The Bare truth

Tabetha Jones has been determined for some time to put out a book of “memoirs” from her time spent at La Bare strip club in Dallas. It was her original intent to release the book on the same day that the movie about the club was released. But a quick and definitive confirmation from the club that she doesn’t have permission to write any such book (nobody does) prevented that.

Next, she intended to release the book on the anniversary of a La Bare dancer’s death. A tribute to Angelo, she called it. That didn’t happen, either.

A few days ago, she tried denying the issue of a La Bare book at all:

But when faced with the fact that she still has the Bare All book’s cover on her web pages, she fired back with a new twist on the Le Bare book she’s been trying to put out forever:

Really? Okay. Let’s look at that.

The dancer on the Bare All cover is a guy named Trent. A La Bare dancer.

She didn’t take that photo with her own camera “at some other club.” It came straight from the La Bare FB page. That’s where I got it.

And the font is coincidence? Really?

Still think she picked that font just because it’s pretty?

In August, Tabetha posted a particularly disgusting excerpt from the book, in which a stripper named “Shadow” fingers her in the corner and claims her rancid snatch as his property. (And, yes. I’ve screencapped the post in case she tries to prove me wrong by hastily taking it down.)

As testified to by Tabetha’s “Draven” witch series and frequent gushing about how he inspired it, Tabetha is smitten, maybe even obsessed with a La Bare dancer named Draven, who calls himself “Shadows” online. Check out his Google Plus account to see for yourself.
Here. I’ll help.

Still think it’s not about La Bare?

It’s not good enough for her to remove her name from the cover by one generation of fake names by using her pen name “Zoey Sweete” …instead, she’s using her pen name’s pen name, Emerald Rai Fleurs. Yes, they are both Tabetha Jones, but it would seem that she doesn’t want her ‘real’ name associated with it.

I can’t help but wonder. If she’s so proud of her “memoirs” that she wants to publish them, why not use her own name?

Here you have it, friends and neighbors. Proof in her own words that Tabetha Jones is a liar. When she’s caught at it, she tries to twist it around with some other lie, but it’s all still just a jumble of lies.


100 thoughts on “The Bare truth

    • Probably. I’d have to wade back through a whole ocean of her bullshit to nail her down on that. And I might just do that at some point. For right now. though. This post alone demonstrates what a liar she is, with her own words over the last few days. It’s enough ot illuminate the truth for anybody that wants to see what the truth really is about her.
      Plenty of authors are looking at this blog lately, which I’m glad to see. But feel free to share this post with anybody you think could benefit from a dose of truth about Tabetha Jones. Authors, models, authors, editors, anybody that has crossed her path and gotten caught up in her web.

  1. Tabetha stop dragging my name around and stop pretending that I am double agent because I am not. The reason I haven’t posted is every time I do you harass me by calling me all hours of night. I have nothing to do with Phoenix Fire please take me off the pages. Please leave my loved ones alone. I am back where I need to be in life and I no longer want to be apart of all the drama. You have caused me nothing but stress and problems for a long time and I can not do this anymore. I have my best friend back and nothing will separate us. But I want to thank everyone on this blog for standing up for me and believing in me. Sorry it took so long for me to post but as Sabrina stated a while back I have been sick and now I am starting to feel better.

    • Oh so all the things you told my mother were a lie, all the things you told me were a lie, all the things you told Rylee were a lie? How many times did you tell my mother that she had nothing to worry about when she dies because Rylee and I would be coming up there with you. That was the plan and nothing would ever change that. That you even wanted me, rylee, and my mother to go ahead and come up that to live with you so we would already be there in case something happened to my mother.

      I never said you were playing double agent, I am saying what you tell me. And if I remember you called me and told me you werent feeling well. You had been to the ER because you fell and hit your head. I also remember you calling me one night after midnight telling me you just wanted to call but your aunt was okay and then called the next morning around 6 letting me know you would be out and if I needed you to call you on the cell phone.

      How many times did you sit on the phone and tell my mother how much you loved me like a sister and after she was gone you would make sure me and rylee were taken care of. That she didnt need to worry about anything.

      Where do your lies end and the truth begins? I have been honest with you about everything. Now I read everything on this blog off to my mother how do you think shes going to react to your betrayal? She always took up for you no matter what she heard going on.

      You begged Dee to ask me to take your phone call. And what did I do I took it because Dee trusted you and by you doing this how do you think that makes her feel? She stood up for you begging me to give you another chance. And look where it got me.

      What am I supposed to tell Rylee when she says why arent we going there for Christmas and her birthday and the wedding next year?

      Have you thought of any of this through? But its okay… Carolyn once told me those that were blesed with objects can be turned against them. Remember that.

      • You really like playing pot meet kettle, don’t you?

        You’re the one that’s been proven a liar, and you’re the one that’s been proven to attack the people that are smart enough to get away from you. Jacqueline has the most info on you, so it’s she that you’re attacking the hardest. What’s the plan, hoping to stress her out to the point where she’s too ill to speak out? That sounds about your speed.

        YOU’RE the one using Rylee as an emotional weapon, you who claim to care more about her than anything. Yet here you are, toying with your daughter’s emotions in order to lash out at someone who no longer wishes to associate with you. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t still care about your daughter. But YOU are here using your kid as an emotional weapon. How dare you? That’s got to be the worst example of mothering I’ve seen from you in… well. All day. Every day brings some new revelation. If you cared about your daughter ahead of your own selfish goals, you’d let her stay in contact with someone who, by your own admission, she cares about. Instead, you have no problem punishing your daughter for your former friend’s actions in leaving you. Have YOU given any thought to how cruel that is?
        No. Of course you haven’t. You’re too busy playing the victim for your own selfish goals.
        What a horrid wretch you are.

      • “Those that were blessed with objects can be turned against them”…? Is that a threat from your Voodoo guru? Does Jackie have to watch out for those gators that creep in the night too now?
        You are such a joke. A mentally unhinged, pitiful, laughable joke.

      • Oh shutup ya trout and leave Jacqueline alone. Most times you call injury you lie! Most times you say omg! Your the only one i trust *BACKSTAB BACKSTAB BACKSTAB* maybe she didnt lie. Maybe shes so over your bullshit she doesnt want to DEAL with you.
        To be honest, it was YOU who fucked her over in the first place.

