There is no Phoenix Fire LLC

Tabetha Jones insists that she can call up the website where it says that Phoenix Fire Publishingis an LLC “Quite easily” and chides us for being unable.
Here’s the link to the Texas Secretary of State searchable database of taxable entities, where it shows no Phoenix Fire publishing.

There are a few businesses that have the words Phoenix Fire in them, but unless Tabetha has started doing Security work, engineering or restoration, hers isn’t there.

Here’s the website for the Secretary of State in West Virginia’s searchable database for taxable legal entities, where there are ZERO results found with the words Phoenix Fire.

I don’t know what web site she’s looking at, but it’s neither one of the official ones that would actually prove that her company is legit. I guess we’ll have to keep on waiting for her to post that link.

To settle the matter once and for all, I called the Secretaries of State in both Texas and West Virginia. I asked several questions, the answers to which appear below:
1) How long after a business files does it take for an LLC to become official?
TX: After filing form 205 online, it takes 3-4 business days. Tax paperwork not included. If hard copy is snail mailed, maybe a week an a half.
Cost: $300.
WV: If it’s filed online, it’ll take 3 to four days, including tax stuff. If it’s mailed in, maybe a     week or week and a half, and that doesn’t include filing for tax stuff. That’s separate.
Cost: $100 to the Secretary of State’s office, and $30 for Taxes.

2) How long after that will an LLC appear in the taxable entity database?
TX:  It only takes a couple of days for the paperwork to be scanned and viewable.
WV: It’s immediate.

NOWHERE does it take months for any part of the process. Ever. For any reason.

3) Is it illegal for any company to advertise itself as being an LLC in your state without actually being one?
TX: She wasn’t sure about this one, but she doesn’t know of any businesses that do that. I mean, why would they?
WV: She wasn’t sure about this one. But she did say that if any business advertises themselves as an LLC without being one, they’re only hurting themselves, because if somebody sues them, they don’t have the protections of being an LLC. If anybody sues, it’s the owners that take the hit.
What I can tell you is that even if it doesn’t constitute a criminal offense (which is still in debate), any author, model, artist or consumer that’s been suckered in by a company falsely advertising itself as an LLC when it isn’t one can most definitely sue in civil court. And since the company isn’t the LLC it claims to be, it’s the owners that take the hit. If Tabetha’s name is on the paperwork, she takes the hit herself. If Jackie’s name is on the paperwork with or instead of Tabetha’s, well, then, it sucks to be her, doesn’t it?

4) And finally, has any company called Phoenix Fire Publishing filed to become an LLC in your state within the last 6 months?
TX: There are other businesses with the word ‘Phoenix Fire” in them, but no Phoenix Fire Publishing.

But don’t just take my word for it. Call the Secretaries of State yourself and ask them the same questions.
Texas: (512) 463-5555 There’s something of a wait time to talk to somebody, especially during peak business hours, and who you’ll get is luck of the draw. But they’ll answer any questions you’ve got.
West Virginia: (304) 558-6000 They’ll answer any questions you have.



60 thoughts on “There is no Phoenix Fire LLC

  1. Since extrapolation is not in vogue these days, allow me to connect a few dots for people. If Tabetha and Jackie and Katrina would lie about something that is, in effect, completely unnecessary, why would any writer/model/fairy creature believe that 1) They would ever get paid a dime, 2) Their work would not be stolen and be published for someone else to make money from, and 3) That the aforementioned parties would not lie any absolutely anything and everything?

    • Funny you warn authors that their work could be stolen. Not only did one of the stories in the latest anthology bear a striking resemblance to mine, right down to the name of the lover/slave tied up in the basement. But another one caught my eye as well.
      Someone conjures up a demon to seek revenge against a person that did them wrong. By the end of the story it’s revealed that the summoner has become the demon, and the next time someone conjures up the demon for revenge, it’s the person that summoned it up before. And so on.
      I KNEW it was familiar, but I couldn’t place it.
      Then today, a friend said “That sounds like Pumpkinhead.”
      Of course! That’s it, exactly.
      There are probably more of them out there that she’s ripped off, but here’s what we know so far.
      Tabetha’s Magnum Opus is exactly like “Underworld” and no fewer than two of the stories in her latest anthology look like they’re ripped off. From Pumpkinhead and from me.
      So authors, past and present, you might want to check through Tabetha’s releases very carefully to see if any of it resembles yours. And don’t worry about putting (any more of) your money in her pocket to do it. You can return the book and get your money back. I did. Just make sure to screen cap any of her work that resembles yours, if you find any. For evidentiary purposes, of course.

      • One of those stories looks like the Hunger games too with a pregnant girl getting hunted in the woods and picking off hunters one by one so your in even more Good company. Jesus can she write an original story to save her elephantitus ass?

    • Mad hatter I have no idea why you are putting my name on here or why JT is allowing it. However to lay this out I have never said anything about an LLC partaking my name Jackie or Taethas name.

      As for one of my stories being in this book JT and you all are slandering I had my lover in a basement too. But I can bet my ass over it beinging 100% from my own mouth not taking any story plotto but my own do so.

      So before you go ttaking my name out of text think about the ramifications it has on the authors not just Tabetha and Jackie.

      As for the models the Ines I have used anyway I know for a fact JT contacted them about the comoany . But JT I self publish my own books doing a few anthologies with PF. Yet you have taken my name speared it for your own gain of belong authors out.

      You can’t see me but I’m applauding you! You have really taught me something that I will be sharing with a few others. You have cost me something I can never get back somhing my family has to live with. In you means to steer me clear if bad dealing you ruined my name sake. And for that come February I will be getting back. That and every projecte sale I have lost not from my lies the company through our own personal correspondence you have said “is not bad just needs to do what they say” but your hate.

      My name might be on the site but you already no why. Yet it doesnt matter to you how your friend here take me down. Because let me tell you it never will. She Tabetha and Jackie might not be able to use a libal suit but I can. And I will not take from my family like you and your starved feins do. No I will wait save my money keep track of my sales ever bad review by an unverified amazon sale. Those and this blog of cyber bullies then I will pay my lawyer the 2500.00 for the paper work and court cost to shut you mouth when using my name or the company I chose to represent my work. And please dont play this as Tab and Jackie are riding my tail coat I can assure they are not. I have my own reputation to uphold and everyone else can get there own attorney. This is one time I will not share to help anyone but myself.
      Laugh it up tell me the law the right and wrong why it wont work. But see I am my self an author that as of now will be fighting for myself my name and the reason I followed my dream.

