Due Diligence

I think it’s a good time to remind you to practice due diligence.  We’re all here because we’ve dealt with Tabetha Jones in some way or another. Whether it’s as an author, artist, model, or whatever else, we’ve all suffered from the path of destruction she leaves in the lives of anybody unfortunate enough to deal with her..

It’s well and good for me to write blogs warning folks about her questionable business practices, but there’s only so much I can do. It’s you as the author, artist or model that has to be vigilant about protecting yourself and your work. Your’e the one that’s got to make sure that the work you’ve already done isn’t still being used, and you’re the one that has to take steps to make sure it isn’t used again in the future.

We’ve already seen that Tabetha obtains copies of books from Smashwords, and that’s where all these resales are coming from. It’s up to each and every one of you to go on Smashwords and make them stop selling copies of your work so that she can’t resell them anywhere. It’s up to you to go to Ingram and make them take down any current or previous versions of your book and republish it yourself, listing yourself as the only seller. That way, she can’t sneak copies behind your back and resell them the way is being done now. It’s up to you to demand that any work you’ve contributed to anthologies is removed.

Same thing goes for models. She might have you thinking that even though you’ve realized what she is and left her company (in more ways than one), but it’s not true. She might brag left and right about how you (your photo) will grace the covers of her future work, bringing her characters to life, rubbing it in your face because there’s nothing you can do about it. Not true. You can put a stop to it.

Remember, her company doesn’t exist legally, so neither do her contracts.

If you, as a model, signed some contract with her and took pictures, she might be holding the contract over your head, gloating and using your name, even though you’re done and finished with her. But that CONTRACT IS NOT LEGAL. Therefore, it’s not legally binding. You can demand your pictures back. ALL OF THEM. And make sure she knows that if she uses them, you will sue her ass off, and you will report her to the FBI for the piracy of your intellectual property.

It’s well and good to sit around and complain about a bitch that ripped you off. But it’s up to you to make sure she doesn’t keep doing it.

It’s up to you to turn her in to the FBI for pirating your material.

Whether you’re an author, artist, or model, demand your work back from her. Refuse her permission to use it, and tell her to stuff that contract up her ass. Might be a tight fit with her head shoved up there, but that’s her problem. None of her contracts are legally binding. Demand that all of your past or current work is removed and make sure she’s unable to use it in the future. Protect yourself and stop that thief from using your work to put money in her pockets.

I’m happy to give you a place to vent. It’s my pleasure to support and encourage you. But I cannot do it for you.


126 thoughts on “Due Diligence

  1. Tabetha will try to use the “contract” over your head. She will tell you to pay or deal with it. She will say that it is so legal, just ask her atty, oh wait you can’t because she WON’T give you the information needed to contact said atty. If you signed anything with her, the only thing it is good for is to wipe your arse. Nothing she says is the truth, she is very good at manipulating people and playing the poor me act. She is self centered and very egotistical.

    Models, artists, authors, editors and the rest, don’t let her bully you and say you are indebted to her, you owe her, you signed your contract. Please don’t be a fool, like I was. I fell for the song and dance, the charm the I want to be your friend, we are a family. B U L L S H I T. Also demand she stop saying she is working with you when she ISN’T, don’t let her sully your good name that way.

    We as a whole can stop her from taking advantage of others. We as a unit can take back OUR POWER. We are the singers, the writers, the muses. Why keep giving her our money, why keep giving her the freedom to do what she is doing? She has NOT earned our money, so why keep allowing her to have it?

    • Exactly. Look at her, smugly insisting that she has all the power and her victims have none. Ever the true abuser. But she’s wrong. She can wave whatever contracts she wants in front of people’s faces as proof of her power over them, but that doesn’t make ’em legal.

      You guys can stop her. Turn her in. Report her. YOU make sure your work is removed from Amazon, Ingram, Smashwords, Goodreads, Ebay, and everywhere else. YOU publish your work again so that she can’t sneak ’em back into her sales roster later. Like CW says, take your power back. In so doing, you’ll be putting that scam where she belongs. In your rear view mirror.

  2. I haven’t made a post in awhile. I have sat back and watched the grand scheme of all this. Allow me, the person you often so trash and make up fictitious lies about clear the record.

    First, my contracts, or I should say previous, were legal and binding, remember folks I do have an attorney as an author and several connections with all trade and corporate attorneys.

    Secondly, due to the advice of my attorney all contracts have been reworked and they are bullet proof. Just as are the ones still standing. Ask an attorney. I did. Several in fact. And btw the contract you have up of Faiths is not correct. There no high termination fee.

    Third, once an author leaves all work is deleted off all sites. I have no reason to sell any work to third party sellers, or distribute anything illegal. At the end of the day I’m an author as well and the same things happen to myself. I have contacted vendors and third party sellers and it is their choice to remove the work not mine or anyone else’s.

    Fourth, I do not set up any sort of contract with the model that is done by the photographer. The release has both my signature and the model’s.

    Fifth, I do not own Phoenix Effect, it is soley owned by Dee Jones. I am however her assistant, booking shoots and lending a helping hand.

    I am not here to fight, argue, or battle. I have all my proof that I need. My contracts are very much legal but the attorney wanted to ensure both parties were more protected and I completely agree.

    Phoenix Fire Publishing isn’t going anywhere. So go ahead and take all the shots you want at me because at this point I absolutely love the way you hate me.

    Rebeliously Yours


    • Yes. You have watched. Every day, as usual, trolling over every word we say, ever-needy of the attention.

      You’ve got a lawyer? Cool! Let’s have his name and contact info. I’d LOVE to have a chat with him.

      Who is it this week? The guy in NJ you got to work on your contracts even though he didn’t “officially” represent you? Oh, right. He’s not with you any more. Not a lot of folks are anymore, are they?

      Is it the “Herring” guy you’ve been babbling about since the days of Cuss’s blog? Ah, yes. He never existed. Can’t be him.

      So maybe it’s this “Todd” guy whose name people have heard you drop so often. Is that who’s doing your legal work for you now? Or should I say “still” since he’s been such great friends of your family’s for all these years. 16 is it? 17?

      Whoever it is, let’s see that contact information.

      Right. You won’t post it. What’s the excuse this time? Because you don’t want him flooded with spam from your “haters”? Sorry, but that’s what lawyers are there for. To represent you against all us big, bad, meanie-weenies.

      Lawyers don’t hide. Only scam artists like you.

      That’s okay. I’ll just get his contact information off of the law suit you slap us all with. What? There is none? Aw. That’s too bad. I was really, REALLY hoping you’d be stupid enough to try that. I know a LOT of people that were looking forward to testifying once you finally got in front of a judge. I was kinda hoping they’d allow cameras for that. I’d put together a nice, tidy promo from that footage for the book I’d write about it, since you’d be kind enough to open that legal door by filing suit and making all of this a matter of public record. Not that there’d be much writing to do. We’ve got LOTS of material right here already, don’t we?

      Yeah. Right. Just like everything else that issues forth from your lips and fingertips, it’s bullshit.

      Authors, writers, models, editors, and anybody else that’s fallen victim to Tabetha’s trap, take heed. Just because she SAYS it’s legal, that doesn’t MAKE it legal. Just like she says posting links to pictures violates copyright law, that doesn’t make it so. Just because she wants it that way, that doesn’t make it legal, illegal or otherwise.

      It wouldn’t matter if she had the most iron-clad contract in the world, it’s still illegal. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat it for it to sink in, but if her company isn’t legal, neither are her contracts. period.

      If all authors’ work is deleted, how come (at least) one has PROOF from smashwords that you kept selling their work? Right. Busted.

      If the model’s contract is through the photographer, not you, then why does YOUR name have to be on the release? Woops. Busted again.

      You might have talked your sister into putting her name on the photog business, but that doesn’t mean you don’t run it. You’ve just gotten somebody else to take the legal heat for an illegal company instead of you when it goes under. Setting up a patsy to take the fall for you, just like always. Was that before or after you got her all happy thinking she was dating a model that doesn’t exist?

      And, yes. Her company is just as illegal as everything else you set up. Your own comment just now proves it. As always, you, yourself, prove what a sham you are. And, you’re the only one that doesn’t see it. You’re too busy paddling away, thinking you’re cute or clever because you’ve gotten away with it so far. Keep laughing, because your days are more numbered than you think. VERY soon, the law’s going to catch up with your scams, and then you can explain to your prison wife, Big Bertha, how “rebellious” you are. Too bad there won’t be a camera around to capture those happy little Hallmark moments.

      We’ve got proof, too. In black and white. Most of it by your own hand. Only ours isn’t made up to suit a purpose. Ours is real, and it points a single, unwavering finger straight at you. And we’re not the only ones. The more people you victimize, the bigger the stack of evidence piles up against you.

      Oh, yes. We know how you love the attention. You are nothing if not egotistical, narcissistic and self-centered. Everything you do is all about you, you, you, and nothing else. I can’t WAIT for the day when you’re dealt with and none of us ever has to be bothered by, speak or even THINK about you. When you’re finally unable to victimize people, when you’ve FINALLY faced justice for all the illegal shit you do, I plan to throw a party. Might even roast a pig in effigy. Who’s bringing the S’mores?

    • If your contracts were so perfectly legal and binding, why the need to revamp them? Because you’re a fucking liar, that’s why. Everybody knows your corporate attorney author has left you so that’s another lie. The only fictitious liar here is you. Keep digging that hole.

      • He’s left her, but she’ll keep using his work in her anthology as long as she lets him. Just like she’ll keep using everybody else’s work, too, as long as they allow it.
        She may be the abuser, but in this case, it’s the victim that has to step up and stop her. Once and for all.

      • The gentleman you speak off is still with Phoenix Fire Publishing and has recently sent his submission for another anthology. Yes he may have helped guide me along the way which was very nice of him. Funny because when I speak to him often each day its about writing and among other things. He is a wonderful writer and again unfortunately he may have fooled you but he is still true to Phoenix I have it in his writing.