        I do not see betrayal. I see a woman standing up for herself. Your bare truth Tabetha Jones is you cant handle that. So shut your gob and deal with it. If you didnt do such illegalities you wouldnt be in this situation would you?? Hmmmm…food for thought.

      • Oh, Tabetha, Tabetha. “Everyone’s a liar except me!” Change the record, it’s skipping.

      • Oh, but the whole world lies. They’re all “haters!” Tabetha Jones is the only pure soul that tells the truth, such a paragon of virtue that she busts her ass to take care of everybody ahead of herself!
        Uh huh.

        I don’t know how much more people need to see before they dump her and move on to a real, reputable company. I can think of a couple right off the top of my head.

      • If you are so successful, as you claim, why the hell does anyone need to take care of you and your kid when your mom dies?

    • Jacqueline, it’s great to hear that you’re free from the harpy’s thieving clutches. Don’t let her get to you. We all know what she’s like, how she twists things and mixes a little bit of truth in with a whole bunch of bullshit. You’re free. Don’t let that vile piece of shit drag you down.

  2. OMFG !!!!! Are you serious Tabetha??? Here it is proven in black and white what a LIAR YOU ARE and you want to turn the tables? You are using your daughter as a FUCKING PAWN. How much more disgraceful can you fucking get? Jackie comes on here to defend herself and you turn the tables and cry my baby my baby. Where was your concern for your baby when your ass was partying for those 10 years. Yes I can do the math, your child is 6 and you talk of a 10 year excursion at the strip clubs. You are so easily ready to point the blame but darlin let me tell you this every finger you point the blame to, is pointing right back at your dumb ass. I am actually holding my sides I cannot contain the laughter. This posting was about your LYING ASS on the Bare It All book, yet you twist and turn until you can try and make someone else feel as disgusting as you truly are. You know what Tabetha, you had me saying this to Cussy for a very long time and for that matter Lepp as well, this is for you .. HEY TABETHA FUCK YOU.

  3. Dont worry lepp, if Jacqueline is too stressed out to speak against Tabetha I will be more than happy to do it for her. You know how I love being the thorn in Tabetha’s side.
    I also love how Tabetha tried to threaten Jackie. But I hope she knows that her veiled threats about blessed objects doesnt work when we are already hip to her little “I’m a witch, I can hex you” nonsense, and we aren’t afraid as she would like to believe we all are.

  4. OHHH, big bad biker bitch is going to put a spell on you. Great song there Scab, but with all your other terrible talents I am sure you couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. If you even try to keep this charade up with Jackie and the threats, maybe I will have to contact my real witch friends and see where you stand on the great plain of life. Remember what I told you about my birth, was NOT A LIE. I had nothing to gain of telling you of the caul. Don’t fuck with fire your ass will get burned.

    • Thanks to all M. CFW Sabrina Lepplady and anybody else I may forget for standing up for me! You all have my back and I am forever grateful.

      • I believed the objects are the swag she has made you. Don’t quote me just sprinkle it with some sage the ground sage in the spices works well…. this will cleanse them if not just burn a sage stick and smudge it by letting the smoke spread around it. Gone the spell and gone the karmatic energy infused to be let go it you leave her…

      • I agree about the Sage. It’s very cleansing and can help rid you of the Karma and “voodoo” threats sent your way by a certain mentally ill fraud. 😉

      • Unfortunately sage will not work for I did for those objects they were blessed for healing and energy, She was sick a lot so I did each one a bit different to ensure when she wore them she would gain her strength and the pain would be somewhat gone but there is only so much magic can do.

        I have taken her headaches away, her pain away, ask her if you dont believe me.

        But I guess your not grateful for those things. Your not grateful for what ive done for you.

        And the sad thing is I would still have your back and be there but you cant even be a woman and contact me personally on the phone to tell me what is really going on. How many times have ia sked is everything ok are we ok and you say yes. We talk and we laugh and say our goodnights and i love yous and then ur switch flips.

        I told you i didnt care if you wanted to be friends with whoever just to keep my name out of the conversations and dont go back and tell my business and you said what we talked about stayed between us. Then there would be certain things pop up on here that i hadnt told anyone else but you and you would ask me are you sure, thats when you accused Misty of doing it.

        I thought I could believe in you, as you said you always believed in me and no one would ever change that. What happened to that Jackie? I neve fucked you over, I never lied to you, I was always up front and honest about everything.

        People ask me how do I sleep at night, how do you? I sleep fine because I ould never do anything like that to anyone, i am brutally honest. Whatever everyone else may think I dont go around lying, thieving, bullshiting, anyone. I do have a heart and I do love, Jacqueline knows that first hand. Whether she wants to adit it or not.

        Just because you here dont see that side of me doesnt mean its not there. I keep my walls built up because of people like you that are haters and bullies.

        But again I would never use the power I have been granted to harm anyone if I did a lot of ppl would be gone. But I have intentions of harming Jackie but the objects, which were not swag they were expensive jewelry pieces, can be reversed but i have to do because my essence is what has blessed them. It would take about 10 minutes i would walk her through it do the chant over each piece, the only piece it may not work on was a family heirloom set i sent her as a special gift to try to help her with her pain. It is not only my essence in that its many of my family. So she may want to send it back i just ask her not to throw it away.

        But Jackie you are a grown woman and I do believe you and i need to have a conversation. No fighting no bullshit straight woman to woman. If you can do that you know my number and can call me in the morning.

      • Do you even know how monumentally fucked in the head you sound? And you really believe this shit even though you don’t have the first fucking clue what you’re talking about. Man, you are one sick fuck, and this is what you’re filling your daughter’s head with? If somebody in that child’s life reads this and doesn’t intervene with CPS, you have No right saying you care about that child. First needing surgery for a year, and now this witchcraft bullshit? Somebody PLEASE get that kid some help.

      • She’s already threatened to use her “powers” against me, claiming her voodoo priestess Carolyn would send gators to “creep in the night.” She said it right here on this very blog. I’ll see if I can find it.

        Here it is. I don’t need to screen cap it. I’ll just LINKY to the comment.

