Romper Room

By Faith Bloom
I joined Phoenix Fire Publishing in the spring/summer of 2013. In August of last year, Tabetha Jones told me about how she had just begun writing erotica under the alias Emerald Rai, explaining how she had to do that to keep the peace at home. She said Zoey Sweete was getting too many stalkers as it was. I told her I don’t know how she does it with all the aliases and she commented, “I just wake up and ask myself who i want to be that day i guess lol.” Maybe that should have been a clue.
I really didn’t start having too many problems with her at first. I did notice that I wasn’t making any money, but I figured I didn’t have any book sales. But then again I was in 4 anthologies and didn’t see anything from those books, either. Tabetha had asked the authors if we would all give permission for the sales from Beautiful Disasters to go to a woman’s group for abused women. She never did tell us the name of the organization, but did tell us how well the book was selling.
In May, I was going to release a book of my own. I turned the manuscript in to Tabetha, who said that Jacqueline would be doing the editing. A month later, I asked Jacqueline if she had a chance to look it over and she said Tabetha had not sent it to her. I sent a copy of it to Jacqueline myself and then I had to indent the entire book (I didn’t know it was supposed to be indented) and I only had a few days to do it.
When it was all finished, I sent Tab the edited document but she said she didn’t get it. Apparently when I sent to her, it was sent Word Online and not Word Document. My Microsoft word had expired and I could only do it Word Online. I figured she could change it over for me, but no. Then she told me Jacqueline had already indented the manuscript and said that I went back behind her and did it again, which made no sense at all. I edited my copy of the manuscript and sent it to Jacqueline, who in turn changed it over to Word Doc for me. Jacqueline said it was no biggie.

Tabetha complained, saying that she now had to reformat the entire thing because I jacked it up by sending it in the wrong format. I had no idea what she was talking about. Jacqueline and I had it all under control.

Jacqueline informed me that she would be doing my release party. I asked what happened to Tabetha. Tabetha contacted me and said it is not her responsibility to do everything. And that she is busy with lawyers incorporating PF. So the release ended up being postponed and I told her I would just take time and make some changes.

Then Jacqueline, Cindy and Sabrina left PF. There was a lot of talk and gossip going on. To the point I didn’t want to see it or deal with it every time I got on Fb, so I deleted anyone that was book, author or publishing related off of my personal FB page. But kept them on my author’s FB. Tabetha sent me a message wanting to know why I was now friends with JT Larson. Because she sent me a friend request, that’s why.

Tabetha said a fan of mine told her that JT was on both of my fb pages. Well this fan was misinformed because JT was never on my personal fb.

Starting about that time, I was also told that an anonymous message was going around to authors saying that FAITH BLOOM CANNOT BE TRUSTED. I told Tab I was tired of all of the backstabbing and gossip and I didnt want to personally talk to anyone anymore. She said “Well if you feel that way, I will send you your swag and we wont do a party, because how can you not talk to your fans?”
I told her I didnt know I had any fans since I havent been making any money from my books. In 13 months I made $14 and had done 2 radio blog shows. And those were done recently and only because I complained.PF is all about the supernatural and half naked bodies. It doesn’t feel like a family with everyone backstabbing and gossiping and there is no promoting going on. Tab said I was too negative to get anywhere. The fact is, though, t hat my poetry book sold better than hers did.She then told me I was in breech of contract because I befriended JT. Tabetha demanded to know if I was with her or against her.
Then a former author of PF, Bill Jensen, posted a letter on his page that he had written to send to his attorney concerning Tabetha and PF. He asked other authors if it read ok. I made a correction on it, noting that he written the title of the book in question wrong. I mean, if you are going to send a letter to your attorney, you want to make sure your facts are straight. Because of this, Tabetha told me she made an executive decision and was letting me go from PF. She sent me a release form via email for me to electronically sign, which really made no difference since it isn’t legal in the first place.
Tabetha insisted I was making comments and talking to people associated with the world of books from my PERSONAL fb page. No, I was not. There was no one on there that is an author, publisher, artist, anything of the sort. She told me to be a woman and tell her what is going on. She was pissed I had people on my authors fb page that had just recently left PF. I asked her why should I unfriend because SHE had problems with them. I pointed out that I dont bash her on Lepps blog, but she gets on there and belittles herself all the time. I haven’t publicly said anything bad about the company or herself.
She basically said it didn’t matter, she was letting me go.
She said with the way Jacqueline and I were gettng along, she figured I was leaving too. Basically because of the friends on my facebook and that I didnt unfriend them as soon as she did, she thought I was a spy.
Tabetha told me sorry for the misunderstanding but she felt it had to be done and if I ever need editing or a walk thru to let her know. AND SHE APOLOGIZED for being wrong about me and said Jacqueline told her I was jumping ship. Regardless, Tab said she could mentor me and help me if I ever need it.
Then in October I asked Tabetha about getting a message to Luna. I had paid Tab for some swag back in April that Luna was supposed to do for me, and I never received it. Tab said that that beings I get advice from JT, that it is not her responsibility to contact anyone for me anymore. It’s not her problem. Tab said I need to contact Luna myself. I’ve tried but no response. And it is her responsibility when she’s the one I gave the money to.Tab said she has people watching JT’s sites and she will not associate with anyone that talks to JT. I told Tab I am not in the middle of her drama and surprisingly I DONT GIVE A SHIT. I just want her to do her job. And…..nothing. As usual. So much for the offer to help me out. She cant even do her job. I paid her the money for my swag, not Luna. So she should be held responsible for getting it back to me.
All of this has given me a sour taste in my mouth for publishers and companies. This is my first go around at writing and dealing with publishers and now I am hesitant to work with another one. This has been one big trip to Romper Room. It’s been very childish and I do believe Tabetha needs help. She is not right in her head and she tells more lies than she can keep up with.
Here are screen caps from the conversation, in case she tries to say I’m lying.
10153671_10152788840488850_5205984739510508784_ntitleshufflemanuscriptblackmailfurtherblackmail1904167_10152788887268850_3986816463151996976_nLunastuff  swag
And here’s my contract. If you see where it sasy anywhere that she can drop me just because she wants to because I’m talking to somebody she doesn’t like let me know because I don’t see it.