      I am not a victim of yours any longer!
      And ppl if JT has PM’d you on FB for dirt on PF myself it other just remember when you turn your back it will happen to you too!

      so ahain here’s to you JT and your Author helping ways. I’m glad your not a real Advocate for Authors if so we would all be in trouble!

      • Also as for buying a book then returning it I’m sure other authors would just love to know how a fellow authors feels it OK just to screen cap their work that go through an auto vetter looking for similarities hence why the books take a few hours to days to appear for sale. This is to stop thieves. But if you are cracking the whip, cracked real good. I read paranormal and YA romance. I can tell you at least Five new York best sellers that havev the same plot and twist ad books published before there were. And let me tell you they gave street teams that are damn crazy.
        I think I would watch what was said bashing authors and then admittedly return said book, leave a said review or just as JaJa/ Sonja has done do it for the kicks. Again way to go Advocate for Author’s. Be proud of your friends work. You did create them well most of them. The others are just cyber bullies.

      • The only thing I am going to comment on with this post.
        If you came across a book that in the same a story resembled yours, then would you buy it to see how close it was related?

        Honestly, I would but I cannot get past the editing jobs. I have seen worst reviews posted up for smaller mistakes than the ones in the sample of said book . Yes, I would also return the said book because of the grammar issues but also because I refuse to buy anything with PF’s name on it and it is my choice by a reader of who’s books I buy and who’s I don’t.
        Sorry if that offends anyone but its the damn truth!

      • One thing I notice is that Jackie’s on here screaming, and so is Katrina. As usual, Tabetha’s letting others do her talking for her. Hiding behind others, as usual. She must really think she’s sitting pretty right now, untouchable and squeaky clean because she’s got Jackie willing to take the fall when the business goes under. She’s wrong, of course, for reasons I’m not going to reveal here so she can go scrambling to fix it. And she’s not off the hook for the last three or four years, either. Just ask the IRS and FBI. She’ll find out.

      • A victim of MINE? If you want to point fingers at the person that victimizes authors, you need to shift that digit a little farther west, dear. It’s Tabetha Jones that cranks out books with crap editing and formatting. I’m not the one that’s stolen royalties from authors, abused and slandered THEM. She is. And what’s worse is that you KNOW IT. Yet you still defend her. That makes you just as bad, if not worse. She’s deluded. You know better. You have no excuse.

        I think you’re just pissed that I told people they could return the books. Sorry, but if you’re unhappy about that, you need to take it up with Amazon. it’s their policy that allows it. And, frankly, I’m glad. If a book sucks, I will return it. Period.

        I don’t need to troll for dirt on PF. It’s right there for the whole world to see. Right there on the page and site, where the pictures say that Pf is an LLC when it isn’t. It’s not a crime to point out a FAKE business. It is a crime to BE a fake business. So you might want to rethink your wrath.

        As for leaving crap reviews, I guess you think it’s okay for Tabetha et al do do it, because they have, targeting former Mystic Press and Phoenix Fire authors out of spite. Not mentioning THAT on Facebook, are you? I actually read that book, I’m sorry to say. And every single word I said was accurate. Don’t like it? Get a better editor and publisher.

        Don’t like being guilty by association? Blame yourself. If you fly with crows, you get shot down with them.

      • And, btw Katrina, good luck coming up with 2500 bucks. You certainly won’t get it from royalties. Not publishing with Phoenix Fire, you won’t.

        Good luck with your reputation, too. Hanging around with Tabetha Jones, your good name will need all the help it can get.

      • She said your name because your a part of that illegal company duh you don’t get it both ways. You don’t get to be part of a company that rips people off and act all innocent your as bad as the other two so get use to it.

  2. First and foremost you apparently you didn’t look hard enough OUR company is registered in WV. The company is under my name only! I have the tax ID and paperwork! Talking about tax ID numbers JT where is all your information? What is your so called business listed under? Show proof JT

    • Jackie, you’re being set up to take the fall for Tabetha, and you’re the only one that doesn’t see it. If the company’s not in her name at all, who takes the hit if Phoenix Fire publishing gets sued? YOU. PF isn’t an LLC. I talked to the WV Secretary of state YESTERDAY. No paperwork has been filed. That means that any legal action lands squarely in YOUR LAP.
      Is it worth your home, your daughters’ home, everything you’ve worked a lifetime to get and everything you own? To take the fall for the likes of someone who’s just USING YOU.

      Girl, you’d better wake up FAST, or you’ll find yourself left with no family, no home, no house, no possessions, NOTHING. All because you were foolish enough to get in bed with Tabetha Jones. All it takes is for one victim to sue. One. You’d better think, hard and FAST.

    • JT do not presume to know me or my finances. I wait because I have other Responsibility’s to my family first and formost. Yet my reputation is mine to associate with any company I wish. You bashing my name is your own choice with me never doing a thing to you is the real problem. However you have to strik at me. And fir that you in defamation of my charator no matter whom i associate with. As well as that is just to get to court not what my husband just dropped for the retainer. See some emloyers wach out for thete employees. His gave me the name of there attorney. But make no mistake my lawyer has taken as of three hours ago a snap shot of you FB page proclaiming hiw horrible this is on the Lep site or oage you talk about and your friend comments about how horrible it is that ppl treat others this way. Yet you do !!But if it makes you feel better sleep better to say every Author with PF is a target. Who are really a target for. You or Tabetha?

      This crow saying I guess it goes both ways. You have hurt lol with your words on here are ready to take responsibility for you actions. I mean you have wrong ppl also!

      As for this other crap and why you are still after PF there are Statues of Limitation on shit. So why you are as you say it trying to help out the other Authors from years ago. What the hell does that have to do with me?

