Drama with a capital D

I made that last post about how family should be Tabetha’s priority, knowing full well what happened in the Jones household Thanksgiving night. However, unlike Tabetha, I’m not willing to put another person’s misfortune out there on a blog to cover my own ass. So I’m not here to talk about exactly what happened.

Yes, I have talked about it in private texts and messages. I’m not going to deny that. And there’s a good reason why I’ve talked about it. There are two of them, in fact.

The first reason I’ve talked about it is that I’m being blamed for it. Tabetha’s trying very hard to implicate me as the reason it happened. Despite her protestation that she only told ONE person what happened, she’s gone screaming far and wide, to everybody that will listen that it’s my fault because of the “harassing” and “cyberbullying” nature that she wants everybody to believe this blog boasts.  I’m hurting innocent people, she says, and now I have to pay for it.

And I did struggle with that notion myself. Maybe if I hadn’t posted such brutally honest facts, maybe it wouldn’t have happened. Some truths are hard to accept, depending on how dearly the belief is that the truth contradicts. Some are impossible to believe, if a person isn’t prepared to accept it. Even though every word was true, maybe I pushed too hard. The thought made me very uncomfortable.

But I’m very fortunate. I’ve got friends that buffeted me about the head and neck verbally, reminding me that Tabetha’s the one that created the lies. I didn’t do anything wrong.

That leads to the second reason I’ve talked about it. Because I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not my own deception I exposed with these blog posts. It’s Tabetha. It’s her lies that have hurt the people in her life, from family on down to authors, artists, editors, and models she’s come into contact with. I imagine her lies have touched just about everybody she’s ever met, in some form or another.

Yesterday, Tabetha got on her sister’s FB account and invited me to call their mother. I had expressed a desire to talk to their mom and offer her my heartfelt prayers, and Tabetha jumped on that. She repeatedly offered that I should call. She taunted me, saying “Mom’s still waiting for your call.” She even dared me, calling it “a simple phone call.”

Here’s the entire conversation, so that there’s no mis-communication about that was said. The only bits I’m blacking out directly discuss that’s  going on, and a private phone number. Like I said before, Tab has no problem throwing people’s business out there, but that’s her. Not me.

I almost called. Almost. I really and truly want to offer whatever comfort I can to Dee’s mom. But after the first or second invitation from her, it started to smell like something was up. I wasn’t just welcome to call, it really seemed like she wanted me to call. A lot. Something just didn’t smell right. Why would she want me to call so badly? Despite the fact that I have repeated invitations to call, was she trying to set me up for harassment?

Later on, I figured it out. One of the first things she said to me was that her mom almost had a heart attack because of everything that’s gone on.  It’s possible that she wanted me to call so that she could accuse me not only of harassment, but of causing her mother to fall ill as well.

Something else that struck me about that conversation: she kept saying that her mom was waiting for my call. If it’s true that mom did almost have another heart attack, I hope she was waiting for my call in the hospital, on a cell phone. Because if mom wasn’t feeling well, what with an “almost” heart attack, I hope that Tab would have taken her to the doctor rather than sitting at home waiting for me to call, hoping she could blame it on me. I’d like to think that mom’s health is more important than blaming it on me, and for any other person on earth, I think it would be so. But since it’s Tabetha Jones we’re talking about here, I just don’t know. I honestly wouldn’t put it past her.

No. I’m not calling their house, or any of their cell phones. I repeat and maintain that her mom is welcome to call me anytime. If she’s got anything to say to me, I’m right here. I don’t believe for an instant that Tabetha threw my number away. She was never supposed to have it, but thanks to the BBB, she does. Any time her mom wants to pick it up and give me a call, I’ll be very happy to personally offer her my prayers.

Tabetha insists that mom doesn’t do computers, and that’s fine. My own departed Granny never got the hang of how to work the VCR. I understand that completely. But Tabetha does. If it’s true that she trashed my number (which I sincerely doubt) She’s welcome to park the old girl in front of the computer and fire up Skype herself so that mom can tell me face to face whatever it is she wants me to know. That doesn’t require any special skills. All she’d have to do is sit there and talk. But this is the second time I’ve offered to Skype with mom because Tabetha has insisted that she (mom) has something to say to me. And this is the second time she’s declined.

