Just the facts, ma’am

Within the last two weeks alone, Tabetha Jones has kicked up such an enormous dust storm of crap that it would take days, maybe weeks, to chase down every bit and blog about it. From disastrous displays of motherhood failure to dragging a troubled teen’s name and problems into a very public arena. She nas an ailing mother that’s had cancer, countless heart “aches” and now, somehow, has become the victim of elder nursing home abuse that’s left her with multiple compound fractures that the hospital might get around to fixing sometime next week. And she’s had a biopsy that she called surgery to milk for sympathy and a laporoscopic surgery that she said was going to happen on two different dates, only to be released less than a day after, at two in the morning. And there’s so much more. It would be very easy to get distracted and spend all my time chasing down every single little bit of tawdry bullshit to blog about. Lord knows there’s enough of it.

And I think that’s on purpose. The more time and attention we spend on her bullshit, the less we pay to the facts.

The more little truths we expose about her, the more she points at the sheer volume of posts and comments on this blog as reasons to dismiss the facts as “hate” and “lies.” Her new authors are probably willing to take her explanation at face value, hearing her side of the story with her “I’m innocent!” spin on it. Besides, who wants to read through hundreds of posts and thousands of comments hoping to find the bigger facts buried within?

So, for this post at least, I’m not going to waste my time chasing down her hefty gaggle of wild geese. I’m going to stick to the facts that her new authors and models need to be aware of before they decide to sign with her.

Tabetha Jones is a scam artist. By definition, a scam artist is a person who attempts to defraud others by presenting a fraudulent offer and pretending that it is legitimate; a con artist. You’ll find Tabetha’s picture next to this word in the dictionary.

The definition of fraud is wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

The fraud that Tabetha’s guilty of is calling herself a publishing company. She’s got a history of lying about how her company exists, first saying that it was a sole proprietorship, even though she either had or claimed to have partners and employees. A sole proprietorship can have neither. A sole proprietorship doesn’t need a tax number, but can instead file taxes on the sole owner’s social security number.
But when a company takes on a partner, you can’t have two people filing on one person’s social security number. They must get a Tax ID number, an EIN. Same thing with employees. Employee taxes have to be withheld and filed, and Tabetha’s done none of it.

Tabetha likes to say that all of her employees are actually Independent Contractors, so she doesn’t have to claim them on taxes. There are two things wrong with that.
First, an Independant Contractor must exist as a taxable entity in their own right. They have to be an established business. Hers aren’t. They’re friends that she recruits to do her work for her. Since they aren’t legally classified as Independent Contractors, they are, by default, employees that she never filed the proper paperwork for.

Second, Independent contractors paid more than $600 dollars a year must be provided with a 1099 form so that they can properly report their earnings to the IRS. Tabetha doesn’t. She gets around this by paying her “Independent Contractors” twenty bucks for artwork, or promising them a portion of royalties in lieu of an actual paycheck so that their income is less than $600 a year. So if you’ve ever wondered why Tabetha’s workers are so cheap, it’s to get around taxes.

Even if Tabetha gets around filing tax paperwork for a real Independent Contractor (which hers aren’t) by being such a cheap date, there’s still paperwork she’s supposed to file. Before a company hires an Independent Contractor, it must get them to fill out a W-9, a request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, or TIN, of the worker. The W-9 should be kept in your files for four years for future reference in case of any questions from the worker or the IRS.
I’ve talked to a few of Tabetha’s former employees, all of whom she called an Independent Contractor, and not one of them ever filled out a W-9 for her. Not one. That alone means that they aren’t IC’s. They’re employees.

So, while Tabetha thinks she’s being clever by calling her employees Independent Contractors (which they aren’t) and paying them little enough to fly under the IRS’s radar, the truth is that they’re employees for whom she’s supposed to have been withholding taxes and filling out tax paperwork for all this time. She hasn’t. So she’s guilty of tax fraud. And make no mistake, they are looking.