      Read the law on the SOL! This us universal no matter what.
      You should take into consideration what you said to Jackie about no house no family no bed. Because why the feds might be coming after Tab and Jackie. Personal liability to a person if your own free will with no cause just might cost you yours.
      Lawyer up JT. I can tell you your going to need it also! Call And ask if you can spout lies about me! If you can run my name through the mill. All on the internet ruinubg my career my dream that provides for my family. I’ll tell you you no nothing about my family my husband or my finances and that just might be your own downfall! So spout away at my expense some more just make sure what you say you can answer honestly in court. I don’t own the company I own myself!
      I do gave one question as many of these authors that want there money why dont they all get together and get an attorney! I know that what I would do.

      • I don’t need to know you or your finances to know that you won’t make money publishing with Phoenix Fire publishing. What little a book does earn with such crappy editing and formatting is comprimised by a publisher with a KNOWN history of stealing from authors.

        You might want to read back, hon. I didn’t use your name. You’re upset that I didn’t remove it, but yet again, your anger is misdirected.

        Go ahead and throw your money away if you want. It’s not libel or slander if every word is true. The three of you just can’t seem to let that simple concept sink in. Phoenix Fire Publishing doesn’t exist as an LLC. Tabetha Jones is a thief. PF editing is crap. PF formatting is crap. Every. Word. Is. True. You just don’t like that the world can see the truth. But if you really want to blow money that would otherwise go to your family, go for it.

        Hon, if your only defense is “But the statute of limitations has run out!” That says two things. First, that you admit that she did everything she’s accused of, but thinks she’s gotten away with it because of that statute. And that you/she have no real defense. I mean, if that’s the whole argument, you’ve already proven the point.

        I don’t know what it’s going to take for you to realize that only one person is ruining your career: YOU. By choosing to associate with a known fraud and scam artist that runs a company that isn’t even legal. One that doesn’t edit or format books properly. That’s not my fault, hon. That’s all you.

        I don’t know how many ways anybody has to say it: People can’t afford to sue Tabetha. They’d spend more hiring lawyers, filing charges and traveling (some from as far away as England) than they’d ever hope to get back. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a case. That just means they don’t have the money to waste. They’ve already lost enough to her. Some still are, if she’s still publishing their work. That’s the ONLY reason she’s gotten away with it for so long. But keep in mind that any law suits that could have been brought against Tabetha and her bogus company were/are civil suits. The statute of limitation might have run out against SOME of the authors of the past, but there are more every day that are realizing they’re getting scammed that are still very actionable. And none of that covers any criminal acts she might be committing, including Federal offenses like pirating people’s work by continuing to publish their work after they no longer associate with her and/or some very serious tax offenses that I’m pretty sure the IRS is taking a good look at.

        You talk about consequences. Well, when will she face the consequences of HER actions, crimes against authors’ dreams, their royalties their legal and proprietary rights and tax laws? She’s slid under the radar for a very long time with slippery explanations about her company, like the one I’m about to go and reply to. But her rubbish explanations have gone as far as they’re going to. Too many people have been ripped off, and she’s committed too many offenses to keep sliding under the wire.

        I’m not the one breaking the law, here. She is. And you don’t look so hot, by association. I am SO not worried about any lawsuit you want to file. I’m not going to crap my pants and look for somewhere to hide. If that’s what you were after, it’s a fail. I’m right here. When you think you’ve got some papers to serve me with, bring ’em on, baby. And good luck with that.

      • FIFY.
        I read it and it makes a lot of sense. Something that I fear may be lost on several of the people here that it would do the most good.

  3. I completely agree with Katrina, please keep up the good work for being an advocate for authors everywhere out there. Because if you say you are an advocate we surely do not need enemies.

    Now, let’s touch on the LLC statements. Seeing that the joint effort to combine Jacqueline and I as partners were easier to do in West Virgina than Texas we simply went with W.V. Also there is a tax ID number on record although it is in Jacqueline’s name due a simple misunderstanding and use it for Phoenix Fire until the SOS switches it over to Phoenix FIre Publishing. We have also spoke with a representative and that tax ID still covers Phoenix Fire as Jacqueline is an equal owner and covers myself as I am the Founder and first owner of the company, and we can legally list Phoenix as an LLC without any false advertisement. Now that Jacqueline and I are equal owners the only difference between her title and mine is that I founded the company.

    As for Katrina she self publishes her book but does provide stories for our anthologies. And I hate to tell you The Dark Kiss Grant Elliot Smith, who happens to be to a cooporate attorney, and does a lot of trademarking ad such so to say he copied work from a old scary movie is hilarious. Ad we actually had two stories where a man was locked i a basement oe was with the witch Darlene while his wife watched in a sound proof closest and the second was Katrina’s where had them both in the basement with nursing training to torture her cheating husband. So to think we would ever buy your books and steal from you is another joke.

    And the fact that you say I copied The Draven Witch Series from Underworld is yet another joke. I dont remember Underworld having a witch/vampire hybrid and later on in turn having demon blood and being the queen of hell. I dont remember Underworld having hunters with no souls and their being a dimension like heaven a dimension that catches you inbetween and a dimension of hell. No the names Caeli, Aureus, and Tarrak do not ring a bell in Underworld.

    Speaking of business’, seeing as you have clearly stated on this blog how to run a business, run PR services, do promotions, run blog tours, and book signings, I would say that would make you like a Promotional Service or A Marketing Service, where is your tax ID for providing those services and information and what is your business’ name? You could legally be held accountable for a business.

    As for my sister, Dee Jones, she is the owner of The Phoenix Effect Photography. Yes we may work with her for book covers and I may help her book shoots and assist her but at the end of the day the business is hers and in her name. I am doing what any family member would do and support her.

    Now I think Katrina is right its time someone put every single one of you in your place. I think she may have a partner in her new venture.

    • You can’t argue with the facts, so all you can do is question my “advocacy.” Because if you can poke holes in that, you can TRY to convince people to look at me, and not the facts. All three of you have done that today, in a remarkable show of solidarity. But it only proves that you can’t argue the facts, no matter how hard you try.

      You keep waving that tax ID around as proof, but it’s not. Anybody can apply for a tax ID. That has precisely ZERO to do with proving that a company is an LLC. That proof can only happen through the Secretary of State. As of YESTERDAY, Phoenix Fire publishing does not exist as one, according to the secretaries of state in both TX and WV. Period. You can try to fool your victims with some slippery excuse about “switching it over” or whatever, but the simple FACT is that your company is NOT AN LLC. No matter whose name it’s in.