Ball’s in her court. She’s got my number. She can let mom use it. Or she can sit mom down in front of a Skype call. Either way. It’s not because I’m scared or hiding. I’m simply not stupid enough to fall into her trap and give her the ammunition to (try to) accuse me of harassment or blame me for her mother’s health issues. So, to anybody out there that she’s telling I’m a chicken shit, not so. I’m right here, ready and waiting any time she wants to pick up the phone or fire up Skype. If she doesn’t, it’s on her, not me.

I’ve said it before, and I meant it. Her family should be more important than I am. Right now, especially. But considering who we’re talking about, I’d lay odds that I’ll see her IP and proxies visiting my blog as many times today as she did yesterday, if not more, and every day before that. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see more models, alts and aliases pop up to defend her. In short, putting her attention here rather than where it belongs: with the people she should care about.

She doesn’t get it, and never will. And for that, I really am sorry. Not for her, because she brings it on herself. I’m sorry for the people close to her  that dash themselves against the brick wall that exists where her heart should be, and break themselves upon it.

As sorry as I am for those poor people, I’m glad that I am not her. I give thanks for that every single day of my life.



Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a time for us to gather around our families and be grateful for the blessings we enjoy in our lives. Share a meal and bask in the love of those we hold most dear. I was blessed to be surrounded by loved ones, a family that I hold dear and am thankful for every day. We shared a great meal, and the youngsters surprised me by clearing the table for me, out of the blue. The only thing left for me was actually washing the dishes. With everything all cleaned up and put away, that was a small task easily dealt with. Later, we did a bit of shopping and got some gifts for each other, a bit of fun to round out the evening. It was a wonderful day filled with kind blessings. I am a lucky girl.

A family holiday is not a time to worry about nonsense on some blog. But here, in the middle of the day, was Tabetha blathering on about some nonsense or other, at one-thirty in the afternoon (central). The middle of the day. Had they just finished eating their turkey or was it still in the oven? Where was her family while she was trolling this blog?

Sure, I dropped by later, after family time was enjoyed and shopping was finished, after the day was over. This blog is my responsibility, so i like to check on it and make sure everybody’s behaving.

And, yes, other people dropped by the blog yesterday, too. Not everybody is American, and NOBODY dropped by to be as ugly and snarky as Tabetha is. It’s pretty obvious that Tabetha obsesses over this blog. According to my stat tracker, she visits it more times a day than I do. She lies outright about everything in her life, and throws everybody’s business under the bus to cover up her own scams and lies. Her mother, her daughter, her sister, doctors, associates, anybody and everybody is fodder for her CYA campaign. We’ve heard all about every aspect of her daughter’s life, real or fabricated, we’ve heard about her mother’s health issues, doctors, and we’ve heard a whole heap of lies about her sister’s love life.

Even though Sky (Skylynn, Skylier, Alex, etc) has been exposed as a lie that doesn’t exist, Tabetha persists, insisting that her sister is in love with somebody that’s just a figment of her sister’s imagination. It’s beyond me how she can be so insensitive to her sister’s feelings as to fabricate a person that doesn’t exist and toy with her sister’s emotions like that? A sister doesn’t do that. Hell, even an enemy with a conscience wouldn’t do something so heartless and cruel. That ink on her chest should read Cold-Hearted, because that’s what she is.

Thanksgiving isn’t the only day that we should consider our families above all else. That should happen every day. We should be grateful for our loved ones more than once or twice a year, we should thank our lucky stars for them every day. Tabetha, in particular, should drop to her knees and beg her sister for forgiveness for how she’s treated her. While she’s down there, she should thank the sweet lord for each and every person that’s still in her life despite the way she’s acted.

I’m a sap or a sucker, but I believe that everybody has a chance to turn things around for themselves. Even Tabetha Jones. I believe to the last that she could change, if she wanted to. I doubt that she’ll ever be any publisher. Whether she’s inept or just crooked, she’s demonstrated over the course of years that she’s got no business handling anybody else’s work. If she wants to shovel out her own crap. that’s great. Let her (self) publish all the illiterate drivel she wants. But she needs to stop trying to be a publisher, and the sooner the better. She’s gotten away with all of her frauds until now, whether it’s tax fraud, royalty fraud, contract fraud, or whatever. She’s damned lucky she’s not in jail yet. And I do mean yet. She’s being investigated for all of the above, and if she doesn’t stop, it’s very possible that she will go to jail and keep Big Bertha company for a few years. If she stops now, she might squeak by with minimal repurcussions. If her luck holds out. Either way, she needs to stop trying to publish other people’s work. We already know that MOST of the authors on her site are fake, like Sky. But all too often, she sweeps up some eager new author in her schemes, and they’re the ones that suffer.