Now, she and Jackie are trying to pass Phoenix Fire Publishing off as an LLC, probably to try to appear more legitimate and to intimidate authors who try to leave. Tabetha likes to make herself seem untouchable to authors that want to leave her. In the past, she’s threatened them with her lawyer that she doesn’t have. That lie’s been blown, so she needs a new tactic. Claiming that as an LLC, she can’t be sued, it gives her a tool with which to intimidate authors into thinking they have no legal recourse against her.

Lately, Tabetha’s made comments about adding paperwork to the Phoenix Fire publishing website, and about changing all of their accounts with their new tax number.
First, they can put anything they want on their website. It’s meaningless, most likely typed up on somebody’s handy-dandy word program to convince new victims of their legitimacy.
The simple truth is that every taxable entity (like an LLC) in a state must register with the Secretary of State and appear on a searchable database. There’s no clever excuse an LLC can give for not being on there. If a company doesn’t appear on the SoS’s searchable database, it does not legally exist. Period.

As for the new tax ID number she claims to have, there’s every reason to be skeptical. IF she’s got one, it doesn’t prove that she’s formed an LLC. Anybody can request a tax ID #. It’s not proof that there’s any legal paperwork filed making a company a legal limited partnership. If she can’t provide a link to the SoS website where her company shows up as a valid (legal) LLC, chances are that either she or her partner requested a tax ID as an individual, and she’s just SAYING it’s for the Phoenix Fire publishing LLC.

Authors, models, and anybody else thinking about doing business with Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire Publishing, do your homework. Make sure that her company exists as a legal taxable entity before you sign on the dotted line. Don’t accept any paperwork she offers to send you; it’s too easily fabricated in a word program. Don’t accept any evidence she can show you on her own website, and don’t accept any emails she offers to forward, either. Same thing. It’s too easily cooked up.

The only evidence that proves that an LLC exists as a legal taxable entity is if it can be searched for and found on the Secretary of State’s searchable database.

And, for heaven’s sake, don’t accept any lame explanation that a third party is going to buy Phoenix Fire, keeping Tabetha on as “the face” of the company, or already has. Even if that were the case, the company still has to exist as a legal taxable LLC, regardless of who actually owns it. Demand to know what state this mythical third party lives so you can look it up.

She might try to be clever, having a third party take over the company as a sole proprietorship, to fool us and the Feds, and to cover her own ass, but just take a look at her Facebook, blog and website. They all say that Phoenix Fire Publishing is an LLC with Tabetha and Jackie as equal co-owners. So make her prove it. Make her tell you what state the company is filed in so that you can look it up on the SoS’s website.

And if she tries to tell you that her “attorney” told her not to give that information out (for whatever reason), don’t buy it. Ask her for her lawyer’s contact information so that you can contact him to ask about the company you’re considering signing with. She won’t give it to you because she doesn’t have a lawyer. All she’s got is a (possibly fake) author that she says doesn’t represent her but is giving her legal advice.

Don’t accept any excuse for not getting confirmation of Phoenix Fire publishing’s legal status. The only reason a business “owner” won’t give out that information is because s/he’s a scam artist that’s trying to con you. A real company won’t have any problem giving you any information you ask for. Only a fake will throw out excuses.

It’s very simple. If Phoenix Fire publishing doesn’t appear on a Secretary of State’s searchable database of taxable legal entities, it doesn’t exist as one. Keep looking until you find a legitimate publisher.

If you’ve already signed a contract with Phoenix Fire publishing, don’t worry. You’re not stuck with a scam. If the company isn’t legal, neither is the contract. You can demand your work back from her, as well as any other materials you’ve paid for, and you can walk away. Don’t let her tell you that you have to pay a separation fee to get away from her, either. Remember, that was part of the contract that wasn’t legal in the first place. Tell her to stuff it. And don’t let her hold your work hostage until or unless you sign some bogus release form. Tell her to stuff that, too.

Don’t let her bully or intimidate you in any way. If she tries it, come here and tell us. There are a few ex authors and employees around here that will be happy to advise you on how to deal with Tabetha Jones.


37 thoughts on “Just the facts, ma’am

  1. You said she recruits friends but you got that wrong, she doesn’t have friends, she only has people she uses, then she throws them under the bus to cover her own arse. Jackie will find out she’s nothing but a patsy to blame the failing business on so Scab can walk away squeaky clean and keep doing it just like she blamed Mystic Press on Brandy and Wendy.