This publishing agreement is entered into and effective on the date signed by both parties, initialized between  Faith Bloom_ herein known as Author and Phoenix Fire Publishing herein known as publisher, concerning work presently known as Relentless and Dysfunctional,pending titles_ herein called the work.

The contract is considered legal and binding in all countries. If there should be any legal dispute the laws of the state of Texas shall apply.

Author Warranties:

The Author hereby represents and warrants to the Publisher the following:

She/He (they are) is the Author and sole owner of the work, or has been assigned exclusive rights to the work.

The work is original and no part of the work was taken or based on any other literary, dramatic, musical, film, or graphic arts, except as identified in the writing by the Author.

The work does not infringe upon any copyright, privacy rights, rights of a third party, or any common law or stator law.

The work is not the public domain and has not been published in any format with any company that may still own the rights to the work.

The Author holds the power of Authority to grant these rights.

If the work has been previously published in whole or part, the Author currently holds all copyrights to the work and is legally permitted to enter this agreement.

The Author releases Publisher from any responsibilities relating to any legal actions incurred by the contents of the work or the Author.

Author agrees to hold Publisher harmless and indemnify the Publisher against any claim, demand, action, suit, proceeding or any expense whatsoever, arising for claims of infringement of copyright of proprietary rights, or claims of libel, obscenity, invasion of privacy, or any other unlawfulness based upon or arising from the publication or any matter pertaining to the work.

Author warrants that they will not hereafter enter into any agreement or understanding with any person or entity that would conflict with the rights granted to the Publisher during the term of this contract.

Should this title be part of a series, Author guarantees Publisher first option on the rest of the series or on any title in which the characters appear.

If Publisher requests rewrites of the Author, Author guarantees prompt responses to all correspondence either electronic or paper. If a rewrite deadline is give and Author does not acknowledge the deadline within 3 days or keep the deadline this contract may be terminated.

Grantor of Rights:

The Author on behalf of himself/herself and his or her heirs executors, administrators, successors, and assignees, agrees to grant the Publisher exclusive rights to produce and sell the work in print and electronic format(including email, download, disk, CD, or any other digital format known or to be invented).

The Author may request their book to be put into POD (Print on Demand) at the author’s expense. Author agrees to pay printing cost to the publisher prior to the publisher submitting and ordering the work to be printed.

The Createspace fee is $37.50 which includes; ISBN, Expanded Distribution, and one proof copy (per title). This payment can be split into two payments, as long it is taken care of 3 weeks prior to release date. We will work with you anyway we can.

The Cover Art Fee of $15.00-$40.00(depending on artist) which will be paid immediately upon cover completion. Phoenix Fire Publishing will then transfer money directly to the cover artist. While some artists wish to be paid directly.

The Publisher will provide Phoenix Fire approved editors and pay for all editing services. If the Author does not want the Phoenix Fire editors to provide the editing services then the Author will be fully responsible to pay for and provide their own editing for their manuscript.

The Author agrees to cooperate with the editor, design team, and to meet all deadlines set by the editor, design team and the Publisher.

Terms of Contract:

All rights will be exclusive for 1-2 years from the publication date of the manuscript. At the end of the contract term it may be renewed for an additional 1-2 years if both parties are in agreement. If the Author wishes the contract to continue Author needs to contract Publisher in writing at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the contract. No additional fees will be assessed unless Author would like an updated cover.