    • And what I said of my birth was true as well. I have been taught the lessons since an early age. Upon my 13th birthday we had a blessing ceremony and which my father did a blood letting spell to give a gift to the Elders and make peace with the spirits as I was coming into my power. I am a practioning witch have been for a very long time.

      And Rylee already has the gift. She sees things that most cannot. And as my mentor and the woman that is like a mother to me told me she will have the greatest of gifts, with each generation the power gets stronger. When my dad passed the spirits allowed me to absorb what was left of his the same will happen to Rylee.

      And being that I am born on a Sabbath also helps with power. I keep my alter up say my blessing each day and each night. And I have started Rylee on saying the blessings as well.

      She does know of God and the Devil, she does go to church but she also knows there are other elements of power out there and things in the spiritual world beyond our control.

      I do have a lot of power I only use it when needed, and where I may cross the line into the gray going dark side is not an option. There are other methods. The sentence I said that I was told by my mentor blessed objects can be turned against them, was not a threat but a warning. If a witch blesses something for you with her essence and power she is giving a piece of herself to you for your protection. If that person then lies, betrays, or hurts the one that gave the object to her, it can turn the blessing into other things.

      Which would make sense. Jacqueline has not been honest with or many people for that fact, she has told me one thing while telling you others something else. The last time we talked she had been ill and she said the reason she told Sabrina to say that was because she had heard I had been talking shit and was threatening her family and several other personal details I will not put here.

      She asked me who I had talked to because she was curious to know wy certain ppl knew certain things and I told her the only person I talk to about my personal life and the blog is her. She asked if my best friend of 22 years would do something like that and I told her no. Misty doesnt get involved and when I mentioned some of the things on here all she said was that if they love you enought to hate you then you are doing something right. Misty doesnt have time for it and she isnt into the whole posting on blog crap. She has a facebook account and thats it.

      We talked about removing her from the collections and she said that the plan was still if something happened to my mom Rylee and I were to come there and that would never change. We said our goodnight and our love yous and that was it.

      I would personally never seek out to harm Jacqueline but when blessed objects in the givers home feel as they have been disrupted or the person that blessed them has been done wrong by that person they were given to magic will take matters into its own hands.

      It would explain her falling several times, Davids accidents, things of that nature. The objects hold the power and if you hurt a witches essence or a piece of her that she has willingly given to you for protection and you turn your back on her or lie or betray in anyway then there is nothing i can do.

      I could remove the blessings and the protection but I would need Jackie on the phone to repeat the words after me and follow my instructions and there would be no ties to what was blessed. I’m sure the Tiffany jewelry set she wouldnt want to get rid of it was quite exspensive as well as a few other things that were sent to her.

      When she is ready she knows my number.

      As for the big bad biker chick, yes my real father was a biker he ran with the bandidos mostly and he was a hellva man. I have nothing against being a bikers daughter I embrace it. I saw a side of the world some may never get to see. I am proud to be his daughter biker and all but he wsnt only a biker but a very powerful man and upon his death i was given all his books and I am learning more about my father each day.

      Its not me you have to worry about, I wouldnt waste my power on anyone here, I will allow fate and karma to do its job.

      • Good lord, you are so full of shit. But your comments Will come in very handy. For court, for CPS and your own psychological evaluation.
        Do say some more, fucktard. It’s amusing, it’s entertaining, and it’s admissible.

      • This must be a teaser of your fiction witch series, right? Because it reads just as poorly, and is even less believable. I was born on Good Friday, the seventh child of a seventh child, and Year of the Dragon, Fire Dragon cycle. Guess what that means? NOT A GODDAMN THING! The “powers,” as you call them, that I have been given have jackshit to do with when I popped out of my mother. It’s all about the mind and spirit acting as One – and if you don’t know that (and you don’t) then you should go back to your little fantasy witch books. You couldn’t have less “power” if you were a rock, though your IQ might increase.

      • You know, Lepp, I don’t even read what she posts anymore. I just scroll all the way down, saying to myself: “Blah, blah blah, blah blah.”

        I’m here to see what everyone except Tabetha Jones has to say. I’ve heard enough of her lies to last a lifetime.

      • It’s all the same, isn’t it? “Everybody lies but me!” Blah, blah, blag. Tiresome as it is, people need to see it, especially people thinking of working with her. Or who already have, but need to save themselves.

      • I teach Rylee about everything. We read the bible together, I teach of higher powers, but she will choose her own path and do what she believes is right and what she believes in.

        She has not needed surgery for a year. Amerigroup doesnt work the way you think it does.

        Its not like it used to be. They are the hardest insurance to approve surgery. It took them 5 months to approve mine.

        It took so many documented cases of her strep throat and being sick and going to the doctor, because everytime she was sick i have a documnetation from her doctor because that was the firs place she went.

        Then we were referred to the Ear Nose and Throat specialists here in waco and i was instructed that her tonsils had to be highly infected for surgery. So each time we did xrays and amerigroup denied the surgery. This time they were finally bad enough they approved the surgery.

        Dont talk to me like you know what is going on in my life. Do you have a camera spying on me? I could tell you my entire life story all of it true to the core everything and you still wouldnt believe it.

        but its okay because those who have known me know that I am telling the truth. My friends, my family and I can sleep perfectly at night because i know i am an honest person and a loving person.

        Unfortunately none of you deserve to see that

      • Oh bull shit. You were stalling so that you could blame your Ex, strip him of custody and figure out some way to get money and benefits from the military off her. Risking your child’s health in a bullshit power play for money. Some mother.

    • And I shoud be scared why? You dont fool me Cindy. I dont care if your a disaster hot mess or a bitch, your opinions and bullshit you spill on here is just that bullshit.

      Again you want to go a round crazy bitch to crazy bitch we could but I’m a bit too old for childish games.

      You could call your real witch friends but they would more than likely tell you to back off.

      Again I have no intentions of using my power to harm anyone but there is a gray area that will teach you all a lesson to keep your mouth shut.

      • Right after I laughter my ass off at what a freaking lunatic fruitcake you are. Is this supposed to be impressing anybody? Because all you’re doing is making yourself look like the flakiest idiot on the PLANET.