      • Does he know, I wonder, if you’re waving him around to intimidate your authors, insinuating that he represents you? Do you not care that associating him in any way with the (il)legal aspects of your company could prove devastating to his career as an upstanding member of the bar in his state?
        No. Of course you don’t care. You only care how you can use him to make you look until he’s no longer of use to you and you throw him aside like you do with everyone you’ve used up. Never mind that he has a career he’s built up over a lifetime, and quite possibly a family of his own to look after.
        Never mind whatever issues you have with anybody else on this blog. I hope for his sake that he sees you for what you are and puts you far in his past. If he hasn’t already.
        He needs to save himself while he still can, before you ruin his life, his reputation and his livelihood.

    • Looks like Scabetha Jones has started running her posts through a grammar checker beforehand.

      Tabetha, you are a lying sack of shit. No, actually you aren’t even as complex as shit. You are nothing but an empty colostomy bag.

  3. OK, first off we all know this is not Tabetha writing. If you think she is you are a fool. She has someone writing that statement for her. Tabetha can’t string a coherent sentence together to save her ass. Who are you pulling the strings on this time Tabetha? Who do you have jumping through hoops to make you look like you know what you are talking about? You say you have this great attorney, well EXACTLY who is he, or she??? Even when I was with your company you REFUSED to give me the information I respectfully requested. Isn’t it convient that the contract that Faith has/had isn’t the right one. REALLY?? Just how many many contracts do you have out there? Do you reword them to suit your needs? Dumb question, of COURSE you do. You say that you can’t control 3rd party selling, I beg to differ. I have contacted several of the ones that were selling my books, WHICH IS FUNNY SINCE I PULLED THEM FROM YOU. right, and they all say the same thing. That they were unaware that the books were pulled, that someone came to them and sold to them. They DID NOT purchase from ingram like you claim. You say that you pull the works from the site once authors leave, I call bullshit. Since I have seen my works on ebay, amazon, and a few other sites along with my name STILL in various anthologies. You have even stooped so low as to try and take my name off and LEAVE MY WORKS IN. Have you no shame? Also, I have found out that I was entitled to the royalties of the books I purchased for myself and friends. Where are the royalties from those sales? You are a con artist, the worst is you believe your own hype. YOU ARE A LAUGHING STOCK.

    • Even with somebody helping her TRY to write her smug, ridiculous assertions, they still can’t manage to nail down that pesky punctuation.

      And, really, if the “high” separation fee is the only thing she sees wrong with Faith’s contract, that shows that she remains as clueless as ever about contract law, publishing, modeling, and otherwise. No lawyer signed off on that. If anything, she’s copy and pasting from legal zoom again, throwing in her own self-serving clauses to sway it in her favor and make her victims think she has all the power.

      Of course those third party sellers didn’t get them from Ingram. They CAN’T. I’ve got it straight from Ingram’s own mouths that NOBODY but the publisher can access Ingram books. That’s Tabetha. Period. So if there are still books out there, you know where they came from. The person that’s still putting your money in her pockets.

      No. She has no shame. Never had and never will. She counts on people to be too timid or doubtful to file charges against her. But she’s not too timid to keep on stealing their royalties, is she?

      If anybody finds their work still for sale, REPORT HER TO THE FBI. I can only repeat that. The feds will deal with her and set up some quality time for her with Big Bertha in the federal penn. Then she won’t be stealing from any authors ever again.

      You’re absolutely right. She’s the laughing stock of the publishing world. But there’s nothing funny about her continuing to cash in on other people’s work. I hope each and every one of you turns her in. Let’s see which side of her face she’s laughing out of then.

    • Actually Cindy I can do many things proper unlike what you believe. And frankly darling no you do not receive royalties off the books you purchase at the discounted price, why you may ask. Because you sell them yourself and that would be getting paid double. And another thing I find interesting I have talking several companies including my old one and the old used and new versions of Blood Magic (first edition) is not their responsibility. I have contacted Ebay to pull my books, the old versions of the anthologies and basically the vendors gave me the f- you and that was it.

      By legal right I do not have to give the attorney that did my contracts. Nor do I have to give you the information of the attorney that my mother keeps on retainer just in case. You would have to contact her for that.

      In the case of signing the release form for the models that is if I want to use the photos for book covers. I have plenty of authors just signed two more today. They are wonderful people. And they get to see this side of me all the time.

      Unfortunately those that mock or treat a human being with a heart the way it is on this blog in my opinion do not deserve respect. But as a lady I am showing respect, maybe some of you might learn something.

      Have a pleasant day!

      • You mean you can do many things properly don’t you? Thought so. Make that you can do nothing properly.

      • One thing she can’t do properly: write. And run a publishing company. I guess that’s two things.
        Oh, who am I kidding. It would take forever to list the things she screws up.

      • What does Blood Magic have to do with me? Yes, you do have to give the information of an atty that is representing you and by that representing me. I don’t give 2 shits about the atty that your mother has on retainer, AGAIN what does that have to do with anything? I would not have known that the atty was connected to your mother outside of you flapping your gums. You put WAY too much of your personal life and the personal lives of others out there. FYI, I could care less of your personal life. And especially the personal lives of others, unless THEY want to tell me themselves.

        You say that I didn’t know the so called nice side of you, uhm 2 1/2 yrs, I think that gives me a bit of a window to the great Tabetha Jones. Don’t you DARE try to make me look like a ass because it won’t happen. It is funny that you decide now to say anything to me, since you haven’t had the testicular fortitude to say anything since now. That only leaves me to believe AGAIN that someone is assisting you in your writing. Kind of like I used to do for you.

        Mock?? Heart?? “LADY”??? Please don’t make me laugh. I gave you respect, before I found you to be the lying snake in the grass you are only proving yourself to be, even as we speak. Darling trust me to mock you we would want to be like you. and sorry a shallow, sneaky, uncooth, lying, deictful, manipulating, money grubbing being is not my thing. As for you being a “cof” lady “cof” your actions and words alone in the last few months has proven otherwise. A true lady would admit to her mistakes, take her lumps and become a better person. Instead of finding more prey to take advanatage of.

        If you want respect, maybe you should admit what you have done, who you have harmed, and own up to it. I know you can’t pay the people the money you owe them. That money has already been spent. But to admit your wrongs would be a move in the right direction.

      • It’ll never happen. She doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong. The worst part of being a scam and a psychopath is that she really and honestly believes her own hype. If it weren’t for the people’s hopes, dreams and bank accounts that she tramples, her instability would be the saddest part about this whole thing.
        But being a mental case does not absolve her of her wrong doings. She knows exactly what she’s doing, and she feels perfectly entitle to do it. Why shouldn’t she, as long as nobody stops her?
        Well I hope that each and every person here shows her that she can’t just do whatever she wants. There are consequences, and it’s high time she faces them.

      • You a lady? Sure, and if I put wheels on my granny she’d be a wagon. You sure do like throwing lawyers around to look impressive but you sure can’t back it up can you? Maybe if you didn’t steal from people and badmouth everybody you’d get some respect. There are only two sides to you, the lying sack of shit thief and the mask you wear to fool people so you can scam them.

      • I love it when you try to act superior and arrogant You try it now and then, when you’re not flipping us off in your bad ass biker babe persona. Trying so hard to look all professional and superior. But you simply don’t have the substance or writing skills to back it up, so it makes you look like an even bigger farce.

        You wouldn’t know a single thing about having a heart, except that you rip the beating harts out of the people you use up and trample them beneath your “Wickedly Sweete” heel. There’s nothing anybody here has to learn from you except what sort of publisher and sorry excuse for a human being to avoid.

  4. How can everyone be a liar but Tabetha? Damn! How many people have stated and proved the high paying leaving fees in last two years…Cussed’s blog to this most recent. She has to watch bc she running scared. Truthfullness will win in the long run. She cannot create a new poor pitful me line to keep up with the truthful statements being told about her!

    • She said that the high separation fee isn’t right. Question is, what does she consider high? She didn’t say there’s NO fee. Just not the HIGH fee.
      I have no doubt that there’s still SOME fee.

      She also didn’t say that the contract was wrong about still charging people up front for things like art and editing. She has insisted HOW many times that she doesn’t charge up front? Yup. Lies.

      There are a lot of things, in fact, that she didn’t find wrong with Faith’s contract, which raises all sorts of red flags that she’s still using a contract that’s still slanted in her favor to intimidate authors with if they try to leave her.

      The good news is that no matter what she’s using, it’s still no more legal than her company is. And it is, indeed, illegal. I could tell you why, but she’d only try to find some slimy way to “fix” it. I’d rather let her keep blundering around in the dark.

      She’s got no defense. Just bluster. The good news is that people are catching on faster and faster. The walls are closing in on her, and she’s got nowhere left to go.

      • She does not do things as a publisher so a two dollar fee is too much….she lies.
        Regardless… she still scams at the end of the day. All needs to go to the FBI and turn her in.. add yours to the old ones especially if she owes you money!

  5. I was simply using Blood Magic as an example silly little fools. See, I come here to give you the answers you seek but as always you twist words, and throw vulgar insults. Now, now, aren’t we all adults here? I do believe so, wait… I may be extremely wrong on that one.

    Anyhow, I never said that I haven’t made mistakes. Every new publisher makes mistakes when starting a company. Same things happen at grand openings of clubs, diners, and so forth. But as I found my path I corrected those mistakes. I never said I was perfect. But as my father always said I would rather be an open sinner than a false saint.

    And yes I can be a lady. I also have a vocabulary of a well educated sailor when I need too. I can be twisted and dark, but I would never hurt someone outright as I have had that done to me.

    Now, dealing with the lawyer on retainer, he is my mother’s and he is the one that overlooked the contracts. That is why he was mentioned. I keep no attorney on retainer on retainer, no point, why?

    I have nothing to hide, no skeletons in my closest, no souls in my underwear drawer.

    Another fact I would like to touch on is my sister. You seem like to talk about her love life alot on here. And I am sure and her gf really don’t appreciate that. I don’t have to pretend to be anyone. I am me.

