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  1. Tabetha is not allowed to leave McLennan county without a note from her P.O. FACT
    Friends ot hers have called and noticed slurred speech, said minor child has taken the phone from her and given it to her grandmother FACT
    The minor child has told people on the phone that mommy is sick, sleeping or not feeling well when she has taken the phone from her mother FACT
    One author’s books paragraphs were taken out of her book and tried to blame someone else FACT
    Mind you this was done on purpose FACT
    Tabetha does not have a Phoenix Fire acct for pay pal.. it is under her name.. Tabetha Renee Jones. FACT
    Tabetha has NEVER filed taxes on the company or 1099’ed any author FACT
    She has NOT been paying her probation.. her mother has been doing this..FACT
    so what has she been doing with the authors money???
    She has ABSOLUTLY no permission to do the La Bare book.. FACT
    Her company is under Denise Burnette FACT
    Jackie has had to pay quite a few times on her laptop to keep her from losing it, and then got pissed that Jackie would not buy her a new one.. then threatened JACKIE to pay stating Tabetha comes first not Jackie or her family FACT
    The little angel was to have the surgery over the summer, she kept blaming the father, but at the one time she was sick had NOT been with the father for over a month FACT
    She forgets to give the little darling her antibiotics, her grandmother has to do it or she would not get them FACT
    Tabetha has asked someone to add the minor child to their taxes so she could get away from filing taxes FACT
    She is taking some form of narcotic, what she does not take for herself she sells for money FACT
    Swag was never given to the authors because she gave it to friends FACT
    Every single book release party only HER friends won, no matter what FACT
    When others had won they never received the stuff they won only her clique FACT

    • On a serious note, if you, “FACTS”, are a *witness* to any of the things involving her child, and use of drugs around her, etc, or are friends with a *witness*, PLEASE fill out a report with Department of Children’s Resources. Yes, I feel bad for the authors she has/will swindle, but potential abuse/neglect of a child is, to me, so much more important and NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED. Please!

  2. Wow that is some interesting things there which none of them are FACTS. And I have stated my birth mother’s name on this blog and my own but know nothing about her. And why would I have the company in a woman’s name I know nothing of. There is the fact.

    My daughter is always given her medication and there was never a surgery scheduled for the summer. Her insurance requires her tonsils to have so many cases and it took several documented cases but she is scheduled Nov 21st to have them removed. There is the fact.

    Rylee always takes her meds and really we all work together to give it to her. Rylee May say I want aunt Dee to give them to me or I want ninny or I want mommy. So she picks. But the fact is she takes her meds no one forgets her.

    I have given a list of my medication and none of them are narcotic. And the only time I slurred my words was when so called friends would call me at midnight because they needed me . I think I would be slurring my speech being woke up. There is the fact.

    Now when I had my surgery Rylee would only talk to one author and she would say mommy is resting and still hurting. But that would be after my mother would answer and give her the phone to say hello. There is the fact.

    A paragraph was taken out of a book…. wtf

    Only my friends won at parties…wtf

    I have to have permission to go out of county…wtf

    I file my taxes and always have. There’s the fact.

    And I have two PayPal accounts one personal one company. There is the fact.

    And please tell me where I am writing a La Bare book? No where on the roster does it say I’m writing a la bare book. So there is the fact.

    Jackie again, you just keep picking at her, leave her alone, as is our friendship. There is a fact.

    Everything THE FACTS stated is bullshit. Some of it is just flat insulting especially dealing with my daughter. I would never be that kind of mother.

    In fact everything is insulting and there isn’t a bit of truth. What I would like to know is what any of this has to do with being an advocate for authors? When all it is childish drama talking lies about my personal life.

    • Methinks she doth protest too much.

      Her insurance? Medicaid doesn’t make a child wait a year for surgery. They don’t require “so many cases” for tonsillectomy. They require only a doctor’s referral.

      What’s insulting is you expecting to believe a single word of protest that you utter.

      • With AmeraGroup there has to be so many documented cases and xrays. Things don’t work like they used to. I fought with doctors for a year and this last time she they did her xrays and looked at her previous cases, her insurance approved the surgery.

        But no matter what my baby girl is finally getting them removed.

        I know the hell I’ve been thru fighting for her.

        Continue to believe everyone else’s truth except mine. The real truth. Which is okay.