No. If Tabetha wants to publish, she needs to stop treating her alts as if they’re real people, publish only her own work, and leave other people’s work alone. Only when she can’t and doesn’t scam any real person ever again will the publishing world be safe.

If she wants to be a model, more power to her. I look forward to seeing her on the cover of whatever magazine will have her.

Whatever she does, she needs to stop dicking with people’s hearts and emotions. She likes to blame stress and drama on this blog, but she needs to realize that she, and she alone is responsible for the heartache she causes in people’s lives and hearts with her cruel, inconsiderate actions. And only she is responsible for their pain, and she alone is responsible for the consequences.

I only hope that some day, she grows up, wakes up and tries to live a life filled with gratitude for the blessings she’s been given.

Bright Blue Sky

We’ve been hearing a lot about Sky Wicker lately, also known as Skylynn Wicker and Skylier Wickerson. Maybe more names by now. You know, the model that Tabetha’s sister is reportedly having a romantic relationship with. So I thought it was about time we took a closer look at her.

Sky’s been around for awhile, involved in various aspects of Tabetha’s business, all the way back to being a Beta reader at Mystic Press.
That’s a lovely photo, isn’t it? So are these:
Question is, are they all the same girl? The answer is pretty obvious, but I’ll let you decide that for yourselves.

She gets around, too. If you look, those profiles each say she lives (and has been educated) somewhere different, including Dallas, Waco and NY, NY.

And, some of you might remember the mysterious case of the disappearing tattoos. At one point, Sky boasted ink, while at others, she’s bare-skinned. I don’t have those photos handy, but I’m hoping somebody out there will. If so, send ’em along and I’ll be happy to add them.

Tabetha insists that Sky uses pictures of different women because she’s had “stalkers” in the past, but that Dee handles them now, acting as Sky’s big, bad protector.

If that’s the case, Sky’s safe now. So there should be no problem finding a real picture. Right?

Right. It’s bullshit. Tabetha’s ex, Eric, has confirmed that he was there when Tabetha made Sky up in the first place, and helped pick out which pictures to use for Sky. That, plus all of the inconsistencies in Tabetha’s story since then are proof enough for me that Sky doesn’t exist and never did.

What’s troubling is this story that Tabetha’s sister is involved with Sky romantically. How is that possible, since Sky doesn’t exist? Some reports have it that Tabetha has called Dee pretending to be Sky, while others report that she only texts posing as Sky in order to foster the illusion of a relationship with Dee. And Dee appears to buy it, hook, line and sinker.
Gaining weight back? I guess that’s a good thing, considering Sky’s health issues.

According to Tabetha’s history of Sky’s life, the poor thing has suffered a lifetime of tragedy. First, Sky’s husband killed himself. Shot himself in the head, was it? Then Sky’s twin children were killed in an auto accident. And now the poor thing has Aids. How lovely for her that she now has Tabetha’s sister to look after her.

At Tabetha’s insistence, I asked Dee about her relationship with Sky. Dee insists that the two of them have spent time together in “RL” …which I can only imagine stands for Real Life. That’s disturbing on a lot of levels, since we now that Sky doesn’t exist anywhere outside of Tabetha’s imagination. It certainly raises a few questions.

Is Tabetha calculating and heartless enough to lead her own sister to believe that she’s in a romantic relationship with someone who doesn’t exist?
Would Tabetha go so far as to call or text her sister, pretending to be a model that doesn’t exist, to convince her that this model is interested, or even involved with her?
Why would Dee tell me that she’s spent time with Sky in “RL” when we all know that it’s impossible? Is she so caught up in the fantasy of being involved with this beautiful model that she’s willing to lie to protect it?
Or, is it possible that Tabetha’s been on her sister’s FB account, defending a relationship that doesn’t exist? If so, how does that make her sister look?
How does any of this make her sister look?

Sky, if you’re out there (which we know you’re not) and if you care about Dee in the slightest (which we know is impossible, because you don’t exist) have the decency, for Dee’s sake, to show up and prove to us that you exist. Show us some of your modeling shots. You’re a model, a public figure. You make your living with your face. You shouldn’t have any problem showing us what you look like. If you do prove to us that you’re a real person, I’ll be the first one to fall on my knees and kiss your feet, begging for an apology.

