The art of deception

Ahmed Shalaby is an graphic designer that contacted me through Facebook after reading my blog. He does book covers and photo manipulations. Unfortunately, he read the blog too late. He had already interacted with Tabetha jones in a work proposal. Ahmed was supposed to deliver 6 photo manipulations for $100 USD. Tabetha got the photos and posted them.
You might have seen these. Here are a few of them:
10579949_785457241498175_1930464759_n 10717732_785457228164843_1960295107_n 10728999_785457234831509_2033003866_n
As usual for her, Tabetha promised him the moon, telling him how many people he’d meet and how much work he’d get.

Then, when it came time to pay for the photos, she wheeled an dealed, asking first if she could pay through Paypal,
and then gave some song and dance about sending through Western Union online, but forgot her info.
But Ahmed was game, even though Tabetha asked him to wait a few weeks.
This is a very familiar scenario. It’s the same way she tried to get out of paying Thea the money she’d promised, even after Thea kindly waited a number of weeks, maybe months for payment already.
Ahmed agreed. And waited.
On Oct 7th, Ahmed got in touch.
The first thing Tab did was point out that she was on the hook for a hefty surgery copay.
That’s the first red flag.
Tabetha pretended that she “misunderstood” the price, saying that she thought the photos were presented to her as an example of his work.
Out comes dodge number one, citing surgery for sympathy and the promise of more work.
Red flag number two:
Ahmed clarifies:
He got no answer.
This is about the time that he found this blog, and asked her abut it.
That went over like a lead balloon.
ahLep1ahLep2ahLep3pleasepay2excues1excuses2 nodeal

When pressed for payment, this was her reply:

She went on the offensive, saying that a man “of his background” couldn’t understand, calling him a jerk and accusing him of trying to get money out of her. Sooner or later, those true Tabetha colors shine through.

So, editors and artists, take heed. It’s not just authors that get swindled. There are editors from as far back as Mystic Press that never got paid, and that trend continues to this day.
It would be easy to excuse her faux pas as inexperience, but when the same pattern scans three years or more, it’s not hapless ineptitude, it’s a pattern.

Deal with Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire publishing at your peril.

Here’s Ahmed’s Facebook:

And his gallery on Deviantart:

He does really good work. I hope he gets jobs from a lot of honest new people in the near and immediate future. I know I’ll give him my work, for whatever that’s worth.


48 thoughts on “The art of deception

  1. Hm, what a familiar song and dance. Ahmed, I really am sorry you got swindled by this scam artist. I think you can press facebook and get them to remove the photos. It seems targeting people overseas makes it easier to get away with the goods. It’s harder for foreign nationals to press charges in an American court, after all.

    • She’s already taken the photos down.

      Courts or no courts, all are welcome to come here and tell the world about it if she scams them in any way. It won’t recoup their money, but it might make it harder for her to find new people to scam.

      Knowledge is power 🙂

  2. Ahmed, i am sorry to hear you had problems with Tabetha and Phoenix. Its sad to see that so many people are getting scammed by her. She is a piece of work. When the chips are down though and her world starts to crumble around her those who are in her inner circle will see how much of a fraud she really is. They will realize how foolish they looked when they blindly believed every word she said and lost good friends over her. I can say that i was a foolish person at one point too. But once i learned how she truly was i got as far away from her as i could. Hopefully she will not be around much longer to dupe other novice authors into giving her money.

    • If there’s anybody left in her inner circle, they’d better be prepared to get thrown under the bus so she can try to cover her own ass. She threw her own mother under the bus trying to dodge responsibility for Thea’s contract. I have no doubt that she would do the same with anybody else, including co-owners, business associates, siblings and anybody else that trusts her in any aspect of business.

      Now’s the time for anybody associated with her to take a good look at how deeply involved they are with her and wonder just how culpable she can make them look.

  3. Oh wow, do I get to meet everyone in person now? Yes! Cannot wait to see all of us in the same room with her … interesting.

      • I am so sorry for the way she treated you. I didnt know anything about this deal. I have to tell you thou that I was told that you have tried to take her daughter from her stating that she was yours to the US constalant in Egypt. Also that you were to marry her so you could come over. But as you can see when Jackie or I have asked for answers we get none. I have gathered information per an agreement I struck months ago putting my name in shame to get. Standing up for her no my best hour but I have given WTF the info and its begin used.

