Business or personal?

The question has been posed as to whether Tabetha uses a business account to manage Phoenix Fire publishing’s business affairs, or whether she uses personal accounts for it all.

This reciept has been provided to suggest that she uses personal accounts rather than professional ones.

We all know that Tabetha demands payment up front for certain services, either for covers or editorial services. That means that each and every author that’s published through PF has paid.

So let me ask you this:

WHO did you pay? Did you make payment to Phoenix Fire publishing? Or did you make payment out to Tabetha Jones?

If the answer is the latter, you’ve been scammed and I invite you to report her to the IRS. It’s easy. Print out THIS form and mail it in. And don’t worry if you don’t know all of her information. Just fill out whatever you do know. They’re the feds. They’ll find her.

Have fun.

69 thoughts on “Business or personal?

    • Interesting! That was about the time … well I know but even then that voided all contracts proves our stories from years ago!
      Why change and not use PF’s accounts… there is an answer… hard to prove things under personal but all needs to know NONE OF YOU SIGNED FOR TABETHA TO SALE WORK BUT THE COMPANY..CONTACT YOUR FBI AGENT … THAT IS FRAUD AND PIRACY

    • If it shows anything shady, print it out and send it to the IRS. Why should she get away with tax evasion? If she’s paid her taxes as she claims, she’s got nothing to worry about, right?

      • If that freaking snail trail paid her taxes I am a virgin. She hasn’t done anything but line her pockets with the hopes and dreams of every author, writer, editor, model, what have you that she has come into contact with. She is a deadly poison that sucks the life out of you. A disease with no cure. She is AIDS, Ebola, Cancer all in one.

  1. Here’s my two cents: If those she has swindled DO NOT send in that report, I personally don’t think they should bitch about Tab anymore. If you aren’t willing to turn her in, then you are enabling her criminal activity.

    • I’ve already sent everything i have over to the my uncle who is a fed in the Internet crimes division now. I’m going to sit back and watch the fun.

      • Trust me I have no problem turning her in. You are right if you are going to state her crimes you should be willing to testify to what you know of her dealing. Putting up with her lies and bullshit for over 2 yrs, I have had enough. I really hope all do turn her in though. The more the merrier.

      • Is that the one that served in the Marines with you and died in your arms…oh no wait that was your best friend who you give your money too every month, but its funny there is NO record of you EVER serving in the Corps or receiving pay. So go ahead Jackie talk to good ole Eric and listen to every lie that comes from his mouth. Do some research and you will find there was no evidence to prove he ever served.

        As for an uncle that is a FED, If his uncle is a fed im the fucking easter bunny. I know his family I know him and my mother supported him for 2 years. She has a brother that is a 1 star General now and has all the evidence to prove Mr. Henley is nothing but a fake. And last i was told was in some pretty deep shit for impersonating a military officer.

      • Coming from YOU, accusations of somebody else lying is pretty flimsy.
        Even if every single word Eric says about himself is a lie and he never served a day, it’s still nothing compared to the lies YOU tell each and every day. It’s nothing but a diversion to TRY to take attention off the fact that he had a front row seat to your illegal bullshit. He knows how you operate, because he saw you do it.

        So sure, call him a liar, if you think that makes you look better. But make no mistake. It doesn’t. YOU are liar, fake, fraud, thief, scam artist and general low-life scuzbag that has stolen from, lied to, cheated or abused each and every person that’s stepped forward to speak out about you.

        Until you clean up YOUR act, you’ve got no room to talk about him or anybody else.

      • Ms jackie everything i had told you came true didn’t it. Could have cut and ram when i delivered the info but you still got out before she could run you into the ground. Good for you but i want joking and everything i told you was 100 percent true

  2. This blog has gone on for quite a long time. I’m delighted that I’ve been able to provide support for victims of Tabetha’s scams, and I’m happy to provide what information I can to authors, editors, artists, models and anybody else that stands to fall victim.

    Throughout the course of this blog, enough information has been revealed that she could easily be brought to justice for her illegal activities. But I can only provide the information her victims can use to make that happen. It’s the victims that have to turn her in. And some are. A few are willing to print out the forms, fill them out and mail them in. They’re willing to make the phone calls and send the emails necessary to make the proper authorities aware of Tabetha’s illegal activities. I salute you for your courage.

    Unfortunately, there are also too many that don’t. Either they’re counting on somebody else to do it or just can’t be bothered.

