Cheat repeat

How many times have we heard Tabetha Jones say “I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from them as I grow, building my company,” or some such? She said it here more than once, and she’s said it many times before, to get the people she’s scamming to forgive her for the glitches that pop up. Including oopsies with her accounts that prevent them from getting paid. People, being kind and forgiving souls, are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, while she laughs all the way to the bank. So which is she? A cold, calculating scam that’s steadily lying to author after author for as long as she can, putting their money in her pocket? Or a bumbling, kind-hearted business woman that’s just trying so hard to get it  right?

Let’s take a look at that.

Perhaps her favorite tactic is making up aliases to defend herself. She did it on Emily Suess’s blog back in 2012 when one of her former authors stepped forward to warn authors about getting scammed when Tabetha changed Mystic Press over to Phoenix Fire. I’m sorry to say that Emily subsequently took her blog down because she got sick of dealing with the unpleasantness. I can’t say I blame her. I get sick of having such an unstable scam artist invade my day in any way.

Tabetha did it on Cuss’s blog, too. Check out comments by KJohn on Cuss’s post titled Phoenix Fire Publishing – avoid it. Dear Cuss busted her on it.

Undaunted, Tabetha did it here, too, as recently as yesterday. Check out these posts titled Stripper Drama and The Stripper saga continues, from August of last year. First, she impersonates her favorite stripper, Draven (AKA Mr. Shadow – a name taken from his Gmail account, I believe). I guess she didn’t think anybody would actually ask him about it. They did. He confirmed that it was not he. Then she impersonated a whole SLEW of strippers to try to defend herself. When totally busted, she tried to blame the whole thing on some other Draven fan. A lame diversion attempt that didn’t work.

Are we seeing the pattern yet, folks?

Same thing with her lawyer. She’s been throwing those threats around for a long time. Check out dear Cuss’s blog from January of last year, titled “Months and nothing.” Tab posts under multiple ID’s on there, including at least two versions of her own, and encourages one of her employees to do the same, posing as a relative. Sound familiar? That’s another pattern she repeats: getting her supporters to make up fake names, to defend her with, too. Check out dear sweet Aunt Martha.

If only Emily S. hadn’t taken her blog down so that we could see those posts. That would show the pattern so clearly.

Good thing she put the blog back up, bless her. You can read the first post about Mystic Press becoming Phoenix Fire HERE. Be sure to read all the comments so that you can see all the names that show up to defend her.

And you can read Emily’s subsequent post HERE, where she proves that Tabetha Jones posted fake testimonials to back herself up on that first post. Those comments are interesting, too, including Tabetha’s threat, saying

Keep on lying about me and my company because the same will happen to you. You wan t to play dirty. You all want to play dirty, I have contacts and I can make sure you never publish again. No one will blick at your work. And this blog will be reported because you are bashing and slandering and lying about things you know nothing about. Calling my authors fake oh just wait. Your shit is about to get blown up because they wont take lightly to that. Again I have been civil about this and tried to be nice but now the botch comes out to play and none of you will like it.

Her typos, not mine.

That is the face of Tabetha Jones, a spiteful, hateful, vindictive person. Question her, demand hard answers about your work with her instead of swallowing her excuses whole. You’ll see it for yourself.

These are just a couple examples of how she repeats her behaviors, repeated over the course of two years now. Is she really that bumbling and inept? Or is it a pattern of behavior? You tell me.

Authors, models, editors and artists, do not be fooled by a fumbling, bumbling sob story. She hasn’t “made mistakes” that she’s “learned from” over time. It’s a pattern that she has no intention of correcting. As long as she can get you to buy her excuses, she’ll keep right on repeating the same actions that take money out of your pocket and put it in her own. Don’t let her.


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  1. Now that I read that threat from Tabetha again, there’s that whole “I can be civil” tactic, the same thing she’s been saying here this week. How civil and what a “lady” she is. All evidence to the contrary.

  2. I want to be very clear. I didn’t post these links to these photos to take pot shots at her looks. I posted to show how, yet again, she contradicts herself. She claims to be such a lady, doesn’t act slutty, whatever, yet posts pictures online with her nipples hanging out. Hardly ladylike.