    As for the contract, there is a termination clause as in any contract. If they want custom swag made they have the option of going to several designers or using myself. Their book covers are the only thing they pay for upfront. Everything else Phoenix Fire Publishing pays for.

    Now, I have no problem being proper and respectable here, but it very obvious that most of, if not all, do not. I do hope you to learn to get over childish ways and move on.

    Because unfortunately, I will continue to rise, whether it be publishing, writing, or modeling. And why is that? Because I have a set of big brown eyes that push everyday to show her the way of being an assertive aggressive woman and stand up for what is right.

    Have a wonderful evening.

    • Silly little fools? There she goes, looking in the mirror when she types again.
      Funny how she says we “twist” her words, when she didn’t give any real answer. We ask for her lawyer’s contact information, she refuses to give it, and we’re “twisting” that somehow? No. We’re calling her on her bullshit, straight up. No twist needed.

      There it is, the “I make mistakes” excuse. Bullshit. More than three years doing the same thing over and over isn’t a mistake. It’s a pattern. One that doesn’t fly anymore. She hasn’t fixed a single thing. As long as there are authors that don’t get paid the royalties they’re due, she’s the same old thief she always was, making excuses for why her bogus contract and expecting them to wash. Nope.

      “Everything else, Phoenix Fire pays for.” What else? PF uses free services to publish. What else is there to pay for? The one thing that costs money, she makes the author pay for. And expects to keep a publisher’s portion for it? For doing absolutely NOTHING. That, my friends, is ridiculous.

      Lord, I love it when she flounces. She’s even more full of shit when she does that than when she’s cooking up new ID’s to “sign” and explaining to authors why they don’t earn any money. It’s such a ridiculous spectacle. I hope she does it some more.

      Probably not, though. I see that biker bitch peeking out. That “I’m a survivor, fighting for truth and justice, standing my ground, standing tall, blah, blah.” That’s probably the multiple personality we’ll get next. This professional, arrogant, superior facade never holds up long. Too bad. It makes for a great laugh.

  6. Excuse me, but you are the fool. You state you don’t have an atty on retainer, and then ask why??? Are you stupid or just playing dumb?? You claim to be a business owner and operator, requiring a contract, would infact require an atty. I don’t recall myself throwing around vulgar insults but your friend Ruby Dee. Also, using your mother’s atty, is a conflict of interest.

    You say, every new company makes mistakes, yet you yourself stated that you have learned from the MP fiasco. Yet I find you making the same mistakes, using the same lame duck excuses, telling the same old fairy tales that you claim were used against you by the former owners of MP. You found your path, what did you do find a new way to swindle, cheat and steal without being caught???

    Your use of oxymoronic comments baffles the mind, ” the vocabulary of a well educated sailor”, hmm, I would laugh at you if I didn’t find your feble attempts of being educated and smart so pathetic. You say you have been hurt and you don’t want to do the same to others, yet didn’t you cheat Faith? By you not assisting her as you promised, didn’t that cause hurt? When you dropped Carlie, and KNOWING she had no money made her pay to get out of a contract, you yourself was in breach of, didn’t that hurt Carlie?

    Again you state things that are useless, what do your brown eyes have to do with anything?? Always putting yourself before others. Always trying to disway people from looking at the BIG PICTURE. Get over it Tabetha, the sun does NOT rise and set in your behind. You are not the grand lady you wish you were. Being assertive and aggressive, is all you know. Bullying and pushing people to do your bidding.

    As for your sister, YOU PUT IT OUT THERE.. how soon you forget. You can’t have it both ways Tabetha. You can’t harm people then claim innocence. In this case sweetie, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. DEAL WITH IT.

    • She waves attorneys around, and then admits she doesn’t have one. She contradicts herself so often it’s impossible to believe that anybody falls for it anymore.
      Then again, they really aren’t, are they? Her victims are catching on faster and faster these days. Pretty soon, all she’ll have are the voices in her head that she gives names to and calls them authors. I feel sorry for anybody that simply wants to publish with her, as that is impossible. There’s no such thing as no drama when it comes to her.
      After all, we aren’t going to her page, are we? She’s coming to ours, pouring out all these personal details about herself, her child, her sister, her mother, and anybody else that serves a purpose, and then gets offended when we call her on it, crying victim.
      She should just be honest and admit that she thrives on the attention. So much so that she doesn’t even see that she is and will be her very own demise.
      I just hope I have a front row seat when it happens.

    • Speaking of cake I do find cake and tea quite charming together, although, I do prefer it to be scones and hot tea if you are taking notes. So, lets dig into your feble mind. Obviously your small mind or at least lack of knownledge, you did say you know all about me correct? Then you would have caught on that it was meant for my beautiful daughter that loves her mother very much. She is the set of dark brown eyes that pushes me each day to show her how to be a REAL woman and carry on the family gene that us WIllis family has.

      Unfortunately, flouncing around is really not my cup of tea but I’m quite sure it might some one’s shot of whiskey.

      You know my father, well, one of them, Charles, always talked about the BIG PICTURE of life. He was diverse in telling his thoughts on the big picture. He was full of knowledge and always had some sort of wisdom to pass along. My other Father, Larrry, had a different idea on the big picture. Live it, love it and leave it. Simple words to live by. And although my dad Charles gave tons of wisdom to pass along, Larry shortened down to just a few simple words.
      My mother’s saying on the big picture is a bit old fashioned, but I’m sure you will understand, well, at least hopefully. Everyone should sweep in front of their own door before they go sweeping in front of anyone else’s.

      As for Faith, as I told her, it is not my responsibility to check up on swag that I am not making. I made her things sent them over and the rest is up to her and the other designer.

      As for Carlie, she was in full breach of contract, and she did pay to get out, her estanged husband did that for her.

      When you sign a legal and binding contract, which I am sure, at least I heard, Lepp got a listen in how legal my contracts are, you must fulfill them for a year. If I allow one person to get away with anything then others will think they can too.

      Now you ask what Phoenix pays for, that would promotions, editing, and just about anything else the author might need.

      As for royalties, they are paid out. In fact royalties were paid today.

      Now, Lepp, you say the biker bitch is on the verge of coming out. Is that kinda like me turning into the hulk or something? I am not ashamed of my family’s history as crazy as it may be. In fact my great great great great grandmother Maw Fergusion was the first female Governor of Texas. Now that is on Darlene Jones side under her maiden name.

      Charles Jones went and grew up and wrote songs with George Jones.

      On Larrys side my great grandmother was the Chief’s daughter.

      As for as my birth mother, well, that door is unknown.

      But my family is diverse, and I love every bit of it that has been passed down to me biker bitch and all. It is a part of who I am. And if you saying I should be ashamed of that then well, I suppose you can take your opinion of me, my family, my company, my modeling, and my authors, shove it all sweetly and nicely and stick it where thhe sun does not shine.

      Again it was great speaking with you all and hope you have a great Wednesday coming up.

      • Wow. Whoever’s writing this stuff for Tabetha is WONDERFUL. All proper and British. Somebody’s been watching their Sherlock. Almost gets the grammar and punctuation right and everything, too. Almost.

        But there’s that whole family history bit again, dragging everybody into her defense that she can think of, whether they’re still above ground or not. As if the lineage of a woman not linked to her by blood at all has any bearing whatsoever on the fact that her contracts are illegal and quite a few authors go unpaid. But. Hey, if it serves her purpose to TRY to kick up a smokescreen and divert attention away from the fact that she’s been called out on questions she can’t give the answers to and self-contradictions she can’t resolve, who cares, right?

        She really can’t wrap her head around the first principle of business, can she? If SHE takes the money, SHES responsible for delivering the product, mo matter who she farms the work out to. But to add to her lack of professionalism, she told the author in question she wouldn’t deal with her anymore because the latter had talked to me. That’s toddler foot-stomping tantrum nonsense right there, not the actions of a so-called professional.

        And contradicts herself yet AGAIN. in one breath, she says there’s no “high” fee going on, and in the next, brags about getting an author to pay a high fee. SMH.

        That contract nonsense would be fine and dandy if those contracts were legal on any level. But they’re not. So she can bluster away all she wants about how binding her contracts are, but they are simply not. She wants her authors to think they are, so she can keep on milking them for as long as possible. But her warped perception of reality does not a legally binding contract make. It’s all just hot air. And I’m glad her authors are catching on quicker and quicker. The less time they’re around her, the less of their money she can keep.

        Royalties got paid today? That’s great! I can’t wait until all of her authors show up here and tell us how they received not only all the royalties they’ve ever earned through their work with her, but also real and accurate sales reports from Ingram and Amazon proving it. It will be so refreshing to know that everybody, all the way back to the Mystic Press days, have finally been paid everything they earned. What a relief!

        Nah. Try as she might, she’ll never get it right. For all her pomp and bullshit, she is still, and will forever be the same sort of failure that can’t even sell pizza to hungry soldiers. Who can’t run a business without dragging her personal drama into the mix to cover the fact that she is purely and simply, a fuckup of the first order. We know it. She knows it. And her victims are catching wise to it faster and faster all the time.

        I just wonder what sort of scam she’ll cook up next when this publishing nonsense plays itself out? Or will she be behind bars trying to slide a scam past Big ole Bertha? Time will tell, I suppose.

  7. Hello peep’s Dee here! I have heard of things that were said about me…… Cindy this is for you dear. I am Dee Tab’s big sister. I would like to make it clear to you that I have my own mind, yes that is true. I am NOT a puppet in a string, and my little sister does not tell me what to do with my business and my life because she knows not to! My business is MY business not Tab’s or anyone else. Tab is my assistant only. I do not come in here because of the childish BS that goes on but you wanted to hear from me now you have. I would appreciate it if you all would leave my mom. my niece and me out of it. thank you

    • Hi there!
      I’m sorry to tell you this, but by both your admission and Tabetha’s before you, you have both proven why your business is no more legal than hers.

