Own it

There’s been a tug of war going on about a shady publisher continuing to sell former authors’ work. We’ve talked a lot about Amazon and Ingram, but we might have left a few spots out.

Consider Smashwords.
I’ve heard more than one former MP/PF author say that they’ve caught their former publisher continuing to sell their work on Smashwords. They’ve gotten proof of it. And you can do the same. Have a look at Smashwords to see if your title is still being sold there by your former publisher. If it is, ask Smashwords to provide you with proof. They’ll be happy to. And with that proof, you can turn your former publisher in to the FBI for pirating your work. Piracy of an author’s work is a federal offense.

Don’t be shy about turning her in. She wasn’t shy about stealing your money.

Same thing with Goodreads. Find out if your work has been sold there without your knowledge or consent, too. Get proof of it from the good folks at Goodreads, and do the same thing with it: Turn it over to the FBI. Same thing with Ebay and Amazon.

And Amazon, and Ebay. Never mind if it’s some “third party” name on the listing, The money goes to your publisher just the same, and you’re not seeing a dime of it.

Don’t let a thief keep putting your money in her pocket.

After you’ve gotten your proof and turned it over to the FBI, it’s important that you take away her power to further victimize you.

Yank your work. Un-publish it. Have it removed from Smashwords, Goodreads, Ebay, and Amazon once and for all. And anywhere else you can think of. Then do the one thing that will forever prevent her from selling your work again:


If you publish your book yourself, nobody else can touch it. Createspace makes it simple to publish your own work. They walk you through it step by step.
One thing I suggest is that you change your cover art. Fresh release, fresh start. There are TONS of affordable cover artists that can do your book justice, or you can use stock free images and do it yourself.
There’s an added benefit to changing your cover. Not only do you get a fresh start, but you can also tell at a glance if somebody’s trying to sell the previous version of your book. 😉

Something else I STRONGLY suggest is that if Tabetha Jones has been anywhere near your book, HIRE AN EDITOR. Her lack of morality is equaled only by her lack of editing skills. Just look at any book that’s got her name anywhere near it.
Get your work properly worked on before you present it to the public. It might be painful, and it might be costly, but it’s worth it. And be sure to make sure that whoever works on your book is qualified. Your buddies might have the best of intentions and be more than willing to help, but that doesn’t qualify them to edit a book. Everybody from Stephen King on down has their books edited. And there’s a reason for it. An author is too close to the work. An editor can look at a book objectively and pay attention strictly to the task at hand.
It’s your reputation on the line, folks. Spend the money and take the time to make sure that you’e presenting the best quality of work possible.

Once you’ve published it yourself, nobody else can access it on Ingram, and if you make sure Amazon has you on record as the only person that can sell your book, NOBODY call sell your work but you.

It’s a short checklist, but it’s important.
1) Get proof.
2) Turn her in.
3) Publish your own work.

It’s your work. It’s your reputation, It’s your money. OWN IT.


52 thoughts on “Own it

  1. This is a legitimate question. When did Goodreads start selling books? Aren’t they just linking to the Amazon page to order them?

  2. Also what Lepp forgot to mention is that you SHOULD contact Smashwords all authors who have left Phoenix Fire. Why?

    I contacted them a while ago and recieved an email back that she still HAD my book i had published with pfp in December 2013 and even AFTER signing the release form. She had the book still up but unpublished on one of her smashword accounts. I contacted them told them to remove it BUT smashwords said there were at least 20 more pieces unpublished by other people on her account.


    If you contact and find this to be true. Keep the book on there a little longer, report her ass to FBI and then take it down. Keep the smashword emails as evidence. Wonder where shes been getting old copies? There it is.