    • There is no need to take pot shots at her, she makes it so easy to prove just what a liar she is. I will say if she didn’t cake on the makeup, maybe lightened the look a bit more, and learned to smile instead of looking like she is constipated and in need of a good shit, the pics might have been better. Then again this is Ms.Jones for you. She cares not for anyone or anything but herself. Does she care that maybe her family, would be affected by the pics? I mean that is almost as bad as finding out your mother was a porn star. Does she actually think her looking and acting the way she does, will make her family proud?? She says she comes from a great lineage of leaders,and good people, what did it skip a generation with her?

      Remember this Ms. Jones, BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP, BUT U G L Y IS TO THE BONE.

      • That’s what I was trying to get across, Lepp. She could look like a angel, a china doll or a super model, that will NEVER change how UGLY she is on the inside. With her lies, and manuvering to put the blame on everyone but her, no amount of makeup, stylists, or lighting will ever make her pretty on the inside.

  3. As a photographer, there’s a way to photograph curvy girls, and that’s a horrible picture. It’s a terrible pose with all the tension in her face, the position does nothing to flatter a curvy girl’s figure and she’s wearing far to much makeup. The sofa is a poor choice of spots with such a stiff weave and drab pattern. The lighting is terrible. It looks like a single bare bulb. Way to harsh, and the shadow from the hands on that left leg looks like bruises. A real photographer would have multiple diffused light sources so there wouldn’t be shadows like that. And no photographer would use curtains for draping and leave the hem showing, that looks totally cheap and rookie. Draping material to cover the couch and drape on a model doesn’t cost that much money. There’s post production retouching to. No photographer would post this picture without smoothing out all those wrinkles on the skin and soften the face. The whole thing looks like amateur porn hour with a ten dollar Kodak camera. If that girl really wants to be a model, she needs to start with a professional photographer, learn to pose and wear a lot less makeup. If this is the best she can do, she needs to reconsider her choice to be a model.

  4. There really is no shame in your being is there Tabetha? Those dreadful pictures aside, I have more proof of your theft. Let’s see, roughly a year ago, you told me one of the authors was going to a convention and they wanted placards, to promote our books. The trip I understand NEVER happened, yet the authors that paid the 15, MYSELF INCLUDED, never seen the placards. You say I didn’t self promote, well what the hell was that? I could have used the placards that weren’t being used and placed them in public librarys or coffee houses. The only thing the authors saw of the so called placards was a pic of what they would look like when finished.

    Also sweetie, you want to talk contracts, let’s go there. I have 1 and only one of the anthology contract and the one for my FIRST BOOK, yet you published my 2nd and 3rd, WITHOUT A CONTRACT. Continued to publish my first book AFTER it was out of contract. Isn’t that considered FRAUD, HOW ABOUT PIRACY?

    The cost of termination was $350.00, how is that fair to anyone but you? Technically I had you in BREACH OF CONTRACT, when you didn’t fulfill your obligation as a publisher,how you may ask? OHHHH, This is so much fun. Launch parties, are to be taken care of by the publisher, how fast that never flew. My first book you pretty much took care of everything, my second book you tried to pass off on Jackie, saying you had WAY too much on your plate. My third book release party,I DID IT ALL. Was 20 mins til the show aired and I had to scramble for pictures, quotes and the like. Funny thing was, AGAIN, you tried to pass the buck, stating that Luna, hasn’t gotten my book cover done right and that it wouldn’t be ready on time anyway. Don’t believe me? I have the convos between you, luna and I.

    Remember one thing little girl, if you can’t play with the big dogs stay your puppy ass on the porch.

      • That is a bold lie and you know it. I just wish whatever you had on Luna would come to light, so you can stop throwing her under the bus like everyone else.

      • Has anybody asked Luna? It might not be as bad as she thinks. We all know how Tabetha likes to make people think she has them by the short and curlies when it’s not as bad as she makes it seem. Maybe we could help her out.

      • I didn’t know of the event until she shared it with me. Everyone involved knew regardless where they were going

      • I have nothing on Luna and everyone knew she was sending those off along with rackcards business cards bookmarks there had to be so many items for Arizona Dreaming. She made several posts in the group about it Everyone that was involved paid out so much for a slot and she mailed them out. Luna has always been wonderful and thorough in anything she does. She makes sure cover art, swag, whatever is needed is done promperly and on time. If changes are needed then she makes them. I got very lucky with her. I would never throw her under the bus, I have only praises for her and I have nothing on her. She is a gifted artist, swag maker, and an author. I hope to continue to work with her,

      • First she throws Luna under the bus, and now she sings her praises. Looks like she’s trying to woo Luna into hanging around to keep using/blaming. How sweet.