    I can understand how it’s embarrassing to admit that they’ve been duped, or the desire to simply put it behind them. I can even understand how a victim might not think that the authorities will believe them. They might even feel guilty about turning her in, for the sake of her daughter. Don’t. She didn’t feel guilty about scamming you. And if she’s the sort of mother that would withhold medical care from a child for months, even up to a year, that child would probably be better served in the care of adults that take her care more seriously.

    The simple fact is that Tabetha will not stop. Period. As long as she’s allowed to continue, she’ll keep right on scamming people, ripping off money from authors, cheating models, artists, editors and any family members she can talk into owning businesses for her. She’ll keep right on taking advantage of every single person she can, and gloating smugly about it. And why shouldn’t she? From where she sits, she’s getting away with it.

    She’s gotten away with it for too long. It’s true that she’s being investigated already, but if you’re a victim, past or present, you NEED to report her so that your information can be investigated, too. In some cases, scam investigations are quantitative. That means that the bigger the scam, the greater the consequences. Add your information to what’s already being investigated and speed her journey to the legal consequences she’s got coming.

    Personally, it turns my stomach when I see her come on here and prance and preen, gloating and mocking each and every one of you with her bragging. If I could, I’d put a stop to it myself, this very minute. But all I can do is give you the links. It’s up to you to use them.

    Report her to the FBI for piracy.
    Report her to the IRS for tax evasion.
    Report her to the TX Attorney General.
    Report her to her local DA for scam and theft.
    Report her to the Texas Rangers for fraud.

    Once and for all, SHUT HER UP.

    • But.. but… he’s a GENERAL!
      And I’m a monkey’s uncle.

      Only a service member or his/her next of kin can request those records. Of course she’s full of shit, waxing grandiose and taking shots at those who can prove what a fraud she is.

    • She has a fictional General, lawyer, and I am going out on a limb … governor, senator, indian chief…and a true biker group

      She tries diversion tactics when her shit blows up in her face.

      • Next she will try and say she has people in the Oval Office lmao. But she always screams she has proof but never shows it. I find that curious actually not really considering the fact that a few dozen people have called her on her bullshit. So what’s it going to be next tabetha? You have a us president as a family friend LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eric knows who exactly I’m talking about. He his my mom’s brother. And funny I ran all your info I still have all that or have you forgotten no Eric Henley served in any military branch. So please so me valid proof seeing its not on that site.

    • Hey Tabetha, how about you show people proof like they have been asking you to before you start demanding proof from other people.

    • It won’t be on that site dumb shit because that’s a site for info and how to order it but since you don’t have any info on me good luck lmao

      • Even if she has your height, weight, birth date, social security number and shoe size, it doesn’t matter. She’s not family, and neither is her mother’s brother, the General. *eye roll* Nobody can request your records but you or your next of kin. And yet she still stands there insisting it. Hilarious!

    • Your mother’s brother? You’ve said that twice now.
      Wouldn’t that make him your uncle? Duh?

      You’re still trying to discredit Eric? Go ahead, but no matter how bad you TRY to make him look, that still doesn’t change the fact that you’re a liar, thief, scam artist and fraud.

      I see you still haven’t answered Cindy’s questions about your “charity” work. What “charity” benefited from that anthology? And what about those Breast Cancer awareness issues?

      You’re quick to fling mud, but how about answering some real questions?

      • I hope she knows trying to pull a service record without my knowledge or consent is punishable by life is prison. So whatever she thinks she has is just a prison sentence in her imaginary world lmao. But we all know she don’t have shit as usual. She can’t even answer questions on here so in conclusion she has no proof or any factual basis on anything. Class dismissed tabetha hahahahahaha

      • As usual, she’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. If she did access your records, it’s punishable by some serious time. If she didn’t, it’s just another lie.

        And what’s up with this General uncle? You lived with her for two years. Did you ever meet this guy?

    • Really then hes moved up since then Mike and Angie doesnt exist. Angie was Al’s daughter which made Mike my mom his stepsister. He was a Bird Colonial then hes moved up to a 1 star General. Whos pictures hanged on the wall? You always asked about. You had many conversations about it. Funny Lepp found all kinds of info on you Eric that you never made it through boot camp but continue.

      Cindy you took on the charity for your friend that was something that Phoenix agreed on as a company. I donate my royalties from my poetry books to the Womens Adv. Center in Waco. And the same abuse shelter and victims center in Dallas.

      Any author wanting print outs may request them. They all know this.

      • “Angie was Al’s daughter which made Mike my mom his stepsister.”
        …what? English, woman. I know it’s your second language after “illiterate” but please, if you’re going to try to argue logic, do it in ENGLISH.

