Silver Fang Publishing

In my quest to uncover questionable business practices of small publishers, I’ve come across Silver Fang Publishing. It’s a brand-spanking new publishing company, announced only today.

Actually, Silver Fang wasn’t that hard to find. Tabetha Jones announced it. silverfangannouncement
Silver Fang is the name of the new Phoenix Fire publishing company.

Now that it’s been undeniably and irrevocably PROVEN that Phoenix Fire publishing is a sham, Tabetha’s doing what she does best: She’s shifting it over to a new company.

Anybody surprised? Me neither. Only that it took this long.

When Mystic Press was reported to the TX state Attorney General, Mystic Press closed its doors and Phoenix Fire Publishing was “reborn from its ashes.” Tabetha will tell you she was going to do it anyway, because she inherited such a mess from Brandy and Wendy, but two years after taking over MP, the timing is a bit too coincidental, don’t you think?
Me too.

Well, to be technically accurate, Tabetha didn’t close anything. She just changed the name on the accounts from Mystic Press to Phoenix Fire. She said it herself. And I’m betting she’ll do exactly the same thing when she switches over from Phoenix Fire to Silver fang.

So now that there’s no crawling out from under the colossal failure she’s made of Phoenix Fire, Tabetha’s trying the same old tactic of switching names to a “new” company. And if the name Silver Fang publishing sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the name of the publishing company Sabrina wanted to start after splitting from Phoenix Fire.
Tabetha’s never-ending jealousy is showing of Sabrina is showing, again.

And best of all? Silver Fang claims to be an LLC too!
She just never learns, does she?

Here’s hoping her authors do.

Here’s a word to the wise for Phoenix Fire authors. When Tabetha “closed” Mystic Press, she didn’t pay a single one of those authors a penny she owed them. Not one, to this day. First, she claimed that Createspace had somehow frozen her paypal accounts, then said said that it was taking time to change the accounts over, buying as much time as she could with excuses. Then, when those ran out, she simply refused to pay, trash-talked the authors, calling them “Backstabbers and Liars” and waited them out until the statute of limitations ran out so they couldn’t come after her. That statute was flung around on this very blog just a few days ago by her associate.

Phoenix Fire authors, get ready for a battle. Not with me, but with your publisher. If Tabetha Jones stays true to form, she will not pay you. You’ll hear excuses and sob stories. She’ll explain why not paying you isn’t her fault and that she’s doing everything she can to fix it, and she’ll ask you to just PLEASE give her a little time. She might even tell you how tough things are for her and her sweet little girl financially and that she’s a victim of whatever reason her accounts are locked or frozen, and she’s barely holding on. She’ll play to your sympathy for her daughter. And then, when excuses run out, she’ll simply refuse to pay. She might ignore you or abuse you. Then, if she can, she’ll wait you out until the statute of limitations runs out on you, too.

What she WILL do is keep selling your books. Mystic Press authors found that their books were still listed for sale on Smashwords, Goodreads, Ebay, Amazon, etc, with Mystic Press still listed as the publisher, even though it was supposedly ‘closed.” Some of those authors STILL see their books for sale now and then.

If Tabetha tries to tell you that your contract “carries over” to the new company DON’T BELIEVE IT. That’s just not the way it works. When the company “closes” so does your contract. That’s a gift to you. That means that no matter what Tabetha says, you can TAKE YOUR WORK AND LEAVE. And don’t pay her a DIME to get out of your contract. There isn’t one. You can demand that she stop selling your work, including anything you’ve submitted for anthologies. And if she continues, you can report her to the BBB, and, most importantly, to the FBI for piracy, just like a few of her more recent authors are doing every time they see their title for sale now.

Merry Christmas, Phoenix Fire authors. You’ve just been handed your free walking papers. If you’re smart, you’ll use them FAST.


83 thoughts on “Silver Fang Publishing

  1. Nonexistent contracts are said to be “solid and legal and binding” by a “cooperate lawyer.” My, my. That’s a new one.

  2. All the IRS and Feds need to do is following the bouncing SSN… Or, if anyone had said the truth, follow the EIN or the TIN. Anyone want to bet how long it takes Jackie to figure out she’s been used?