    • LMFAO Mystic Press was owned and operated by Wendy and Brandy, I didnt have to blame anything on them. And Jacqueline and I are equal partners says so on our paperwork. Again you will all see soon enough for yourselves. I do have friends, I have a ton of friends, real friends not ones that I have to lie to or get to follow me around like minions like Lepp leads you all around like dogs on a leash.

      • I don’t lead these people. I don’t have to. They’re here because of what YOU did to them. All I do is give them the space and opportunity to tell the world about what a scam and fraud you really are.

        Thanks for yet again asserting in your own words that you and Jackie are equal partners. That’ll come in handy later when you try to deny it. Or when you throw her under the bus. Whichever comes first.

      • I personally would prefer 4 quarters to 100 pennies. Have a million friends all you want. More scapegoats for you to manipulate and scam. I am DONE with your lies and bullshit Tabetha. You are so full of shit your eyes are brown. You have more bull spilling from your mouth you should have been a politician. You really don’t know how dumb you make yourself seem. Yet, you do give me a laugh, so keep up the good work. Maybe one day you will grow up. One can hope anyway.

      • What gives me a chuckle is that with all these facts about her bogus company, and what does she complain about? How many friends she has. Maybe because that’s the one thing she has a chance of actually defending. Every fact abut her fraud company is spot on and she knows it.

      • No offense .. I do not care if you have friends or not. My thought is you still say Wendy and Brandy owned MP… Okay for shits and giggles that was true, but in the last several months you added Brandy and talked to her on your Zoey Sweete account… If she left you in such ruins that you had to screw (scam not fuck) others, then why in the hell give her the time of day? Another reason you look stupid, but we all our opinions about you. Since you claim Brandy was not involved … your words on this very blog, do you want to fill in those MP authors you lied too? Either she got you into trouble or not, either way in my eyes right now, you really seem to be a pitiful liar that cannot come up with answers when cornered.

        Compound fracture: A fracture in which a bone is sticking through the skin. Also known as an open ‘fracture.

        Read up because if my mom had bones sticking out of the skin, it would not take a week to find out wtf was going on. I am not sure how your mind works, you love to spew off about taking up for someone and you let your mother go weeks with bones penetrating the skin …..Just Saying… Honestly, my mom’s business stays off the internet but we are talking about you and if you/she wanted to sue, you do not tell the freaking world… Glad I have farm equipment so I do not drown in the amount of crap that gets tossed out from your camp. I cannot believe how stupid one must be to be involved with you, when you cannot tell a truthful statement.

      • It looks to me like she’s saying Brandy and Wendy owned MP and she (Tabetha) had nothing to do with everything that went wrong with it at all. Newer authors that weren’t around at the time might buy it.

        Authors, models, don’t believe it! Tabetha took over Mystic Press from Wendy and Brandy and screwed the business up all by herself for a couple of years before she changed the name of it to Phoenix Fire. She scammed authors all on her own, including many that have posted on this blog. You can find quite a few statements by Tabetha both on this blog and Cuss’s, blaming BOTH Brandy and Wendy for Mystic press, trying to say THEY screwed all those people, even though it happened after SHE took it over. That’s Tabetha Jones for you, always looking for somebody to blame it on so that she can walk away squeaky clean.

        Whoever’s involved with her business now, Jackie and Katrina, need to pay attention right now. Tabetha’s backed into a corner over this phony LLC status, and they better believe they’ll get blamed when there’s nowhere left to run. “Jackie said she filed the LLC paperwork! She lied to me! Katrina’s the one that brought in those investors! She lied to me! Blame them! I’m innocent!”
        Mark my words.

    • You’re right She’ll find out. They always do. Just ask all the other besties that have come and gone.
      For that matter, you don’t have to. Most of them show up here and tell the truth about her.