      • And still YOU bring your daughter’s health into it. I predicted not long ago that you would. And here you are.
        But since YOU brought it up, you’re a liar.
        Medicaid doesn’t play with the health of children. An adult might have to “fight” Medicaid for a procedure they don’t deem necessary, but when it comes to the health of children, they defer to a doctor’s referral. And I don’t know any doctor that would allow a child to languish in poor health for a year. That would constitute malpractice.
        Nobody here said she was SCHEDULED for surgery over the summer. They said she was SUPPOSED to have it, but never did. And you expect people here to believe that both the medical field and Medicaid let her stay sick?
        I don’t think so.
        If there are any concerned adults in that child’s life that’s aware of withheld medical care, you should have some questions to answer to CPS.

    • No La Bare book?

      YOU are Emerald Rai Fleurs.
      And that’s Trent on the cover, a La Bare dancer.
      That’s La Bare font.

      “Mr Shadows” is Draven. I’m sure he’ll just LOVE all the skanky shit you say he’s done with you.
      Honestly, who do you think you’re kidding?

      Actually I can’t wait until you do put it out, so that everyone involved can come down on you like a ton of bricks, including the loved ones of the late Angelo, who you plan on dedicating this piece of trash to.
      When’s the release date again?

      • Please tell me where that book says la bare on it. And in my 10 years there were several male clubs. Mr shadows… No the excerpt said Shadow and though you wish you were right I’m afraid you are wrong.

        No where does it state that book is about la bare. The dancer on the front was a personal picture I took at another male dance club in Dallas. I took it with my camera and I purchased a stock skyline from a photographer.

        Fonts are different I just happen t like hot pic reminds me of that good ole flashing neon bar light at any club.

        But continue to think what you. It’s a memoir and I have a right to publish my memories. You never know there my be collection of all the male strips but names will be changed to protect the guilty no one was innocent. But again please point out where it says the memoir is all about Dallas la bare. It states a male strip club in Dallas. Which in those 10 years there were a few

      • A second ago, you claimed you weren’t writing any such book. And now it’s your “memoirs.”
        Do you even know how to tell the truth?

        Memoirs, my ass. They’re sick fantasies that you only WISH happened. “Mr Shadows” fingering you in the dark corner of the club, claiming your “body” as his…? Pure fantasy. That man never touched you, much as you wish he did. Like all the rest of your pathetic, vulgar scribblings, it’s nothing more than wishful thinking. And you don’t have permission to write it. But go ahead. Put it out. dedicate it to Angelo. Claim that it’s your “memoirs.” Let’s see what the REAL people involved do about it.

  3. Wow. You might wanna get that short term memory issue checked out. No La Bare book. Laughable, that’s what you are. You are constantly changing your story – whatever it takes to make people look the other way, right?

    Of course the very last sentence of your response to these allegations makes me wonder if you weren’t on drugs when you posted it. Other then the mention of your daughter, EVERYTHING listed above has to do with how you run what you want everyone to believe is a business.
    – it is important to know what name the company you are working with is in
    – paragraphs being purposely left out of a book? WTF is right. As an author I would definitely want to know about something like that.
    -Taxes not being properly taken care of does affect the author!
    -Authors need their 1099s!
    -Rigged games at launch parties? Of course the authors deserve to know about this! If the fans found out, it would hurt the author’s reputation!

    So tell us again how none of this has anything to do with business and is all drama from your personal life.

    Lepp, I think you had it right. She has no idea how to keep personal separate from business.

  4. Uhm, weren’t you just on a radio show boasting on how the La Bare book would be coming out soon? WOW,Tabetha you really need to check your calendar for every lie you tell. Instead of writing about oiled up men dancing for women and the dirty secrets that happen in the “corner” maybe your pathetic ass needs to keep those pages for all your LIES. I like the fact that Tabetha made 1 fact into 2 bullshit lies. Meaning this, why would her daughter be answering the phone at midnight, shouldn’t that little angel be in bed? And Tabetha is all to ready to say that an author had been calling her, what about her myriad of friends that have EVER SO MUCH LOVE FOR HER?

    You file your taxes oh really, A SHOW OF HANDS HOW MANY AUTHORS HAVE BEEN 1099’ED? I know my happy ass wasn’t. And I was in what was that Scamatha, 5 maybe 6 anthologies and 3 of my own books? As for your accounts, let’s go there, you know damn right well that you don’t have a business account. Want to know how I know this? If you did have a business account, you could have EASILY pulled up seperate reports for EACH author and book. How do I know this, again not stupid, I asked. Easy to use another person’s name, to cover thy extensive ass. Not like paypal asks for proof of who is making the account, only if you have a bank account to go into. And they don’t match name with accounts just bank account numbers,and routing numbers.