        Dee if you are reading this and your mom I’m sorry. Sorry she is lying to you about her business. And Dee Skye Wicker is a fake. It is your sister. I hate myself for letting it go that long but I had to wait for a few things first. I googled accidents with twins dying in all states. I googled the real name in association to the hotel suicide. Dee I got nothing but a few cops thinking I knew of something that was covered up. My local village cops got a kick out of investigating me about my hand in a possible crime in a different state I was never in. Investigative reporting of a company is what it was labeled as.
        I have to say I made a post that was to lead the horse to water.and it worked.
        Tab you really don’t know me or who I am. You need to think about that in the further how many authors new ones might be a fed behind a name!

      • Wait, what’s this about twins dying in accidents, hotel suicides and criminal investigations? Please elaborate what that’s got to do with Tabetha? What’s she saying now?

  4. There’s a lot more going on here than just a business deal gone bad if half of the things being said here are true. Allegations of intent to kidnap and defraud the government are very serious examples of libel, slander and defamation. If she said those things about this guy, he needs to know about it so that he can take appropriate action.

    And I’m still lost about that whole twin/accidental death/police investigation thing. What’s up with that?

  5. First, Dee I am so sorry what we reported on a few months back turned out to be true. All along Sky was proven to be Tabetha, via same ip addys on blogs to fake photos linked to massive models. I understand many were led to believe she was a former model but honestly when do you realize she never had a real pic up? A model is known for their photos so hiding behind an alt sent red flags up for me from the beginning.
    How long do you go? It was nasty then and horribly disgusting now. Leading on your own sister with an alt of yours……..OMG! enough said on that sicko trait.
    To those that remain with her:
    If she would do that to her own flesh and blood, just like several others she names near and dear, then what do you think she would do to you?
    Will not let the co-owner have information on accounts and statements, what the hell. RED FLAG ALERT! The only time someone hides the account info is when something is wrong or the owner is hiding something.

    All that have written in Primal Howls, on Amazon it is not published under PF so where is she hiding those royalties, I do not understand. Scares me because all those with pieces in that book may never see royalties because it is not listed to PF but Amazon Digital… new account she can hide? I am asking, To My Lover’s Dismay is under PF but not Primal Howls, authors keep track of this might be in your best interest! I just find it strange and I may be wrong but I have to get this out since all this other stuff is coming out.

    Remember, time after time she has been proven wrong!

    • Ahmed
      I am sorry you did not find out the truth about Tabetha and her scam publishing company until it was too late. Many of us can relate to you in the fact shady deals and steals were done to most if not all of us at one time or another. Do not let this incident stop you from following your dream. Your work is great!

      • I bought that on Amazon and left a brutally honest (and accurate) review. If createspace is a separate listing, I’ll have to review it there, too.

  6. Tabetha has sunken to a low beyond anything I would suspect, not losing sight of the BIG PICTURE, but to whore your own blood like that. Freaking amazing, that you have any family to stand behind you now is either a show of serious love or MAJOR STUPIDITY. I am leaning more towards stupidity, because really no amount of love can cover those sins.

    I can picture her scaming someone she thinks is too naive, or gulible. I am sorry this had happened to so many, maybe if I would have listened to others before signing with her, maybe I could have stopped others from being used. I will never know this, because she pulled the wool over my eyes very well.

    I am just asounded and a new shock has passed over me, just to know all the other info that I never knew but suspected is TRUE..

    • Tabetha can’t write a book to save her life, but she sure can tell a sob story. She could turn a hangnail into an amputation and get people to sympathize, rally behind her and even get people to pay her bills, to boot. If it’s not her own medical issues exaggerated for sympathy, it’s a sick relative or, worst of all, her innocent child. She targets people with good hearts, unlike her, who has none.

  7. If Tabetha could write as well as she stole, lied and cheated, let alone scheme, she would be amazingly rich. A kidnapper from Egypt, oh how rich, the bullshit wheel keeps spinning, Now a good mother would contact the police, the school, other parent, but what does Scab do? She cries to “co-workers” and a Facebook page. Making up stories to not only manipulate her sister, but could possibly end up doing emotional damage. She just doesn’t care!!! If she handles her business the way she nonchalantly handles her family no wonder it is CRAP.