  2. Tabetha has left several comments on my blog this morning. 4, I think, one of them quite lengthy and just PACKED with bullshit that it would be easy to jump on. Downplaying her mom’s compound fractures and claims that the hospital was able to prove that the injuries occurred in the nursing home. First, it’s impossible to prove where an injury occurred, and second, didn’t both Tabetha and Dee move back home to take care of mom? Changing the time she claimed she was released from the hospital from 2 AM to 2 PM, even though everybody involved already saw the original post, well before 2pm (-ish) that day. I guess she thinks she can control time now.

    And she must think we’re all stupid. This many comments from her after I blog that nails her crooked ass to the wall mean one thing: She wants to kick up a snowstorm and divert attention away from it. I could go and fetch screen caps of her original post about her release and spend all day poking holes in claims about an old lady with compound fractures waiting this long for corrective surgery. I could offer plenty of screen caps shooting down each and every one of her bullshit claims.

    Well, I’m not biting. This blog post is dedicated to revealing the truth about her crooked business practices. That’s what’s important. If she wants to keep proving what a con she is by unleashing a heap of lies to try to deflect attention away from it, well, it only goes to further prove her guilt.

    Besides, you fine folks aren’t stupid. I don’t need to go get screen caps. You’ve seen it with your own eyes already. That probably includes you Phoenix Fire authors that are finally catching wise and are trying to sort out the truth. Here it is. All you need to do is take heed.

      • It won’t matter what she whips up if she never sent the form to the proper authorities. And I’m not going to tell her where she should have sent it. She’ll find out after they are done with her.

      • She’ll whip something up to try to keep snowing whatever authors still believe her rubbish. Right up until the authorities catch up with her.

  3. Here. I’ll show you what I mean when I say that a business must appear on their Secretary of State’s searchable business entity database.

    Naturally, you’d expect a big business like Microsoft to be easy to find. Here’s Microsoft on Washington’s searchable business entity database.

    But what about a smaller company, like Indie publishers. Are they as easy to find?

    Yes. The legal ones, anyway.

    Here are a few:

    Akashic Books, LTD in NY
    Coffee House Press in MN
    Tin House Books, LLC in Oregon
    And even one in Texas –
    A Strange Object, LLC

    I do not endorse these publishers. I don’t know anything about them except that they are just a few I found with a quick Google search of small publishers. Just to prove that small publishers have to be as legal as the big boys.

    I repeat: If a publisher claiming to be a(n) LLC doesn’t appear on any state’s searchable business entity database, it does not exist as a legal business.

  4. Thank you for this blog post. Up until now I believed Tab’s story that this blog was all hate and lies. She says you’re a psycho that’s trying to destroy her business and nobody should listen to you. She tells people not to even look at your blog because it’s all hate and lies and she even says that her lawyer says not to look at it. And honestly up until now that’s easy to believe because some parts of this blog are hateful. The real message gets lost in the hate. But this post raises some very good questions that Tab can’t answer. She says that Phoenix Fire is a LLC and the paperwork is still pending, and a lot of people believe her when she says that she has to hide her company because you’re trying to ruin her. But too much time is going by and still no LLC proof. She won’t give any straight answers about her lawyer either. And how does a LLC get a tax number if the paperwork is still pending? It doesn’t add up. Thank you for this post that’s just the facts ma’am it opened my eyes.

    • That’s a VERY good question. If the LLC status is still “pending,” how did they get a tax ID? How does the IRS give a tax ID to a company that doesn’t exist on paper yet?

    • Not everyone hates, most are here for the good in making sure no one else takes a ride. If only one knew exactly what those others did or went through then eyes would be open to why people do state things. Hate blog, feelings go overboard but can you blame them, honestly?
      This is not the only blog in which you can learn a thing or two about Ms. Jones…

    • Not everyone hates, most are here for the good in making sure no one else takes a ride. If only one knew exactly what those others did or went through then eyes would be open to why people do state things. Hate blog, feelings go overboard but can you blame them, honestly? Granted all can get carried away, does not make it right. Everyone makes mistakes, but two years and stories of authors coming out hurt or not paid is no mistake.
      Many things have been proven facts and if you or anyone else reads, the direct questions get tossed around and diverted. Gloves come off, both sides are guilty; however, this is not the only blog in which you can learn a thing or two about Ms. Jones…

  5. You think you know everything CUNT but you don’t you think nursing homes don’t hurt people??? How dare you talk about a woman with compound fractures just to make fun of a business woman that busts her ASS to take care of her author’s your a sick fucked up excuse for a woman no wonder your man cheats on you fuckin CUNT!! Leave these hard working honest women the fuck alone and let them take care of there business your just jealous!!!