      • Your gray area is where you need to check yourself.. little girl you say I am a liar, that I spill bullshit.. Toots I have 2 yrs of your bullshit saved on my pc. Who do you really want to fuck with? And little girl that is MRS BITCH to the likes of you. Whinny pathetic poser. As for calling my real witch friends. Was told a bit more interesting information than to back off..LMMFAO

        In Hecate’s name we bind Tabetha to the flame
        May she bring nightmares, depression, and pain
        We cast Tabehta to the wind, that all know her shame
        May Hecate envelope Tabetha in the threefold law
        May all forget Tabetha’s shame, their harm, their call
        May their ability to raise magic fall on deaf walls
        We join our energies, fellow friends in the Craft
        May Hecate stop Tabetha’s harm in the future, present and past
        Only when their deeds are reversed will this binding be uncast
        So Mote It Be!

        In Hecate’s name we bind Tabetha to the flame
        May she bring nightmares, depression, and pain
        We cast Tabehta to the wind, that all know her shame
        May Hecate envelope Tabetha in the threefold law
        May all forget Tabetha’s shame, their harm, their call
        May their ability to raise magic fall on deaf walls
        We join our energies, fellow friends in the Craft
        May Hecate stop Tabetha’s harm in the future, present and past
        Only when their deeds are reversed will this binding be uncast
        So Mote It Be!

        In Hecate’s name we bind Tabetha to the flame
        May she bring nightmares, depression, and pain
        We cast Tabehta to the wind, that all know her shame
        May Hecate envelope Tabetha in the threefold law
        May all forget Tabetha’s shame, their harm, their call
        May their ability to raise magic fall on deaf walls
        We join our energies, fellow friends in the Craft
        May Hecate stop Tabetha’s harm in the future, present and past
        Only when their deeds are reversed will this binding be uncast
        So Mote It Be!

    • “I teach Rylee about everything. We read the bible together, I teach of higher powers, but she will choose her own path and do what she believes is right and what she believes in.”

      What. The Actual. Fuck?

  5. Holy fucking shit Tabby Scabby don’t you ever get tired of getting OWNED by Leppy proving what a stinking liar you are? Because I gotta tell ya you look pretty fucking stupid right now.

  6. Oh my god, is this bitch for real? I mean seriously Tabetha, didn’t your mentor teach you one thing about magic and spells, magic is only powerful if the person believes in it. You saying you are teaching your child, and notice NO ONE BUT YOUR SORRY ASS, brings her name into it, is not to teach her a path of enlightenment. But to abuse what power you seem to think your ghetto ass has.

    You are saying you and your power has caused the harm that has befallen Jackie and her family. Aren’t you ashamed of that? A real friend would realize something was amiss and instead of acting so fucking superior you would take the so called spell off. Oh that’s right you think you know everything.

    Well guess what, to have a spell that powerful first you must have the person’s permission to bless the object, before it is given. A true witch knows NEVER to send such an object without full consent. So what you are saying is you blessed these objects without anyone’s permission and now they are being caused harm???? I guess you also forgot about the 3 fold rule of magic. Whatever you put out to do harm or your magic has caused any harm due to your improper practice, it comes back to you threefold.

    Any true practicing witch knows that a blood letting is a very serious thing to do and that no matter what you are connected to that person forever. That their pain will become yours. So your best bet would be to make sure you could be friends with that person forever. The way you are going through friends, hell I bet you haven’t changed your underwear as much. And FYI MOST blood letting ceromonies are used in handfasting, weddings or life bonding. But daddy didn’t stick around did he Tab? BTW there is no better sabbath than being born on GOOD FRIDAY. Think on that one.

    Oh and the banditos, yeah you keep that name in lowercase. You think that you were the only one that hung or knew what biker’s are about. I have my family ties too. and trust me, as you sure as hell know, mine are a bit more well known than your banditos. You have daddy’s books.. haha.. you are a joke. I could prove you wrong on so many ways and levels. Right now I am enjoying your pathetic tap dance… dance puppet dance.

    • Jackie wanted the items blessed and I had permission. Yes I do have my fathers shadow books. And I never sent anything harmful, I am saing as those items were blessed with my essence my energy to help her heal, then by her lying and going back n forth and playing back n forth the spirit world doesnt take kindly to that. They believe the witch has been betrayed by the one she sought to protect.

      I stated the blood letting was a gift for my blessing ceremony, every family coven does things differently. We practice the old ways some involves cherokee ways as well.

      Feb 2nd is a candle sabbath which means I kick ass at candle and fire magic. Each sabbath has a purpose and a reason behind it and gives the witch a special power others do not and will never have,

      And the reason my dad didnt stick around too long is because he died you cold hearted bitch. It took us awhile to put the past behind us but from the time i was 13 and up I spent as much time with him as i could.

      Up until he died seeing he couldnt stick around because he had stage 4 cancer and was dying.

      • OH MY God. Just stop. You’re No witch, you’re No voodoo priestess in training. You’re nothing but a sad little girl having a temper tantrum lashing out at those who have revealed the truth about you. You have No real defense against these issues in the real world so you’re hiding in this fantasy magic world where you think you Have power and you just don’t. It’s alarming how far removed from reality you are right now.
        Just put your (very) big girl panties on and own up. You lied about that book. You might as well admit it. The whole world knows it. you’re not fooling anybody with this fantasy magic world bullshit, nobody’s intimidated, and nobody’s impressed. Nobody’s fooled at all. all you’re doing is trying to divert attention away from the fact that you’re busted. You’re caught in a lie, and no amount of this ridiculous far fetched, laughable, fantasy magic crap is going to change that. You’ve got nobody left to throw under the bus. They’re all gone. It’s just you know facing the truth, and it’s time you did it like a mature adult. Stop embarrassing yourself.

      • How wonderful that you teach your child the old ways. /sarcasm.
        How about teaching her, by example, not to cheat, lie, steal and not to get involved with drugs and excessive alcohol?
        Oh, wait… I forgot who I was talking to for a moment.


  8. Never lost and alone I have true friends and true believers behind me, not haters and bullies like you. I have a great family extended and all, wonderful daughter, wonderful authors, wonderful models that i can call friends, and people tha love me and care about me as much as I love and care about them.