      I could comment at some length about what a miserable failure it is to TRY to make a work look original by turning somebody into a witch, but I see that tirade on your part for what it is: an attempt to divert attention away from the fact that PHOENIX FIRE PUBLISHING IS NOT AN LLC. So is your rambling about your family. As usual. It’s just a distraction. It’s not working. Delude yourself into thinking that you can divert attention away from that simple fact if you like, but you’re not fooling anybody anymore.

      To summarize and reiterate: PHOENIX FIRE PUBLISHING IS NOT AN LLC.

    • Your a fucking liar and a thief and now your busted yet again as a fraud you twat. I hope you like orange if they even make prison boilersuits in beached whale size.

      • Your childish comments about size are really getting old. The word twat is getting old. Try maybe cunttwat on for size and its funny I embrace my size, my curves and so do the men that find me attractive. And lets not forget the women that are larger and applaud me for finding the confidence to pose. So I am not worried about your small mindness.

      • And while we’re at it, let’s not forget that PHOENIX FIRE PUBLISHING IS NOT AN LLC.

        And let’s not forget that there are authors from as long as 3, maybe 4 years ago that have not been paid by you, with more finding out the same thing to this very day. Those people are what we’re here for. And any that stand to be scammed by a fraud publisher like you.

        Keep clapping yourself on the back for your imaginary modeling career, but keep one eye over our shoulder for the authorities that are sure to catch up with you. Shouldn’t be long now.

    • You seem rather perturbed the Lep gives out better advice for free on a blog than your company scams people out of hundreds of dollars for. What’s the matter? Are you jealous, or can you just not keep up?

  4. Well, first off Katrina I don’t know you. I have no ill will towards you or Jackie. My soul purpose of ever getting on this blog, was to expose Tabetha Jones, owner operator, bullshit artist extrodinare of Phoenix Fire Publishing for the lousy publisher she is. She can’t answer me honestly if the good lord himself came down and granted her eternal beauty and life if she would just say one honest word, she would be condemned to hell. I know that Tabetha has a slippery side a mile long. She can skate out of damn near any situation. I believed in her, said some really hurtful things to a few people to protect her. And she WHORED me, plain and simple. She lied, and covered up so much, that I began to see she was speaking out the both sides of her mouth. I am sorry if anyone feels that I am being a bully, I am NOT. I just don’t want to see anyone disillusioned like I was. She put stars in my eyes, actually gave me hope that my works were good.. then she stole from me. I asked and asked about sales, and royalties, always the same old song and dance. So say what you want, protect her to the hilt. I know better, I know how she will weasel her way out of any situation, change the subject when she feels pressure.Been on many a phone call like that with her. Jackie you know what I am saying is true. You just need to take the damn blinders off. I don’t want you to get WHORED like I was. You are a decent person, I know you have a good heart. Listen to your gut. Don’t be a patsy. Don’t be a fool. Please… I beg of you. Come on, do you realize she is blowing smoke up all you poor saps asses??? Another author came to me with some really messed up crap, I can’t say their name, out of respect. But again another author that Tabetha Jones used, abused and threw aside. Now this author needs something that in my opionion, because she was under contract with this person at the time of the confusion, she should be woman enough to fix the problem. Kind of like a good faith gesture. But I would bet you dollars to donuts, that either Tabetha will read this and make it right to prove she is a good publisher or simply ignore it like every other comment I have made. Because Tabetha can’t handle the truth when it is right smack in her face. She has no arguement about what I post. Why??? Can it be that I am right? Hell, Tabetha was such a wonderful publisher, another author, didn’t get her book to Tabetha in time, instead of being the FAMILY she claims, Tabetha forced her to pay over 200 to get out of her contract, knowing full well the person was in financial straits. IS THIS THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH??? THE ONE YOU WANT REPRESENTING YOU?

    • If there’s ONE thing I hope authors can take away from this blog, it’s that they don’t have to pay Tabetha to get out of their contracts. Those contracts aren’t legal, so they’re not binding. Any author that wants to leave can just walk. And if Tabetha tries to withhold their work, they can sue her ass. And she knows it. All they have to do is call her bluff and she’ll fold like a house of cards.

    • Also, no offense to Lepp, but it’s not like this blog is CNN. Nor was your last name used, Katrina. And even if defamation of character occurred on this blog, you would have to prove to a judge that 1) Lepp did more than “allow” it, but that she DID it (else they’d tell you that you are suing the wrong person) and 2) that the statement, and that statement alone, caused damages which you have to show from point A to point B. If you’ve retained a lawyer for this, then you have wasted money. There has been no defamation, therefore nothing can be proven, and some lawyer just took your cash. If you are so concerned for your Dreams (and you should be; everyone should be) then you need to cut all of your ties to a Nightmare. In case you think Guilt by Association doesn’t happen, remember what happens to the innocent friend who is simply with someone who shoplifts – they get arrested and charged as well, even when they honestly didn’t know what was going on. You need to take a deep breathe and think through your emotions, as they are directed at the incorrect target.

      • No offense taken. 🙂

        It’s more than guilt by association if the person in question is active in aiding and abetting in criminal activities. Like, say, being an executive of the company doing it. A manager, for example. When that’s the case, said manager is fully complicit and can expect to suffer the same consequences.

    • Especially if it’s true right? Katrina Vore there I said your whole name is having a little temper fit because her company is proven a fraud. The three of them Tabetha Jones, Katrina Vore and Jacqueline Weister all came on the blog yesterday saying the same thing like gee did they Maybe have a script? What’s the name of that giant dog in Harry Potter? That’s what they look like, a three-headed bitch.

      • I never said one thing about the company yet again I also am not hiding Behring a monarker LMFO. And yes any damage done to me are if my child hurts them self or I do from your ways JT cannot save you. You might put my whole name on here that’s fine. Just showed how low you really are. I don’t writ under a fake name like you seem to do. But when JT allowed everyone of these comments on here she is responsible for them and the damage it causes.