Dee, I’m not writing this to embarrass you. Believe it or not, I’m doing it to help you. I want you to see what lengths your sister will go to in order to glorify herself. She’ll lie about you, she’ll lie TO you, and she’ll put all your personal business online. After all, how would we even know about your private life if Tabetha didn’t drag it out here for the whole world to see? It is my hope that you’ll realize the truth about this person that calls herself your sister. Blood or not, a real sister wouldn’t do to you the things she has.

If and when you’re ready to face the reality of what your sister is and what she’s doing to you, both in your personal life and with her new bogus business, you’re welcome to come here for support. We’re all here because we’ve all been scammed, lied to, hurt, humiliated and defrauded by her. We know how it feels to believe her. Some of us even know how it feels to love her as family, only to have their hearts and trust betrayed by her. You’re not alone, and you don’t have to be embarrassed. As victims ourselves, we’ll be glad to support you through the painful realization of what she really is.

The Liar Effect

Tabetha Jones has recently decided to start yet another illegal business. This time, it’s a photography company that she’s talked her sister into claiming ownership of, called The Phoenix Effect photography.
How dare I call it an illegal company? Well, I dare because it’s true, for the same reasons that her bogus publishing company isn’t legal, either. But we’ll get to that later.

Let’s start with the Phoenix Effect home page.

Here alone, we see evidence that this is Tabetha’s baby. Listing herself as the Effect’s leading model shows that the whole endeavor is little more than an ego stroke, a vehicle for Tabetha (as Zoey Sweete) to preen herself as a model, coupled with the fact that 90% of the pictures are of her. It’s just ego-spank for her.

I think the most disturbing thing she says on the front page is that they “do not discriminate against size, race, sexuality, or age.” The mere fact that she mentions any of those things is discriminatory. Why would any photographer even THINK about refusing to photograph anybody based on those criteria, let alone feel the need to deny it so vehemently on the front page of their supposedly professional website? If I saw that on anybody’s site, it would tell me that yes they do, or they wouldn’t have brought it up. I don’t want to work with anybody that even thinks of it.

By trying to include so many styles of photography as a selling point, and going out of her way to appeal to everybody, she’s shooting herself in the foot. If I’m looking for a photographer to take pictures of my six year old, the last one I’m going to choose is the one that has the words “deviant” and “fetish” in the same sentence as “family portraits.” Only in her deluded little world do those styles belong on the same page, let alone in the same sentence. But, hey. It’s her company to ruin.

And, seriously… their LEADING model, Zoey Sweete? Really? Show me ONE publication her picture has appeared in. Show me ANYWHERE that her pictures have appeared that weren’t her own websites. Unless she can do that, she’s got no business calling herself a model at all, let alone anybody’s leading anything.


Next, have a gander at the site’s nav bar.
As usual, she leads with smut. She’s got the “Boudior” shots, “sexy and sensual” front and center. All other settings (couples, single shots, etc) are tucked away under “other” There’s Tabetha’s sleazy mentality for you, glorifying the filthy first and putting all other considerations aside.

Next, let’s take a look at the “about” page.
This is a jumble of hot mess. First, she does little but repeat what was already said on the front page. If she can’t come up with anything new to say about the company, what does it really have to offer? If the site can’t be original, how will the photos be?

Again, she contradicts herself. First she says that “Phoenix Effect does not use photoshop to edit our photographs, we believe in using the right lighting and poses to give you the best look.
And in the next sentence, that they “enhance the photographs that are chosen, whether it be to soften, colorize, add borders or add text to the pictures.
So do they photoshop or not?
I can help answer that one.
On the Phoenix Effects FB page, there’s (at least) one album with manipulated photos in it. So there’s a glaring example of either an inept contradiction or a flat-out lie.

And here, again, Tabetha refers to Zoey Sweete as a person separate from herself. As with her bogus publishing company, it looks like she’s trying to bolster the company with more personnel than it really has, and to glorify herself as something she’s not. Model, author, editor, publisher, all the things she wishes she was, but fails miserably at because she thinks that wishing it makes it so. It doesn’t.

Just take a look at what she says about herself on the “about us” page.
She refers to herself as the company’s manager, and a makeup artist and hair stylist that’s been “in the industry” for the last 13 years.
What industry? Lying and scamming?
What photographers and models has she worked with in the last 13 years?
Even if she has been involved with cosmetology for a number of years, that doesn’t mean that she’s been “in the industry” for 13 years. That’s an exaggeration to make herself seem more experienced “in the industry” than she really is.

