Flip Flop

Tabetha Jones contradicts herself so many times that it’s impossible to believe anything she says. Here are just a few examples, taken from her own statements within the last few days alone.

First, she has an attorney:
And then she doesn’t:

First, her contracts are legal and binding, but then they had to be reworked.
So, which is it? Were they “legal and binding” or not?

The answer is NOT.

Even with the assistance of an attorney (which she, by her own admission, she does not have), no contract she produces is legal. Even if the wording were iron-clad (which it’s not. We’ll address that later), her contract still wouldn’t be legal. If the company producing the contract is illegal, said company’s contracts are not legal, either, whether it’s a publishing company or photo business. Make no mistake. For all the bluster and plethora of mentions of nonexistent attorneys, those contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Back to the topic of Tabetha contradicting herself. First, she insists that “there no high termination fee” for leaving her company:
Then she brags about how a former author’s (ex) husband had to pay that author’s termination fee because it was too high for the author to afford on her own:
So, not only does she contradict herself about those fees, she doesn’t hesitate to post a former author’s personal business online. So much for that release form.

Authors, I hope you’re watching. Tabetha Jones contradicts herself more often than she changes underwear. If she bothers to wear any. These contradictions were taken from a single conversation. There are dozens, if hot hundreds more over the course of the past few years. Just read back through the history of this blog to educate yourself.

Don’t be suckered by a fast-talking con artist. Steer very clear.


87 thoughts on “Flip Flop

  1. Hmm seems Tabetha can’t even keep her lies straight anymore. For the longest time she shouted from the rooftops that she had a lawyer on retainer…. Todd Herring i believe she said his name was. A close friend of the family. But now she has no lawyer on retainer?
    Maybe you should keep a notebook with all your lies in it so you can stop looking like such a damn idiot all the time, Tabetha ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Funny thing with that name…two years ago former authors called his office to serve her and he denied knowing or helping her… again lies. And that name is a diversion when she also states a lawyer’s name does not need to be given out… Hence she is pretending to know law(s) and lawyer(s). SHE LIES PERIOD!

      $125 was the fee Tabetha mentioned.
      Many author have stated only getting a buck and some change a month making it about 12.50 a year…the fee is ten times the amount.

      Fee pays for all the stuff she mentioned.
      A) edits… when people on this blog has to point out a female cat has male eyes in the sample of a book…it has not been edited so what are you paying for?
      B) createspace is included so that is a bust
      C) cover/promos … if you are only making a buck and change….your book is not “flying off the shelf” … even in an anthology in which money is divided.
      D) all other things…. hmmm this is wide open from paying for laptop to electricity for it all? Just throwing out there….
      Take a long look at things….

      • Exactly. She didn’t say there’s no fee. She said there’s no “high” termination fee.

        ANY fee is too high when the person demanding it is a crook. Especially when we’re talking about people that don’t earn that much, who are just desperate to get away from a thief that’s lying to them.

        We’ve all seen that she doesn’t edit the books she sends to print. And even if her efforts were worthy of a fee, which they clearly are not, edits are included in the services any (real) publisher pays for. It’s part of the job. Same thing for cover art. Sure, self-published authors have to pay for their own, but I’ve never known a single legitimate traditional publisher that charges for cover art. Not one.

        She does nothing for an author that they can’t do for themselves for free, and probably a much better job of it, at that. And they get the added bonus of keeping all the royalties they earn without a thief picking their pockets the whole time.

    • Todd Herring, I think the name Steve was thrown in there once or twice, and now she’s getting a lot of mileage out of an author in the field. One thing she’s never gotten straight: That authors are that, and only that. Authors. Clients. They don’t sign up to get dragged into her drama. But there’s not a single one of them that doesn’t get dragged in. By her.

  2. I do have attorney sweet Sabrina and my dear Lepp, I stated I do not keep one on retainer. And the termination fee for Carlie Rose was $80.00 and I do have proof of that. Yes I said 80 not 350.

    My contracts are solid and very legal, but, the reason of having them reworked was for more protection for the company AND the author.

    I have no reason to lie, or keep a little notebook I do believe it is each and everyone of you that looks to be a fool.

    It is not my fault you twist words and use them for what you want. There is no reason for me to keep an attorney on retainer. Again there is no point. Again why? Because I am not a liar nor a thief.

    And I do keep records of all payouts, sales reports, and contracts. And they are all legal and binding, and real. Nothing is falsified.

    And Cindy allow me to enlighten you. Createspace is the only source that can be printed out title by title with just that authors info on it. All other sites print the sales records for all that is why it is necessery for me to black out their info and return back to the author.

    And another thing to set the record straight I do not do business under my private accounts, I have no private accounts only Phoenix Fire accounts. That would be fraud.

    See ladies I do a bit more than you give me credit for. Keep watching and I just might teach you all a thing a two about business.

    • Oh, please Tabetha. Teach away. I would love for you to give me a lesson in how to run a business. I am DYING to hear your secrets. *rolls eyes* Why don’t you just go back to your hole and pretend to be a model and a publisher for a little longer. while the evidence piles up against you. Just wait for that knock at the door from the suits because i promise it will be coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I have been hearing that threat so long it makes me yawn. The only men in suits that might come to my door would probably be strippers for a happy bday strip o gram.

        Of course there is another man in a suit that might visit my door, a bounty hunter I have know quite a long time, although it would be a tactical uniform not a suit.

        I do get several men in uniform at my home daily nurses, old friends, and cops. Some are very good friends of mine.

        You want a lesson Sabrina, allow me to give you the knowledge that was given to me, are you paying attention? Everyone? Keep your mouth shut, your eyes open, and your mind at work.

        Short and sweet. Now you may ask why I don’t keep my mouth shut, well the answer is this. I will prove each and every single one of you wrong daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. I come here to defend what is mine and defend my authors.

        Oh and I forgot God did grant me a mouth to talk through, so you want more details of the world of Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire my door is always open to those that are in need of a helping hand.

        And the biggest lesson is this. No, its not what you are thinking. I don’t sell myself or anything or that nature that seems to be brought up constantly here.

        I am not talking about ripping people off, or stealing work, nor being a thief. Its called not being afraid to get your hands dirty and work constantly busting your ass each day to ensure things run smoothly correctly and properly.

        Can you say you do the same? Can you say you have applied those lessons in the writing world. Naw I didn’t think so either.

      • Keep thinking that. When they do knock on your door, it will be all that much sweeter if you’re surprised. I just hope one of ’em has a camera handy to snap a pic of the look on your face.

        The real Tabetha’s starting to show through, with thinly veilled threats. You forgot to mention those biker buddies and Bandidos. Not sure if you meant the bikers or the Mexican outlaws, but it’s all the same thing to you, isn’t it? Just more bullshit bravado and threats to throw around to impress intimidate people. Real professional.

        The only thing you help is yourself, to the hard-earned money other people earn, through the schemes you run through your bogus company. You get ’em coming in the door through the money they have to pay up front, you scheme on their royalties while they’re with you, then, when they catch wise to you and try to leave, you hit them with high fees. You might protest otherwise, but too many people have spoken the truth about you. The truth is out. Then, after they do finally get away from you, it still isn’t over, is it? Those “third party” sales say otherwise.

        Bust your ass? Doing what? We’ve all seen that you don’t bother to edit or format books that go to print. You don’t do the cover art. You don’t do a single thing that gives you the right to call yourself a publisher or keep people’s royalties as such. The only thing you do is make up aliases that you call authors to pad your company with. Can’t really blame you, though, since all of the real ones are coming to their senses and leaving you. Any that haven’t yet should.

        Actually, yes. They have applied the lessons they’ve learned to their writing: not to trust a scam artist like you. They’re getting their work properly edited, publishing and enjoying better sales than they ever had with you. Good for them. I have no doubt that without your abuse, your thievery and your drama, each and every author that got away from you will have a much brighter future. Both in their lives and in their careers.

    • No. She has no reason to keep a notebook. She just makes it up as she goes.

      She has a lawyer, but doesn’t keep one on retainer. What kind of nonsense is that?