        Call a lawyer you might want to ask. And yes this is defamation of who I am not just about the company I keep. If you notice we can keep it clean and orderly. I would be asking myself why that is.
        Maybe someone is watching you!
        JT I see any deal we had was a complete lie. With you allowing moderation to LMFO comment using my last name.

        Call me a bitch all you want none of you no me all you know is that I’m friends with Tabetha and Jackie as stated I don’t get no royakities from her I signed a waver. I mean after you have a book for sale after download fees then taking our each share to the author authors you make what like .50 cents or less.

        My husband makes more than enough. I pay for an expansive sport for a child cost me well over1500.00 a month. So Again not really worried. However crushing a dream should make you all stand up. The real problem is that no matter what you say n this matter I might be associated withPF but that does not make me guilty of the things its is being said have happened or done.
        I’m a Author nothing more nothing less! You have attacked me, accused me, said I lie, put my writing career at risk all in the name of saving me from PF demise.
        With friend like you who needs enemy’s?
        You all look bad because of how you go about your comments heckling, harassing, accusing.
        I am no lier! Yet I’m accused of it defamation on my character. Yesit is!
        but what do I know!
        Just what my lawyer says! Make no mistake I am not Tabetha and you all should worry about the Skelton s in your own closets before you try to take on someone who self published. I also don’t use Tabetha to edit my books. I use my own resources. Heather Swell and windy hills. Cause I know you want to check her out. I am Also a refrence for her businesses. Other authors contact me! The last person fromPF tthat edited my book was Jaimie Hope. That was a nightmare. She screwed me royaly.and I paid her directly. Ain’t she one of yoiur friend JT yet she has no place on your site for a frake business that can’t do its job correctly costing ppl money and fucking them over? She has an LLC she edited my book does that mean I’m responable for every other book she fucks up. No!
        I will ileave it to you and these fake pp who like to judge and jury author’s. And yes I live that word Fuck I use it alot at home fills up the swear jar fast. Kids love it they get video games or new hockey stick. At least every month from it.
        Cindy thank you for telling the truth about not knowing me and not judging me! But apparently I’m guilty by association not for PF and the authors but by my friends on FB also. Watch out other authors who are friend with me you guilty of my sins!!!!!
        Let the bashing begin!!!!!!

      • “Behring a monarker”..? English, please. I understand you’re upset and writing quickly, but do try to convey your sentiments cohesively.

        People have BEEN watching all of this unfold, from the Feds to the IRS and, most importantly, a great many authors that have been spare the pain and anguish of falling victim to a scam publisher. And a few who have successfully gotten away from one. And maybe a few that are trying t figure out how to. If you’re paying a lawyer to read up on all of this, it’s your money to waste. Any lawyer worth his (or her) salt will tell you what’s been said here.
        It’s not defamation if it’s true.
        You can’t sue one person for what another said.
        Just because you don’t like what somebody says, that doesn’t make it a lie.
        Etc, etc.
        But, hey. It’s your money to waste.

        This “deal” you speak of… do you mean when you told me that the only reason you were getting involved with Tabetha again was to bring her down from the inside? That’s well and good, but here you are defending her tooth and nail when your company is proven fake, throwing former associates under the bus just like she does, spouting the same threats about how it’s my fault if a family member harms him or herself. Verbatim. So tell me, which of us is in a position to wonder if the other was being forthcoming or not?

        Publication of your books isn’t in question. Nobody’s brought that up but you. But by your own admission, you’re the manager of Phoenix Fire. That’s something more than “just” an author. I wouldn’t call that a lie, exactly, but is it the complete truth? That’s a slippery slope you’re walking, as is your choice of employment. That’s entirely your choice And that’s the point. It’s YOUR choice. Not mine, and not anybody else’s. YOU are responsible for the choices you make, and YOU are the one that’s got to deal with the consequences of them.

        Tabetha is the one that crushes people’s dreams. And you’re right there in bed with her. What I do is wake people up. I show them the TRUTH about the people they’re dealing with so that they can save themselves from the pain of being scammed, lied to, and stolen from. It really is too bad if you, your associates or your boss don’t like that. But it’s true.

      • Lepp, if this doesn’t show up correctly, can you fix it? I just wanted to put it here.

      • All that’s showing up is your request to make sure something shows. Is it an image? Feel free to email it to me and I’ll insert it into your comment 😉

        **edited to add: There ya go.

      • By the way I don’t take any money from as you continue to call it my company! I do promotional things and I to it for free.

        Does that make a manager of lets say Walgreens responsible if an order of meds come into the pharmacy and someone has an allergic reaction to it. No but keep on forgetting that you want questions asked. Answer mine. What is the name of your company? According to linklin its Thea’s registered to Jeanne Larson ,Baton Rouge La? Yet when u search that I get nothing. You do cover art digital animation if you will tell me where did you go to school to get that trade?

        Been looking a alot of those colleges and tech trade for graphics design and animation! If you tell me I probably know the name.

        Who ever told you you can post false accusation about someone making them look like you do me gave you the wrong information. You should really take a good look at the law on web posting false information about ppl. Might not be CNN but it is still a blog used to correspond with the public. The public at large on the web. The feds pm me who they are I want to talk to them see what they have so far if ts right! As for the IRS in order to have a busniess Tax ID you must first give them the paperwork for said Businesses. However if you already have a tax ID then all you have to do is redirect its assigned ID to the new company.

        Everyone here believes your words to be truth. But I only see your own few that keep posting. I have nothing to do with anyones past but my own! You don’t help you ground use to the ground make our names worth shit all for your own sick pleasure.

        Again I say “with a friend like you who needs enemies!”

      • Do you really think you can intimidate me by trolling Linkedin? Really?
        A few years ago, we had a little local shop named after my daughter. I decided to concentrate on my artwork, writing and crafts, so we closed it. Mystery solved. I do need to update my Linkedin profile to reflect that the store’s closed, but I’ll wait a little while. It’s out of date, but I don’t have anything to hide. *shrugs* go ahead and post the link if you want.

        Any more questions?

        Cool. Because I have one. What has that got to do with how illegal your company is. If I murdered people in the street, it still wouldn’t change the fact that Phoenix Fire publishing is not an LLC like it claims to be. Nice try at diversion, though.