The Publisher holds the rights to set the price of the work put said work on sale, lower the price of the work if it is not selling copies. If the title has not sold any copies in 1 month the Publisher will automatically lower the price of the book. If at the end of 3 months no copies have sold the Publisher has the right to remove the work and void this contract at which time all rights would revert to the Author.

Upon breach of contract, the contract may be terminated by either party with a 30 day written notice. Notification of breach and intention to terminate the contract is to be delivered by certified mail, email, or other receipted delivery service. If breaching party corrects breach within 30 days the contract shall continue to remain in place until its natural expiration. Upon expiration of the contract term all rights granted to the Publisher will revert back to the Author when the release form and slander disclaimer is signed and returned.

Author may petition the Publisher to terminate the contract at any time during the term of the contract but it will cost the Author $350.00 for editing and formatting, which is not limited to PR, book trailers, swag gifts, and any additional work the Publisher may have done. This will be the total fee to terminate the contract before the two years has ended.

Royalties and Statements:

Publisher and Author will mutually set the retail price of the work based on length and comparable works. Publisher agrees to pay the Author a royalty of 50% of the retail E Book price. Publisher agrees to pay 60% royalty of the retail print price.

Royalties shall be calculated and paid no later than 45 days following the end of each calendar quarter for sales during that quarter. Royalties shall be paid by either money order or PayPal.

No royalty shall be paid on paper or digital copies distributed for review, advertising, publicity, promotional purpose, samples, or other similar purposes, or on copies sold below or at cost.

If Author has elected to grant Publisher the right to contract various distributors and outlets, royalties will be paid to Author contingent on payment received from distributor. In most cases distributors pay Publishers every sixty days to ninety days for sales through their channels during those time frames.

The Author is responsible for paying taxes on all royalty payments received from Publisher and is advised to keep accurate records for tax purposes.

Manuscript Preparation:

Author shall provide an acceptable final revision of the manuscript in Microsoft Word within the time agreed upon or this contract will be void. Publisher will not be held liable for lost manuscripts. Author should always keep a backup copy.

Marketing and Promotion:

The Author shall provide the Publisher with bio information, photo, and suggested blurb for use on all Publisher’s social sites. Author agrees to give Publisher the right to use Author’s name, likeness, title of work, for publishing, advertising, and promoting the work. Publisher reserves the right to edit or rewrite the blurb submitted by Author.

If the cover artist provided by Phoenix Fire is not of the quality the author prefers they will be responsible for any additional costs and Phoenix Fire must approve of the cover art before the work is to be in print. If the Author has their own cover art it must be copyright free and Phoenix Fire must approve of the final cover. Art must have receipts of purchase off stock sites or permission from artist they gained cover art from.

Author agrees to self-promote the work to the best of their ability. If Author has a social site they may use the first 10 pages of the work to post on the site or sites to give away teasers to promote the work provided it includes a link to Phoenix Fire.

Publisher will send out the work for review to no less than 3 review sites. Author may request a review copy in ebook format. Authors are encouraged to solicit reviews along with the Publisher. For added promotional purposes, Publisher and Authors agree to notify each other as to what review sites submissions have been made. If Author refuses to participate in reviews, interviews, or any sort of promotion that immediately puts the Author in breach of contract.

Publisher can provide discounted copies to Author for signings and promotions at Author’s cost and have them shipped directly to the Author.

Publisher agrees to provide Author with marketing and pr services and guidance to the best of their ability. This includes pre release reviews, interviews, book trailers, and blog spots.

Author can request custom swag by Publisher but will be responsible for the cost of materials, no labor cost will be added. Cost of supplies is $25.00- $35.00 (depending on supply items costs. This includes; custom charm bookmarks, bookmarks, and some custom necklaces. Phoenix Fire will also donate swag prizes including bookmarks, jewelry when available, one paperback for party and 5×7 or 8×10 posters. Size is up to the Author. Material costs can be invoiced through PayPal and once made shipped directly to Author. Publisher can do these swag projects only requiring the cost of the supplies to be covered or seek out a custom designer for them; which the Author will be responsible for the cost of supplies and labor. Phoenix has found it cheaper on the Author to do the work and have the author pay for supplies.

Author agrees to keep some sort of social site available for promotion. An Author or Book Facebook page will be sufficient.


Phoenix Fire Publishing may at any time sell itself, or majority of itself, its holdings, or licenses. Current contracts would transfer to the new owner.

Bankruptcy: If Phoenix Fire is legally judged bankrupt or liquidates its business this contract shall be terminated effectively and all rights granted to Phoenix Fire shall be terminated.