      So… if she keeps copies of all payouts, why not provide them to her authors on a quarterly basis. That’s what real publishers do. Has she ever done that? With Createspace or any other service? Anybody? Bueller?

      Thought not.

      She tries so hard to put on a good show, but as ever, is nothing more than the snake oil salesman, promising the world but delivering only a sham.

  3. Talk about lies, she stated there are no high termination fees. Well, I had to pay to get out, even had to pay to publish. Which now, knowing she goes through createspace (and there is no fee through them) because I’ve self published, I know she’s a fake and scam artist. I was naive at first, wanting to get my first book out there and got played. Since I’ve left, I have my own children’s series and a paranormal novel coming out. Life after Tabetha is a happy life for an author.

    • I’m so sorry you had to go through all that with her.

      Congratulations on your success since. You’e an inspiration for authors struggling to get themselves clear.

  4. I’ve noticed all these ‘termination fees’ are different. One says $350, she let someone else go at $80, she wanted me to pay $175 but I ended up paying $100. ?????

    • That brings up an excellent question:

      Are all these people getting the same contract or not?

      Isn’t this “termination fee” set in the contract? Never mind that the contract isn’t legally binding in the first place, but shouldn’t they at least match?

      • In December I was given two contracts – my author one which was $380 termination fee which was invalid once I signed the second, my working contract which let me leave for free.

        When I tried to leave she sent me a contract id never seen or signed, and scammed me of $180.

        I talked to two suits with all my proof including emails and phone and I was told I was scammed.

        TABETHA, CR has done nothing to you! She left! She disappeared! So why are you throwing her name around? Especially to someone who appreciated your silence clause for PF and did not talk. Why arent you following your own clause?
        I can understand if it were me being named as I want people to know whats going on – to but to name someone who wants absolutely no connection with you and sticks to your leave clause – thats unprofessional.

      • Tabetha doesn’t even follow her own no retaliation contract, trash talking the same authors that signed that piece of paper with her. She just doesn’t want them to talk about her. That’s what the release is all about. Shutting them up while she runs her mouth.

        Authors, are you watching? Learning anything yet?

      • I didn’t even have to pay any termination fee all I had to do was prove to Amazon and other companies that she is printing my work without my permission and even shown said contracts and you know what they did? They removed the books with my work on it from their websites. So she sent me an email that she would pay the termination fee herself and would have to pull it from her childs savings. When told that why would she have to pay fees to herself she would change it around and say the fees are for the lawyers. When asked for the lawyers name she refused to give it. She’s a smoke and mirror act but her mirrors are very smudged.

      • From her child’s savings? She’s using her 6 year old daughter’s accounts for business matters? Is that legal?
        I’m thinking not.

        Very telling, ISBS. Thank you.

    • If I am not mistaken it was higher than that two years ago when one author left after a string of lies, no surprise there. Another publisher picked up the author and the amount of money Tabetha wanted was double the $350

      • Would that happen to be one of the authors that’s still having their books sold by some mysterious third party?

        She signs ’em, screws ’em, rips ’em off on the way out the door then keeps selling their books. What a piece of work.

      • That story can be found on Cussed’s blog…

        Authors should read that blog with all examples of Tabetha and PF … note the dates things took place and compare to things happening now…

        I cannot express enough on doing a google search on PF and research …I do research for my books just pretend to research for a book and read up on things …

      • Oh but that was a mistake *blink blink* everybody makes mistakes, she’s getting stronger and better everyday *vomits* Bullshit. Scatty Shatty has been fucking people for years playing innocent “oh it’s a mistake I’m learning from” expecting people to believe she’s really trying. Bullshit!!! Read back to cusses blog and all those other places and read right here on Leppy’s, learn what a fake she is!!!

  5. Tabetha, you can throw my name around until the cows come home, it will NEVER absolve you from your lies and schemes. You are a farce, a wannabe. I feel sorry for you, and you want to know why?? Let me enlighten you. You will never know true loyalty, love or honesty. Everything you do is self-serving. Until you think of others before yourself you will always be a loser. And don’t start by saying your family or what have you, your daughter HAS to love you, for now. And your poor mother and sister are just totally bambuzzled. As for friends, HA, you abuse everyone that gets close to you. You are just a waste of space, a pathetic useless, worthless, lying piece of dung. You need to come clean and stop the madness!!!!

  6. I, for one have not been proven wrong. Anyone else?

    Authors need to keep eyes open because those shoots above are all you, honey. You contradict yourself… we do not twist your words.

    Yawn now because later you might get something shoved down your throat you might not want…

  7. Has it occurred to dear Tabby that contracts that are amended after being signed by both parties or have riders attached, need the signatures done all over again to make the changes valid. Of course, this is academic since her company doesn’t legally exist, but it would be interesting to see her pull out a bunch of contracts in court with author signatures forged.

    • REALLY signed, not some digital substitution.
      Exactly. The “contracts” she has would never stand up in court, and she knows it. That’s why she’ll never sue anybody here. Because then she’d have to answer for that. She’s just lucky nobody has the money to travel to her jurisdiction and sue her ass. One of these days, somebody will.

  8. You say my daughter has to love me, I can prove that theory wrong. At her age I hated my real father and love was not a word used for us. I made the choice to walk. I had an attorney askif I wanted to be a Willis or a Jones. So never say my daughter HAS to love me. My family, are not confused or tricked in any form they see this blog everyday and see the words plainly stated and know that the woman you comdemn each day is not the woman I am.

    If I am correct Cindy werent you the one that brought Ms Rose into this. And I have not said one bad word against her. None. I was clearing an issue.

    As for different fees, that is where the heart comes in. I will work with any author on their termination fee. But I thought long and hard about an amount that the attorney and I agreed would be a fair amount for the work that I do. I pay out editors, cover all the costs for anthology cover where Phoenix does even take a cut.

    Even collections that I appear in I pay the cost for the cover I never ask others to pitch in for it. I am having 3 redone now. With a wonderful set of authors to join me. We ladies are looking forward to writing them together. Several I had never got the chance to work with.

    And the first of the year Phoenix is thinking outside the box and it’s an exciting project a fellow author brought to me, no one else.

    Cindy you say I am a waste of space, why because I’m friends with the monsters under my bed? That I have conquered my demons where you haven’t? That I am a content women, that is assertive, aggressive, and goes for what she wants and needs NO MAN to depend on?

    Does that bother you all? Well ladies and gents because there is so much more to come from just Phoenix Fire Publishing and its brilliant authors but the lovely Zoey Sweete.

    I am no longer dreaming the big dream, I am now living it… can you all say the same?

    • You decided to walk out on your family and contacted a lawyer at your daughter’s age? She’s what, 6? 7? You expect us to believe that you walked out on your family and hired an attorney at that age? You must really think we’re stupid.

      All children are hostages to their parents’ mercies. Most of the time, kids are lucky to have the love and attention of parents that are kind, gentle, loving and attentive. Sometimes they’re stuck with selfish assholes and have to survive until they’re old enough to make it on their own. They have to love their abusers. It’s a self-defense mechanism very much like Stockholm syndrome. It isn’t until they get older and find a way out that they can liberate their hearts and souls. Those are the ones I truly feel sorry for.

      Sure, maybe Cindy brought up Carlie. But Cindy isn’t the one that signed a contract with Carlie agreeing not to talk about each other, is she? That would be you. And here you are, ignoring it.

      Do you even realize how mental you make yourself look, trying so hard to breathe life into a figment of your imagination? That the people around you cringe when you prance around pretending to be someone that doesn’t exist? No. I guess you don’t. You’re far too self absorbed to notice what anybody else thinks or cares. You don’t realize what a ridiculous spectacle of yourself while the rest of the world just shakes our heads at you.

      If you had a heart, they wouldn’t need to terminate. If you had any heart at all, you’d really do the things you only lie about and really bust your ass for them. You wouldn’t lie to them, steal from them or abuse them. If you had any heart, you wouldn’t charge a fee. The only heart you have is the one on your chest that looks like a vagina when you shove your boobs together.

      Most of the folks here are living the dream, now that they’ve gotten away from your nightmare. Or they will be, once they yank their books and republish themselves so that you can’t resell their work. Then, when they’re truly free of you, they can make those dreams come true that you promised and then crushed.