  5. We need to put aside all the comments about photos to the side. I may not like them but this is not about photos. The comments should keep on the track of the facts of her company being a scam.

    Flinging low blow mud cakes does not help the cause!

    • The only reason I brought up the subject at all is to highlight her contradictory behavior, saying one thing while she does another. Like how she says she busts her ass for her authors, putting them first, while all evidence points to the contrary. Just like she’s no model, she’s no publisher. She scams people into paying her money up front, then continues to make money from their work after they’re no longer associated with her. I don’t use the words “contracted to her” because her contracts are worthless.

      • 😉

        Very good point, though. I’m sure she’s getting all the mileage she can out of screaming “See? It’s all HATE!” Even though it’s to demonstrate her own contradictions.

        Back to the point, her victims need to prevent her from being able to victimize them any more. They all need to yank their works from publication EVERYWHERE and re publish on their own so that she can’t snake her hand back into their pockets any more.

  6. Tab’s on FB today, packpedaling as fast as her chubby little legs will carry her, claiming that picture is an ACCIDENT, honest! The camera was on auto taking pictures between positions! It landed on FB on accident! It’s a mistake!

    Okay so I had uploaded some modeling pics from a few months ago and we had a bit of a nipple problem on one which my haters had a field day on… but I wanted to take the time to apologize. When the camera is on automatic and you are turning this way and that way it happens, but I dont do nudes and if by any chance anyone saw before fb removed I do apologize.

    Bullshit. That photo wasn’t snapped “between” poses. It IS posed, and she’s looking right at the camera, holding her arms in the air like Tinker Bell. That’s not some auto shutter mistake.
    And even if it were, landing it on FB wasn’t a mistake. Pictures don’t jump from your hard drive to a FB album. That’s a deliberate act. She posed for it. She uploaded it. And she got called on it. Now, she’s playing the “pity me, I’m the victim here!” card.
    …and a couple people are actually buying it! Rallying around her, calling us haters and prudes for calling her on it. As ever, she can’t pull up her big girl panties and take responsibility for her actions. Instead, she makes excuses and plays it up for sympathy. What a whimp, what a whiner.

    • When you click on more than one pic to upload and I’m busy working on several projects at once sometimes things are missed. Did you ever think I might have been asking my sister something. You weren’t there.

      There are a lot of times Dee snaps stupid pics in between regular shots. When it is on automatic we get some of the best shots where sometimes things like that happen.

      Of course my next photo shoot is coming up on the 15th which should be fine. He’s a great photographer and fingers crossed the other model will be available.

      Very excited

      • Bullshit. You weren’t shifting position. You were looking right at the camera holding a pose. you just don’t like that you got called on posing like a ho.

        When YOU were uploading them ? I thought that company was your sister’s. Why wouldn’t she be doing it?

        Going to Dallas for another photo shoot on the 15th?
        Sure you are.

      • As been the assistant I upload all the pictures taken. Especially if they are the ones of myself, then it is not Dee’s responsibility to go to all all 3 of my pages, my two Zoey and my one personal and upload the pics. Also me being the assistant it requires that I take time and put them up on the facebook page and website once I finish that for her in the next couple of days.

      • So you officially work for her as her assistant. How nice.

        Actually, yes. It is Dee’s responsibility to be aware of every single thing that happens in her company. It is HER company, right? So it’s her responsibility to make sure everything is done, and done right.

    • BEFORE FACEBOOK removed, not Tabetha? Couldn’t have been much of an “accident” if Facebook removed and not YOU. You say people twist what you say and here it is in black and white. That ranks right up there with, I didn’t mean to fuck your wife, I tripped and my dick just slipped in.

      Amy more bullshit you want throw in the mix there Tabetha, or is drowning in your own enough? No matter what you say, everyone knows the truth, except you.

      • She said FB removed it.

        This apology comes only after she got busted and FB took the photo down. Not when she caught it and hastily removed it because it was an “accident.”
        Too little too late to be genuine.