    You were woke up at midnight and was slurring your words do to sleep deprivation, HA. Everyone who knows you knows damn right well your sorry ass is never asleep that early. Hell you have called me many times after midnight. Yes you gave a list of your lesser medications, but really Tab, you even told me when I was with PF that your ass was taking some serious meds. Pretty much until the last day I spoke to you.

    You ask dear why maybe this was brought to light. Well you yourself have opened that door. With all your prattle about generals and your blue blooded lineage,and of course all your juicy details of your life in general. Hell you handed everyone the golden key to Tabbyland. You can’t keep your so called business and personal life seperate. It is a package deal. You are a fucking soap opera, I shall call it AS MY STOMACH CHURNS.

    You are full of shit about having to have “cases” for a child with tonsil issues. Uhm, my daughter only needed 2 visits to the doctor, with severely inflammed tonsils and the referal was set. If a child has a history of severe strep, and then the tonsils become an issue, is is almost deadly to allow them to stay in the child. When I say history, that means more than 3 cases a yr. Your daughter has been ill for quite a while. So as a mom, I call BULLSHIT. Remember I was with your company for over 2 years. I know all the times you told me your daughter was sick. Or was all that just BULLSHIT, to keep me the AUTHOR from getting you the PUBLISHER to do her DAMN JOB?

    You say it was a paragraph, I am betting it w as more than one. And yes I will say that your book release parties were rigged, how many times did you try to give the goodies away to Pamela or her sister? When I would say someone else you would finaggle it to where you thought your “friend” should get it . In fact my last book release party I said MY FRIEND Barb should have one a prize and you told me NO I really thing so and so did better at it. BTW she never received her swag, eventhough I sent you the address 3 times. I had to send her things to make it right.

    Far as I am concerned TABETHA, oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

    • She’s busted with her lies, and she knows it.
      What people need to realize is that Cindy has known Tabetha for years. Many of the people here have. These aren’t random strangers, and what they’re saying isn’t offhanded remarks. It’s observation, taken directly from their experiences with Tabetha, directly. This isn’t the “hate” blog she wants people to think it is. It’s all facts, from her illegal company to that ridiculous La Bare book.
      If it’s all “hate” and “lies’ then why is she still telling her authors (the few she still has left) that her lawyer says not to come look at it? She’s afraid of the truths they’ll find out, that’s why.

      • Well… no lawyer is going to say “Don’t look at such blog.” 1) Freedom of speech … 2) they do not have time to babysit and watch everyone’s moves. 3) That is the biggest red flag of all… if we were all just “haters” why would her lawyer care?

  5. Do you know what I find so damn funny? Tabetha can’t even spell the name of her child’s insurance company right. LMMFAO, “AMERAGROUP?” thought it was AMERIGROUP. Tabetha you wouldn’t know the truth if you slipped on it and fell into it. Your lies are getting more and more flimsy so are your pathetic excuses for everything you do.

    Notice you didn’t own up to the statements about the Radio Show. Why is that Tabby dear? Is it because WHAT I SAID WAS THE REAL TRUTH??? You lied to me from day one. You sold books without a “contract”. You owe me for the books that were sold without a “contract” and you damn right know it. No matter what you say, YOU ARE A LIAR.

    10 years of going to strip clubs, names will be changed to protect the guilty because NO ONE WAS INNOCENT, yet you claim to be just that innocent. Do you realize in that statement alone you are proven YET AGAIN to be a liar?? Are you that stupid? I actually feel I.Q. points dropping in myself just reading your blabber.

    • It’s quite possible that somebody recorded that show. Somebody that’s ready and willing to give those statements to interested parties when she releases that book.
      How stupid is it to say “It’s about La Bare but I changed the names…?” She just told the whole world it’s about La Bare! Idiot!
      Told the world it’s about La Bare. Has a picture of a La Bare dancer named Trent on the cover.

      Right. Busted.
      she didn’t take that picture with her own camera at “some other club.” She took it straight from La Bare’s FB page. That’s where I got it.
      And uses La Bare letters. But she thinks she can get away with saying it’s not about La Bare. Only in her twisted little brain.
      Then again, we’re talking about the same little brain that thinks anybody will buy that any of those things actually happened. So, of course she thinks it’ll fly.
      I hope she tries it. I really do.

      • “All my photos and covers are not stolen”
        Guess this is like the lingerie model pic?
        Learning from mistakes…what a crock of shit! Busted again …

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  7. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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