Entire Agreement:

This contract hereby constitutes the entire agreement between the Author and Publisher and supersedes all previous agreements regarding the work whether oral or in writing. Modification of this contract may only occur in writing signed by both parties.

Title of Work: _Relentless and Dysfunctional_____

I know this is long but I wanted to show exactly what happened between Tabetha Jones, Phoenix Fire publishing and me.

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22 thoughts on “Romper Room

  1. It’s a little long, but it’s PACKED with information that needs to come to light. From Tabetha’s bullying tactics to her illegal contract, it proves in spades that she has no business trying to run any company.

  2. Wow… sorry Faith.

    Tabetha’s crap is almost like the “dog ate my homework” excuse, unbelievable.

    I cannot believe the low costs even with the industry down…

    • Proves she’s still charging for services up front despite her indignant claims that she doesn’t do that anymore.
      Any publisher that charges up from is either a vanity press, a scam, or both.
      He contract proves that Tabetha’s a liar, and her screen shots prove that Tabetha’s a bully. And a paranoid one, at that.

  3. Oh my God who is she trying to fool with that bullshit contract? “You have to do what I say when I day it or your in breach and I can keep everything you paid up front for.” What a load of shit! That’s a scam if I ever saw one and you can’t tell me any lawyer said that contract is legal, not a real one only the one in her teenie tiny brain.

  4. For me, the biggest red flag is the “slander disclaimer.” That tells you everything you need to know about said publisher – never mind the ridiculous punishment fee for walking away.

    • Agreed. the fact that she demands that former authors can’t talk about her tells you right there that there’s something to talk about.

      And even more disturbing is her penchant for holding an author’s work hostage until or unless they pay over three hundred dollars as a separation fee. If that doesn’t constitute extortion, I don’t know what does.

  5. “Tabetha contacted me and said it is not her responsibility to do everything.”
    I thought Tabetha was supposed to be the publisher. Doesn’t that make her responsible for everything?

    • Exactly. If I pay her for swag, it doesnt matter who does it. It is her responsibility to make sure I get what I pay for. If she is supposed to edit my manuscript, it doesnt matter if she does it or if she has someone else do it, it is her responsibility as the publisher/ceo/owner , whatever she calls herself, to make sure that it gets done.

      • What happened to the comment she made saying your swag would be sent out on that Friday? The message in the fourth screenshot.

        So what did she do? Mail it back? You are absolutely correct, Faith, she can’t keep up with her own lies – not to mention aliases.

  6. Tabetha sent me some swag that she had made. So I did get some of it. But she was going to have Luna make me some keychains that had the over of my upcoming book on them. So she said she paid Luna to make them. Luna actually sent me a picture of what they look like. It was for 10 of them. I gave her my address, and I’ve never received them. And in the conversation posted above, I asked Tabetha to please tell Luna I have been trying to reach her in regards to the keychains, because for some reason Luna will not respond to any of my messages. and then Tabetha said that it is not her responsibility to do anything for me anymore, even though I paid HER for the swag back in April. She was my publisher at the time and I feel as though it is her responsibility to come through for me, since my money went to her.So I did get swag from Tabetha, even though it took her a long time to get it out to me. I just didnt get all of it and she put the blame for that on me for not contacting Luna.

    • Same old song and dance with dear old Tabby. But Faith I did talk to Luna and she had sent Tabetha your items. It was Tabethas job to send them to you. She didn’t do that. Plus I have found the “14.00-15.00 or 1 year – 2 years” in the contract the best loophole ever. I mean a real contract has established dates and a set fee not this from one to the other. No that is a red flag my friend!

      • That whole contract is a sham, geared toward profiting the “publisher” not the author. That whole thing is a red flag, starting with wishy-washy dates to that bullshit clause about how the author has to do what the publisher says, WHEN the publisher says or the author is in breach. That’s the biggest, most fraudulent bit of hooey I’ve ever seen in a contract. And it’s the one that should scare an author the most.

      • Wow, is Tabetha that cruel just to keep them , just because she can? If you read the screen shots above, she out right lied to me. She said that I didnt contact Luna to get them, when I did. How would she know if I contacted Luna or not? What is her reason for keeping them? They have pics on them of a book that hasnt been released yet.

  7. I left Phoenix fire publishing because my work was published without a contract. I had a poem and a short story in glass hearts anthology but never had a signed contract. It was publushed anyway. I have my own copy to prove it. I never received a dime from the sales yet. I purchased a copy so i should’ve received something. Tab told me its no longer for sale with my contributions in it so i went away. Everything Faith Bloom said is the truth. I saw it happen and heard others stories.

  8. She makes promises to authors and never follows through. She promises a “family” relationship with her and the rest of the Phoenix group. But once she gets what she wants from you, she ruins any chances of you making something of yourself. At least she tries. She is no friend to any author and is not out to help us but to hurt us.

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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