  3. CHIRP, CHIRP, CHIRP… Notice ladies and gents, there is no response from Tabbycamp. There are no cries of innocence, no bullshit comments. Wonder why that is? Could it be that our dear Tabetha has pinned herself in a corner? Is the truth too hard for her to bear? Or is it that our dear “cof” sweet “cof” publishing friend has learned not to grab the bull by the balls? I am guessing she is sitting at her ready to be repoed laptop, wondering what she should do. Should she reply and make a bigger ass out of herself, or remain quiet for once and let the storm blow over? I no doubt think that she won’t let anything slip by her. She is too much of a attention whore for that. I do know that she can’t control the urge to run her mouth to cover up the heaping piles of lies she spews forth.

    Word to the wise Tabetha, this storm WILL NOT blow over, you ARE NOT SAFE, in fact you are just showing more of your true colors. You always want others to do your dirty work. In this manner you can plead innocent, and say well I can’t control what my friends, followers or fans say on this blog. Again you are wrong in assuming this. What your followers, lackeys or sheep say or do on this blog is DIRECTLY CONNECTED to you. Your feble mind is wondering now, exactly how can that be? Let me enlighten you, since I have first hand knowledge of this.

    When I went to bat for you over Cussy’s page, I was the lapdog of sorts. I followed you blindly, believed all the bullshit you heaped on that spoon I was willng to eat from. You told me great stories of how this company WOULD NOT be like mystic. You said that you wanted better for the authors, you promised me and others, that YOU, not your lackeys, would always have our backs. Your word was what we listened to. Your promises was what gave us hope. When in all honesty you were just lining your pockets with OUR hard earned money. You did absolutly nothing to earn a penny. Truth be told, my first book was re-edited, the friend i sent it to found 15 mistakes in formatting and the spelling of some words. You can blame that on your so-callled editor, but isn’t it the publishers JOB to ensure things like that aren’t missed???

    The ultimate kicker of course is the lies of the reviews!!! Oh yeah, I was given RAVE reviews, but who actually was the one reviewing?? You, under different names and so-called reviewers pages. Everyone who has had a book reviewed double check, I promise you if you do a little digging you will see that ALL of the reviews came from Tabetha herself, under other names. Did you send any book out to real blog people and ask them to read??? Did you even think of the people you were hurting?? You profess to be a good person, a great boss, and a wonderful mom, those are just words. ACTIONS speak louder than words will ever speak. All your actions say the same damn thing, I am a user, abuser, a liar and a thief. You are the epitome of a loser, the classic narcisstic being that makes my skin crawl.

    I know I won’t get a comment from Tabetha. Why you ask? Simple, if you go back and read any of my comments she hasn’t said a word, and the reason behind that is this, she can’t. I have not said a word that was false, or untrue. I have not called her any name that isn’t fitting. Is she a whore, maybe, do I know it to be truth, no. Is she a liar, a thief, a con-artist, YES, this I know to be true. Do I know if she is a good mother, NO. I will not comment on her as far as that goes. But you bet your sweet ass that if you ask me anything and I know it to be true, I am going to tell you about it. Tabetha you can run but you can’t hide, you can cry the blues til the cows come home, it won’t change a thing. YOU are and forever will be a piece of garbage. Unless by some miracle, and I say this sarcastically, you wake the heck up and realize who you have been hurting and make it right. That would require you to pay everyone the royalties you have already spent, and openly admit what a sham you are. I know you Tabetha, you would rather piss into the wind than do that.

    I sincerely wish, hope, even go as far as pray, that one day “SOON” your lies and schemes catch up to you. That one day you will feel the pain,anguish and hurt of betrayal. I wish that you would lose all use of anything electronic to allow you to hurt, lie to, or destroy others. I want you thrown back into the stone age. No cell phone in which there is access to the internet, no internet of any kind. Rotary phones in the house, what ever it takes to keep your lying ass away from anyone who would believe in your lies. I want you to feel what all of us have felt. Swallow it whole, let it engulf your very being. Now I challenge you to say something to save your ass. Something that isn’t passing the buck, or pinning the blame on others. Also no more bullshit crying wolf over a sick or injured family member. Enough is enough.. you claim to be such a woman. let’s see it. Put on your big girl panties and own your mistakes. Own your lies, and shemes. Admit for once in your sorry ass life that you have swindled so many.