        The Women’s Advocacy Center in Waco? Great. That should be easy enough to confirm, since you had to file a Form 1040 and itemize your charitable tax deductions.

        I think I speak for all of us when I say we’d LOVE to see proof, since you didn’t see fit to include the charity’s information on your book’s cover nor in the listing, and not a single author I’ve talked to has seen a single shred of paperwork to prove it.
        So, yeah. Let’s see it.

        Phoenix agreed on Cindy’s idea for breast cancer awareness for her friend as a company? I’m sure she’s happy to confirm your involvement.
        I can’t wait to hear this.

      • And while we’re on the subject, “Bird” Colonel isn’t a term that’s used in any branch of the military. So, as usual, you’re full of shit. If you’re going to tell bold-faced lies about some nonexistent relative’s military rank, you might want to stick to doing it in front of people that have no affiliation with the military. Those of us that do will call you out in a double-time minute.

        The term, for future reference, the proper phrase is “Full-bird” Colonel. Unless you’re talking about a “Light-Bird” Colonel, a Lt. Colonel, a rank above Major but below Full-Bird.
        There. Now you’ve got the information to lie properly.

      • He was a bird colonial? What is that, a tree house? My god your such an idiot don’t you ever get tired of making yourself look stupid? You never sent any money to that charity and now that you named them that can be confirmed yet another lie, and I bet the IRS will want to hear about that too. Keep digging that hole. But from the look of it you’ll be lucky if it’s the police that come get you because your mouth writes cheques your fat ass can’t cash and somebody’s going to knock the shit out of you one of these days so you continue minger a good reality check can only make you look better.

  4. I am waiting for Tabetha to pop. She is literally going to explode when all the shit hits the fan. She won’t answer about the charity stuff, because it has nothing to do with her getting attention so she would NOT assist. If it would have gave the great Tabetha Jones attention she would have been all on it like a dog in heat. But since it was “just to assist a disabled friend of mine” it had no merrit. What about the royalties for the book about domestic violence? Numb cunt still can’t answer that one. Tabetha you can cry boo hoo boo hoo til the cows come home. No one feels bad for you. You seem to have a lot of so called influential people in your family. Too bad not a one of them taught you good manners or respect. You really just need to be bitch smacked into reality.


      • Indeed. Hung is on a wall (or a guy I need to meed). Hanged is dangling from the end of a rope.
        Showing off her writing/editing/publishing chops again, isn’t she?

    • Breathe, girl. She knows exactly how to push your buttons with a lie. And, since it is a lie, she’s easily proven full of it.

      If you’ve got anything to fry her with, DO IT! Don’t wait for one more anything. 😉

  6. Allow me to correct myself seeing I am on the kindle. For Phoenix to be involved in charity it has to be agreed upon all parties. I never mentioned the center because it was something I decided to do after I came back home. And go looking for those taxes charity based royalties are write offs.

    And I am so sorry I don’t know the proper term for Mike’s old ranking. Al was my mother’s stepfather. So forgive me if I don’t know much about that side of the family. I did know angie and Mike very well.

    Just admit it Eric just like you did that night on the front porch. Quit making yourself out to be a hero.

    I may not be perfect and have made mistakes in my life but I’ve admitted my wrongs the rest is just hater bullshit. I guess you figured I’d fall to pieces without yet I’m stronger than ever without your dead weight hanging on me.

    I’m accomplishing things that I never could have with you around. I was YOUR puppet guess what strings have been broken I’m no longer your toy. You wanted a backbone you got one now bitch.

    And you want to talk about upgrades I have someone that would knock your dick in the dirt. But he gets I’m not ready for all that. But he stands beside me and allows me to put my daughter my company and my dreams first. Unlike you he knows how to support someone’s dreams.

    • First we all know you have no man and on top of that you just made a terroristic that thanks for the added bonus there. Second with all of your delusions of grandeur you forget that you don’t have access to anything of mine unless your family which you never were. Third I’m going to make you look like the biggest fool ever without even having to try.

      • She makes herself look like a big enough fool without any help.

        You don’t have a single thing to prove here. You’re not the one that’s still lying to and defrauding people. She is. You’re here exposng her. And she knows that since you lived with here for two years, you had a front row seat to how she operates. That’s why she tries so hard to discredit you. That’s why she’s so desperate to turn the tables on you and divert attention away from the facts of her wrongdoing. It doesn’t matter if you never served a single day in the corps. It only matters that she’s still up to the same illegal shit as ever. That’s it.