  8. I have known Tab the longest. I know things Eric only wishes he knew.

    Let me address this simple and easy, ok folks. Jackie I don’t know what side you are playing but we both know that you are playing Tab. And she has done a lot for you, supported your tough times and taken your calls when you needed someone the most.

    I am very proud of Tabetha she has come a long way since her days of abuse.

    I have been there through everything including all this and more. I know her heart inside and out. She has been down.a tough road not one she chose but she trusts people and will give chance after chance.

    I’m afraid she didn’t lash out at Eric because he broke her heart. He set her free to me and we finally have a chance when she is ready.

    My concern is with you people saying she’s a shitty mom which that lil girl is spoiled by her mom. Tab is not s slur or a whore. I would know. She doesn’t get around she takes care of her daughter and herself.

    She is a damn good business woman and beautiful model. She doesn’t have s trust set up for her daughter and she uses her own money not the company’s.

    Tab is still learning the ropes on modeling but she’s doing something right she’s booked through February.

    I’m proud of my girl. And Jackie I thought you would be too

      • In your own statement alone Mr. Sending, you say she doesn’t have a trust for her daughter. How many people now a days does?? But in Tabetha’s own statement, she had to use money out of her daughter’s account to help with the business. So which is it? She is using her own money OR taking from her child???
        Maybe you should reevaluate your relationship with her, she will tell you things YOU want to hear, and do whatever she wants to. You want to throw Jackie under the bus for playing the fence or whatever, but Jackie never threw Tabetha under the bus for what she did. I will NOT go into details, those that are involved know.
        Also you say you are proud of her, she came a long way from her days of abuse? Knowing what I know, and I am totally against abuse of any nature, sometimes I wonder if she didn’t deserve it. I have been around women who push a man too far and he feels trapped and has to lash out. Hell, some women even get off on that. Not saying it’s right, just stating facts.
        You don’t want her putting her child’s business out there, well better get her ass a ball gag. It is all her saying things, we just ask questions as to 1 putting that out there and 2 plain out WTF.
        Tab spoils her child, easy to do when you have authors sending her special gifts, when most of the authors make or have swag made, the majority make sure that something is sent to her daughter. Also easy to cry the blues that she is broke and the child needs clothes or shoes. Most of the authors have soft hearts. When children are involved they give even if it means they may have to go without.
        A great business woman? Read above, if she is such a great business woman why can’t the authors get a straight answer? Why does she always skirt the truth?Why is it time after time she is proven a liar and instead of making things right, either makes up a bigger lie or throws people under the bus.
        I think you are a fool, in my humble opinion. You want to wait around for her? You are as twisted and demented as she is.You obviously can read, or are you tainted with something else? Tabetha is no “slur” or whore, i do believe you meant to say slut. She is doing something, sure, but how is she doing all of the modeling, since she is booked up til Feb, and run her business giving the authors 100%. Really would love to know the name of these ever so impressed photographers, the ones that make her in such high demand. Next we are going to hear she is going to be gracing the cover of some tattoo or biker magazine. Wait for it .. wait for it..

      • When photographers “book” a model, it’s for use in some way. They don’t just beg after models to photograph for no reason. So what have Tabetha’s pictures ever been used for? Magazine? Laingerie ad? Anything? Bueller?
        All evidence to the contrary.
        More likely, if Tabetha has photo shoots, it’s because she paid for it. And we all know where that money came from, don’t we?