    • I just hope any authors suckered in are getting their eyes opnened. Mystic Press authors never got paid, and I’m willing to bet that Phoenix Fire authors won’t either.

      When does the next PF “pay period” roll around, anyway? Anybody know?

  3. Oh, and I do hope with all the paper shuffling ( and most likely shredding) that dear Mum has finally had her bones put back under her skin, and Tabby’s cervix has been stitched/cauterized by now…

    • I thought Jackie and Sabrina were opening a company by that name? I wonder if Jackie didnt say she was leaving and doing what she had began before going back. Then boom Tabby sweeps in using that name so she cant. Wow low blow for her saying Jackie was her co owner.

      Or is that so Jackie will be the one with authors on her door for there money!!
      Slick I have to say but WTF run Jackie run for your life!

      • According to my information Jacqueline went back to help Tabetha do right by the authors. Apparently, getting some of the information she needed was not an easy task and if any author wanted to bring a civil suit against them Jacqueline would have more to lose than Tabetha. Recently Jacqueline suggested opening up a new company starting from scratch Tabetha turned her down. The next day she used Silver Fang Publishing! I know Jacqueline isn’t saying to much at the moment because she is really hurt and very sick.

      • A comment by Dawn Weister about Jacqueline Dawn Weister in third person? That makes total sense. Is Jackie trying to say that Tabitha stole Silver Fang out from under her after stole it out from under Sabrina? I say it serves her right. But if she’s serious about doing right by the authors she should tell the truth about Tabitha’s scamming ways instead of defending her.

      • In all fairness, I’ve used my daughter’s phone and done the same thing on FB or whatever. This could have been a family member. Perhaps Jackie will clarify.

  4. I just hope that Jackie, if she’s truly getting out from under, and Katrina if she gets smart and does the same thing, are prepared for the onslaught. Because Tabetha will blame them, just like she blamed Wendy and Brandy for everything when MP folded. Everything will be their fault and she’ll be the poor victim, surviving and persevering, rebuilding on the ashes, etc, etc.

    “Oh I had a couple of business partners that ran my beloved company, my DREAM into the ground, sob sob, so I had to close it. But I’m still standing tall, reaching for my dream and busting my ass to make dreams come true for my authors too!”

    Sound about right?

  5. I did that as a gift to Jacqueline f o r the self publishing services only. Unfortunately Phoenix Fire Publishing is still remaining no new news that was only for free lance but seeing how there may be a few questions I need to ask my partner it will be removed and stayed under Phoenix Rising

      • Did it say Phoenix Fire Publishing was being closed down? No. Did . It say that I was opening a new company? No it didn’t. Even if I decide to name my company purple elephants in the sky I could. And yes Dustin Coffman is a wonderful author and i hope to continue to work with him

      • If he has half a brain in his head he’ll read this blog, find out what a dodgy sham you are run screaming for the hills. It’s too bad you already got a book out of him now he’ll be losing money to from that forever, unless Jesus himself parts the skies and a chorus of Angeles touches her heart to start treating people right. I won’t hold my breath.
        He’ll find out. Your victims always do.

    • Maybe somebody in business can explain to me how Silver Fang can be yanked down so quickly and easily. i thought there was paperwork and stuff when businesses close. Was it s really a business or wasn’t it? All business or flim flam? I think we can guess.
      And, regardless, I hope they have one he’ll of a editor if that’s how poorly their publisher writes. She’s awful.

    • “I did that as a gift…” What does that mean? You gifted her the ability to start her own company? You gifted her with the very unsound advice to not use contracts? Just.. What?

      • Whatever it is, you can bet it’s either worthless, or a financial liability. Tabby’s generous that way.

      • “Here, let me gift you with a company you already stole from somebody else so that when mine goes down the toilet I can take over that one and blame you for it.” Whatta sweetheart.

    • Tabetha, I believe the questions that “you need to ask your partner” should have been asked BEFORE you made any announcements. Of course that’s what a smart person would do. Cover all the basics before sticking their head out there.