    Your time starts now……

    • Very well put. In between the stuff we know plus Katrina putting everything on blast she has nowhere to run. She has no lackies to come to her defense and its funny she’s kept mine and cindys names clean from her lips. I’m just waiting for one bit of info and she’s going to prison. Who wants to throw the party.

    • Who wants to bet she’s putting together her next publishing company? When it got too hot for Mystic Press, she cut and run. She tried the slow slide with Silver Fang but got caught short with that one.
      Who wants to guess how long it takes for a new company to open under one of the many multiple personalities she carries around. Or maybe a whole new name?

      She can try it. And we’ll find her. There’s nowhere in the publishing world that she can hide from the reputation she’s made for herself as the worst epic fail in the history of publishing.

      • Dallas Gurl you got that right . She was going to open a new company called Star Dust. Then she wanted to run it the same way she wants no help because she then couldn’t hide all her sneaky ways of not giving royalties to the authors. If you try to leave her she threatens you or give you a pity story because someone needs something so you will pay for leaving her. She doesn’t pay taxes on her company. Whoever is left with her your lining her pockets. Nothing is in Phoenix Fire Publishing.

      • If you have first hand knowledge that she hasn’t paid taxes, notify the IRS. They’ll deal with her. In fact, they’re already looking at her. Any information you can add would probably only strengthen their ever-growing case against her. 😉

  4. Whoever is left with her, if she hasn’t asked you for money to pay her bills with yet she will. Get ready for a sob story about how she’s about to lose her computer with your work on it if you haven’t heard it yet, or how she needs pain medicine for her mother’s impacted spine or school supplies or clothes for her daughter because her father’s a deadbeat that use to abuse her. Oh yes she’ll tug at your heart strings and make you feel so sorry for her you’ll be happy to help her out, after all that’s what friends and family do, right? Well don’t fall for it she’s just using you. She gets disability and she gets welfare for her daughter and she makes a little money on the side with those pain pills so don’t be fooled. She gets money. Her problem is she’s a selfish attention whore so she spends her money on herself whether it’s tattoos or photo sessions to trips to Dallas to play party girl with the models. Your not paying for her bills or her kid your paying for her ego. Keep your pocket money she’s already stealing enough from your books.

    • To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with getting Welfare benefits. In this economy, hell, in ANY economy, you need all the help you can get. I got benefits when my kids were little, and we worked our way up from there.

      But those benefits are for the kids. If that’s not how they’re being spent, there’s something VERY wrong with that.

  5. Another thing. A while ago an author left phoenix fire. Yes, she left but when talking to her do i realize that TABETHA JONES IS STILL SELLING ALL OF HER BOOKS!!! Right now as we speak the authors books are still selling under Phoenix Fire. This authors books include her pen names also. Literally speaking her books are still listed but shes no longer an author and neither is her pen name! The author said “supposedly my books are selling well.” why does she not know her books are doing well Tabetha Jones? Why are you still selling and publishing HER BOOKS when YOU have no RIGHTS to them!!!!!!??????!!!!!

    And dont say you dont coz i saw you promoting her book a few days ago on your page and her books are still listed on Phoenix.

    Whats worse? Do you know how this author is, Tabetha? Do you know how she is or the fact she cant publish due to you stealing her fucking work? Hmmm…i want you to release her books Tabetha and I wont stop till you do. I have shut down many illegal publishers like yours bet jacqueline did not tell you that. So lets play cool. You release or i pull and get the author a lawyer and send the FBI on your fat ass!

    Oh happy days!


    and i am so happy about my superb quality newly published books I just had to share.

    check this out! i published my books with good quality 😉


  6. And she’s back posting how you’re all haters and fuck you very much. The poor deluded fool is plugging her next radio show like nothing’s wrong. Denial runs deep with that one, doesn’t it?