        Looks like I’m winning that bet about Dallas. 😉

    • This must be the famous Bo, her man in the shadows just waiting for Tab to be ready for their happily ever after. Bounty hunter, is it?
      I’m sure “your girl” was thinking all about you when she tried to hook up with that vampire guy on Halloween. All fun and games, right?
      As well as you “think” you know Tabetha Jones, trust me when I tell you that you don’t. You know only what she shows you, and I guarantee it’s just sob story wrapped in bullshit to garner your sympathy and get you to stick up for her. Just about every author stepping forward on this blog has been where you are, trusting Tabetha and buying her bullshit, only to find that she’s been lying the whole time.
      The biggest lie she’ll tell you is that she cares about you.
      She doesn’t. She can’t.
      We don’t call her a narcissistic sociopath to be cruel or to mock her. We say it because it’s true. She is incapable of caring about anybody but herself.
      Want to see for yourself? Ask her one question. Ask her for the name and number of her lawyer. She’s been saying for years that she has one. If she gives you his name and phone number without hesitation, great. Give him a call and ask him about all of this, going back years. If he confirms her story, you’ve got your proof. We’re all haters and liars.
      But if she gives you excuses instead, if she won’t give you his name for ANY reason, if this lawyer tells you he doesn’t know what you’re talking about, then we’re telling the truth. We have been the whole time. It’s that simple. It’s on you. Do you want the truth? Or to blindly follow “your girl” regardless of how many people she hurts, rips off and cheats? Is that the sort of person you are?
      I’m guessing that you’re a decent person that’s been lied to by somebody with a personal agenda. A lot of people here are. They believed her, too, just like you. They stuck up for her because they believed her when she spouted the sob story of being the victim. They believed it when she said she cared about them, too, until they found out that she was lying to them all along. Look how many people have stepped forward with the same story about her. Dozens? More? They can’t all be wrong, can they, with her the poor innocent victim?
      Of course not.
      Do the right thing. Once and for all, prove the truth, one way or the other. If you don’t, you’re just like her, and you’re responsible for every lie she tells and every person she rips off. Is that who you want to be? Ball’s in your court, “dude” …let’s see what you do with it.

    • Who took care of who, Jackie’s the one that sent Tabetha money, not the other way around. Eric didn’t break her heart. She doesn’t have one. If you think she’s a damn good business woman you don’t know shit about business and if you think she’s such a hot model, tell us who all these photographers are that have her booked thru February. What magazines is she going to be in? She’s no model, she’s no business woman and she’s no mother the things she puts that little girl through, she should be a shamed of herself and somebody needs to give that lil girl a good home where she has a chance at a real life. If your as close to the family as you say you should take off those rose color glasses, pull your head out of Tabby’s twat and do something to help that poor kid.

      • For the record i kicked her ass out and upgraded myself to a real woman. Tabetha is a low life skank that can’t figure out who she wants to be on any given day. And if that was bo that posted please i beg you come by my house so wet can have a man to man chat. …that is if you’re not a fucking pussy!

    • I am not really sure who you are claiming to be but Bo does not talk like that. I appreciate you for your support and all but I’m sorry, first of all Bo doesnt have time to get involved on this blog. Second, he and I are friends have been for awhile and while we do talk it really isnt about all this. We have other things going on in our lives.

      So yes it upsets me someone is pretending to be a very good friend of mine, although you seem to know me very well.

      You seem to know how I am in life other than this blog so that make me wonder. I know a few gentlemen that I have been friends with for a long while, good ole country boys that are like little brothers to me but there is only one who is a cop for Mexia but hes got a life too but we do talk about everything but the word love has never come up

      Not on my end. He calls and checks on me and stops by. His kids play with my daughter but even then I dont think he would go as so much as posting anything.

      Lepp I know I have no right to ask, but did the IP addy come from around my area or where? I’m curious to know who this is. And why they are pretending to be a man they arent.

      • like most of your bullshit posts where somebody’s pretending to be somebody they aren’t, it bounces off an IP in Florida. There are a couple of infamous posters here that do ping back to Dallas besides you, though, but I’ll let those remain a mystery.

        You expect us to believe there’s a single person in your life you don’t bitch about this blog to? I don’t think so. As much as you claim to hate it, we all know you like the attention. You crave it. You need it. And a man that you’re friends with? There’s no such thing. There’s only two kinds of men in your life. The majority that wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole no matter how sleazily you proposition them, and the (very) few that are foolish enough to get involved with you. Whatever other function they perform in your life, those criteria exist for every man you meet. This is you we’re talking about, after all.

        Of course the word love has never come up. You don’t know what that is. You’re incapable of it. That would require a heart, and you have none.

  9. To this person claiming to know Tabetha the longest… do you want a cookie?
    A true con-artist will pull a wool over everyone including but not limited to close friends and family. Even most serial killers have people that say, “I never saw that coming from him/her.” To a point all of us has secrets just depends on how deeply twisted the skeletons are.