      • A threat no sweetheart the brutal truth about yourself. And how do you know I dont have a man in my life. Im not in a serious relationship no but I do have someone I can lean on and talk to, someone who appreciates me for who I am and stands beside me thru thick and thin.

        I also have another friend that is a gentleman that I have known for years that still checks up on me to make sure Im okay and doing well.

        Both will be posing for pics with me and doing some of their own. Because they think what I am doing is wonderful for me and other women. WOmen who have no confidence.

        See unlike you I can have friends of the opposite sex without having to fuck them. You dot know the meaning of that.

        I have no delusions I live in the real world. In fact I’m off to take some pics now I’ll be thinking of you all as I smile at the camera.

      • Your world IS delusions. And running bogus companies you don’t pay taxes on. And lying to anybody that’s gullible enough to believe you. And screw authors out of royalties.

        I don’t care if you can’t face reality in your personal life. Live in whatever dream you choose. Fantasize about all the models and strippers you want if that gets you through the night. But when you steal from people and run a scam, people need to know about it. And they do. More all the time.

        New photo shoot in Dallas? Suuure. Smile away, sweet cheeks. We all know it’s a lie.

    • oh my god. You are so full of shit. Charities just don’t work that way. You can try to tell your authors that they do, so that you can put their money in your pocket, but charities just don’t work that way. They just don’t. And now, thanks to the fact that you’ve named them. Your contributions can be verified. Thank you for finally making that mistake. Now each and every author that contributed to the book will see for themselves that no such contributions were ever made. That money went into your pocket. And now the whole world is going to know that.

      You deserve no forgiveness. You don’t know the term for his rank because he 1) doesn’t exist, 2) doesn’t have it. But, okay, If you still want to sit there and and say you’ve got an uncle who’s a general, let’s see a picture of the old guy. In uniform. With that star on his collar. He’s family, right? You said you knew Mike and Angie so well (past tense?) so it shouldn’t be so hard to score one. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

      Eric’s not making himself out to be a hero, here. He’s making you out to be a thief. And you are. Don’t like it? Quit stealing from people.

      As nauseating as you presenting yourself to be upstanding is you pretending to be some kind of victim. You’ve demonstrated time and time again that YOU’RE the one with the abusive personality. YOU’RE the one that uses people then tosses them aside, verbally abusing them. YOU’RE the one that hurts people. I know you want to make yourself seem as sympathetic as possible by claiming to be abused by every single man in your life, but it doesn’t work. You’ve proven too many times that you’re no victim. You’re the victimizer.

      You didn’t “make mistakes.” You stole from people. You still do. Four years of that isn’t “mistakes” it’s a pattern. It’s cold, calculated theft. You’ve never admitted to that. If people hate you, it’s because you have the nerve to stand there making yourself out to be so many things you aren’t, and because you STILL steal from people. Every day you put royalties in your pocket that you didn’t earn and don’t deserve, you remain a thief. You CONTINUE to lie to people’s faces, to this very day. You know you never jumped on board with Cindy’s charity. You know you never contributed any money to the Women’s Advocacy center, neither in Waco nor Dallas. You put that money in your pocket, but have the unmitigated gall to sit there and lie about it. THAT’S what people hate about you.

      Well, that’s why your authors hate you. I’m sure that people who have dealt with you in their personal lives have their own reasons for it.

      Tabetha, if there was any man in that would have you, you’d be riding him for all he’s worth and getting him to pay all of your bills instead of begging your authors and relatives to pay them for you. No, hon. you don’t have some Prince Charming waiting in the shadows, pining away for the day that you let him sweep you off your feet. All you have, instead of reality, is yet another delusion you dreamed up to make your life seem better than it really is. Eric dumped you, and he moved on to girls that are younger, prettier and sweeter than you. Your ego can’t handle that. So, since you’re unable to snag a real man to throw in his face, you’re making up a romance. It’s laughable, and it’s pathetic. More than that, it’s obvious.

      So go ahead and skip back to your make-believe world where you’re all of those things you try to make people believe you are. Honest. Upstanding. Professional. An author. A publisher. A philanthropist. A princess in the gilded tower waiting for prince charming to sweep you off your feet. Whatever. The rest of us will be right here, firmly rooted in reality, pointing you out for all of the things you really are. And we will, right up until you can no longer hurt people.