  7. Sort of steering a bit away from Tab, but I got suckered by a scam/horrible publisher years ago… unfortunately, this guy DID have it legal, but I got through it with a rewrite and a “release from exclusivity” – and I’ve already made more on my own than with that asshole. Of course I did, as he stole all the money! The point is, if a writer is any good, sometimes they are much better off doing it themselves, especially when all a “publisher” offers is actually LESS than what you can do for yourself and charges you four times the actual cost! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM TABETHA, no matter what name she’s flying her flag under.

  8. I’ve included a paragraph to this blog post, one that I’ll probably repeat more than once to authors who hope to publish in their post-Tabetha writing careers. If Tabetha Jones has been anywhere near your book, hire an editor. A proper one. Tabetha’s lack of morality is equaled only by her inability to edit literature.
    Your friends and associates might have the best of intentions, but that doesn’t qualify them to edit a book. Get somebody that’s good at it. It’s your work. It’s your reputation. Make sure you’re presenting the best book possible.

      • Just make sure all those Ts are crossed and Is dotted. Dealing with Tabetha’s shown us all the wrong way to do things. Use her as an example of what NOT to do. 😉

        Including putting names besides the author’s in listings. Tabetha does that, and it’s wrong. ONLY the author’s name goes there. The editors and artists work behind the scenes, same as the publisher.

  9. She published my poetry book last year. She told me that my book was selling better than hers. When I parted ways with her, I republished that book with 4 extra poems and a completely different cover and entitled it as a second edition. She made a comment to me about doing it and apparently it pissed her off. So it can be done. If you published with her, take your book and republish it and keep her from earning any more money off of your work!!!

  10. Watch out everyone, Tabby girl is almost ready for her next big surprise. You’re all going to love it, especially you Lepplady. She’s been so quiet lately because she’s been busy putting it together, she thinks she’s really got you this time but as usual, she’s completely fucking insane, she thinks she’s so smart and sneaky but really it’s just funny. I can’t wait for you to see it.

      • Does she realize the second she makes a new company is the second everyone in her company can walk away? Like seriously. Has she thought it through. Coz the second another companies up those working for her can walk away. Shed have to give em new not viable contracts too which they can easily turn down. She wouldnt sue ya Lep. She knows you have enough proof against her – she wouldnt go through all that to end up paying back lol.

        Company wise shes in trouble and authors are going to walk freely and she wont be able to do a thing about it except yell and carry on as she will.

        I say bring on the new pub comp and let the authors and workers and models walk 🙂

      • Ah but if you read the contract Faith gave us, it says that the company can, at any time, sell itself and the contracts carry over.
        Business doesn’t work that way. When a company closes, its contracts are null and void. You and I know that. But you know Tabetha. She thinks that if that’s the way she wants it, it’s legal. And she’ll try to convince her authors that it’s legal. I t’s not, but she’ll try it.

        Her authors can walk right now if they want to. Her company isn’t legal, so the contracts aren’t legal, either. Authors can chuck those bad boys into the fire any time they want, demand their work back (and anything else they’ve paid for) and walk.

        I wouldn’t put it past her to try to sue me. Her deluded little brain actually thinks that this blog is slander, even though I’ve got proof of every word in black and white… most of it from her own fingertips. She honesty believes that we haters are picking on her. She just doesn’t understand that stealing from people isn’t legal just because she gets away with it until the statute runs out.
        I haven’t posted a single word that isn’t true or hasn’t come from something that was publicly posted on the internet. So, if it weren’t for the fact that she probably stole the money it would cost her to sue me, I’d almost like to see her try. Then she’d have to face justice for each and every word that’s been posted, because IT’S ALL TRUE.