    Now… the comments about the ex-relationship. You state Eric broke her heart but Tabetha screams differently…she took control and he could not handle it meaning she kicked him out. Then there was accusations of abuse … if she kicked him out per her… you screaming a poor her broken-hearted little girl does not add up making you and her look stupid. Whether you are the best friend of twenty-two years or the man in the shadows … you should make sure you and Tabetha have your scripts aligned. Thanks for the help on making our case valid…Tabetha is a liar.

    The oops it happened line… those photos did not just happened to get past editing well just proves your photo editing sucks as bad as your book editing.

    And still no lawyer’s name… several authors have asked for it now…Running away and spewing excuses and lies only makes you appear more guilty than ever!

    • That is right. Whatever happened to “I threw him out because he beat me in front of my daughter”…?

      Obviously, Tabetha tells whatever story is convenient at the moment. So her champion really needs to take heed. Look back through these posts, read Tabetha’s own words. See for yourself what a liar she is.

      • I have one for Luna who reeks of someone else that loved to hide offline when confronted and use all the excuses in the world to deny her involvement with Tabetha…
        Are you not afraid with all these accusations about the swag and cover art in which has your name on it, you will not be charged with accessory to the crime… helping and abetting a criminal? Just food for thought on this Friday.

  10. I agree with you, Wondering,why hasn’t Luna come forward and either stated her case or plead her innocence? Why is she staying in the dark? What does Tabetha have over her head that keeps her quiet? Knowing that her good name is being trashed, she keeps quiet. That screams to me accomplice!!! Or scared. What could the “Boss Lady” have so bad over this woman’s being that keeps her from coming forward and telling all that she isn’t involved? It is so shameful that Tabetha is still controlling people and making them jump at her bidding. She keeps boasting how great she is doing, how well the company is thriving, but this would not happen if the people she is stepping on on the way up would stop assisting her.


    • It’s one of two things.
      Either Tabetha’s got Luna convinced that there’s no alternative, has her bullied into a corner where it seems like all hope is lost, or Luna’s fully complicit.
      Many of us have been bullshitted into paying Tabetha money to get their work released. Tabetha didn’t own any contractual right to their work, but managed to convince them that they had to pay. She bullshits a good game. Maybe she’s got Luna convinced that she’s s tuck.
      Either that or Luna’s just like Tabetha, devoid of any conscience about being part and parcel to a scam artist that rips people off.
      I hope it’s the former, and that we can help Luna scrape that predator off the bottom of her shoe. If it’s the latter, I’ll be seriously disappointed.