    • Seriously?

      I could EASILY post a lengthy reply pointing out everything that’s wrong with you. But I see your comment for what it is. Attempted deflection. You don’t have answers, so you’re trying to change the focus into an argument.

      I’m not taking that bait. This post is about how illegal that so-called company is, and I’m not going to let you lead me or this post astray. Until you can explain how an LLC doesn’t appear on the SoS’s website, all I see is so much white noise.

      Nice try though.

    • Are you freaking kidding me? REALLY Dee??? The trash that spews from your lips just amazes me. You want to come on this blog, that is only here for the sole purpose of enlightening people, and let your gutter upbringing show. How pathetic are you? You only show just how ignorant and low class you truly are.

      Makes me wonder is this Tabetha, using sis’s name to make people THINK that she is loved? Or is this really sis just as GHETTO as her pathetic sister?

      • It’s strange to me, as when I was a supposed “beloved friend”, and she spoke of her family to me, never once did she mention a sister with whom she was “so close”. I can smell the bullshit all the way across this large pond.

        As for having so many “close” friends… you don’t meet and speak to someone for two minutes and call them a “friend”. The people who may comment on your bullshit posts, or your sordid photographs (which make people want to gauge their eyes out with spoons), are not “friends”. They are simply people who are learning about you… and will inevitably turn their backs on you once they discover just ‘what’ you are.

        I say ‘what’ because if I said ‘who’ it would mean you were a human being, and THAT is something you are not. You are simply something that Hell coughed up and expelled, since even the beings there were disgusted with you.

      • Like button.

        No matter how many of Tabetha’s former “family” business associates come forward and tell the same horror story about how she uses and abuses them, she still tries to pass herself off as this upstanding business person. SMH.

        Hopefully, yours are words to the wise and even more people will steer clear..

  6. Pardon the long comment, but I can’t hold this back any long. Since this post is for just the facts, that is what I’m about to give you.

    In between working to help other authors, updating and re-releasing all my books, and dealing with things in the real world; I still felt compelled to take a closer look at this blog over the past few weeks. As it was mentioned in one of the comments, nobody has enough time in their day to read every single post on countless blogs and all the comments, but one really doesn’t have to. Granted, everything that comes out of Tabetha Jones is a lie, they are all repetitious. Everybody sees through the lies, and I do mean everybody. She thinks she’s got supporters, but those people see through her too and aren’t supporting her, just watching the train wreck.
    I woke up to a message from one of my supporters Tabetha lied to her when she claimed I had been sent the swag I paid for, and it was my responsibility to send it. Everyone knows she never sent me anything because I have been in contact with all my winners, they all know the truth. Oh and just so you know, Tabetha; nobody was screwed over by me. Perhaps if you weren’t the narcissistic dolt that you are you would have noticed I sent the two people you claim to adore T-shirts. One of them even posted a picture wearing hers. While I regrettably can’t afford to by T-shirts for all winners, I did make things right for them as well. I sent them a code to download my re-released The Road That Leads To Home e-book last week. I’m not the one screwing anyone over; that’s all you.
    You think you’re so slick, but in actuality, you’re just pathetic. I noticed you have responded to my complaint to the Better Business Bureau, which I submitted well over a week ago. Are you once again waiting them out until they decide to close the case? Won’t happen this time. You should know firsthand that I don’t give up on swindlers and cheats. In fact, I expose them for who and what they are. That’s what I’m doing here today, exposing the truth. I won’t be sitting here waiting for responses and sparring with anyone; I have real work to do.
    On Monday September 8th I not only submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, I submitted one to PayPal too. The very next day I heard back from PayPal, they sympathized, but they only cover consumers up to 45 days after purchase. That’s when the light bulb went off, and I finally figured out why Tabetha insisted on buying the swag materials so soon before my book’s release (which she screwed up) in late June. Even if I had my launch party on my release day (wasn’t because I didn’t want one at first), it would have been too late to complain to PayPal, new authors be warned.
    While we’re talking about 45 days, all three contracts (my original, the updated on to reflect my editor status, second updated contract to reflect manager status) clearly stated royalties would be paid within 45 calendar days. (What day isn’t on the calendar? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) June 20th was more than 45 days ago; I have a receipt for books (not purchased through you, so don’t even try to pull that clause on me), which I can put my hands on; they weren’t returned. Where’s the money?
    I could go on and on about how I never even got the pathetic blog tour promised in all versions of my contract, or how I created and posted my own book trailer on my personal YouTube account because Tabetha couldn’t be bothered, ditto with posting my teasers. I also had to create and run my own week-long launch party, which she only made a momentary appearance near the end. I’m still trying to figure out how she convinced the cover designer (although probably just another Tabetha alt based how she talks and hides) to compromise the dimensions of my cover, so I was unable to use the full cover, but she also never even read my manuscript. If she had, she would have noticed one glaring mistake. Not sure who’s in charge of editing these days, but knowing the top three of you as I do, I thought you might need this https://www.abcmouse.com/. You’re welcome.
    The good news is there is life after Phoenix Fire Publishing. I am getting new covers created for The Road That Leads To Home and the other two WIPs I have. I am also getting ready to finally have the blog tour for The Road That Leads To Home in November, and a speaking engagement. The same can happen to any of the current authors of Phoenix Fire, if they are bold enough to take the first step to get away. It isn’t as hard as you might think it is. Good luck to all of you!