  9. That lil spell if thats what you want to call it, I put it in google and nice litle website you got it off of. For a spell of that sorts you need a full coven together in a full circle, red and black candles, shall I keep going. There is no binding to flame that doesnt work onme as I was born on a candle sabbath and fire is my power. So continue playing with forces you know nothing about. I have done nothing to come back on me threefold. Thats black magic sweetheart.

    But good try good show. I have one of the greatest protection spells on myself that nothing you throw at me will work. That was another gift my father gave me before he passed. There is only one spell that would work that would actually cause harm and it would be a witches ladder but you would have to have coffin nails and my hair. And I dont believe anyone is close eough to get my hair. And their is a complete binding and protect shield around my home, including the two familiars in the house and the several outsid the house.

    Nothin will break through not even your attempt with you silly little wannabe spell. It was actually quite amusing. And ill be the one laughing when it comes back on you for messing with something you know nothing about with someone you kow nothing about especially when it comes to their power.

    • Not only are you completely delusional, believing you have some magic spell (and stray cats) protecting you, but you’re an utter fail at Goggle, too. That candle binding spell is a completely different spell.
      WE don’t have to throw a single thing at you, loser. You’re throwing it all at yourself, with every cruel act and unkind deed. Nobody has to break into your house to cause you evil, for evil lives within it already. Within you.
      Keep laughing, little girl. It’s you who don’t have the first clue of what you’re dealing with.

    • Tabetha I am not calling you in the morning so forget that. You say you only talk to me well it’s funny because of some of things you have said has been posted by other people on here which none of them are me nor do I know them I have questioned you many times about the people you talk to. And nothing that you gave me is near me or my loved ones. Don’t threaten me with your voodoo it does not scare me. I have been very blessed with New friends that actually care about my well being. So do not mock me or use my name again I am finished with you. You brought this on yourself after I had a nice long conversation with someone which I will not bring them on this blog because they are way too nice.

      • That might be the funniest thing of all, her saying she’s said things only to you. And completely ignoring everybody else she’s said the exact same things to. I’ve heard a BUNCH of stuff from multiple people that she tries pinning on you, while she’s trying to find out who my mole is, and she just keeps missing the mark. She’s too thick-skulled to see it, and she never will. I think that might be the part of the game I miss the most, seeing her accuse first one person, and then another, her paranoia running wild because she just can’t figure it out.
        But give it up, I will. And soon. It’s almost over now.

      • I tell no one the things I tell you. Even when misty and I talk it’s about so much more as it with others outside the publishing world. The models I talk to is about business.

        You are the only one tht knows specific details.

        I allowed you back once shame on me there won’t be a second

      • allowed her back? Begged her to come back, more like.

        Sorry, but you’re lying again. I’ve heard information from several people that you claim came from only one. First, you try to make Jack you look like a double agent by pretending to be all buddy-buddy, and now you’re trying to make her out to be the mole that has spilled all this information about you that supposedly only she has. You just can’t keep your lies straight, as you make them up as you go. You just wouldn’t know the truth anymore if it bit you on the ass. This post proves it. Your lies prove it. And people are seeing it. Make No mistake about that.

      • Maybe I need to change my name to confuckled.
        Tabetha stated only Jackie knew specifics .. well from what I know, I call bullshit.
        1) Eric lived with you when Mystic closed and PF started up so if I was a gambler … I would bet my ass on him knowing information.
        2) if things changed since he left … Pf has changed accounts without knowledge to those authors,
        3) if you had to change accounts, then one could ask if you are the real owner
        4) owner of company changes … you were not owner or are not the current owner
        5) all that might be mute but note worthy, the fowl company is not registered under Texas with no recoed of taxes …
        6) since the beginning of Pf their have been several people listed as co-owners… so eiher they have info and you are lying now or you lied then to people about being co-owners… or my choice both!

      • ALL of the above. She lies to everybody. All day every day. Does her own sister know that Tab pretended to be Sky Wicker on the phone? Does her Mom know her name’s on that bogus company? No. Just like her authors don’t know that she lies to them about their royalties.
        It’s catching up to her, though.
        Voodoo practitioners don’t do the hateful things Tabitha talks about. They don’t strike my loved ones down to serve Tabatha’s hateful whims. They, the real practitioners, believe in a little thing called karma. They know that what you do comes back to you three-fold. A lovely lady named Carolyn Morrow wrote several books on the subject. They’ll sell you candles to burn and cute little novelties, but they don’t cast hateful spells to send “gators in the night” to come get people, as she’s threatened me with. Nor do they kill people’s loved ones as she claimed was done to mine while I was away at a funeral. They know that if they did, they’d have to bear the karma for it. Just like she’s about to get bitch-slapped by karma for all the cruel and hateful shit she’s done.
        I, for one, can’t wait.

      • I’d be willing to bet on it.
        Looks like she googled an authority in the subject, found an author who’s well- versed in the arts, and usurped that author’s name to suit her delusions.
        The most delicious part? Tab told people that “Carolyn” could “deal with me” because I’m right up the street from New Orleans. But that author DOESN’T EVEN LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS. She lives, according to her profile, in Washington.
        Tabetha can’t even be bothered to do the slightest bit of research to back up her feeble lies. She’s so inept it’s laughable.
        And we are laughing, Tabetha. At you. If you had a single functioning brain cell in your head, you’d give up this ridiculous “business” of scamming people. For one thing, too many people are wise to you. For another, so are the authorities. The more you blather, the more information you give them.
        And never mind your grand scheme of bringing Zoey Sweete to life and switching all of your businesses over to her. It won’t work any more than anything else you try. Too many people are wise to you.
        No. If you had ANY sense, you’d do something real. You’d go back to school and learn how to do something REAL as a REAL job in the REAL world.
        But no.
        You can’t give up the lie. You’ll cling to your fantasies until they’re all you’ve got left. You’ll lie one time too many to the people that still love you, few as they are, and they’ll each leave you. All you’ll have left are your fantasies, playing out in your twisted mind, at least until they lock you up in the looney bin and force you to take the pretty pills that bring reality back. Maybe then you’ll realize the wrong you’ve done to people. But by then it’ll be too late. All you’ll have is… nothing. And that’s all you deserve for the way you’ve treated people.

      • Brought it on myself, that is bullshit. I never did anything to you and you know that. I was always there for you and was always honest with you. And you havent talked to anyone. If its someone close to me they will tell me everything. Just like my mother did the morning you called her at 5am. Everything you ran your mouth about she told me directly.