        When I start posting FALSE information about Pheonix Fire, publishing, I’ll worry about it. Because right now, every word is true. It’s not an LLC, and Jackie requesting a tax ID does not change that. In fact, if she had a tax ID for Phoenix Fire publishing as an LLC, there wouldn’t BE anything to “redirect.” It would be a done deal. That “redirection” business is nothing but MISdirection intended to try to get people to believe the company is legit, when all you’re doing is proving that it’s not.

        You want to talk to the feds? Get in touch with the pirating division. That’s who PF’s been reported to, by authors that keep finding their books for sale. I’ve posted the link a few times. Shouldn’t be hard for you to scroll back and find id. Same thing for the IRS.

  5. “You don’t help you ground use to the ground make our names worth shit all for your own sick pleasure.”

    And you are an author? A self published author? And you actually believe any lack of sales you might be experiencing has anything to do with a blog? And you have a lawyer that tells you that you can prove that to a judge.

    Wow. Just.. wow.

  6. Katrina, you are quite welcome. Like I said before I am here only to speak the TRUTH concerning Tabetha Jones, Phoenix Fire Publishing and her misues of her power over the authors. If anyone dares to take note, Tabetha HAS NOT nor WILL SHE comment about my postings. She can’t her little brain doesn’t work that fast to come up with some slippery lie to deal with the truth I slap her in the face with, when she comes up with these absurd fabrications. It shames me to no end that I let my guard down for someone. Something I prided myself in not doing for years. Mark my words, Tabetha Jones will lie to you, smile sweetly in your face as her hands are in your pockets. She doesn’t pay anyone to edit. Hell a room full of monkeys can come up with better syntax and grammar than her. A real leader, business person, what have you would not be on this blog cursing like a sailor, throwing others under the bus, but would be PROVING BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, that she has all her ducks in a row. How hard is it to block out a tax number and just show REAL PROOF that the company is what it claims to be. Block out the number address, last 4 for of telephone, and leave names, dates and proof possitive that this is legit.
    Yet, Tabetha can’t do that. She claims stalkers, let’s look at that for a min. I have removed myself from her pages, no I haven’t blocked her, yet. But why did I get bombarded with these pics of her, supposidly modeling. In my humble opioion, in some it looked like Tabetha was trying to go to the bathroom. Some she just looked angry and just scary. If she wanted to be such a private person. why make these things so in your face? Also, why does she need others to fight for her, this is her business, her neck on the line, oh wait.. she fixed that with Jackie being the one left holding the bag when the crooked shit went down. It wasn’t me, it was my co-owner, owner, LLC partner call it what you will. I am just the figurehead, I had no idea this was going on. BLAH. How long is it going to take her to come up with a new disaster to divert attention from the truth? How many people are going to feel the sting of her poisonous venom before we all do what it takes to stop her?
    I am not Lepplady, JT or whoever. I am me. I don’t need anyone to babysit me, watch over my words or what ever. I am speaking, to quote my husband, GOD’S TRUTH, when it comes to what you will get when you lay down with Tabetha Jones. You will get used, stolen from, mistreated, lied to, hear a bunch of coverups, realize she talks out both sides of her mouth, put on the back burner, and basically fucked over. She is not a lady, she is far from it. a lady knows how to behave, a lady knows how to treat others and a LADY DOESN’T WHORE YOU OVER. And that’s all i have to say about that.

  7. i would like to point out something. When Tabetha went on her whole ‘Lets bash Sabrina by calling her a whore’ tirade i went to the police with my complaint of harassment and slandering. They informed me that because this is a personal blog there was nothing that could be done. It didn’t matter if the comments were out there for anyone to see the fact that this is a private blog there is nothing that can be done. the best i can do is ask the owner of said blog to take down the slandering comments but no legal matters could be brought…. Just some food for thought to those who are threatening legal ramifications for stuff being said on here. no matter how much money you throw at a lawyer it will not change the fact that nothing can be done about it. I’m pretty sure the police know the law when it comes to matters such as this but if you still want to waste your money and time on this, by all means have at it. I love watching the car crash that enfolds on this blog. Keep up the great work JT 😀

  8. By the way… K’s tantrum aside, the point of this posting still relates to Phoenix Fire being an LLC or not. Deflection, distraction and dissemination does not change the fact that Phoenix Fire is NOT an LLC. Why the hell there would even be a “Jackie, LLC” (as she has said the company is listed “under her name”) is beyond all sense of logic, unless you take into account Tabetha’s habit of setting up other people to take the blame. K, I am sorry that you feel somehow threatened or slighted by your own choice of being in the PF mix, but you are correct on one point – this entry is NOT about you. So why don’t you stop trying to make it about you?

    • She’s taking notes from Tabetha, trying to shift the focus away from the fact that the company isn’t a legal LLC. That’s why they’re all screaming their heads off.

      It really looks like they’re caught with their pants down so they’re panicking.

  9. I am not here to become this bullied person nor to bully anyone else, I do write about the information being true and I have taken up for Tabetha a time or two. For one, I did not call anyone out on this post. Maybe I overstepped when a child was mentioned without seeing all the ones before or whatever, the ones that believe and know me will agree and those who hate me will continue hating me. To have an enemy is nothing, most people posting on here need to step back and remember all the things that have been posted. (The good, the bad, and the ugly). I do attack a company and one said person, I do believe we can all agree to that. Two, I hope you are looking at those who really want justice. Not everyone is a horrible person, you do not want to be attached to a company you are managing but yet you want to throw all old authors in a bunch/group saying we are bullies and haters. I want to see people thrive and then there is always one more person getting screwed over and the company name of PF comes out.

    A statement was made about you know what you would do if:
    One, you might be able to afford a lawyer but not everyone can. Are you bragging about having to put out money on something off topic to this discussion then scream hater and bullies if it gets mentioned again by someone else. I am totally confused. Guess being in a situation where you (anyone no one specific) do not need to know about my information like that. I am glad you are stable enough to proceed with your heart’s desire….

    In a nutshell, I really do not care if someone spends money for their pup to get a spa that costed a million dollars or has to be on food stamps… I do not live with them and share responsibility with them. The blog is about a company that still is showing true colors as of the recent posts.

    Cindy came out and said there is another one… how do you not know?