    • It’s brave and wonderful of you to step up and let new authors know what’s going to happen to them, too if they stay with Phoenix Fire. Hopefully they’ll take heed and be spared a lot of pain.
      It’s great to see how well you’re doing with your work now. I have no doubt that you’ve got a much brighter future in store now that you’ve taken control of your literary destiny. You’re going to rock it.

  7. You should see the pity party Tab’s throwing, crying that everybody’s picking on her when her mother’s having surgery that could kill her, trying to make everybody here look like heartless bullies. She’s really playing it for sympathy for all she’s worth.

    • I don’t doubt it.
      I’m sorry, but that doesn’t fly. These are legitimate questions. Even if Tabetha has things going on in her life, she should be able to answer simple, basic questions about her company. And if for whatever reason she’s incapable, she’s got a fully equal business partner who should be able to answer for her. They’re simple questions that any business owner should be able to answer as a matter of routine. There’s no drama outside of what Tabetha’s kicking up to get out of answering them.

  8. I still don’t see any answers. Not from Tabetha or Jackie, anyway. I see answers from authors that have been as close as anybody could be to how that “business” is run, and those say that it’s a scam. Authors and models, do not do business with Phoenix Fire publishing or Tabetha Jones. Unless you want to get lied to, cheated and scammed.

    • Do you expect an answer? I cannot see where a LLC is in plain sight on either state in question. The thing that amazes me still to this day is the answers to all the personal questions and then turns it around to scream “haters”. Hell, I would not know half the stuff if she would not announce it here. The quest is not about her “personal life” it is about her scam and abuse.
      Good to see you Lindsay. Hope all is well on your side of the large pond! Hopefully your presence will help one or more others see the light.

      • One minute, Tabetha’s prancing around saying how wonderfully her company’s doing, how much it’s growing, and aren’t we all jealous. The next, she’s complaining to the BBB that I’m causing Phoenix Fire publishing’s sales to drop, saying that my “hate” and “lies” are viciously ruining the livelihood of innocent authors.
        Right. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a piss poor publisher that does substandard work, if she does any at all.
        Makes a person wonder how many authors she has left, if sales are dropping so dramatically. Maybe they are seeing the light, thanks to the brave testimony of former authors and associates about what a shameless scam she runs. Kudos to you fine folks.

      • I didn’t know you were in business, Lepp! Congratulations! What sort of business did you start up? … Wait… you didn’t start a business? Then why the hell would someone complain to the BBB about you? smh

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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