  11. Not too long ago I came across this blog after Tabetha began the “stay away”. I for one want to know what I’m staying away from and why. So I came here, read some things that I didn’t like and asked her about them. I was told that Lepp was a liar and only angry because of issues with her daughter. I learned of other lies along the way when authors asked me questions about things when I know I had already talked to Tabetha about them. I have NEVER been out to make a quick buck on anyone. I’ve been told images were paid for or that the artist agreed blah blah blah. Lies. I’ve even told her when images were copyrighted on other sites (many in Russia). I stepped back. Wanted to get away from things. I removed myself from facebook, but was on another profile to be available to author’s I was working with. Only to try to work with a friend and that didn’t work out. All the while, I was checking things here. Every now and then an author would reach out to me to fix something. I was informed that my name etc was still listed on Phoenix’s site. I reached out to Tabetha and asked her to remove my information and anything related to me from her site. It took a couple attempts but it was done. I stayed quiet, checking things here and honestly thankful to be away from it. I was, out of the blue, contacted by an author who was upset that she was having to pay for other covers. There was nothing wrong with her images, but the files that were sent to her from Tabetha were either corrupt or not to the correct specifications and rather the author reach out to me to help fix the problem she was angry and wanted a refund. The last thing I want is an author who is trying to get their name out there and publish one of their works to be angry or set back. Of the three covers I did for her I only charged her for two. I refunded her what I received from her (minus what was paid to a photographer for an image). I even offered to still fix the images for her to use. I’m a single mother and like MANY others have my own things going on in life. Did I use any of that as an excuse? No. Or did I tell her hey I did these covers for you 8 months ago and Why didn’t you come to me to fix them? NO! It took me a couple days but I came up with the small amount to fix things. I reached out to Tabetha about it and was ignored. UNTIL recently when she wanted something for a new company??? Of course when I asked her about it I got the “Oh I’m so sorry. I can pay you back for that.” Lies. Haven’t heard back from her. I’ve learned that away from her and her drama is the best place I can be. As far as swag. I recently spoke with Faith. The swag that was sent for her never made it to her. Go figure. It is being rectified because I don’t want my name to be in the mud or associated with Tabetha or any BS. There were rack cards made for authors that half were sent to Tabetha to go with some author to a convention and the other half was distributed in goodie bags for attendees of Arizona Dreaming they were mailed there directly by me. I paid for the shipping out of my pocket. I should have known something when many times, there was a middle person when working on things for an author. I was NEVER about scamming anyone. I did many things for no charge and was also manipulated and used for free work. I have stayed quiet because I honestly want to be completely away from Tabetha and all of these lies. Why am I speaking up now? Because I don’t want anyone thinking that by staying quiet I am involved in Tabetha’s scheming. There has never been anything professional about her publishing company. Any attempt I made at helping authors get their name out there was ignored or I was told that’s what “Teaser Tuesday” is for. Quotes from books over a slutty image in a closed group is NOT getting an authors name out there. I think it has been stated repeatedly here that author’s should be aware. Do research. The same goes to anyone else who is wanting to enter into the writing world, be it editing, formatting, proof reading, cover design, any aspect of it. There are obviously those out there that will lie to you and lie on you. They will use you until they get all they can out of you or until you see things clear. I do NOT speak with Tabetha or any of her alternates. I do NOT do work for her or any of her “companies”. The last attempt she made to contact me was recently to “fix” an anthology cover because the word count changed. That email was not replied to and was deleted. The voicemail she left about it was deleted. I’m assuming she’s found someone else to do it for her or shes talked someone into doing her a whole new cover for it. Either way, NOT my problem. All I want is to be done with her and away from drama and BS.

    • Hi Luna.
      Your name is still all over her sites, and your work is appearing in new books being released currently. Sure makes it look like you still work with her. But she does that, doesn’t she? Continues to use people’s names and work even after they’ve left her. Authors still find their work shuffled around in anthologies, and those with books out still find them for sale on various sites, even without their knowledge or consent. Models are finding that she still plans to use their work, she still throws their names around, too.

      If you really want to be done and finished with her, you’re going to have to take some proactive steps to get your name off of her business. Same with the models, authors and other artists.

      Contact her and tell her to stop using your name. You don’t owe her any explanation, just demand that she stop using your name. I suggest using FB pm. That tells you when she saw it. And screen cap that she did see it. That way, she can’t claim later that she didn’t see it. She might try to say otherwise, but you’ve got the proof.

      If there’s any work you’ve done for her that she hasn’t paid for, demand that she stop using it.
      If there’s work you’ve done for PF that the author paid you for, you can get together with the author and demand that you stop using your work/their cover on or to promote her sites.

      And never mind that contract. There are only so many ways I can say it. HER CONTRACTS ARE CRAP. They are not legal or binding in any way. Don’t let her wave it around to try to control you, the contract doesn’t exist.

      The most important thing any of you can do is FOLLOW THROUGH. If she doesn’t stop using your name or you work, if you keep finding your work being used in a manner you did not authorize or do not want, REPORT HER. Turn her in to the FBI for piracy. Contact her local district attorney. Contact her local Attorney General. What she’s doing is a crime, and as the victim, YOU have to report her. I can inform you, but I can’t do it for you.

      Best of luck.

    • I am ever so glad that you decided to speak out Luna.It does my heart good to see that she is not a holding anything over your head. I still have the conversation between the 3 of us, where she tried to throw you under the bus. I knew it wasn’t you. She proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Every day with others speaking out it is proven more and more what a piece of crap she is. And how much of a liar and manipulator she can be. I never seen the placards or heard anything more about them after the money was sent out. She was sent the swag that I had made for my party and still claims that I never sent. But I bet you dollars to doughnuts that her daughter got the earrings and bracelet that were made for her. Everything that spills from her poison lips to her tainted fingers will destroy you if you allow it. Please pay attention to what is she is doing to your good name. I would hate for you to be destroyed like so many others.



      your dear friend SCABETHA knows nothing of decentcy or honesty. You really must love bullshit the way she feeds it to you by the handfuls. HONEY THERE IS NOTHING TO BE JEALOUS OF TABETHA ABOUT.