      I’m not being snarky. In fact, I have a certain measure of respect for you because you’ve always been cool with me when we’ve spoken.

      I’m saying this simply to urge you to untangle yourself from Tabetha’s business dealings as fast as possible before she drags you down with her. I would hate to see you fall victim to her throwing you under the bus when it goes south. And when it comes to Tabetha and business, it always does. You know her better than anybody, so you know that’s true.

      You, your mom and your niece have only Tabetha to thank for being involved in this blog. Think about it. How would we even know the first thing about any of you if she didn’t drag you into it herself. Don’t rely on what you’re told by her. Read back through for yourself. You’ll find that every single instance where your family is brought into her drama, it’s because she brought them into it herself.

      So if you don’t want to be involved in her drama, she’s the one you need to tell to sop dragging you into it. Cool?

    • Dee, I respect your request. You really need to be talking to your sister about who’s name is being drug through the mud. I only reply on the crap that Tabetha brings to the table. Please take time to read over ALL the comments, see for yourself. Just in this blog alone, your mother, you, your niece, and other family have been brought into it. Which they have no bearing on the fact that your sister is a cheat, thief, liar, and so many more things, which are not nice. It was kind of you to come in and say what you have to say. Again I wish you to reread what has transpired, then look at your sister and dummy smack her ass. If it wasn’t for her, your name or any others wouldn’t need to be mentioned. And you might want to contact this Ruby Dee person, if that isn’t you, and let her know that you don’t appreciate her pretending to be you. It really put you in a bad light. Think of it this way, I don’t know you, have never spoken to you. So why would I want to say anything about you? I only comment on the stuff that your sister brings to light. She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut or should I say keep her fingers from flying. Trying to prove she is better than everyone else, smarter than everyone, only puts your family in the crosshairs. She is the one putting your name out there. Putting your business in the street.

  8. Now why would I claim to know all about you Tabetha? That is a bit big headed of you isn’t it? I SAID that I had 2 1/2 yrs of experience of dealing with your “business” and how you treated others. Please learn to read. The reason I didn’t get the reference to your daughter is because unlike you who likes to throw all the bs family stuff in the mix, I wasn’t thinking of a child that has nothing to do with you and how you treat your people. I do recall you telling me that when you was thinking of not being a publisher anymore, you told me that you stared yourself in the mirror, and told yourself you were stronger than what the people gave you credit for. That you wanted to prove them wrong. So, yeah on that note I paid attention. You can spin it anyway you want, but again there are always 2 sides to every coin.

    What is up with the history lesson of your family tree? What does that have to do with anything on this blog? The sole purpose of this is that YOU, Tabetha Jones own your mistakes. You admit to what you have done. BTW, didn’t you say royalties came out on the 6th? Now they are out again, weird, because when I was signed with you, royalties NEVER came out like that. Let me guess, all the companies have decided to change things.

    As for Faith, you hired Luna, she was in your employ, as a subcontractor. Therefore YOU are responsible to make sure the person YOU subcontracted did the job that they were paid for. YOU as a publisher have that responsibility. No matter what Tabetha, you can’t say you wash your hands of this matter. It would be different if Faith went to Luna directly, but YOU were the one that collected the money from Faith and sent it to Luna. Therefore, DO YOUR DAMN JOB.

    My point about Carlie is this, you claim such a family, yet when an author needed you, you couldn’t be a friend, ie family member. You were so damn willing to take that termination fee. And bullied her to get it. No matter who paid for it, again something you should learn to keep your mouth shut about, it had to be paid. AND YOU CLAIM YOU HAVE A HEART.

    • Family History lesson is this: we have strong genes form Governors, to Cherokee Chiefs daughters, Drill Sergeants, and many owned family business’. The Fergusion, Willis and Jones families have always had the streak for excellence. That is the point of the lesson. And that was embedded into me at a very early age.

      With that being said, no I will never give up, I will never stop fighting, and will never allow anyone to destroy what I have built.

      Lepp, I recall I specifically said there was a termination clause I never said a high pay out. Again who is the one not reading these posts? I believe that would be all of you

      As for Carlie and Faith that is on the past they are no longer part of Phoenix and I did everything I could to help them feel secure and give them confidence in their writing.

      I do have a heart, a very big one. One that has been broken and bruised many times, but it still keeps giving.

      I am done with the past and with that said heres a little quote for you, they say you shouldnt burn bridges you may have to cross later, I say I dont mind swimming if the bridge was fucked up to begin with….

      • All due respect to your family, who cares? They have NOTHING to do with how you run your business. All you’ve built is a reputation for being a liar, a scam, a thief and a con. Only you would be proud of such a legacy.

        Never said “high pay out fee?”
        Uh huh.
        “And btw the contract you have up of Faiths is not correct. There no high termination fee.”
        Read your own comment, HERE
        Pretty sad when you can’t keep up with your own bullshit.

        “It’s in the past.”
        No it’s not. If there are people you owe money, goods or services to, they don’t just go away because you don’t want to be bothered with them. This statement by you, right here, is what’s wrong with you. You think that you can do wrong by people and just dismiss them as being “in the past.” If you had any heart at all, you wouldn’t be able to turn your back on people that you promised to treat like family, only to screw them over so badly, people that you still owe.

        I hope your current authors are watching, if you have any. THIS is how you treat authors. ALL your authors. New ones are not any different. They should read these words from you and run.

        Time and time again, you prove for us what a cold-hearted cheat you are. No “lies” or “hate” needed with you. Your own words are enough to condemn you.


        You didn’t do shit, as per Faith’s messages between you and her, you wanted to shovel everything under the rug and pass the buck like you do all the time.. AGAIN, you hired Luna, you need to make that right. But you won’t, you will just keep pulling your bs I am innocent card. Sooner or later your lies WILL catch up to you and then what??

        BTW, who gives a crap about your lineage, it isn’t them who make you, it is what you take from their knowledge and make it greater. And if you had a streak for excellence as you claim, you wouldn’t run such a shoddy business.

        As long as you keep lying, scamming and cheating, I will be here to, proving at every turn how much of a bullshitter you are.

        Oh, and as for giving them confidence in their writing, you don’t know squat, the only thing you succeeded in doing is linning your pockets, you harmed 2 innocent people, by your calousness. You lied to them.

        YOU LIED TO US ALL !!!!!!!

      • Exactly. Nobody makes her what she is but herself. Good, bad, or ugly (in word and deed), it is her own choices that have made her what she is.
        Honestly, I don’t know how she sleeps at night, knowing how many people she’s hurt.

      • Tabetha, I hate to point out…. wait no, i love pointing it out, A Drill Sargent and a Governor ARE NOT FAMILY GENES. They are occupations you twit. Why does your family history have anything to do with this anyway? Who your family is means nothing. My family is filled with a bunch of bodunk rednecks who never accomplished anything, but yet here i am working my ass off. All you are doing is showing that you are obviously nothing like your family. They seem to have had a general respect for their reputation where you are just sad and pitiful how you flaunt your body in a ‘look at me, look at me’ way. As far as the new ‘British’ mannerisms, it must be another personality you saw on someone else and decided “I must have the attention they get”. Its another pathetic attempt to be the topic of conversation. Pathetic.

  9. Something else I notice. Tabetha kicks up the biggest fuss when she wants to draw attention away from a post that reveals something about her that she wants people to ignore. And, wow, is she kicking up a fuss on this one.

    Don’t get swept up in her flurry of bullshit, folks. Pay attention to the post.
    Make sure your work is pulled from Ingram, Amazon, Createspace, Goodreads, Smashwords and anywhere else you can think of. Don’t trust Tabetha to do it for you. She’s the one that screwed you in the first place, remember? Go make sure your works are yanked out of publication.

    Then hire a proper editor. Look who had her hands on it. We all know how badly she sucks at editing, if she bothers to look it over at all Do it right. Hire somebody that’s qualified. Polish your work. Make it truly professional.

    Replace your cover art. Fresh start, fresh cover. Make it your own project. Scrape PF off the bottom of your shoe, once and for all.

    Then publish your work yourself. Make sure you’re the only one listed as the seller so that no mysterious “third party” sellers can sell your stuff and cut you out of the profits.

    Don’t be distracted by all the bluster. Protect your work.

    • Oh dear Lepp how you have me confused. I am not kicking up a fuss. I have not lost my temper or acted inappopriately, I cam here to set a few wrongs right. To show that you are not always the right one.

      But let me guess, you are one of those people that hate admitting when they are wrong. You cannot stand the fact that I am writing this in a proper form, as a ;lady and not yelling nor screaming to get a point across.

      Faith knew as well as the others that the termination clause had gone from that price to $`125, to cover promotions, editing, and any other outside needs the other could not afford.

      Cindy, you say I was heartless to Carlie. I have receipts still showing where I PAID for all her cover art and the art work itself. Why? Because she did not have the money to cover it.

      I have done for several authors in the company and will continue to do so.

      Unfortunaely when you are running a company and an author leaves you pull work down from sites but it does not stop others from putting those works back up.

      There are some things that are out of my control including third party sellers and vendors. I cannot be held responsible for their actions.

      I do my duty to destroy all files and all links but if someone has purchased a book and wants to sell for anywhere to 90-800 bucks that is that seller not PHOENIX FIRE PUBLISHING.

      I myself am battling to have my book taken down as well but the sellers that have it up clearly state that the own it. I contacted amazon and in result there was nothing that could be done because the seller refused to pull the book.

      So, never accuse me of not addressing your very important issues. Never accuse me of not having a heart. Unless you wake up living my life or have walked a mile in my shoes you have no right to judge or mock.

      So continue throwing your bricks and I will use each and everyone to build my empire.

      • Honey if your a lady I’m the pope. your fucking lying as usual, others have already said how they had their books taken down from Amazon and other places so as usual your trying to make your authors think they can’t do it by saying you can’t do it but as usual it’s a fucking lie like everything you say. Leppy’s right you just don’t want people to think they can take their books down, you want to keep on selling them you sneaky shit, well I hope they do take their books down so you can’t steal from them any more. Your not building an empire your digging your own grave and your own lies are the shovel so keep right on digging Burtha’s waiting for you.