      • Again, dear lepp how you twist words, have you been in that whiskey again? I never once said I hired an attorney. I was given a choice by an attorney. At that time which, actually was a bit younger than my daughter, I remember crawling around on green carpet inside the office, when my biological father dropped rights and my stepfather wanted to adopt me. My mother gave me the choice to pick the last name i wanted. I chose Jones. So no, a child does not have to LOVE a parent. You may have to respect them but certainly not love. Do I love my biological mother, no, but I resepct her for bringing me into this world.

        Many years later my father and I mended our broken path and became inseparateable. All wounds can be repaired I later found out. And the reasons for him walking away.

        And the last time I checked I was fully in existence and not prancing around. In fact I don’t think I have ever pranced to be precise.

        And I really do appreciate all the attention you give my chest piece. It is for the WIllis side of my family as my dad was always known as rebel heart Ray. His heart as mine has been ripped, stitched and glued back together. And for you to compare it a vagina you must have seen quite a few you your lifetime Leppy.

        I see I can come here and be a lady and you slur out vulgar insults regarding my body, choice of tattoos, and modeling, you even go as far as trashing my writing. If that isn’t hate eating away at your black little heart then I wouldn’t know what is.

        Your soul, what is left of it must be glowing green seeing that the hate and jealously runs so strongly through you when it comes to me.

        You say you will be glad the day I am gone, bad news deary I am not going anywhere, EVER.

      • Actually, no. I don’t drink. Never have. Unlike you, I have a real life and don’t need to be chemically altered to live it. I don’t need that green fairy to keep me company. She must be hanging around you a lot though, if you see anything glowing green. There’s nothing about you that I’m jealous of. I have real friends, in the real world to love and appreciate. Not imaginary ones, like those you spend so much time making up. I don’t hurt people, steal from them or lie to them. There isn’t a single, solitary thing about you that I’d want to be.

        Not going anywhere? We’ll see, hon. We’ll see.

      • And that crack about how I must have seen quite a few vaginas in my lifetime, is that an insinuation that I’m gay? You say that like it’s supposed to be an insult.

        Your homophobia is showing again.

    • Tabetha, as for Carlie, yes I brought her name into it to show just how heartless you are, and continue to be. If you read the posting you would have seen that I had permission to bring up certain aspects to light. You say your daughter doesn’t have to love you, what does a 6 yr old know of anything. You claim to have hated your father, I find that hard to believe since you spout off the wonders of your dear dad. Or is that dad number 2? With you it’s hard to keep track, 2 dads, 3 moms, so many abusive relationships. As for your family reading this blog, I am sure if your mother really read it, she would kick your scheming, lying ass out of the house. Using your mother the way you do, for sympathy and to pretend to write in your defense. You say you work with your authors, I say lies, Why? Well let’s examine that. My contract for Through My Eyes was up, and you KEPT publishing and selling, never asked if I wanted it down or whatever. Also I know copies sold during that time, and I didn’t recieve a dime. Oh, and let’s not forget, MS, BIGHEART, that I asked you to get me all 3 copies of my book for a BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, and what was it you told me??? If you want to do that, it is on you, Phoenix Fire won’t/can’t assist. You must pay for that out of your own pocket. How is that being a big hearted caring person?

      Again with you paying editors, blah, if you paid editors, why was I told to use the spellcheck on my microsoft? In fact you BRAGGED to many that you never had to recheck my writings after the first book, because I DID ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. Why would Phoenix need a cut from the anthologies, when you are under at least 3 different names in the freaking books, so no Phoenix doesn’t get, because your are collecting in your back door manner. As for the covers, why pay when you like you have stated sooo many times, you have friends to do you “favors”. So again you don’t pay for squat.

      You say you are friends with the monsters under your bed, and that I haven’t faced or conquered my demons. Exactly how did you conquer your so called demons, because from where I am sitting they are stlll there.Funny isn’t that like you trying to say that I am saying I know you, and I don’t? Hmm, exactly what do you know about me? NOTHING!!! You are implying I need a man to depend on. I don’t think being with the same man for 27 yrs, to be a bad thing. Just shows that I know how to stick things out when things get tough. I don’t run from any problems, I face them, what do you do but kick up dust, throw tantrums, and pass the buck.

      You say you are living the dream, sure you are, with the HARD WORK OF OTHERS, you didn’t do spit. The mysterious atty has popped his head in. Wow, since when do attys give advice and not either be on retainer OR paid??? Again twit, you can’t have it both ways. Either you have an atty or you DON’T. Either you are an honest person or YOU ARE NOT. Either you have a heart or a lump of coal where it should be.

      And why would you talk of yourself in the thrid person, the lovely zoey sweete, egotistical of you isn’t it? Everyone on this blog, if they don’t know they will, you are Zoey Sweete so why say that?

      As for me living the dream, no I don’t have my books published, YET, working with a legit company, BBB, IRS, and the like checked. Upfront costs, as for works, no scheming, changing things to suit their needs, and royalties paid on a reg basis. For the record, EVERY MONTH. But I do have a man I adore, 2 great kids, 2 wonderful grandkids, and real people that love me for me, not just alts living in my head. Most of the authors you have cheated would be living the so called big dream if you didn’t take their hopes and dreams and take a big deuce on them.


      • Tabetha cranks out two and three crap books a month with piss poor writing, no editing, formatting, plot, story or dialog worth a shit, so she doesn’t realize that REAL books take time to publish. There’s an actual process that involves writing… real writing. Not the drivel she calls writing. Real plots, storylines, character development, dialog, description and prose. These things take time. Then rewrites, sometimes two and three of them. Then editing and formatting. Cover art. Reviews. REAL reviews, not the self-spank she makes up to slap in the front of her crap books. Publication. Marketing. Real books can take years to hit the market. A REAL publisher would know that. But look who we’re talking about. She doesn’t have the first idea about being a writer, let alone editor or publisher.

    • I wonder who your daughter would choose if she were not threatened or coached, and in a room with only the judge? Hmmm.. After all, Tab, you brought that issue up.

      • C H my daughter has already made up her mind she wants to be a Jones. And aftr a year and a half of therapy because of the abuse she suffered due to her father, it was made very clear she could not be coached or cohearsed into saying anything she didn’t want. It is all in her pyschological records, Which her therapist would be happy to testify in court with that.

        And due to her extreme brightness and understanding of the adult world even at the age of 6 or 7 she could be brought into the judge’s chambers and ask privately who she wanted to be with.

        Unless you know all the history of myself, my daughter and the abuse we suffered then never assume.

        Her father knows she wants to be a Jones she tells him every night. Only at school does she sign his last name. Everything else is Jones. She is not your average 6 yr old. She could more than likely hold an adult conversation better than any of you.

      • Tabetha, it’s usually fun and games dealing with you because you’re such a farce of a human being. But in all seriousness, you should not be raising a child.

        IF your ex abused that little girl, the last thing she needs is for you to broadcast her business all over the internet. That, alone, is irresponsible an unthinkable for any concerned parent.

        It’s bad enough telling a teenaged girl that I said that you were running off with her father, filling her head with such twisted lies about me that she came on the blog and blew up at me. Who could blame her, with her dear “auntie” filling her head with such lies?

        But this is your own little girl you’re talking about. She’s just six years old, for crying out loud. How could you do something so blatantly irresponsible?

        If this abuse business is true, you’ve posted very personal business on a blog, for the whole world to see. Business I’m sure your daughter might prefer SHE had the choice to divulge or not when she’s old enough. It’s HER business, and you have no right to post it on what you call a hate blog, in front of the whole world. This shit never goes away, and could affect any endeavors she wishes to pursue in her future. Unlike you, she might actually have ambitions that reach beyond public assistance and fraud. What will it be like for her to be in an interview for a position she’s worked for her whole academic and professional life, and have her interviewer pull out a transcript of what YOU put on this public blog about her? Aside from being humiliating and devastating, you could cost her the job. What’s she supposed to do, hang out with you for the rest of her life, scamming people and defrauding the public assistance system?