      • Lawyer to sue all our asses as a matter if fact. I wonder if she thought about us turning it back on her. I think between the lot of us our case would be a slam dunk. Because to prove we are in false light of defamation they will want proof as to why we feel that way. Well Tabby were waiting for you. I want my summons! But “Sweets” we will sure as hell return the favor. Save your money or should I say the authors money you stole. We can make this go for years. In court your 3 years past can be brought to light. Eric did she hit you or threaten you? Is that she got put on probation. Word is mum is not backing her she made her own mess now she has to deal with it. But Dallas Girl I know who I am and one other. I sure would love to know who you are. Someone close that’s for sure.lol

      • I wish I were independently wealthy. I’d pay for a lawyer to represent everybody and sue HER ass. Sadly, as it is, all I can do is encourage everybody she’s ripped off to turn her in. To the FBI, her local DA and the TX AG for piracy if she’s published their work without consent, and to the IRS for running an illegal company that she probably hasn’t ever paid taxes for. I mean, think about it. How does somebody receive benefits AND claim taxes on all this money she’s making? Doesn’t happen, not where I come from.
        If only people would pick up that phone or put that letter in the mail turning her in, the authorities could deal with her that much faster. The more people speak up, the more attention she gets from the authorities. That’s the only way to stop her from doing it to more people: make sure she can’t do it at all.

  11. I guarantee one thing. If she is stupid enough to sue me, she WILL. NOT. LIKE. the results. The rest of us will, immensely. But she’ll regret it. Probably for the rest of her life.

      • Um question here how is that a threat? Now your big bad biker bitch of a dumbass sister has made a slew of that’s not only to me but others as well.

      • Not even close to a threat. If your sister comes to my house to trick-or-treat, I can guarantee she won’t like the treats I have. Where’s the threat in that? Nobody’s forcing her to come to my house.

      • That’s not a threat. That’s a promise. If she takes me to court, it’ll be the dumbest thing she ever did. She’d be opening herself up to answer to a judge for everything she’s ever done to an author, editor, artist or model. And I think there are a few people that wouldn’t mind testifying. It’s more likely that she’ll go to jail than get the scathing vindication she’s after.

        And if she does sue, she’ll be handing me a book on a silver platter. About her, the blog, her entire thieving history, all of it. So she’ll not only make herself look like a total ass, she’ll be putting money in our pockets that she won’t get a single dime of.

        But, sadly, I think it’s all a bunch of hot air. First, she’d have to find a lawyer that’s willing to take her case. I can’t think of a single lawyer worth his salt that would take a case for a clearly delusional client that’s guilty of every single word posted about her. It’s civil law 101: Slander, It’s only defamation, libel and/or false light if it’s false. If every word is true, tough luck.
        Secondly, she’d have to pony up the money for attorney and court costs. In her position, with authors, artists and models jumping ship in droves, I don’t know if she can put together that much money.

        I hope she does it. I really, REALLY hope she does. Her victims deserve justice, and I could use the money.

        Too bad it’s just more of her patented brand of bullshit.

  12. Ruby Dee, oviously you can’t read worth a spit. Because if you could you would have read what I wrote to you in the previous blog, in hopes that you would gain some cooth. Boy, was I wrong. Seriously, you do know the acronmym of the word CUNT, don’t you?? Or, are you to stupid??? Let me enlighten you!!!

    C – CAN’T
    N – NORMAL

    You seriously need to come up with a new word. That wording is getting majorly played out, kind of like your sister’s, friend or what ever it is, lies and bullshit. It is time you rethought your life’s choices and who you want to be associated with. I mean aren’t you tired of being the only one standing up for a losing cause??? There is nothing to gain from calling people that word, nothing to gain by trying to be some badass. You are a puppet and as soon as you realize that, I am sure your life will be much better. Tabetha pulls the strings and you dance. It is a shame, because I do believe you could bring so much to light. Are you afraid of Tabetha? Does she hold some deep dark secret over you?

    Aren’t you tired of living in her shadow? Being the nobody, letting her dictate to you, or do you like the way she makes you dance??? I would be ashamed if I were you, but then again, I have a spine, backbone and pride. What do you have, but lots of wind to blow around? Does it make you feel like a big girl to spout of this vile cursing? Grow up, it doesn’t take a woman to spout this crap, but a low life, ghetto, run of the mill, NOBODY. Is that what you want people to think of you? Well keep backing that crappy being, I won’t even call IT human, Tabetha Jones, and that is ALL YOU WILL BE. You will just be known as her lapdog, her patsy.