      • Still trying to spin it around? Even now when the truth about you is out there for the whole world to see, you think you can put Jacqueline on the spot? Nice try, but it won’t work. You don’t know people as well as you think you do, and your world is getting smaller by the minute.

    • Exactly. What about that, Tabetha? Cook up a spell to explain that one.

      How is it you go on a radio show and say the book is about La Bare but come here and say it’s not? Let’s see some answers to the facts.

      • Tabetha you once told me that your mentor said that Jackie and I made you more powerful…..

        You already know that I have three sons. Each red headed. What you don’t know but I will tell you is…. they each have birthmarks. Two more promonate than the other. We won’t get started on my daughter.
        However I have talked with someone about this in length.

        But as Cindy said you should watch your three’s.

        My friend is a spiritual healer….

      • I hope you’re paying attention, authors. It’s PROVEN beyond any doubt that she lied about this picture of Trent at La Bare,.yet she still clings to the lie. She didn’t take it with her own camera at “some other club.” That’s Trent at La Bare. But she still clings to the lie.

        If she’ll lie about this, he own book, what lies is she telling you about yours? That’s right, kids. She’s lying about everything. Her company, which isn’t even legal, her bogus contracts, your royalties, everything.

        What else do you need to know before you take your work and run? And if she tries to make you sign some release or pay a fee, come let us know. We can tell you exactly how to deal with Tabetha Jones.

      • Tabetha, Slurring much…
        We all make mistakes but wow.
        Are you saying this photographer was taken by you and you are allowing for him to post it on facebook?…you seem to be twisting things so I am asking if that is what you are claiming…

      • Funny, isn’t it? In a pathetic, psychotic sort of way. She knows she didn’t take it, and she knows she’s busted lying about it. She KNOWS. But she still clings to the lie. Hugging the Titanic mast as it goes down.

  10. You know absolutly NOTHING Tabetha, that is why your ass is in denial. You couldn’t spout the truth if teeth were on fire. As for needing a full coven, wow, you don’t know shit. A coven only need to be gathered in the name of good, no matter how, as long as their hearts are pure. Hence internet, phone, or in person. So go get bent.

    But enough of that, let’s get to the FACTS SHALL WE. You are still lying, still STEALING, and still TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU ARE SOMETHING SPECIAL, when you are a nothing, a nobody and a POSER. The only power you have is of blasting your own horn, and singing your own praises. The power you hold over others is the bullshit you spill about a attorney, how well things are going and all your famous alts.

    Maybe instead of worrying about the familiars that may guard your home, you may want to familiarize yourself with some jail movies, or maybe google or youtube HOW NOT TO BE BERTHA’S BITCH.

    And YES, I am a cold hearted bitch, don’t forget that. I don’t give a rat’s ass about you, your so called powers, your family or whatever, you burned that bridge when you LIED and broke the most powerful spell of all, THE SPELL OF TRUST. So fuck off Tabetha, you don’t know shit about how to be a business woman or a decent human being. You are callous and cruel, you are deceitful and deceptive, you are the epitome of disgusting and underhanded. When one tactic doesn’t work you try something else. First it was the atty, be afraid of him, now it is magic, i scoff at your magic, anything you do will come back to you 3 fold, and not in a good way. Paybacks are a bitch and revenge is a dish best served cold.

  11. Just some food for thought for you Tabetha, misrepresenting yourself with any affiliation of any certain motorcycle orgainzation may just do you more harm than that bullshit magic you are trying to use. Certain things are kept in an inner circle, much like that magic you are professing to be so familiar with. Spouting things you know nothing about, mentioning names and clubs you have no direct knowledge or contact with could get your very massive ass into a hell of a lot of trouble. Trouble your ” familiars ” can’t protect you from.
    You need to stick to what you do best, oh wait that is what this blog is for. For keeping you from doing what you do best. And that is scamming, cheating, lying, stealing, manipulating, and professing to be some great publisher and business person. Maybe get your great state of TX to give you more state aid and possibly get your weak mind trained for a new occupation.
    Are you ever going to take responsibility for all you have done? Are you ever going admit to anyone, even yourself for that matter, that you have cheated everyone you have come into contact with? You say you sleep just fine, of course you do, you are the heartless bitch everyone has come to know you as. You aren’t a witch you are a sucubus. You drain the hopes, dreams and ambition of all your authors.
    Nothing you say is of any worth or truth. You want others to believe that everyone on this blog is lying but you, isn’t that a bit foolish? Everything you say can be disproved by your words alone, but you still insist you are the one telling the truth. You are quite delusional. It is actually scary that you are allowed to be alone with your own thoughts.
    I sincerely hope one day soon, you are put out of everyone’s misery, by being put where you belong,either in a nut house, or prison.

  12. She does realize, I hope, that witchcraft and voodoo are two very different things.
    Well, no. Of course she doesn’t.
    Just like publishing and modeling, writing, and anything else she aspires to, these are just two more areas that she has absolutely no knowledge of. As ever, she’s just a stupid little girl dabbling in things she doesn’t know about, wanting to be powerful, wanting to be pretty, to be loved and accepted. And, as usual, she simply isn’t. Her inner insecurities manifest themselves as outward displays of bravado. And the farther removed she becomes from her fantasy world coming true, the more erratic and delusional her displays become.
    She is no publisher.
    She is no model.
    She is no writer.
    she is no witch.
    She is nothing but a sad, empty shell of a person, with no substance.
    If it weren’t for the people she so cruelly victimizes, I would pity her.

    • Let’s not forget the indian she is trying to mix in with it.. i mean get real. Her lies are getting so grand.. too fucking funny.

    • As I’ve mentioned on my blog, which I have not had time to post on lately, I have not only studied several religions, but I have practiced them as well. Whether Tab is speaking of Voudon, Witchcraft, or any other mystical studies, it is clear that she doesn’t know whether to scratch her ass or wind her watch. Here’s a clue, Tab: watching The Craft does not make you a witch, anymore than sitting in your garage makes you a car. Nor does googling “voodoo,” as you insist on calling it, makes you a practitioner, and watching Lords of Salem doesn’t make you a Satanist, either. How about you try to do real things in real life, instead of making up lies that are so ridiculous and transparent that they aren’t even humorous.