        If it’s a lie, which, for her sake I’m hoping it is, then you’ve said something about her that she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life. You’ve put it on a blog that you hate, for the world to see. And she’s the one that’s got to live it down.

        Either way, you’re slandering the hell out of your ex. I hope he sees it, and I hope he sues your ass for custody.

        Aside from the abuse allegations, the rest of your comments are alarming in and of themselves. You talk her “understanding of the adult world.” You’ve talked in the past about the music you let her listen to and the movies you let her watch. She’s SIX YEARS OLD. What she watches and listens to is up to YOU as a parent. YOU’RE the one that’s supposed to make age-appropriate decisions for her, not thrust her into a world beyond her years. If you cared about her in the LEAST, you’d let her have a safe and happy childhood, protecting her from “the adult world.” She’s your daughter, not your party buddy. For the love of God, let her BE a child.

        There’s a HUGE difference between being a bright kid and being emotionally prepared to deal with “the adult world.” Especially the world you live in. A 6 year old is not emotionally prepared to make the kinds of choices you’re talking about. They only know what they’re taught, And it alarms the wits out of me to think of what you’re filling that kid’s head with.

        We DO know your history. You drag it out for the world to see. We’re not making this shit up. We don’t have to. You present it to us on a near daily basis.

        You’re CLEARLY mentally unstable and should not be raising a child. Emotional abuse is abuse too, and that’s exactly what you’re doing to that poor kid by dragging her into the middle of a flame war online, and including allegations of abuse against her father. You’re the one abusing he right now, and if there’s a responsible adult in that poor child’s life, I hope they don’t rest until she’s removed from you.

        First, your “neice” and now your own daughter. You have no problem putting the PERSONAL business of CHILDREN on a blog. And for what? Just to try and divert attention away from the truth about what a scam and fraud you are.

        I hope your authors are watching, because this is who Tabetha Jones really is. The type of person that toys with the emotions of CHILDREN for her own selfish gain.

        If you’ll do this to children you claim to love, what makes any adult think you won’t do the same to them? You’ve already talked about Carlie’s personal business with her ex, and you’ve thrown everybody else you’ve ever met, including family, under the bus to cover your own ass.

        Authors, models, artists, THIS is the Tabetha Jones you’re dealing with. It should be all you need to know.

      • Tabetha, I had a mother much like you. And yes, I loved her. But if I had been given a choice, I would have picked the Devil himself over that abusive, narcissistic, psychopathic birther. So you shouldn’t assume anything either. You claim is be such a badass and a survivor. You would have crumbled if you dealt with 1/4 of the past I’ve had, so your stories, much like your writing and your business sense, don’t impress me for shit. And by airing out your child’s situation on a blog PROVES to me just what kind of mother you are.

    • Your living in a dream world all right Tabetha’s fantasy land. I feel sorry for your daughter because she’s forced to grow up under a sick sack of shit like you you call her your mini me well that’s the saddest thing I ever heard, a girl deserves to grow up dreaming of being a princess not a a slutty stealing sack of shit like you, are you teaching her to drink and take drugs to? Guess what yes you are because she sees you doing that shit every day and if she’s as bright as you say she is she’s learning it by watching you. Where’s that mother of the year award we have a winner right here!!!

      • In all seriousness I was given a gift to have a daughter as bright and intelligent as she is. You Lepp have no right to judge whether I should be raising a child. I am a damn good mother and those that know me, need no proof of that.

        She is my entire world. I would give my life for her.

        Yes she may be 6 years old about to be 7 yrs, but her pyschological evaluation states that her mind that of a 13 year old. It is due to all to the tramatic events that she has witnessed and experienced.

        And if you were to sit down with her she would tell you herself, word for word, in vivid detail each and every action and violent act that was ever done to her. She has no problem anyone talking about it or telling her story. Why? Because she believes that it could help another child. Now tell me what other 6 year old would think that way.

        My ex knows what he has done wrong, and although he has tried to correct his wrongs, I was always taught men like that never change, but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. He did what the state of Texas asked and is now allowed his vistation.

        He also knows if he ever goes back to those ways she will be ripped away. He understands this is his last chance.

        Yes, she listens to rock music, she loves Pink, Halestorm, In this Moment, Pretty Reckless, and her new favorite is All About That Bass. She also loves Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert, but her heart is all rock n roll.

        I never forced her to listen to my choice of music she grew up on country but it wasnt her thing as she puts it. She also loves Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison, and 80s glam rock.

        She loves paranormal movies, The Twilight Saga, Vampire Academy, Dark Shadows, The Underworld Series, but at the same time she loves Greek Mythology, like the Legend of Hercules, Clash of the Titans, Percy Jackson, and 300 Rise of a Empire.

        And for Halloween I took her to see Dracula Untold and she loved it. But her favorite is Thor. She loves Ironman, Black Widow, Captain America, The Avengers, but Thor is her favorite.

        She also enjoyed Malenifcent, and is waiting for Cinderella to come out next spring. And this December we plan to see Into the Woods.

        Although her to choose what she wants to see, and allow her the freedom to be herself. When I was her age I rocked out to 80s rock musci watched horror movies and was fearless. She is just like that my mini me.

        And LMFAO I hate to tell you this my daughter doesn’t want to be a princess never has. If she did it would be mommas rock n roll princess as she has said many times. She loves Monster High, she loves dark and creepy things, and expresses herself the way she should with no limits.

        She has rules just as every child should. She respects me, and understands that certain things are not for her to know yet.

        You ask if I am teaching her to drink and take drugs. Are you mental? My daughter knows about the world of drugs, this is red ribbon week. She knows her mother hs made mistakes in the past but I have never given her details but when she is older I will explain my past.

        At the age of 17 my mom and dad allowed me to drink at home because they would rather have me home doing it at home than on the streets. Our house was a haven for all my friends. Most of my friends had no parents that cared so they lived with us.

        And Rylee when she gets that age I would rather have her hme doing the same. I am not trying to be her buddy but as a mother she should have me as her best friend as well. It was the same way with my mother and dads. They werent just my parents but I could tell them anything and they would accept me and love me because they werent just parents but friends I could lean on.

        My daughter will not grow to be a slutty anything. She will have self respect, morals, and learn to take no shit from anyone. The same way I was raised. I have been with very few men in my life, all long lasting relationships, never one night stands, never friends with benefits. I was not one to sleep around and to this day I am not that kind of woman.

        Yes I dated strippers but it didnt mean i was a whore. Yes I did drugs, but those days are long behind me. I may drink a beer once a month but with the medication I am on its not something I do regularly any longer.

        My daughter has never seen me drunk and never will because I am not that woman any longer. I am a mother and she comes before anything else. She sees me take medication but again Mirapex, Viibyrd, and Crestor, are things that help keep me healthy for her and she understands that.

        Again you assume to know my life and how I raise my daughter. And again you look like foolish asses.

        My daughter has more sense in her pinky finger than any of you in your feble little minds.

      • Yes. You were given a gift. And you don’t deserve it.

        I don’t know what’s sadder, that you expect people to believe this “I’m the best mom in the world crap” or that you believe it yourself.

        Extoll yourself as the enduring paragon of vurtiue all you want, but too many people know you. Too many have seen and heard you drunk and/or stoned, with your little girl in the room.

        She’s seen more from you than any child should ever see of her mother, from your chemically altered behavior to your promiscuous behavior. You forget, Tabetha, that we all saw that water bucket challenge. We saw you prancing mostly naked in front of your daughter, laughing and quipping “They are wickedly Sweete” or some such when your boobs popped out of your shirt and your six year old daughter ran over to pull your shoulder strap back up because you weren’t doing it, too busy giggling about “Oopsie, they popped out” and pretending to be Zoey Sweete. We all saw that sad, pathetic display. So don’t expect a single person to buy it when you say she doesn’t see you acting slutty, drunk or otherwise chemically altered. It just doesn’t work.

        Who looks like the foolish ass now?

        As ever, you.

  9. First let me day tabethas daughter is the brightest child I have ever met. As far as letting her be a child she does but tab allows her to be a free spirit.

    I find it repulsive that you down her for body and modeling. I see why she says you are green with envy.