And, excuse me, but I thought she’s been “busting her ass” to make authors’ dreams come true as a publisher for the last 4 or 5 years, selflessly losing sleep, spending money out of her pocket, dedicating herself tirelessly to serving her authors. How is that being involved with the modeling industry?
She’s only been trying to pass herself off as a model for the last few months. That’s a fact. No modeling pictures of her appear before that. Not that any real ones have appeared since. She hasn’t been involved “in the industry” at all, in any capacity. It’s just another lie. More wishful thinking that she’s involved with any industry she glamorizes, when the truth is she’s nothing but a wannabe.

As for Dee:
There are two points of interest in Dee’s blurb. First, she contradicts herself badly. She says that she “allows the model to be themselves without direction, giving the models freedom, unless she believes a better pose would work for that particular shot.
So which is it? Does she direct her models or not?
I’m willing to bet that there isn’t a professional photographer in the industry that doesn’t direct the models during a shoot. It’s their reputation on the line every time a photograph they took is published anywhere, including somebody’s facebook page, and I can’t think of a single photog that would leave their reputations vulnerable to the whims of some amateur wannabe model that has no idea whatsoever how to pose for a professional shot. Of course real photographers direct their models, from the most seasoned professional model down to a two year old with the Easter Bunny. After all, isn’t it up to the photographer to get the best shots? Of course it is. If somebody’s just going to pose any old way they want, what do they need to pay a professional photographer for? They can snap a selfie for free.

Secondly, Tab goes out of her way to distance herself from any ownership in the company by insisting that Dee is the sole owner. Which is why Tabetha runs the sites, the facebook, uploads the photos and does all of the online work. Every word.
No? Have a look at their FB.
In at least one spot, Tabetha posts under the Phoenix Effect account, identifying herself as Zoey Sweete.
And in at least one album, Tabetha speaks in the first person about her daughter, and her daughter’s photos in the album description.
I’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere that Tabetha DIDN’T do all the posting. I really have to wonder if Dee does anything in that company except show up with a camera to photograph her half-naked sister flopping around on the couch. That does not a modeling company make.

But, if it really is Dee’s dream to become a professional photographer, I say go for it. But she should do it without the swindling fingers of Tabetha Jones in her pocket. Instead, she should do the real work it takes to become a professional within the industry. She should take photography classes and learn about composition, lighting, the proper equipment and everything else it takes to be the real deal. And she needs to learn about posing. REAL, professional poses, not the shtick they don’t even do in sears catalogs anymore. I don’t say that to be cruel. I say that as an encouragement for her to put in the work and preparation it takes to be a real professional in the industry, if that’s really what she wants to do. If all she’s got going for her right now is her sister blowing smoke up her ass and telling her that she’s better than she is in order to get her to front a company for her, she needs to step away. The last thing anybody needs is to get caught up in one of Tabetha’s bogus companies.

I said I’d get back to why this company is as illegal as Tabetha’s other company. It’s simple. A sole proprietorship cannot have employees. Not an assistant, manager, stylist or anything else. If it does, it needs to file the proper taxation paperwork, and I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that Tab has convinced Dee that it’s not necessary, so she hasn’t. That’s tax fraud, and if the company gets investigated for it (and something tells me it will), it’ll be Dee that takes the fall for it. The company’s in her name, not Tabetha’s.

This isn’t the first time Tabetha’s used a family name in business, is it? Starting with the fact that her bogus publishing company is under her birth mother’s name, not her own. Why? To evade taxes? And let’s not forget Cindy Carlo’s involvement in Zephyr (however they spelled it) and Mystic Press, clusterfuck that it was. Seems Tab has this habit of setting the people in her family up to throw under the bus when the shit hits the fan. And in this case, she’s got a family member willing to put the whole company under her name so that she herself can walk away squeaky clean.

My advice to Dee is this: RUN. If Tabetha Jones is anywhere near a company, it’s bound to be crooked.


Tabetha has posted this sentiment more than once.

Why should they?

Nobody made her that way. What she is came by her own choice. When she takes responsibility for all the destruction she’s caused in the lives of just about everybody she’s ever come in contact with, she might start to realize that it is they to whom SHE owes apologies. She should, in fact, drop to her knees and seek the forgiveness that she does not deserve. She should beg for it.