      • If today was payday for anthologies also. Then I have to ask were is mine. You pulled my story from To My Lovers Dismay a few days ago. So I should have a month of pay from you. Yet when I checked my paypal I had none. You said the books sales were flying off the shelves. But none flew my way.

      • Why are you bringing my name up over the $125? I never mentioned that in anything I was discussing on here. I never paid any money for anything. I wouldn’t have either.

    • Not all of it, there’s still some drama left, look there’s one anthology writer already saying they didn’t get paid after Scametha said royalties got paid yesterday and I bet there’s more. Hagetha still needs to answer for that, we may get the family history of the family dog next to explain why she’s such a good boss bitch I can’t wait to see, maybe she’ll do the lineage of the neighbor’s canary.

      • Although me to correct you all anthology authors were paid including Katrina. Royalties are split evenly betwen all authors except myself. Seeing I am the owner of the company I do not take a cut of the royalties, neither does Phoenix.

        Also I believe someone stated in another post I was on disability, not the case. And what was it I sell my pills, not the case. I dont think Viibybrd or Mirapex would sell nor would Gabapentin.

        Now, as far pain pills, my back has become so damaged from the ruptured disc nothing helps it so they have removed them from my scripts. The only thing that can fix that is back surgery.

        And yes I was once on Probabtion i do believe back in 2005 to 2006 for a DWI. Of course those were my party days, which is way in the past.

        I have many friends in Waco, including tattoo artists and yes when bills are paid and my daughter has what she needs, I do pamper myself to a tattoo, but it is my money not the companys that gets spent on those things. Photo shoots are the same.

        I have several offers on the table but my daughter is more important. Although, most of the shoots are free but my family and company come first.

        Not quite sure where you are getting all this information… but did you ever think of this… maybe those that were closest to me I purposely told things to see if they would end up on the blog. I see it worked.

        And you call me a liar and con. Funny how any bit of info I give comes right back here, without knowing if the things I am saying is true or to set you up. Might think about that before you run back here and repeat, makes you look quite foolish.

        In fact its amusing.

      • You keep insisting that you, as owner, don’t take a cut of those anthologies. That sounds so noble on its surface, but what sense does it make? Why wouldn’t the publisher of a book keep a proper percentage? That’s the way (real) publishing works, isn’t it? If you were areal publisher, that is.
        No. For you to insist time and time again, with nearly verbatim wording, it makes one wonder what exactly you’re hiding. If you’re not taking a cut, why do it? The more you try so hard to make them think there’s nothing in it for you, the more you prove two things. First, that you’re making money, and second, that you’re lying to them about it.
        As many anthologies as you crank out at breakneck speed, you must be making more from them than you want your authors to know about it. Any real ones you talk into contributing, that is. They earn pennies per copy, and you’ve got them thinking that’s okay because “royalties are split evenly.” Or so they’re told. How do they know that? What proof do they have? For that matter, what proof do they have that at least half of the contributing authors aren’t you under alias? None, of course.

        I’m pretty sure you meant to type Viibryd, though you can’t even spell your own medication correctly. That’s a heavy-duty antidepressant. Family doctors don’t hand those out. You’ve got to be under a shrink’s care to get those. And they’re pretty pricey, unless you have a state medical card that covers it for you. The other two medications you mentioned treat Parkinson’s disease, seizures and restless leg syndrome. But nothing for the pain of a ruptured disk in your back? You might want to seek a second opinion for that.

        When bills are paid? By whom? You’re running out of authors to soak for sympathy money, and with authors learning how to keep your grubby paws off of their work, you might actually have to find a legitimate way to earn a few bucks for those tattoos and photo shoots.

        Running out of model friends, too, aren’t you dear? They’re catching on to what an unprofessional fraud you are, too. Almost as fast as your authors. They’re dropping out of your life like flies, though you desperately try to keep using their names and images on the strength of those contracts they signed. But those contracts are illegal, and the models are finding that out. So you won’t be able to exploit their work, names and reputations, either.

        Poor Tabetha. Running out of people to exploit. Whatever will you do for money when they’re all gone? It’s coming, and fast. Better put that thinking cap on.

        All of your excuses and tactics run on a cycle, don’t they? We’ve seen this arrogant, superior act of yours before, when you’ve got somebody else to write it for you. And we’ve seen the “It’s information that I leaked out” excuse too. Maybe one or two of your authors will buy that. For now. But sooner or later, they’ll learn that the more you deflect, the more you have to hide. Just like your reply. The more you blister, the more you try to explain, the more you botch it because you’re trying to cover up what’s been exposed about you.

        And, of course, none of it changes the fact that your company is illegal, you’re a fraud, and you’ve stolen royalties from just about every author that’s had the misfortune of crossing your path.

      • Yeah, that’s really interesting that royalties supposedly went out twice this month, first on the 6th (according to Tabetha’s own words to Ahmed) and again yesterday, day before, whatever. That’s in stark contrast to her usual tactic of making authors wait for quarterly paym ents while she gets paid monthly.
        What it sounds like to me, IF people really did get paid yesterday, she decided to loosen those purse strings and bleed out a few dollars so that she can PROVE that her authors get paid. “See? royalties went out yesterday. My authors get paid”
        We’ve seen it before. Every so often, she’ll bleed out small payments so that her authors (and we) will think she really does pay.
        I’m not falling for it. A few dollars here and there do not a proper payment make. If I were an author of hers, I’d demand to see a sales report directly from createspace, one that’s not altered. That might be tricky, since it looks like all her authors’ books get published on her personal account. Big no-no, but again, look who we’re talking about.

      • Wtf … I just don’t see Katrina coming on here asking about royalties if she was paid! Speaks for itself.

        The bs of saying shit to see if it gets here…. really? Okay in her own words she admits to being a liar. If she can lie about little things on daily basis what else can she lie about?

        Ex… two years ago she was to sue Brandy along side of an author Nikki to becoming friends again with her bc the old story of Mystic’s fall was not the same… think about it …why would you befriend the very same person you accuse of putting you in this very same position? Oh that is right… true is two years later Tabetha is still scamming. No matter what I doubt all these people are lying.

        Tabetha may be putting a sweet faced mask for Halloween but nothing changed she talked about her family as sharkbait and attention… no offense but you family business and history has nothing to do with my you are here. Just like you I can type up who my family is but it does not make it true. You are an author so you make up stories, right? Yes words can be twisted … bottom line is you and only you are the reason of why you and your company gets ousted on this blog. No amount of sweetest noe changes the fact you hurt people and it was no mistake.

        The thing that gets me…if a lawyer is okay with a contract that they agreed is so solid would not mind having his/her name attached to it publically… so you are lying and/or the lawyer is to cowardly to put their name on it… people think about that alone. She will not even give it to employees and if it is because she cannot trust you guys do you really want her in charge of your money? I read her comments… she stated she does not trust her employees if she says things to see if it shows up here.

      • Exactly. Either she’s so paranoid and mistrustful of her employees that she lies to them on a daily basis over the course of years, or she’s desperately lying here to cover up the truth that gets revealed about her.
        Which do you think is more likely?
        Right. Either way, she’s a liar. And, yet again, she just proved it.

  10. HA HA HA!!!!! I never said I was Tab’s sister you stupid CUNTS did you look so fucking stupid right now HA HA HA!!!! Tan’s always one step ahead making you look like the stupid fucking CONTS you are look at you acting like the hateful lying BITCHES you are while she’s the perfect lady proving your all HATING LYING CUNTS ESPECIALLY YOU LEPPFUCKINGWHORE!!!! SO YOU CAN ALL EAT SHIT WHILE A REAL LADY SWEETLY KISSES HER MIDDLE FINGER AT YOU AND RUNS HER SUCCESSFUL PUBLISHING COMPANY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE BUT SIT AROUND BITCHING ABOUT A REAL LADY WHOSE A REAL WRITER YOUR ALL JEALOUS LOSERS!!!!

    • Oh, you are good for a laugh, aren’t you?
      I believe I’ve said several times that I don’t think you’re Tabetha’s sister Dee, but go ahead and keep laughing.

      Calling ME a whore? My, but you do love that kettle, don’t you, pot? I’ve been happily domesticated with the same man for more than a decade, and can count the lovers I’ve had in my lifetime on one hand.
      What about you?
      Thought so.

      While I do like my conts to be tan, your buddy (relative?) is no lady. She’s a crass, foul-mouthed scam artist that’s getting somebody else to write her material for her because she couldn’t write her way out of a wet paper sack with both hands and a chainsaw.

      She can kiss that middle finger all she wants, sweetly or otherwise. Considering where it’s been, she can keep it.

      Several of Tabetha’s authors have published their own books after they left her, and they’re doing much better now than they ever did with her. So they get the last laugh.

      Speaking of which. I really do need to work on mine. I was devastated by my external crashing. All my work was on that. But I’m making good progress. It shouldn’t be long before my next project is out Not right away, though Unlike Tabetha, I don’t rush my books to print.

      And what, dear Ruby, are you dong today that contributes something to this world? Perhaps before you cast hateful dispersions at others, you should take a good look at yourself.

      • 12:02 am I have not been paid. After Tabetha sees I posted at 4:@@ in the am I have sent to me 1.47 after paying her transaction fee of .34 cents I have 1.13 how ever my balance is still at 0.00 seems alot have this problem????So yes it showes a payment but no money in the balance. But I have no invoice of why I was paid or what for to contest the fact I have to pay said fee…. I mean its my money she should be paying the fee if not then PayPal shouldnt be used the way she does. Wtf….. it just keeps getting better.

      • This post was sent to me by Katrina I just girhit to header it that way… but very interesting if you ask me….