    We as her mentors and followers believe in her, she has the potential to become a gorgeous model and we support her all the way.

    Why do you think we still work with her and allow her to use our images for covers and why do you think every photographer in Dallas wants to photograph her?

    As for her being a thief you seriously got her fucked up. She is kind and big hearted treats everyone with kindness.

    I think it’s about time you quit bringing us models and photographers into this. We love tab and will continue to work.with her.

    So take your lies about tabetha Jones and shove them. We stand beside her all the way.

      • Actually Eric I have no idea who SPEAKING OUT ON is but obviously they are behind me and that must piss you off. Otherwise why would you have made a comment. What have you accomplished lately? You had to lie and pretend to be someone you wasn’t because you were ashamed of your real life.

        Isn’t impersonating a military officer a crime? Or have you forgot about all that?
        Myself, I simply played the part wanted. And when I did have a back bone and took control you couldnt stand it. You wanted all the control and I’m assuming that hsnt changed.

        I am living my dream, each day, and making sure my family, my company, and myself are all taken care of by my hand.

        And I’m sure Leppy and can verify that I wasn’t the one making that post, I do it at home from the computer as always. Maybe the models you have drug into this and photographers just finally found to speak for all of them.

        I was just as surprised as the rest of you to see the post. The models and photographers do know my daughter and know me quite well, but I’m sure they are tired and someone somewhere decided to say something.

        I’ll probably never know who but I do thank them kindly for stepping forth and backing me.

        You people say I will never know love, loyalty, or respect. Funny, because I get it each and everyday from those that are closest to me.

        I have one of 22 years that has been through hell and back with me and we have never looked back. She is the greatest woman and turly believes in me. Her daughter is like my own as Rylee is like her own.

        I have friends of 5 to 15 years and still going and they are loyal to this day as I am to them.

        My greatest love, is my daughter. As far is being in love… have I ever truly been in love. Yes, once, and to this day we remain the closest of friends. He would do anything for me and I would for him. But he understands at this time in my life I have other things going on and he travels alot. No he is not the model or dancer I was dating, I found quickly that wasnt my kind of lifestyle any longer yet he and I are still friends as well.

        But the one true man that I ahve always loved, has been there even in the shadows watching and protecting me always and maybe one of these when I AM READY I will get my happliy ever after but for now my happily ever after is my daughter and my family.

        I am content with the way my life is and happy being single and being a mother. That is all I need. I dont need a man to make me happy and he understands that.

        And Lepp I have nothing against gays, I made that comment because you seem to continue make comments about my tattoo looking a vagina. I have nothing against lesbians or gays, my sister is a lesbian and I have dated two women in my lifetime. I have always been open about being bi sexual. Love is love, whether, its a man or a woman. Love is blind.

        Again never assume anything about my life or my company. Again it makes you look silly and riduclious.

      • Why would he speak out ? Because he knows you better than most, and has seen with his own eyes what a scamming, lying thief you are. It must really burn your ass that he steps forward to tell the truth about you.

        A lot of people did things they weren’t proud of when they were around you. What matters is that they’re doing the right thing now and stepping forward to make sure you can’t do to others what you’ve done to so many.

        Oh, those models are bound to find a voice, like your other victims. But you do have a history of showing up as your favorite alters to defend yourself, don’t you? First you did it on Emily Suess’s blog, where she proved that you were Skylynn Wicker, among others, jumping on from the same IP and the same device to defend yourself. Then you tried it on Cuss’s, rest her soul. You even tried it on here, pretending to be all your favorite strippers. And you’re at it again, aren’t you dear? See, you seem to forget about your past patterns of behavior, but we haven’t. We’re onto your tricks, and you aren’t getting away with ’em anymore.

        If I were your sister, I’d punch your square in your mouth for all the disrespectful comments you’ve made about gays. First Eric and now me. She may be confident enough to shrug it off, but if you loved her even a little bit, you wouldn’t say such insulting things about her lifestyle in the first place.
        I called that one, didn’t I? I said to somebody yesterday after you made that comment that you must have some self-loathing going on. If you respected your sister or yourself in the least, you wouldn’t say such insulting things about gays. You should be ashamed of yourself. But, of course, you have no shame. You have no feelings at all, except that feeling of entitlement that makes you think you can just do whatever you want to people.

        The one true man that you’ve ever loved, in the shadows? Mister Shadow? Still pining away over that stripper that never wanted you and never will? You really think he’ll give you that happily ever after? Only in your dreams, sister. Only in your sick, twisted dreams.

        So sad. Almost as sad as everything else about you.

    • Lies… oh stcking Tabetha’s words up your ass… are you stating on record your nose is brown?

      If you want out then leave. Heard of guilt by association, think about that. Read up on the one you are praising her words speak out loud.

      Next question… are you a mom because as a mother you would not defend her latest statement. So model…photographer…president of America… I really do not giving a flying fuck on who you are my beef is with Tabs…are you sure you want you name and career known as a person who stands by a female who broadcasts a innocent six year olds business for the world to see?

      Maybe not today…next week but somewhere in the future it may be a fall you will not overcome…. employers do look up information in investigating forms for possible hiring…. all in all it is your career choice!

    • EVERY photographer in texas wants to photograph her??? Now that is rich. You did say something right, FOLLOWERS, again sheep being lead by a wolf. As for Tabetha’s child, no one is debating her intelligence. Just the FACT that Tabetha brings up everyone and everything to channel around the REAL ISSUES. She is a scam artist, a liar, and a thief. And honestly any parent who would bring their child into a muck like this is shameful. Also bringing a 6 yr old around a lot of strangers, in my opinion is a bit foolish. Hell next thing you will be hearing is her child is now a model, going to be on the wheeties box, starring in commercials. Again WHO THE HECK CARES, all we care about is the fact that Tabetha can’t keep her stories straight, she has stolen and has PROVEN BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, how heartless she is.

      NOTICE, she never defended herself or the “company” over the breast cancer thing I asked her to be involved with. Yet, she had no compunction to ask her authors to donate to a book, she neither told us what shelter she was assiting or anything of that nature. All she would say was it was flying off the shelves. in that case, where are the royalties from that, $1.94, is what I received, BEFORE I had to pay for the transfer fee. Her excuse was, and i quote, ” had to pull the book because of Mike and after I did that, they no longer wanted the book for their project”. What shelter doesn’t need or want assistance in helping those in need???

      Keep on spinning those tales Tabetha.

    • Oh dam this looks like that blog along time ago where all those people came on a blog and then they proved it was all Tabby Batty doing it herself. Is that still there or I head they took it down, I wish it was still there so people could see this is her doing it all over again. What a fucking nutter!!! Every photographer in Dallas wants to photo graph you? HAHAHAHA!!!! Pop some more pills honey cuz your dreaming again!!!

    • What a load of bullshit. NO ONE, not even her sister, would sing Tab’s praises so high.. so it is painfully obvious just who wrote this. I would say that I hope it makes you feel better to praise yourself as an alt, but I know it doesn’t. You are the scamming, lying, thief (and God knows what else) because you hate yourself. And, frankly, you aren’t given any one a single reason to feel differently.

  10. “My daughter has never seen me drunk and never will because I am not that woman any longer. ” How long ago was it you were on the phone with me, and stated you got drunk, and your sister, mother,AND DAUGHTER, were asking you how you got so bruised up??? That was about 6 months ago, wasn’t it??? How quickly you change. That was the time of the GREEN FAIRY incident wasn’t it? Don’t come on here trying to win mother of the year award, because it won’t fly. Only thing flying around is the bullshit you want everyone to lap up with your tainted spoon.

    AGAIN, ladies and gents, here’s Tabetha “TRYING” to impress you with bullshit. Why even put her childs NAME on this blog? What mother in her right mind throws her own child under the bus like this??? Just because you say your child has been evaluated and proven to be beyond her age in mentality, DOES NOT mean you should assume she can handle all the bullshit that you have schemed and concocted. You say your ex has done a 180 and has changed his ways, but weren’t you on the phone with me 6 or 7 months ago plotting for him to never see his child again? I won’t go into details because unlike you I AM A LADY, surfice to say, he was not taking care of her properly when she was in his care.