    I wish I had the money to watch Tabetha when she ends up in court, being judged by 12 real human beings. Seeing her sweat and squirm as the judge and jury decide the fate that she well deserves. When they find you guilty, Tabetha, and you know it is coming, I would love to do my HAPPY DANCE down the isle and out the courtroom.

    Everyday there is more evidence proving what a piece of trash you really are. Everyday it is shown in no uncertain terms just how you have bullied, stolen from and mistreated good people. You are a leech, a blood sucker, and not the good kind that you like to drool over, but the disgusting pathetic, can’t wait to stomp on kind. I curse the day you came into my life.

    • On the subject of theft, it’s been a while since we paid attention to her cover photos. She’s got graphic artists that she’s got working for her ripping off, but where is it those images come from?

      She’s got a history of using images she found on the net and took without exactly having permission. Has that trend maybe continued? And has she paid all those models for the pictures she plans to use? Inquiring minds want to know.

      And don’t even get me started on the songs she uses for her promotional videos. If she won’t pay 30 bucks to put a name on a print book, are we really supposed to believe she forked out the money to buy the license for a Pink song? Really?

  8. This artist Ahmed Shalaby is accused of theft on, also in Facebook he had an art deleted by copying another artist.

    • Gonna need proof of that.

      Everything said about Tabetha Jones is backed up by proof in black and white, including her ripping this guy off. If we’re going to start accusing the victim, we’re going to need to see proof. Otherwise, it just looks like retaliation.

      • I agree with you, but I’m talking about Ahmed he can not blame someone else for something wrong, even if he is accused of plagiarism on another website.
        Will be he is the victim?or Tabetha discovered what he did in Deviantart and did not want to work with him?
        He copied an artist on Deviantart see

        After this happened few people on Deviantart are trying to prevent this so that does not happen again with contests that encourage creativity.

        Here farewell to Danielle who gave the nomination by mistake.
        She was humble to admit the mistake and leave office.
        This is not retaliation, I’m just saying what happened on another website.
        Talk to the owner of the work and she will can show you the apology from DA itself.
        Ahmed can not criticize someone, if he is also on another site do his own victim.

      • I took a good look at the credits. Sandra did do a piece with a reaper very similar to Ahmed’s. but that image wasn’t original to her, either, was it? Have a look at this:

        Here’s the original reaper:

        The original skulls:

        The original sky:

        And the original crow:

        Ahmed credited each and every element he used on his piece, which you can see HERE. Complete with all the elements credited to where he got them.

        Sandra, on the other hand, claimed the whole thing was her work, her idea, and took credit for the whole thing herself, on her image, HERE.

        They both used the same reaper and skulls. They had different backgrounds, different fire, and different birds.
        And I’ll be honest with you. I like his better.

        And even if he were the most despicable thief on the planet, that would not absolve Tabetha of stealing from him.

    • Hello Allure

      While I do not know you or you do not know me…. let me inform you of our resident Tabetha..
      This sounds like what Tabetha done in the past. I am not familiar with the DA website to know all the rules so forgive me… I am curious to know if Tabetha gave him that pic since it happened in the last few months.

      1) When Tabetha ran MP (Mystic Press), four plus authors got in hot water over pictures Tabetha made covers out of….
      2) Her famous quote…”If it was free on google, then there is no copyright infringements.”
      3) To me, you did not do your homework on Ms. Jones… for you would see a very reputable artist all but got in a load of hot water by dealing with her..
      Let me give you some reading to do before you want to come her and mention Tabetha being a victim as well….

      BTW that is the second round of Tabetha’s fuck ups with arts…. Her so called friend that hangs around and still works for her, changing names when we get close or downs a facebook page ….hell she changes names like most people change underwear…. does this exact work as well. just an FYI.
      I read over the websites you gave me and that still does not convince me that Tabetha Jones just walked away for any reason. To say what you say makes me wonder if you are not one of her new “artist” willing to put your rep on the line to protect her, just my opinion in which I have a right to speak.

      If he stole the picture that upsets me because I do not accept that but Tabetha still took down the picture and if she was a real woman and not a scam artist… the obvious lies done to many would not have taken place over the 2 plus years. I know how easy it is to believe the lies she spins but do your homework on her before you think she is a victim on this blog.