    • Dear Ruby I can’t type worth a shit,
      What was stated was ” Ruby Dee is portraying to be Tabetha’s sister” and she needed to put your ghetto ass on a leash. Again, you are quite WRONG, you read what you want to read, and JUMP when Tabetha says jump. How do those strings feel little puppet??? You were so quick to jump in and rescue “TAN” that you don’t even know who you are referring to. LMMFAO, isn’t it TAB??? Everyone knows that she is just being a wolf in sheeps clothing!!! Being a so called sweet “lady” to try and prove that she is being seen in a wrong light. But my dear ACTIONS always speak louder than words. From where I am sitting, her actions have proven less of a lady and more of a liar.
      Let’s address the editing part of Tabetha’s lie, she told me to use the spell check program on my microsoft word, so it would save editing. HMMM, so exactly who is being paid to edit?? If you want to use my first book as an example, gee, since I pulled my 3 books, I have sent them out to be reviewed since the reviews in them were bogus, and the first book alone had 15 typos, and errors. So Tabetha, how’s that editing going for you???

      Why would you put lies out there, come on this blog and make comments about them, trying to defend yourself if you know it is all bullshit?? In doing that you have made yourself more of an ass then just the shady business practice. Funny, you say not sure where you are getting your information, and in the same breath say you are putting the lies out there to make it to this blog. Again, trying to have your cake and eat it too. The worst is you have “FRIENDS” coming on here making themself look to be wack jobs or just plain stupid. AAAANNNDDD, here we go again with what a perfect mother you are. Tabetha WHO CARES, again ACTIONS not WORDS, a real lady, loving mother, trusted friend, and the lot does not need to be broadcasted to EVERYONE when you do good, the word gets around faster than when you broadcast it yourself. Kind of self centered of you isn’t it??

      And F.Y.I. you can ask Faith, I told her to hold off on publishing with you, in fact begged her not to, until I was sure of you and how you were going to be. So, think of this, if I was telling her that, what signals were going off in my head? What indicators were you giving to make me second guess you and your business?? I didn’t succeed with Faith, but you can bet your sweet ass that if I can stop another author from being in your clutches,I WILL.

      Isn’t it also strange to know, that you didn’t pay Katrina anything until something was said on this blog!!!

      • I pay out the royalties as they come in to all authors. I have to wait until they are deposited into the companys paypal account my dear Cindy.

        And I can speak of the fact I am proud of my daughter anytime I see fit. It does not make me self centered to applaud my daughters and familys accomplisments.

        And as far as Ruby Dee I myself would LOVE to know who she is. She seems to strike a nerve with each and everyone of you.

        And sweets if its my cake then I think its only fitting I get to eat it too, but I’m not much of a cake person actually.

        Continue to think you know me, continue to think you know my company.

        Again as I stated I find it funny certain aspects of certain conversations come up on here that were purposely set up just to see who would run their mouths.

        And that there ends the lesson for this post.

      • Nobody said you can’t be proud of your kid. But what has that got to do what this topic, or how shady your business is? Nothing. Just a diversionary tactic on your part.

        Sorry. It’s not working. Layer by layer, you’re being exposed, and no amount of tap dancing is going to change that.

        The only lesson you’re teaching anybody is what a sham you are, with every word and every deed. Do keep it up, dear. More authors are leaving you, and fewer are falling for your scam. Soon, the only people interested in your bogus company will be the ones investigating it. Can you feel their breath on your neck? They’re close, hon, and getting closer. That, “sweets” is the icing on the cake, and we’re the ones that get to enjoy it.

      • Hence again she admits to lying to you as employees and stating she does not trust you.

        Liars especially the ones that believes her own lies is going to lie about everything including money, hers or yours.

      • But your money IS her money. In her mind, anyway.

        Which leads us right back to the point, lest we be mislead. Authors, YANK YOUR WORK FROM PUBLICATION so she can’t pirate it. Get it edited, and republish it yourself. Put your money back in your own pockets.

      • And even then, did she really pay or didn’t she? That’s still up in the air.
        And if she did, was it everything she earned over the course of her “career” with Tabetha? Somehow, I doubt it. More like a few pennies just to prove that she “pays” her authors. Such a pitiful, predictable display.

    • Since Tabetha isn’t really addressing issues, and, obviously, you know everything, I’ll just state this here: I sure hope with all of Tab’s talk of her mother’s attorney, that he’s going after whoever let her mum be at home with compound fractures. Hell, I hope those bones were put back in, though Tab’s never mentioned that, nor has she mentioned her cervix recreation surgery. Interesting, no? Or perhaps the European writing her shtick isn’t aware of those things.
      Or, her many alts and scriptwriters have been so busy trying to cram bullshit down everyone’s throats, getting her sister in here and now you, that she doesn’t remember her other bullshit. Let me give you a little note that you can take back to Your Master: Continuity is key in writing fiction – which exactly what you and your trash-talking little friends are saying. Fiction, and nothing more.

      • I know right? Whatever happened to those compound fractures and did anybody ever tell that doctor he was slandered with malpractice on a blog, he might want to sue her fat ass for that.

  11. I was given royalties for anthologies that were supposedly selling very well. I usually got a dollar something and had to pay Paypal’s fee myself. My question is why, if you look up anthologies from PF, do they have Tabetha Jones as the author? I am new to a lot of this so that is why I am asking. Also, I have always thought that if you pay someone for services rendered, it is their responsibility to perform those services, no matter how they go about doing it. If they subcontract the work out to someone else, how is that your problem? Also, I saw, in writing, that Luna shipped all of the swag she made for me to Tabetha. If that is the case, how does Tabetha not know anything about my swag? And if it is not her responsibility to fulfill any agreements she makes with authors because she decides to get rid of them, then why do authors have to pay her for when they leave PF? Isn’t that the same thing?

    • Those are some very good questions. Let’s ask the boss lady herself and see what she says.

      1) Why do the authors have to pay the transaction for for their royalties?

      2) Why are you, Tabetha Jones, listed as an author on the anthologies? (I already have a pretty good idea, but I want to see what she says.)

      3) Why aren’t you responsible for goods and services that YOU were paid for?

      4) If Luna shipped the swag in question back to you, why didn’t the author get it? How do you know nothing about it?

      5) Why do you feel you have no responsibility to fulfill your obligations your authors that you make with authors because you decide to get rid of them?

      6) Why do authors have to pay to get away from you when you’re the one that isn’t doing the job?

      Tab’s checking this blog even more frequently than usual today. Let’s see if she steps up and answers these valid and legitimate questions from a former author.

    • If the right hand blames the left hand and the left blamrs the right, then who is the boss and/or owner? The flying monkeys under horrid command of the wicked witch? A three ringed monkey circus is ran better than this company.

  12. There it is the “COMPANIES” account, which by all definition she can show PROOF of each and every INDIVIDUAL authors earnings. Without sharing others information, as she has been so adament about. And I quote ” I have to download the information from the site and black out all other’s authors acct information, before I can send to you”. Do you remember that conversation, Tabetha? If your company has it’s own company account, then EACH and EVERY author should have their own information, except where the anthologies are concerned. But then since things are divided evenly, there should be no problem showing any of those authors the reports. No matter who’s name is on the acct. We all know that won’t happen, because 1 your account is set up as PF being the author, or account holder, and 2 you don’t want ANYONE knowing you get more money than the authors by any means. You refuse to be straightforward in anything you do.

    I don’t give one rat’s ass about your child, mother, sister, aunt, uncle or dead ferret. What I care about is the money you have swindled from the authors, myself included. You want to throw your family in the mix to deflect from everything else, get over it. We have learned that trick, time to learn a new one. Oh wait, you are trying, this nicey nice routine. How many conversations have I myself had with you either by phone or FB?? NO, I don’t know you, not in full detail, but do know enough to know that when you are confronted with any adversity, anyone trying to make you show what they have earned, you back peddal so fast your feet catch fire. I do know that on the MANY OCCASSIONS I have asked you for information on my sales you changed the subject. I do know that you have plotted and schemed to turn cussy’s and lepp’s worlds upside down, hell I will admit at one time I was right there along with you plotting too. So don’t say I don’t know, because I was there, and am sure others are going to come forward about this as well.

    You say you don’t know Ruby Dee, that’s just hard to believe, since her writing style is similar to yours when you are pissed off. But I will give the benefit of the doubt to you, since somehow you were able to manipulate someone else to get on another blog and curse like a sailor and say things that he/she knew nothing about nor should have been involved in. Unlike you I won’t mention any names, I am not a attention whore, I don’t need to pull others into the mix. I am sure you know who i refer to.And before you say I brought Faith and Carlie in the mix, I promised both that I would not use their names unless it was neede to prove something valuable to this blog. That is what I did. Then again maybe not since you love being the puppeteer, and seeing how many people you can make dance for you.

    You saying you put FALSE information out there, just PROVES to more people that you are the LIAR we are saying you are. That you would rather scheme and plot then to run a legit company. You never addressed the issues of poor editing, bogus reviews and the like, more deflection I see. You always change the story to fit your needs. Royalities come out every 3-4 months, now every month. and even more amazing, 2 times in a month, HOLY SHIT IT’S CHRISTMAS. .. Are you keeping notes on all your bullshit stories, or are you just winging it?

    • If, rather than a company account, she pjavascript:void(0)ublished everybody’s works, including anthologies, on her PERSONAL account, wouldn’t that account for having to black out other people’s information? If everything’s on her personal account, wouldn’t that account for why everything’s on one page?

      • Yup… and since she keeps calling it her “company” but it goes into personal funds, that is EMBEZZLEMENT right there. Big ol’ crime. BIG.

      • And that, my friends, is why I encourage her authors to turn her in to be investigated. To the FBI for the crime, and to the IRS for the finances.

  13. I love that she thinks she knows who her mole is now because she set everybody up with that law suit tidbit but she really is stupid because she told other people including me and others that she was trying to set Jackie up and try to get Lep to take the bait, so it wasn’t a secret at all dumbass. Think you know who I am well keep guessing Tabby girl, your ice cold. I like how you lie and tell people your not getting pain pills anymore funny but you pop them like candy when your not selling off extras for money so keep lying. By the way I made a little call about the other little tidbits you told me the last few days. Playing with you is fun but fun time is almost over little girl it’s almost time for the ax to fall when I’m finished watching you twist and turn at the end of your string it’s almost over now.