    As for you being a great mom, and loving your child.. I could say something on that, but because it isn’t first hand knowledge, I won’t. I will say this, if it is true, you are far cry frrom being mom of the year. You are more the flaunt my child to get acceptance, throw people under the bus, even your own child, to free yourself from a trap that you fell into. You don’t care who you hurt, use or mistreat, as long as you are safe.

  11. First, I have never claimed to be mother of the year or sister of the year por daughter of the year. I do the best I can with I have and teach my daughter the things that were taught to me. Being a parent isnt the easiest thing in the world, but as a parent I try each day to ensure she gets the best of everything.

    As for me being promiscuous that is one thing that I have never been and never will be. I was raised to have self respect and morals. My daughter has never seen me in a chemical altered state, because I donot lead that lifestyle any longer, I do not allow people to be around her that have anythig to do with drugs or lead that lifestyle. I want nothing to do with and will not ahve y daughter around it.

    My real father was an old hippe biker and loved his “greenery”. He had given up all the hard stuff but that was one thing he never let go of. He was also diabetic and when it couldnt afford his insulin it actually help lower his bloodsugar. But there was a real and that was highly enorced. If he wanted to spead time with his granddaughter there would be no drugs in the house and any remaining friends he had as tweakers were not allowed to be anywhere near my daughter or their relationship would be terminated.

    He completely respected my wishes because he wouoldnt more than anything to make up the time he had lost with me as child and give it to her. And I know if he was alive today she would be her grandpa Willis’ babygirl. God rest his soul.

    So, you want to know about the green fairy. Let me explain the truth. Rylee had already been put to bed and was asleep. I had been stressed due to this blog and needed to relax. He had been ages since I drank. My sister had come down for visit and my mom suggested since the baby was asleep I was due some relaxation. I had never had Absinth before and my sister suggested it and I thought why not.

    You are supposed to mix it with sugarand fllow the directions, but thinking I was still the bad ass had been in my mid twenties didnt follow the instructions and drank it straight. It is made of wormwood and legend says you are supposed to hallucinate a green fairy, but I never saw anything. My sister warned to sip it but being hard headed with that sweet disposition I didnt listen.

    I woke up the next morning sitting straight up in bed not remembering much from the night before., I had bruises and cuts along with a hairline fracture on my shoulder. My daughter did not see me drunk and has never seen me chemically altered. Of course she asked what ahppened to mommy and I wasnt going to lie to her. I was honest. I told her mommy and Aunt Dee had a few drinks after she was asleep and the these were the consequences. And since then I have not had a drink nor do I care to have one. But I will not lie to my daughter.

    Now, as far as Eric is concerned, yes I insulted him, because he damn well deserved it and my siter completely agrees. After what he did to me and my daughter he’s lucky all got was insults. No, I didnt press charges because I wanted it over and done with and never wanted to look that bastard in the eyes again. You want to talk about a liar, con artist and manipulator, take a good hard look at Eric Henley. He is one of the best. My bullshit meter was completely off on that one. He made me believe he wasn’t like the rest and he was right. He wasn’t like the rest, he was worse. He was a liar, and a self centered asshole who only thought of himself. In the beginning he makes you feel like a queen but as time passes the sweet guy is just an act. He is nothing but an egotistical bastard that only thinks of himself.

    Yes he was good to my daughter in the beginning but then it became a game and the only time he showed her any afection was to stir shit up with her father. And recently I have foubd out a few things of my own about Mr. Henley. If anyone is chemically altered it would be him.

    I have nothing against gays or lesbians, and I have never downed my sister, friends, or anyone for their choice of who they love whether it be a man or a woman. I have always been openly bi sexual and had two serious relationships with two beautiful women. Even though it didnt work out we still keep in touch and go to dinnerand catch up on old times and whats going on in our lives. Love is blind and whether it be a man or a woman love is love and I have told my daughter the same thing. She can love who she wants no matter who they are as long as they respect her and treat her right.

    I suport my sister completely. It took her a long time to come out but it was something we always knew and I finally told her Dee I know and we all know, we just want you to be happy.

    As far as the man in the shadows you have that pne all wrong. He is not a dancer, he is not a model, never has been. He has been a fire fighter, amng other things. He has always been there for me. And like I said he respects I am not ready for anything serious and we remain friends. I love him dearly and I know he loves me, but our time hasn’t come yet. So no its not Mr Shadows. His name is Bo. And he one of the most wonderful, honest men, I have ever known other than my dads.

    There is no self loathing here. I love myself for the first time in a very long time. And my friend of 22 years, a man that has been not only a lover/boyfriend, and now best friend, authors that believe in me, and the strength I gained by conquering my demons has rid me of any hate I have had for myself.

    I have forgiven myself for all the guilt and abuse because I was the victim. I never asked to go thru hell no woman does.

    Now, what does all this have to do with my company. After I have been lied to cheated on beat down and almost nearly killed by people I trusted I would never do the same to others. I would never hurt anyone intentionaly, lie to them or promise them things I cannot keep. I am not Mystic Press, I am not Wendy Hunyor and I am not Brandy Peay.

    Yes, I have spoke to Brandy. Bringing fortha pile high of papers trying to convince me of her innocence, but unfortuantely after after my mother’s attorney look over the docs they were fakes, but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    There is only three females I trust in this world, my mothr Darlene Jones, my sister Dee Jones, and my best friend who is like a sister to me of 22 years Misty. The only man that I trust is Bo. I know he would never do anything to hurt me and never has. He has been there for me through it all.

    I have built my company after the lessons I have learned throughout my life and the experiences others have been through. I have done things to ensure my authors gee the best reatment. But as the publsiher I can only do somuch, they must help themelves.

    Cindy how many times did I book you on shows? How often did I set up a scheduled hootsuite for all the authors? Never once did any of these ex authors, spread links, like links or do anythig to help themselves, as it clearly stats in the contract. I will promote the author to the best of my ablity but it is also up to the author to promote themelves as well. Never once did you promote yor author page or like like links spread links or do anything to help yourself.

    Unlike what many of you think of me those that have left Iwish you all the best of luck in the writing world. I hope you go far. I know I will because I push myself each day whether its the company, writing, or modeling.

    And you all can continue to hate me, slander me, present me in false light and damn my character. Because I know who I am each night when I put my head on that pillow.

    I am a damn good mother, never saying I was mother of the year, I am a true and loyal friend and would do anything to help others, I do anything I possibly can for my authors, and most importantly I put others before myself.

    So keep on hating me only ads fuek t my my falmes and makes me work harder to prove each and everyone of you wrong.

    BTW Cindy as those books you needed for that vent stated clearly in your contract you were responsible for any promotional giveaways or copies to be used for yourself not the company.

    Now I hope everyone had a wondrful Halloween and wish you all a wonderful weekend.

    • How much does it cost to put an author on a show?
      How much does it cost to put a link on facebook?
      Your show or authord cost you zero pennies…facebook is free.

      An author is hear to write… if they wanted to be a promoter/marketing than one would have went to that..oh yet again a failure in the publisher for are one that signed up to be in charge.

      Even your books get little spreading around… I do not see you sharing to groups.

      It is quite funny how you bring up and answer questions from months ago… you learned from them and see how they scammed so you join and took over …

      You then state that you did not press charges because you wanted it over? Bullshit… after that lengthy spill over your daughter then a real woman/mother would have pressed charges. Well a real mother would have never let it go that far… so I read a fairy tale in which the knight ran from the evil witch. Eric might have made mistakes but you praised him … i think you were so pissed he left you for you to make up stories because he broke your heart…. do not assume I have never been through shit … it is none of anyones damn business and I refuse to air it on a blog.