      • I know for a fact that you can only take a charitable donation as a tax write off if you REPORT it on your taxes (form 1040), and the charity has to be a legal entity that takes donations (not a person) – and a canceled check, or an email from Paypal DOES NOT CONSTITUTE proof. In fact, all the charities I’ve donated to sent me an iron-clad, IRS accepted receipt.
        Tabetha, you might just be dangerous if you weren’t so transparent and stupid. By all means, however, keep knotting that rope… I can’t wait to see you hang from it.

  7. YAWN… GROWL… the sleeping bear has been woken. You have made more than mistakes toots, you have totally fucked up. What parties needed to agree upon what I asked for?? Phoenix, WHICH IS YOU, and myself. Isn’t that correct. MY works, MY decision to say yes. What would your ass have lost? Stupid bitch, it would have brought more notariety and business for Phoenix, but what do you know about that. Aren’t you suppose to be dealing with authors and their books instead of traipsing about pretending you are some great model. You are a great big pile of lying shit. You never mentioned the center eventhough MANY have asked for information. Why, because you are a LIAR. Point blank and period.

    “I may not be perfect and have made mistakes in my life but I’ve admitted my wrongs the rest is just hater bullshit.” What have you admitted to??? What mistakes have you made right, the theft of royalties that was to go to a certain charity, the lies about charities, lost swag, non payment of royalties??? The only thing you have done successfully is steal from, and cheat many others out of money, goods and services. What hater bullshit?? The fact that we as a whole have proven many times that you are a scammer, cheater, liar and fraud.

    Smile for that camera bitch, it may be the last pic you take as a free woman. Best make it a good one maybe they will be nice and let you use it as a mug shot. A man, well any real man anyway would stand up for his woman, and not sit back like a cur dog. In case your feeble mind has no clue what that means, let me enlighten you, A random-bred or mixed-breed dog. Usually used in a derogatory way. You are a worthless piece of work.

    You say you are doing all these photos for women with no confidence, bitch if I acted like you I would be burying my head in the sand. Hell when you was born your family said ohh what a treasure let’s bury it. You were so internally ugly that the doctor slapped both your parents for bringing something so vile into the world. Your dreams are others NIGHTMARES.

    Any author wanting a print out can request it?? Bitch I have requested many times and you just blew it off. Don’t fuck with me using your lies. You will be blown out of the water every fucking time. I am not your patsy, I am not your friend, I am your WORST NIGHTMARE come to life. You lied, you used and you cheated, bottom line Tabetha you fucked up.

    • Uh oh.

      She doesn’t sound happy.

      Tabetha, I might suggest that, for your own good, you make everything right with your business, your authors, your victims THIS VERY MINUTE. But I fear it might already be too late. You’ve hurt too many people. You’ve threatened too many. You’ve cheated, stolen from, insulted and abused too many.

      At least one too many, from the look of it.

      I hope it was worth it.

  8. I never said my shoot today was in Dallas, it was a nature and local shoot for my sisters company. And Cindy got her proof and print outs everything was perfectly legal. I have never abused, cheated, stolen from, any of my authors. As far as insults each and everyone of you are the ones throwing out insults.

    And do you just think I only do shoots in the DFW area? Have you ever stopped to think maybe I go to other places for my shoots? Or does that require too much brain power?

    And yes I have been requested many times some I have turned down others are already booked, but see I have to work my schedule around my company and book releases. I also am the hair and makeup artist for my sisters company, which is growing as well and i am extremely happy for her.

    As for having a man to fight my battles why would I need that?

    And to address your latest post diagnosing someone without a proper license can be taken to court that is libel. Everyone knows I write under Eerald and we talk about it as a joke especially between us girls. As far as Sky sorry that wouldnt be me. And the last time you began talking about her like that it upset her and my sister, and with my sister so extremey bad she tried to commit suicide because she could not handle her love life being draged into this bullshit when her own real mother disowned for being a lesbian then she has to deal with you ppl.

    You say I’m Ivy Sinclair, sorry I dont write horror or erotic horror. Not my genre. I do try but it doesn’t suit me. She is a very nice lady but keeps to herself which is fine. Likes to keep her personal life personal which I respect.

    Something none of you here know anything about.

    • Oh Tabby honey, how you twist words now. Read the post again. No formal diagnoses have been made. Are you saying we are onto something?
      We are not stupid but do tell us more about these shoots…
      RESPECT… you want to throw that around? You can talk a good talk but for a mother, daughter, sister…hell female or even human … that is something ypu lack in your soul… diarrhea of the mouth is what you have… you tell the world your and your family’s isssues . . That is not someone that knows the true definition of respect, try again sweetheart… you toss your family and friends out as fodder!