  6. @WTFJacqueline may already be running but may feel threaten by said publisher. If people want the truth they should privately contact Jacqueline that way she won’t be harrassed if she would really come on this blog and state anything she may know. Apparently, this blog is watched 24hours a day and she doesn’t need anymore problems from said publisher. She does have a kind heart just ask CFW.

    • Bullshit. This blog isn’t being “watched” by anybody but Tabetha and the voices in her head. SHE DOESN’T HAVE A LAWYER. And even if she did, which she doesn’t, there’s not a single, solitary thing she can do about it. WE’RE not the ones breaking laws, here. She is. All we’re doing is exposing it so that no other victims walk into her trap.
      If Jackie has anything to say about Tabetha, she needs to buck up, use her real name, come on here and say it. With the truth out in the open, there’s nothing Tab can do to her. Nothing.
      The only power Tabetha Jones Has over anybody is the power they give her.
      Stand on your own two feet. Stand tall and stand proud. There’s nothing to fear from that fraud. She’s all talk. If anybody knows that, it should be those that were closest to her.

  7. Leppady I hope you don’t believe that wasn’t Jacqueline talking about herself in third person and got caught doing it wrong, and I hope you don’t think she’s really flipping on Tabetha. That woman defended Tabetha over her own daughter when she tried to kill herself and blamed you for it. On Tabetha’s page she says “So with the help of Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister my wonderful partner and equal owner and manager Katrina Vore we are getting things knocked out. I couldnt ask for a better team.” It looks like the three of them are still thick as thieves, an appropriate term if there ever was one.

  8. No their not Jacqueline has nothing in on Phoenix. Tabetha just won’t give up. Jacqueline right now is very sick. She has been slowly coming out of remission and after a few incidents yes she is done with all of it. The latest one is about Katrina and from what I know this Tabetha has no boundaries. Contact Jacqueline directly she will tell here is her cell ###-###-####. Just please don’t keep her on the phone too long she is really sick.

  9. With history repeating itself and no originality in sight…… Let us all remember one fact:

  10. Again, Tabetha won’t come clean. Guess being a dirty girl is her thing. Words can’t express the feeling of shock and utter disbelief of the measures Tabetha won’t go to, to trash and hurt others. Every day, every hour is more bullshit and lies, more filth and back pedalling then ever before. Maybe you all like being horses, going around with blinders on. NOT ME.

    Maybe all the authors need to write a book, we can entitle it EYES WIDE OPEN. and dedicate it to Tabetha and her lies. Only bad thing would be that dumb ass bitch would think it would be a tribute to her ghetto self instead of what it is really meant for.

    Tabetha Says she has a new atty, well I did some digging. The atty she “claims” she is using has an INACTIVE STATUS. Note a pattern? Her pay pal account that she uses for PF, why imagine if you will, the account ISN’T under the PF business name, but WOW, IT’S IN TABETHA’S NAME.. Therefore ALL royalties from ANY book sales goes directly to her. And here’s the kicker boys and girls, she ISN’T even using her REAL name on that information.

    how much more proof do you all need to see that TABETHA RENEE JONES AND PHOENIX FIRE PUBLISHING OR PHOENIX RISING ARE ALL BULLSHIT. She is going to fill your head with bullshit, she is going to threaten you like she did with many others. Stand your ground, you don’t need to take this shit.

    To Katrina and Jackie, please I beg of you, LEAVE, RUN, FLEE. Don’t let her bully or harrass you. She is nothing, not even shit on your shoes, and besides that can be washed off. Stand tall, be strong, and remember she isn’t anything, she is a peon, a nobody. she CAN’T hurt you. Don’t you dare give her any reason to pull the power from you, and your light. You ARE BETTER than she will ever be.

  11. Has anybody looked at the Phoenix Fire blog and site lately? More than half of the authors listed are fake names and all but a couple of the books are by Tabetha herself and anthologies. If not for the damage and destruction done to people’s lives, Phoenix Fire publishing would be nothing but a pathetic ego-stroke self-publishing platform for Tabetha and her many multiple personalities. No less than a dozen so-called imprints and nobody to publish on them except a mentally ill woman and a couple of suckers that haven’t realized yet that their publisher is stealing from them. Hopefully her little stunt trying to steal Silver Fang will wake them up, especially if she starts yet another company to switch to another one again after this. I don’t want to call those one or two real people that haven’t left her yet stupid but the longer they stay with her the dumber they look.