  13. If I said I was a transgender twitchy witching soul sucking neck biting blood lizzy licking shape shifting witch doctor, would she try to pretend she is me?

      • That’s offensive to Transgender people.

        Tabetha looks like a Morlock. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, a Morlock is a vile troglodyte that feasts on good people, destroying everything anywhere near them. Take your pic of which version of H.G. Wells’ hideous beast you prefer.

  14. Looks like Tabetha has no answers when faced with the truth about her lies. Instead, she just falls to pieces and tries to blow smoke to cover her ass.
    Well, it’s not working. This time, there’s no way around it.

    How about it, Tabetha? Answer the questions. We’re all waiting.

  15. Hey Tabetha, i have a question about the blessed Tiffany jewelry you gave to Jacqueline. Why did it still have the Claire’s tag on it? I know for a fact that it was on there because Jacqueline sent me a pic of it with the tag. So try to get out of this one… please, i am waiting 🙂

    • Sweetheart there were no tags on it because the price wAs attached. And claires doesn’t sell anything over 300 bucks. Would you like me to scan the receipt to show just how much I paid for it on the website and my invoice check out

    • Find the same item by Claire’s online. That’ll be better proof than the reciepts she’s willing to cook up. And I’m sure she’s grateful for the distraction away from that picture she’s lying about taking. But there’s No getting out of that lie. Or this one.

  16. Tabetha claims to afford things from the Tiffany’s, yet had to get Jackie to PAY FOR HER RENT TO OWN LAPTOP. I don’t know if i should dummy smack myself for reading that line of bullshit or laugh until my husband calls the people with the straight jackets. How many more times are you going to lie Tabeha? How many more lies can you come up with? Would think your lie cup or for you that would be goblet, is kind of running low.

    You can save a reciept for a so called gift from Tiffany’s but can’t send 1099’s to your authors? You can’t even give them sales or royalty reports. Funny you can “buy” things from Tiffany’s but can’t to aford to pay your authors, and all your employees, or even afford a place of your own. You really are extremely stupid. The only thing you are good at is scamming, pretty bad because with all the bullshit you can make up if you really put your mind to it you could be a decent writer.

    Nothing you do or say is remotely true, you live in a fantasy world that you make up to suit you along the way. You put other people’s business out in the street without a care to who you hurt, or how you make them feel. You toss people aside and throw them under the bus whenever it suits you. There is no shame in what you do using your own blood as pawns instead of being a decent human being. You are the one that puts people’s names out there, using whichever name you think gives you the most leverage.

    Cussy died before I could tell her I was sorry for being such a BITCH to defend the likes of you. For that I will always be sorry. She needed to know that I finally seen the REAL YOU, the sneaky, backstabbing, user that you really are. My eyes are open to all your bullshit, I just wish I would have listened a long time ago. Two of my friends were damaged because of my involvement with you and I will never forgive you for that. I trusted that you were legit, and you used me and my friends for your own gain. Caring not for us or how we felt.

    With all that has been said on these pages, all the bullshit in between the lines, the FACT REMANINS Tabetha is a scam artist, a liar, a cheat, a thief, a backstabber, a user, conartist, delusional, unstable, shall I go on or do you get it? No matter what bullshit Tabetha brings to this blog or anyone’s personal page these are the FACTS. She cannot be trusted. She has no legal business, no business accounts, nothing to show she is legit. She is just a pathetic poser wanting to play in the big world and doesn’t quite cut it. Tabetha will always be a shadow dweller, the understudy. There is nothing special about her in the sense she thinks she is so important, she is only as important as her mind allows. And as she has shown, her mind is quite febble.

    • Exactly. She begs other people to pay her bills for her. using her kid as a sob story, but we’re supposed to believe she can afford to buy gifts from Tiffany’s? That still have the tag from Claire’s?
      Of course not. It’s just another lie, one among many. That’s all her world is. And I’m glad it’s here, on these pages, for the world to see. And the funny thing is, she’s done most of the work for us, proving each lie as she tells it. All I had to do was provide the forum and give her enough rope to hang herself.
      So how’s that going, Tabetha? Toes still touching? Or have you hoisted yourself up so high with those lies that the rope has finally pulled itself tight?
      Folks, if there are any real authors left on her roster, please do them the service of sharing this blog with them. This post alone, if not the whole thing, proves what a liar she is, and those people deserve to know it.

    • I have heard through the winds that Tabetha awhile a go (before the surgery in the summer) had a close call….

      Alright here it goes Tabetha was on the phone with an author and she was slurring while her daughter was right beside her. She then passed out as her daughter takes the phone to talk to the author. “Mommy passed out!” the author tells her to take the phone to her grandma where they find her passed out in her bed. The next day Tabetha has no clue that this happened.

      Another Author recalls afternoon talks 2-3 pm where Tabetha is slurring her speech.

      This is just another thing she claim’s she does not do around her daughter. Yet we have a confessions from more authors who hear this slur while hearing her daughter in the back ground. Yet again she does not use drugs in front of nor around her daughter.

      To me if mommy is slurring then drugs are down with in reach so that pills can be popped. But this young impressionable child is “to smart to take a pill”. Most children learn dependency issues at the hands of their drugged out parents. I will need the Mad Hatter to clarify the percentage.

      On to La Bare’s: The phone call to La Bare’s was made and she was told if the book was in bad light of the company or employees then the book would be then given no permission to be published. If she wanted to write it then let them read the Manuscript they would decide if they would allow the publication.

      Now lets tackle this two accounts for paypal shall we.
      A personal and company one? Yeah right. The authors I have spoken with have all transactions coming and going from one Tabetha R. Jones account if not mistaken (Lepp if could repost it?”) She claims this one is her private one. So please tell me how this happens.