    As for an author buying a book and returning it…. I had to think long and hard over this and I asked a question that got over looked due to OMG, you can answer it I do not need to say it and be accused of hating for this is not about that. I did say I would not support a company that is my right as is I do not buy for a certain Mall store in which clothes are made by underage kids in sweatshops.

    I ask this of Cindy being she is fair and honest, do you want to buy a book from PF knowing what you know? If there was a story resembling yours, buy it and return it? *especially if said book was published by the ex publisher*

    Back to my point, I hate to see other authors not get a fair shot but when it comes to the end of the day, you ousted an ex-employee of PF for the same reason I will not buy an anthology up for sale on Amazon. If I knew a hundred and fifty percent that the royalties did go to said authors then I would buy it as long as it was edited.

    Authors of PF………………….
    Do you guys buy the copies of Anthologies?
    Are you proud to be published even if the editing services are not up to par and someone within will not use?

    Just think about those statements alone…. As an author, I want the very best of my work to be published. Whether I pay an editor out of my pocket or the 40% or so percent of the royalties covered by my publisher, in the long run I do pay. If I had a story in a book and Ms. Lepp bought it and even if she returned, but told me on reviews or personally that it was horrid due to pages unedited or grammar mistakes, I would pull down and look over the book…. yes it is my money and my dream but not to be put on sale with mistakes, first impressions on how an author writes sticks with some, same with how a publisher does business.

    I have to ask this question but it was asked the other way, AUTHORS do you think it is okay for someone to steal work from others?

    Words can be said and twisted in all directions for, I ask because one can take the post above and come to a conclusion in which a person words directed one to believing that said person condones plagiarism? Just a food for thought. I did not accuse I asked a question.

    Now, I have to say this with utmost respect, I believe a few in PF are decent human beings however with all the facts I found on my own have me wondering about business practices not a personal attack….

    In this post I used names of two in which one I asked an opinionated question and the other I asked permission to use so no one can attack….
    Tabetha, your name was mentioned when I said I took up for you nothing more.

    • Wondering what do you mean how do I know there were others? Sweetie, like you said, you can count on me to be honest. Therefore wouldn’t it be reasonable for others to trust me as well?
      Also, I have purchased 3 of the 5 anthologies I was in. Tabetha PROMISED to send me a copy of one, and I had all intent of buying the 5th, but with all the drama I refused to give Tabetha and her company anymore of my money.

      • With Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire publishing, there are ALWAYS other victims. As long as she can sucker people into thinking she’s a real publisher, there will always be more victims who realize sooner or later, they always find out.
        Hopefully, the time is coming when she’s not in a position to victimize any new aspiring authors.

      • The first question of how do you know about others … was directed to the employees of the company… Sorry if I was unclear about that.

        I wanted the fact that people are not going to buy books from a publisher that has a poor track record. I wish I could help those authors with putting back into their pockets, but for two years (plus), I cannot buy anything that is connected to Tabetha or PF because author after author comes out and states how they been treated… I need proof without a shadow of a doubt that the business in which many on here have had the inside look is not a scam.

        Sadly, I see good in all people but once you been destroyed by one… you do not forget it. Maybe one day I will forgive but never forget a person who messes with my money and the livelihood of kids. No do not come on here and busted out the drama.. Some that are screaming haters and cyber bullies need to shut up and realize what you did to others. As for the others, you did not go through the hell.

        Speaking about a story in which one lived is not about being a cyber bully!

      • Exactly. It’s the REAL bullies that are screaming the loudest. They’re the ones that have been part of a company that scams people, steals their money and verbally abuses them. That’s who needs to be stopped, not those brave souls that have come forward to expose the scam.

  10. I get on here and read this blog, but I stay out of it. I just think that it is so sad that grown adults act this way. If you run a business, and you are put into a position where you need to defend yourself or answer for yourself, why would you put your personal business out there like is done on here? Why would you make yourself look so unprofessional, being on here cursing and belittling yourself to others? In my case, I was let go of . I was considering leaving for business reasons. No person wants to be in business with a “company” that puts themselves out there to where people question not only your business ethics, but your own sanity. Everyone has drama in their own lives,it’s the way of the world. But we don’t want it when it comes to our work. Or when it comes to doing something that we love to do and hope to get some type of enjoyment out of. How can an author get enjoyment out of doing something that makes them feel like they are a part of something criminal? Or something that makes them feel completely out of place? It did not feel like a family, as people like to refer to it. There was nothing but gossip, backstabbing and people accusing others of doing things that that person was not aware of. It was like being in middle school all over again. But I was asked to ‘be a woman’ and tell them what was going on in the company. Okay, so if I didnt tell , did that make me not a woman? I purposely tried to avoid any of the drama, but was accused of being a mole and a spy and other things. I was let go of because I corrected another author who had written a letter to his lawyer about the bad business transactions he was dealing with with his publisher. He posted the letter on his personal fb page and asked if it was ok and professional enough to send to his lawyer and did it address everything that needed addressed pertaining to his contracts with PF. I made a correction for him. He specifically mentioned a certain book that he did not sign a contract for but found his writings in. I just so happened to mention that he had written the name of the book wrong. I figured if he was going to send a letter to his lawyer he should at least have the title of the book correct. And for that, I was let go of because I was a spy and I was helping her enemies. What I do from my personal fb page should be my business and not hers. Who I speak to should be my business. And the fact that I corrected him did not make me guilty of anything. But I have also had many problems with PF, which I will not get into on here. I will say that they were bad enough to cause certain people who held positions with PF to leave the company because of the wrong doings I was dealing with. But since then, these people have stopped talking to me and I havent gotten everything that I have paid for through PF. But because I am not with the company anymore, I was told that even though I paid her for these services, it is not her problem. THIS is exactly why authors have problems with her as a company. She admitted that not only has she been watching my fb page, but she has been watchng other people’s fb pages. I truly believe that this person has some serious personal issues that she needs to seek help for. And putting her personal business out there, on her web pages and on this blog, do not help her in the least. I truly hope she gets the help she needs and that she stops hurting others and bringing down people in her fall.