    • I don’t blame them for being taken in by a sweet-talking scam artist. They might be looking for a way out, afraid of having to pay up to a hundred or more just to get away from her. People don’t have that kind of money lying around.

      What I hope for them more than anything is that they realize that they don’t have to pay her a dime. PHOENIX FIRE PUBLISHING IS NOT A LEGAL COMPANY. That’s been proven up, down, and sideways. Therefore THEIR CONTRACTS ARE NOT LEGAL EITHER. Tabetha has no claim to those authors, their work or their money. They can text or email her saying they are no longer associated with her or her bogus company anymore, and demand that she stop selling their work.

      One of Tabetha’s tactics lately is telling authors that if they take their work back, they’re stealing from HER because those stories have been formatted, threatening to sue THEM if they try it, throwing her corporate attorney around to intimidate them. They can leave, she says, but only if they pay the “early termination” fee, for all the “work” she’s already put into their books.


      The only work that went into that “formatting” was her saving the document as a .PDF in word. Period. The author can do that much for him or herself.

      Authors, CALL HER BLUFF. If she says she’s going to sue you, make her do it. She won’t. She can’t. She doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on, and she doesn’t have a lawyer. All she can do is huff and puff. Her hot air can’t hurt you.

      Take your power back.
      Take your work back.
      Stop being scammed.

  12. Oh look Tabby Scammy is having another surgery to keep her cervix from falling out, she gets busted as a doublecrossing fraud so she has to have another surgery for sympathy and BTW where are granny’s bones, still sticking out of her skin? Oh I better watch out or she’ll sick her lawyer on me. I’m shaking in my boots.

  13. I NEVER stole anything from Sabrina! Silver Fang was our company. And no one had a right to use it unless it was me or Sabrina. Tabetha had no right to use it that name. She didn’t asked stated that it was a gift you can’t gift someone their own company. And I am not a co owner in any company.

    • Jackie, you’re going on record saying that you’re not co-owner of Phoenix Fire publishing anymore? That’s great. It’s Tabetha on the hook if anybody sues, then. As it should be.

      • Funny I have her on record saying she hasn’t been on this site I have her saying it twice.

      • You’re such an incredible bully, I’m not surprised anybody would avoid incurring your wrath for as long as possible. Your view of people who talk to me and/or share on this blog is very cut and dried. They’re the enemy. She’s seen how you treat your enemies. We all have.

        If you’re trying to make people here mistrust her by implicating that she’s a double agent, you might as well give up. On her worst day,she’s more believable than you are on your best.

      • Well Jackie im glad you finally ran! But what about Katrina did you see where the new post states she is also a co owner along with you.
        Is this a set up to let you both take the fall? I’m mean if she goes down won’t she take you all down with her.
        I have to ask does she ask anyone anything before she tosses them out the car door then throws it in reverse backing over y’all.
        I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Katrina. It seems that her husband got wind of the new co owner statement. Her main goal was to return to the company to find out why authors weren’t Paid and how it was happening. “Authors that say they were not paid presently Jackie and I have tried to look into. Like Jackie has tried un successfully to get passwords to accounts to verify sales neither have I. Shouldn’t a co owner have the ability to save her own ass if she needs too. Unsavory business plans don’t just ruin a business but the names associated with it as we have seen on Leppladies blog.
        I took a risk to help her make a better life and she won’t hear nothing we have to say to her. You can not help someone who refuses it. Trust is earned and I have to say I don’t trust her. Will Iget my royalties yes because she needs me and Jackie but the others. The authors before me they didn’t. I have been told about these LLC papers yet a guy in the office said none were filed. I have talked in length with Jackie after that. So I know what is going on. Tabethas mom believes I won’t work with Dee or why I don’t pay Dee when going my photo shoots. Well I was never told to I was told to pay her. And she wanted to make sure the photos were done her way. Love Gabbie and Blake for letting me use their pictures but this up coming shoot has my sense all off. If I didn’t know anybetter I would say we were being set up.”
        Katrina knows the score I’m excited to see how this plays out!