      Transaction Details – PayPal

      Thursday, November 13, 2014
      2:04 PM

      Transaction Details

      OK to complete the transaction
      Payment Status: Completed
      What should I do now? Seller Protection
      • Contact the buyer to confirm the purchase Not Eligible
      • Save all correspondence with the buyer Protection for items not received
      Following these guidelines can help protect you if a claim is filed for an unauthorized payment or items not received. Transactions without a shipping address aren’t eligible for seller protection. We recommend that you contact Tabetha Jones to make sure this payment was authorized. For more information, see our tips to sell securely.
      Tips to sell securely We have no shipping address on file.
      Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID # 0AL92886TM667514G)
      Business Name: Tabetha Jones (The sender of this payment is Verified)
      Buyer email:
      Payment sent to:
      Business Contact Information
      Customer Service Email:
      Amount received: $1.47 USD
      Fee amount: -$0.34 USD
      Net amount: $1.13 USD

      Issue a refund 

        You have up to 60 days to refund the payment.
      Date: Oct 29, 2014
      Time: 04:46:02 PDT
      Status: Completed
      Subject: Tabetha Jones has just sent you $1.47 USD with PayPal
      Payment type: Instant

  17. I just read back and saw where Tabetha claimed to use Cherokee methods in her magic. That’s even more full of shit than anything else she’s said about Magic or Voodoo. To imply that the Cherokee as a whole use the occult in the way she says is not only an insult to the intelligence of everybody who reads those words, it’s an insult to the Cherokee people. And it’s an insult to me, as I carry Cherokee blood.

    But, again, I see it for what it is, twofold. First, it’s an attempted diversion to keep attention away from what a liar this post proves her to be.

    More than that, though, it’s clear evidence of how truly mentally unstable she is. I don’t say that to be cruel. I say it because it’s true. She has no business dealing with the public, and she certainly has no business raising a young, helpless girl. I can only hope there’s a responsible adult left in that child’s life that sees these words and takes action to protect that poor kid.

  18. The only thing my child, my company, my family, and this world are people like you. You get off on hurting others, belittling them, calling them vulgar names, bullying them as if we were in grade school. I tell you the truth and you cant handle it. Goes to show who is more the adult. My friends, family, and many others love me for me and know who I am and what I do. They know the good the bad and the ugly, they have seen me hit rock bottom and rise up from the pits of hell.

    And I will quote my best friend of 22 years “if you didnt have people that hated you then you arent doing something write. If they have a whole blog made just for you whether it is lies or truth your name must taste good on their lips. Tell them love me or hate I’m still going to shine.”

    I think Misty would be right.

    • “The only thing my child, my company, my family, and this world are people like you.”
      That’s not even a sentence. If you’re going to get all indignant on us, at least TRY to do it in English.

      You don’t tell the truth. You tell one lie after another and expect people to believe it’s the truth. This post alone proves that, yet you still cling to the lies. It’s pathetic.

      Your family doesn’t love you for who you are. They don’t KNOW who you are. All they know are the lies you tell them. If they knew half the shit you’re doing to them, you’d end up out on the street. The only good thing about you, and probably the only reason they keep you around, is that little girl of yours. And you don’t even know how to do right by her. It’s criminal.

      Oh yeah. You’ll shine. You’ll shine Big Bertha’s shoes when she tells you to. You’ll shine more than that for her, too, whenever she wants you to. It won’t be gators that creep for you in the night. It’ll be your fellow inmates. Let’s see how far your trash talk and bullshit get you on the inside where there’s nowhere to run when they catch you in your lies.

    • If you fo not take business or the full story of this blog and srveral others… no offense to dear Misty, but she cannot point fingers saying I am a hater or you name tastes good on my lips. For it was your words up above that stated you and her do not talk about evetything. I do not bring up your friends, you do.
      Talking out both sides of your mouth. Friends know you… they may know a side of you.
      We all make mistakes in typing but that first sentence… please explain it for I can’t make heads or tails.
      Now Tabetha, you don’t fully know me enough to call me a bully or hater …
      Now I do not have time to pull up every example of the lies you post or the changing statements in other posts. For it is your words that hurt you.

      But enough of that …shall we get back to the truth?
      Your business…
      1) accounts under your personal name?
      2) people paid your bills (including things to keep business running) but you can travel by this and that but authors get scammed? In a house with others.
      3) you cannot only tell your side of the story to friends and then use their names here on how we are haters in a quote… for you are stating she is judging us without knowing us something you scream about all the time… “you do not know me” how many times did you post that quote?
      4) if you have not talked about business to her…then she does not have a clue of why you believe people hate you… then again you do no know, do you? The world just has evil people, right?
      5) many of us are parents but you do not see us flinging our kids name, health, and/or any other thing about them on this blog. One if I did half of what you have, people in my life would have CPS or DHHS involved… if anyone truly loved you and your child… someone would have called one or both agencies. But the real people do not read this, right?
      I will stop there for now, for you seem to only handle things in small doses!

    • If all your friends and family know you for who you are why do you tell them your lawyer says not to look at this blog? Are you afraid they might see the real truth? Where will you go if this family throws you out to? Doesn’t it suck knowing they only keep you around because of your kid? Who loves you baby? That’s right, nobody. Yeah it’s easy to call us all haters when you only let them see your side of the story isn’t it. You lie out one side of your face and fart out the other, you crusty waffle minger.

  19. How is being called a liar, a cheat, a thief, con artist, and a famous bullshitter, vulgar? You say people bully you??? How about all the authors you bullied with a bogus contract to make them pay you money you had no business even recieving, isn’t that being a fucking bully? If anyone really knows you either they are as mentally unstable as you or are afraid for your daughter if they speak out against you. They tolerate you for the sake and well-being of your child, nothing more.

    They know you for the good, the bad and the ugly, seen you rise from the darkest depths of hell??? First off there is NOTHING GOOD about you!!! The bad and the ugly I am sure they have seen those sides of you quite often. As for the pits of hell, I am courious, did they teach spelling in that school? For a publisher you can’t even spell “right” .. right. ” And I will quote my best friend of 22 years “if you didnt have people that hated you then you arent doing something write.” Either you are stupid for just copying and pasting that remark or you are as dumb as a box of rocks.

    Wake the hell up Tabetha, you keep putting shit out there that just makes you look more of a pathetic loser than we first thought. It is a shame that you can’t see the light, due to your grandeous ideas of greatness. You only care for yourself and who you can use next. There is nothing special about that, nothing to be proud of. A smart person would shut the hell up, keep her fingers from tapping and learn to be a better human being. Like a said a SMART PERSON, we all know that leaves you out.

  20. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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