    One day I do hope you wake up. I wish you to see what is really going on around you. YOU are being USED. You are being manipulated and the dumb thing is you ALLOW IT.

    Tabetha has used and mistreated many. You are NOT SPECIAL. She will used you up until you are dry, then discard you like yesterdays news. She has taken advantage of so many. And you still don’t see the light. I don’t know if i should pity you or laugh at your stupidity.

  13. I have been asked to make this post Tabetha’s sister Dee Jones and her mother are not posting on this blog as Ruby Dee. Dee Jones wants nothing to do with the blog or the drama.

    • Hate to say it but as long as she’s in bed with her sister she’s going to have drama, like her sister calling her on the phone pretending to be a model that wants to hook up. I hate to think how far those chats went.

    • I’m sorry, but if she continues to dabble in business with her sister, she’s only headed for more drama. And not just of a blogging nature. Tabetha runs illegal businesses. It’s that simple. If Dee’s smart at all, she’ll disentangle herself from Tabetha’s business ventures before she funds herself under the bus for it.
      As for her mom, she might be a perfectly lovely lady, but she’s got only Tabetha to thank for her involvement here or anywhere else in this ugly business.
      It’s the bystanders around Tabetha the suffer, as she drags them in to shield herself with.

  14. So, what you are saying Dawn is that Tabetha is AGAIN using others, either by pretendign to be tehm or actually getting them to say things. Tabetha is using her sister’s name to post on this blog without her consent or knowledge??? Isn’t that IDENTITY THEFT??? Wouldn’t that be impersonating a person?? And isn’t THAT a crime? Wouldn’t that be defamation of character, because of the vile words spewing from her fingers to the blog, making people believe that Dee is behind it?


  15. I must ask for everyone’s forgiveness in seeing the mistakes of my spelling these last few comments. I have read over them and have noticed quite a few errors. Again, I am sorry.

    • Yes CFW that is what it looks like I have talked to Dee and if she would make a post it would be under Dee Jones. Dee contacted me privately and ask that I make it clear for her that she is not Ruby Dee.

      • Not to sound like a bitch, but unless Dee posts this on this blog, in her own linguistics, and writing syntax, I will not believe she is not being used as a puppet.Too many have fallen prey to Tabeha Jones, and unless she proves to us, the ones that have been burned by Tabetha, I cannot trust her. Nothing against you there Dawn, but be honest, eventhough you say it is true. Do you really expect us to buy that, with all that has transpired??? We have been lied to so many times, that hearsay is NOT going to fly on that issue. Dee should state that she has no affiliation with the decisions of Tabetha or her business. I mean why not it would cover her ass in the long run. Dee should stand her ground, and by no uncertain terms, show Tabetha that although she may be blood, that her good name is worth something. Until she stands tall, puts on her big girl panties, and shows Tabetha that she isn’t her puppet, heresay is all that it will be. If she doesn’t want to come on the blog, I respectfully request she contact me.

      • Whether she posts on this blog or not, Dee’s beeing yanked around by her sister. In more ways than one. By putting her name on Tab’s Phoenix photography endeavor, she stands to take the hit for it when that business hits the skids just like the rest of them do. And if Dee doesn’t think Tab would throw her under the bus, she needs to ask certain other relatives about that, as well as anybody Tab’s ever done business with.
        And she needs to ask herself what kind of sister would pretend to be a model on the phone, interested in a romantic involvement. That’s emotional manipulation of the highest order. Not to mention sick as hell.
        Dee, I’ll tell you the same thing I tell anybody else in business with Tabetha Jones. Get out while you still can before she throws you under the bus to save her own ass.

      • If Dee has something she wants made clear here, she knows where the place is.

        For the record, I don’t think Dee is Ruby Dee either. But this third-party message-sending isn’t exactly the most reliable way for her to make herself heard.

        Dee, you’re welcome to post here any time you like. If you’ve got something to say, let’s hear it from you directly.

  16. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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