      • I will say one thing: With all of the Jackie and Katrina drama going on, there’s not as much focus on the company’s legal status.

        I want to be sure that the focus stays where it belongs: on Phoenix Fire publishing’s legal status, which is none. I hope that both Jackie and Katrina see the light and jump ship b before Tabetha throws them both under the bus. But whether they do or not, the fact remains that Phoenix Fire claims to be an LLC, which it IS NOT. That’s what’s important, here, proving what a fraudulent company it is so that no new authors get scammed out of their hard-earned royalties.

      • PF publishing is not a real company. It neither registered with the county in which she live more the state.
        The karma train has be hesitant to lust a few things. However I feel they need to be listed to let authors see the real threat this company is.
        Upon stumbling across arrest records for McLennan county “I hope I spelled that right” I found one Tabetha Hoover. Which is one of Mrs Jones alias. One not heard by most here but one none the rest. Eric should be able to confirm this as he was involved in the reason behind the arrest. She is on probation still which means any illegal act and she get tossed in the can. Also she can not leave the county without permission. Seems every trip to Dallas she takes that’s posted on her FB page is in direct violation of her probation.
        But wait I got more….
        Tabetha as confirmed by Aarrons rent to own her laptop is theirs if one payment is missed. So all authors as you send your manuscripts in or books for edits and formatting remember when or if her computer is seized by them your book goes with it. All your information just waiting at the tip of come tech guru who was suppose to wipe the ram clean now has your books to do with as they please.

        Word of the wise she can’t talk herself out of this proof to authors like she could this blog of so called haters! Her arrest record is public just 4.95 and you can have the same access I did. Plus I’m still working on that probation officers name. Seems you have to keep a job or be actively looking and with her so called company being a trap to take money well you tell me…..

        Also a resent author left after paying 50.00 instead of the normal 150.00 she charged others. Why pay her she was in breach of her own contract way before y’all wanted out. Where you agree to her terms of royalties and she sets pay periods or dates. She doesn’t pay so it already null and void!!

  14. Makes me wonder if those addresses on contracts (she claims they are legal so we can turn the tables) prove her breaking probation, right?

  15. chips are falling and i see no hint of Tabbie on here… must be another surgery. Or maybe she is just realizing that she is FUCKED. (Sorry for the language Lepp, but it had to be said)

  16. No I have proof that Jackie said herself she is still with me and everything is okay. And that she said she hadnt been on this site

    But I already have other authors asking what’s going on. Jackie this is exactly what happened last time
    Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister
    10/12, 8:24pm
    Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister
    How am I to explain something that I have no idea I have not been on the site I haven’t talked to anyone and above all I have been watching The Walking Dead all day.

    • Wow. I owe myself five bucks. I bet myself that the tactic you’d take is to try to intimidate and humiliate your former business associates.

      Even if every word of that is true, what truth does she owe you after the lies you’ve spread all over every single person here?

      Keep reaching, Tabetha. The storms that just passed through Texas were nothing compared to the Karma you’re facing for your lies, abuse and deception. Your day of reckoning is at hand. And every single person you’ve victimized is going to enjoy every single minute of it. They deserve to, after everything you’ve put them through.

    • She probably told you what she thought you wanted to hear just so she didn’t have to deal with you crying to her about being left all alone. Because if she wasn’t on the site then how did she get the message for her to message me? did you ever think that people tell you what you wanna hear so they dont have to hear you plead and whine for them to stay and when that doesnt work then you turn into a bully and threaten them.

    • Girl you need to get help for your lying, saying your working with Christian Petrovitch when he won’t work with you anymore and lying about Katrina and Jackie you lied to them to much like you lie to everybody. Your on your own little girl soon the only money you have to spend on photo shoots will be your social security check you get for your mental disorder if you can get models to pose for you anymore after you fuck up your shoots so bad acting all unprofessional. Your a fuckup why don’t you admit it and get some mental help.