      • He didn’t steal anybody’s picture. He used the same stock images to create a picture of his own and another artist didn’t like it. That’s different from directly stealing somebody’s work after agreeing to pay for it, which is what Tabetha did.

      • Lepp… I see that now I was on my phone when I looked and to see that I did not read anything to lead me to him being a thief… but this person did not do his/her homework on Tabetha… on and calling us not fair …typical person from inside the “family” of Tabetha and PF… so to me this is person is not credible yet!

      • You’re absolutely right. I can see where they’re coming from. But I disagree with them. First, Ahmed did not steal this other artist’s work. And second, even if he did, that wouldn’t give Tabetha the right to steal from him.

        This person has issues separate from the one we’re talking about. And while I respect anybody’s input, I respectfully disagree that one thing has anything to do with the other.

  9. Why do you assume we support it? Because we are not jumping to your side…. You are on here spewing Tabetha could have done this in which we are showing you the past of Ms. BS Jones.

    • No matter what anybody may or may not have done in their pasts, it does not give Tabetha Jones the right to steal from them. You’re right.

      It seems that there’s some personal connection between Allure and Ahmed, maybe because of the image s/he posted. And I’m sorry if there’s something going on there, but that is another matter. In THIS case, a “publisher” directly stole his work and used it on her pages without paying for it. That’s a whole different thing.

  10. I find myself in unfamiliar territory. I’ve had the subject of an expose come in and post a smokescreen to try and derail focus away from the point, but i’ve never had an unrelated third party come in and kick up such a fuss. I’m not sure how to deal with it.

    So I’ll say this: If there’s anything new to say about the topic of this thread, which is that Tabetha stole images, those remarks will be welcome.

    However, if an unrelated third party keeps posting the same comments over and over about the victim of this particular crime, those comments will be removed. My blog, my decision. Don’t like it? There’s the door.

  11. Tabetha will beg, borrow,steal, lie and smooze her way out of any situation. She is the smokescreen goddess. When anyone EVER gets close enough to her lies,bullshit and poor me schemes, she finds someone, somehow, to assist her further in her manipulations. Why people who obviously read this blog, know that there can’t be so many people lying, still want to defend her? I could see if maybe one or two people were telling that Tabetha is a real piece of work, but there are many, many coming forth. People need to stop falling for her southern bullshit charm, and the damsel in distress mentality and look at the BIG PICTURE, Tabetha Renee Jones is a con-artist of the highest order. She cares not for anyone but herself. She is the most self-centered, egotistical person I have ever encountered. If you are not up her arse and clinging to her every word, you are her enemy. Yet she fails to realize that she is the reason people don’t trust publishers, editors, cover artists. She is the reason that so many are upset, she caused this whole damn thing. How?? Let’s see, cheating, manipulating, scheming, using others agianst one another. There is no end to her cruelty, her deciet, the way she uses people to her advantage. There is no level low enough for her to stoop, hell she manipulated her own sister, made the poor woman think she was in a relationship with a model. I mean how messed up is that??? People PLEASE never lose sight of the real deal, Tabehta Renee Jones is NOT THE PERSON YOU WANT BACKING YOUR PLAY.

    • Wait a minute. Is SKY the model her sister thought she was in a relationship with? THAT’S why Tab called her pretending to be Sky? To make her think they were in a relationship? SERIOUSLY?

  12. I can’t help but wonder why Tab hasn’t had shit to say on any of these posts. Perhaps she’s finally realized that her attempts at distraction and deflection do not work? Personally, I’m hoping her mouth gets sewn up along with her cervix.
    Too mean?

    • From what I’ve ween, she’s got a lot of people leaving her lately. I’m happy to say that her newer victims are catching on quickly. And they’re not falling for her bullying tactics. She might be up to her eyeballs right now dealing with people getting away from her, including models. And those models aren’t as easily avoided as the authors. Those models are right there. Up close and personal.

      Maybe she’s finally having to answer some questions to the authorities about her questionable business practices. She’s dished out enough of those to keep her answering questions for a very long time.

      Or, more likely, maybe she’s doing what she does best when her back’s to the wall: putting together a new company to switch over to so that she can start scamming people fresh.

  13. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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