  11. Wondering, since there is no shame in my game, I am Cindy Franks White, author and writer of poetry. I was published under Phoenix Fire Publishing for 3 books, Through My Eyes, No Sunshine on the Mountain and Passages In Time, along with 5 or 6 anthologies. I became friends with a few of other authors. Tabetha was pushing me for my 4th book, which is an erotica. trying to get me to release it before I felt it was ready. I seen how and had conversations with Tabetha concerning what she should do about so and so. Honestly it was none of my business. How she ran her company was it, her company. My input need not be required or needed. There were many times she called me or that she left messages for me to contact her, only to hear her B,M, and G, about her authors, and how she had to handle things. Again, not my problem.
    I will say it for the cheap seats, I am only here to show what Tabetha Jones and her company Phoenix Fire Publishing are willing to do, to escape the much deserved wrath of the authors who she has swindled.
    Just a reminder of all who are in bed with Tabetha, in any way,shape or form.. YOU LAY DOWN WITH DIRTY DOGS… YOU GET FLEAS

    • Cindy
      I know you. I knew and talked with you over two years ago… hence I know how honest you are. I am not here to ruffle feathers. I knew you or hoped you had no hard feelings when I used or asked you questions for I can relate to your issue. I like you refuse to put money in her pocket… sorry to those authors.
      You have my utmost respect.

      • I have no hard feelings towards anyone but Tabetha, and I do believe I am justified for my feelings. NO, i don’t wish her harm, unlike she has wished on others. I actually wish for Tabetha to get help, something is not right with her. Maybe she was dropped on her head one too many times as an infant. Who knows, what I do know is Tabetha needs to be stopped. My ultimate wish would really not even be jail time, but forced to NEVER be able to have access to anything that remotely will give her access to the web, internet, any social media site, cell phone, anything that would allow her to contact the outside world in any way shape and or form to be able to scam them again. I am talking about the rotary phones in the house, what ever it takes. Tabetha should be made to live in her own mental hell, with her voices, fans and demons. Alas, that won’t happen, why because Tabetha obviously has made a pact with the devil with all her hoodo, voodo bullshit.

  12. I am here to make sure no one else get scammed over… If I can help one person walk away before she claws them … I have succeeded. It will not stop if we brush it under the rug. There are personal reasons I do not use my name…. I do not use those that wish not to be used either.

    I am not here to be a bully but here to be and advocate of the truth.
    What still amazes me is I had questions and so did you but you notice the three ring circus thinks they will magically disappear if they go unanswered they don’t. The only way is to be legit. I have no prove of it. Every time I turn around there is another.

    To those said people and all authors that might be wondering things because I know you come here and see.
    Let me set up a scenario for you, if my Lepp does not mind and Cindy I am going to use you as an example if wrong tell Lepp and we will have it removed….

    Two years ago… a group of authors all together in this family press with the same logo to help other authors…. The picture was painted with hindsight it was too good but we all want to live our dream. We all can agree there. A flashy paper contract came via email… I printed it and signed because I am the honest one in the bunch. Jumping for joy my down time hobby took off before my eyes. The deadline for the first Anthology right around the corner. Signed it got in and awaited edits, the owner was going to do it personally. All was peachy other than something that happened before I got there… about other owners or something (not getting specific for I am not taking over this blog). I was promised it was nothing. Time passed, no biggie… I worked daily so I went to work one day and came home. Circulating was talk about an email some got but not me or a few others, the press shut down. My dreams crushed and the worst I had to hear it threw a rumor the company closed.

    When questioned, two past owners were the cause. The one is now friends again for the “involvement questions”
    Is that really the issue at hand? Hmm from going to sue said owner to buddy buddy in front of some current members. Regardless of the reasons, it appears to those who heard for years those were the people to cause authors’ dreams to shatter to watching the get-a-long party, A LIE IS INVOLVE. No matter how it is swindled. She either lied to the past authors or the ones now. I seriously doubt all of the newbies know about the fall of Mystic Press. Cindy started with the company right after MP and look at her status now, telling how bad things are….I am going to predict someone is being set up as a fall guy! History has a way of repeating itself but a new victim(s) may be ahead. I would be leery on how well I trusted those in the inner circle. (Oh and do not forget on a pen name author profile, the words of “I will be suing along with an author of mine” One of the previous owners- connect the dots the one she became friends with again) Not speculation but fact….it was even mentioned on this blog. What the true conversations were about could be of interest… She either lied about closing of MP and it was her scam or she is now getting advice to get out without it being her fault. Think about it her claims were this said person left her a company in ruins…… I would be worried!
    The company did not change with the help of the other said employees. Hell I will say this, an anthology posted on Amazon with all three involved while one says she does not use PF and the editors. *COUGH BULLSHIT COUGH* but that is not what I am getting at….. read the sample authors do you want your work to be that bluntly messed up? Your name is attached where or not your stories perfect. Once screams about not taking up for authors or whatever… I am helping all of the authors attached WHEN THE SAMPLE HAS MISTAKES WITHIN THE FIRST PAGE AND CONTINUES ONTO SECOND … CAUSES A LOSS OF SALE! NO SALES NO MONEY (is that easy enough to understand). It may not have Tom, Dick, Or Hairy’s name on said story but if a name is linked via anthology under the title, you will have a harder time getting outside sources to buy your book. Just a food for thought. Up above they ousted an ex-editor for the company but failed to see a book in which their work appears is filled with mistakes but see they loved to point fingers but forget what still got published after said editor left.
    When you come on a blog bitching about a your name being used, one would think about showing another some respect and not throw someone’s else out when the conversation was not based around her either. Now if you are not the pot calling the kettle black? You cannot demand to be treated one way and scream about being this or that when you do what you are bitching about? On this very blog! I get you do not want your name used hence I only use when okay.
    My attack is not personal but of a shady non legal company. Do you want to work with someone that bluntly lies about things ….. you trust them with your work and money?

    • LOL By pass the mistakes for which you know why I hire an editor… My mind races and I get caught up in my story I mess up… The printed contract via email… I printed a copy off and had a paper contract lol… My should not be in front of Lepp. and many more… I was emotional when writing because I care. I know I ranted off about edits different scenario this is not my professional business place (meaning not where I sale products and make money) … I tell my story as an advocate not as an author!

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  14. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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