      Trailers can be made for free on youtube so charge there is nothing…

      Lesson for today kiddos….. the name Willis has been brought up… Rai Willis was a person she blamed on past blogs and to authors when editing was not done properly… did you catch the last name in all this? You ask why I bring this up, because once again she is a liar so I do have to enlighten the audience… “she is a good friend of mine going through a divorce/man problems with two children… she has messed up” but all photos were oc models piece together as sky’s profile. Suess’s blog paints a picture of the real Tabetha… yes everyone changes but are you going to tell me people still being scammed and those before are all lying?
      Think about the common denominator in this equation. Fact they do not know me well enough to be using my dealings with that person scamming… TWO YEARS AND MORE AUTHORS COMING OUT….BUT YOU WORSHIP THE GROUND SHE WALKS ON? As I stated before and will again … she is lyg and airing personal business out showing an unprofessional pansy assed person, no biker badasss chick would do tell what she has in the past few days…

      The best way to beat an abuser is stand up … victims stand strong and keep telling. Her lame excuses and diversions does not in anyway change the fact she and her company is FAKE!

      • Sorry for typos… on my phone and cannot see as well as the computer… here not hear … that one makes me cringe.

        Several others but I hope you all can read through them for I am just waking up.

      • There’s only one common denominator in all of this… Tabetha… because nobody else stays around for long. I’d be surprised if there’s a single author on her roster that’s been with her from the start. The relationship between a publisher and author lasts many years, even a lifetime. Authors don’t sign on, write one or two books and then jump ship. Not unless there’s something wrong with the company. DOZENS of authors have been signed by her, abused, then left her. Many of them have lent their voices right here to help ensure that she can’t do it to anybody else.

        Are they all wrong? Of course not.

        Authors, heed the lessons these past victims are trying so hard to teach you. They don’t have to spend their time here, subjecting themselves to Tabetha’s tirades and full-on, bold-face lies. They could easily put her in the rear view mirror and thank their lucky stars they’re not her victims any longer. They come here and point out her bullshit so that hopefully, you won’t fall victim to her abusive scams.

        You should thank them. One day, you will, when you finally realize that they were right about her all along.

    • I could take apart this load of rubbish line by line, but by now, I don’t think I need to. You spout the same old rhetoric over and over, thinking perhaps, that maybe one of these days, people will buy it. And who knows? Maybe they will. For awhile. But actions speak louder than words, and your actions always, ALWAYS tell the truth about you, even when your words fail. Which is every time. Especially this time. Your semi-literate British wannabe sock puppet must not have been around at 5am, our time.
      “I’m clean.” “I’m Sober.” I’m a good mom.” “I bust my ass for my authors.” One lie is the same as the next to you, because you really believe them all. And that’s the shame of it. If you were willing (or mentally able) to step outside of your own hype and look at the way you treat people, including your family, your authors and your kid, you’d be horrified.
      You accuse us all of being jealous haters, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth. I wouldn’t want to be you. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I’d treated people the way you do on a daily basis. I couldn’t draw breath knowing that every minute of every day, I was an abusive thief that steals from people that trust me. If I did to people the things you’d do, I’d step in front of a bus and pray that God had mercy on my soul. It’s YOU that puts people through hell, and you will likely spend eternity there for it.

      The one thing in this yarn of fiction that I will address specifically is the part where you blame the authors for your piss poor publishing.

      You said:
      “I have been lied to cheated on beat down and almost nearly killed by people I trusted”
      Are you so far gone in your delusional world that you really believe that? Here you have person after person coming forward, saying how you sweet talk them with promises of being treated like family, then lie to them and steal their hard earned money and abuse them for your failures. Actions speak louder than words, and your actions are too well known.

      You say:
      “But as the publsiher I can only do somuch, they must help themelves.”
      How Ironic that in ONE sentence where you call yourself a publisher, you can’t even spell that word right.
      Telling though. You get the job as wrong as you do spelling it. Because as the publisher, it’s YOUR job to do it all, from the time you first accept a submission to the minute that title is pulled off your roster, YOU are responsible for it. Editing, formatting, printing, marketing and promotion. It’s all on the publisher. If the author has to format and edit their own books, and then do all the promotion themselves, what the fuck do they need you for?
      In this comment alone, you extol how you put others above yourself, how you bust your ass to make sure your authors get the very best… and then you blame the authors for everything YOU do wrong. Especially Cindy, because she’s the one that was with you the longest, and she’s right here telling the world the real truth about you. They all are. You’re unprofessional and you don’t know the first thing about publishing. All you do is sweet talk your victims into your lair, suck them dry and spit them out.

      So go ahead and keep calling this blog slander and lies. Bring on that law suit, if you can get a real attorney (not the imaginary ones in your head) to take your case after he reads these truths about you. Emily’s still waiting for her papers. So is Cuss’s family, and so am I. Any time you think you can back up those words “Slander” “Defamation: “False light” we’ll be waiting. You keep saying the words, but we still aren’t seeing any action.

      You keep saying you’ll prove each and every one of us wrong, and we have yet to see that, too. All we see is victim after victim finally realizing that we were right about you all along, and stepping forward to confirm it.

      Keep right on tap dancing. Keep trying to divert attention away from the truth. Your avalanche of excuses and lies can’t cover up the truth that your actions speak. Keep making yourself the laughing stock, not just of the publishing world, but of humanity. And we’ll keep right on pointing and laughing.

    • Let’s address the shows you booked me for, shall we? You booked me for Masha Casper Cook’s radio show, roughly about 2 months after my book came out. Then you was to have me on a radio show from one of the authors or whatever, sorry can’t remeber the name since I was BUMPED from the show without notice. I had to call YOU after I had spoken to Faith, since you gave her my slot. When I called you, you stammered all over yourself, then promised me a better show.

      Now, what happened on those shows?? I will say every author was granted about 5 mins each to talk of upcoming or current things going on their books. The majority of the time was YOU, talking of your haters, wanting to send gators to peoples homes. Promoting a book that NO ONE seen any royalties from. What you told me was going to happen on the shows NEVER did. We were suppose to read excerpts from our books, did that happen??? NO, and why, because you just wanted to reinforce you had haters, and build YOURSELF up.

      You say I never promoted my books. If I didn’t how was I able to sell 45 copies of my first book and 33 copies of my second one???? I never promoted on my page, that is a lie in itself, EVERY Friday, was my book promotion, sometimes Wednesdays, if I was not super busy. But ALWAYS did I repost the links you had on hootsuite, and the rest. I even played my book trailers 3 times a week. I had business cards made up to give out, to promote not only me but the company I had so much faith in. What a waste of money for that.

      Just a FYI, the Breast Cancer Awareness was NOT a promotional giveaway.TThey were not for my benefit. Trying to assist in raising money to cure a deadly disease is not promotional, it has nothing to do with being noticed. I also asked you if you had any books you wanted to add. I could see if I was setting them up in a book store, but DAMN WOMAN, breast cancer. FREAKING ENOUGH SAID THERE.

    • Weird that she protests so much about how much she cares about people, her family in particular, but she dares to pose in such a way to cause her child grief in later years. There is NOTHING ladylike in the picture, NOTHING classy, or ELEGANT. That is pure NOTICE ME on the highest level. NO, Ms. Jones you are not a lady, you are NOT a great mother, you again are showing your stripes. Showing the entire world exactly what you are. A SELF-CENTERED person, one who only looks for their better advancement or achievement in their own life. You care not for anyone around you. The only ones who you may grace with kindness are the ones you are sucking dry.Until they wake up and see what you are, then you are a vicious, vile creature.

      A cloud of SHAME hangs around you.

      • I am not ashamed of myself or any of the pictures I have taken. You do not have to be a size 2 to be beautiful or take sensual pictures.

        I am not self centered, everything I do is FOR MY FAMILY. I see tons of other models that pose the same way I do that are in fact larger than myself and you aren’t throwing stones at their glass house.

        I am content with myself and my family supports my dreams all the way. They do not judge but tell me to keep going and achieve my goals.

        There are plenty of models that are mothers that pose nude, with legs spread, in those porn mag rags to make money to take care of their kids. And what about strippers working at titty bars shaking their ass that have kids doing what it takes to make it and ensure their daughters/sons or both have what they need.

        So dont come on her passing judgement. I know lots of women that do things other than model to make money to ensure their children are taken care of.

        I dont udge them for dancing, modeling nude or any of that. As they dont judge me for modeling o the sexy sensual side. But thats not all I do. I have other things on there. Bloody ones, to the monster the haters have created, to beautiful ones in a black style Marilyn Monroe dress.
        ack that I never got a chance to finish putting up.

