN.

      • And, for future reference “devoredbybooks,” if you want to make up a bogus email to write a comment on a blog from a proxy, Devoured is spelled with a U. Just saying.

  11. After reading all the bullshit spilled from Tabetha, WHY, would anyone want to assist her?? Why not set your sights on helping the authors who have been scammed and swindled. Why does Tabetha need any assistance, since she seems to be holding all the fucking cards? She knows the authors CAN”T afford to sue her outright. She has stolen dreams and hopes. She is the one making all the money. She is the one flapping her gums as to how GREAT her life is. How many authors have come on here and been able to say Tabetha got me on board, she got me noticed, my life is better thanks to her??? NONE, and do you know why that is??? Because Tabetha is a low life, coniving, back stabbing, full of shit person. She has no intent on making anyone’s life better but her OWN. All Tab cares about is the fact she has gotten yet another pawn in her fucked up game. Who else is she going to hurt? She talks about the people that may cause harm to themselves because of this blog, and what is being said about her. BULLSHIT, what about the authors who have spent money, trusted her with their biggest fears and most cherished dreams, then had them dashed to the ground??? EXACTLY, what about their emotional needs and feelings? What about how they feel and their emotional state, being made to feel unworthy, that all the work that they put forward in the books was for nought? How does that make a person feel? Don’t you think that these people can be scarred, emotionally and maybe go as far as to physically harming themselves for the fact that they feel unworthy, not good enough, or worse??? All I have heard is poor Tabetha, well FUCK YOU!!!

  12. If you havent found the LLC on the website then you arent looking hard enough because it is there in plain sight and sorry for the misspelling cauterized, you know where they burn the wound to get it to stop bleeding, I didnt know the grammar nazi was out and about and forgive me if I forgot the U. And even though I am in a tremendous amount of pain and cannot sleep I find it funny I can pull up the LLC easily. Oh and btw next time you leave a review on amazon make sure I cant check the sales. No copies of To My Lover’s Dismay has been returned and I have already contacted amazin and KDP regarding your fake review as I will be checking all the fake reviews you have posted against my sales to prove you didnt spend one penny on any of those books you just want to destroy authors lively hood and its not just you, your little friend JaJa or Sonja whatever she wants to go by does the same thing on goodreads. But its okay continue your childish games but soon enough playtime will be over and you will have to take responsibility for not only your actions but everyone who has posted on this blog.

    • Hey, that’s great! Finally! You can finally do what you’ve been a complete and utter failure at doing in the years that I’ve been exposing what a fraud you are: You can shut me up. All it takes is one link. Show us where Phoenix Fire Publishing appears on a Secretary of State’s searchable database for taxable entities. If you can call the site up so easily, it should take you seconds.

      Go ahead. We’ll wait.

      Nice posturing, but I’m sorry to say that to my eyeballs’ dismay, I did buy that book. And I did return it.

      Nice try, but yet again, you’re proven a liar.
      Honestly, did you not think Kindle kept records of these things? SMH

      You’re right. Time is running out. Yours. Your lies are catching up to you. Fast. And you’re running out of places to hide. Sooner than later, YOU’LL have to face the legal consequences of running an illegal company, defrauding authors and lying to people. And not soon enough.

    • “I’m in a tremendous amount of pain.” Boo Hoo. Your not in too much pain to piss and moan on a blog though are you? What a fake.
      What website is your LLC on besides the one in your imagination? I want to see one that’s real or yet again it’s just another lie like every other lie that comes out of your putrid lips. Put up or shut up, you fake.
      Oh WOOPS! Another lie proven. Do you know how stupid you look right now? Well trust me, it’s pretty damn stupid.

  13. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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