      • What models I work with are my business and I do have a book cover coming out with Christian on it. He gave his blessing for it. I never lied to Jackie and I never lied to Katrina. I dont have to lie. And everytime I brought up giving Jackie all my passwords she said we could wait til tomorrow. And she must have trusted me because she gave me her social security number and drivers license number to add her to all my accounts. And she got my social for the LLC paperwork for West Virginia. which I never got the tax ID for and without her properly responding I am re-registering everything back the way it was and no you wont find it under Tabetha Jones and Hoover was a previous married name not an alias. Unforunately none of you know anything about the real me, not even Jackie and Katrina. Some things I keep to myself for reasons like this. I am guessing this is why the wanted me to change the companys name so badly. And I said no. Phoenix FIre isnt going anywhere. And I dont act unprofessional on my shoots we are all too busy laughing and having a good time because most photographers want you to feel comfortable, not scared. Im not a fuckup. I am content woman with a happy life and a beautiful daughter.

      • They wanted you to change the name of the company so bad but you refused. I guess that’s why you started up Silver Fang to switch everything over to until you got caught.
        You don’t act unprofessional at photo shoots I guess that’s why half of them don’t work for you anymore because you try to sleep with the guys just like you tried to hook up with your male authors and they left too but tell us again how Sabrina is the whore when your the one trying to straddle everybody. Yeah your lying about the models and your trying to throw Jackie under the bus just like everybody said you would. They were right about you the whole time and guess what now the whole world knows it so keep right on lying cause you’re busted wide open and there’s nowhere left to hide.

    • SCAB, what do you think you are trying to prove with that dusty azz statement??? It proves nothing, but you trying to keep everyone believing that Katrina and Jackie are still in your back pocket. You are so damn pathetic it isn’t even funny. Do you think that this ruse is going to sway anyone? One it isn’t screen caped, so again like you are so damn famous for, it can be manipulated. Two, it states nothing to prove jack diddly squat, ok Jackie was watching The Walking Dead. GET A LIFE SCAB, you are really becoming laughable.

      • I watched it, too. 🙂 This season is going to kick ass, start to finish.

        And Tabetha is still a scam artist that’s trying to throw everybody else under the bus just like we knew she would. 😉

  17. So far, we’ve only discussed information that’s readily available on the internet. But we have to be careful not to intrude into information that’s not. Let’s keep our focus where it belongs, folks. On the fact that Tabetha Jones is a fraud and her company is a scam.

    • Did I miss something? Did she ever commented on the probation? Is that her pleading the 5th! Stealing none payment its all the same against the law!
      Laughing having fun. Tell me what happened to Bobby?
      Christian never gave his blessing after you supposedly fired him. A model has no choice what happens to his photo if the photographer has rights to them and sales or offered them to an author.
      That still doesnt answer the question about September royalties being paid out. Have they if so show us each PayPal invoice you sent out to pay them.

      • In her conversation with the artist she just screwed over, Tab said that royalties paid out October 6th. So, authors, make sure you get yours… if you think you can get her to pay everything you earned.

    • Noticing a trend here once again! Tabetha stalks this blog, not a doubt in my mind, but only comments on this one because she has a way to point a finger at someone who wants nothing to do with her. Go figure, a bully behind the screen in which she will not take on the real questions at hand on this thread or on the new blog posts. Why is it, I can say my opinion but it is not needed right now… Tabetha you said you were the “woman”/’boss lady” of the company … be one and tell the truth! A liar is a fake ass bitch with issues.

  18. Woman, I laugh, Boss Lady, well first off you need to know what the hell a lady is. Tabetha will never know that, she is a money whore. She will steal you blind, lie to your face and snake your last dime from your purse/pocket.

    • She has no other option. She can’t work or so she says but yet has all this time to make moves in models that clearly have no interest in her lol. One lie after another over and over. Everybody ha caught on but yet she still tries. Oh i have a huge surprise for everyone especially you miss Cindy. Everybody wants to know where their money went to well i can’t answer because i don’t know but what i can do is tell you where the royalties that everybody did get came from. And since i already know the loud mouth whore will start screaming show proof that’s the lady thing she will ever want because that proof will shut her down for good. But me being me once i have the awesome email ill send it to good ol leppy here and let her make amazing use out of my old back account statements. Oh yes people i was the one paying each and everyone of you. No i never knew the right amount to send because i was always told what to send but at least i tried to do right by yall.

  19. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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