        And those that I recently posted was from several months b
        And our nature and lifestyle pics are coming soon, even some goth ones that were requested.

        I told you awhile back to wait there was more coming… guess you didnt believe me. And Im not just talking about modeling….

      • You keep trying to make it about size, but nobody here is talking about how big you are. We’re talking about how crass, rude and ridiculous you are.

        It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, you don’t take a good photo. The ugliness inside you shows in your sneer, on your face and in your selfish, lifeless eyes. You don’t have ugly features, but the ugliness of your soul oozes out of every pore.

        Oh, stop trying to impress us with how much crap you have planned. Nobody’s impressed. We all know that what you lack in any real professionalism, you make up for with sheer volume. It doesn’t matter how many “shoots” you have coming up, in Dallas or anywhere else. You are simply. Not. Good. At. It. You do, in fact, suck at it. But your deluded little mind is convinced that you’re an ace at anything you try. There’s a phrase that fits you: Jack of all trades, master of none. You try your hand at so many things, and you’re just not good at any of them. It doesn’t matter what anybody else does, or why. We’re talking about YOU, here. You and your grandiose schemes, your deluded fantasies of being famous and beloved, of being a member of these professions you think are so glamourous – first the world of strippers and now models. And you’re just not. You hang around the fringes, attaching yourself to people that really are, calling them your friends and mentors, but the truth is that you’re just not part of that world. Deluding yourself doesn’t count.
        If you really want to succeed, take the time to educate yourself about how it’s properly done. You can’t just slap some poorly written, unedited, unformatted crap on createspace and call yourself a writer or publisher. You can’t just flop your naked ass on a couch and call yourself a model. It just doesn’t work that way outside the confines of your thick, deluded skull.

        Look who I’m talking to. I’ll stop wasting my breath spouting reason. The unreasonable with never fathom it.

    • My sister had the camera on automatic as we were shootings and things like that can happen, especially during re-positioning. It was NEVER intended to be a lot of types of wraps, uploaded along with the others. That is material that was brought over to be used for anyone. We have a lot of wraps, shaws, and different materials for drapping and the models. When pictures are taken we usually end up with around 150-200 but only so many get posted and again that one was NEVER intended to be posted.

      My sister has a professional lighting kit that is used but I also like to play around with color effects on gimp and such.

      We have a nature shot planned with her company, and I am not not sure what the photographer in Dalllas has planned for me. I do know we are going to do a rock glam theme for one the others not sure.

      Also have another mother/daughter shoot coming up for the holidays which always fun. She loves taking pictures with mommy.

      Dee also has other projects lined up as well, which gives me the creative outlook for makeup and hair!!!.

      I apologize but again I do NOT do nude shots but when you are trying to hold a pose or turn for a new one and the camera is on automatic sometimes those things happen. I usually catch them, I have in the past and they were deleted.

      Again I am not a slut or a whore mistakes caappen. They have happened on other sets when Ive done photos. Its one of those things.

      My sister does all natural which includes no photo shop, she runs her business completely different. She wants the model to look like themselves not some photoshopped wannabe. I applaud her for that, and think more photographers should do things like that.

      Anyhow I wanted to straighten that issue up seeing how you continue to blow it up all over your blog. Also message from ex husband Lepp, please do not contact him again you or Jacqueline.

      He and I talked for a long time today. Please leave him alone.

      • That’s not a mistake. That’s a pose. You’re looking straight at the camera. Those aren’t “drapings” they’re curtains. Anybody can see that. You’re only using that word because a real professional said it and now you’re trying to copy. It’s a crappy, slutty picture. A real photographer called you on it and you’re backpedaling to try to cover it. Nice try, but like everything else you attempt, you have no idea what you’re doing, and it shows. I could light into your sister about all the things that were pointed out on the photographer’s end, but unlike you, I have a measure of respect for your sister. I think you’re filling her head with notions of how easy, fun and glamorous it is to be a photographer. Her company, maybe, but it’s got you all over it. Literally.

      • You do naked phtos and the whole world sees it lying slut. If your sister had the right lights why weren’t they on? Bullshit and that all natural bullshit, your just a fake and your making your sister a fake with you. OMG how embarassing you used curtains! HAHAHAHA!! You look so stupid right now!

  12. Also my daughter is never around when I do my sexy or sensual pictures. Once the pictures are taken then she be around mommy. I do have respect for my daughter.

    • There’s nothing sexy or sensual about those pictures. They’re just a sad wannabe with delusions of grandeur.

      “Then she be around mommy”..?
      Tell us again what a great writer, editor and publisher you are? Yep. Wannabe.

    • Your daughter is never around when your drunk or stoned on your pills either right? Child services should take that child away from you your a horrible mother.

      • I’m not perfect but I’m a damn good mom and everyone that knows me knows she comes before anything.

      • I hope you’re right, because she deserves a loving, doting mother, but your stories just don’t match up with people that do know you.

        The point here is that you’re a crook. If you go to jail for all the illegal shit you’ve done, and continue to do, who will take care of her then?

    • So your telling us that you basically make your daughter sit in her room for hours at a time while you roll around in the living room TRYING to be sexy?? yeah that’s being a great mom… I’m pretty sure that if Riley were your world as you have pointed out so many times you wouldn’t lock her away in her room while you pretended to be a model. When i did my pictures my daughter wasn’t even in the same house. Her father watched her while i went somewhere else to do them, and I didn’t even take my clothes off for my pictures.

      • Therein lies the difference, Sabrina. You may take sexy or seductive poses, and still have enough respect for yourself not to go full blown nude. I myself have some great pics hubby has taken of me, in various outfits or costumes. I don’t see a thing wrong with that. What I do find offensive is someone who thinks they are looking sexy and for the most part just look scary. Someone who lies and cheats, a person with no morals.

        She can spout what ever drivel she wants to, nothing will obsolve her from all the bad that she has done, to others. The same crap she is peddling now is the same crap she used to get me to sign with her company. I am here for you, NO, you are here to get close enough to slink your hand into my pocket and steal my last penny.She has YET to answer about the Relay for Life I had asked her assistance for, or the reason she published 2 of my books without a contract, and keep the one in circulation AFTER the contract ran out. Doesn’t that entitle me to ALL ROYLATIES?

        COME ON TABETHA… what’s your excuse now..

      • It’s a matter of class, in both word and deed. And Tabetha doesn’t have any. Not in her photos and not in her character. If she did, she couldn’t treat people the way she does. She doesn’t understand that. Not now and never will.

        I’d love to hear her explain why she can’t be bothered to help with your breast cancer awareness project, and why she thinks it’s okay, or even legal, to publish 2 of your books without a contract. Have you chatted with the FBI about that?

      • That’s because you have more class in your pinky fingernail than she does in her whole body. Your pictures were lovely while hers are pure trash.

      • Never said Rylee sits in her room for hours did I? No those were your words. What is important is that has not around for it and once we are done then she can be around mommy or even take some pics with me.

        No that’s not a curtain it’s material that was purchased mushrooming things.

  13. One was hemmed to add thickness to the sheerness in case a model wants the extra coverage. The the black pieces are shaws and the gold piece is a wrap that goes with a dress.

    So don’t assume what you think you know. Because it’s never right.

    • I know you’re full of shit. You got caught using a curtain and you’re making a spectacle of yourself trying to explain it away.

      And the word is for fabric draped around one’s shoulders is SHAWL. Not Shaw. I let it slide once thinking it might be a typo. But, no. You don’t even know what to call it.

    • Convenient, when certain things are brought to this twits attention she changes the story. No, It wasn’t a shower curtain, BUT it was hemmed for More “modest” models. Can I call BULLSHIT.

  14. You are right Lepp, that is exactly what it means. I will take part of that bet. She likes to gloss on how she is doing so well. Again I call bullshit. She only wants people to think she is doing well, and the company is so legal. There is nothing legal about her or her company. People need to wake up and realize this.

  15. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If sheโ€™s not involved with publishing anymore, that jobโ€™s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) โ€“ AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al โ€“ arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, weโ€™re focusing on happier topics.


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