      I would rather eat crumbs with bums than eat steak with a snake.

      • Maybe she lost another author, or model, or artist. She screams the loudest when something or someone threatens her twisted little fantasy life with a dose of reality.

      • Yeah, I’m pretty sure Ruby Dee is Tabetha. I’d bet money on it. I reckon she sees it as her “Evil Bitch” persona. I’d stop entertaining that nut job by addressing her as anything else, otherwise she’ll take it as some sort of compliment. She’s really not that convincing at pretending to be someone else. It’s laughable, which is why I’m convinced it’s her.

    • We’ve heard this broken record before, haven’t we?
      I’d really, really like for someone to explain to me how she can’t hang on to authors if she’s such a great businesswoman. How the names on her friends list change on a steady basis if she’s such a great friend. How people don’t get paid properly if she’s such a great success.
      What I see is a sick, sad, paranoid little girl with delusions of grandeur. Not a single thing to be jealous of. I’d rather live my own reality than even VISIT her sick, twisted fantasy for a single day.

    • Ruby Dee I dont know who you are but you stand for what you believe in. What I want to know is if you stand so firmly for me then why haven’t you contacted me on facebook? Why havent you sent me any email and more importantly I know Lepp can verify IP addys so maybe if I narrow down where your posting from I can narrow you down. Because to be so all for me then please inbox me.

      • Funny now Tabetha is asking lepplady for ip addys. Awe, she wants to know who to send gift baskets to from the stolen swag of her authors. Sorry tabbyscat, your protests that you don’t know these people is laughable. Or have the voices in your head decided to leave even you in the dark?

      • If i do remember this right you’re mothers nick name was ruby for a number of years so nice try tabetha your multiple personalities are becoming tangled yet again. Pop another pill and you might get your shit straight with who you want to be today.

      • You really think people are that stupid? This “person” knows so much about your business and your mothering, but you have no idea who it is? Most people who lie this badly simply give up trying to lie by now…

      • Having known people with MPD, it is a disservice to them to say that Tab has it. MPD is a severe trauma induced, complex defense mechanism. Tab is just a liar, and a bad one at that

      • Very true. She has other mental disorders, like Narcissistic personality disorder, with a whopping dose of megalomania, Borderline personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies.
        Tabetha doesn’t suffer from trauma. She causes it.

      • Tabetha, every time you want an alt to appear real you do the whole “I don’t know who you are” line, right after they say something stupid (and I mean really stupid) to back you up. It’s telling. Fact is, you’d know who this was if it was a real person. Jeez, keep up with your own charade! We’ve been reading this blog for years and we know all your tells. This Ruby Dee debacle has went on for some time now and this is just painfully pathetic. Give it up already. By all means, keep churning out that zero-draft drivel you call fiction, but for goodness sake, give up the scam and the pretense! You’re done. We won’t go away until you go away. Haven’t you learned that yet?

      • Has anyone else seen the obvious lie?… Don’t know Ruby Dee but this Ruby Dee knows PF business? Who’s with them and who’s not. I smell something fishy!

      • Smoke and mirrors. That’s all it is. Smokescreen fodder. She’s probably up to something sneaky she hopes to divert attention a way from by kicking up a fuss with “Ruby” and talking about her daughter. That’s her modus operandi.

  13. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


  14. Update: On Emily’s second blog post, the one where she exposes that Tabetha used fake customer testimonials, SOMEBODY has buried Tabetha’s comments under page after page of pingbacks. But fear not. Tabetha’s comments to that second, damning blog post are still there. You know, the ones where Tabetha insists that all those fake names were her friends dropping by to show their support, and just happening to post replies to Emily’s blog while they were visiting. That’s got to be one of my favorite Tabetha moments of all time. Expecting people to believe that all those fake people were real, and visiting. I sometimes revisit that comment at the original source, put out there for the world to see, where she can’t alter or deny it. Thank heavens for Emily leaving the ugly truth out there for the world to see.

    Here. To save you the trouble of sifting through all those pingbacks to get at the truth, here’s the url to those comments:

    Just scroll down a bit. They’re there.

    You’re welcome.

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