    • Dallas Gurl, if you can really do this, and by all that is good in this world, which isn’t much now a days, I would almost be willing to send you a bouquet of roses or something from edible araingements just to show you how grateful we all are. Tabetha has done so many so dirty, that it will be good to finally feel clean again. To see her get her just desserts. There’s that cake metaphore again Tabby. Lap it up, fngers crossed you pay the piper soon. and everyone sees you for what you really are.

    • Dallas Gurl, I love you but can you please stop playing around? If you can stop her please do it. There are real people out there being lied to and scammed on a daily basis, they deserve better. Please put Tabby out of all our misery.

      • I have to agree, here. If anybody’s got the goods, please use them. You’d be saving the taxpayers the money it’s costing to investigate her, and the time it’s taking the feds. Whoever’s got that dime, drop it.

  14. There is a very logical answer as to why Phoenix does not take a cut of the anthologies. I feel it wrong. These anthologies are for them and to get them exposure, not for Phoenix to make money.

    And my snthology authors appreciate that but if you sell 10 copies of a 2.99 book and there are 12-18 authors listed in that anthology then no the royalties do not add up to much but I do ensure they receive what is theirs’. Not matter if it is a penny or a 100 bucks.

    As for how I make my OWN money from the company, I do several things. None of them include selling pills, or getting disability. Although I do qualify for it with my back being the way it is but I have chosen not to have surgery especially after the botched surgery I recently had.

    I am still licensed under the Texas Rules and Regulations for Hair and Makeup, but I only limit it to very close friends and family. I make jewelry for other companies in the publishing world. I have several sources, and although it may not be much it allows myself and daughter to live and give her the things she needs.

    As far as my medication is concerned. I did inherit one trait from my birth mother, a severe panic disorder that causes panic attacks. Viibryd can be used along side other medications to control those but the dose I am on seems to work quite well on its on. Seeing how I no longer allow your words or others to effect me the way they used too.

    I firmly admit I was on several antidepressants and anxiety meds a few months ago, but then I got to thinking why should I care if you call me a whore, or a slut. Say that I am drug addict. We all know I had my demons in the past with meth but I have been clean and sober since April 06 and would never go back to that lifestyle and will never allow others into my life that are.

    Mirapex helps control the nerve damage from the ruptured disc in my back because I have opted to decline a stimulator to be put in with back surgery. Gabapentin helps work along side that.

    I no longer take the pain meds because the pain has become so out of control that regular pains such as Norco no longer work and they were wanted to give me something much stronger and I declined. I am used to the pain and tears of hurt. I still have a company to run and a daughter to rise.

    You seem to think you know so much about me but yet you know nothing at all.

    • Not in it for the money? I don’t know who you think you’re fooling. You’re trying to put on a good show right now, but too many of your former victims, anthology and otherwise, have come forward to say that you don’t pay. And they can prove it.

      That’s a fascinating rundown of your psychiatric and chemical history. No. Really. But again, it has precisely zero to do with the fact that your company does not legally exist, therefore you contracts are void, and any money you steal from people using them is ill-gotten gains. There’s a whole list of laws you’re breaking with every single day that passes, and they cannot catch up to you too soon.

  15. Dallas Gurl she accused me the other day as being you. She doesn’t remember who she tells what to. I would love to have a private conversation with you.

    • Jacqueline and the true color come out. I dont speak with anyone about my private life or company business other than you. You accused my best friend of 22 years olf being involved when she could care less about what is said because she knows me.

      She knows the woman I am and frankly I thought you did too. You say everything is fine between us and that you want to continue out friendship then you come on here and say these things.

      I never accused you I asked you plain and simple woman to woman. Because certain details of our conversations I say to you end up on here and I find that od don’t you.

      Everytime we talk you are so kind and tell me you love me and how if anything was to ever happen to my mother you would want Rylee and I to come to West Virginia to be with you.

      That has always been the plan. So, either you are playing both sides or you arent being honest to one side. As much as we talk you think by now you could tell me the truth.

      I am not trying to fight with you but do you think I dont notice thse things.

      And btw I do hope David gets better after his recent accident, which was the second one just a few days ago.

      And what hurts the most is you have warmed my childs heart and she is always asking how is Aunt Jacqueline… so this back and forth needs to stop. Not ust for my health issues, considerig I am to be under no stress but for that little girl’s sake that you say you love so dearly.

      • There you go again, letting your paranoia run away with you. I’ve heard details of your “private” conversations from more than one person. Don’t blame Jackie for the fact that you can’t keep your bullshit straight.

        Honey, if you were so concerned about that little girl’s heart, you’d quit using her as fodder in your bullshit head-games. You’ve posted about her at length already today, and here you are again, using her to try and make Jackie feel guilty. You just don’t know when to stop using that poor kid in your manipulative little schemes. It’s revolting.

      • You know what Tabetha. I love how every time Jacqueline tries to do anything that you don’t like you use the Riley card. You can’t use her as a way to keep someone tethered to you. Yes, i know that Jacqueline does care about your daughter, but at the same time that is her NOT YOU. You did this same shit last time Jacqueline left you. “Riley misses her Aunt Jacqueline” “She wants to know why her Aunt Jacqueline isnt calling her anymore” maybe its because her bitch of a mother fucked Aunt Jacqueline one too many times and she finally got tired of it. But you will never see that will you? You will always play on someone caring about a CHILD. Always use her a fodder for attention. GET OVER IT. If Jacqueline wants to have any type of contact with Riley I can almost guarantee she has ways to do that… and none of them involve talking to you

  16. This response is so rich in bullshit…

    First… if you are going to point fingers at a person for bringing information to a blog, stop reading and go look in the mirror..
    Now see that person standing before… number 1 person bringing personal information to a blog…yes you, Tabetha Jones…
    Jackie does not air much here… because you were ousted as a *surprise surprise* liar again foes not give you the right to turn it around.
    Diverting attention a child… I hope someone takes this information at child services because in most states you have abused your daughter… are you running out of people to blame stuff on? Oh you are…
    Talk about on the fence and bring stuff out… you are peoples business and do not care who you hurt… no you do not have a big heart …
    COWARD that is what you are! You ask why I say that… your words paint the picture … bringing your daughter out on a blog to create a diversion off you and your business, only a lying scheming, worthless con artist bring an innocent child’s business/history for you are a coward because you hide behind a child.

    • Exactly. First she brings somebody else’s child’s business on this blog, and now she’s bringing out her own 6 year old daughter. NOBODY is safe from this coward.

      • I have never fucked Jacqueline over, we have never had those issues dear Sabrina. We talk, we get along, and share a great friendship. Yes, my daughter does ask about her is that a problem?

        I dont use my child as a Fodder I would never, and you are sorely mistaken. As far as my private conversations the only person I have talked to recently is Jacqueline and my best friend of 22 years Misty.

        I talk with my mother and my sister. I talk to my friends out of state I went to school with but it has nothing to do with any of this. In fact I saw a friend from school last night. He is getting married.

        I talk Bo regularly and we talk about everything. I speak to my model friends but again nothing about this.

        I have no reason to hide between anyone. I’m not the person you think I am,

      • Yes you are.

        Who are you kidding? You talk to anybody that will listen about all of this. You talk on radio shows about all of this. You’re the biggest whiner on the planet. I’d be surprised if there’s anybody you’ve ever met that hasn’t heard about all of this. Do you even know how not to lie?

        Don’t use your daughter as fodder? That’s all you’ve done for the last 2 days. Good lord, stop embarrassing yourself. Or at least, stop embarrassing her.

      • If a child has been allowed to linger in illness when it could have been treated, I agree. I just wonder why somebody in that child’s life let it go on so long without making that call before now.

  17. Okay, I will be happy to change my vocabulary up. You have not fucked over Jacqueline (yet) you just use and abuse her kindness, manipulate her, throw her (and her family) under the bus when it benefits you. That’s a little more your speed, right Tabetha? You can’t completely fuck someone over who hasn’t published anything through your pathetic “company” because there are no royalties to steal.

    • Wait… trying to set Jackie up in a lawsuit isn’t considered fucking someone over but a great friendship… I am highly confuckled now. No I am not for Tabetha is speaking and bullshit spews…..

      • Tabetha says she never *fucked over Jacqueline that is hard to believe. When Jacqueline paid her computer monthly payment so it would not get sent back. Tabetha turned nasty after Jacqueline could not help her get a new computer.
        Also when one author wanted to leave she told them they had to pay the fee because her daughter needed something. She says that the fee goes to the attorney but then she states she does not have one. She has many times tried to throw Jacqueline under the bus. She told one author that It was Jacqueline’s fault that her book was missing things.

  18. Jacqueline wanted me to let you guys know she hasn’t been on posting because she is very sick right now, but if she was to come on and post, our dear Tabbie Cakes would be scared shitless 🙂 Hope you feel better Jackie darlin’ ❤

    • When I hear those words from Jackie herself I’ll believe it. I have no reason to be scared shitless. And I do hope she feels better.

      • JT added the screen cap of the conversation between Jacqueline and myself where she asked me to post that. So dont try to make me look like you. I dont post anything for someone else just for the hell of it. I dont need to make up conversations (or people for that matter) just to make myself feel important.

    • Okay so now that you can’t jump on the bus by saying that I’m a liar and I made up the conversation you are trying to throw Jacqueline under the bus insinuating that she is one? There is no other way you can twist that statement around dear Tabetha. You clearly said that when she talks to you it will be different from what I posted of our conversation… Meaning you just called your ‘good friend’ a liar. Good job on keeping up that lie longer than the time it took you to type the original post where you said you and Jacqueline are great friends and all that bullshit.

      • We talked about why she said that. We talked about many things. The fact of why she’s not feeling well and all.

        Again Jackie and I tAlk and we are quite good friends even through all this.