She’s not the victim, here. She’s the monster that she made of HERSELF when she first decided to start scamming people, telling lies and abusing them. She needs to stop trying to act like anybody has done a single thing to her and start thinking about the people she’s hurt. Only then will she start to understand what a monster she really is.

And she needs to accept whatever consequences arise from her actions. After all, she’s earned them. And then some.


Just a quick, post about Tabetha Jones and her amusing case of Multiple Personality Disorder.

We’ve all seen many, many instances of Tabetha speaking as different people. She’s spoken as countless alts to bolster her company’s roster of authors and employees. Some of those fake names still appear on her sites and pages, as if people are too stupid to know them for what they are.

We’ve even seen one case where she spoke as an alt to a family member on the phone as an alt, to imply a romance between her own family member and a model that doesn’t exist.

But, while we’ve seen many cases of her speaking AS different names, we’ve also seen cases of her speaking TO them as well, whole conversations between her own fake names. Here’s one, for your amusement. Remember Sky Wicker? That’s the alt that Tabetha posed as on the phone. Sky doesn’t exist, of course. But other ID’s with the same pictures and a play on her name do. For your amusement:

More comments:



It doesn’t look like much of a big deal until you realize that Tabetha is not only herself in this conversation. She’s also Skylier Wickerson (Sky Wicker) and Emerald Rai Fleurs as well. So, with the exception of Dee (Tabetha’s sister), Tabetha is having this entire conversation with herself.

If you see any of these names on Tabetha’s many pages, commenting back and forth, just remember that it’s Tabetha Jones talking to herself. Same thing With Zoey Sweete, Ivy Sinclair and any I’m not thinking of off the top of my head. Make of that what you will. Point and laugh like most of us, or shake your head and pity her. Most of all, ask yourself if that sad, pathetic sort of soul is who you want in charge of your money.

Authors, artists, editors, models, RUN. Do not walk away from Tabetha Jones. Sprint.

Shut her up

This blog has gone on for quite a long time. I’m delighted that I’ve been able to provide support for victims of Tabetha’s scams, and I’m happy to provide what information I can to authors, editors, artists, models and anybody else that stands to fall victim.

Throughout the course of this blog, enough information has been revealed that she could easily be brought to justice for her illegal activities. There’s been first hand proof of piracy and tax fraud. All it would take is for those with first hand knowledge of these events to drop that dime and turn her in. But THEY have to do it. As a third party, I can only provide the information her victims can use to make that happen. It’s the victims that have to turn her in. And some are. A few brave souls are willing to print out the forms, fill them out and mail them in. They’re willing to make the phone calls and send the emails necessary to make the proper authorities aware of Tabetha’s illegal activities. I salute you for your courage.

Unfortunately, there are also too many that don’t. Either they’re counting on somebody else to do it or just can’t be bothered. They need to empower themselves and stand up to her once and for all.

I can understand how it’s embarrassing to admit that they’ve been duped, or the desire to simply put it behind them. Maybe they think too much time has gone by. I can even understand how a victim might not think that the authorities will believe them. They might even feel guilty about turning her in, for the sake of her daughter. Don’t. She didn’t feel guilty about scamming you. And if she’s the sort of mother that would withhold medical care from a child for months, even up to a year, that child would probably be better served in the care of adults that take her care more seriously.

The simple fact is that Tabetha will not stop. Period. As long as she’s allowed to continue, she’ll keep right on scamming people, ripping off money from authors, cheating models, artists, editors and any family members she can talk into owning businesses for her. She’ll keep right on taking advantage of every single person she can, and gloating smugly about it. And why shouldn’t she? From where she sits, she’s getting away with it.

She’s gotten away with it for too long. It’s true that she’s being investigated already, but if you’re a victim, past or present, you NEED to report her so that your information can be investigated, too. In some cases, scam investigations are quantitative. That means that the bigger the scam, the greater the consequences. Add your information to what’s already being investigated and speed her journey to the legal consequences she’s got coming. The faster she’s dealt with, the fewer the victims she can rack up.

Personally, it turns my stomach when I see her come on here and prance and preen, gloating and mocking each and every one of you with her bragging. If I could, I’d put a stop to it myself, this very minute. But all I can do is give you the links. It’s up to you to use them. I hope you do.

Report her to the FBI for piracy.
Report her to the IRS for tax evasion.
Report her to the TX Attorney General.
Report her to her local DA for scam and theft.
Report her to the Texas Rangers for fraud.

Once and for all, SHUT HER UP.