    • No. I don’t think you have ANY photo shoots in Dallas. Or anywhere else. All you do is smear your makeup on with a trowel, shuck your clothes off and sprawl on your couch while your sister snaps Polaroids of you. That doesn’t make you a model by any stretch. All it makes you is the world’s worst joke.

      OMG Still saying that Sky is real and involved with your sister? Dude, that’s just sad on so many levels. I HOPE it’s a lie, because I’d hate to think that you’ve conned her into thinking that she’s involved with this model that doesn’t exist for all these months. That’so astoundingly mentally unstable on your part, I can’t even wrap my head around doing that to your own sister. I just can’t. Still calling her on *69 for romantic chats? That is so sick I can’t even begin to understand how anybody could do that.

      If it’s still true, I feel so indescribably sorry for her. If you’re worried about her emotional health, how could you do such a thing to her all this time? How?

      You alone are responsible for involving her with this blog, your business, your lies, your horrible, wretched self, any of it. If not for you, I wouldn’t even know your sister’s name. None of us would. We wouldn’t know her business. YOU are responsible for that. And if she ‘s so upset that she’s tried to take her life, how could you, in good conscience, keep dragging her into it? Just to cover your own ass? How could you keep tricking her into thinking that she’s dating somebody that DOES NOT EXIST. Man, you are heartless.

      Seeing the way you treat your own family, it’s pretty clear that every single person here has a thousand times more respect for your sister than you do.

    • Are you fucking kidding me .. your sister tried to commit suicide over your sorry ass lies and bullshit?? Didn’t you try to blame another attempted suicide on this blog when it was your damn lies that you told to an innocent??? Tabetha you started this mess, MAKE IT RIGHT. You are such a damn liar, do you even hear or read the crap that spills from your tainted fingers to the pages. You didn’t give me proof of the abuse charity you claim to be donating our money to. I asked.. show me freaking proof. And the crap you gave me as far as sales on my books, even more crap. You say your sister was disowned for being a lesbian, but wasn’t it you saying crap about lesbians concerning lepp??? As for your writing, ha you couldn’t write your sorry butt out of a wet paper bag. You people?? You are a joke, this blog wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your lies and deceit. Oh my dear you wear so many hats, what about masks???? You are a hair dresser, make up artist,haha, who would want to look like a monster, with your makeup techinque. Ivy Sinclair keeps to herself, personal life private, and we know nothing about that.. HMMMMM isn’t it you that puts EVERYONE’S business out in the street? Isn’t it you that names names??? Isn’t it you that uses other’s names to keep your sorry butt out of hot water??? WHY YES I THINK IT IS. How many more lies can you tell before it jumps up and bites your ghetto ass? You are sorry,pathetic, stupid, dumb and plain out trash. Dumb twit you can’t even spell your own alts name properly. As for respect, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT RESPECT. If you did maybe you would have not treated the authors and others the way you did. As for a man fighting your battles, you don’t need one to fight your battles but if he cared, he would stand up and be a MAN. Stand up for his woman, show he cared.. but again you are blowing smoke. I may have to admit, i will miss this blog when you are in jail. I won’t have anyone to laugh at anymore. Oh well on to better things.

      • This blog isn’t going anywhere when she’s in jail. These words will be there forever to warn the world about her. We’ll just be talking about happier things, all the success each and every one of you enjoys now that you’re free of her lying, cheating ass.

    • Tabetha how many times have you told people you use Sky Wicker to get information from other people. You had Jaimie Hope believing Sky was interested in her. You have no man in your life. Just admit to your mistakes. For once in your life take responsibility for your actions and admit it. Stop telling people not to look at this blog because all it is lies and run by haters. If you were so HONEST then this blog would not bother you. You haven’t even answered one question on here. Where is the so called receipt you said you saved for Jackie’s jewelry that was another lie. Enjoy the last bit of your freedom it’s not going to last much longer.

      • She’ll never take responsibility. She has stood right here on this blog and bold-faced LIED about actions she’s been caught at dead to rights. Like taking that photo of La Bare dancer Trent at “some other club” with her own camera. That’s a straight up lie, and she’s busted at it, yet still insists the lie is true. She can’t even admit to the simplest lie when she’s caught red-handed.

        She’ll never own up, and she’ll never stop. That’s why I encourage anybody with incriminating information about her to report her to the authorities. MAKE her stop.

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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