      • You just don’t care who you throw under the bus, do you? First everything’s Luna’s fault (are you paying attention, Luna?)

        And now you’re making Jackie out to look like some sort of two-faced double agent. What’s the matter, Tabetha, can’t stand to see anybody do well without you so you have to try to alienate her from people that have (re)connected with her after she smarted up and left your conniving ass by making her out to still be a buddy of yours?
        Pathetic that you know your reputation is so dreadful, and that you’ll use that to hurt other people by association.


    • I never side Jackie was playing double agent, I said we spoke and she explained the reason for telling Sabrina that. We do talk and from what I am being told things are just fine. In fact one of our last conversatios was about if anything ever happened to my mom she wanted myself and Rylee to come stay with her. It had been the plan for a long while and still was.

      And Luna is a wonderful person I have never said one thing bad about her. Who she does business with is her business not mine. As who I do business with is mine and no one elses.

      Now, Totally Pissed dont you just know how to grab an auidence. Writing checks my ass cant cash, wow that sounds a lot like Eric Henley there. That was his favorite saying. Or ending up in a ditch somewhere.

      I sm not a whore sorry you must have me mistaken for someone else and I certainly dont spread anything like cheeze whiz that is vulgar and disgusting.

      I’m really curious of what everyone is going to think of the next set of pics I do, I’m looking to having them done in-between doctors appoinments and all. But more importantly I wont have to worry about my baby girl getting sick anymore finally get those tonsils taken out.

      Then I cant wait for her to get better for the special things i have planned!!!

      • Hmmmm, baby girl FINALLY getting those pesky tonsils taken care of. Wasn’t that something your sorry ass was to do over the summer so your little one wouldn’t miss school? Guess you couldn’t blame her dad anymore, so you decided to FINALLY get it taken care of. Great parenting there mom of the year. Lol lol lol

      • I just wonder why nobody in that poor kid’s life hasn’t picked up the phone and made a call in favor of her well-being. Kid should know that there’s SOMEBODY in her life that cares about her.

      • Ever the schemer, aren’t you? You never SAID Jackie was a double agent, but here you are, day after day, making it look like you two are all buddy-b uddy, in each other’s hip pockets.
        There might be people in your life that she cares about even though she’s finished with you. Unlike you, most people can’t just turn their hearts on and off like a switch. So them being important to somebody doesn’t mean you are. So stop trying to make it into something it isn’t.

        No, your cheese isn’t spreadable like whiz. It’s stanky like Limburger, moldy and hoping somebody will come along that doesn’t have a sense of smell.

        Honestly, I don’t care what your next set of pics looks like. It’s going to be the same old thing: you thinking you’re sexy on any level. Aside from FB, I think we’re the only ones that have been looking at them. You can count me out. I’ve seen enough of your sleazy ass. I quite frankly don’t believe that you’ve got any photographer in Dallas begging you for pictures. I think that’s your delusional ego in your fantasy land.

        How long has your baby girl been sick, when a simple tonsillectomy could have made her better? How long as that poor child suffered because you couldn’t be bothered to take her to the doctor? I don’t know if that’s just neglect, or outright abuse. Maybe somebody SHOULD make that call.

      • Sadly tabetha i don’t have to come on here and hide behind 50 random names to try and act like i have back up. I use my real name on here unlike you playing ruby dee and bo. A female wow that and the only one on here that does that sneaky shit is your deplorable ass. I’m about to make you look like the biggest dumbass ever so i give you two options. 1: keep my name out of your whorable mouth or 2: be ready to answer a shit ton of questions because i have my proof about you in black and white. The choice is yours be smart for the first time in your disgusting existence and just disappear.

  20. Who gives a flying fart what your next disgusting work of “art” will be, if you are in it, it will be the same tired trash. An overly made up tramp posing as a human. There is nothing dignifying in your statements, nothing worthy of a second glance. Hell, I am older than you and look about 15 yrs younger. My grammy used to say the best thing to do with garbage is to throw it out, otherwise it stinks up the place. and you my dear are GARBAGE. Did I touch a nerve with the cheese whiz statement, awe too freaking bad. You are the one that is vulgar and disgusting. You are the low life piece of shit that hurts and abuses people. Takes advantage and tosses them aside, when they either get wise to your crap or you can’t get anything from them anymore. You should have paid more attention to your child than this so called crap business you are running. Exactly how many days has the little darling missed since school started,because you were too busy pranciing around half naked, and the only reason I say half, is that poor excuse of cloth that wasn’t covering you, to take care of your so called most cherished gift? You are a the canadate for the worst mom in the world award if I have ever seen. Not only do you steal from your authors, your child doesn’t matter to you as long as you get what you want. She is a pawn like everyone else in your life. You don’t have a heart, hell do you even know what love is? It is getting tiresome trying to make you see reason, you will always be all about you. Isn’t that how you lived your life all along? That is what I remember about you at least. You have always been self centered, and conceited. You always thought you were better than the rest. Your true colors can’t be hidden. Funny thing is, you will never know who I am. Enjoy that, like I said, you never know who you are talking to or who really has your best interest at heart. Am I that one person you mistreated growing up? Am I an author just tired of your shit? Or am I your dearest confidant? You will never know, but I know you. What little there is to know. You haven’t changed, then again a lepard never will change it’s spots.

    • How long has that poor child been sick while mom pranced a round half naked for photo shoots, chased models around Dallas and served her own selfish pursuits? In all seriousness, how is that not child abuse?

      • Also, why in the world did she even bring it up? Her daughter’s tonsillectomy has nothing to do with what was being talked about. I do NOT understand why she would even fucking mention it. SMH

      • Because, for one thing, she’s completely unable to keep her business and personal life separate. She just has no fucking clue.

        Also, so that when anybody mentions her daughter, she can scream “Look! The haters are picking on my poor sweet little girl!” You know, to prove we’re HATERS. And never mind that SHE brought it up in the first place. *eye roll*

      • From what I know, little miss has been sick for a year or a little more. Ear infections, sinus issues and of course the terrible tonsils. She was trying to blame her daughter’s dad for the illnesses, but that proved futile when said child was not with dad for about a month. She was told to get the surgery done over the summer. Since the little angel missed so much time from kindergarten, and summer would give her time to heal. I do believe she has missed close to a month of school already this year. Also F.Y.I. the quote of Tabetha saying Jackie offered Tab ‘ s daughter and her a place to live is false. The offer was extended to Tab ‘ s MOTHER and child. Again how she twists things. And why she brought up the illness of her little one is the usual gambit, divert attention and feel sorry for her.

  21. First Eric do I look like I’m scared of you? You can’t seem to keep my name from ur lips at least what I speak of you is the truth.

    Totally pissed and shhh to boy don’t you have your shit all wrong.

    Again my daughter was never scheduled for surgery and every time she was sick she has been taken to the doctor.

    Keep assuming keep lookin like asses.

    • You only speak words of lies tabetha. I served in the corps and i kicked your ass out. The two things you try and twist with me will be your downfall. And you should be scared extremely scared. Your world is about to crumble around yoy and i will be there to see you carted off in handcuffs in front of your daughter and yes your mother will be arrested to add an accomplice. You will never see your kid or the light of day again. Keep my name out of your mouth and maybe I’ll keep foster care out of it.

      • Dude, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got the goods on her, USE THEM. The faster she’s not longer able to victimize people, the better off the world will be.
        Foster care won’t be a factor as long as there’s another parent to take custody.
        Don’t just say it man, DO IT.

      • Eric you never served in the corps. You lied about it because you lead a miserable life and said you never did anything important. You got sick and didnt even complete boot camp and I do believe Lepp called you out on all that.

        Your sister has told me, your mother, both have told me you never completed boot camp. And when I confronted you about it you said it was the truth you had lied to me.

        And I told you we would ahve to start all over because the injuries you had werent from serving in the Marines it was because of stupid shit you did and football.

        So you think you are the big bad wolf thats going to take me down? Carted off in handcuffs and my mom too? Really?

        All you are is talk.

      • If I called Eric out on his service, it’s because YOU said he never made it out of boot camp. But this isn’t about Eric, is it? It’s about YOU being a liar and a fraud. No amount of diversion is going to change that. So keep trying to throw Eric under the bus. Keep trying to bully and threaten Jacqueline. The truth is that you’re only doing it because you can’t come up with any REAL answers. That’s obvious, and the world sees it.

  22. Well lets see the proof where he served. Where is his check for getting discharged for injury? Where is his miliary id? Where is is paperwork to fill taxes..oh thats right he gives his money to his best friends wife that died in his arms.

    He never served a day never finished boot camp and i actually took up for him when you called him out when he wouldnt give u the evidence he served. You were the one that did the research or has that slipped your mind. He was no where to be found in the records.

    I am not threatening or bullying anyone that would be our job.

    If anyone is a lia and a fraud its everyone on this blog you and Eric being the biggest ones of all.

    • There’s that pot and kettle again. Calling everyone else what you know you are.
      Put down the kettle, dear pot, because it’s a mirror you need. If it doesn’t break on you. You’re the bully. You’re the liar, you’re the thief, you’re the fraud. This post alone proves it. YOU prove it for us, with every day that passes.

  23. Tabetha always likes bringing up the shortcomings of others, yet still cannot admit that she is worse than anyone she is pointing a finger at. I do recall saying for every finger you point to others there are more pointing back at you,Tabetha. Or are you selective reading just like you selectively do everything else. Selective pay, selective business keeping, selective being a freaking human being. Why don’t you do your so called job and pay those who you owe? Why don’t you stop your whinny whinning and be a real woman? Why does Lepp and the rest of us have to keep proving what a worthless piece of shit you are? Why is it no matter what we do to prove your sorry ass is nothing but a lying piece of crap you are, you keep LYING? Why do you keep throwing everyone under the bus? I sure can’t wait til it is your turn under that bus, can’t wait til you feel the boots on your throat, the pain and misery you have given to everyone. Your lies will catch up to you, sooner or later, and when that day comes I hope someone has video.

  24. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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